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Group Training


I was fed up ‒ really fed up. Which was sad really, as this
was my first day back at work after my holiday! Not that it
had turned out to be much of holiday. It was my own fault really
‒ what on earth had made me book a fortnight in Spain, at short
notice, with a girl I'd met only a few days before? I
should have known better ‒ we'd only been there three
days and she'd found herself a Spanish waiter to have
fun with, leaving me on my own. Still it could have been worse
- at least I had a tan now!

I laughed at myself, shaking my head as I headed towards
the office I would be working at for the next two days. In
fact, it was a training company I used to work at before I
became freelance. Now they had me back to give a few courses
a month. I brightened up a little at the thought of going
back, as it did at least mean that I'd see Rachel. I perked
up even more at the thought of Rachel ‒ the one that had got

Rachel and I went back a few years ‒ to when she'd started
work at that company about four years ago. She would have
been about twenty then, a couple of years younger than me.
I was besotted with her from the first moment I set eyes on
her. Not only was she gorgeous, but bright and funny with
it. The only trouble was she had a boy friend and I had a girlfriend
‒ nothing serious, but enough.

So, while we flirted like mad, and really enjoyed each others
company, nothing had really come of it. The closest we had
got was about eighteen months ago, a week or so before I left
the company to set up in business on my own as an IT Trainer.
At the time, both of us were "single", having
broken off with whatever boyfriend and girlfriend had
been around at the time.

I had agreed to take part in a sponsored swim, mainly because
I knew that Rachel was a really good swimmer and would be
there as well. Somehow, the thought of her in a swimming
costume was simply irresistible ‒ and I wasn't disappointed.
The one piece costume she had chosen to wear clung to every
inch of her body. It was cut high on her legs, and really showed
off her long legs and ass. The top half seemed to be moulded
to her large, firm breasts.

We were in teams of four, and the idea was to do as many lengths
of the pool as we could in three hours ‒ the more we did, the
more money we would raise. I set off first and swam for a while,
after which Rachel was to take over from me. I remember touching
the edge of the pool at the end of my stint, and then looking
up to see Rachel diving in over the top of me.

In those fleeting seconds, I took in the sight of her wonderful
body, stretched out above me before she hit the water with
barely a splash. Her legs looked impossibly long, the strong
muscles of her thighs clearly visible, her calves shaped
by the way she pointed her feet as she dived. Her belly was
taut, her breasts pushing against the thin material of
her costume, her shape of her nipples clearly visible,
her arms stretched out above her head, her long brown hair
flowing behind her.

Despite the coldness of the water, my cock reacted to the
sight of her, stiffening in my trunks. I stayed in the water
as long as I dare, praying for my bulge to go down, wishing
I that I'd worn swimming shorts instead of trunks.
I scrambled out of the pool just before Rachel reached that
end of the pool again. I grabbed a towel and quickly sat down,
holding the towel in my lap.

After that, I sat watching the rest of her stint, unable
to take my eyes off of her. When she finished, she came across
to me, a towel in her hand. She reached up and rubbed her hair,
her breasts pushing forward as she moved. Her nipples were
rock hard from the cold water, and pressing against her
costume. I groaned to myself, unable to drag my eyes away.

"You okay, Dave, " she asked, "What you
looking at?"

I looked up guiltily, embarrassed at having been caught.
She looked down at her own nipples.

"Oh, " she grinned, "I see."

"Sorry, " I blurted, my face bright red, "But
you are looking gorgeous."

The words just tumbled out, my face getting redder and redder.

"You don't look so bad yourself, " she
told me frankly, looking me up and down.

Suddenly I glowed at her compliment, thankful that I had
persevered at the gym, thankful that I still had a bit of
the previous summer's tan left.

After that, we stayed close together all evening when we
weren't swimming, chatting and laughing, feeling
at ease in each other's company as always. After the
swim was over, we headed for the bar with the other teams.
Rachel had taken my arm, pressing against me as we walked,
her breasts firm and warm through her thin top, her legs
long and tanned under her short skirt.

We had done well in the swim, and had stayed in the bar for
a long time to celebrate. By the time people started to drift
away, Rachel was well on the way to being drunk. I'd
had too much to drink as well, so we had staggered outside
and looked for a taxi. Rachel had given the driver her address,
and then snuggled up to me. It seemed so natural, so right,
for me to turn to her, for us to kiss, our tongues playing
over each other.

Once we got back to her flat, I had pulled her into my arms,
kissing her harder, my cock rising up against her. She had
pushed me away with a giggle, saying that she needed to go
to the bathroom. She pointed me towards the lounge, telling
me where I would find some wine. I had found the wine straightaway,
and had poured a couple of glasses before putting some quiet
music on.

After waiting for what seemed like ages, I called out to
Rachel. Getting no reply, I went looking for her, thinking
‒ hoping ‒ that she was perhaps waiting for me in her bedroom.
She was ‒ except that she was sprawled out on the bed fast
asleep. I groaned, and then smiled ruefully to myself,
before easing her shoes off and covering her up. I was so
tempted to undress her, but left her be. I squeezed onto
the bed next to her and was soon asleep.

I woke up the next morning with a raging hard on. I looked
around, but Rachel was gone. I went out to the kitchen and
found her fully dressed. She had clearly been up for a while,
despite her obvious hangover. I went over to her, but she
held her hands out, pushing me away.

"Dave... no, " she started, "It was for
the best nothing happened... it didn't did it?...
lets not change things..."

The words just tumbled out. Perhaps it was for the best,
although my cock told me otherwise. And that was that. The
next day at work had been a bit difficult, but I had left the
next week and hadn't seen her for a couple of months
after that. But then I'd started training back at my
old firm, and had started to see her quite often. Now, we
were "just good friends". I wanted it to be more,
much more than that, but I knew that Rachel didn't.

I put these thoughts to the back of my mind, and tried to concentrate
on the course I was giving. It was pretty basic, and only
lasted two days. The last I had heard, there were only six
people on it, which would make it fairly easy for me. The
main problem with this course was that it was boring ‒ the
sort of course people went on because they needed the certificate
for being there rather than anything else.

I wandered into reception, and was immediately greeted
by Rachel with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. As always,
she looked stunning. Her long hair flowed back over her
shoulders, while the short red skirt and white tee shirt
really suited her tan. I let go of her, and we chatted for
a few minutes. I told her briefly about my holiday, and she
gave me an "I told you so look". To be fair, she
had warned me of what might happen!

After that, it was down to business. She told me that two
students had dropped out, so that my class was down to four.
They were all waiting, so I grabbed a coffee, and headed
down to the training room.

The room was designed for twelve students, in three rows
of four. As I walked in, with a bright "Good morning"
I saw that there were three blokes sat in the front row, and
one girl in the back. I quickly introduced myself, and explained
about the content of the course. As I spoke, I wrote the agenda
for the next two days up on the whiteboard. I then asked them
to introduce themselves to the class. I sat back and listened
carefully, as these bits of information always helped

I invited one of the blokes in the front row to go first. He
stood up, and spoke quietly. His name, he told us, was Mark.
I then found out that these three were from out of town, and
all worked for the same company, in the same department.
The others were Lee and Jack. Lee was a tall, well built coloured
guy, who was clearly the most confident of the three. Mark
was tall and quiet, while Jack was loud and stocky.

