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Got M.L.F.


Trixie found herself sighing while staring out the window
at the pouring rain. The day had gone from bad to worse. She
hadn't felt particularly chipper for quite some time.
She was supposed to take a minivan filled with soccer players
up to a statewide tournament that supported charities.
The invitees were players who had graduated high school
and had been accepted to play at the collegiate level. A
number of companies had gotten together and each sponsored
a player. All the money donated by the sponsors went to one
of a number of charities, and the players themselves got
to pick which one. It was a good cause, but it unfortunately
was also a platform for some self-righteous players to
grandstand in front of the Olympic team's scouts that
always attended. Trixie's son, Roger, was one of those
types of players.

Trixie had gotten married right out of high school to Paul.
They had been sweethearts for years, and everyone knew
that he was going places. And he had become quite a successful
car salesman. So successful that he had three major dealerships
in town, and was seen as a 'pillar of the community.'
Unfortunately for Trixie, while Paul had gone places,
she felt she had been left behind somewhere along the way.

She had gotten pregnant within the first year of their marriage,
and they had named their son Roger. Complications in the
pregnancy left her unable to have more children. But that
didn't seem to bother her husband. She had given him
an heir, and that was all that mattered. He had never been
intentionally cruel or mean to her after that. Even though
she never had a career or had much of a social life of her own,
she was always provided for. But after about five years,
Paul had seemed to see her less as the beautiful young woman
he had married and more as a simple piece in a puzzle depicted
the American dream: a wife, house, child, white picket
fence, and a successful business. She noticed that he had
become more emotionally distant over the years. She thought
that maybe she just wasn't attractive anymore. Her
few friends that she confided in scoffed at the idea. Trixie
had done more than age gracefully; she had kicked Father
Time in the gonads. She had kept up a strict aerobics regiment
her entire life. While she had a farmer's-daughter-tom-boy
physique rather than the gaunt look so popular in magazines,
she still managed to attract long glances and whistles
every time she walked down the street. At 37 years of age,
she had a body that an 18 year old would kill for. Her body-fat
percentage was phenomenal, and she still had clearly defined
abs. Her c-cup breasts stood out prominently on her chest,
and her ass was smooth and taut. She had full, pouty lips,
brilliant green eyes and strawberry-blonde hair that
always seemed to look tussled. But as hard as she tried,
she just couldn't get her husband to notice her anymore.

Since Roger had been born, her husband had poured attention
on him. When you grow up with a man who does nothing but tell
you how great you are all the time and who helps bail you out
of any problems, you become a bit conceited. The boy had
little respect for anyone, including his mother. As long
as his father approved of him, he was fine. And his father
of approved of everything he did. The two of them had left
early this morning so that Roger would be well rested for
the game the next morning. Paul had volunteered his wife
to drive some of the "other kids" up later in
the day. These were the boys who were sponsored by smaller
companies who simply wanted to help out at a noble event.
They tended to be decent kids, and she normally didn't
mind playing soccer mom. But she had wanted for Paul to arrange
other transportation for all the kids. After all, it was
their anniversary. They had been married for 17 years,
and had become less important to him than taking their spoiled
child to a soccer game. And she hadn't even gotten her
a gift.

So she sat their next to the window, staring outward. The
5 boys had been dropped off, but as the last of them had arrived,
the rain had started coming down in buckets. The local news
had a flash flood advisory, and her husband had called to
say the game had been postponed from the following morning
until the following evening to give the field a chance to
dry on the off chance it stopped pouring overnight. The
highway that led to the event was closed, so they wouldn't
be able to leave that evening. Since they would have to leave
early in the morning to make the event, Trixie and the boys'
parents all decided it would be easier if the boys just stayed
at Trixie's house that evening, making it easier for
them to get going at first light. Trixie didn't mind.
The house had plenty of room, and she enjoyed having something
to distract her from her marital problems. She checked
her watch and noticed it was about seven o'clock.

"Have you boys eaten yet, " she asked with a
start. She realized she would be a terrible hostess for
letting the young men go hungry.

"I had a chocolate bar on the way over, " said
one of the boys pitifully. His name was Dennis, a nice young
man whose family was from Brazil. He had beautifully dark
skin and big, clear eyes. She could tell he was trying to
be polite, but she was also certain none of them had eaten
in a while. She felt like a terrible hostess.

"How about some homemade pizza?" The word 'pizza'
has a magical effect on young men. All of their eyes lit up.

"Are you sure it won't be much trouble?"

"Absolutely not, " she said warmly. "I
haven't entertained such lofty company since the
last time the Queen herself popped by for tea, " she
said in her worst pseudo-English accent. The boys sat there
with goofy grins on their faces. Trixie felt a little flustered.
It had been a while since she had last tried to be funny, and
her husband and son tended to dismiss such attempts as weak.
She got out a bowl and got down her recipe. It had been a long
time since she had made it. Her family tended to snub her
cooking. Two of the boys got up and headed into the kitchen
with her.

