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Groundhog day


Time for a short story.

The day is Tuesday, sunny and warm but not hot, a day that
we both have off, free from everybody but ourselves. We
meet for breakfast, making small talk as we eat. Both of
us are glade we can finally be together for the day. I ask
if you are up for a couple of surprises for the day and you
ask what are they. I tell you no if you are up to them I will
show you as they happen but not before. I do give you one hint
as I hand you a bag. You look inside to find a blind fold. Looking
deep into my eyes and knowing you can trust me you say yes.
I lien over and start kissing your neck as my hand begins
running up your leg. Feeling the wetness beginning to build
between your leg I whisper in your ear good lets go.

On the ride to my house you are kissing my neck, running
your hands all over me. Trying to get me to give you a hint,
you pull my cock out to start sucking on it. You stop just
long enough to ask for another hint but no you will have to
wait and see what happens I tell you, you have the only hint
you are getting for the day. As we get to my place I put my hard
cock away and we go inside.

As I close the door I turn to you and our lip lock tongues
dancing and hands exploring each other. I pull away from
you looking into your eyes I tell you to put it on. Looking
puzzled for a minute then you remember the bag. Reaching
into the bag you pull out the blind fold and slowly put it
on. Taking your arm I led you into the house and down into
the basement. I tell you to stand still; you want to know
why are we here but know that soon you will know. Then you
feel me behind you. My hands move over your body my lips on
your neck and ears. Slowly I start taking off your shirt
my lips kissing all your beautiful skin as I expose it. My
lips are no your stomach as my hands start working on you
bra as I remove it my tongue starts working your nipples.
I take as much of your soft breast into my mouth as I can feeling
your nipple getting hard in my mouth I let my mouth slide
off, my teeth biting your hard nipple softly as it leaves
my mouth. Now you feel my hands inside your pants slowly
your pants start coming down. My lips are on that shapely
ass of yours working down the backside of your legs. I have
you lift one leg as I pull off your shoes and pants. As I tell
you to lift your other leg you notice that instead of a cold
hard floor there is a warm rug. Pulling your last shoe off
my lips start working up your leg. Not letting you put it
down I kept working up till I finally get to your sweet pussy.
Licking it from bottom to top I take in the sweet juices flowing
form you. Standing behind you I whisper into your ear take
it off.

Slowly you take it off now you can see and are surprised by
what is in front of you. A black sex swing is hanging there
just waiting for you. You look at me and call me a pervert
but I laugh and tell you to get in it. You tell me you have no
clue how too. I tell you just sit down and I will gladly help.
Lifting your legs to put them in the swing you notice a table
next to you with all of your favorite toys on it. Finally
you are in the swing and when you lay back you feel your pussy
opening up standing in front of you I hand you the rabbit.
Telling you I want to see you make yourself cum but you tell
me that you want me to. Looking at you and say I plan on it but
now it is you turn. So you take it from me and start looking
at it then you turn it on and start moving it down towards
you open pussy. As I watch you slowly start working it into
you, deeper each time till finally its is inside of you and
as it touches your clit you let out a moan. I can see your juices
began again making the toy and your hands wet. You start
working it faster and faster now I can see your juices running
down your ass wanting to taste you I sit down between your
legs and start licking up what is coming out. Sitting back
I watch the rabbit going in and out opening you up and playing
with your clit. I can tell you are getting close now your
moans are getting hot and heavy. You feel some on your ass
then it starts to vibrate now you know what it is. I work it
and your juices into your ass, harder and harder I work it
until you feel it all the way in your ass. About that time
you feel your orgasms building, you don’t know how much
longer you can go. Right then with the vibrator in your ass,
I start working around the toy you are using with my tongue.
Just then a fog goes into your eyes and you loss all control
of your body. I take the rabbit that you almost drop and work
it hard and deep into you. You start cumin so hard that your
pussy is squirting and your body shaking. I let both toys
fall out of you as I stand up.