They all turned to look at the girl as she stood up. I already
knew that her name was Emma from the list Rachel had given
me. She was quite short, probably only a little over five
feet tall. She was delightfully curvy, and I had a job dragging
my eyes away from her. Like the others, she was probably
a year or so younger than me.

Her short hair was jet black, and framed her very pretty
face. She was wearing a short denim skirt, which showed
off her slender legs. Above that, she wore a long baggy jumper
which hid a lot of things, but which left a lot of promise!
Emma was from out of town as well, so would have been booked
into the same hotel as the others by Rachel.

After that, I got on with the course. As I expected, it was
quite boring, although they all stuck to their tasks well.
The only bright spot for me was Rachel bringing in the coffee
mid way through the morning. As it was such a small class,
she told us that she would be looking after us personally.
I looked at her as she told us this, wishing that she would
look after me! I blushed when she returned my look, sure
that she knew exactly what I was thinking!

At lunch time, the students were all sent off to a local restaurant.
I finished my preparations for the afternoon session,
and then went to have a snack with Rachel. By the time the
others got back, I was waiting in the class room for them.

Emma came back first, and my eyes nearly popped out of my
head as I watched her stand at the back of the class and pull
her jumper off over her head. As she stretched, her skirt
rode up even more, showing off her tanned thighs. But it
was her breasts, threatening to burst out of her tight vest
top as she dragged her jumper over her head, which really
caught my eye. I had thought she was curvy, and she was, but
voluptuous might be a better word for her. One thing was
certain - everything was definitely in the right place!

I dragged my eyes away from her as the others returned. For
the next half an hour or so, I continued working through
the course material, before setting them a task to do on
their own for an hour. The room was quiet for the next twenty
minutes or so, as they all got on with their work. I looked
around from time to time, but as everything seemed to be
okay, I left them to get on with it.

But then something changed with Emma at the back of the room.
I wasn't sure what, but decided it was time I took a look
at what they had all done so far. I walked quietly towards
Emma. But didn't hear me coming, as she was so engrossed
with what was on her screen in front of her. She didn't
realise that I was stood next to her until I gasped at what
she was watching.

The screen was dominated by a girl ‒ a naked girl. She was
on all fours, her breasts swaying beneath her. Behind her,
there was a muscular coloured guy, who was driving his huge
cock into her cunt as fast as he could. In front of her, another
guy was feeding his cock into her mouth, his hand holding
her head as he fucked her.

My first thought was ridiculous ‒ how had she got the video
through our firewall? But then all I saw was the changing
image in front of me. I watched for a few seconds, aware of
how hard my cock was, aware of Emma looking up at me. For the
first time I looked at her. I saw how flushed her face was,
I saw the desire, the lust, in her eyes. And I saw how her skirt
had ridden high up on her thighs, and how her hand was rubbing
at her pussy.

Her eyes moved from mine and down to the huge bulge in the
front of my jeans. I watched her other hand move, as if in
slow motion, away from the computer mouse she had been holding
and across to me. We both gasped as she rubbed the front of
my jeans, and then squeezed my bulge.

In those few moments, we were oblivious to all else, not
really caring where we were. I watched her hand caressing
my cock through my jeans, her eyes closed, her mouth open
as her tongue flicked across her lips, her other hand still
on her pussy. All of the pent up frustrations of my holiday,
of seeing Rachel again, of the video, of Emma, blinded me
to all else as I reached down and cupped her firm breast in
my hand, her nipple pressing back against me.

Emma opened her eyes slowly, moaning softly, not caring
what was going on around her as I rubbed her swollen nipple.
It felt so hard, so sensitive, it was if her bra and top weren't
even there. She turned her chair so that she was facing me,
her face level with my cock. Without even bothering to look
around, she deftly undid my button, eased my zip down, and
dragged my cock out into the open.

As my cock disappeared into her open mouth, her other hand
reached for my balls. I leant forward, reaching down to
push my hand between her thighs, feeling her heat and wetness.
I pulled her soaking knickers to one side, and pushed a finger
deep inside her, my other hand going around to the back of
her head to pull her to me, to push my cock deeper into her

It was the deep groan that she let out that woke the others
up to what was happening. Even though it was muffled against
my cock, there was no mistaking the sound as it echoed around
the almost silent room. I glanced up as I heard gasps and
then whispering from the others, and then the sound of chairs
turning, of them getting up, of the three of them crossing
the room towards us.

By now, we were both past caring. My cock was deep inside
her mouth, the whole thick shaft slick where her lips had
been sliding up and down it, her red lipstick smeared along
my length. I was sliding two fingers deep into her body,
her hot, wanton pussy wrapped around them, her juices flooding
from her.

Lee, Jack and Mark watched all of this opened mouthed. Lee
recovered first, looked at Mark and pointing at the window.
While Mark closed the blinds, Lee and Jack quickly pushed
the computers on the nearest table to one side, leaving
it clear, their intentions obvious.

Emma was watching them now, my cock still in her mouth, one
hand wrapped around it, sliding up and down. I looked down
at her, suddenly scared for her, but she just nodded, her
eyes bright with sheer lust. She knew exactly what was coming
‒ and she wanted it.

Lee had moved behind her now, and we all watched as he reached
down and dragged her top up. My cock sprung from her mouth,
her top dragging across it as he pulled it roughly over her
head. Her breasts were threatening to burst out of her lacy
bra, her nipples showing hard and dark through the flimsy
material. I pulled her to her feet, the others crowding
around her, her skirt being almost ripped down and off her.

Mark tugged the straps of her bra down as Jack tore her lacy
knickers away from her body. Lee immediately reached for
her firm ass, leaning forward to press himself against
her as he caressed her cheeks. Her breasts had tumbled out
as her bra straps had been pulled down her arms. I reached
forward, cupping her breasts in my hands, feeling her hard
nipples against the palms of my hands as her bra was roughly
pulled from her.

Emma stood naked in front of us. I wasn't the only one
who moaned as we looked her up and down, taking in her big,
firm breasts, her rock hard nipples, her flat belly, her
deliciously curvy hips, her rounded ass. But I was the only
one whose cock was jutting out, thick and hard, the only
one that Emma reached for before speaking to us.

"Fuck me, " she whispered, her voice husky
and laden with sex, "Fuck me, all of you, fuck me".

She was almost dragged across to the table that had been
cleared, but was more than happy to lay back, her feet right
on the edge, her knees drawn up to expose her pussy. I stepped
between her legs, quickly pushing my jeans and boxers down
my legs and kicking them to one side as I dragged my shirt
over my head.

