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Guest Lecturer


My first attempt at an erotic story... comments appreciated.
This is a pure work of fiction.

I teach biology part time at the local college, but one of
my friends, who teaches criminal justice, invited me to
speak to one of his evening classes about my recent deployment
to Iraq as a military police officer who worked at one of
the detention camps. He thought it would give the class
some interesting insights into an aspect of his field that
few had had the opportunity to explore.

I arrived a few minutes early, chatted with my friend Vic,
the instructor, and watched idly as the students filed
in. There were about a dozen or students, typical for a night
class. Most of them were dressed in such a way that indicated
they had come to class after working during the day. The
men seemed to outnumber the women about three to two. Much
as I tried not to let my baser instincts take over, I couldn’t
help but notice one of the women in the class.

She strolled into the class with a couple of other students;
not the first to arrive, but not the last. She was quite tall;
it appeared she had a couple of inches on my five foot nine
height. She was casually dressed in an unbuttoned plaid
shirt, which could have been a man’s shirt, over a scoop-necked
tank top that hugged some absolutely adorable curves.
Her body seemed to be taut and firm, but not the type of a woman
who spends endless hours in the gym. A pair of snug jeans
cuddled up to a fine ass and long, well-sculpted legs, and
then disappeared into a pair of cowboy boots. Altogether,
she was a very attractive woman that I would have noticed

Then, she turned her head to the front of the room, and I felt
a jolt of electricity.

From under a nicely-tousled mane of dark hair shone the
most amazing pair of hazel eyes I had ever seen. They seemed
to radiate intelligence, warmth, humor, and under it all,
a deep sensuality. Those eyes locked briefly on mine, held
just long enough to make me think it wasn’t coincidental,
and sent a jolt through me that I hadn’t felt in years.

To regain my composure, I broke contact and looked away
at my notes, loosening my tie. I let my gaze sweep around
the room so it wouldn’t be obvious that I wanted to rest it
on her again. But as soon as I could, I hazarded a look; she
was looking back at me, and I thought I detected a slight
tugging at the corners of her generous lips.

I thought “what the hell?” and let a slight smile play across
my own mouth. She leaned down to place her books under her
chair, and the scoop neck of her top awarded me with a glimpse
of cleavage between two firm, round breasts. I felt a hint
of arousal, and jerked my mind back to the subject at hand.
Honestly, I don’t know how I got through the hour. I introduced
myself, gave my talk, illustrated with a slide presentation
from my assignment, and fielded questions from the class.
I must not have made too much of an ass of myself, because
the students seemed interested and engaged.

The striking woman asked a question about the procedures
we used for segregating detainees into different categories,
showing that she had been paying attention and that her
mind was working over some of the information. Definitely
not an “airhead.” I didn’t mind hearing her soft, slightly
husky voice, either.

Vic came back up to the front of the room after the class,
thanked me for coming, and told me that it had become somewhat
of a tradition for the class to head out to the Woozy Moose,
a local watering hole near the campus for a beer or two, and
to continue any discussions they might wish to pursue.
He asked me if I would care to join them. Thinking of my empty
house, and the prospect of seeing more of the woman, I readily

The Woozy Moose was a typical college-town bar; not too
large, good prices, plenty of cold beer, and lots of areas
where groups could congregate. The students headed for
what I learned was their habitual corner, well away from
the juke box. Since I was their guest, I felt it behooved
me to buy the first round, so I headed for the bar. As I walked
toward it, I felt a gentle touch on my arm. I turned and found
myself looking full into those intense eyes. “I’ll give
you a hand carrying it back, ” she said. Somewhat startled,
but nonetheless pleased, I responded “F-fine!”

Her eyes crinkled and she smiled at me. “I’m not making you
nervous, am I?” she queried.

“No, ” I replied, “not a bit. I just didn’t see you come up
behind me.” I regained my composure, extended my hand,
and unnecessarily reintroduced myself. “I’m Bob, ” I
said. Very smooth, I castigated myself. Attempting to
make a joke of it, I added, “But you already know that, ”
and grinned.

