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HIs Wife Wanted To Watch! (MM Then MFM)


Jerry & Kate

This happened years ago while I was still married to my first
wife. It was actually at a time we were separated, and to
this day just thinking about still turns me on a great deal!
For our entire marriage I'd had to keep my bisexuality
a secret from my wife. There were times it was difficult
to resist the my urges, as I did and still do truly love having
sex with another man, but at that point, and as I said before,
my wife and I were separated, and so I saw no reason to hold
back, and not have a little fun!

Using the internet of course, I placed ads, and was soon
rewarded with a number of responses, but one in particular
really did catch my attention. It was from a couple who were
a few years older than I was at the time, and their response
to my ad sounded very appealing. The husband, Jerry, had
been "bi-curious" for a number of years, and
after finally talking to his wife Kate, he discovered that
his thoughts of bisexuality really turned her on, and they
both decided it was something they would like to "experiment
with" together. Jerry felt that he would be more of
the dominate type when it came to a male to male relationship,
however they both wanted someone with experience to guide
them in their first adventures, and so my ad had appealed
to them both and they were both very interested in me.

I was in my mid-thirties at the time, and they were both in
their mid-forties, and so the age difference wasn't
all that great, and I happened to find them both attractive,
and obviously they found me attractive as well. They made
it clear from the start that Kate mainly wanted to just "watch"
but at the same time, they (and she) were both open to other
things happening, all depending on the situation, as well
as the chemistry between all three of us! Secretly, Jerry
wanted to watch her having sex with another man, but just
getting to the point they were both at now was enough, and
so as we got to know each other, we all agreed to just play
things by ear, and see what would happen.

Jerry was built a lot like me. We were both around six feet
tall, and weighed about the same, around 225, and we both
had the same general "looks". Kate was short,
only five-four, and she was attractive, a little chubby,
and with nice large breasts, and a beautiful, full, round
ass. The thought of her watching Jerry and I having sex,
as she lay back naked and masturbated really turned me on,
and so I hoped pour initial meeting would lead to more, but
I already knew how sometimes difficult things like this
can be, especially for "first-timer’s" like
two of them! Actually that first meeting went very well.
I found them both attractive and appealing, and in a way
I wished we would have planned on doing more that night,
but I didn't want to push things, and rush blowing what
looked like a great time to come.

Later, as I checked my e-mail after getting back home, I
discovered that Jerry had already written me, and he'd
written that they were both as excited as I was, and that
they’d both love to plan something for that very next weekend!
That sounded great to me, and so I wrote back, and suggested
he call me the next day, and we could work things out together!
I would have loved to have had them just come over to my place,
but Jerry and I both agreed that we wanted to make this first
time something very special, and to really make it as special,
as well as comfortable, for Kate as we could! And so, a meeting
at a hotel, and Jerry insisted they would pay for the room,
and I would meet them there.

As per our agreement, I arrived at the hotel around nine,
and was handed the note Jerry had left me at the front desk,
with their room number on it. When I knocked, it was Jerry
who answered the door, and he invited me in, explaining
that Kate was just finishing up getting ready. We were both
dressed casually, jeans and t-shirts, and Jerry invited
me to sit in the small front room, as he opened a bottle of
wine and poured us each a glass. As we sipped our wine and
talked, we waited for Kate, and several minutes later she
appeared, and I have to say that I had an immediate erection,
just from looking at her! You could tell he'd done her
hair, and even put on a little makeup, and I could smell her
perfume, even before she entered the room!

It was how she was dressed however, that gave me my first
erection of the night, and I couldn't help but stare
at her, even as I stood and leaned over and gave her a quick
kiss on the lips. She looked so seductive, dressed in a long
nightgown that was black and lacy, and semi-transparent,
and yet it hid enough of her body that it gave you something
to wonder about as well. Her nitie was cut low in front, and
I couldn’t help but stare at her large, full, breasts, as
she back up and then sat down on the couch beside her husband
Jerry. After Kate was comfortable, Jerry refilled all
of our glasses and we toasted to the evening, and then after,
there was a short, and somewhat awkward silence.