She watched me, looking me up and down, looking at my tanned
body. I looked down. Her pussy was partially shaved, with
just a patch of black hair at the top of her slit. Her lips
were red and engorged, the skin white and naked around them.
Her clit was standing out, begging for attention. She raised
her hips off the table, offering me a quick glimpse.

"Fuck me, " she repeated.

I stepped forward and drove my cock into her in one long,
hard thrust. She cried out as I grabbed her hips and pulled
my cock almost out of her, her breasts bouncing as I plunged
it back into her, deeper and harder.

Around me, clothes were flying everywhere as the others
fought to join in. I looked around me, glad that I had kept
myself fit as I took in the sight of them. They all worked
out, and it showed. My eyes were drawn to their cocks as they
waved in front of them. Mark's was like him, long and
thin, while Jack's thick cock matched his stocky frame.
But it was Lee we all looked at.

I'd always thought my cock was a good size, and at eight
inches, and thick with it, I suppose it is, but Lee was something
else. He was a good inch, if not two, longer than me, and even
thicker. His skin was peeled back to reveal the plum coloured
head. Even that was big, like a huge mushroom. The others
were looking at Lee as well, and so Emma's eyes followed

She gasped when she saw Lee at the side of her, his cock only
inches away from her as he stepped forward. She reached
out, pulling those last few inches towards her as she twisted
her head. I drove my cock into her again, reaching deeper
inside her as she tried to suck Lee into her mouth. She sucked
his head into her mouth, her tongue lashing over him, his
cock visibly twitching.

Mark and Jack moved to the side of her as well, their cocks
in their hands, stroking and wanking themselves. They
both reached for Emma's large breasts, just as she
reached out for their cocks, taking over from them.

Emma was crying out now, from Lee's cock fucking her
mouth, from mine pumping into her cunt, from the feel of
the two cocks in her hands, from the hands and mouths on her
nipples and breasts and anywhere else we could reach. Her
head was rocking from side to side, her teeth grating over
Lee as he struggled to keep his cock in her mouth.

A deep flush rose up her body as she tensed, and then came,
a loud, animal cry escaping from her mouth despite Lee's
cock as her orgasm tore through her. I fucked her hard, driving
my cock into her as my balls tightened and then drove me cum
into her. I held her, pulling her to me as I buried my cock
deep inside her and sent jet after jet of thick cum into her
pussy to mix with her hot juices.

As soon as I had cum, Mark pulled his cock away from Emma's
hand and moved to take my place. He almost pushed me to one
side in his haste, his cock in his hand, dripping with pre
cum. He slid into her easily, and I watched as her pussy lips
held him, sucking him into her. Seconds later, Lee came,
Emma almost gagging as his cum poured into her mouth.

Once Lee had finished, Emma twisted her head the other way,
and pulled Jack into her mouth. I leant back against the
table next to them, my cock in my hand, watching as Mark and
Jack fucked her, one in her cunt and one in her mouth. Lee
was next to me, his huge cock still hard. It was if we were
waiting our turn again.

I still couldn't believe that this was happening,
let alone where it was happening. I stepped across to Emma
again, leaning over to suck a taut nipple into my mouth.
I sucked on her hard, rubbing her nipple against the roof
of my mouth with my tongue, feeling her body rocking under
me as she was fucked from both ends.

Mark said something to jack, and they quickly moved, pulling
their cocks out of Emma and swapping places. As they moved
around, their cocks stood out hard in front of them, wet
from Emma. She cried out as Jack's thick cock filled
her pussy, stretching her as he drove as deep into her as
he could. Mark fucked her mouth slowly, feeding his cock
into her as she sucked and licked at him, tasting herself
on him, her hands cradling his balls.

Emma was moaning loudly by now, her hands on her breasts,
her head tilted backwards so that Mark could slip more and
more of his cock into her, . Jack was holding her hips and
fucking her hard, pushing her onto Mark as they both thrust
their hips forward. They came more or less at the same time,
just as Emma moaned into Mark's cock as yet another
orgasm swept through her.

The room was quiet then, just the hum of the computers and
our harsh breathing breaking the silence. In a way, no one
seemed sure what to do next, although I think we all knew
what we wanted. Emma rolled onto her side, and was about
to speak when the silence was shattered as the door was flung

I stood open mouthed, staring like a rabbit caught in a cars
headlights, my cock in my hand, as Rachel came into the room.
She had brought us come more coffee. At first she didn't
seem to comprehend what was going on, the fact that we were
naked, what had so obviously just happened. But then her
eyes came out on stalks and she opened her mouth as if to scream.
I crossed over to her quickly, taking the drinks from her
as she started to drop them, telling her not to worry.

It seemed a pretty stupid thing to say to her, but it seemed
to work as no scream came out of her mouth. I put the cups down,
and then looked at her again. I couldn't take my eyes
off her as she looked around the room, taking in our nakedness,
the four hard cocks pointing at her, Emma's sexy body.
Her eyes followed Lee as he walked past us and shut the door,
his long, thick cock waving about in front of him.

For a moment, nothing was said, but then Rachel let out a
deep groan. I saw for the first time how bright her eyes were,
how full of desire. And then she was in my arms, our lips crushed
together, her hand on my cock, my hands pulling at her clothes.
I dragged her white tee shirt over her head, and quickly
undid her bra. Her breasts sprung free, her nipples already

I reached for her, touching her for the first time after
wanting her for so long. Her breasts were bigger, fuller,
than I'd ever imagined, but were still firm and shapely,
and slightly pointed at the ends. Her nipples were dark,
her aureoles wide and taut.

I pushed her skirt down over hips, taking her panties with
it, gasping as she stepped out of them naked. Her body was
tanned and firm, her ass perfectly shaped. Her pussy was
partially hidden behind her short, blonde hair, already
wet with her juices.

The others had been watching, but now started to move. Emma
got up, and crossed towards us. She took Rachel's hand
and led her to the table she had just got up from. Silently,
Rachel perched herself on the edge. I quickly stepped between
her legs. She draped her arms around my neck as we kissed
again, my cock resting against her pussy. Seconds later
I was inside her, my cock slipping easily into her.

She groaned against my mouth as I filled her, as her pussy
moulded itself around every contour, every ridge, of my
cock. Our tongues thrust into each others mouths as we fucked,
her breasts hard against me, her nipples pressing into
my chest. As we broke our kiss, Mark stepped forward and
eased Rachel onto her back. She let him, knowing what he
wanted, what she wanted.

She lay back on the table, her hands above her head, showing
off her naked body to us in all its glory. Mark let her take
his cock in her hand, and guide to it towards her mouth. She
sucked on him slowly, gradually take more and more of him,
just as I gave her more and more of my cock, pumping into her
deeper and harder.

Beside us, Emma was perched on the edge of the table, her
back touching Emma. She was holding Lee's massive
cock, rubbing it against her cunt, begging him to fuck her
gently. I watched his hard cock disappear into her, her
red lips stretched wide around him. Jack was stood between
Mark and Emma, wanking his thick cock as he reached out to
Emma and Rachel, touching them, caressing them, leaning
forward to suck on their breasts and nipples.