She took my hand, shook it, and replied “I’m Micki.” Was
it my imagination, or did she hold onto it just a tad longer
than social convention dictated? Or was that wishful thinking?

Pitchers of beer in hand, we returned to the tables that
the others had pushed together back in the corner. As luck
would have it, I found myself seated beside Micki. We conversed,
beginning with my talk tonight, and gradually working
around to more personal subjects: Married? (Yes, both
of us.) Kids? (Me, none; her, three.) Career? (Me, training
development; her, loss prevention.) As we talked, we found
ourselves warming to each other. She was easy to talk to,
and we found that we had much in common. Our outlooks on life,
tastes in literature and music, and other interests were
remarkably similar. I found myself enjoying myself immensely.

I must confess, however, that my enjoyment was not derived
entirely from conversation with a person who happened
to be of the opposite sex. Quite the opposite: More than
once, I found my gaze drawn to the swell of her breasts beneath
the tight top, the sweet lines of her legs as she uncrossed
and recrossed them, and the sculpted planes of her face.
And again, there were those eyes. Were they challenging
me? Were they asking, “Would you like to see if this might
go any further than just a talk after class?” Or was that
again just wishful thinking?

As the evening wore on, I began to think that it might not
be wishful thinking after all. As we talked, Micki often
would let her hand rest on my forearm or gently take my upper
arm in her hands as she made a point. More and more, her hazel
eyes met and held my blue ones. I felt her knee brush against
mine, and I moved it away. When I felt it again, I allowed
mine to remain in contact with hers… and she didn’t move

I in turn returned some of the touches as we spoke. Increasingly,
although we were seated with the rest of the group, we became
more focused on each other. Her fingers dropped onto my
knee as she explained how she wished she could interest
her husband in this kind of discussion, so I allowed mine
to do likewise. She ran her fingernails gently up and down,
just an inch or so above my knee, and I followed suit. I saw
a flush appear on her upper chest, and her eyes widened a
bit as her nipples began to press against the material of
her top. I felt a stirring of excitement in my own groin as
we wordlessly communicated our growing interest and desire.

It appeared that the gathering was breaking up. People
were gathering their books and heading for the door. I smiled
ruefully at Micki. “Well, ” I said, “it looks as though
the party’s over. I really enjoyed talking to you. I haven’t
had this much fun in a long time, and it makes me wish I did
this every Wednesday evening.” Micki didn’t move from her seat, and her hand closed over
my thigh just above my knee and gave a gentle squeeze. A bolt
of pleasure shot through me as she found that nerve that
must be connected directly to the “horny” center in the
brain. “I don’t have to be home at any particular time, Bob, ”
she breathed. “Why don’t we see if we can find somewhere
to talk some more?” With that, she released my knee and trailed
her fingertip around my ear. Her eyes locked on mine again,
and the electricity leaped between us.

As soon as I could speak, I whispered, “I think that’s the
best idea I have heard in a long, long time, Micki.” I stood
up and offered her my hand. She took it, and we walked out
of the bar.

Outside, the night couldn’t have been more perfect. The
heat of the day had subsided and it was almost cool. The sky
was clear and a quarter moon illuminated the areas of the
parking lot not covered by the lights. Micki released my hand, but grasped it again and drew it
around her waist. I felt the texture of the tight tank top
over the delicious curve of her waist. My fingers stroked
gently as they moved down to where her hip began to curve
out, then up almost to the underside of her breast. She threaded
her own arm around mine and found my shoulder, pulling us
together until our hips bumped as we walked.

