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Grandpa Lane Comes Visiting


Gerald watched the azure water glide by underneath the
plane. Seeing an occasional whitecap break the surface
of the water, he wondered what it would be like to be out on
a boat in the ocean. But those thoughts only occupied his
mind for a few moments, before he returned to his son's
family. It had been five years since he had seen Bob and Ann.
Wondering how much they had aged, he recalled how pretty
his son's wife, Ann, was. And his granddaughter, Julie,
looked stunning in the occasional picture he had received
from them. She had been away at summer school the last time
he had visited, so he hadn't seen her for seven years.
She had only been thirteen the last time he saw her, but even
then already a budding beauty. Way back then, he could see
Emily in her looks. Dear, sweet Emily, he thought. She'd
been gone for eight months now. And he missed her terribly...

Choking back a sob, he turned his eyes back to the ocean...

Listening to the screech of the tires on the tarmac, he felt
a shudder run through the aircraft as it quickly slowed.
Watching the landscape flash by outside the window, he
realized he was a little apprehensive about seeing Bob
and Ann. Wiping his sweaty palms on his pants, he felt the
plane swerve off the runway as it headed for the docking
chute. Before he knew it, he was walking down the concourse,
scanning the waiting crowd for Bob and Ann.

Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat as he spotted Emily in
the crowd. It was really her, he told himself. Only she was
a much younger Emily. Only twenty or so. Then she waved at
him, and he realized that the woman must be his granddaughter,
Julie. She was smiling from ear to ear as he went around the
barrier and stepped up to her.

"Granpa Lane, " she bubbled, "welcome

"My goodness, Julie, " he smiled, pulling
her to him and giving her a big hug. "You're all
grown up."

"I'm afraid so, " she laughed, hugging
him back.

It was then that he became uncomfortably conscious of her
breasts. They were big. Very big, he thought as he felt them
pressed against his chest. Ashamed that he had even noticed
them, he quickly released her and stepped back.

"Uh...where are Bob and Ann?" he asked, a slight
blush coloring his cheeks.

"Dad got called down to Jamaica to fix a glitch in one
of the computers, " she smiled, taking his hand and
leading him toward the luggage carousel. "And you
know mom. Not one to pass up a free vacation, she tagged along
with him. They'll be back on Monday, so I guess that
you're stuck with me for the weekend."

"You know that you look just like your Nana Emily, "
he told her. "Why I thought it was her when I saw you.
I can't get over how much you look like her."

"Why, thank you, " she smiled giving his hand
a little squeeze. "I always thought Nana was so pretty."

"And so are you. You're a beautiful, young woman, "
he told her.

He had such a bizarre feeling, standing by his granddaughter
waiting for his luggage. It felt like he was standing by
Emily. Dear, sweet Emily. He missed her so much. He had an
almost overpowering urge to take this younger Emily into
his arms. Take her into his arms and bring her back. To have
her as his wife again.

Steeling himself against the urge, he felt a tear trickle
down his cheek.

"What's wrong, Granpa?" Julie asked,
reaching up and wiping the tear off his cheek.

Unable to stop himself, he grasped her hand and gently kissed
her soft fingertips.

"You just look so much like Emily, " he murmured
as she looked back at him with a confused look on her face.

They finally got his luggage and made their way out to Julie's
little sports car. He tossed his suitcase into the tiny
trunk and quickly stepped around to the passenger side
of the car. He couldn't stop himself from watching
his granddaughter slide down into the bucket seat behind
the wheel. As she did, her short skirt rode up so high on her
long, shapely leg, he could almost see her panties.

"Come on, Granpa, " she laughed at him, looking
up at him, seemingly unconcerned about the large expanse
of exposed flesh.

"Uh, uh, okay, " he gibbered, opening the door
and sliding in beside her.

Ashamed that he was taking notice of his granddaughter's
legs, he was at the same time glad he was wearing wrap-around
sunglasses. Her long, black hair streamed out behind her
as she shifted through the gears, inching her skirt higher
and higher up her creamy thigh. Then he felt a sudden jolt
of adrenaline spark through his cock. He could see her panties.
Either, she was completely oblivious that they were exposed,
or she didn't care.