The air was thick with sex, with the wet sounds of sex, with
the smell of sex. The room echoed to our cries, our deep moans,
to the sound of our cocks driving into wet bodies. Rachel
and Emma were both on fire, yelling out as their orgasms
took over their bodies. Rachel sucked all of Mark's
cum from him as I filled her pussy with mine, as Lee grunted
as his thick cum gushed into Emma, as Jack's splashed
over her breasts and belly.

Rachel sat up, my cock slipping from her. I held her tight,
loving her, wanting her. Lee was the first to speak, suggesting
that we "swap". At first I thought he was joking,
thinking that he couldn't be hard again. But he eased
me to one side, and dropped to his knees in front of Rachel.
I watched open mouthed as he licked her wet pussy, my cum
dribbling onto his tongue.

Emma held out her hands to me, drawing her knees up to show
me her pussy, to show me her hard clit, her engorged lips.
I hesitated for only seconds, before kneeling in front
of her. I licked her clit first, tasting her juices on her.
But as I licked and sucked at her, I tasted more and more of
Lee, his cum dribbling over my tongue as licked and sucked
at Emma.

She held my head, pushing herself against my mouth as her
juices flooded from her, as she came again. I clamped my
mouth over her clit and pussy, sucking on her, my tongue
fucking her, reaching deep inside her. I could hear Rachel
crying out to my right as Lee made her cum, but it was when
I glanced to my left that I got a shock.

Jack was leaning back against another table, while Mark
knelt in front of him, licking his cock, cleaning his cum
from earlier off it. As I watched, he sucked it into his mouth,
his tongue swirling quickly around the head before he went
back to licking along the thick shaft. It was obvious that
this wasn't the first time they had done this. Mark
saw me watching, said something about "getting caught"
and stood up, a grin on his face. For the first time, I thought
I wanted to try it, to suck cock.

After what had just happened, we all suddenly seemed uncertain
of what to do next. We got dressed slowly, sometimes struggling
to find the right clothes. I would normally take my students
out for a meal on their last night, and as this was only a two
day course, I was more than willing to meet up with them all

We agreed on a time and place, and started to leave. Rachel
offered me a lift, which I was more than happy to accept.
We watched the others hurry away, obviously keen to get
back to their hotel.

We were quiet in the car, perhaps unsure of what to say to
each other. We picked some clothes up from my place, and
then headed across town to Rachel's flat. As she opened
the door, I thought back to the only other time I'd been
there, sure that this time would be different. She turned
and kissed me, as if she knew exactly what I was thinking.

She pointed me towards the lounge, and the wine, just like
last time. But this time it was different, as it was only
a few minutes later that she called me. I picked up the two
glasses of wine I'd poured, and went to her.

She was in her bedroom, lying naked on her bed. She was stretched
out, with her hands above her head, her long hair forming
a sort of frame around her beautiful face. Her breasts were
thrust upwards, her nipples already erect. She had her
knees raised, and apart, showing me her whole body. For
the first time, I realised that she was tanned all over.
I looked at her pussy, at the moistness already forming
along her slit.

I put the wine glasses down and moved across to her. She watched
as I tore my clothes off, buttons flying everywhere in my
haste to join her. She held her arms out to me, and as I moved
over to the bed, she slid over so that I could lie next to her.
She leant over and kissed me gently, her lips moist and welcoming
on mine. Her hand slid down to my cock, quickly stroking
me back to my full size.

She pushed me on to my back, and straddled me. Taking my cock
in one hand she rubbed the head against her wet pussy, slowly
easing her body down onto my cock. She rocked her body, lifting
herself away from me, and then sliding down my shaft again,
taking more of me into her warm, wet pussy.

She gasped as more of my cock slid into her, until at last
my entire length filled her again. After pausing for a few
seconds, she pushed down harder. We both savoured the intense
feelings we were having. She took my hands and placed them
on her breasts. She felt warm and firm. I rubbed her nipples
with my thumbs, and caressed her gently. She began moving
against me again, lifting her hips so that my cock almost
left her body, before dropping back down, driving me into
her again and again.

She moved faster and faster, her head thrown back, her breasts
thrust upwards, both of us breathing heavily. Our pleasure
became more and more intense. She cried out as she came,
her pussy clenching my cock. I came seconds after her ‒ pumping
jet after jet of cum into her pussy.

As her breathing got back to normal, she lay down on top of
me, my semi hard cock still inside her. I felt her breasts
against my chest as she leant forward to kiss me. She gently
licked my lips, running her tongue from one corner of my
mouth to the other. I tried to use my tongue, but she teasingly
avoided me, before plunging her tongue into my mouth. As
we kissed, my cock began to react.

I felt her pussy tightening around me as I grew inside her.
I thrust my hips up towards her, and we quickly established
a fast rhythm. She leant forward over me, offering me her
breasts. I took first one nipple and then the other into
my mouth, sucking them, savouring them. I licked her breasts
and nipples, before sucking them some more. She gasped
"harder, harder." I didn't know if she
meant the thrusting of my hips or the sucking of her nipples,
so I did both.

I reached around her and held her bum, moving her to our rhythm.
She held my head tight to her breast as she started to cry
out "babe, babe, don't stop, " and then
she came again. I felt her hot juices around my cock, running
from her. I continued to pump into her as she cried out, and
then I came again, filling her hot wetness with more cum.
She collapsed on top of me gasping. After a few minutes she
rolled off, and lay grinning at me.

"Why did we wait so long, " she asked, perhaps
knowing the answer.

I reached for our wine, and lay with Rachel on the bed, talking
easily, totally as ease with each other. The wine was soon
gone, and the talking dried up as we moved close together
and lay facing each other, kissing softly, our hands roaming
over each others bodies. We made love again, gently, lovingly,
in contrast to what had happened that afternoon.

Only then did we actually talk about the others, about what
had happened. Rachel mentioned Emma's pussy, and
how it was partially shaved.

"Do you like it?" she asked, an innocent look
on her face.

She knew the answer as well as I did, so it wasn't a surprise
when she got up off the bed and came back minutes later with
a razor, towel and some cream. She sat up at the end of the
bed, propped up on the pillows and guided me as I carefully
shaved her pussy. In only minutes she was totally naked,
her mound plump and white and smooth, her lips and clit still
red and engorged.

I reached for the baby oil she had brought in with her and
smoothed it all over her. Later, I licked and sucked and
kissed her deliciously naked pussy until her cries echoed
around the whole flat.

I watched Rachel getting dressed, loving the sight of her
naked body. She pulled on some black stockings, sliding
them up her smooth legs carefully, the silky soft material
looking so sensual. She reached for her black dress, and
stood naked in front of, her arms high in the air, her body
on show to me before she dropped the dress over her head.

"That's me ready, " she told me as she looked
at me, still naked on the bed.

The dress was short, very short, and barely covered the
swell of her perfectly rounded ass. It clung to her breasts,
the V-neck showing just enough of her deep cleavage. I looked
at her, open mouthed, as I realised that she was going out
dressed like that.