"What are you two up to?"

"Helping?" they said with confused expressions
on their faces. Their confusion perplexed her until she
realized that they probably saw 'helping' as
what they were supposed to do. She only wished her son was
so courteous. She gave each of them a chore, which they dove
into. Soon the other three joined in, mixing and cutting
and generally making a bit of a mess. They were so caught
up in the cooking process that she took the time to stand
back and watch them for a bit. They were a fine looking group.
Dennis had an exotic look to him that she was fascinated
by. Jim and James were both white, blonde-haired blue-eyed
boys, with Jim being a bit taller and a bit broader in those
muscular shoulders. Lance was black, with a particularly
handsome face and a shaved head. Mike was Hispanic, with
those dark eyes and tempting lips usually reserved for
Mexican soap-opera stars. All of them were in good shape,
lean and strong. And those cute little butts . . .

'Oh, God!' she thought to herself. She was a married
woman! And she was checking out boys half her age! She was
old enough to be their mother for crying out loud! She through
herself back into her work, trying to forget about those
tight asses confined by tight denim jeans or soccer shorts.
She really tried.

They were having so much fun that they hadn't noticed
her watching them. At one point, Jim wiped the flour from
his hands on his pants.

"What a savage, " said Dennis.


"You don't just wipe your hands on your clothes."

"Good point." With that, Jim wiped his hands
on Dennis's shirt. Trixie found herself giggling
uncontrollably as Dennis stared incredulously at the
flour on his shirt. He methodically reached into a bowl
full of dough for the crust. Jim would have rune, but two
of the other boys held him in place as Dennis smeared the
stuff all over his face. Trixie was laughing so hard at that
point she could scarcely breathe. Jim managed to free his
arm grab a handful of pepperoni slices and fling them at
his adversary. Dennis dodged. Trixie wound up with a pepperoni
necklace. There was a moment of intense silence as the boys
realized they might have gone too far. Their fears were
somewhat alleviated when Trixie smashed an egg over Jim's
head, and the food fight was underway in earnest.

After about twenty minutes, the six of them, the kitchen
and part of the living room were covered in miscellaneous
food particles. The boys helped her clean up, and they even
managed to get a single pepperoni pizza finished. It wasn't
much, but no one complained.

During clean up, there were several times the storm caused
the lights to flicker. At one point they went out completely.
Trixie reached for the cabinet underneath the sink where
they kept a flashlight. Her arm brushed against one of the
boys. More specifically, it brushed against the crotch
of one of the boys. The contact was brief, but Trixie could
feel the heat emanating from beneath the material (she
thought it felt like soccer shorts). Whoever it was, he
was semi-hard down there. And he was big. She felt someone
bump into her from behind, and felt another dick, this one
completely rigid, temporarily slide along her butt cheeks.
She felt her heart beat faster and her palms began to sweat.
But as quickly as it arrived, it was gone. Trixie realized
that one of the things she was feeling was disappointment.
She shook her head. 'Just remember, ' she thought.
'Half your age, half your age.' She found the flashlight
just as the lights came back on. She was bent over reaching
into the counter. She glanced back and saw all of the boys
looking at her posterior before guiltily looking away.
Trixie could hardly believe she had that kind of affect
on them. After all, they probably just saw her as an old lady.

It was past ten o'clock but no one seemed tired, so Trixie
popped one of her husband's action movies into the
dvd player and they all sat down to watch. Trixie was distracted
though. She could get the thought of what happened earlier
out of her head. She found herself wondering whose privates
she had touched with her hand and whose had been nestled
between her butt cheeks. Two people were wearing soccer
shorts, Dennis and Mike, so she must have accidentally
groped one of them. The one at her backside . . . 'Oh,
stop it, Trixie. It was nothing.' She just wished she
could convince her still rapidly-beating heart that it
was nothing. And she wished she could stop staring at their

Eventually the movie ended and it was time for bed. She put
two of the boys in the spare bedroom, one in her son's
room, one on the couch and one in the overly-large recliner
chair. She then went to her room and got ready for bed. She
slipped into a pair of lacy, powder-blue panties and matching
bra. She didn't realize until she was brushing her
teeth what she was wearing; it was her favorite 'fuck
me' outfit she wore when she was trying to get her husband's
attention. Now why had she put it on? She shrugged and climbed
into bed. It was awfully hot and humid, so she threw back
all the covers and lay there almost completely exposed
to the world. Without even thinking about it, her hands
drifted south of the border. She often masturbated when
Paul was away. Hell, she often masturbated when he was around.
She slipped her hand under the flimsy material of her underwear
and began fingering herself. She was already quite wet
down there. She was surprised at how anxious she was to do
this, considering there were strange people in her house.
The moonlight was shining in the open window, bathing her
body in a magnificent pale light. She reached orgasm in
record time, and she tried very hard not to gasp out loud.
Her body shook while she continued sticking her fingers
deep inside her body. It felt . . . well, delicious. Out of
the corner of her eye, she thought she saw something move.
She realized then that the door wasn't completely
shut. 'Oh my God, ' she thought again. 'Please
don't let anyone have seen me.'