I may be her grandfather, he told himself, but I'm a
man, too. Looking away, he tried to control the stirring
down inside his cock, but nothing seemed to help as her gorgeous
legs kept drawing his eyes back to them. And before long,
his deviant interest in her was evident, pushing up against
the front of his pants. You're one sick son of a bitch,
he told himself. How can you let yourself get aroused by
your own granddaughter? Sick...sick...sick...

Suddenly, she was downshifting and braking to a stop in
front of the house. This caused such a ruckus with her skirt
that almost the entire crotch of her panties were in view.
And it seemed to Gerald that the crotch of her panties was
gleaming wetly.

"Well, here we are, " she said, turning the
car off.

"Uh-huh, " he muttered foolishly, watching
her throw the door open and step out of the car.

Looking back over at him, she gave him a suggestive grin
and shoved her skirt back down, straightening it with her

"Aren't you going to get out, " she laughed,
glancing down at the obvious bulge in his pants.

"Uh, yeah, yeah, " he muttered, shoving his
door open.

Struggling up out of the bucket seat, he held his hand in
front to hide himself from her. Jerking the bonnet open,
he tugged his suitcase up in front of him to hide the obvious
bulge. As he did, she gave out a little giggle and started
up the sidewalk toward the house.

Mesmerized by the delightful view of her delectable derrière
swishing from side to side, he openly stared at it.

"Come on, Granpa, " she said over her shoulder,
"It's hot out here."

"Too damned hot, " he muttered under his breath,
slamming the trunk shut and starting after her...

Julie showed him his room and told him she was going to get
freshened up and put on something a little more comfortable.
Damn, I gotta pee like a race horse, Gerald told himself
as he hurried down to the bathroom. Those two beers I had
on the plane wanted out. Turning the knob, he pushed the
door open and started to step inside. Suddenly, his eyes
flew wide open and his chin dropped as he gawked at the beautiful
body that stood before him.

"Emily!" he grunted. "Emily!"

How could she be here, he frantically asked himself, staring
at her beautiful backside.

"Granpa Lane, " he heard her say.

It wasn't was Julie...his granddaughter,
Julie, he dizzily thought as he continued to stare.

"My God, " he grunted, staring down at her beautiful

A jolt of electricity shot through his twitching cock,
immediately followed by a jolt of shame tearing through
his mind. This was his granddaughter he was gawking at like
some love-struck teenager, he admonished himself.

"Granpa Lane, " she murmured, spinning on
her bare foot, turning to face him.

"Damn, Julie, I'm sorry, " he muttered,
but couldn't keep his eyes from sweeping over her hairless
pussy and then up to the most beautiful pair of tits he had
ever seen.

She gave him a demure little smile, but brazenly made no
effort to hide herself as he stumbled back out of the bathroom,
slamming the door closed behind him.

He'd known she was a pretty girl, but this. This was
beyond belief. She was the most beautiful woman, he'd
ever seen. Bar none. Even more beautiful than his dear Emily.

And now, the image of her naked body was indelibly seared
into his brain. He would never be able to forget the sight
of her big, perfectly shaped tits jutting out at him. They
were unbelievably perfect.

You old pervert, he chastised himself. She's your
granddaughter for Christ's sake. The fruit of your
loins, twice removed. But no matter what his brain said,
his body was instinctively responding to the gorgeous,
naked creature. But the weirdest part of the whole situation
had been her reaction to his sudden appearance, he thought.
She hadn't seemed concerned in the least. In fact,
she had seemed to enjoy his stupefied adoration. He didn't
know what to think.

Stumbling down to the other bathroom, he hurriedly stepped
inside and closed the door behind him. His cock was aching
to pee, but now found he couldn't, as his big cock had
stiffened into pee-blocking hardness.

Straining, he tried to make his cock cooperate, but every
time it started to soften, the picture of Julie popped into
his head, making his prick stiffen again. Finally, he splashed
enough cold water on it to subdue it.