Not letting you clam down I slam my cock in one hard thrust
into you. As I start work my cock harder and faster you start
swinging. With each thrust you swing back coming forward
harder and harder onto me. I can tell how hot you are because
your juices are dripping down my balls. This just makes
me fuck you harder till you can not believe how hard I am fucking.
I can feel the orgasm building again as I grab you tits and
start playing with your nipples. They are rock hard as I
pinch and squeeze them you let out a long moan. The moan start
to get faster and harder this drives me to start driving
my cock into you even harder. I now feel your pussy start
to quiver around my cock as you start cumin. I don’t stop
just driving it into you until I feel you gush again. I lean
forward to kiss you as my cock slides out. Sitting down in
front of you again you wonder what know. You don’t have
to wait long to find out as you let out a moan as I take your
pussy lips into my mouth. My tongue and lips are working
all over your pussy and every time my lips lock onto your
clit you moan. Now you feel a toy pushing on your back door,
as it slides in you realize that this is not the same toy as
last time. This time it is larger and fills you up to the point
you don’t think you can take more. As I start moving in
and out you can feel that feeling beginning to build again.
Then before you know it and you can’t control it, It hits
you this time you can’t even moan you just start to cum
and it doesn’t end. I stand up and with one quick move slide
into you. It takes you a minute to realize that my cock is
not in your pussy. Just then you feel another orgasm beginning
to overcome you as I slide the rabbit in your dripping pussy.
I am working both my cock and the toy deep into you as I leave
out a moan and just start hammering you harder. Your body
tenses up as you start cumin and squirting this time it does
not stop. You don’t know how much more you can take then
I moan as I start cumin hard. I cum so hard you swear you can
taste my cum. I don’t stop I just start fucking harder
and you start cumin harder. The next thing you know I am kissing
you. You asked me what happened and I tell you that you passed
out from cumin so hard.

I hand you a bottle of water as I help you out of the swing.
You give me a long and hard kiss before telling me that was
incredible. I smile and kiss you back and tell you that is
just the start of the day. We go upstairs and sit down on the
couch to catch our breath. Looking at you I tell you we better
go take a shower before we go for lunch. That’s when you
realize its now 11:00 and that we where down stairs for two
and a half-hours. You look at me and ask who shall go first,
I laugh and say lets save water and shower at the same time.

When we are in the shower I ask if you want me to wash your
back. You say yes. I start soaping up your back then not able
to help myself my hands slide to your front. My body is pressed
up against your back in my hands are working up a lather on
your breasts. As our bodies are sliding on each other, you
feel my manhood beginning to grow between your legs. You
reach behind you and give it a gentle squeeze and say so soon.
My response is are you complaining which you response no.
I turn you around and start kissing you. The kiss seams the
last forever as your tongues explore each other. Finally
I break the kiss to bend over to enjoy your breast. As my mouth
work both tits your nipples grow hard and my hands explore
the wet insides of you. You grab me by the shoulders and pull
me up tell me it’s my turn. You start kissing down my chest
stopping to suck on my nipples until they are hard. Then
I feel your tongue sliding up the underside of my balls.
Slowly you work up until you are licking my hard cock like
a lollipop. You take my manhood into your mouth till I am
hitting the back of your throat. You start sucking and working
my cock like you haven't had it for along time. Leaving
out a moan I lift you up and turn you around. Telling you to
bend over I enter you from behind. I feel your pussy clamp
down on me as my one hand starts playing with your clit, my
other on your breasts. As I ram my cock into your wet pussy
and the water running over us, you let out a soft moan. My
fingers begin to rub your now hard clit and I feel you legs
begin to shake. So not wanting you to fall I pull out of you
and turn you around. I start kissing you as my hands are on
your ass I pick up one of your legs and wrap it around me. With
both hands on your ass and our lips locked I pick you up. You
your other leg around as you slide onto me. With your
back against the wall I begin to fuck you slow at first then
slowly picking up the speed. As my cock goes in further than
you thought possible you leave out a load moan which is followed
be mine. I thrust hard now both of so at the brink just seconds
away. Then you feel it at the same time of your orgasm I start
flooding you with my cum. Our lips finally break there lock
so now we can breath and enjoy the waning moments of our orgasms.
We Finnish our shower then head to my room to get dressed.