She got up, sweat and lace plastered to her body. She went
to the door and glanced out. There was no one there. But she
heard a door squeak down the hall, and saw a light appear
under the bathroom door. Hmm. She wandered down the hall
as quietly as she could. She was vaguely aware that she was
clad only in her lingerie, but that didn't matter much.
Whoever had gone in the bathroom hadn't shut the door
all the way. She peeked through the crack at the bathroom

She saw Dennis standing next to the tub, leaning forward
with one hand on the wall. His shorts were around his ankles
and his shirt was on the counter. And even though she couldn't
see what he was doing (as his back was to her), she knew he
was jerking off. And he was into it, too. His muscular back
was taut and his round little ass was clenched as he whacked
away. He was muttering under his breath. She strained to
make out was he was saying. Then she heard it.

"Oh, Mrs. Branch! Oh Trixie!" Holy shit! He
was fantasizing about her! This hot young stud was fantasizing
about a thirty-seven-year-old soccer mom! She knew she
should turn and go back to her room. That would be the proper
thing to do. But at that moment, she didn't give a damn
about being proper.

She quickly and quietly slipped into the room. "So, "
she said, "was it you spying on me a minute ago?"

Dennis turned with a look of shock and embarrassment on
his face. In a panic, he started reaching for his shorts.
He did so in such a rush that he lost his balance. He started
to fall backward but managed to catch the edge of the tub
before falling in. His member wound up pointed skyward
for all the world, or at least his hostess, to see.

Trixie had never seen such a beautiful dick. Of course,
she only had her husband to compare it to, but her husband's
equipment was nothing compared to this. It was eight inches
long with a large head. It was cleanly shaved, as were the
heavy balls that hung underneath. It was waving wildly
through the air like a compass in a magnetic storm.

"Did I do that?" she continued. "Did this
old lady get you all hard?"

"Old lady? Mrs. B, when you first showed up at the school,
everyone thought you were Roger's sister, not his
mother. Everyone thinks you're the hottest lady in
town. And . . . Oh damn, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be
saying stuff like that to you. I'll . . . I'll call
my folks to come get me and . . ."

He was silenced as she moved forward, reached out and took
his raging hard-on in her hand. "I . . . I don't
want you to go. Do you really think I'm hot?"

"Yeah. Oh that feels good! Yeah, you're really

"No one has told me that in a long time." She began
stroking his meat. She didn't believe what she was
doing. But this young man thought she was sexy. He fantasized
about her. And that made her feel good! She wanted to feel
like that. And she wanted this eighteen year old boy. She
lowered the toilet lid and sat down on it. She took Dennis's
rod in both her hands and pulled and tugged on it gently.
She was mesmerized by it. It was the most beautiful thing
she had ever seen. He was moaning gently, enjoying the feel
of her hands.

"Shh, " she whispered. "You don't
want to wake the others, do you?" She looked straight
at the head of his penis. "You know how I keep from making
noise sometimes?" She extended the tip of her tongue
and licked the faint trace of pre-cum off the head, eliciting
another moan that was laced with surprise. "I stick
something in my mouth." With that, she descended
on that big, beautiful dick. Once upon a time, she was able
to make Paul beg for oral sex, but he had eventually grown
tired of it just like everything else. She hoped she could
still do it all right. From Dennis's expression, she
was doing just fine. She went down about five inches on each
stroke before pulling up, exerting as much suction as she
could with her lips. She cupped his balls with one hand while
keeping the other circled around the base of the shaft.
She knew that if she squeezed at the right time, she could
prolong his erection for a while. The sensation was incredible
for both of them. Trixie missed the feeling of having her
lips split by man-meat and the feeling of cum on her tongue.

"Hey Dennis, are you almost . . ." Oh shit! Mike
had just walking in the bathroom. Trixie had forgotten
to lock the door. There was no point trying to pretend that
nothing was going on. So rather than fight it, she decided
to go for it.

"What, " she said after pulling her lips from
Dennis's shaft with a slurping noise, "were
you raised in a barn? Come on it if you want some of this!"
She couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth
just before a young cock sank back into it. Mike looked incredulous,
but he stepped forward and dropped his pants. His cock was
a little shorter than Dennis' s, but it was just as thick
and quite lovely. Mike was muttered something in Spanish,
but it was clear what he wanted. He stood next to Dennis as
Trixie began shifting her attention between them. She
could scarcely believe that she was performing oral sex
on two young men, both of whom played soccer with her son,
but she didn't want to stop. She ran her hands over their
tight buns when she wasn't grasping their balls.

