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Sitting around the court on Monday evening, waiting for
the next pick up game, the guys did their usual thing of dishing
the dirt about their weekend activities, including the
women they were with, the parties they went to and everything
in between. Just coming down off the sexual high he had,
Raphael felt the urge to tell it all.

"Man that chick was awesome! She knew exactly how
to work that thang!" said Raphael.

"Damn!! For real?? I knew Ravenna was a freak the first
time I saw her! She be trying to look all innocent and stuff,
but you could tell!!" said Alvin.

"Man, I been trying to hit that for a min." yelled
Charlie. "I mean, ever since Ravenna moved into the
building I have been trying to get at that, but she sees me
with all the other chicks I bring home and won't give
me any play! But I know I can hit it if I wanted to!"

"Well, she will probably be walking funny for a while
after the way I beat that pussy up! I had her begging me to
stop!" boasted Raphael. "That's how I
put it down!!"

"Shit nigga! How did it all go down?" asked Charlie.

"Well, you know she used to come over to the spot with
Kenny's girl, Tamiko, and so I was just like, put me
on that! But Tamiko kept hating, trying to tell her not to
fuck with me! I knew that made her want me more! And for the
fact that she just broke up with her dude, I knew she had some
repressed sexual frustrations she was in need of getting
rid of, so I just set myself up to be there when opportunity

"Man, you stupid!"said Casey. "You were
probably just a rebound fuck to her!"

"Shit nigga, it don't matter!! I know she going
to want more after she gets over the dick down I gave her the
other night!"

"Well, damn!! Let us in on the deal! What went down??"
asked Charlie, sitting up and listening attentively.

"Well it all started off when we went out to Thrive
on Saturday night and had dinner. I could tell she was feeling
me after I picked her up in the new whip. I told you that the
645 was an automatic panty-dropping machine. Then when
I started talking about my new condo at the Reynolds and
the money I was pulling down at the j-o-b, I pretty much knew
it was a wrap and that she was getting wetter by the minute.
But I didn't want to seem all hard up on her, so I just
started telling her more about me, seeing that we really
didn't have a lot of conversations when she would come
by the Cotton Mills. But I could tell she was digging a brother!"

The guys all started laughing.

"Man, you got that money because yo' grandma
died and left it to you! Why you were frontin with that chick?"
said Alvin.

"Whatever man! It is paid for in full! That's
what happens when you treat yo' grandparents right!
They look after you like that!"

"But anyway, before I was rudely interrupted, we
finished up dinner and rode over to Django's for a second
to Luther and Ali's party. I walked her up to the front
of the line, bypassing the line and all. You know, I had to
show her I was the man and all, being that this is my city!
We got there around 10:30 and was just chilling, having
a couple of drinks and talking. We only stayed to about 11:15"

"They still be doing that free drinks thing before
midnight?" asked Corey.

"And you know this! It was a good thing too because
my check didn't clear the bank yet and I was sitting
on empty with the funds after we left Thrive, but I had that
fifty that I borrowed from Kenny last week to get my phone
turned back on, so it was cool!"

"Nigga, you know you was supposed to pay him back Friday!
He kept calling me to see if I had heard from you because yo'
phone was still off!" said Charlie.

"I'm going to get that taken care of tomorrow!
My check should have cleared by then! But listen! Let me
finish! So, we leave Django's and head over to the Mark
for a second because them Dynasty boys be having the same
special. You know, free before midnight and free drinks
until midnight. Gotta use that to your advantage! We stayed
until about 12:30 and left before it got too packed. Plus,
I knew my ex was about to fall through the spot because I saw
her home girl there already and you know they stuck at the
hips. Where one goes, the other is sure to be there too! But
anyway, so I am like I need to stop by my spot for a second and
pick up something because I told her I was heading out of
town that morning with my folks and had forgotten something.
So we went in for a second. I was trying to make my move there,
but she kept talking about the condo and was like 'Where
is the furniture' and stuff. I was like it is on the way
and that I had to reschedule the delivery because I hadn't
really been there. She was cool with that, but she started
tripping when she came into my bedroom and saw my bed, and
then asked me what size it was. I was like it's a queen,
but it's got a full size mattress on it because they
brought the wrong one and they got to come back and replace

"Man, you put them twin bed mattress on that bed?"
asked Corey.

