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Hannah goes to the cabin part 2


I apologize for these vignettes being somewhat grammatically flawed but it's first draft lol.

She had seen him on AdultFriendFinder IM several times before she had the courage to reach out. There was something that she wanted to try and maybe this guy was for real.
She was recalling all of the events as she pulled off the macadam onto the dirt drive. "Where the fuck is this guy taking me?" She said to the radio, though she had left complete directions and itinerary with her friends. It was a hectic day and drive and it was only noon. She hoped that the encounter would be worth her time. It's always about time. Time to get up. Time to get the kids going. Time to go to work. Relentless time.
She wanted to see what the fringes of time held. Where time slows into a moment by moment existence.

She pulled up to the front of the cabin.
There was a deep wrap around porch that shaded the main door. Then she saw the man she had said she would meet.
"Hello Hannah, come on up here and let me get a look at you" he said to her.
She had been meticulous about her appearance and was proud of the way she looked as she sauntered up the steps. "It is so goddam hot without my air on." The heat of the day had her a little disoriented and she was confused when she was told to wait in the sun. He came back with a nice glass of lemonade and then their eyes met. She could see he was a caring person that was an old soul and understood her needs. In an instant.

She felt time slowing as he placed the lemonade on the table. There are ropes, she realized, and makes a joke she can't remember. she watches as she is bound to the porch rail and is stripped naked. The sun is beating down on her breasts as he begins to lick her from behind. She is pinned between his face and the rail and she loses control when he slides his fingers in while he licks her ass.
It seems to last forever in the hot sun, cumming on the mans fingers and face. She collapses on the porch deck and sighs. A moment seems to pass when he unties her and helps her up. She is weak from the heat as he leads her to the back where there is a spring creek with two stone benches in the water...

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repeat of the first story ,,which was very good


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Wow. That could start a book.