"Boys, let's go . . . (Slurp) . . . to my room. It'll
be a bit more comfortable." She stood up, grabbed
their erections, and led them down the hall to her bedroom.
She flipped on the light; she wanted to see everything.
She led the two young men to the bed and had them sit down.
She knelt in front of them and continued her oral attentions.
She had them both moaning audibly now. Once, she put the
heads of their penises together and fit both of them in her
mouth, though not without some difficulty. The she sucked
Mike's dick all the way back into her mouth again while
stroking Dennis.

"Holy Shit!" She glanced back and saw James
in the doorway with a tent in his pajama bottoms.

"What are you staring at? Haven't you ever seen
a grown woman going down on your friends before?"
Trixie wasn't sure if she just wasn't thinking
clearly or if she had achieved a clarity unknown to her before.
But she wanted these boys to desire her. James took a step
forward. "Before you join in, go get the others."
All three boys looked incredulous at that. "What?
I'm just being polite to all my guests." James
disappeared, and Dennis's dick disappeared down
her throat.

"See, " came James's voice, "I told
you!" Trixie looked behind her and Jim and Lance had
joined James.

"Okay, " said Trixie. "I'm not sure
why I'm doing this, but I want you. I want all of you.
But only if you promise not to tell anyone!" The sight
of three more pairs of pants/pajamas hitting the floor
was the response she got, but it was the only response she
needed. She indicated for each of the boys to sit on the edge
of the bed, and she sat back to gaze at them. Dennis's
eight-inch shaft was easily the longest, but all of them
were beautiful. Mike's she had already sucked. Jim
and James were another couple of seven-inchers. Lance's
black dick was also seven inches, but thicker than any of
the others. She wasn't sure how she was going to fit
in her mouth, but she was determined to try.

While she checked them out, they checked her out. "Damn,
Mrs. B! You are the sexiest woman ever!" That was Lance.
"And I've seen a lot of on-line porn!" That
broke what was remaining of the ice and left Trixie giggling."Little
old me?" She took a couple swigs of dick-meat then
looked at the next boy. "What about you? Do you think
I'm pretty?

"You put those Baywatch girls to shame." She
sucked on his dick next. She did that with all of them, trading
compliments for blowjobs.

"Guys, this isn't quite fair. I think we should
more courteous to the lady of the house." Dennis had
a smile on his face as he helped her to her feet and lay her
back on the bed.

"Oh Dennis, " she said. "You're
such a nice, handsome young man." He smiled at her
then buried her face in her crotch. He nuzzled her for a second
before pulling her soaked panties down. Then he buried
his tongue in her box and licked. It was obvious that he didn't
have a lot of experience, but it was more than her husband
was ever willing to do anymore. Any his youthful exuberance
made up for his inexperience. After he licked for a while,
Mike took his place. She paid him a compliment and he started
to eat. So the game continued with the roles reversed; with
Trixie giving out generous comments in exchange for oral

"Boys, I love what you're doing, but could someone
get down here so I could have a cock to suck on?"

It was a mad scramble, but Lance got there first. Trixie
managed to fit his substantial girth into her mouth, letting
half of his dick slide into her mouth. But even as she started
sucking off any the boys whose face wasn't buried in
her crotch, she began to crave something else. She looked
at Dennis, who was patiently waiting his turn to get his
dick sucked.

"Dennis, " she said with a hint of nervousness
in her voice. "I . . . I want you inside me. Down there."
The boys looked surprised (thought she didn't know
why at this point) but anxious. Dennis wasted no time, pushing
James's face aside and positioning himself and her
entrance. He paused. "Do it, " she told him.
"Put your young hard cock inside me!" He needed
no more coaxing. He sunk all the way in on his first thrust.
She wrapped her legs around his narrow waist and held him
there for a moment. She felt so alive right then, certainly
more alive than she had felt in years. "Okay, "
she said after a long pause. "Fuck me. But do it slow.
I want to feel every inch of you."

He did as he was asked, sliding all eight inches in and out
as gently as he could. She turned her attention back to one
of the cocks next to her head. She pushed it against her cheek,
marveling at the warmth. Then she was sucking again. Meanwhile,
Jim managed to snake his hand under her back and release
her bra fastening. 'Impressive, ' she thought.
'Paul still has problems with those.' Her breast
popped free, sticking proudly into the air. James had basically
straddled her face and was fucking her mouth so she couldn't
see what was going on towards the end of the bed, but she felt
two pairs of lips kissing her chest. She felt both nipples
engulfed in young boys' mouths, and they were being
treated like pacifiers by young children. It was all so
exquisite! Dennis pulled out and let someone else take
his place. 'What a good boy. He believes in sharing.'

Although they were all young and full of energy, none of
them had experienced anything like this before. Each of
them had taken the opportunity to sample both her mouth
and pussy, and the overall excitement finally became too
much. Lance was the first to go.