At last, he could pee. It seemed like he peed for five minutes
before his bladder was empty. Finished, he zipped up and
flushed the toilet. Now what, he asked himself. How could
he face his granddaughter again?

Wishing he could blot out the image of his beautiful granddaughter,
he stepped back down to his room. He couldn't explain
the bizarre thoughts that filled his head. He had never
had any sick feelings like this toward his granddaughter.

But she looked so much like his dear, sweet Emily. A beautiful,
youthful Emily. It was almost as if Emily had come back to
him. Come back to haunt him with her alluring beauty. He
had never believed in reincarnation, but now he began to

Realizing that he was hungry, he got up and made his way down
to the kitchen, not knowing what he would say to Julie when
he saw her again.

When he stepped into the kitchen, he found Julie sitting
at the table, eating a bowl of cereal.

"Julie, hon, I'm sorry, " he mumbled,
feeling like a tongue-tied boy, not knowing what else to
say. "I should've knocked. I shouldn't
have burst in on you like that."

"Forget it, Granpa Lane, " she laughed, staring
up at him through her tortoise shell, wire-framed glasses.
"It's really not that big a deal. Don't get
yourself into a lather over it. I know that you didn't
do it on purpose. Don't think anything about it."

"You're right, I didn't do it on purpose, "
he blushed. "I just want you to know that."

"It's okay...really, " she said, shoving
another spoonful of cereal into her mouth.

"Just so you know, " he said, shuffling over
to the fridge.

"Anyway...what did you think?" she asked him
with a mischievous glint in her eye as she slowly chewed
on her cereal.

"Think? Think about what?" he asked her, opening
the fridge.

"My body! Did you think it was pretty?" she grinned.

He had seen that grin a million times. It was the grin Emily
used on him when she was teasing him. And now, here it was

"Wha-What-Julie, why I never, " he groaned,
his face growing beet red.

"Oh, come on, Granpa Lane. Don't be a prude, "
she laughed. "Tell me what you thought."

He was shocked by her casual attitude about their encounter.
He didn't know what to do as he stood staring at her with
open-mouthed confusion.

"Is my body as pretty as Nana Emily's was?"
she asked him, nonchalantly dipping her spoon back into
her cereal.

Where was all this leading, he dizzily asked himself? Baffled
by it all, he just stood staring at her in shocked silence.

"Well?" she grinned up at him casually chewing
on the cereal.

"Yes...prettier, " he finally choked out.
"But...but I can't believe we're having
this conversation. "'re my granddaughter!
I'm not supposed to, supposed to you know..."

"Not supposed to what, Granpa Lane?" she smiled.

"What? What did you say?" he sputtered, staring
at her in disbelief and shock.

Who was this girl, he asked himself? Who was this girl who
had replaced his dear, innocent granddaughter Julie.
It must be Emily, he crazily thought. Why else would she
tease him like this? Julie would never do or say anything
so suggestive... Would she? He must admit, he didn't
know the girl. Why he hadn't even seen her in seven years.
Such stretches of absence certainly didn't lend itself
to close ties. But no matter what, it didn't account
for her casual attitude toward their relationship. They
were still granddaughter and grandfather. He couldn't
let anything happen between them. He was, after all the
adult. But then, he realized that they were both adults.
Even though he was sixty-five, she was twenty-two, whatever
happened between them would be between consenting adults,
wouldn't it?

"Would you like to see them again?" she smiled,
shaking slightly and making her big tits lurch heavily
under her Dallas Cowboy jersey.

"What? What did you say?" he grunted, staring
down at her tits as they wiggled and jiggled under the jersey.

The way they moved around, it was obvious that there was
nothing restraining their movement. She wasn't wearing
a brassiere...

"Here, " she laughed, putting her spoon down,
reaching down to the hem of the shirt.

"Emily..." he choked out, watching her slowly
lift the jersey up off her beautiful breasts.

"No, I'm Julie, " she murmured. "Do
you still think they're prettier than Nana Emily's?"