I drove us back into town, and we met up with the others. On
the way, we talked about them and what they might have been
up to in the last few hours. As soon as we saw them, we knew.

We went to an Italian restaurant, and sat at a large round
table in the corner. The meal was noisy, very noisy as we
laughed and joked together. We were eating our dessert
when the conversation took the inevitable turn and got
around to sex, and soon we were talking about our fantasies.
Emma offered us hers first.

"Do you remember the restaurant scene in one of the
American Pie films?" she asked.

I knew straight away what she meant, and laughed with the
others when Lee asked what we were talking about. Emma took
a gulp of her cold wine and slid slowly off her seat. I was
still thinking about the film when Mark and Rachel moved
closer together, partially hiding our corner table from
the other people in the restaurant.

Lee still hadn't cottoned on ‒ that is, until seconds
later when Emma unzipped his jeans and dragged his cock
out under the table. She sucked him into her cold mouth quickly,
her tongue sweeping over his cock head. He gasped as she
sucked on him, her tongue working overtime around his cock
head. The rest of us laughed as Lee tried to keep a straight
face, all of us turned on by what was happening. My cock was
rigid as Rachel reached over and squeezed me, before leaning
the other way and doing the same to Jack.

We could hear loud slurping noises as Emma worked her lips
up and down Lee's cock, as she sucked him harder and
harder, her hand stroking up and down.

He came quickly, his cum spurting into her mouth. Emma gagged
a little at the sudden assault before swallowing all he
had to offer. The waiter came to bring our coffee just as
Emma slipped back onto her seat, licking Lee's cum
from around her lips.

By the time we left the restaurant, we were all giggling
uncontrollably ‒ partially from talking about what Emma
had just done to Lee, and the look on the waiters face as she
had re-appeared from under the table, but mainly from the
huge amounts of wine we had drunk as we helped Emma wash down
the copious amounts of cum she'd sucked from him.

Emma declared very loudly that the party was "too
good to stop now", so we decided to stock up on wine
from the first shop we could find, and then head back to the
hotel where the others were staying, all of us knowing exactly
how we wanted this party to end.

Our giggling returned as we tried to cross the lobby of the
hotel as quickly as we could. The wine bottles clanked as
we crossed to the lift. Ignoring the disapproving looks
from the young receptionist, we waited for a lift.

"She's only jealous, " Emma declared,
a little too loudly as we got into the lift.

"Of what, " Mark asked innocently.

"Of these, " Emma laughed, pulling her top
down to show off her breasts as they tried to escape from
her bra.

She fell into Mark's arms, kissing him easily as we
watched on. They only parted when the lift stopped, and
we all followed Lee towards the room that he was sharing
with Jack and Mark. They had all been booked into a triple
room, which as we all quickly saw was really a family room,
with a double bed, a single bed and a long settee.

Emma and Rachel hunted around for enough cups and glasses
for us all, while I opened the wine. One bottle just about
enough for us all to have a drink, and we were soon all sat
in a circle on the floor laughing and joking. As I sat, I was
idly twirling the bottle around, spinning it between my
fingers as it lay on the floor. Rachel watched me for a while
before suggesting we play "Spin the Bottle".
This drew more laughter, and a few "Oh no's"
before it was declared "boring".

"Not the way I play it, " she said quietly. Suddenly,
the room was hushed, and she had all our attention.

"You spin the bottle, " she told us, her voice
suddenly husky, "and whoever it points at must take
something off. After that, it forfeits ‒ you can do something
to the person on the left of you, or get them to do something
to the person on their left."

"Oh yes!" declared Jack, leaning forward to
spin the bottle.

It spun wildly, and then stopped, facing Lee. We all looked
at him expectantly. He reached for the edge of his jumper,
looking around at us as he started to ease it up over his muscular
stomach. I looked across at Rachel. She was licking her
lips slowly, her eyes locked on Lee. But then he stopped,
eased a shoe off and threw it over his shoulder.

There was an immediate chorus of cat calling and jeering,
especially from the girls. We decided that we wanted to
be fair to Emma and Rachel, and that we should be evenly clothed.
We settled on three garments for the men, and four for the
girls. I quickly dragged off my shoes and socks, and threw
them to one side. The others all followed suit, and soon
the floor around us was strewn with discarded clothing.

I looked across at Emma. We all knew about her flimsy bra
from the lift, and as she had bare legs, I assumed that she
was wearing knickers. I looked at Rachel. She looked back,
looking very demure in her short black dress. She had kept
her stockings on. She smiled at me, knowing that I knew that
they were all she had on underneath her dress.

The bottle was spun again. Emma. She pulled her skirt down
and spun around, showing us her firm ass, and the fact that
her thong did nothing to hide it. Lee was next, and this time
he did take his jumper off. Then me. I thought for a moment,
and then quickly pulled my trousers, everyone's eyes
drawn to my more than obvious bulge. And then the bottle
pointed at Rachel. My cock lurched as I looked across art
her, wondering what she would do.

She was two people to my left, sat with her back to a bed, with
Mark between us. Jack was sat next to Rachel, with Emma the
other side of him. Lee was then between Emma and me.

Rachel stood up, and put one foot on the bed. Her dress slid
up her thigh, revealing the elasticated top of her stockings.
The room was quiet as we all watched her roll the stocking
slowly down her long, sun tanned leg, her breasts pressing
forward in her dress as she leant over, the thin material
tight around her ass.

As we watched, I realised that because of the angle she was
at, no one could see that she had no knickers on, despite
how she was stood. But when she threw her stocking aside,
Emma declared that one didn't count, and the other
one should come off as well. We all joined in, and then watched
as Rachel put her other foot on the bed.

I watched as she slid the other stocking down slowly, and
then gasped as she very deliberately moved her knees apart.
Emma gasped as well, because she was the only one who could
see what I was now imagining ‒ Rachel's wet pussy, now
naked and wet, her lips engorged and red with her arousal.

Rachel threw that stocking to one side as well, and sat down
quickly to applause at her sensual show, her dress now high
up on her thighs.

A few minutes later, Emma was down to her underwear, which
by now left little to the imagination, with her nipples
showing rock hard through her bra, and her knickers clinging
wetly to her mound. Mark, Lee and Jack were down to their
underwear as well, while Rachel and I had not lost again.

Emma spun the bottle. Me. I stood up, the hard bulge in my
boxers drawing a lot of comments, and pulled my shirt over
my head. Before I could sit down, Emma spun the bottle again.
A roar went up as it stopped, pointing at me again. They all
started clapping as I pulled my boxers down, my cock springing
free in front of me, rock hard and dripping with pre cum.
Emma reached forward and stroked me quickly, a delicious
look in her eyes.

I sat back down, the atmosphere now more tense, more expectant
than before. I spun the bottle. Emma. We watched quietly
as she undid her bra, her breasts swelling forward as they
were released, her nipples dark and erect. Lee pulled her
to him, kissing her, his hands quickly running over her
practically naked body.