"Oh, I think I'm gonna . . ." He pulled out
of her hot pussy and she felt he semen splash onto her abdomen.
Jim and James both let their loads fly at her chest. Mike's
rod was in her mouth, and when he stared moaning louder,
she grabbed the smooth skin of his ass and held him inside.
She hadn't done this in a long time, but she wanted it
now. Mike erupted in her mouth, filling it with his sweet
fluid. Even after he was finished, she continued sucking
on his semi-hard member until she was certain she had drained
it of its contents. Then, with an intentionally loud gulp,
she swallowed. This elicited a series of "oohs"
and naughty comments.

Dennis was the only one left now. He sank his cock into her
pussy and fucked her like a jackhammer. No "nice and
gentle" this time; he was going for broke. And as he
approached climax, so did she. Her muscles seized and her
pussy clamped down. This extra pressure was more than Dennis
could stand and his spunk flowed into her as her juices flowed
outward. It could have been minutes or hours for all Trixie
could tell. But she felt more satisfied than she had in .
. . well, as long as she could remember. Finally Dennis pulled
out with a satisfying "plop" sound.

"Well, you boys might as well sleep here tonight.
I think I'd like the company." They were all grinning,
and James hit the lights. As the veritable sea of young male
flesh made itself comfortable on the king-sized bed, she
felt strangely content. She stroked their hair and kissed
each of them goodnight before all of them drifted off to

She awoke early the next morning. All of the boys were still
firmly asleep. She managed to wiggle her way out of bed without
waking any of them up. She went into the bathroom and looked
at herself in the mirror. She still had cum stains on her
chest and stomach. She washed them off and began admiring
her form.

"They thought I was Roger's sister, "
she mumbled. "You know, I'm not bad looking at
all for someone going on 38."

"You're not bad looking for someone going on
18, " came a voice from behind her.

"Morning Dennis."

"Morning Mrs. B."

"Call me Trixie."

"Trixie, I don't get why the idea of being beautiful
is so strange to you. I think you're the only one who
doesn't realize how gorgeous you are."

She gave him a tired smile. "Well, me and my husband."

"Well if he would . . ." Dennis stopped there,
afraid of overstepping his bounds.

"Go ahead."

"If he would stop trying to convince Roger that he
hung the friggin' moon! Roger has gotten a big ego.
It's not as bad when you husband isn't around.
The problem is, your husband is almost ALWAYS around."

"I know. And I don't know what to do about it. I
guess I should call Paul. See what is up with the game."
She went to the kitchen followed by Dennis. She saw his beautiful
dick dangling and bouncing between his legs. She found
herself licking her lips. She picked up the phone and called
Paul's cell.

"Hey honey, " he said when he answered. Caller
Id made his life easier. "Listen, I can't talk
now. Me and our superstar are going golfing with one the
Olympic scouts tomorrow." As he talked, she felt
Dennis moving behind her. Suddenly his hands were on her
ass, spreading her cheeks so his tongue could ravish her
mound from behind. She bent forward and spread her legs,
reveling in the devilishness of being eaten out by this
young stud while talking to her husband.

"But . . . but you haven't played golf in years.
And Roger doesn't know how to play!"

"I told you. He can do anything if he puts his mind to
it. C'mon Trixie, get with the program." The
jackass even managed to sound irritable, as if she had done
something wrong. At the same time, her pussy was becoming
increasingly aroused and moist as Dennis stuck his fingers
inside while licking the outer lips. "Anyway, "
he continued with an sense of indignity, "the game
has been postponed until next week. The field is sopping

'So is my crotch, you twit!' she thought to herself.

"It's completely unplayable right now. I don't
know why they don't find a better place to do this event.
Anyway, Roger and I are going to stay up here for a week. I
called my secretary earlier and let her know how to reach
me. I'll talk to you later. Bye." And he hung up.

She was almost furious. He hadn't asked if she was okay
with being alone. He hadn't asked if she needed anything.
He hadn't even asked if she wanted to come up and stay
with them, like a normal family. Just "I'll talk
to you later."

"Dennis, " she said between clenched teeth.

"Yes?" he mumbled from the area of her crotch.

"Let's go outside." She led the confused
boy outside. She closed the sliding glass door that led
to the porch.

"What . . .?"

"I don't want to wake the others quite yet. And
I want you to fuck me again. Fast and hard like last night."

"But . . ."

"I'll explain later." She bent over and
grabbed the porch rail. He sidled up behind her and sunk
into her.

"Trixie, you are so tight. It feels so good!"