The tank top, which must have been shorter than I realized,
had ridden out of the waistband of her jeans, revealing
a gap of silky skin between its bottom hem and the jeans.
My fingers found this skin and touched it, gently using
my fingernails. I heard a sharp little intake of breath
and felt goose bumps on her skin. Our pace slowed as her hand,
in turn, ran up and down my side, and then ventured down to
give my butt a squeeze. Emboldened, I slipped my fingers
under the tight tank top and started to explore her tummy.
She caught my hand and removed it. I tensed, and felt a little
twinge of disappointment. In an instant, though, the disappointment
was replaced by a surge of desire as she took my hand and placed
it firmly on her breast, giving it a squeeze so my own fingers
cupped the warm, firm flesh.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven ‒ I hadn’t felt this
aroused by just the touch of a woman’s breast since I was
a teenager. I could feel that her nipple was hardening under
my fingers. She was wearing a bra, but it must have been quite
thin; it allowed me to feel the warmth and firmness under
it, and added only a silky texture. I hardened and swelled
almost painfully in my trousers. All forward motion ceased. I looked over at Micki. Her head
was thrown back and her eyes closed. Her lips were parted
slightly and I heard a deep sigh escape her lips. She whispered,
“Kiss me.”

I turned and gathered her into my arms. I pulled her tightly
against me, and she molded her lower body tightly to mine.
Her hips swayed, and a soft “Mmmmmm” escaped from her lips
as she rubbed firmly against my rock-hard cock. I wrapped
my arms around her and pressed my lips to hers. Our lips immediately
parted, and the tips of our tongues touched and then danced
around each other. Her hands moved up to the sides of my head,
fingers running through my hair as she gently directed
the kiss. “Yes!” she hissed, “yes, yes, yesssssss…” punctuating
her affirmations with wet kisses.

I tickled the corners of her mouth with the tip of my tongue,
then gently took first her lower lip, then her upper between
my teeth and nibbled as I tantalized them with my tongue.
Her breathing became ragged and she made small, quiet sounds
of delight. She rubbed her entire body slowly against mine.
My hands dropped and squeezed her sweet round ass cheeks,
and she did the same to mine. Then she removed one hand and
slowly, lightly, but very deliberately let her fingertips
trail over the thick hardness of my cock inside my pants.
She stroked it gently with her nails and gently squeezed
it. Her own sounds were joined by my deeper ones.

I reached one of my hands up and cupped a breast, curling
my fingers around it from the bottom and brushing my thumb
over the nipple. It seemed to be fully hardened now, and
I could feel that it was ripe and full. I could even feel the
rough texture of the areola through the close-fitting
tank top and the gossamer material of her bra. She moaned
softly, and moved her lips to my ear, kissing and licking
at it. Shifting her lower body, she wriggled one of her legs
between mine so that she could rub slowly and firmly against
my thigh.

I nuzzled my nose into the hollow where the base of her neck
joined her shoulder and licked slowly up and down the side
of her neck, pausing at her ear as I reached the top, then
repeating the movement. She whimpered, pulled my hand
away from her breast, reached under the tank top and pulled
the cup of her bra up. Then she grabbed my hand and thrust
it under the top, guiding me back to her now-naked breast.
“Yes, ” she whispered, “just like that… there… oh, yes!”

I delighted in the feel of her silky skin; better, oh, so
much better than the feel of the material. Her own hand resumed
its torturous stroking and teasing of my cock. I could feel
the moisture springing forth from it as she worked her magic.
I could also feel the heat emanating from her pussy, still
being rubbed against my thigh. I hadn’t felt this aroused
in years; this woman was making me crazy. A burning need
to be with her, to undress her, to kiss and caress her, to
please her with my lips and tongue, and to make love with
her over and over overcame every other sensation in my body
and thought in my mind.

We were both panting by now. She seemed to be rocked by the
same feelings and emotions that I was, clinging to me as
if there were no tomorrow. I finally broke a particularly
frantic kiss and croaked out, “Micki… I want you!”

“Bob, I want you too… where can we…” “My place would work… my wife is out of town again.”

“Come on then, ” she whispered. I’ll leave my car here,
it’ll be OK.”

