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It was during a Wednesday nite supper this past April when
Penny my wife of seven years, suddenly looked me straight
in the eyes while calling me a GAY COCKSUCKER ! Instantly
while I swollowed hard and quickly looked away from her,
my worse dreaded fears in life had somehow just become reality!

So as I sat there trembling with a bowed head, Penny told
me all about the phone call she had gotten earlier that day
from Mary! Yes the very same Mary who was the wife of my secret
gay friend Robert and who had walked in on us and caught us
red handed on their bed deep into a mutual cocksucking sixty
nine the week before!

It seemed right after my hasty and embarassed departure
from his plush house that late afternoon, that Robert was
grilled and forced to confess to his wife about his hidden
Bi-Sexual side that sometimes sought Dick instead of Pussy!
A confession that involved me being his secret male lover
for nearly two years. Yes Robert had bared his complete
soul to his upset wife and in deep fear had even given Mary
my complete name as well as my unlisted home telephone number.

I was to find out much later, that after discussing in length
both Robert and myselfs secret sexual sides, both of our
wifes had somehow discovered they both had attended and
graduated from the very same State College some five years
apart. While my Penny went on to graduate school to earn
her MBA, Mary had gotten her four year degree in Theater
and was now a high school drama teacher. I guess both our
wives also discovered that both of their marraiges were
done for financial secrutiy reasons far more than pure
love. Yes both Robert and myself earn six figure yearly
incomes that afforded us all to live in upper class surroundings
and in quite secure comfort.

So over the next few weeks while I remained most humble and
fearful of losing my Penny through a possible pending divorce,
her and Mary had met a few times over coffee and had established
a new budding and bonding friendship. With both woman the
stronger and controlling forces in their marraiges, they
had mutually decided that they might just enjoy and find
amusement in wielding their new found power over both Robert
and myself.

I must admit I was scared shitless that Saturday night when
pulling into Mary and Roberts long suburban driveway with
my Penny seated right beside me. I had been told a good long
honest four way discussion was in order so that both wifes
would decide what our futures held? It was shortly after
arriving and seated side by side in their downstairs playroom
and bar, that poor Robert was forced to confess his entire
secret gay life to the three of us. Then I too also had to bare
my soul revealing all of my queer acts dating way back to
my high school days. Yes starting out with my older cousin
Gary and his friend Chad on that eventful weekend camping
trip, I embaresingly confessed my many forbidden male
to male acts that covered some 15 total years in all.

Now and then I found myself interupted by either my wife
or Mary who would ask me such dirty most private questions
like my partners cock sizes or did they cum in my mouth? Or
even to describe in vivid detail what it was like getting
fucked in my ass the first time by my former college room
mate Glen. God by the time I had completed my Gay sexual history,
I was shaking from head to foot in fear my life was somehow
going to chance forever!

After several agonizing quiet minutes passed, it was Mary
that broke the awkward silence by asking my wife Penny if
She Might Just Like to Watch both pathetic pansy husbands
queerly going at it with each other?! Looking over to Robert,
he too wore the same look of fear that had me swollowing the
sudden lump in my throat.

Mary's voice was quite stern as she sternly ordered
Robert to hurry up and strip naked! Scant seconds after
poor Robert began to shed his clothing, my Penny also commanded
me to also get butt assed naked! So as I sheepishly began
to shed my clothes, I felt quite a mixture of different feelings
racing through my confused mind. Yes embarassment, shame,
deep quilt and uncertainty were the negitive ones, while
from somewhere deep within my mind, I also felt a faint degree
of Sexual excitement starting to build! Robert was standing
naked for all to see as I bent to remove both of my remaining
sox to join him. His cock which I had grown to love and crave
over those past few years was quite limpid and completley
soft as was mine from nervousness.

Next Mary clicked on a nearby side wall switch which lit
up a red overhead spot light centered above their small
wooden dance floor. While both woman swung their pivioting
bar stools around to watch, Robert and I were made to stand
naked facing each other just a few feet apart. It was Mary
then that stated we had one last chance to put our mutual
queerness to rest forever by not getting erect or turned
on by each other. She then added to her Robert that if he did
indeed go into a state of Cock craving passion, he would
be showing his true desire to become her UNQUESTIONING
CUCKOLD HUSBAND FOREVER! No sooner had she made her very pronounced declaration
to Robert, than my Penny informed me that I also had the very
same options open and available to me.

It was Robert that first was ordered down on his knees in
front of me. Next he was made to lightly touch and fondle
my then shruken from fear cock and balls. While I dearly
tried my very best to repell his caressing exploring fingers,
it felt so dam good that my Cock began to respond like it had
a mind all of its own. Yes no matter how hard I tried to will
it to remain passive and flacid, it began to slowly swell
and grow until less than three or four minutes into Roberts
probing, it stood straight out while almost rock hard.
In looking down, not only was my member blood engorged in
erection, but Roberts Dick also had grown into over seven
thick inches of swollen aroused manhood!