Gawking down at the beautiful treasures, he studied them
with a deep reverence. They were certainly the most exquisitely
shaped breasts he had ever seen. Full, heavy, perfectly
rounded, as they jutted out at him in all their glory. "Well?"
she murmured, still holding the jersey above them as she
mischievously smiled at him.

"Yes...yes...the prettiest I've seen...ever, "
he groaned.

"Would you like to touch them, hold them, play with
them?" she asked, thrusting them out at him.

"Julie...what are you doing? Why are you doing this?
Why are you taunting me like this? You know that we can't...can't
do this! It's wrong!"

Then to his astonishment, she quickly lifted the jersey
up over her head, pulling it off and dropping it onto the

"Emily...Emily...Please, " he wept.

"I'm not Emily, " Julie said. "I'm
your granddaughter...your granddaughter Julie."

"Emily...Julie, " he groaned, "How
could I live with myself if I did this?"

" can something between consenting adults
be wrong?" she asked him.

"But I'm your grandfather for God's sake, "
he wept, "How can we..."

"Pretend, then...pretend that I'm Nana Emily, "
she murmured.

"How? Why me?" he asked her, trying to stop his
pounding heart from bursting from his chest. "How
can you feel this way toward, your grandfather
of all people..."

"I don't know, " she cried out. "Why
does the Sun come up every morning? Why is the sky, blue?
Why did Nana Emily have to die? Why are you and I all alone?
Why do I want to hold you and comfort you? Why do I want to fill
the void in your life? I don't know why! There are no
answers to any of those questions. That's just the
way it is..."

"God!" he groaned, loosing all control and
stumbling toward her.

Fearing that his heart might burst or a bolt of lightening
would flash down from the sky the moment his fingers touched
her quivering breasts, he stopped in front of her. Reaching
down to them with numb fingers, he delicately cupped the
heavy globes of flesh, cradling them gently in his palms
as if the touch of his hands would destroy them. Adoringly,
he fingered the nipples sticking out of the tapered, pink
cones tipping her breasts. Watching him, she stared down
at his caressing hands.

"So smooth, " he mumbled, rubbing
his thumbs back and forth across the hardening buds sticking
out at him.

"You know, Gerald...Granpa Lane, " she said,
looking up at him and running the tip of her tongue over her
lips, "You always brought me a big sucker when you
visited! A big, purple sucker!

"Uh, yes, I remember, " he mumbled, delicately
teasing her nipples with his thumbs as she looked up at him,
a coy smile playing at the corners of her full, red lips.

"Did you bring me one this time?" she asked,
lifting her hand up to the obvious swell jutting out against
the front of his trousers.

"Huh, " he grunted numbly as her fingers brushed
across the bulge.

"Is this it? Is this the sucker you brought me, Granpa
Lane?" she laughed softly.

"Uh...yes, yes, if you want it, " he stuttered,
slowly easing her breasts back down onto her chest and taking
a step backwards.

"Yes, I want it, " she smiled, expectantly
dropping her eyes down to it. "I want to lick your lollipop..."

"Oh, God, " he groaned, hoping he wouldn't
faint dead away the moment her tongue touched his throbbing

"It looks so big, sticking out like that, "
she murmured, reaching to it and rubbing it through his

Then Gerald felt himself growing light-headed and realized
that he wasn't breathing as she slowly unzipped his

Spreading his pants open, she gawked at the big bulge pushing
out against white, cotton shorts. Looking down at her in
a testosterone-induced fog, he watched her ease her fingers
down under the waistband of his jockey shorts. Then, she
gave out a soft, little snort and jerked them down his legs,
freeing his impressive cock.

"Oh...oh...Wow!" she gasped, staring down
at the big, eight-inch cock standing at attention, jutting
up out of his groin, pointing straight up at the ceiling.
"It''s so big...Wow!"

"It's not what you were expecting?" he
grunted, looking down at her as she stared at it.

"I...I didn't think it would be that...that
big, " she mumbled. "It's a lot bigger...bigger
than any I've ever seen before."

Strangely, a spark of jealousy fired off in his brain. It
was difficult imagining her with another man.

"Can I touch it?" she asked him, reaching for

"You know that we're probably going to be struck
dead for what we're doing, " he grunted as her
hot fingertips brushed against his cock, making it twitch
and jump.