"Hell yeah! Man, them mattresses be expensive, especially
them pillow-tops! I'm just waiting for my folks to
buy a new bed for the guestroom and give me that bed that is
in there now. So now she was standing there looking like
'I do not do shit on a full sized bed' and I could
still tell that she wanted me, so I asked if she was ready
to go back to her place. So in the car, I start trying to finish
the conversation about sex that we had started at Thrive.
I could tell she was ready for it, because when we got up to
her apartment, she immediately invited me in. You know
these chicks be feeling your boy like that! So we get in and
we sitting on her sofa, and she ask me if I wanted a glass of

"That was the signal right there" said Casey.
"When women get a little wine in them, and they get
loose like a mutha fucka!"

"Well, if that's the case, she really wanted
to get done because she damn near finished her glass in like
two swallows and went back for more! So, I started to lean
in on her while we were on the couch and just get close to her,
making jokes about the movie we were watching and stuff.
She started getting a little closer to me, and that's
when I knew it was time. I just put my arm around her and brought
her closer to me. She then tilted her head back and was like
she could use a massage. You know yo' boy got them magic
fingers, so I put it down on her neck. After a few minutes,
I could tell she was getting moist and knew one kiss on the
back of her neck was all it took to get her to drop them panties
and flip that skirt up!"

"Yeah nigga! That is how you do it! Just be rubbing
on her neck and back and act like it would be better if her
shirt was off and she was lying down! Every nigga know that
move works!

"Man, then she was like 'Well, let me go and lay
down on the bed so you can do it right then. We all know what
she meant by that!"

"HELL YEAH, NIGGA!!" said the group, damn near
in unison.

"Man, so Ravenna starts undressing and lays down
on the bed in her little bra and panties, and then I go to work,
just rubbing that sexy body down. I climb up on top of her
and start doing it even harder, letting her know I had some
strong hands that could do her body good. Then I started
massaging her calves and then I started working my way up
to her thick ass thighs. I let my hand slide up a little and
get close to that sweet ass pussy, but I didn't touch
it yet. I wanted to make her wait for a second before I did
my thang. But you could tell she wanted it, because she started
moving and shit, and making noises like she was ready! So
I started kissing on her back and shit, then she turned over
and you know she is like only five feet even, but she is stacked
like a mutha fucka! Just looking at her lying there made
my dick get hard as hell!!"

"Damn, nigga! Just that easy, huh?" asked Charlie.
"Damn, I should have gotten on that while I had the

"Yep because she took it like a pro! I did my little
oral thang and let my tongue play with her for a second, but
not too long because I just don't do that to just anyone.
So then, she started lifting up my shirt and shit, and kissing
me on my chest and biting on my nipples and boy did that shit
feel good! I got rock hard then, so you know what was about
to go down! It was time for me to throw these eleven and a half
inches down on her, that biiigggg dick down! She was juicy
and wet, just dripping, but she was kind of tight so I had
to lick it and stretch it open with my fingers little more
to get it right and ready for me to slide in. So I got up and
then started to stick it in. I could hear her moan and then
she was like 'damn, hold up for a second' and was
trying to push me up. But I was like just give me a sec. But
she was still like 'hold it, hold up a min', so I
got up for a sec. Her little ass was flexible as hell though
because she threw her legs back and then she grabbed my dick
and slid it on in. At first, I started to take it really slow
and easy, only giving her about half of me, but then she got
really into it and I started banging it on out and throwing
the whole thang in her. Man she was loving it!"

"Damn, folk! You were probably splitting her shit
in half!" yells Corey.

"Damn near bro'! I was doing it like a fucking
porno star! Lex Steele or Mr. Marcus could not have done
it better! I mean I was just throwing her legs around like
she was a rag doll, just digging her out! I was tagging it
from the back, had her riding me like she was a fucking cowgirl
or something! Man, we were so wild with it; we went through
like three condoms. After about two and a half hours, I had
her begging me to stop. But I still needed to get my nut off
so I tried to lick her and get her wet again, but it was taking
her too long. You know that is what happens after a chick
cums a couple of times, they start getting really dry and
it is hard for them to get wet again. But I almost had it back
in her and was almost there, until she was like she couldn't
do it anymore. So I pulled it out and she started stroking
it. You know it took both hands for her to do me! She started
to suck on it and that was feeling good as hell! Ain't
nothing like a chick who can suck a mean dick! She will definitely
get it again with head like that! But she was stroking it
good as hell and had me ready to bust. I was trying to get her
to suck on it, but she could tell I was about to bust that nut
and moved out the way. Damn, I was trying to get her to catch
it or at least let me skeet on her, but it was cool though!
I already know she wants to see me again. She loved this dick."