I will mention right here, that for years I had one secret
deep rooted fantasy! This involved having a hot open Bi
threesome with my wife Penny and another man. A fantasy
I had secretly masturbated over a countless number of times
in my past. Perhaps this is why I found myself getting so
god dam excited dispite this sticky situation. Yes while
deep down I wanted to go straight and shed my gay side forever,
my deep rooted true sexual side was winning out. When next
Mary ordered her Robert to begin licking my swollen cockhead,
I looked over at my wife to see such a lewd new kind of smile
painted all across her lovely young face. God how lovely
and feminine her exposed short skirted legs looked to me
then as I felt the first pleasures of Roberts swirling extened
tongue beginning its caressing journey over the sensitive
head of my dick! Next as I stood there on two weak trembling
rubber legs, Mary got off of her bar stool and walked over
to within a few short feet of us. In a soft encouraging voice,
she whisped to her husband how the sight of him licking a
cockhead had her so incredably turned on. Telling me not
to dare look, she suddenly hiked up her flower printed summer
cotton dress and pulled her pair of pink bikini type panties
right down. After stepping out of them, she bent and picked
them up in her right hand while telling her Robert she wanted
him to deep throat every inch of my stiff Cock like a good
little Dickboy!

Yes as I intently watched him from above, Robert became
her Hen Pecked Cuckold husband Forever as his parted lips
slipped down over the entire length of my swollen Prick!
Soon he was greedily sucking it in wreckless abandon proclaiming
such a new truly submissive side to himself that I had never
seen displayed before. Yes one so truly effeminine in such
a sissyish new style. While Robert had blown me countless
times over the past few years, none had even come close to
feeling so fuckin good not to mention how erotic I found
myself feeling getting sucked off in front of my wife and
another good looking attractive woman as well! It was then
that Mary made her husband stop sucking me and to stand back

He was told right then that if he was going to assume the new
role of a Fem Acting Fairy, he my as well dress the part also.
Robert wore such a excited look as he took her pair of presented
pink panties and as ordered stepped into them and tugged
them up! While a quite successful vice president of good
sized bank in his private business life, 40 year old Robert
B. had now become his wifes quite egar and willing submissive
suck sissy! Yes while the two us were doing a gay act together
right in front of both of our wives, I felt quite masculine
in my role of the one being serviced. Soon I was fighting
strong urges to shove my stiff quite sensitive cock right
down his queer throat. Mary was now tightly holding the
back of her husbands head while encouraging him to suck
hard for a big hot thick load of creamy sperm. How dam dirty
she had become then, as she pushed his busy bobbing head
deeper into my groin!

Next she told me that when I was going to shoot off, to pull
it out and to spray his gay face! It was then that my Penny
joined us taking up a place on the other side of Mary so she
too could watch us both from up close. As I pulled out of Roberts
mouth just in the nick of time, I was delightfully surprised
when my Penny reached out to gently and skillfully cradle
my tight balls while encouraging me to Flood His Face with
my Thick Spunk! Yes around 9:30 PM that Saturday nite in
early May of this year, Robert B. gave up all of his rights
to being a normal husband to instead become her shameless
sissy slave forever. In willingly and egarly licking off
the collected cum of my delivered facial from his wife Mary's
presented fingertips, Robert had chosen to live a new kind
of homelife that gave her all of the quite DOMINATING POWER

It was around ten that night, that Penny and I arrived home
and had the best sex since our honeymoon some seven years
before. How masculine I felt then as I fucked her wildly
giving her many wonderful multi climaxes. It was late the
next morning after talking to Mary on the phone up in our
summer bedroom, that Penny summoned me upstairs to join
her for a chat. How strange I felt then as she informed me
that in watching Robert in his brand new role, she found
herself wildly turned on just thinking how wonderful it
would be for me to also willingly become her quite Secret
Cuckold Hubby! It was then that I was informed how I wasnt
the only one in our marraige that had been taking a sex partner
on the side. I felt deep hurt and betrayel as she informed
me about her much younger lover of nearly a full year named
Ryan. Yes while I was off secretly seeing Robert now and
then, Penny was also quite busy getting her jollies from
her younger well hung 22 year old construction stud!

Loving my wife deeply and not wanting to lose her, I found
myself agreeing to having both Mary and Robert over that
next upcoming Saturday night. Only this time Robert would
be the one standing up while I was to assume the postion down
on my knees to Totally Pay Gay Homeage to his Cock! While
a bit shocked and unsure at first, by the time Wednesday
had rolled around, I found myself greatly excited and turned
on by the idea. Maybe it was Penny telling me how she used
to peek and secretly watch her older gay brother in the woods
with his friends that had me relaxed enough to trust her
and take so much risk on my part? On both Friday night as well
as Saturday morning and early afternoon, she had me put
on a pair of her lavendar panties and do tons of housework
to have our home spotless for their impending arrival.