We walked quickly, shakily, to my car. I fumbled with the
key fob, almost setting off the damned alarm with shaking
fingers. I managed to get the passenger door open for her
and helped her into the seat, pausing for another hungry
kiss, before I went around to the driver’s side and got in.
Getting the key in the ignition didn’t take me more than
ten seconds; I was proud of my smoothness. Micki wasn’t
exactly helping things, as she leaned over and planted
a series of small, breathy kisses on my ear. I put the car into gear and pulled out into the street, now
devoid of traffic. It was a good thing, because I was driving
one-handed; Micki had reached over and lifted my right
hand from the wheel and placed it firmly between her thighs,
covering it with her own and again squeezing it so that my
fingers were kneading her pussy. I could feel the heat of
it, and thought I could detect the slick wetness of it as
well. Her free hand reached over and trailed up and down the inside
of my thigh, occasionally giving my cock a friendly little
pat. It was truly a wonder that I managed to stay in my own
lane and avoid the Highway Patrol, who would probably have
assumed that my over-cautiousness was intended to mask
driving while impaired. If “impaired” included being
driven to distraction by the sexiest woman I had ever met,
who seemed every bit as anxious to be naked in my bed with
me as I was with her, then I would have met the definition
in spades. We finally arrived at my house. No sooner was the engine
shut off than I was reaching over for Micki. I pulled her
face to mine and began placing soft, wet kisses all over
her face. My hands ran through the tangles of her curly hair.
I felt incredible waves of arousal and pleasure coursing
through my body simply from the touch of her lips to mine.
Micki, apparently the wiser of the two of us, pulled away
and whispered, “Come on, let’s go inside.”

Allowing my higher brain functions to take over for the
few moments needed, I leapt from the car and went around
to the passenger side to open her door for her. I offered
my hand and helped her out. In the dim light from the porch
and street lights, I saw once again how breathtakingly
lovely she was… hair tousled; eyes alight with passion,
wonderfully taut body visibly trembling. We linked arms
and walked quickly to the door. I once again fumbled with
the key and eventually got the door open; it probably took
only seconds but it seemed an eternity in my impatience
to take this enchanting woman into my arms.

Once inside, we practically flew into each other’s arms.
We both gasped as our bodies came into firm contact along
their whole lengths. I felt her breasts crushed against
my chest and her arms firmly wrapped around my chest. My
own arms clenched her to me, and my hands slid down to her
ass as I squeezed her lower body against my now almost painfully
hard cock. She rocked her hips from side to side and rubbed
herself against me.

Wordlessly, we agreed to head for the bedroom. I took her
hand and almost pulled her down the hall to the master bedroom,
where a night light was burning dimly. I was glad it was a
short walk, as I could barely stagger; a result of the clumsiness
brought on my intense arousal and passion. My mind focused
on one thing only now ‒ being one with this woman.

As we reached the bedroom, we once again whirled around
into each other’s arms. The embrace was not so tight this
time, however; we began hurriedly undressing each other.
My trembling fingers pulled the shirt from her shoulders
as she unbuttoned my shirt. She opened the buckle of my belt
as I did the same to hers. She paused to kick off her cowboy
boots, and I my shoes, then we allowed our pants to fall to
our ankles and stepped out of them. Hers, being tighter,
needed some assistance, which I was happy to provide. I
felt the warm, silky skin of her legs under my fingers and
exhaled forcefully. I knelt as I lowered the jeans, and
as I moved back up, I allowed my nose to trail over one of her
legs, up to where they joined. I paused briefly there, and
inhaled the intoxicating scent of her womanly arousal
through the silky material of her panties. A small cry escaped
her lips as I nuzzled her briefly.

I moved back up and grasped the bottom hem of her tank top,
lifting it over her head as she obligingly raised her arms.
I tossed it aside, allowing it to join the growing pile of
discarded clothing that, in itself, showed our impatience
to experience each other. I took her into my arms again,
she clad only in her sheer bra and panties, me in my visibly
deformed briefs. Before our bodies touched, I admired
the dark shapes of her nipples, now hard and clearly visible
through the almost transparent bra cups, and the shadow
of darkness that masked her cleft. But then, despite my
desire to prolong the experience, I could hold off no longer.
I had to taste those incredible lips again.