Emma pulled away and spun the bottle, her breasts swaying
forward, her ass in the air. I stroked my cock as I watched
her, oblivious to the others, my eyes locked on her.

At first I didn't realise that the bottle was pointing
at me. But then the others starting chanting.

"Forfeit, forfeit..."

Either I had to do something to Mark, or get him to do something
to Rachel. I looked at her, and then spoke quickly.

"I want Mark to help Rachel out of her dress."

She looked at me quickly, and opened her mouth to speak,
but by now Mark was stood in front of her, holding his hands
out to her, his long cock clearly visible in his shorts.
He grinned at her as he pulled her to her feet. She fell into
his arms, and they kissed, the rest of us watching carefully.
Rachel slipped her hand between them, and as she stepped
back, his cock was free, jutting out from above the waistband
of his underwear. The tip was wet, the head red and swollen.

Mark moved to stand behind Rachel, his cock resting against
her ass as he stood close behind her. She shivered with anticipation
as his cock pressed against her, as he ran his hands gently
down her body, over her breasts to her tummy, and then onto
her hips and down the front of her thighs. She moaned, pressing
back against him as he held the hem of her dress and slowly
began to pull it up.

The room was quiet again as we all watched. Rachel's
eyes were half closed, her breathing ragged, as Mark eased
her dress up her legs, so slowly, so sensually. Firstly,
her tanned thighs came into view, the skin soft and damp.
I waited, knowing what was to come. I suddenly realised
that I was holding my breath, waiting for the others to react
as Mark pulled her dress higher.

They moaned in appreciation as they realised that Rachel
wasn't wearing any underwear, and then gasped as they
took in the sight of her totally naked mound, of the pale,
plump flesh, of her wet, pouting lips, of her engorged clit
standing out from its secret hiding place.

Emma reached past Jack and gently touched Rachel's
naked pussy. Rachel sighed at the gentleness of her touch,
pushing her hips forward to meet Emma's fingers, wanting
more. But Emma sat back on her heels, watching as Mark pulled
Rachel's dress higher still. Her flat belly was uncovered
quickly, but then Mark slowed again, teasing us, teasing

As the soft curves of the underside of her breasts appeared,
Rachel reached her arms into the air. Her breasts sprung
forward as Mark swept her dress over her head, her nipples
rock hard. Her breasts bounced softly, her nipples pointing
at us. Mark threw her dress to one side, and then ‒ holding
her hips ‒ turned her around slowly to show her off to us.

For a moment the bottle was forgotten, but then Rachel kissed
Mark and dropped back to her knees, reaching for the bottle.
Mark was just taking his place again when she spun it. The
atmosphere in the room had definitely changed as we all
watched the bottle.

Mark. He tore his pants off, wanting to get on with it, his
long cock springing free. He spun the bottle again. Lee.
He was even quicker. Rachel. The chant went up again.

"Forfeit, forfeit..."

She didn't hesitate.

"I want Jack to strip Emma's knickers off...
with his teeth..."

Emma leapt to her feet with a squeal, her breasts bouncing
as she moved to stand in front of Jack. Her knickers were
tiny, little more than a thong with lace ties at each side.
There was already a huge wet patch in the front, the material
clinging to her pussy.

Jack held her hips and leant forward to kiss her mound through
her knickers. She sighed, holding his head and pushing
against him as he reached for her ass. He turned her around,
nibbling and kissing her hips and ass, before tugging at
the second tie he came to with his teeth. Emma's thong
slid slowly down one hip. Jack nibbled and kissed his way
across to the other side, biting gently at her mound through
the flimsy material, his tongue poking at her pouting lips.

He tugged at the other tie, his hands on her ass, her knickers
falling away from her a little more. She moaned as he crawled
around behind her, took the thong between his teeth, and
started to pull it downwards. From where we were sat in front
of her, we could see Emma ease her legs apart slightly, but
even so as Jack tugged, her thong dug deeply between her
wet, swollen pussy lips. It dragged across her cunt and
clit, sending spasms of pleasure through her as Jack pulled
the material down and out from between her legs.

As he crawled back in front of Emma, her thong hanging from
his mouth, she reached for her pussy. But Jack pushed her
hand away, and dropped the knickers at her feet, before
placing a soft, lingering kiss on her mound, his tongue
flicking inside her. She wriggled and sighed as his tongue
teased her briefly, before he took his place back in the
circle, a huge grin on his face.

My cock had felt ready to burst as I had watched Jack and Emma's
little show, and I'm sure that Mark and Lee felt the
same. We had all been rubbing our cocks, while Rachel had
been rubbing her clit, all of us wanting the show to continue.

Mark grabbed the bottle and spun it again, making sure it
stopped pointing at him.

"I think Jack should finish what he started..."

Jack quickly moved back in front of Emma, his tongue reaching
out to her pussy even as she pushed her hips forward to meet
him. She grabbed him, one hand behind his head pulling him
towards her, her other hand on her breasts, rubbing and
tugging at her erect nipples.

Jack drove his tongue into her hot, wet cunt, fucking her
with it, sucking on her engorged lips and clit as Emma held
him tight to her, her back arched, grinding herself onto
his face. Her legs felt weak as Jack's tongue sent waves
of pleasure through her, and she stumbled backwards to
sit on the edge of the bed.

Rachel stood up, and went to them, pushing Emma onto her
back before leaning across her to suck one taut nipple,
and then the other, into her hungry mouth. I stood up, my
cock rigid in front of me.

"I think Dave should fuck Rachel, " Mark yelled,
spinning the bottle wildly.

I moved quickly to where Rachel was leaning over Emma, her
ass high in the air, her dripping pussy pouting at me from
between her wet thighs. I rubbed the head of my cock across
her hot pussy. As she pressed back against me, moaning into
Emma's breasts, I drove my cock into her, forcing her
down harder onto Emma as I fucked her as fast and as deep as
I could.

The girls were crying out now, Rachel from my cock driving
into her, Emma from the relentless attention of Jack's
tongue and fingers. Their cries became muffled as Mark
and Lee climbed onto the bed and fed their cocks into the
girl's eager mouths. I watched as Emma stretched her
mouth around Lee's enormous cock, taking as much of
him as she could. Mark had pulled Rachel away from Emma's
breasts and was fucking her mouth, the two of us quickly
hitting a good rhythm as we fucked her from both ends.

I knew that none of us would last long, and sure enough it
seemed like only seconds later we were crying out, before
I felt the hot gush of Rachel's juices on my cock, before
Lee and Mark filled the girls mouths, before Emma filled
Jack's, before my cum erupted into Rachel's wanton

The room echoed to our cries as we all came, and then to our
harsh breathing as we slumped together on the bed, fighting
to get our breath back.

"What about Jack, " someone asked, realising
that he hadn't cum yet.