Yes somehow their sheer silkly softness, feminility and
sight had given me such an incredable boner as I cleaned,
scubbed, dusted and vacuumed all eight rooms of our multi
level house. It was around two pm when at last Penny seemed
pleased with all of my many performed household chores.
Pleased enough where she lifed up her short skirt and sat
back with her legs spread wide right on our living room sofa
and had me lick, lap and eat out her wet warm pussy for nearly
a hour. This while telling me how much I was going to love
becoming her new little cute submissive sissy just like
Robert had!

It was shortly before nine pm that second Saturday night,
that I answered our front door only wearing a pair of Penny's
sexy silk panties, a matching garter belt and black flower
topped fish net thigh high stockings. Yes I had been scared
shitless and quite nervous until I stood practically face
to face with Robert who was then fully dressed up in Womans
Drag! It was then that Mary instructed me that I was to refer
to Robert as Roberta at all times. How different he/she
looked to me then with his new long blonde wig and made up
painted fem face. Just her unexpected fully transformed
She Male sight had me disspell all of my many fears in favor
of sudden New Thoughts of Pure Gay Sexual Desire! My Penny
also seemed quite taken by His new image into a transformed
Her! So as the three ladies sat almost side by side on our
large imported Black Italian Leather Couch, I mixed drinks
in the kitchen and played the perfect part of Penny's
Sissy Maid!

While Mary informed my wife of the many week long happenings
involving her new Cuckold Household Sissy, I was forced
to sit on the rug in front of my wife and massage her feet while
I too egarly listened to all of the full details. Most involved
the many new sex toys they had purchased together the past
Sunday afternoon. Yes some nine different artificial
training cocks with many different intended useages.
Hand held Suck Cocks for Roberta to practice on. Rubber
or latex butt plugs and vibrators to properly break in his/her
virgin back door pussy. While this excited me greatly,
it was when Mary mentioned her new leather strap on Mistress
Harness that thrilled me the most. When my Penny mentioned
how she would love to watch Mary put Roberta through one
of her training sessions, Roberta was made to go out to their
car to retrieve the two bags of sex toys they had brought
over just in case. So while Roberta went outside to fetch
her new fettish collection, Mary told my wife how I would
look far more sexy and erotic with the help of some makeup!

Soon both woman were hard at work with my wifes full make
up kit on top of our living room coffee table. Yes while Mary
began to work on my eyes and brows from my right side, my Penny
carefully applied the glossy pink cherry lipstick! Dam
what a big boner I got then as I sat feeling this new feminine
side of me being so deeply awakened. So different and so
dam stimulating and exciteing to me as well! After filling
up the remaining room on our coffee table with the nine sex
toys and his Mistresses black leather strap on harness,
Roberta also sat on the rug smiling as she shared my erotic
feelings and discoveries in being slowly transformed
into a Full Blown She Male! It took perhaps a good fifteen
minutes before my makeover was finally finished. This
after Penny painted my nails a bright red before carefully
placing her auburn costume wig atop of my head! This while
proclaiming to me that she would soon take me out girly shopping
for some sexy lingerie as well as some cute little bitch
outfits. It was then that Mary quickly fetched the business
card from her nearby purse that gave the address and phone
number to the Feminine Boutique for Girly Boys. God how
powerful and stimulated I was finding this brand new treatment
of me. When Mary started talking about the Cute Shear Sexy
Pink and white French Maids outfit she had gotten Robert,
I felt so totally queer and so wonderfully turned on!

At last satisfied with their handiwork, I was told how pretty
I looked and ordered by my Penny to go look and admire my new
self in our full downstairs master bedroom mirror. With
Roberta right by my side, I admired my new nearly full image
of Feminility. Only my fully exposed braless hairy chest
as well as my throbbing cockhead sticking out of the top
of my silky white satin panties gave any clues that I had
been born a Male. For several minutes I admired the new me
before finally focusing my sights on Roberta's equally
feminine image. Turning sideways to face her, I couldnt
help but to reach under her short light blue mini skirt to
grab a hard handfull of that now pantyclad cock I had grown
to love so much over the past few years. But Roberta stopped
me and took me by the hand to lead me back out into the living
room. Gosh how stimulating I found the sight of Roberts
wife Mary standing there facing us while wearing her black
leather harness that held a good honest eight inches of
life like looking toy rubber cock! Both her sheer blouse
and skirt were now on laying on the rug as the complete site
of her large breasts and taunt nipples clearly showed through
that transparent low cut see though bra that encased them

