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Hannah goes to the cabin- part 1


He had gotten to the cabin early to get the generator running and the utilities on line. It was going to be a hot day and he wanted the place cooled down. Now, sitting in the shade of the porch, he heard the car coming down the dirt road.
They had only contact from AdultFriendFinder messages up until this time, and he was glad that she showed up. She was a middle age woman who had run the family and worked as a nurse for the last 25 years. Her desire to give up control, if even for a moment, had brought her to me.
She pulled up in a convertible with dust swirling around and turned the engine off. It took a minute for her eyes to adjust in the bright sun before she saw him sitting there.
"Hello Hannah, come up here on the porch and let me get a look at you"
She smiled and waved before stepping out of the car. Her short summer dress clung to her as she stepped up to the porch shade.
"Oh my god it is so dam hot out today." She said as an awkward hello.
He stands and embraces her. She is hot to the touch and a fine sweat is on her neck. "I'm so glad you could make it". He says taking her hand and leading her to the sunny side of the porch.
"Stay here, I'll be right back". He leaves her standing y the rail in the hot sun. A moment later he comes back with a large glass of ice cold lemonade.
"Here this will cool you off". As he hands her the glass, their eyes meet.
She is gorgeous, blonde, short, blue eyes and a great rack swaying in her dress. Her feet are perfectly manicured in her snappy sandals and her dress stops mid silky thigh. He is tall, and thin in a healthy way but looks older from the years in the sun. She drinks the lemonade and looks around.
"Well what's next?" She asks with a smirk.
He takes the glass from her and puts it on a table that stands in the shade. She now sees what else is on the table and giggles.
"Were you out roping cattle this morning?"
Hi picks up a length of rope and walks to her, grabbing her wrist.
In a quick move he has her hands tied to the rail with her crouching on the floor. Before she can realize it her dress is on the ground and she is naked. In the hot sun. In front of a stranger. And bound.
The man steps into the shade and removes his clothes. She turns to try to see but the way she is tied she is facing the sun. She can hear him approach as he pulls her to her feet. She is halfway leaning over the rail when he pulls her legs apart and thrusts his tongue into her already wet pussy. Spreading her ass, he feels her pleasure growing. He moves his hand to her pussy and glides two in while licking her ass. Soon she is bucking against him and the rail as she has a long peaking climax.
He stands and moves back to the shade watching the sweat run down her body. The heat of the sun and the excitement of the day had left her in a euphoric delirium. After some time he untied her and led her around back to a spring creek with stone benches that sat in the water...

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Where can I meet women like this?? Great story!!