Our kisses were like the first, but infinitely more intense.
Wet, demanding, powerful. Tongues thrashing around each
other, dancing and probing. Our hands all over each other’s
bodies, seeking more and more contact. I broke off the frantic
kiss and lowered my lips to the upper part of her chest, well
above the cleavage formed by her breasts. She shuddered
as I moved downward toward the mounds of her breasts. I buried
my face between them, then kissed all around the upper parts
of them. I pulled the shoulder straps off her shoulders
and saw her absolutely beautiful dark nipples. She held
her breasts up to me as I took one into my mouth, tongue circling
the nipple, causing it to harden even more. She wailed,
and her hand dropped to my underwear, snaked into the waistband,
and closed over my cock. I gasped sharply as her fingers
curled around it, briefly played in the lubricant forming
at the tip, and gently stroked it. She held my head tightly
to her breast, running her fingers through my hair. Much as I hated to, I removed my mouth from her now rock-hard
nipple and looked up to her. “We… we need… to lose the rest
of these clothes, ” I panted. She nodded mutely in agreement,
and I held out my hand to her to help her onto the edge of the
bed. She reached behind her back and unhooked the bra, tossing
it aside. Her breasts swayed enticingly as she moved around.
I reached down as she raised her hips for me to pull her panties
down her legs and off, and she lay there for me, completely
naked. She tugged down my briefs, and I joined her on the

Again, we kissed. It seemed as if we just couldn’t stop.
Our hands roamed continuously over each other’s bodies.
I discovered that it made her crazy for me to nuzzle and kiss
that small hollow at the shoulder where it joins the neck,
while my fingers glided up and down the sides of her rib cage.
She found the almost unbearably ticklish spot right above
my tailbone, made even worse when she flicked her tongue
over my nipple. We explored each other’s bodies, finding
all the exciting, erotic places that turned the want and
need up to a searing level. Then we focused on the seat of
that need.

Kissing and licking all the way, I crawled down her belly
as she lay on her back, legs apart for me. She twitched and
writhed on the bed, willing me closer and closer to that
sweet mound between her thighs. Of course, I could not resist.
I slowly, gradually kissed my way down, nibbling and licking
at her until my face was poised over her beautiful pussy.
I was pleased to see that she had not shaved it, but that the
fluffy triangle of hair on her mons thinned out, allowing
me to see the warm, wet lips peeking out from it. I settled
myself between her lovely thighs and looked up so that I
made sure I could see her face so as to gauge what she liked
best. I planted a gentle kiss on her lips and she shuddered,
a deep groan escaping from her. I continued to kiss, but
gradually added first gentle, then firmer strokes of the
tip of my tongue. Eventually, I buried my face between her
thighs, rocking my head from side to side, applying suction
with my lips as I kept on stroking with my tongue. I slid my
hands up from my hips to cup her breasts, lightly pinching
and squeezing the nipples.

Her hips had begun to rock in counterpoint to my own movements.
Soon, she was rocking quite heavily, seeking to bring my
face even deeper into her core. I slipped first one, then
two fingers into her vagina, turning them so that they were
facing upward and curling them. I moved my fingertips in
a “come here” gesture, searching for what I needed to find…
yes, there it was. A little rough area on the top wall… I stroked
my fingers over it. Her eyes had been closed; now, they flew
open as the new sensation ripped through her. “OOOOOHHHHH!!”
she cried. “MMMM, MMMM, NNNGGGGGHH!!” Her hips were thrusting
almost violently now, and I felt the muscles of her pussy
clamp frantically around my fingers. I decided to add the
final element, and pressed my lips firmly against the uppermost
portion of her pussy, looking for her clitoris. There it
was, already firm, poking out, as if it were seeking my lips
and tongue to give it pleasure.