"Less talking, more pounding." She was glad
that they had an expansive estate and hence, no immediate
neighbors. Because the slapping of his balls against her
backside seemed to carry across the still morning air.
He reached around and took her breasts in his hands. His
fondlings were amateurish, but well received. She brought
one of his hands to her face and began sucking on one of his
fingers. She could taste the sweat off him from the last
twenty-four hours. It was intoxicating. He leaned in,
and she felt the flesh of his torso rubbing against hers.
She turned her head and she kissed him. That surprised him
momentarily. She moved him away so she could turn around
and face him. She sat on the rail and pulled him back into
her. As he started fucking her again, she continued kissing
him, tasting his lips with great fervor. He kept held her
tightly against him as he thrust in and out of her greedy

"Fuck, " she said. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck

"I'm goin' as fast as I can, " he returned
with a smile.

She grinned then pushed him away. She dropped to her knees
in front of him and wrapped her lips around the head of his
cock. The pre-cum might as well have been white wine as much
as she enjoyed its flavor. She kept the head in her mouth
while she stroked the shaft with her hands. It wasn't
long before his seed was spilling into her mouth. It tasted
sweeter than anything she had ever had. She didn't
swallow right away. She made sure she had it all, milking
his beautiful dick for every last drop. She let it slide
noisily from between her lips, then looked up at him with
an open mouth full of his jism. She swirled her tongue around
in it, forcing some of it to escape the corners of her mouth
and drip down her face. She felt so naughty, but it felt so
right. Finally she swallowed.

"Trixie, there aren't words to describe how
sexy you are!"

"Thank you, " she said while standing up. She
kissed him on the cheek and the two of them went back inside.

Once all the boys were awake, she described the game situation
to them. They could tell that she was miffed about her husband's

"So, " said Lance. "Should we come by
again next Friday afternoon. You know, so we can get an early
start the next morning of course." He was smiling,
but it was a little anxious. Trixie put his fears to rest.

"You know, I think that would be a great idea. If you
want to spend another boring evening with someone's
mother." The boys were all smiling. "And if
your parents won't mind." They all clamored
and stumbled over each other while assuring her that everything
would be fine with their parents, all of whom thought she
was one of the nicest ladies they had ever met. If only they
knew how nice she was. Each of them called their folks for
a ride home. Trixie treated them all to a good breakfast
and a "until-next-week" hand-job to tide them

After they were gone, she pondered what to do. She figured
if she was going to get down and dirty next week, she wanted
to make it special; something that would blow the preceding
evening away. She spent the rest of the day thinking about
what she was going to do. With every new idea, she fingered
herself to another orgasm. By the end of the day she was exhausted,
but happy.

The next day, she was lounging in her silk robe when she heard
someone buzzing at the front door. She checked the peep
hole and saw it was Dennis. She opened the door.

"Hey handsome."

"Hi. I think I forgot my gym bag here."

"Yeah, I found it. Come on in. I could use someone to
talk to. Unless your in a hurry . . ."

"No, I'm free."

The two went inside and sat down on the couch. She found herself
opening up to this young man. She told him of her life, her
insecurities and her growing sense of hopelessness. And
he listened. He wasn't just letting her ramble, but
rather he was actively listening. Just the fact that he
actually seemed to care what she felt made her feel a bit

"I guess the question is, " he asked, "why
do you stay with him then? Mrs. Br . . . Trixie, you could find
another guy just driving to the store, and he would probably
be more attentive than your husband."

She was slightly teary, but still mostly composed. "I
don't know. It isn't like he abuses me or doesn't
provide for me. He never does anything to me. Anything at

"Not loving someone is just as good a reason to end
it. I realize this may not be my place to say, but it doesn't
sound like you two love each other anymore. He certainly
doesn't seem to love you. And I don't get that.
Everyone I know who has met you likes you. There are any number
of people who would help you out if you asked."

"Help me do what? I only have a high-school education.
I never went to college, I've never held a job and I've
got no skills. What would I do out there?" she said
waving in the general direction of the outside world.

"What will you do in here?" came the response.
"Trixie, your house and property here is bigger than
my whole neighborhood, but I don't know anyone who
acts as trapped as you do. Do you have family you could go
stay with, at least until you figure out what you want to

"I guess I could stay with my little sister. I haven't
seen her in a while." She sniffed. That actually sounded
like a good idea to her. "Visit with my nephews for
a bit."

"See, you do have options. But don't do anything
until you're ready. I'm just saying what I think
would be right, but I'm not the one in your position.
I can't make those decisions for you."

"Thanks, " she said shyly. He was half her age,
but he seemed so much wiser in some ways than she was. She
felt so much better after venting to him. So much better,
in fact, that she was feeling a little randy.

"Trixie, " Dennis said smiling, "you
have that look in your eye."

"Do you mind? Unless you have something else to do."

He stood up and dropped his shorts. His full eight inches
was standing at attention. "Trixie, I can't
be in the same room with you without getting stiff!"

She grinned and slowly crawled toward him, letting her
robe slide off her body along the way. She got to him and felt
the now-familiar head sliding into her mouth.

"I could get use to this, " he said. "Hell,
I actually AM getting used to this. Do you have any idea how
many guys, or even girls for that matter, would love for
you to go down on them just once? I've gotten it three
times in as many days!"

