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Greedy and Needy


It must have been the dress. Or maybe it was the hours of having to keep his hands off me while we were dining with friends. It could have been the hot and heavy near-sex kissing and groping in the parking lot or the fast reckless drive on the freeway.

Whatever it was the inspired him, it was worth it. He didn’t even give me time to take my shoes off. He kissed me hard, rubbing parts of his body against mine salaciously. He pushed me towards the bed and I ended sitting on the edge. He was ravenous. It didn’t take long for him to make his way from my neck down to my thighs. He pushed my dress up, ripped my panties off and ravished my cunt until I came. Then he did it again.

Oh, but he’s such a tease. Just when I was at the precipice, he stopped. He pulled me off the bed, pulled my hair and pushed me on my stomach to the floor. He held me down with his knee on the back of my thighs while he pulled his pants down. And without any preamble, he pushed his cock fast and deep inside me.

The pain was exquisite. He was rough with me. Greedy and needy. He pulled my hair, bit my shoulder and attacked me furiously. Then he stopped.

He pulled out of me slowly, rubbed his cock on the cleft of my ass while caressing my cheeks and the back of my thighs. Then he pulled my hair back with one hand while the other lifted my hips off the ground and slammed back inside my cunt. He repeated that pattern several times.

After he had me panting and groaning, begging for release, he whispered in my ear, “Are you nervous now?” I whispered a soft yes. I couldn’t say what I wanted at that moment. I was confused and aroused. I’ve never had a cock in my ass before but I wanted him there so badly.

“Please,” I begged him. “Are you sure?,” he teased. Then he gave me a night I wouldn’t forget.

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divercl1 53 M
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That's hot! I would obliged you in anyway possible especially by fucking your ass.


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Oh my so erotic sexy story of being needy for a greedy lover


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Very hot great story wow nice


RobK2006 51 M
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Your story made me so hard. Loved when he ripped your panties apart and fucked you.