Jack was sat on the floor now, his thick cock still rigid
in front of him, poking out the top of his boxers. Emma dropped
onto the floor, and crawled across to him, her ass wiggling
as she reached out for his cock. She squeezed his balls through
his underwear, and then leant forward to kiss the wet tip
of his cock. Jack leant backwards, his arms behind him,
as Emma ran her tongue hungrily up his shaft.

Rachel joined her, kneeling beside Emma, sharing Jack's
thick cock with her. They both ran their tongues over his
balls and shaft, taking turns to suck on his cock head and
balls, the two of them wrapping their tongues around his
cock before kissing each other, his cock trapped between

I was on the floor now, sat beside Lee watching this, while
Mark was still lying on the bed. We all had our rapidly recovering
cocks in our hands. There is only a certain amount of time
that I can resist the sight of a swollen pussy begging for
attention from beneath a perfect ass, framed by soft, wet
thighs ‒ and in this case, as I watched Emma and Rachel, it
seemed like only seconds. I leapt forward, Lee alongside
me, our cocks bouncing around wildly.

I moved behind Emma and grabbed her hips. Her pussy seemed
to suck my cock into her as the tip touched her. Glancing
over, I saw the amazing sight of Lee's cock disappearing
into Rachel's pussy, her lips stretched around him,
his dark cock in deep contrast to her naked, white pussy.

I held Emma's hips and drove my cock into her, pushing
her mouth down onto Jack. Beside me, Lee matched my rhythm
as he pounded into Rachel, his long cock reaching deep inside
her. Their cries may have been muffled by Jack's cock
and balls as they continued to try and share him, but ours
weren't as we fucked their delicious hot cunts.

Jack's cries echoed around the room, until Mark moved
to the side of him and fed his cock into his mouth. For the
second time that day, I saw a man sucking a cock, but this
time with Jack and Mark reversing roles. For a moment, I
wondered again what it would be like to taste a cock. As if
he knew what I was thinking, Mark looked across at me, a grin
on his face. A surge of pleasure shot through my cock at his
look, at the thought of sucking his cock.

As Lee and I fucked the girls, Mark fucked Jack's mouth,
just as Jack was fucking Emma and Rachel. This time Jack
came first, his cries escaping from around Mark's
cock as he pumped his cum into Emma's waiting mouth.

She pulled away from him and wanked him furiously, watching
as his cum spurted into the air before splattering all over
her breasts, all over Rachel. She leant over, Jack's
cock still in her hand and licked some cum off Rachel, sucking
her nipples as her hungry mouth moved over her body.

Rachel did the same to Emma, Lee and I moving with them, making
sure that our cocks stayed deep inside them. Emma never
let go of Jack's cock, and amazingly it stayed hard.
Jack stood up, leaving the girls leant over the bed, their
asses in the air, their cunts full of cock. I was still fucking
Emma, aware of Lee beside me with Rachel.

Jack appeared at my side, his cock in my hand. I looked at
him, at his cock, hesitating. I knew what he wanted, what
I wanted, and leant over, letting him feed his cock into
my mouth. Beside us, Mark had his cock in Lee's mouth,
the girls twisting their heads around to watch.

I couldn't take any more, and drove my cock into Emma,
my cum gushing into her as she came, as she cried out. Jack's
thick cock was still in my mouth, seeming to fill it. As her
pussy relaxed, Emma wriggled away from me, my wet cock slipping
from her. She turned and dropped to her knees with me in front
of Jack. We both sucked his cock, sharing him, licking and
sucking his shaft and balls, her hand reaching down to stroke

A few feet away, Mark was fucking Lee's mouth as Lee
fucked Rachel. She had turned over now, and was leant back
over the bed, her breasts bouncing as Lee ploughed into
her, as she watched Mark's cock pumping into Lee's
mouth. As I watched, Lee and Mark changed places, Mark's
cock sliding easily into Rachel's hot body as he sucked
Lee into his mouth.

Jack pulled my head around, and started to fuck my mouth.
Emma was cupping and squeezing his balls. He felt huge in
my mouth, his cock reaching deep inside me. Emma licked
along his shaft as I sucked him, my tongue lashing across
his cock head. Emma wanked his shaft as he cried out, his
cum hitting the back of my throat a moment later.

I pulled away, gagging, watching as his cum spurted out
of his cock. Emma dragged his cock into her mouth, sucking
his cum from him while she rubbed her clit frantically,
sending her over the edge yet again.

Beside us, the others were crying out, cum and juices seeming
to splash everywhere as they came. We all fell back onto
the floor, exhausted, slumped together. I pulled Rachel
to me, kissing her gently. I looked around at the others,
at their nakedness, all of us wanting more.

We retrieved the cups and glasses that were spread around
the room, and opened another bottle of wine. I snuggled
up to Rachel on the small bed and sipped at my drink, my arm
around her. Emma was lying on the double bed in between Jack
and Mark, while Lee was laying on his side on the floor, his
long cock hanging across his thigh.

We laughed and chatted for a while, at ease with our nakedness,
but always aware of it, of each other, of our desire. It was
sometime later when I woke up with a start. I must have dozed
off. As I looked around, Lee caught my eye and nodded towards
the other bed. I moved carefully, as Rachel was asleep next
to me, her body warm and sexy against me.

Emma was lying on her back, with Mark and Jack each side of
her. She was reaching down for them, their hard cocks in
her hands. She was wanking them both slowly, rhythmically,
peeling their skin back and forth. They were both hard,
their cocks slick with pre cum. Emma's eyes were half
closed, her breathing ragged as their hands moved over
her body, touching and caressing wherever they could reach.

As I watched, Mark rolled onto his side and sucked a plump
nipple into his mouth, his hand running down her body towards
her pussy. Jack moved as well, turning around so that he
could suck on her rubbery clit while Mark finger fucked
her, her hands still on their cocks. Rachel was still dozing,
but Lee was watching with me, his cock starting to rise up
now, half hard and swaying in front of him as he knelt up.

Through her moans, Emma was whispering to Mark. I couldn't
catch what she was saying, but the look on Mark's face
and the lust on hers told me everything. Mark rolled onto
his back. Emma moved to lie on top of him quickly, her back
to him, her large breasts thrust up into the air. His cock
sprung up between her thighs, rubbing against her pussy
as he reached around for her breasts.

Emma reached down and pulled his cock towards her pussy,
moaning as she fed him into her. We all watched as he jerked
his hips, sliding his cock into her wanton cunt, her thighs
and ass already slick with her own juices. After a couple
of long, deep thrust, Mark eased out of her. His cock was
wet and shiny from her juices as she reached for him again.

I watched, my cock hard and throbbing in front of me, as she
wriggled over him, sat up slightly, and began to ease his
stiff cock towards her ass. She took her time, with Mark
lying still beneath her, letting her sink down gradually
onto him. When he was deep inside her, she laid back again,
her knees drawn up, his cock buried deep inside her ass.
She let out a deep moan as Mark wriggled a little, moving
his cock inside her tight hole.