As we walk into my room you stop and say “ you know I left
my outfit in the basement”. Before you can leave to get it I stop and hand you a bag saying
put this on. Opening the bag you pull out a lacy red bra followed
by a black tank top and matching skirt. The skirt is short
but not quit a mini. You ask what I have planed for lunch but
I tell you that the rule is wait and see. As we get dressed
you notice that the bag didn't have panties. As you
finish getting dressed, I walk up to you and give you a slow
kiss my hands working under the shirt and onto your bare
smooth ass. Breaking the kiss I complement you on how hot
you look in that outfit. You look at me smiling and say you
better you bought it. I tell you to hurry we need to get to
lunch. As you come down the stairs there I stand with keys
in my hand.

As we are getting into the car you ask what's for lunch,
but you know you are not going to get an answer. Soon we are
driving down a back road, my free hand in your lap work it's
way up your skirt. I pull off the road in front of a small restaurant
as you go to ask a question I lean over giving you a quick kiss
and say sit tight I'll be right back. moments later
you see me coming out with a basket in my hands. When we get
back on the road I tell you now we can go eat. A few minutes
later we pull into a nice city park. I grab the basket and
a blanket as we head off to find a place to sit. Finding a nice
almost secluded spot I lay down the blanket and ask you to
sit. Joining you I open the basket and give you your lunch.
A nice plate of chicken potatoes and slaw. Taking my own
and handing you a drink we enjoy a quite lunch. The sun growing
warmer and a light breeze the weather could not have been
nicer. As we finish up you lean over you kiss me then you ask
whats for dessert. Looking back at you and say are you ready
for dessert? Reaching into the basket I pull out a bottle
of caramel.

You look at me with a shocked look on your face but this has
no effect on me. Laying down I pull my cock out slowly pouring
the caramel on it and say dessert is served. You look around
and see that all tough you can see other people they should
not be able to see us. Coming over to me you tell me that I am
a bad bad boy. Bending over you start to lick the caramel
off my balls. My cock start to grow hard as your lips move
up and starts sucking the syrup off the base of it. I let out
a soft moan of pleasure as I enjoy the magic of you lips and
tongue on my manhood. You are enjoying the taste of the caramel
and my precum. I am enjoying what you are doing to me, not missing a single
drop of syrup. You can't believe it here you are in the
middle of a park with my cock in your mouth but you don't
stop enjoying to much giving me pleasure. My cock start
to grow even harder in your mouth as my moans grow louder.
You can tell I am getting close to blowing my load in your
mouth. Using my hands I lift your mouth off of my cock. Laying
you on you back I tell you its my turn for dessert.

Pulling up your skirt I smile as I pour the caramel all over
you. The feeling of the cold caramel on your hot pussy sends
tingles up your spine. Starting at the soft point where
your tights meat your pussy I taste that caramel. Working
up I get all the syrup cleaned off of you on one side then I
start working my way down the other side. Till finally I
am at the bottom of your pussy where your lips start. Working
slowly so not to miss a drop I start to lick off all the caramel
off you lips. Tasting the nice mix of the syrup and your juices
I make sure not to go inside of your lips. You let out a soft
moan as you move your hips trying to get my tongue to go inside
with no luck. My hands work their way up and under your shirt
and fine your now hard nipples. As I play with your lovely
breast I reach the top allowing my tongue to go inside of
you above you clit. This send more pleasure waving across
your body. Working around that beautiful clit I suck up
the rest of that sweet mixture now coming out of you. My tongue
working in and out of you. I can tell you are getting closer
and closer. Right before you start to cum I stop. Sitting
up I tell you that it getting s bit hot. With a piece of ice
in my hand I go down again. Spreading you wide with one hand
I put that ice right on top of your clit. This causes all your
muscle tighten as an intense feeling goes through your
body. The feeling you get right before you cum get more intense
then you have ever felt. You let out a loud scream as my hot tongue starts working
your clit and you explode on my face. I look at you and tell
you be quiet you may draw some attention to us. Not being
able to take this an longer you push me back.