It was then that I remembered my role as the leader, so to
speak. Even though in most male to male sexual encounters,
I prefer to be the more submissive, "bottom"
if you will, I also knew that in this case at least, "I"
was probably going to have to be the one to make most of the
first moves, at least in the beginning. After we'd
each taken yet another sip of our wine, and yet another moment
or two of silence had gone by, I finally spoke, as I first
complimented Kate on how she looked, and I then suggested
that maybe it was time to move our little "party"
into the next room, into the bedroom. When neither stood
or reacted, I finally stood up myself, and then they both
stood as well. We all three turned and walked into the bedroom,
and then once again there was an awkward moment of silence,
before I spoke again.

By now I'd figured out, as I said before, that I needed
to take the lead and make things happen myself, and so I suggested
Kate make herself comfortable on the bed, and then I turned
towards Jerry, and asked him if he was ready. Now before
that night, Jerry and I had of course, discussed his idea
of the way he might like things to go, as well as his desires,
curiosities, ect, and so I knew before hand, or at least
I had a sort of guideline, as to how things should happen.
Jerry nodded his head yes, and then I glanced over at Kate,
who was by then on the bed and propped up against the pillows,
making herself more comfortable. I wasn't sure who
looked more nervous, Jerry or Kate, but I did know I was very
turned on right then, and even nothing else, I was more than
ready for the fun to begin!

Jerry was just standing there, waiting, and so I moved up
close to him, and then we both sort of reached out at the same
time, and started to hug. The firsdt time can seem a little
awkward, even with someone else who is experienced, but
as soon as Jerry and I were hugging, I could feel him relax
a bit, and so relaxed as well. Not really stepping back,
but at the same time, just sort of leaning back away from
him a bit, I put my hand on his back up by his shoulders, and
then pulled him into me, and our lips met, and we shared our
first kiss, as both of our lips parted, and I slipped my tongue
into his now eager mouth. As we kissed, and now both of our
tongues mingled together, I felt my cock stiffen inside
my pants even more, and then I felt his cock, pressing into
mine, as we both pulled our bodies even closer together!

I felt Jerry's hand, as it slid around my back, and then
down, and he cupped one of my ass cheeks through my jeans,
and pulled me even tighter against him. I felt, as much as
heard his soft moan, as we continued to kiss, and I now sort
of rubbed my body against his. It was all so slow and sensual,
and it had been so long since I'd last been with another
man, and so I wanted this to moment last, as much for me as
I did for him. Jerry now had both of my ass cheeks in his hands,
and he was pulling me even tighter against his body! I knew
he could feel my hard cock pressing into his, as much as I
could feel his pressing into mine. He really shoved his
tongue into my mouth now, and if I'd been the one in control
in the beginning, then he was most certainly beginning
to take a lo tmore control now!

Enough was enough however, and it was time for things to
really happen, and so I slid my own hand around and in between
us, and I began to unbutton his pants, and then unzip them.
As I side my hand down the front of his pants, I was pleasantly
surprised by the "size" of his erection. He'd
told me that he was a little "bigger" than average,
and I had seen actual photos of his erect cock before we'd
even met, but anyone who has done this sort of thing before
knows, pictures can be deceiving! His hard cock was probably
an inch or so longer than my own, and at least as thick. His
skin felt smooth and his flesh hot, and I loved the way the
big mushroom head of his cock felt so silky smooth, and so
large and swollen.

As I slid to the ground in front of him, I pulled his pants
and underwear down with me. He slid his own T-shirt off,
and This wasn't where I wanted to actually suck him
off, but I did want to put on a bit of a show for Kate, as well
as get that hard cock of his in my mouth. HIs cock was so hard,
and I loved the way it just sort of bobbed in front of my face
as he stood there, waiting, and in excited anticipation.
Slowly I licked all around that big, beautiful, mushroom
head, and then down his thick hard shaft. I heard him suck
his breath in as I took my first lick, and then as my tongue
slid down the sensitive underside of his hard shaft, I heard
him let his breath back out, in a long, slow, and soft moan.