Jack was still kneeling at their side, his cock in his hand.
He didn't need to be told what Emma wanted next, but
moved quickly to the end of the bed when she glanced across
at him and nodded. He moved onto the bed and knelt between
her legs, his cock waving about in front him. Emma grimaced
as his thick cock entered her, moving against the bulge
of Mark's cock where it was already inside her body.

They started to fuck her slowly, the two of them moving together,
quickly establishing a good rhythm, for them and for Emma.
She moaned softly as their cocks slid into her pussy and
ass, so close together inside her hot body. I eased my arm
out from under Rachel, and climbed off the bed, just about
reaching the others before Lee did. He climbed onto the
bed, his cock waving about. He pushed it towards Emma's
mouth. She sucked on it greedily, reaching out for my cock
as well, pulling on me.

It was only Lee's cock buried in her mouth that stopped
Emma from screaming the place down as we all fucked and pleasured
her. She had her hands and mouth and ass and cunt full of cock,
with hands reaching out to touch and pull and caress her
body, her breasts and nipples, her clit and pussy.

After only a few minutes of this, her body was tensing as
her orgasm built deep inside her, and then swept through
her, reaching every part of her body. As we fucked her, she
came again and again, each explosion of pleasure, of pain,
blending into the next one, her juices flooding from her.

Mark came first, his body stiffening beneath her as his
cum gushed into her tight ass. Lee pulled his cock away from
Emma as he came, his first jet of cum hitting the back of her
throat before he wanked the rest of it over her breasts as
they bounced wildly from Jack pumping into her.

I grabbed my cock away from Emma, pumping my cum over her
as I came, watching as it mixed with Lee's on her breasts
and belly, watching as Jack threw his head back and drove
his cock into her one last time before he came as well. He
filled her cunt with thick cream, before pulling out and
sending the last few spurts up onto her belly.

We were all gasping for breath, especially Emma, who was
almost limp on top of Mark. She eased away from him and lay
back on the bed, all of us looking at the pools of thick cum
on her breasts and belly glistening in the light.

"I hope I'm going to get the same."

We all looked around at Rachel, aware of her for the first
time in ages, all us thinking that she was still asleep.
I don't know how long she'd been awake and watching,
but a good few minutes judging by the glazed, lust filled
look in her eyes, and how wet her fingers were as they rubbed
gently along her pussy.

"I hope you boys are going to get it up again quickly
for me, " she added as she got up from the bed and crossed
the room towards us, her hips swinging sensually.

We all took in the sight of nakedness, her beauty, her firm
breasts and erect nipples, her naked pussy, her boy shimmering
in the pale light. We automatically moved on the bed so that
there was room for her to lie down beside Emma.

The atmosphere in the room was electric as he leant over
and kissed Emma softly, their tongues moving slowly against
each other, their lip barely touching. As they kissed,
Rachel trailed a finger up Emma's belly to the pool
of cum that had collected between her breasts. As there
lips parted, she scooped some of the cum up onto the tip of
her finger and sucked it into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm..." was all she said, before
scooping up some more and holding her finger out to Emma.

Emma sucked on Rachel's cum coated finger slowly,
sensually, sighing as Rachel leant over her again and softly
kissed one swollen nipple, and then the other. We all watched
as she kissed softly over Emma's full breasts, her
tongue and lips sweeping over her before sucking some more
of our mixed cum into her mouth. Then she moved up to kiss
Emma again, to share our cum with her as their tongues thrust
into each others mouths.

Emma reached for Rachel, pulling her on top of her as they
kissed. Rachel straddled Emma, their breasts squashed
together, their pussy mounds grinding together. I stroked
along the length of my rapidly hardening cock as I watched
Rachel press her body hard downwards, her perfect ass clenching
as she forced her pussy down onto Emma's.

By now, all four of us were getting hard again as we watched
Emma and Rachel together. I moved forward first, reaching
out to run my hand over Rachel's ass, my other hand still
on my cock. I slipped a finger into the tight crack between
her cheeks, rubbing lightly at her ass before tracing downwards
to her pussy.

Remembering what she wanted, Mark pulled Rachel away from
Emma. They parted reluctantly, but as they separated the
rest of us could see how they were covered in cum. Mark tried
to ease Rachel onto her back, like he had Emma, but she shook
her head and quickly straddled him, her ass in the air. His
cock was waving about between his legs, but he quickly reached
down and fed it into her pussy, both of them letting out deep
sighs of pleasure as he entered her.

I knelt on the edge of the bed behind Rachel, and eased her
cheeks apart, wanting her ass. Emma was beside me now, and
leant over to kiss me, her tongue slipping easily into my
mouth as she reached for my cock and guided me towards Rachel's
waiting ass. But Rachel reached around and pushed my cock
downwards, a muffled "No" escaping her lips,
her mouth already full of Lee's cock as he knelt directly
in front of her.

Rachel wiggled her pussy at me, and I realised what she wanted.
She leant forward so that Mark's cock nearly came out
of her. Emma pulled my cock towards Rachel, laying it alongside
Mark's. I jumped as I felt the heat of him against me,
his cock throbbing against mine. And then, gently and slowly,
I fed my cock into Rachel's pussy alongside Mark, Emma's
hand wrapped around both of us until we disappeared.

The sight of her pussy stretching around us, the tightness
of her, the feel of another cock alongside mine, were all
amazing. We fucked her slowly, easing our cocks into her
in a steady rhythm. Lee was fucking her mouth slowly as well,
his heavy balls hanging down for Mark to lick. Jack was kneeling
beside Rachel, her hand moving steadily up and down his
thick shaft.

Emma leant over and probed gently at Rachel's ass with
her tongue, licking and fucking her with it while she reached
under her to caress her full breasts and rock hard nipples.

Rachel was crying out all the time, sobbing and moaning
as we all fucked her, as her body was wracked with pleasure,
as we used her and she used us. Gradually our movements became
harder and faster, deeper and more urgent. As orgasm after
orgasm tore through her body, Rachel cried out, telling
us to cum, to fill her body, for someone to fuck her ass.

This time there was no hesitation. I pulled my cock out of
her cunt, leaving Mark to fuck her frantically, and drove
my cock into her ass. Thankfully, Emma's tongue had
already made her wet, and that ‒ along with the sticky juices
already spread over my cock ‒ meant that my urgent plunge
into her ass quickly left me buried up to my balls. I fucked
her quickly, matching Mark's thrusts into her cunt,
Lee's thrusts into her mouth, and Jack's thrusts
through her hand.

Rachel screamed out as her body was wracked with pain and
pleasure. We all cried out as we came, Mark and I deep inside
her wanton body, Lee and Jack all over her face and breasts.
Desperate for release, Emma pushed Lee to one side, and
pushed her body onto Rachel's mouth, cumming almost
immediately as Rachel plunged her tongue into Emma's
hot pussy. We slumped together on the bed, exhausted, before
gradually unravelling ourselves.

Later, I led Rachel to the bathroom, and ran a hot bath for
us to share. I held her close, caressing her gently, before
we washed each other. Afterwards, we found our c

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what a hot story!!


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Wow. I came so much from that, my balls hurt. Shit.