"It's so and hard, " she murmured,
running her fingers down it.

"This is so fucking wrong, " he groaned as she
curled her hand around his cock. "How could I be such
a pervert? Letting you, you, my sweet, dear granddaughter
touch me...touch me like this? I'll roast in hell!"

"I'm going to do more than just touch you, Granpa, "
she said, easing herself down onto her knees in front of

"Oh, no..." he groaned, his cock twitching
and jumping with anticipation.

"I want to lick your big, purple sucker, Granpa, "
she grinned.

As he watched on with perverted expectation, he saw a big,
shimmering drop of pre-fuck bubble up from the slit in the
big cock-head.

As it did, Julie leaned down and flicked out her little pink
tongue. Running the tip of her tongue over the slit, she
quickly lapped away the glistening bubble of juice. Her
little tongue moved from the slit and slowly twirled round
the head of his bloated cock-head for several moments.
At last, she pursed her lips. Tilting her head down farther,
she pressed her lips down around the rounded tip of his cock-head,
easing her full, red lips down until they were encircling
its flared edge. With only the head of his cock between her
lips, she began to suck and run her tongue up and down over
it as more pre-fuck oozed out of it. Unable to control himself,
Gerald gently thrust his hips forward, trying to bury more
of his giant cock into his granddaughter's hot mouth.
But, she denied him, keeping her lips locked down around
his aching cock-head.

Leaning back, she raised her lips up off his cock head.

Smiling, she cupped his big, dangling balls and gave them
a gentle squeeze.

"Are these filled with your hot cream?" she

"God,'re going to give me a fucking
heart attack, " he gasped, thrusting his cock forward
up against her lips. With perverse anticipation, he watched her open her lips
this time, easing them down over the bulging head of his
cock and onto its thick, blue-veined shaft.

"Oh...fucking God, " he groaned out as her
hot lips closed down around the twitching shaft. "Fucking

Then he felt the sudden suction as she began to pull at his
cock with her hot lips. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked
on him. Lifting his big, dangling balls in the palm of her
hot, little hand, she plucked and pulled on them as if she
was urging him to empty their contents into her mouth.

"Ummmmmmmmmm, " she murmured out around his
cock as he began to slowly fuck her mouth.

Fucking my granddaughter's beautiful mouth, he groaned
to himself. I'm pure evil...a fucking pervert! Fucking
my own granddaughter's mouth. Reaching down, he gently
grasped her head between his hands and held it still. Working
his hips back and forth, he eased his cock in and out of her
sucking mouth. Below her chin, he could see her delicate,
gold necklace resting on her perfect tits. They jiggled
softly in rhythm with the fucking her mouth was receiving.
Then he felt her fingers on the cheeks of his ass, grasping
him. She gently pushed and pulled on him, guiding his big
cock in and out of her mouth with determined slowness.

Her lips, painted a deep red, clutched at his pistoning
peter as his big, dangling balls gently slapped up against
her chin.

His heart was pounding so hard, he thought it would quit
any second.

The fiery passion of the moment was overpowering. It wouldn't
be long, he dizzily thought, feeling the rough rasp of her
tongue along the underside of his cock.

Because of his advanced age, he could usually control his
emotions and hold back his ejaculation until the moment
he wanted to release it. But this was not the case now, he
dizzily thought. Just the thought that it was his beautiful
granddaughter sucking on his cock had already primed him.
And now he was quickly rushing toward the moment. That glorious
moment of eruption when his whole body would melt and flow
out through his cock in a joyous celebration of gratification.

"About to...gonna...gonna come...gonna come..."
he panted, working his hips back and forth faster as she
sucked on him harder.

"Unnnnnn-huuuuhhh, " she blew out around
his cock, keeping her mouth on the pistoning giant.

"Fuckkkkkkkkkk, " he groaned as he felt his
balls explode into a fiery eruption of pleasure.

The jolt of pure electricity sparked up through his cock,
blistering its delicate lining with its intensity.