At the base of his hard cock, he had a beautiful, full, low
hanging set of balls, and I loved the fact that he had shaved
them and his crotch. His balls were also slightly larger
than mine, and at least to me, at that moment they looked
very full of wonderful, hot, sticky cum! I licked his balls,
making sure to take long, slow licks, and then I licked my
way back up his hard cock, before taking it into my mouth
for the first time! Now as I began to suck him, Jerry really
moaned, but before things could really get going, I let
his cock slip from my lips, and I stood back up in front of
him, and we kissed again. As we kissed, I again reached between
us, and I slowly stroked his hard cock. I then pulled back
away slightly once again, and this time I whispered to him,
telling him that maybe Kate would like to watch him, undress

Jerry followed much of the same moves I'd made, as he
stripped my pants off, except that when he had my pants down,
I stopped him, before he could move any lower. I then slipped
my own T-shirt off, and so now we were both naked, and that's
when I suggested that we get in bed. Crawling onto the bed
together, Kate scooted over, making room for us to lie down.
Jerry and I were on our sides, facing each other, and at that
point my back was actually towards Kate, but I could definitely
"feel her" behind me. More soft, slow kissing,
and we were also both stroking each other's hard cocks,
at the same time we kissed. I let this go on for several long
minutes, and I could feel the bed moving behind me, and so
I had no doubt, that Kate was most probably already masturbating,
as she sat there watching us.

Eventually I moved Jerry onto his back, and then I moved
around and on top of him. I could then see Kate, and she had
lowered the top of her nitie, and she was caressing one of
her large breast in one hand, while the other hand was slid
up under her nitie, and in between her slightly spread open
legs. Before I started kissing Jerry's neck, and then
working way down his body with my mouth, I reached over and
cupped one of Kate's big tits, and then slid my hand
down and lifted her nitie up, and slid it back, exposing
her bottom half as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see
that she had shaved her pussy as well, as the two photos I'd
already seen of her naked, she had not shaven, and she'd
actually had quite a thick, dense, "bush" between
her legs!

She looked so sexy, her big tits exposed, her large nipples
all stiff and hard! Her pussy looked beautiful too, all
shaven clean, her lips swollen and moist, and already separating.
My hard cock twitched, as she slipped a finger inside of
her pussy, and then took it back out, and held it under her
husband's nose, and then touched it to his lips! As
Jerry began to suck her pussy juices off of her fingers,
I listened as she told him to taste how wet she was, and how
turned on this was all making her! I was so turned on, and
I really wanted Jerry's hard cock in my mouth again,
and so I quickly kissed my way down his body, and then slipped
in between his spread legs.

I looked up and over at Kate as I positioned myself between
Jerry's legs, and then I watched her lean over and kiss
her husband, as I lowered my head, and then lciked slowly
all around the head of his hard cock once again. I could hear
Jerry moaning into his wife's mouth as they kissed,
and as I slowly licked my way up and down his hard shaft. I
was determined to make this one of the best blow jobs Jerry
had ever gotten, especially since this was his first time
with another man, and so I really took my time licking him.
I also spent a long time, just kissing and licking all over
his big, full, balls, and he seemed to really love that.
At this point, as I again looked up from between Jerry's
legs, Kate now had her nitie bunched up around her waist,
and she was just staring at us, as she masturbated. I'd been licking Jerry's hard cock and big balls
for several minutes now, and so I slowly licked my way back
up his hard shaft, and this time as I licked all around the
head, I opened my mouth, and then I took him in, and gently
but firmly started sucking him. He groaned, and then I felt
his hand slide over the top of my head as my lips slid down
his hard cock. All while I sucked, I used my tongue, flicking
it over his cock, and licking it up and down. At first I didn't
think I'd be able to suck him all the way down to the base,
but then I felt my lips touching his crotch, and I hesitated
for just a moment, before sliding htm4e back up his hard
shaft once again. Up and down I went, slowly at first. Taking
my time, and sucking all the way up, until just the head of
his cock remained in my mouth, and then slowly sucking back