She slurped noisily on his beef-stick while fondling his
balls and running her hand over his ass. But something he
had said kept reverberating in her brain. She pulled her
mouth off and started stroking his meat with both hands.

"Girls? There are girls who fantasize about me?"

He actually looked flustered, which surprised her. What
could fluster him at this point?

"Yeah, actually. A lot of the lesbians around the
school thought you were fine. A friend of mine checked you
out at every school function, though she'd never openly
admit to wanting to be with you. She probably thought a girl
in her position shouldn't get her hopes up."

"Her position?"

"Yeah. She's a cheerleader, and she's convinced
that she's supposed to deny that side of herself. But
she and I hang out a lot, and know that she's really curious."

Trixie was getting incredibly aroused. She found herself
wanting to meet this girl. She realized she wanted to have
sex with another woman. She had toyed with the idea in high
school, but had never done anything about it. She got married,
and she thought the idea had died off. But it hadn't
died. It had only gone dormant, and now it was awake with
a vengeance. Hell, since she was breaking down the boundaries,
why not shatter them all? She was planning on shattering
another of them shortly anyway.

She picked up the pace on her oral action. She was sliding
more of it into her mouth than usual, and his balls were bouncing
against her chin. She pushed him back into the chair and
raised herself up, and wrapped her tits around his shaft.

"Oh God!" he said. "That feels wonderful."

"I saw this when I was looking at some porn sites last
night." She pressed her breasts tightly together
and started stroking his member with them. "Do you

"I like! I like a lot." He was fucking her cleavage
all on his own now. She liked the way his abdominal muscles
were rippling as he pounded between her boobs. Well, he
had been in her pussy, mouth and tits. Just one more frontier
for him to explore.

"Don't move, " she told him before standing
up and going to her purse. She pulled out a bottle of KY she
had picked up at the market. She poured some in her hand and
started rubbing it onto his rigid stick.

"That feels good! What's it for?"

"It will make it easier to shove this big cock of yours
into my ass."

He looked like a deer in the headlights of a very large truck.
"Uh, did you say . . ."

"Yep. In my ass. I was going to save it for Friday, but
I want to do something special for you. Just be gentle. It's
my first time." She turned around, got down on her
hands and knees and looked back over her shoulder expectantly.
Dennis was sitting there with that same look of disbelief.
"Hurry before I change my mind." Dennis leapt
into action. He positioned himself behind her and started
pushing against her virgin rosebud.

"Let me know if it starts to . . ."

"Oh shit!"

"Don't do that."

Trixie had placed her head against the carpet and was holding
the back of her head. The sensation was strange at first.
She had just felt a bit of pressure. Then her anus stretched
to try accommodate the intruder. That was painful. She
felt like she was giving birth again, but that the wrong
opening was getting stretched.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, " she whimpered. She was breathing in
short, rapid bursts as she tried to relax her posterior.
"Just take it slow." She felt the head creep
a little further inward. After a minute or two, she felt
the head slid all the way in and the pressure was greatly
reduced. She felt every ridge and vein of his beautiful
cock as it slid deeper into her backdoor. The pain was almost
gone, and the pleasure hit her like a baseball bat. "Oh,
that is so good!" She glanced back and saw that Dennis's
eyes were close and a look of pure ecstasy decorated his



"Open your eyes." He did as asked. "I want
you to look in my eyes when I tell you this." They locked
gazes. "Now fuck me hard. I want you to fuck my ass as
hard as you can!" The look on his face showed that he
had suddenly become all business, and he began pounding
her backside like nobody's business. Since there
was no one else around or likely to show up, she decided to
make some noise of her own as his balls slapped against her.

"Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah! Fill my ass with that young
meat. Harder! Harder!" She didn't even know
if Dennis heard her. But she wanted him to hear what she had
to say next. "Dennis?" He grunted. "You
said that your young lady friend was attracted to me?"

Dennis actually slowed for a moment. He obviously had a
suspicion as to where she was going, but couldn't quite
believe it. "Yeah."

"Could you bring her here? Could you bring her here
so I could feel what being with another woman is like? Could
you bring her here so I could fuck her too?"

"Are you serious?" His eyes were wide open now.
She also thought his dick had just become even larger while
in her ass.

"Of course. Is it so unbelievable that the woman you
are ass-fucking wants you to bring home and eighteen-year-old
cheerleader to have sex with?""There are so
many things that are weird about that sentence that I won't
even start." He looked thoughtful. "Yeah,
actually I think I could. But I'd have to be up front
with her about everything. She's my friend, so I won't
set her up for anything that might spook her."