"Man, kinfolk, if you put it down like that I bet she'll
be calling you all this week! She is probably trying to sleep
it off! Nigga, you know you represented for Westside on
that ass! We gotta show these chicks that we got that real
dick over here!! Ain't no play-play around these parts!"
says Charlie.

"And you know this, nigga!" replied Raphael.
"Reppin for that Westside for life, shawty!! Now
let's bust these niggas' asses on this court."


Ravenna sat down at the table, knowing her friends would
insist on knowing the details of her first night with someone
else other than Enrique. She dreaded telling them, especially
Tamiko since it was she who set them up!

"Girl, I know you got it good last night!" said
Tamiko. "I want to hear all about it! I know he put Enrique
out of your mind for good!"

"Let's just say it won't be a night I'll
soon forget, although it is one I wish I couldn't remember!"
replied Ravenna.

"Why, what happened?" Toya asked.

"And don't be shy with the juicy details!"
said Danny.

"Fine! Well, the date was alright, but the sex was

"What happened?" screamed Tamiko. "Girl,
the man is hung like a horse!"

Everyone at the Starbucks turned to look at Tamiko as the
words leaped from her mouth. Ravenna began to turn red from
the embarrassment she felt sitting at the table.

"Don't look at me like that! I just got a glimpse
of him as he got out of the shower one day, after I spent the
night with Kenny. They were roommates until Raphael got
the condominium downtown! I was going to the bathroom one
night and did not hear him in the shower. But I got a very good
look and it stuck with me the whole week!"

The girls started laughing.

"Calm down and I will tell you!" she whispered.

"It all started off nicely, although he was thirty
minutes late and I was about to go to bed when he finally showed
up! Anyway, he picked me up and took me out to Thrive for dinner
and drinks and we got a chance to talk some more, but he kept
going on and on about his car and his condo, then about how
his ex broke his heart, then about how he's thinking
about dating other races because black women don't
respect him. He was really bringing the date down!"

"Well, he has been seen with a couple of different
women at the apartment when he was there. I thought Kenny
was going to dump me for the bachelor lifestyle after a while!"
said Tamiko.

"Well, he just seemed so arrogant at first, but then
he got a little better. But not much! Somehow the conversation
took a turn to sex and seeing that I was in dire need, I might
have been the one to start it up!" Ravenna said, laughing
at the memories that were embedded in her brain from that
night. "He started talking about how big he was and
how he puts it down after I told him that it had been a little
while for me. He then states that he would not want to get
with me because he might hurt me. I laughed at his ass on that
one. But anyway, we left Thrive and went over to Django's
for a minute. It was still a little early so we didn't
have to wait in a long line and it must have been free with
the text because he pulled out that big ass Treo to show them
as soon as we got to the door. I think he still has the first
Treo ever made! But it was whatever at this point. I really
needed to have another drink to deal with his ass. So we get
to the bar and he starts ordering me some damn apple martinis
because they got a special deal going where apple martinis
are free before midnight."

"Damn, girl! That nigga was cheap like that?"
asked Danny.

"Hell yeah! But I was trying to give him the benefit
of the doubt. I mean, he picked me up in this black, convertible
BMW 645 and he was looking like a million bucks!" replied

"Girl, I guess you learned that all that glitters,
ain't gold!" yelled Toya.

"And that the "bigger they are, the harder they
cum" theory is and will remain a theory, because he
definitely didn't show me any truth to that!"
replied Ravenna.

"Girl, you lying! Hurry and finish the story! I want
to know what happened!" cried Tamiko.

"Well, first off he kept checking his watch to see
what time it was and was like let's go somewhere else
for a while. I agreed and we rode over to the Mark for a second.
Again, he trying to get in free and make it down the steps
before midnight for the free drinks! But it was a cool look
there, so we stayed for a while. And girl, there were some
sexy brothers in that spot, especially this one guy who
was eyeing me the whole night. I would have gone over there
if Raphael weren't making me feel so embarrassed with
trying to be flashy and flex all night. I mean he was acting
cheap as hell, tipping fifty cents to the waitresses and
bartenders. I had to slide her ten so that she wouldn't
think that I was with him. And that guy I was talking about
came up to the bar right where we were sitting and ordered
him and me a drink and then apologized to me for the actions
of Raphael "on behalf of him and all the other true
men of Atlanta". Girl, that brother had a smile to
brighten the world and a swagger that made me want to leave
Raphael there and take him home!"