Her words were then directed at Roberta! "Get over
here Now Bitch and get on your Fuckin Cocksucking Knees
! " " I want to show Mistress Penny how well you've
learned to please your Mommy Boss this week!" So while
Roberta quite quickly knelt before her Godess Like Powerful
Quite Selfish Mistress, I also followed suit by sinking
to my knees before my Penny while looking up with weak pleading
eyes. Seeing this Mary told my wife that perhaps if she placed
and held a big rubber cock on her croutch, her husband Donald
might just like to become a brand new Donna instead? How
excited I felt right then as my Penny asked me if " I
was ready to Become her Cock Bitch?" Without even
waiting for my answer, She quickly shed her summer skirt
and reached for the biggest one on our coffee table. Wearing
no panies, soon most of her fully exposed just shaven love
Vee was covered by her right hand and the eight thick inches
of Doc Johnson Toy Cock and matching attached Balls! Yes
my wife of some seven plus years now had a big proud jetting
out cock that had almost magically had replaced her soft
flat inverted pussy!

It was then that I fully realized that we were completely
reversing our normal everyday roles in life. Now I had become
the feminine one while her large lifelike looking hand
held one eyed hard one was pointed right toward my face.
Somehow right then, I just had to let my wife know my deepest
feelings. My voice was soft as I looked up and told her that
" I only want to please you and make you happy Mistress
Penny!" Yes I had just called her Mistress for the
very first time and in doing so had fully accepted my new
role in our lives without question. It was then I first saw
a completely new side to my wife I had never seen before.

A side so much more stronger and confident as well as she
looked down on me with a expression of amusement written
all over her face. I was quite shocked then as she told me
that from the first moment we had met nearly nine years earlier,
deep down she just had always known that I had some queer
blood running throught my viens. Twice in our past right
after she had just sucked me off without swollowing , she
had kissed me full on the lips right afterwards to better
confirm her long time suspicions! In watching her older
brother Carls past gay teen woods suck adventures many
different times. Penny had somewhat accepted male homosexuality
enough not to find it not at all distaseful or repulsive
like most women did. Now with Mary's help, my Penny
viewed my admitted queerness as a new fun way to change our
rather recent boring lives into new adventures and discoveries.

So as ordered by her from above, I quite willingly kissed
and licked her new big presented lifelike looking penis
just like Robert was doing to his wifes less than five feet
away. Twice I tried to take it deep into my craving mouth
only to be denied and verbally scolded by my suddenly quite
stern wife Penny. Yes now with Roberta submissively on
her knees, both of our wives stood directly above him/her
enjoying their newly discovered roles of Holding Complete
Power and taking Full Control. Next Mary's very dirty
statement to her Roberta had me suddenly aware of the anal
aspects of gay sex. "Suck it good and deep Bitch and
get it real wet if you want your mamma to bend you over and
deeply pleasure your new found little back door fuck pussy
doggy style while Mistress Penny makes Donna suck off your
stiff clitty cock!" Instantly while new dirty thrills
consumed my runaway mind, I heard the load slopply sucking
sounds of Roberta's quite busy mouth. This is when
my Penny told Mary she would love to watch her dildo fucking
her queer husband Roberta's gay ass while pretty new
Donna was sucking for queer soupy sperm at the very same
time. Even while both Roberta and I together loudly voiced
our objections against Mary's next suggestion to
capture all of the action on Cam Corder, Penny was already
heading in our computer room to fetch my five month old state
of the art Sony Cam Corder!

She next had me set it up for her while putting in a brand new
60 minute recording tape as well as hooking up the fully
charged spot light attachement. Yes my Penny was going
to film the three of us in perhaps the most bizarre three
way male, male, female sex act humanly possible.

It was Mary then, that came up with a proposed script for
our dirty little private home movie, as she called it. Yes
her suggestion to have Roberta and Donna home alone on the
couch playing queer kissy face she males with each other
in hot forplay sounded great to my wife Penny. We could get
so fuckin queer with each other and just like in real life
some two weeks earlier, Mary would walk in quite unexpectidly
and catch us both red handed caught up in our hot homo lust!
Not wanting to speak and direct things while it was being
filmed, Mary told us exactly what she wanted us to do! Yes
touching each others upper stockings, me feeling up Roberta's
large C cupped implants, light touching all over as our
queer passions swelled. Then to embace and deeply French
kiss while both of us panty groped for bare clitty cocks.
Next as we slid down on the carpet into a 69 nine position
hastily removing each others fem panties, Mary would suddenly
walk in on us wearing her big long thick strap on dildo and
fully take charge of things.