With a powerful, pulsing twitch, it spurted out a gigantic
gush of hot, creamy cum into her mouth.

He was coming in his granddaughter's hot, sucking
mouth. Coming in his beautiful granddaughter's mouth.
It was a fantasy he had never even dreamed and
it was happening he thought to himself.

Pushing his cock deeper into her sucking mouth, he felt
another jolt of pleasure rip through it as a second gob of
thick cum spurted out into her mouth. Seeing her swallow
the gooey spunk down gave him such a perverse thrill, he
thought he was going to pass out. She had accepted his gobby
gifts freely and willingly as his balls continued to pump
gusher after gusher of thick, creamy semen into her mouth.

Finally, his prick stopped pulsating and began to shrivel
inside her cum-filled mouth.

Swallowing, she looked up into his eyes and let his cock
slowly slither out of her mouth, leaving a trail of his gooey
semen glistening wetly on her soft, full lips. Then he saw
the bulge of her tongue poke out against her cheeks as she
ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth.

"God, Julie...God...God, " he panted, releasing
his hold on her head and trying to catch his breath.

"I hope it was good for you, " she said, running
her tongue over her lips, licking away the trail of cum.

"God, yes, Em...Julie, " he groaned, trying
to get his mind to work properly again.

"Good..." she said, leaning down and slowly
untying his shoes.

"I never knew, " he breathlessly muttered
as she slipped his shoes and socks off.

He watched her slowly stand, her beautiful tits jiggling
heavily as he stepped out of his pants and shorts.

"Come, let's go up to my bedroom?" she murmured,
stepping over toward the stairs.

"I can't believe you did that, " he told
her, watching the bob of her cute butt, covered only by her
tight, black panties. "What we've already done
is enough to send us both the hell. How could I let myself
do anything more? It's so wrong..."

"No! Come...we'll make it right, " she
murmured, hooking her forefinger and motioning him to
follow her.

Loosing all of his self-dignity, he stumbled along behind
her, letting her blindly lead them down the path toward
the incestuous abomination they were about to commit.
Guiltily unbuttoning his shirt, he shuffled along behind
her like a mindless slave. He knew that he should stop it,
but she had taken him in such an intimate way. And now, he
had to give to her. Give to her in the same way she had given
to him.

As they stepped into Julie's bedroom, she skipped
over to her bed and jumped onto it. Standing on her knees,
she slid her fingers down under the waistband of her black
panties and began to tease them down her thighs. (PIC)

Gerald watched on in feverish anticipation. As she mockingly
pushed them down, her hairless, almost prepubescent pussy
came into view. He had never seen a pussy so vulnerable,
so fragile, so delicate. He wanted to touch its softness,
but he was almost afraid to. Afraid he would damage the precious
treasure. Surely, just the touch of his befouling fingers
would disfigure it. Defile it and cause it ruinous harm.

"No hair, " he choked out, gawking down at the
almost infantile cleft.

"Unh-huh, " she murmured, pushing them down.

At last, her panties were lying on the floor by her bed as
she grinned up at him.

"This must be our secret, " he was finally able
to choke out. "No one else must ever know. Never..."

"Cross my heart, hope to die, " she murmured,
running her fingers over her jiggling tits, making the
sign of a cross before slowly melting down onto her back.

She lay on the bed with her legs bent at the knees, her dainty
feet resting on the floor as Gerald stared down at her.

Leaning down over her, he let his lips brush over her hard,
jutting nipples. Then he began to tease them with sucks
and tickles and licks and nips, as she writhed beneath him.

"Oh, Granpa, oh, feels so good, " she murmured,
reaching up and running her long fingers through his graying

How could this beautiful creature be attracted to him,
he sickly wondered? She was a goddess and he was a balding,
sixty-five year old, with the beginnings of a belly, and
muscles that were becoming slack. But the most disconcerting
thing was the fact he was her grandfather. What child could
find her grandfather sexually attractive? Maybe she was
as sick as he was.

Her nipples were so hard by the time he finished, he expected
milk to come squirting out of them, even though she wasn't
pregnant. YET!