"Girl, you are a fool! So get on to the juicy stuff!
Inquiring minds want to know!" said Toya.

"Spill it, girl! Spill it!" added Tamiko.

"Well, he was trying to get me to spend the night at
his spot, but I wasn't going for that. I didn't
want the sun to rise and I am still in his presence, so I kept
rejecting his notions about staying at his place. And girls
let me tell you, for a supposedly balling ass nigga, he cannot
even afford a comfortable sofa. I walked into an empty as
spot. No tables, no real furniture, no stemware, no flatware,
no dishes, no nothing! Period! This nigga had plastic plates
and cutlery, and tried to give me a cup of water in a used McDonald's
cup and not the hard plastic ones, but the medium size type.
Girl, I am getting mad just thinking about it! He has to know
he ain't never coming close to this pussy ever again!
I don't even know why I listened to you about his ass!"

"Girl, I assumed he had it going on with how the women
be coming through to see him. My bad!" said Tamiko.

"Well, I walked into his bedroom with the thought
that he had just moved in and maybe hadn't got his furniture
yet. He kept claiming that he kept having to reschedule
the delivery people because he could not coordinate a time
that would work for him and the delivery people. But how
about he had a queen size bed frame, but a couple of twin size
mattresses on them and tried to act like they were a small
queen or a full. I could see the line down the middle where
they met!"

"Girl, no! Say it ain't so!" said Toya.
They all start to laugh, with a few others sitting close
by giggling as well.

"YESSSS! So I told him, that I don't sleep on full
size beds, so I definitely won't be having sex or fucking
on one!"

"No you didn't! Please tell me you didn't
do that!" said Tamiko.

"You know I only speak the truth! I started walking
towards the door, hoping that he would get the hint and hurry
his ass up, but he sat there looking like a stupid little
lost puppy. I had to yell out that I would be waiting in the

"See, niggas just don't know how to act! You trying
to give them some pity pussy only because you in need and
they just happen to be the only option available, and they
still damn near fuck it up!" stated Danny.

"Well, we finally start heading to my apartment and
he starts talking about sex again. I wanted to tell him that
if he did not shut up, he was going to miss out on his chance
to have a taste of this little chocolate chip cookie, but
as horny as I was at that time, I didn't want to punish
myself by not getting any. Although, getting some turned
out to be worse!"

"Girl, tell the truth and shame the devil! Give up
those freaky details!" said Toya.

"I don't think I want to hear anymore if it gets
worse!" exclaimed Tamiko.

"Now we get to my place and I'm definitely ready
to get it over and done with so that he could take his ass on
home and out of my face. All the while, he was sitting up there
talking, about his big ass dick and how he was too scared
to get with me because he thought he might break me, were
two jokes and a half. We get in and I had to get something else
to drink so that I could try and loosen up. I brought him a
glass back too and we sat down and started watching TV. Now
all night, I had been wondering where this scent was coming
from and it turns out to be his cheap as cologne! I guess with
being out in public and it could have been anybody, I didn't
think it was him."

"You didn't smell it in the car?" asked

"Nope! He had the top let back and the wind took it away
I guess. But I had to get up and away from him for a second,
so I downed my glass of merlot and went back to get another,
hoping that they would kick in and either knock me out or
have me so tipsy I wouldn't care anymore. But anyway,
I sat back down on the sofa and that is where I had to make him
make a move. I started getting closer to him and laid my hand
on his left leg. Then he wants to put his arm around me, so
I start rolling my neck and massaging my own neck with the
hopes that he would have seen my actions and did something
on his own, but damn near ten minutes went by until I finally
had to ask him for one. It was like he was scared of me! His
lanky 6'2" self was scared of little 5'0"
me! It was funny! He wasted his wine on himself and so I took
his shirt and threw it into the wash. Then I had to ask him
to come into the bedroom and give me a real massage. I lay
down on the bed and for another ten minutes, endured the
worst massage I had ever felt in my life. I had to start shaking
my legs so that he would stop hurting my shoulders and back.
He finally, went to my legs and I had to verbally tell him
to move up closer to my thighs. He stayed about an inch bellow
my little kitty cat for another five minutes until I slid
down a bit. It seemed that I had to throw the pussy at him.
So now I can feel him getting hard, but when he pulled down
his pants, I nearly died from trying to hold back the tears
of laughter. The brother had been going on and on about being
damn near a foot long, turned out to be about four or five
inches shy of that foot and had absolutely no thickness
at all! I swear it looked like I was going to be fucking a fucking