God how soft and sexy I found Roberta's stocking tops.
How real her expensive stick on implants felt to my exploring
touches. While I did feel strange as her soft bright red
lips drew close to my slightly parted pink ones, soon their
surprising warm softness seemed to mesh and fit so perfectly
against mine. How exciting I found her probing tongue to
feel as it slowly and teasingly entered my mouth. While
every cock I had ever felt up or sucked on was either naked
or housed in mens boxers or briefs, such male hardness clad
beneath such soft silky fem softness seemed far more exciting
to me than ever before! As scripted by Mary earlier, after
nearly 15 minutes of slow teasing exciting she male forplay,
we slipped down past the coffee table to assume a side by
side 69 position. After laying passive and allowing me
to fully remove her shear lace blouse and blue mini skirt,
Roberta slowly and teasingly tugged down my white satin
panies while I did the same to hers. Oh how big and beautiful
her fully and newly shaved Clitty Cock looked to me as it
magically sprang out from her lowered fem panties. Already
a big clear droplet of seminal fluid filled the entire little
valley of Roberts piss slit! Yes while 98% of Roberta was
pure quite passable female. that two percent of her remaining
maleness was turning me on the most then. Such an erotic
looking perfectly sculptured specimen of thick super
stiff clitty cock that had me licking my lips in anticipation!

Every now and then I would look up at the camera that my Penny
was using to fully capture forever, our forbidden actions
with each other. Penny was constantly smiling then while
encouraging me with nods from her head to continue and not
to hold back anything. Over the years I had come to recognize a certain distinct
look on my Pennys face whenever she was totally turned on
sexually. Yes the expression on her face right then was
showing that she was every bit as turned on and horny as I
was right about then. So in reaching out to wrap the fingers
of my right hand tightly around Roberta's wonderful
clitty cock, I performed my very first real queer cock act
in front of my wife! Rather than feeling so shy and unsure
like the Saturday night before, I then felt the need to show
my Penny how much I loved being Queer with another mans exposed
Cock! Feeling so god dam effeminine, I lightly toyed with
it quite gingerly admiring my new bright red painted nails.
Yes magically without seeming to move my face forward,
it just seemed to be moving closer and closer to my slightly
spread cherry tasting brand new pink she male lips.

When its large cut crowned head was but a few inches from
my desiring lips, my wifes voice was suddenly commanding
me to use my tongue to clean and lap up the clitty pre cum!
This while she sank down to her knees and zoomed in closer
on the action. As the cam lights lit up Roberta's then
throbbing 7 1/2 inch treasure, I looked up at my Penny one
last time while telling her in a new fem sounding voice that
"Once I started licking, I would belong to her totally
forever! " Then burrying my past masculinity forever,
my snaked out tongue swiped out to collect Roberta's
sticky sweatness! For nearly five wonderful intense minutes,
I continued my pre load licking while both of Roberta's
quite talented hands explored every avaiable inch of my
upper stockings, thighs and ass cheeks. Yet she never once
even touched my cock or balls? How intense things were right
then as unable to wait yet a scant second longer, I parted
my lips wide and began a slow exploring journey that didnt
end until Roberta's recently cleaned off cockhead
was lodged a few wonderful inches past my toncils. Yes my
then stuffed gay mouth, tongue, cheeks and throat were
all tightly clinging to Roberta's semi salty somewhat
dry Sissy Sex!

From just above and beside me, my wife Penny's voice
was excitidly encouraging me to SUCK COCK! " Come
on Bitch , show me how much you love being so disgustingly
Queer!" "Work it honey, work that big clittly
cock all over and make it feel so god dam good!" It was
then that from a short distance away, I heard Mary's
voice suggesting that perhaps if she stuck a nice long thin
ky coated vibrator deep up my princess pussy, I might put
far more effort into my Cock Sucking Ways!" Now with
our script broken, it was both womans anxious orders that
was dictating all of the action. Being a true Fem Dom, Mistress
Mary Suddenly stepped into the view finder while allowing
my Penny to continue filming things. Soon she had both me
and Roberta kneeling with our elbows on top of the couch
while she took the first of her two freshly ky'd sex
toys and had Roberta reach back to widely spread his two
large pussy lips.. As she slowly and skillfully worked
its buzzing smooth plastic then slippery head past her
Sisssy Clad Cuckold husbands pink twitching anus, she
was telling my Penny how any true faggot worth their weight
in gold, simply loved getting deeply and domiently ass
fucked! Yes almost instanly we all could hear the deep moans
escaping Roberta's clenched lips. Not knowing if
Mary was hurting her sissy bitch husband, my Penny asked
her new dom friend? Quickly Penny was assured that bitch
Roberta was loving and craving every god dam probing queer
inch of it!" Next her surprisingly deep voice was
ordering her Submissive Bitch Boy to fuck himself good
on Mommies Pleasure Plunger!