Climbing on top of me you grab my cock and slide down on it.
This causes new waves of pleasure to coarse though your
body and a moan to escape your lips. Slowly you start to fuck
me picking up speed as my hands fondle your breasts. I can
feel another orgasm building inside your loins as you get
wetter and wetter. My hands move down to your hips to dive
my dick deeper and harder into you. Your moans get louder
as you begin to cum your legs freeze so I start to fuck you.
This causes your orgasm to kept going and get more intense.
Knowing you can't take this much longer I stop. As I
slide out of you I tell you that it is about time you finish
your dessert. Sliding down my body you take my cock into
you mouth this causes a moan to come out of me. You can tell
that I am close do to my dick is like a piece of steel. As your
hands play with my balls and you mouth my dick my moans get
loader. I begin to explode into your mouth and you just suck
harder making sure that you get all of it. Looking up at me
afterwards I ask you how was dessert. This is when you notice
a couple on the hill above us watching and you face turns
red. We pick the blanket and basket and head for the car.

As we drive out of the park I turn to you and ask how was dessert.
Looking at me all you can say is oh my god I can not believe
we did that with them watching. My response is did you like
it and you answer hell yes. Good I say as we had back to my place.
I can't help myself on the drive back. Those thighs
of your's are calling me, my hand finds it way down there
slowly and softly rubbing you. As we get closer to my place
my hand finds the soft wet lips. You moan as my hand opens
you up and starts working in and out up and down your wetters
grows as my hand becomes wet. You reach down and grab my hands
as another orgasm is about to hit you. Pressing my hand onto
you so I can't move it you ask me to stop saying not here
wait till we get back. Pulling my hand back, licking you
off my fingers I say ok we will be home soon. Pulling into
my driveway I tell you to put the blind fold on before you
release it you ask why. Knowing you will not get an answer
you put it on as the car come to a stop.

I come around to help you out of the car and guide you into
the house. Not knowing what is to come next your anticipation
builds as we reach the house. Leading you up stairs and into
my room you stand there in all your beauty. Before you know
I one smooth motion I pull your skirt down and place my mouth
firmly on the mound. Spending just a short time there before
moving up to remove your shirt and bra. Placing my mouth
on one breast and my hands on your ass I pick you up and turn
you around tossing you on the bed. Jump in bed on top of you
I enter you with one hard thrust. Not moving my cock I grab
your arms and place them above your head. Before you know
it you fell me placing soft straps around your wrists, tying
to move them you are on able to. You beg me to fuck you, I slowly
allow my dick to slide out you wishing I would drive it back
in but know. I start kissing you your meet. My mouth starts
working down your neck. My tongue tracing light circles
on your neck. My mouth reaches your breast working them
with both my mouth and hands your nipples grow hard. I try
to take one completely into my mouth as my tongue work on
your nipple in my mouth. My hand working on the other. As
my mouth works across your stomach shivers of pleasure
course through you. Now my mouth gets closer to your pussy,
slowly I open it up with my tongue. Starting at the bottom
with a firm but soft touch I work it up until my tongue is sitting
on top of your clit. With small loops I work you, faster and
faster till you are moaning in pleasure but right before
you come I get up. You try to move your legs to grab me but thats
when you realize they are tied to. Leaving the room I tell
you I will be back in a moment. You lie there tied to the bed
legs spread wide wondering what I am doing, what am I getting.
You don't have to wait long as you hear me coming back
into the room.