Laughter erupted at the coffee shop in abundance.

"So, he wants to try and "taste" me. So
I roll over and spread thinking that if the dick fails, I
at least could use his tongue but it must have gotten tired
from all the talking he did earlier because that didn't
even do the trick."

"What?!?! I thought..." started Tamiko.

"Fuck what you thought, I'm telling you what
I know for fact!" replied Ravenna. He was trying is
hardest to eat me out and make me wet. I had to start grabbing
his head and guiding him through it. I made him stay down
there until he got it right and that was a twenty-minute
process. So then, he wants to put it in and since he was not
doing shit but spitting and drooling in my pussy, I was ready
for him to stop. So slide back on the bed and he hops on top
of me. The nigga misses my pussy and starts poking me in the
inside of my thigh! I have to tell him to hold up for a second,
because he was missing the entrance. He backs out and then
damn near puts it in my asshole! I had to push him off of me
and away from my ass because you know I do not get down like
that! That is a one-way street! Exit only!"

"Girl, I heard if it's done right, it feels good
as hell!" said Danny.

"Well, I'll never know!" replied Ravenna.
"Anyway, I finally have to grab the dick and guide
him in, like one of the guys in a tower giving an aircraft
landing directions. It was bad! The only okay thing I got
out of it was a free meal and they actually overcooked my
food so it wasn't all that good! But whatever, so he
starts thrusting in me like a damn jackhammer and then kept
trying to put me in different positions as if he was trying
to perform the tricks and positions he has seen on a video
with Jada Fire or someone. All he was doing was basically
ramming his hard ass, skinny ass body into my pelvis, gyrating
around like he was having a damn seizure, and going into
convulsions! I had to stop him because I was getting drier
and drier and could have sworn that the condom broke. I had
him to pull out and sure enough, it was broken. I took him
damn near five minutes to get another condom and put it on.
All the while, I am getting drier and drier and even more
pissed off at my decision-making skills! Now again, he
is trying to get back in and I will be damned if he didn't
go back for the ass again! It is almost as if he is magically
drawn to the ass! So I try to get him in, but I am too dry and
definitely too tired of the whole thing so it really was
not happening. I told him already came a couple of times
to get him off me and was too tired to keep going. So he asked
if I would give him some head and I forgot that he had on the
condoms, so I said yeah. I start stroking him and then start
sucking him off, but the damn spermicidal lube from the
condom had my mouth going numb and tasted something terrible.
I only sucked him off for a min and he was already about to
cum. Luckily, I could feel him growing to that point and
moved out of the way because he was actually trying to nut
off in my mouth."

"EWWWWWW" said Toya. "Ravenna wants
some throat babies! HA HA HA!"

"I gave him a rag so that he could clean himself off
and get dressed, but the nigga wanted to snuggle and cuddle!
I had to tell him that I had to get up in the morning for early
service and needed to go to sleep and remind him that he was
supposed to be leaving in the morning to go out of town with
his family. So finally, he got dressed and left, but not
without trying for what he called round two!"

"No he didn't! Girl, you didn't let him leave
thinking he was the shit, did you?" asked Danny.

"Girl, I didn't care what he thought as long as
he thought about it on the other side of the door! I was so
happy when he left! I went in and took a long hot shower to
get any remnants of him off of me! Never in my life have I had
such bad sex before. Not even Chris and his little ass was
that bad. At least he had a medium sized dick and could work
it like it was meant to be worked! I guess that goes to show
that goes to show that bigger definitely ain't better!
That was the worst thirty-five minutes of my life!"

"Damn girl! My bad, my bad!" said Tamiko. "I
feel your pain on that one! I thought it was all that, but
I guess I should come with a sign that says objects in the
mirror aren't as good as they appear to be! Kenny will
get a kick out of this!"