Reaching down, he ever so gently spread her shapely legs
apart. As he did, her soft, pink pussy unfurled and spread
itself, displaying its fragile sweetmeat to him. Then
he returned his lips to her nipples. Teasing them for a moment,
he slowly kissed his way down off her jiggling breasts,
onto her flat belly, all the while gently pulling her down
the bed until her juicy pussy was within reach of his mouth.
Once it was, he dropped to his knees, between her legs. Looking
down, he studied the delicate treasure that was spread
out before him, awaiting his attention.

"Such a beautiful pussy, " he murmured, lowering
his lips down onto the succulent lips encircling her youthful
womanhood. Easing his tongue out, he dipped it down into
the weeping hole at the base of her pussy. Savoring the tart
sweetness of the juices flowing from it, he slowly licked
his tongue up the dew-filled valley between the soft folds
of flesh bordering it. Up and up he went, licking up toward
her youthful clit.

"Mmmmmmmmm, " she murmured softly, gently
pressing his mouth down onto her pussy.

Easing his fingers under her thighs, he lifted her legs
up until her heels were resting on his shoulders, exposing
her pussy and making it vulnerable to his attacking tongue.

"My clit, Granpa, my clit...please...please, "
she groaned.

"Yesssss, " he hissed out into her pussy, finally
finding the little knob poking out of its fleshy hood.

Quickly sucking it between his lips, he flicked his tongue
across it.

"Oh God!" he heard her gasp as he flicked his
tongue across the exposed bundle of raw nerves again and

The subtle fragrance of soap still lingered on her freshly
washed skin. And it intermingled with the heady scent of
her aroused womanhood. His nostrils were filled with the
perfume of her excited anticipation. Soft mews escaped
from her open lips, expressing her consent to him as he tenderly
lapped at her swollen clit.

Pressing down on his head, she forced his lips down against
her pussy and gently rubbed it against him.

He felt the hot, smooth skin of her thighs slowly pressing
against his cheeks as she began to squeeze her legs together,
imprisoning his head between them. Her legs were quivering
as she strained for her climax, but he didn't change
the pace of his licking tongue. He continued to slowly,
determinedly flick his tongue across the hardened thrust
of exposed flesh jutting out from its fleshy sheath. He
could feel her slipping closer and closer to the edge.

Then all at once, she gave out a long, groaning moan, arching
her back and thrusting her pussy up against his mouth. Her
butt began to quiver and shake and he could feel the tension
in her thighs as she squeezed them against him. While the
fiery waves of her orgasm raged through her body, her hot
juices poured out of her spasming pussy.

It spewed out in hot gushes, coating his chin with the sticky
goo as she came and came and came.

Finally, with a last agonized gasp, she slowly began to
relax back onto the bed.

Her hands lifted from his head and dropped to the bed beside
her as her back straightened and her butt melted back down
onto the bed. Her big tits, flattened by gravity, still
heaved up and down as she breathed heavily, trying to catch
her breath.

"Oh, Granpa, " she wheezed, "that was
wonderful, just wonderful."

The excitement and satisfaction of making his granddaughter
orgasm had a telling effect upon Gerald. And now, as he looked
down, he saw his cock sticking out from his groin. He couldn't
remember the last time he had gotten hard again, so quickly
after an orgasm. But then again, he didn't recall the
last time he had eaten his granddaughter's sweet pussy,
either, he sickly thought.

Then, still standing on his knees, he watched Julie push
herself back onto the bed, using her hands and heels. As
she did, he struggled up to his feet and crawled onto the
bed after her. Leaning down, he crawled up between her legs
until his head was above her pussy once again. Tilting his
head down, he gave her shrunken clit a soft butterfly kiss,
causing Julie to give out a little mew. Then working his
way up over the smoothness of her clean-shaven mons, he
showered it with soft, flitting kisses as he made his way
across her taut tummy to her belly button. Easing his tongue
out, he dipped its tip down into the little depression and
gently reamed it. Then he continued his journey upward,
still raining soft kisses down on her smooth skin. Pausing
at first one, then the other of her jutting nipples, he gave
each a slow, lingering suck before kissing his way up her
arched neck, over her chin and onto her pouting lips. Then,
as they longingly kissed with open lips, he felt her hot
fingertips brush across his bobbing cock. Another rush
of excitement washed over him as he felt her bending his
cock down toward her waiting cunt. He felt the soft embrace
of her pussy-lips on the head of his cock. Easing his hips
forward, he felt the slippery dampness between her legs
slowly envelop the tapered head of his cock as he pushed
into her. Sliding into her, his cock slid between her delicate
lips into the wet heat of her sex, burrowing on until all
eight-inches of its length were buried down inside her.