Being careful not to stroke it directly, fearing it would
be too sensitive, I took the whole thing in between my lips,
sucking gently as I rasped my tongue against it. Micki shrieked
and her back arched. She cried out, “Bob… Bob BOOOOBBBBBB…
oh, yes honey, YES!!” as I felt her body explode in glory.
Finally, she had to push me gently away from her, too sensitive
for me to continue.

I crawled up beside her and kissed her on the lips, wrapping
her in my arms. We molded our bodies to each other and allowed
our heart rates to come back to normal. We kissed and hugged
and touched, as though we could not get enough of each other.
Finally, Micki’s breathing returned to a normal level.
“Damn, honey, ” she said into my ear, kissing it wetly,
“where did you learn how to do THAT? Never mind, I don’t care
where, just keep doing it. I felt things and used muscles
I didn’t even know I had.”

I held her close, stroking her back and shoulders. My cock,
still semi-erect, pressed against her thigh. I felt wonderfully
happy, at peace with the world. “Micki, baby, ” I whispered
in her ear, over and over. I ran my fingers through her hair,
feeling the wonderful feeling of satisfying a partner
whom you have grown dangerously fond of. We relaxed for a little while, content to savor the contact.
Perhaps we even dozed for a few minutes; I’m not sure. But
I gradually became aware of Micki’s thigh lying over the
top of mine, and her fingertips lightly, excruciatingly
stroking up and down the underside of my cock. “Now, ” she
cooed, “I think we have somebody else to take care of, here…”

I groaned as the delicious sensation bit into me. Each touch
stroked fire through me, and increased my hardness. Soon
I was fully erect, and her fingers continued to dance over
and around my cock. She wrapped her hand gently around it at the base and slowly
slid her hand up to the head. When she reached the head, she
changed her grip and allowed just her fingertips to explore
the sensitive rim, finding the spot on the underside that
made me draw a sharp breath. Her fingers swirled around;
exploring, finding spots that I didn’t even know were so
erogenous. I was trembling all over; lubrication oozed
from my cock, and Micki used it to every advantage, letting
her hand glide over me even more smoothly.

With her other hand, she guided my head down between her
breasts and I kissed them, nuzzling, making sounds of pleasure
deep in my chest. I kissed first one nipple, then the other.
She sensed my enjoyment and gently stroked my hair, rubbing
her body against mine lovingly as her hand continued to
draw me to exquisite heights. Finally, I could take no more;
I took my lips reluctantly from her nipple and panted, “Nicki…
baby… I want you… I want inside you now…”

“Yes, baby, ” she whispered breathlessly. “Yes, yes…
do it now… I want to feel you…”

She rolled onto her back and tugged at me gently, spreading
her long, sleek legs and beckoning me to come to her. I took
in the magnificent sight: Micki’s head thrown back, hair
gloriously tangled, eyes slitted, lips moist and parted,
body flushed with passion, nipples hard, hips making small
undulating movements. She was the picture of desire, and
I wanted nothing more than to join with her. My world had
shrunk to this room, this bed, this incredible woman. I knelt between her thighs and ran my fingernails up and
down her soft tummy, then reached up to brush my thumbs gently
around the luscious bottom curves of her breasts and over
her nipples. The air rushed from her lungs with a sound that
was part sigh, part grunt.

I lowered myself, took hold of my cock, and pressed the head
between the moist lips of her pussy, savoring the slick
warmth. I teased her by sliding the head from bottom to top,
pausing to press it and gently rub it around her clit, which
was visible and firm. She cried out and spread her legs wider
for me, panting “Please… yes… that feels so good… mmmm,
keep doing that… just a little while… then I want that inside…”
What was I to do but oblige her? My cock thrilled with the
sensations as it slid between those sweet pussy lips, and
I threw my own head back and reveled in the pleasure we were
bringing to each other. Occasionally I would push the head
just barely inside her, feeling the muscles inside her
welcoming me, almost a sensation of being pulled in. She
ground her hips on the mattress, and rolled her head from
side to side. Her hands grasped at my torso and reached down
to try to squeeze my ass. I moved a little closer to better
accommodate her, and she nodded her approval.