Instantly the three of us watched as Roberta's recently
dormant ass suddenly swing into action. Yes while his Mistress
Dom wife held that plastic toy in one fixed position, Roberta
began to fuck his/her bitch ass back into it in long smooth
craving strokes. Right then I found it hard to believe in
less than a week, how my long time gay male sex partner had
learned to love being ass fucked so very much. Dozens of
times in the past when having sex with Robert, I had tried
to park my prick up his back door garage to no avail. Hell
Robert back then had never even given me the freedom to finger
his hiney hole just once while blowing him! Looking over
to catch me smiling, Mistress Mary informed me that shortly
I too would be taking hard rounded vibrating plastic deep
up into my forbidden male pleasure center!"

Next I was told by her, that I was worthless just kneeling
there watching and to get busy submissively sucking some
smooth freshly shaved hanging ball sack! Ever since my
wife Penny earlier had helped me slip into my new nylon fishnet
stockings, my legs had felt so alive and so electric feeling
as well. Not to mention my aroused asshole as the back undersized
fem silk panties had ridden well down into my back crack!
Yes ever since my older cousin Gary had made me suck on his
quite hairy nut sack, I found myself not only liking this
preverse act physically, but reached a new exciting to
me level of mental stimulation as well! So without much
hesitation on my part, I got down under his spread legs and
brought my mouth and lips up to savor one of Roberta's
most private parts! Soon as I began to lick and then suck
on both of Roberta's oval oversized marbles, Penny
was verbally encourageing me to "Suck those big hanging
She male balls real real good!" Yes nothing really
mattered to me right then than acting on such wild impulses
I was totally powerless to control!

Yes it was incredable to even try to envision how within
the short span of under a month, both Robert and I had gone
from being straight acting closeted married successful
Businessmen into becoming two raging drag queens being
controlled and governed by both of our power hungry wifes.
While from Monday thru Friday both of us controlled hundreds
of our company employees, at home we were just two queer
whimps seeking submissiveness while allowing ourselfs
to both be filmed being so disgustingly queer and shameless!
Yet the turn on I was getting from all this forbidden new
behavior had me feeling so alive and so excitingly wonderful.
Yes both Robert and I had both choosen to run from the constant
pressures of upper level management and responsiblity
into this new strange world of being totally dominated
by our two female spouses. How refreshing I was finding
it to be verbally assaulted. To be degraded and humiliated
both physically as well as mentally.

So as I licked and lapped that nice set of dangling balls,
I lifted up my knees and legs as commanded by Mary so that
she could introduce seven firm inches of rounded buzzing
slippery plastic deep into what she called my Bitch Back
Door Pussy. Next with my wife Penny getting hand pain from
holding her cam corder. Both woman took a long break out
in the kitchen while Roberta and myself held our new buzzing
ass toys deeply in place.

When they returned together a long while later, it was Mary
that took the cam corder and began to film while my Penny
moved in to take charge of us. Again we were side by side with
our upper torso's resting on the couch with our exposed
unprotected asses sticking out. Once in giggling playfulness a few years back, my Penny
had put me over her knee and had lightly spanked my ass with
an open hand. I didnt dare tell her back then that I had liked
it and it had given me a nice hard on. I guess Mary had given
my Penny a few pointers out in the kitchen on how to treat
the sissy meat! I was the first to be forced to lay over her
upper legs as our long handled wooden salad spoon began
to be used in place of a proper B&D fettish spanking
paddle. Yes at first her applied blows were quite mild and
only stung my ass cheeks a little bit. However they soon
began to sting far much more with each new application.
As my ass cheeks got hotter and hotter, my erection grew
harder and harder as I kicked and begged her for mercy. It
was Mary's loud voice that proclaimed that for being
queer wothless sissy faggots with each other, we both had
to take our medicine and punishment. I will never know why
or even begin to understand , but around four minutes of
so after Penny started my over the knee punishment, I began
to wildly Ejaculate all over her extensive red skirt! It
was only when I was allowed to stand up was my naughtly out
of control act discovered. While Penny loudly cursed me
out in a fit of pure rage, both Mary and Roberta broke out
in loud laughter. Two minutes later as suggested by Mary,
I was forced to lick and lap up a good dozen large goblets
of my strong tasting pungent sperm while she filmed me.
Once done, I found myself fighting the urge to throw up.
However after deciding together that further punishment
was indeed needed and called for, I was made to kneel and
to submissively lick and kiss Roberta's clitty cock
back into full hardness. Yes Mary had my Penny apply the
lubed condom to Roberts clitty cock which made me feel so
fascinated. Yes my wife touching another mans cock even
if it was a she bitch excited me greatly right then. Seeing
my interest and fascination, Penny began to lightly stroke
and fondle it for a few exciting minutes for all of us to watch
before clearing all of the toys and make up kit off of the
top of the coffee table and having me assume an on all fours
kneeling position with my ass hanging just over one end.