"So big, " she whispered, grinding herself
up against him, clutching at his cock at the same time.

"So soft..." he murmured, holding his cock
down inside the drenched channel of her womanhood. "So

He could feel her hard nipples brush against his chest as
he leaned down over her and kissed her on the lips. He couldn't
believe the incredible tightness of her pussy as it caressed
his cock.

Slowly rocking his hips, he forced his cock in and out, between
the softness of her almost virginal pussy lips. Breaking
their passionate kiss, he watched her hands float up to
her undulating breasts. Clutching them, she squeezed
and clawed at them with her hands, while down below she squeezed
and clutched at his cock with her hot pussy.

Tirelessly, Gerald fucked his granddaughter while she
writhed below him. Then he watched as she slid a hand down
between them. Finding the firm nub of her clit with her finger,
she roughly rubbed it while he deliberately fucked her
with deep, thrusting strokes.

Julie was now breathing quickly again, exhaling in small

Gerald's hips began to work faster and faster, pacing
their rhythm with that of her rushed breathing. Julie began
to meet his downward strokes with upward thrusts of her
own. Faster and faster the strokes came, until at last,
another explosion tore through his peter. As the first
rush of release welled up from his groin, Julie gasped,
thrust herself up hard, and gasped again. With his cock
buried deep, down inside her spasming cunt, Gerald could
feel his seed-filled semen spurting out into the almost
virginal chamber of his granddaughter's spasming

As it spewed out of him in hot clinging gobs, Julie cried
out, then cried out again, her whole body shuddering and
shaking. Holding him clutched to her body, she moaned out
her satisfaction as more and more of his thick goo spewed
out into her pussy. Grinding herself up against him, she
rode out their simultaneous orgasm, as Gerald groaned
and grunted atop her.

Finally, spent and exhausted from fucking and the emotional
drain, Gerald backed his cock out of her and flopped down
beside her.

"Wow, Granpa, " she huffed. "You old
guys sure know how to fuck. You know where to go and what to
do once you get there. Not like the young guys who like the
hop on and ride technique."

"How could you do that and ignore the beauty of the
scenery along the journey, " he smiled, gently ticking
one of her big, swollen nipples with the tip of his finger.
"And such beauty it is."

"So, Granpa, what now?" she asked him, running
her fingers over his hairy chest and toying with his tiny

He knew that he should never feel what he was feeling toward
her. Their lovemaking had kindled a new and frightening
emotion down inside his heart of hearts. This was his granddaughter,
but what he felt for her was not the way grandfathers should
feel for their granddaughters. She was no longer his granddaughter
only. Now she was his lover. A lover he had to have forever...

"What do you mean?" he asked, not understanding
this new possessive feeling toward her.

"What do we do now?" she smiled, leaning over
and kissing him gently on the lips. "Was this it? Or
can we go on from here? I love you...and I want to be with you..."

"What?" he groaned. "I'm an old man.
You're a beautiful young woman. A woman who could have
any man she wanted. Why me?"

"I don't know...I don't care...I just know
that I want you..." she murmured.

" could come to live with me in Europe, "
he finally groaned out. "If you want...we can keep
it a secret from them, if, if you want."

"Yes...yes, Granpa, " she gurgled. "Yes,
I want..."

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cool tell us more


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The story was very erotic. I love how Julie tempted her grandpa-the
incest made it more erotic.


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Once again you have turned this erotic fantasy of incest
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That was very nice and erotic beyond belief. Can we have
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Cassanova had the right idea......