You feel my soft lips beginning to kiss your ankles and
slowly kiss up your legs. They feel different but you are
not going to ask what I did. The feeling of my lips on the back
of your knees driving you wild. Soon my lips are closing
in on your moist lips. Not taking time to tease you I go start
to work on the opening to your sweet inside. Mt face seem
softer then normal, smooth with no hair. As I reach up to
play with your breasts you realize something is different.
You fell long fingernails on your nipples. You tense up
as I lift the blindfold just long enough for you to see the
long flowing hair between your legs. This does not last
long as a strong orgasm begins to build. You relax as you
begin to find out how well a woman can please you. I start
to work your breasts with my mouth as you start to come. You
try to move as the largest orgasm you have ever had pores
though you body but you can't. We both back off for a
bit as you come down. She starts to pull your outer lips into
her mouth as I give I mt cock to suck. The feeling you have
is like none you have had before. My cock sliding in and out
of your mouth and her lips on yours. You don't want it
to stop. Her fingers start to play with you, she start to
slowly work them into you. I pull my cock out of your mouth
bending over I kiss you asking you if you want to be let free.
You say yes and I tell you to bad. With her fingers working
inside of you and her mouth and tongue work outside you feel
both being pushed into you. As you hear her moan you finger
that I must be fucking her. The harder I push the deeper her
fingers go. This begins to drive you wild. Her mouth lock
onto your clit sucking and licking her fingers deep inside
of you and my cock pounding both them into you. Yet again
you begin to cum, this time you flood her face with you juices.
We both stop as you finish cumin. She moves up and begins
to kiss you, her soft lips on yours. You can't resist
it and you push your tongue inside of her mouth. She opens
up for you so both of your tongues can meet. Her breast push
against your as your tongues dance. I undue the straps holding
you to the bed she backs up off of you. We roll you over and
place you on your knees. She slides under so that you can
ride her face before you know what is happening I slide into
you from behind. Now you have my cock deep inside of you and
her tongue on you. With both start slowly her licking and
me sliding in and out of you. As our speed builds your orgasm
begins to build. You moans are getting stronger and you
pussy grabs my cock hard as you begin to cum causing me to
cum deep inside of you. As we both come down my cock slides
out of you. As soon as my cock is out she starts to suck me juices
out of you causing you to cum again. You roll off of her and
drift off to sleep from exhaustion. I wake you up about an hour later, telling you to get ready
for dinner. As you come back into the room from your shower
I show you what you are going to put on. I front of you is a lovely
long black dress and laying on top of it is black corset with
dark blue lasing. Next to that is black panties with a snap
bottom on it along with black fishnet stockings and a garter
belt. You ask for help putting on the corset so I do. As I lace
up the front I can't help myself and start kissing your
soft breasts. You laugh as you say won't we be late stopping
I say true. As you come out of the bathroom after doing your
hair and makeup all I can say is dam your hot. You replied
that you have never felt more sexy in your life. With me in
a suit and you in the lovely dress we head to dinner. On the
way to dinner you ask but don't expect me an answer,
where are we going. I respond with I have found a nice steak
house for us to go to. We get seated in the back corner of the
restaurant. The waitress comes over and takes our orders.
As we sit there and enjoy our food I ask you how have you liked
the day so far. Your response is it has been mind blowing.
As we finish our meal I ask you what you want for dessert.
You look at me with a gleam in your eyes and say I know what
I want.

You slide under the tablecloth and onto the floor. As your
hands fine my lap to start undoing my pants. The waitress
comes over to take our dessert order. She asks where you
are at I respond that you in the restroom. She ask if she should
come back later I say no and order. For you I order a tea and
for me chess cake and coffee. She walks away as your hands
start working up and down on my now hardening cock. I fight
off the moan that is building form deep inside of me. Now
you start licking me. Slowly you work it not missing a spot.
As your mouth begins to take in my manhood the waitress comes
over with our desserts. Asking again where you are at I respond
that you should be back soon. I fight to keep a normal look
on my face as you suck my dick hard. You can tell I am getting
close growing harder you sock even harder. I eat the cheesecake
not moaning and keeping a straight face. I can hold back
no longer, reaching under the table grabbing your head
I cum hard deep down your throat. Sliding back into your
set and sipping on your tea you smile at me and ask how was
your dessert. Before I can answer the waitress comes over
with the check. Leaning over to you she says you know I could
see you, this cause your face to turn red and your pussy wet.