As I watched her responses to my movements, and felt what
was happening with my own body, I knew instinctively that
the time had come to enter her and join in the most intimate
way a man and a woman can. I moved so that just the head of my
cock entered her, and then rocked my hips gently back and
forth so that I was stroking just the entrance to her vagina
with it. Every few thrusts, I moved just a bit deeper. The
feeling was incredible. Her muscles rippled and clenched
gently at me, squeezing me along my length. I leaned down
and kissed her, and as our lips locked tightly together,
tongues thrashing, her arms snaked around my neck. She
moaned deep in her throat against my lips, and finally I
felt our pubic hair touch as our bodies were as tight together
as we could get. I was fully inside this incredible woman,
and each of us loved every minute of it.

I disengaged my lips from hers and rearranged my upper body
so that I could get my lips on her breast. I took her left nipple
into my mouth, tonguing it as I sucked, running the tip of
my tongue over the roughened flesh of her areola, feeling
the almost palpable tension in the hardness of the nipple.
I rested my weight on my elbows and cupped her right breast
in my left hand again.

Our movement, together and apart, was probably only an
inch. I was buried in Micki to the hilt, and I rolled my hips
so that I would grind against her as I stroked. I pushed myself
up gently so that the upper side of my shaft would rub firmly
against the forward wall of her vagina and her clit with
each movement. Micki wriggled under me, thrusting her
hips up to meet mine She kissed, licked and bit at my ear,
and whispered delicious exhortations into it: “Mmmm,
oh yeah… yeah… that’s it babe, mmm hmm… Now, give me more…
I want more…” I needed no further encouragement. My strokes became longer,
my withdrawal greater, until I was coming almost all the
way out of her each time. The sensations were incredible;
both physical and emotional. Micki’s hips had begun thrusting
up to me, and we settled into a rhythm that was perfectly
synchronized. We kissed, exploring each other’s mouths,
tongues dancing. Her hands stroked my back and shoulders,
occasionally reaching down to grasp at my butt as a particularly
strong jolt seemed to run through her. I released her breasts
and lowered myself so that I could feel her nipples against
the skin of my chest, and reached up to hold her face tenderly
in my hands, stroking her cheeks with my thumbs. And through
it all, our eyes were locked, communicating volumes without

As wonderful as this felt, I knew there were more joys to
be experienced. I softly asked her, “Would you like to get
on top?” She blinked slowly, like a luxuriating cat, and said, “Mmm,
you bet I would!” So we carefully rolled over, somehow managing
not to break the intimate connection between us. Micki
maneuvered herself so that she was kneeling astride me
and placed her hands alongside my chest, her breasts hanging
invitingly over me, and began an excruciatingly pleasurable
grind, rubbing herself back and forth against me. Here
eyes were slits, her mouth slack, and her nipples hard and
full. I drank in the sight of a beautiful woman completely
lost in pleasure, and it sent a thrill through me. I could
feel my cock throb inside her. I began thrusting my hips,
in small but sharp movements, in counterpoint to her movements.

She lowered herself a bit more and brushed first one and
then the other nipple against my lips. She chuckled deep
in her chest, knowing what she was doing to me. I caught a
nipple between my lips and sucked it gently, and was rewarded
by the feeling of her pussy giving me a firm squeeze along
my entire length. “UNHHH!” she exclaimed. We kept this up for a while, then Micki moved so that she was
sitting erect, hands still propping her but now behind
her. Her back was bent in a graceful curve, head slightly
back, breasts high and firm, bouncing with each movement.
She looked like something out of an erotic dream. I reached
up and cupped my hands under her breasts for a moment, brushing
her nipples with my thumbs, and then released them. I maneuvered
one of my hands down so that it was cupped over her mound.
I gently pressed inward and down, so that her clit was pressed
firmly between the base of my cock and her pubic bone. “OHHHHHH!”
she wailed, and her pussy contracted tightly. A look of
surprise and pleasure illuminated her face, and her hazel
eyes blazed. The motion of her hips increased so that she
was thrusting hard against me. I matched her movements,
feeling the tingle building up inside me, the one that starts
all the way down in my toes. I sensed that she was close, and
kept up my movements. Suddenly, I felt her sink all the way
down on me and squeeze my cock hard with her muscles. I could
barely move, and I sensed that this was the time not to. I
pressed up hard against her and watched her entire body
shake and shudder in rhythm with the waves of contractions
that I could feel fluttering through her pussy. She was
flushed, eyes closed, and crying out with each wave.