I was informed then, that I was going to be deeply and passionitey
queer sissy ass fucked then while being mouth fucked by
Mary's large strap on toy! Mary even ordered me to constantly
proclaim how much I loved taking hard cock in both my holes
at once. Yes again my Penny did the full filming honors while
with closed eyes, I took deep breaths while Roberta's
hard latex clad cockhead pushed against my resisting always
tight spincter rim. Oh how great it felt as finally it slowly
began to sink inside of my tight new back door twat. Inch
by lovely hard inch, my sensitive nerve endings were invaded
by a mixure of dull bearable pain as well as wonderful feelings
of sliding friction. Oh yes I was alreadly deeply loving
such devine to me physical sensations while menally my
mind was consumed with the reality that I was being TOTALLY
QUEER for the first time ever. Yes when Mary presented her
almost real looking large cockhead to my face, I wasted
little time going down on it as far as I could. How wonderful
I found it when she held my chin slightly up and then rammed
it all the way down my tight gay throat. Over and over, husband
and wife or should I say Sissy and wife fed me a good 15 inches
of stiff cock from both ends at once. Again my cock had grown
into a full powerful erection as I fought the urge to reach
down and to play with myself.

Mary's voice was quite excited right then as she practically
A TRUE COCK BITCH?" Then using her free hand, Mary reached out and began slapping
both of my exposed ass cheeks with a stinging open hand while
continuing to selfishly ram the oversized head of her large
thick cock right down my gagging throat.

It was but a few short minutes later that my cam tapes sixty
minutes had expired. So now my Penny picked up that wooden
spoon and applied it to both of my taxed ass cheeks while
Roberta tightly held my hips in place. Yes all three of them
were then carefully and excitingly working me over. With
her one free left hand, Mary began to take turns pinching
both of my semi hairy nipples. It was then that Pennies auburn
costume wig slipped off my head. Then with one last mightly
deep shove, Roberta rammed her pounding clitty prick as
deep as she could possible go and began to wildly shoot off
while voicing deep moans of pure pleasure. While that condom
kept me from feeling her spraying warmth deep up inside
of me, my tightly clinging asshole held her thick cockbase
in a strong embracing grip while feeling its throbbing
pulsations of sperm delivery! In recognizing her husbands
firmilar groans of climax, Mary withdrew her large rubber
cock from my overmatched mouth allowing me to suck in a lot
of well needed air. A few minutes later I was allowed to go
to the bathroom to freshin up.

Yes that wig had left my entire upper head covered with sweat
and feeling so uncomfortably hot. Thinking things were
over with, I removed my panties, garter belt and fish net
hose and stepped into a cool refeshing shower. It was some
fifteen minutes later after returning in only panties
to my living room, that I witnessed my wife Penny and Mary
heavily making out and tittie grouping each other on the
couch. Sitting down on the end of the couch with his blonde
wig also then removed, sat a smiling Roberta who told me
to grab a seat and watch the woman go at it with each other.
My first thoughts then were to reload the cam corder with
a new tape and start filming the two of them. However my suggestion
was quickly shot down by both woman who both told me to sit
the fuck down and to be quiet. Yes both Roberta and myself
followed the hot lesbian action as it shifted from the unsuitable
couch into our master bedroom. Both aroused woman took
turns titty and pussy grouping before they went into a hot
side by side sixty nine position. How remarkable I found
it watching my wife being so intimate with another woman.
As she almost greedily licked lapped and then sucked wet
glistening snatch, I knew it certainly wasnt her first
time going down on another womans pussy. Yes that college
both my wife and Mary had attended at different times had
offered quite a menu of secret dormatory sex. So for nearly
a unforgettalbe hour, both Robert and myself watched our
bi wifes taking turns making passionite pussy mouth love
to each other! Just when I thought things were over with
between them, Mary again slipped into her black leather
dildo harness and mounted my Penny missionary style. Yes
for nearly a solid half an hour, she fucked my wife in ways
even a Texas truck driver would have to respect and admire.

With all of us seeming to be spent, smiling and satisfield,
Mary and Roberta dressed up to leave before one last final
sex act remained to be completed. Yes my Penny carefully
pulled off from Roberta's spent clitty cock that drooping
condom that still contained a large volume of spent sperm
inside of it. After again having me put on her costume wig,
it was my now full Mistress and Dom Penny, who made me get
down on my knees to clean up every inch of Roberta's
hanging flacid dick. As my reward for doing a good job, she
then tilted back my head, had me close my eyes while she tilted
the condom above my lips and slowly poured out a good ounce
of slippery hour old cum.. Cum I was not allowed to swollow
down until Mary arrived home and called my Penny on the phone.