As we walk in the back door I stop you. Coming up behind you
I start kissing your neck. My hands start on your hips working
across your stomach until I have your breasts in them. Pulling
you into me, you can feel my hard member on your ass. I start
on zipping your dress kiss all of your skin now exposed.
My hands and mouth follow the dress down not stopping until
my lips are enjoying your flesh below your panties. Standing
up I turn you around so I can feel your lips on mine. Yet again
my lips start wondering down kissing the top of your breast
that are sitting so nicely in the corset. My lips don’t
stop until they are on your thighs. With your dress on the
floor I stand up telling you its time to go. You are surprised
after what you did in the restaurant you thought I would
bring you home to fuck you wild. You bend over to gab you dress
but I stop you saying you won't need that. I shock you
look at me and say I am not going out like this. Looking at
you with a stern look I say, yes you are it is dark out and no
one will see you. I take your hand and led you to the car. Getting
in the car I tell you to put on the blind fold. As we drive down
the road I can see the look of panic I your eyes. Looking at
you I tell you to relax you will be fine. Just as you begin
to relax you here us pulling into parking lot. As I open the
door to get you out in the background you here club music.
With a panic sound I your voice you tell me I am out going in
there dressed like this. In a reassuring tone I tell you
the way you are dressed will work fine here.

Walking through the door you hear the music, then it hits
you the sound of sex coming from all around you. I reach up
and pull the blindfold off. You look around and see many
people in many stages of undress and many positions. Garbing
the blindfold and pulling it back on you tell me, I don't
want to see this I just want to do it. I take you over to a couch
setting you down I sit down next to you. My lips start playing
with your ear my hands working up from you thigh. The next
thing you know you feel another mouth starting on your other
ear and long fingernails sliding up your thigh. As my hand
is now rubbing on your panties she whispers in your ear.
We enjoyed watching you at the park, I really liked what
I did to you in his bedroom and if I could I would have joined
you under that table. Now you think I have to see her so you
reach up and pull off the blind fold. There sitting next
to you the waitress from the restaurant. Her long blond
hair hanging down, soft red lips. Her firm large smooth
breasts with small hard red nipples staring at you. Then
you look down and see she is wearing red stocking and a matching
garter. You notices her pussy is shaved with the exception
of a small patch, is glistening in the light. I can feel your
pussy growing wet through your panties as you look at her.
Your lips meet hers as your hands move up to her breasts.
You enjoy the way her soft breasts feel in your hands, how
her nipples harden under your fingers. You want to know
what her breast would feel like in your mouth. Slowly you
start kissing down to her nipples. You are surprised by
how soft her skin is; you have never felt skin that soft in
your mouth before. As you start licking her nipples you
find that it is a nice contrast to her soft skin. After a few
minuets she lifts your head up and starts kissing you again.
She stops kissing you and lays back.

Looking at you with the sexiest eyes you have ever seen
ask you if you want some. You look at her and say I have never
done this before. With one hand she opens her pussy and says
to you, you will be fine. You bend over slowly not knowing
what you are doing or why. You start kissing her lips as her
juices start running over your tongue you find that you
like her taste. You start licking and sucking on her noting
that her pussy is softer than her breasts. Sitting behind
you I unsnap your panties and start kissing your ass. You
can not believe what you are doing but you find that you enjoy
doing it. You can here her moan as you start working her pussy
with your fingers. Her juices running down your hand and
your tongue on her clit she stops moaning. You lookup to
see her boyfriend feeding her the largest cock you have
ever seen. Just then you feel me enter you from behind; you
are so wet I slide in one smooth motion. As I start driving
into you, you return to eat her sweet pussy. You can not believe
the feeling right now a cock in you and a pussy on your face.
This makes you even hotter as she begins to moan louder.
Before you know what is happening she grabs your head and
pushes into her as she cums all over your face. Looking at
you she asks do you want some of this cock, you don't
know what to say and just nod your head up and down.