The table erupts in laughter again.

"I need another coffee, I'll be right back."
says Ravenna, as she gets up from her set and heads towards
the door.

Not really paying attention to where she was going, she
accidentally bumps into another patron who is heading
towards the counter as well, spilling the little bit of
coffee she had left on his shirt.

"I am so sorry!" she tells the stranger, running
to grab a napkin to hand to him. As she is handing him the napkins,
she finally looks up and sees and all too familiar face.
It was the guy she had seen at the Mark, the night of her date
with Raphael.

"Hey, it's okay! You look somewhat familiar
to me. Weren't you at the Mark this past Saturday night?"
he stated.

"Well, yeah. I was there. I was on a kind of a blind date
like thing." Ravenna replied. "It was going
horribly wrong, and I think you saw me during the next to
the lowest point of the night!"

The gentleman chuckled and let out a slight smile. "I'm
terribly sorry for your pain! I could tell it was not going
according to plan because your face showed it all! You definitely
looked frustrated that night!"

"You have no idea how frustrated I was!" Ravenna
replied, trying to stop blushing as she stared into his

"Well, if you keep rubbing my shirt, either there
might be a fire from the friction or a new hole might form!"
he said.

"You feel it, too?" Ravenna stated while in
a semi dream state. "Oh, you meant…of course….the
shirt….Yeah! I am so terribly sorry about that! I can take
care of it for you if you want! I can pay for your dry cleaning
bill; buy you another coffee or something! I just feel so
terrible about it!"

"It's okay! Don't worry about it!"
he said and proceeded to the bathroom, as Ravenna walked
towards the counter. She ordered another drink and went
back outside to join her friends at the table.

"Who was that you were talking to?" asked Danny.
"He was cute!"

"That's the guy who was at the Mark and bought
me a drink! I feel so much like a dork right now! I just wasted
coffee all over his shirt. I'm so embarrassed; I could
just shoot myself right now!"

"Well, don't look now, but I think he is headed
this way!" said Toya.

"Please God, say it ain't…" started Ravenna.

"I'm sorry if I'm interrupting the conversation,
but I just wanted to leave you my card, just in case you were
serious about making it up to me about my shirt!"

"Definitely! Again, I am so sorry about that!"

"Don't worry! You can join me for dinner one night!
I am sure your company will be sufficient enough as a payment
for my dry cleaning bill! Here is my card and don't forget
to give me a call. By the way, my name is Truth. Truth Malbrue."

"Interesting name, mine is Ravenna. Ravenna Wyndham
and this is Toya, Tamiko and Danny."

"Nice to meet you all and I'll be looking forward
to your call! You all have a wonderful afternoon sitting
there discussing the solutions to the world's problems!"

"Well, actually we were just sitting here talking
about…, " said Tamiko.

"Sex! I know how women are!" replied Truth.
"And if the world were to be having more sex and becoming
more intimately involved with more people, don't
you think we would finally find the compassion to exist
peacefully with each other? Just a thought. I know when
I'm really horny and it's been a while for me, I'm
hell to deal with too!"

"Okay! Well, I guess since you are in such a mellow
mood, it is safe to assume that you must get it on the regular."
retorted Toya.

Truth laughed as everyone looked at him with such inquisitive
looks, except for Ravenna who was sliding further and further
down in her seat.

"I'm good right now! That is all I will say for
now! But I do have to run and change, so let me take off! It
was good meeting you all, and hopefully, I'll talk
to you later!"

Truth walked away and got into his car. Ravenna glanced
up to see him looking dead at her, waving good-bye. She reluctantly
waved back, knowing her girls were going to blow this way
out of proportion.

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That was quite funny I really enjoyed that one.


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quote BlaqueAlmond:
That was quite funny I really enjoyed that one.
Thanks!! I tried to make it funny, but truthful!! I guess
not too many people like hearing the truth!! It may have
touched a nerve!! HA HA HA!!


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why the n -word??????


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quote rm_bigjoe460:
why the n -word??????
Because I'm being true to the story!! This is what happened,
verbatim! Only the names have changed!! This is of my culture,
my neck of the woods!! This is how we talk, how we act!! You
may not be of my culture, so I wouldn't expect for you
to know nor understand!!


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i would like to understand.


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Very good......I understand it very well.