Gradually I began to move faster though, and as I did, I could
feel his grip on my head tighten, and his hips begin to move
in rhythm to my sucking! Now my head was bobbing up and down
over him, and I could feel his fingers gripping my hair.
His hips were moving faster now as well, and his breathing
was getting harder and harder. Suddenly his other hand
was on my head as well, and he was sort of holding it, and guiding
it, and making me suck him up and down even faster! His voice
was raspy as he groaned and told me to suck him. I heard Kate
moan too, and a soft "Yes!" escape her lips!
At that point, Jerry’s hips were thrusting up, with each
downward slid of my mouth over his hard cock. It was hard
to tell whether I was sucking him off, or if he was fucking
my mouth, and actually it was both!

Jerry groaned even louder, and suddenly he told me that
if I didn't stop, that I was going to make him cum soon!
Both of us knew that he actually didn't want me to stop,
and that it was just his way of warning me that he was about
to cum! As soon as Jerry said that, Kate spoke too, and what
she said really, and I mean really turned me on a lot!

"Oh God yes baby, feel his mouth on your hard cock,
feel him sucking you off!"

"You can feel he wants your hot cum in his mouth!"

"God baby, it's turning me ion so much knowing
your about to cum in another man's mouth, it's
going to make me cum too!"

Jerry's hips arched up off the bed, and I literally
felt his hard cock swell inside my mouth! He groaned very
loudly this time, and then let out a very excited "YES!".
This was followed by another loud groan, and then his hip
thrust up, his ass flexed in my hands, and his hard cock jerked
inside my mouth! The first large blast of cum shot straight
down my throat and I swallowed. I didn't really get
to taste his hot cum that first spurt, but after that, his
cum just poured out in large, sticky, globes, as it filled
my mouth, and I sucked him off, swallowing every hot, wonderful,

He was still fucking his hard and now jerking cock up into
my mouth, as he held my head still above him. All the while
he was telling me how good it felt, and to swallow his hot
cum, telling me, he could tell how much I loved it!

Right in the middle of all this, Kate orgasmed, and I could
hear her moans and groans, as she joined in, urging her husband
to cum in my mouth, and then urging me to swallow every drop
of his hot cum! His cum tasted really good! I loved it, and
I hoped this would be the last time he was shooting it into
my mouth, and I had a feeling it wouldn't be! I love the
taste of a man's cum, even my own, and I'm not ashamed
to admit that! Jerry's cum tasted wonderful, and I
was actually disappointed, when I knew I'd swallowed
the last drop! Long after he'd finished cumming, I
still held his hard cock in my mouth, making sure it would
stay hard! I gently sucked him, and even slid my mouth up
and down his full length a few times.

A gently sucked him for several more minutes, and then I
felt him tugging at my shoulders. Finally letting his still
hard cock slip from my mouth, I slid back up beside him, and
then we kissed deeply again. At this point I wasn't
sure exactly what would happen next. Many times before
this, Jerry and I had discussed it, and he'd assured
me time and time again that he too wanted to suck cock. I'd
been down this road before with a "newbie" and
more than once, when fantasy actually became reality,
they'd chickened out, but hey, I was having a great
time so far anyway, and so I'd just relax and wait and
see what happened! Jerry didn't disappoint me though,
as suddenly he was sliding down my body, and then positioning
himself between my spread legs.

Although he wasn't nearly as graceful about getting
there as I was, skipping the whole kissing his way down my
body thing, he was down there, and so now I waited again,
to see if he would go through with it! Surprising me a bit,
Kate sort of startled me, as she too quickly slide down beside
me, and took up a position just inches away, from her own
husband's head. I moaned softly as I felt Jerry's
wet tongue flick out and slide across the head of my hard
cock. His first lick was tentative, but after that, he started
licking my cock from tip to base, as my hip0s just shot up
off the bed! "Oh Yeah Baby, Lick His Hard Cock!"
It was Kate's voice of course, but she didn't have
to tell Jerry to lick me, as he was doing a very good job of
that just then!