She stands up and takes your hand pulling you towards her
as you two kisses her boyfriend moves behind you on the couch.
She breaks the kiss and says to you, it is your turn now. She
guides you down onto his massive dick. It takes you some
time to get the whole thing into you. All you are thinking
is oh my god I have never had something this big. As you start
riding him she climbs between your legs. Her mouth and tongue
start working both you and him this drives you wild. You
can feel a large orgasm beginning to build as you see me move
up behind her. As you are moving down I thrust into her this
cause her face to push into you harder. You don't'’
know how much more you can take. As your legs begin to weaken
he grabs your hips and starts to help you ride him. You leave
out a massive moan as I am driving her into you. You can’t
stop moaning as you lose complete control of your legs.
He is now moving you up and down on him and she is sucking hard
on your clit. This makes you erupt with the largest orgasm
ever. You end up collapsing onto the couch. She comes up
to you and ask, You like. You can't talk for you are winded,
you just smile real big, good she says. Coming over with
a glass of water for you I ask if you are having fun, all you
say is yes.

Soon as you have rested she starts kissing you and pushes
you down on your back. Starting with your pussy she slowly
starts kissing up on you. Stopping to play with your tits,
sucking them into her mouth. Soon she I kissing you and rubbing
her pussy into yours. This does not last long as she I soon
placing her breast into your mouth and you except it with
an open mouth. Before you know it she is using your tits as
a toy for her pussy. I begin to lick your pussy as she moves
her up to your face. As your tongue parts her lips mine parts
yours. I can’t take the look of your tongue in her and mover
up to add my cock to the mix. Your tongue is all over both of
us as I fuck her. You here her say we need help over here. The
next thing you know is hands and mouths are all over you.
On you tits, pussy and stomach, you can’t believe the
way this feels. Not a single part of your body isn't
being played with. As she cums on your face again we get up,
Giving you a big kiss before you feel a bunch of hands picking
you up and placing you on the floor. Now even more hands and
mouths join the fray. Soon with you on your back you have
one dick in your mouth and one in your pussy. Before you know
what hit you, you start cumin but this time it does not stop.
You pull your mouth away from the cock and yell give me more.

That’s when we roll you over and set you on a hard cock.
As you slide down on the new cock you see in front there is
two dicks for you. Not knowing witch one to start on you wrap
your hands around both and just start sucking, Every part
of your body is supper sensitive. Every part of your body
is being played with; mouth hands you can no long tell what
is where. Soon the dicks you are playing with start coming
all over you. This just make you want more and you don’t
have to wait. Two more cocks for you. By this time you have
totally forgot how many times you have cum, you just don’t
want it to stop. As the man you are riding cums you climb off
of him and onto another. This time as you get to fucking him
you feel me entering you ass. You have never felt this full
in your life. Now you have four cocks two in your mouth, one
in your pussy and me in your ass. This is so intense that you
start cumin as hard that you are flooding the floor. As you
feel me blow my load deep in your ass. This is so intense that
you pass out and fall to the floor.

You wake up in your bed. The bed is soaking wet and you don't
know how you get there. All you think is oh my god. Soon you
get out of bed and head down stairs, planning on calling
me to say thank you. You turn on the TV and realize it is Tuesday morning. You
think for a moment was that a dream. But it was too real to
be a dream. Do you tell me about it over breakfast and reveal
your deepest desires or just hope that this is you own groundhog

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Great story, it sounds like she had a good time or a great
dream. Please keep the stories coming.