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Hannah goes to the cabin part 3


She followed him down the mowed grass path that cut through the meadow bordering the stream. The heat of the day was peaking and the meadow seemed tropical. The man walked ahead and now stood at the creek edge. The sun and moving water reflecting off his body quickened her pace.
" wow those are neat looking. You said they were benches? " she said looking apprehensively at the fast current.
"Yes, you will see." And he lifted her up fire carry style and walked into the water. She was bent over his shoulder with her face staring at his cock swaying and getting closer to the water. Just when she thought she was going under, he lifted her onto a smooth rock that had been cut by the stream. The water on the shelf bench was warmer than she expected and it felt great running around her bottom.
"What a great spot!" She exclaimed.
He smiled and replied " let me show you why it is so great."
He stepped up onto the ledge below her and reached into the water fall.
He came out with what looked like a pole with 4 ropes attached. As he turned the pole she could see ropes disappearing into the falls and 2 shorter ropes with what looked like bracelets. He spun the pole into her lap and held out his hand to her.
"What is that? Are you kidding me?"
"I'm not getting tied up in the water!"
She stammered.
He was smiling down at her, understanding her confusion, while lifting her arms to the bracelets.
He looked at her as he spoke.
"Hannah, you said you want to have a moment of pure surrender. Where you can forget the world, while becoming one with it. That is what this moment is."
Now that she was securely attached to the pole he grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the current.
"It's ok Hannah you see the binding stops above the ledge so you are suspended in the surface. The bench is only an inch below your shoulders but the current is lifting you."
The current rushed over her breasts,
hardening her nipples even more.
The sensation of the current pulling her legs while she was held against the ledge was starting to create a wave inside her. The water lapping and sloshing against her entire body was hypnotic. As her body began to react she felt the current change.
The man was between her legs now.
He lifted her bottom just above the water and began a steady slow rhythm with his tongue. She could feel the water splashing her ass as a tremendous orgasm engulfed her.
The man held her briefly then let her sway in the current where she imagined her cares were swept away.

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What a great blend of women and nature!!