It felt really good, and then it felt even better, as he took
me into his mouth, and began sucking me off! I loved the way
he was alternating between first licking my cock from top
to bottom, and then sucking me into his mouth, and sliding
his lips up and down my hard shaft! For a beginner, Jerry
was a really good cock-sucker, and if I hadn't known
better, I might have thought that maybe my cock really wasn't
the first cock he'd ever sucked! It was also a huge turn
on for me, that all the while Jerry was sucking me, Kate was
talking at the same time, and telling him to suck my cock,
and how much it turned her on watching her own husband sucking
another man off! I could also feel the bed rocking, and I
knew it wasn't all me, and so I looked down at Kate, and
sure enough she was masturbating once again, and that really
got me hot!

All at once, I felt the cool air hit my cock as Jerry let it
slip from his mouth. Right away though, I felt his wet tongue
again, and he was flicking it all over my hard shaft, as he
licked his way down. I moaned loudly, and then I felt his
tongue on my balls, and much the way as I'd done to him
earlier, he began to explore my balls, covering every inch
with his lips and tongue! It didn't take him long to
figure out how much more excited I'd get when he'd
lick the underside of my balls, and then lick even lower,
his wet tongue just teasing the patch of skin just under
my balls. After a few more long licks of my ball sack however,
Jerry's mouth and tongue slid lower again, and this
time as he licked that patch of skin just under my balls I
lifted my leg, and his mouth slid even lower!

I was now supporting my leg on his shoulder, and I groaned
loudly as I felt his tongue slide into the crack of my ass!
I heard Kate gasp, and then let out a soft, "oh god yes!"
as I felt Jerry's tongue, and it slid directly over
my asshole! As soon as I moaned, I felt Jerry slide his hands
up under my ass, and then he was spreading my ass wide open
as he went to work licking my ass crack, and flicking his
tongue across my asshole! It felt so good, and especially
when he would pause, and concentrate on just my asshole.
I loved the way he alternated his licking styles, and he
teased and probed my puckered hole! He continued like this
for several minutes, and as he did so, Kate suddenly reached
over and grabbed my hard cock, and started slowly jacking
me off, as her husband continued licking my ass!

At the same time, she was of course still masturbating as
well, and I could also feel Jerry's hard cock, as he
rubbed it against my leg! We were all three really getting
into it, and then I felt Jerry flipping me over, and so as
he did, I got up in my hands and knees, sticking my ass up,
and into the air! After a quick repositioning, Jerry was
behind me, his face again buried in my ass, and he was once
again licking my asshole, as Kate was once again, jerking
me off at the same time! I was moaning, and my ass was wiggling
around, as Jerry licked me, and Kate stroked my hard cock!
Suddenly I blurted out for Jerry to fuck me, and then quickly
added that I wanted his big hard cock up my ass! Kate moaned,
and added her own "Oh God Yes!", and then I felt
Jerry, as he sat up behind me.

As soon as Jerry was up on his knees behind me, Kate was there
in a flash, handing him a small bottle of lubricant, which
Jerry immediately poured down into the crack of my ass!
I felt the slick lubricant as it slid down my ass crack, and
then I felt Jerry's hard cock, as he began to slide it
up and down, between my spread cheeks! I loved the way his
hard cock felt in my ass crack, and it gave me shivers of pleasure
each time the big head slid over my sensitive asshole. I
again begged him to fuck me, and Kate again urged her husband
to do so! Jerry paused then, and as I felt the head of his hard
cock press into my asshole, I heard him tell Kate to hold
him, and help guide his hard cock into my ass! I then heard
her hiss "Yes!" and I felt her arm on my butt as
she reached over to hold her husband's hard cock!

Jerry began to push forward, and I felt my asshole begin
to open up. His would be one of the larger cocks I'd had
in my ass so far in my life, but right then I wasn't worried
about that, as I was honestly, more than ready to get fucked!
At the same time his cock head penetrated me, I heard Kate
exclaim, "Oh God Yes" and then his cock head
slipped inside me, as he entered my ass. I groaned and pushed
back, and immediately I could feel the difference in "size"
between his cock, and any other cock I'd had up my ass
so far in my life! It felt good though, and I'm not ashamed
to admit that! I pushed back, and the first inch or so of his
thick hard shaft slid inside my ass as well! I groaned loudly
again, and now I let out a soft, "Yes!". I felt
Jerry's hands as they grabbed my hips, and then he pulled
me back into him, as he thrust forward!