At what seemed to be the peak of her pleasure, I gave a few
quick, short, hard thrusts and joined her. My cock swelled
and began to pulse inside her, and jet after jet of semen
surged into her, mingling with her own juices deliciously.
My entire body was rigid, there was a roaring sound in my
ears, and I felt as though the top of my head was about to blow
off. If it wasn’t the most intense orgasm I had ever had,
I couldn’t remember which one might have beaten it.

I felt my muscles go slack; consciousness returned, and
I saw Micki still crouched over me, beginning to relax.
She sat upright, and then allowed her upper body to fall
forward onto mine. I wrapped my arms around her, feeling
my entire being swelling with joy. I kissed her gently all
over her face as we both struggled to return our breathing
to normal. We were still joined, and I could feel the pleasant
tingles as little aftershocks periodically jolted us
both. Our bodies were soaked with sweat and our commingled
juices. The bed was a mess. I held her close, caressing every
part of her I could reach. I loved the feel of her soft, full
breasts against my chest, her gentle breathing in my ear,
the tickling of her hair against my neck, shoulders and
chest… the whole experience of this woman was enchanting.
I knew that I didn’t want this to be the last time it happened.

We kissed and held each other for a while. Inevitably, as
nature took its course, I slipped from within her. We lay
side by side, her hand on my hip, mine stroking her cheek
and chin and lips. We looked into each others eyes, feeling
the contentment, the tension broken. I murmured softly
in her ear, “Can you stay?”

She replied, “Uh huh… my kids are at my sister’s house tonight.
And I don’t have to be to work until late tomorrow morning.
She rolled over so that her back was toward me, and wriggled
back so that her body was pressed against mine. Taking my
cue, I wrapped my upper arm around her waist and buried my
face in the nape of her neck. She sighed contentedly. But
after a minute, she said, “Wait, something’s wrong here…”
She reached for my hand, lifted it, and set it over her breast.
“There, ” she sighed. “That’s better.”

She wriggled her ass against my sorely overtaxed cock,
and despite its beleaguered state, I felt a twitch. She
looked back over her shoulder and said, “Maybe in the morning
we can see if it feels as awesome as it did tonight. And perhaps
how it feels from behind…”

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Very Hot and very well written! please keep em cumming


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good details, but perhaps a tad long. Over all I enjoied


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Excellent first effort! I look forward to more stories
from you in the future! This story was really hot!


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wow this is like the liverpool series.Guest Lecturer, give
us more, pls.


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See dude.... Thank you so much for writing it. I told you!
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hehe... I have already told you how hot it made me!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the sneak peaks along the way too. I am very glad
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Loving always,
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Members can vote on this response!'ve got great descriptive style
and a nice touch with the eroticism. Well done and don't
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Very well written-hope to hear more


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You , I have to say write an excellent erotic story. Do not
stop please keep them cumming!! Was so very very descriptive
and just plain hot made me wet and start throbbing the more
i read!!


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great story!


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Well Dude, Looks like we have a winner.... You have done wonderful.
Now we should work on the one we were going to write together...
Don't ya think?

Loving always,
Micki!!! o-o{=}


trees141 replies on 7/16/2008 3:42 am:
I like that idea! Maybe we could each write a part, or we could do a "his and hers viewpoint" story. Looking forward to that... let's get together soon!

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Ooh, it was great! Write more, your style is just perfect...!