Yes the next day we did indeed visit that Gay Girly Mans Botique
just over the state line. How asute that totally gay saleman
was as he immedialtey asked my Penny if she was there to get
her Cuckold husband properly wardrobed and outfitted.
While everything was so incredabley expensive there,
the nearly $2, 300 worth of clothing and items Penny charged
on my credit card were well worth the investment. Yes after
carefully being measured, I must have hit that changing
room a good two dozen different times to make sure everything
fit me perfectly. Dresses, skirts, blouses, hose, bras,
panties garter belts, five pairs of shoes, long gloves,
three wigs, two sets of wonderful exciting implants were
among the main items Penny picked out for me. All of them
were so dam sexy and so wonderfully feminine. Yes even those
four different very Sexy French Maids outfits to either
do housework in or entertain future guests for the sex parties
Penny already had begun to plan in the future! A trip to the
adult novity shoppe across the way also produced some very
erotic play and fettish items. Yes many leather roleplay
outfits for both of us as well as a collection of some 26 different
toys were the main items we both picked out together and
bought. Hand cuffs, foot and wrist retraints, cats of nine
tails and a handful of associated riding crops made up most
of new B&D experimental equipment. While the clerk
was ringing things up on the regester, Penny still was shopping
and returned with two sets of ben wa balls for both her pussy
and my new back door pussy as well. Yes with slightly under
$3, 000 spent in new items our very first trip, Penny called
up an a very distant out of town building contractor to convert
our large unused downstairs 24' x 24' basement
room into a combination sex play room and mirrored dungeon!

Yes our very first guest some two weeks later was Pennies
young construction worker Ryan! With his rugged build
from being an iron worker and his long sun bleached hair
and blue eyes, I also found Ryan quite a desireable hunk
as I was made to kneel nearby and watched them have the wildest
sex I had ever witnessed. Ryans thick uncut cock had to be
at least eight inches long and perhaps even closer to nine.
While he wanted nothing to do with a sissy faggot like me,
I was allowed to lap up his large creamy spunk mess after
he withdrew from my wife and flooded the entire valley of
her hot wet snatch with a load that I thought would never

Soon my Penny began regularly going out Friday nights with
Mary to many different night clubs. One was even a gay club
that catered to both males and females alike. Whenever
both our wives chose that gay club, both Roberta and I would
be chained and secured to our dungeon wall while in full
drag with thick butt plugs embeded firmly and securely
up our bitch pussies. More than once, both my Penny and Mary
would throw an afterhours party by invite only. While each
one always carefully picked out a male or female sex partner
or two for themselves, they always brought home at least
a few fags or bi guys that me and Roberta would be allowed
to frolic with. Most times our wifes would keep up bound
to be used selfishly while almost helpless. Oh how I came
to love being fucked from behind while standing and restrained.
Then afterwards to be allowed to spend a good hour or so cleaning
out my wifes freshly fucked cum quim. As a reward for my total
willingness to please my Mistress Penny in so many different
submissive ways, the last Saturday of every month, she
would doll me up real passable pretty and take me to this
adult book store that was well known and used for it almost
never ending glory hole action. Yes for four or five wonderful
hours, I would kneel licking my pretty painted lips at a
glory hole trying to entice a horny xxx movie watching guy
to use my skilled and practiced bitch mouth for his selfish
pleasure. This while my wife would sit in the viewing chair
close by orally encouraging him to shoot a big hot load into
my sperm craving mouth.

Hell at certain times my very pretty but slutty dressed
wife would cruise the main showroom lobby in search of a
guy who would turn her on. God how erotic I found it whenever
she would bring a complete horny stranger into our booth
and let him have her practically any way he wanted to. Yes
thanks to Mary, my Penny was also introduced to anal sex
and soon came to love it almost as much as being fucked in
her pussy. Yes it was a firm rule that any cock stuck though
our glory holes had to veiwed by her before I was allowed
to suck it off! This because my Penny found certain cocks
quite appealing for her to suck on first. I didn't mind
one bit and in fact loved watching my wife working over a
strangers stiff prick. Not desiring to sperm swollow those
unknown strangers at all, Penny would alway pull away and
allow me to wrap my lips over many a shooting pulsating dick.
Yes my record for suckoffs at that very bookstore was on
a very busy Saturday a only few weeks back when we stayed
there for almost eight straight hours from three in the
afternoon to nearly 11 o'clock that evening. In all
we counted some 47 different cocks I took into my mouth on
that one unforgetable visit. While some pulled away and
left there booths to stretch out their visiting times there,
I took down 32 loads totally by myself while Penny sucked
on 11 different dicks before giving me the swollowing duties.
Yes 43 loads in eight hours is certainly enough to totally
please any cocksucker. I will also mention that Penny got
booth pussy fucked twice that day as well as taking a rather
large and thick condom clad one up her tight hot ass.

Yes shortly afterwards as we sat in a McDonalds with me sipping
my vanilla milkshake through a straw, Penny again called

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