His big hard cock slid into my ass, and then I could feel Kate's
hand, just before she let him go, and he fully penetrated
me! Now we both groaned, and Jerry pulled my ass tightly
back against his crotch, and held me there in that position.
I felt his cock jerk inside me, and then I heard myself telling
him to fuck me! Jerry heard me alright, as almost as soon
as I said it, I felt him slide his hard cock back out of my ass,
leaving just that big mushroom head still inside me, and
then he thrust forward again, burying that cock as deeply
inside of me as he could manage, once again! Jerry was now
fucking me! God it felt so good, and right then I realized
how long it had taken me, how may years it had taken, for me
to admit even to myself, that I LOVE a hard cock up my ass,
and I LOVE, to get fucked by another man!

Even a vibrator or dildo up my ass feels different! They
both feel good, but a real cock feels even better, and I love
the feeling of another man holding my ass in his hands, as
he drives his hard cock deep inside of me! I was so into it
all, and suddenly Kate moved around in front of me and kissed
me deeply, sliding her wet tongue into my mouth! We kissed
hard, and then as she broke away, she whispered for me to
tell them out loud how good Jerry's hard cock felt up
my ass, how good it felt with him fucking me, and how much
I wanted it, and I wanted his hard cock! I did just as she ask
me, and a lot more, even begging him to fuck me harder! Once
again, Kate was masturbating right along with us, and I
decided to take the chance, as as Jerry fucked me, I looked
up at her and told her I needed desperately to lick her wet

I was really excited when her response was to quickly move
around in front of of me, and then slide down with her legs
open, and on either side of my head! I immediately slid my
hands up under her ass, and then leaned forward, and buried
my face in her wet pussy! Jerry really started fucking me
hard then! I was licking his wife's pussy, and watching
was turning him on even more! We were all three getting into
it, now, and Jerry reached up under me and started jerking
me off, as he began to fuck me even harder! Kate now hd her
fingers tangled in my hair, and she was humping her crotch
back up into my face, and then she was mashing my face as hard
as she could into her pussy, as I licked her! All you could
hear now was the three of us breathing hard, and at that point
it was really a race to see who was going to cum first!

I felt it in my balls, and then I was announcing that I was
cumming! Jerry jerked me off even harder, and at the same
time, fucked me even faster! Kate moaned, and really smashed
my face into her crotch, as she flooded my face with her juices,
and she joined me in cumming! With the two of us (Kate and
flopping around and cumming at the same time, Jerry let
go of my cock, and then grabbed my hips, so he could fuck me
even harder still. Kate’s orgasm was now ending, as was
mine, and so she slid back out from under me, and then got
up beside her husband on the bed next to him. Reached down,
she began to play with both of our balls at the same time,
and then as Jarry groaned and told her he was about to cum,
she let go of my balls, and grabbed his!

"Oh God Yes Baby!"

"That's it, cum for me, cum in his Steven's
ass for me!"

I want to feel you big balls, as they fill his ass with your
hot cum!"

Jerry groaned loudly, and I felt him just slam my ass back
hard into his crotch and he held me there! He lurched forward,
ramming his hard cock as far up my ass, as deeply inside of
me as he could get it, and then he grunted loudly and I felt
his cock jerk hard, deep inside of me! I felt his hot cum as
it spurted inside of me, and he filled my ass with his hot
load! Kate was squeezing and milking his big balls, and
telling him over and over again to cum in my ass, and I was
moaning right along with her husband! As he finally finished
cumming in my ass, I felt Jerry push me forward, and I fell
face first onto the bed. HIs hard cock was still buried deep
inside my ass, but soon it was softening, until I finally
felt it slip out of me, and a small stream of his hot cum slide
out of my ass with it!

His cum trickled down my balls as he slid off of me, and then
onto his back beside me. As soon as his cock was out of my ass,
and he was laying there beside me, I rolled over on my back,
and then Kate joined us, as she slid in between her husband
and me. We were all three still breathing hard, and it was
several long minutes before we were all breathing normally
once again. We'd managed to fulfill several of both
Jerry and Kate's fantasies so far, but we still had
a whole night ahead of us, and I lot more we all wanted to try!
First however, we had one tired pussy, and two soft cocks
that needed a little rest, but that didn't mean that
we couldn't all fool around in the mean time!

Both Jerry and I rolled onto our sides to face Kate. We then
took turns kissing her, and then we all three shared a single
kiss, a bit awkward, but still hot as all three of our tongue
mingled together! Jerry and I then began stroking on Kate's
breasts, him on one, me on the other, and before long, we
not only had Kate worked up again, but we were both at least
starting to grow hard again as well!

Over the course of that first night, we managed to fulfill
several more of Jerry and Kate's fantasies as well,
including the two of us double-penetrating Kate! At the
time, I'd been fucking Kate as Jerry watched, and then
we'd rolled over together with her on top of me. She
was then riding my hard cock, and Jerry got up behind her,
as I pulled her ass open for him! A few shorts licks, him licking
her ass, and my cock and balls, and then Jerry was behind
her on his knees, and then his hard cock was sliding into
her ass, as she and I continued to fuck! Two hard cock inside
her at the same time, and it wasn't long before Kate
was experiencing another powerful climax, and then Jerry
and I were both cumming shortly after, as he filled her ass,
and I shot off into her wet pussy!

Before I left early the next morning, we managed one last
fantasy to reality, as Kate once again masturbated and
watched, and this time it was me doing the fucking, and this
time it was my hard cock up Jerry's tight ass! All in
all, it was a fantastic start for Jerry and Kate's journey
into sharing with another man, as well as Jerry's beginning
into his own bisexuality! It also wasn't the last time
the three of us were together, but that is guess is another
story, or stories, for another time!

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Not exactly my thing , but a very good and well told story
! ! Does make you want to say , Hmmmmmmmm?


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Damn that is hot!!!!


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Wow liked to have been there instead of you!


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What a fantastic story! And a great experience for Jerry
& Kate for their first time!! Hope we have the same luck!


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Dam what a hot story cummed everywhere dam good story.


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if all your stories about "equal opportunity"
sex are true, you've been blessed>>! rOTTEN rODGER


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Basically a very good story, but a bit too much detail and
way too long...otherwise very good! I have actually done
this as well. Once with my 1st wife's in our 1st 4some
and 20 years later, in a similar situation, with my second
wife in our first bi-3some. I love the bi aspect of the group
sex...VERY HOT!!


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Mmmmmm, ,, ,, that is one HOT story !!!!!


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Wow what a hot story! I sure would enjoy sharing something
like that with you guys. Look me up if your interested.


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wish i was there


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very hot -- from your description of the very hot BJ -- think
you enjoyed writing the story almost as much as sucking
his cock --excellent


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GREAT STORY! Would of loved to of been Kate!


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Wow! I love all your stories. This was a really good one.
I'm glad you're writing again. You kind of layed
off for a while. Keep them coming!


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I loved your description of his beautiful and tasty penis!!


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again you are the best writer on here. You and your wife are so lucky.

Keep them cumming!


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I`ll be glad to meet such a couple. I like to fuck wife and
been fucked in the ass by her husband. It`s amazing!!!


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Good story, love men fucking men in front of women.


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OMG that was so very hot. Great Story.


naykidagain 66 M
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mmm i love bi times together


aloneinaus 57 M
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what a great time had by all. Next episode soon please


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super hot story, me next please


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well I would love to hear about the next times, amazing


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Wow great story.Did he get to swallow your cum?


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Hot .... cumm dripping all over... hope to get mine tomorrow for the first time


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I came in my pants as I was reading about Jerry's thick cock fucking you and you realizing how you loved getting fucked by another man!