"I wouldn't have her . . . I mean I wouldn't
have it any other way. Now get fucking!" She buried
her head in the carpet once again and started playing with
her own pussy. Having her ass full of dick seemed to have
made all her erogenous zones extra sensitive. She fingered
herself with one hand and played with her nipples with the
other. After just a few minutes, she had an orgasm that seemed
to rock the foundations of the house. It was more intense
than anything she had ever experienced before! She was
actually seeing stars circling around her head, and her
body was shaking so bad she was knocking stuff off the coffee
table. And as her ass clamped down, she felt Dennis tighten

"I'm cumming!" He grabbed her hips and
held on for dear life as he emptied the biggest load of his
young life deep into her backside. She felt every contraction
and spurt his dick made as it emptied his seed into her.

"Why didn't I ever try that before?" she
whispered as she collapsed all the way onto the floor. He
collapsed on top of her, his still semi-hard member buried
inside her. Her senses still seemed hyperactive. She could
almost taste his sweat just by smelling of him, and she felt
the muscles of his chest against her back. He started kissing
the back of her neck, much to her delight.

"I'm glad you didn't. I'm happy I was
the first. It was the most amazing thing ever."

"It was, wasn't it. We'll have to do that
again sometime. Soon. But before I do, YOU have to bring
me a young, beautiful, willing young woman to have sex with."

"I'll do my best."

"Good. Because I'll let you watch."

"Oh man!"

Trixie had developed a knack for something in the last few
days. She kept getting herself into situations before
she thought them through. She found herself a nervous wreck
when she realized she has just sent one of her young lovers
to find her a young woman to have her first-ever lesbian
experience with. You can say some strange things when you
are getting nailed.

"What was I thinking?" she muttered to herself.
"Maybe he won't get her to agree. Maybe she just
won't be interested. Then I won't have to worry
about it." The thought of not having to go through
with it managed to both comfort her and disappoint her as
well. Well, it had been two days since she had heard from
him. It probably wasn't going to happen after all.

She decided to relax with a nice dip in a pool. She put on a
suit she hadn't worn in years. It didn't leave
much to the imagination. She had been wearing skimpier
clothes the last few days, both around the house and out
on her errands. And she was happy to find that she could still
draw stares and whistles from many who saw her. This suit
was basically two straps that extended up from the crotch,
covered the nipples, looped over her shoulders and then
did a g-string number through her ass-cheeks. It was a stretchy,
blue material that seemed to stay in place by sheer willpower.
It was good for lounging, if not for actual swimming. She
strode into the shallow end of the pool, dunked herself
once, and then just gently floated around. It actually
was very peaceful. There was a light breeze blowing, helping
cool her skin. And when her ears drifted below the surface,
the rest of the world just seemed to slip away. But shortly
after it had slipped away, reality came drifting back into
play as Dennis's handsome face was suddenly looking
down at her. He had a goofy grin on his face.

"Sorry, I rang the doorbell but you didn't answer.
I heard splashing, so we just came around the side."

Trixie suddenly was very nervous again. She flipped over
and only her eyes were above water. She let her mouth drift
above the surface. "Uhm. We?"

He moved to one side, and Trixie saw a beautiful girl hanging
out next to the porch. She was wear fairly short denim shorts
and a white, baby-doll t-shirt. Her face was almost angelic
with high cheekbones and a perfect complexion. She was
thin, but not emaciated. She wasn't particularly
muscled, but she was lean. Her breasts were on the small
side, but they were noticeable and seemed to be firm. And
those legs! They seemed to stretch up all the way to the sky.
She had shoulder-length blonde hair which she was twirling
around one finger. She was shifting her weight nervously
from one foot to the other. She seemed almost as terrified
of this moment as Trixie was.

Trixie wasn't at all sure what to do next. Dennis backed
up a bit so the two girls could get better looks at each other.
Trixie stood up in the shallow end, showing off her skimpy
outfit and generous bosoms.

"Well . . ." she stuttered.

"Well . . ." returned the girl, staring mostly
at her feet but glancing out the top of her eyes at the beautiful
creature before her.

"Trixie, this is Brandy. Brandy . . ."

"I know who she is dweeb, " she said with fondness
in her voice. "I wouldn't be here otherwise."

"Good girl, " said Trixie. "Men need
to be put in their place from time to time."

"Hey!" returned the offended party. "Can
I point out that . . ."

"No!" exclaimed the two girls together. They
both giggled. Trixie lay her head on the side of the pool
and looked Brandy over again, causing Brandy to blush furiously.

"Let me tell you what. Why don't you both jump
on in here for a bit. We don't have to rush anything if
we don't want to."

Brandy actually looked a bit relieved. No one was sure how
to start things, so why not take it easy. "I don't
have a suit, " she said a bit shyly.

"Dennis, could you grab her a suit out of my bedroom?
They're in the dresser, bottom drawer. I should have
some bikini bottoms that she can wear. But tops . . ."

"I can just wear the shirt. I just didn't want
to get denim wet, 'cause it is a bitch to get dry."

Dennis sauntered off while Brandy kicked off her shoes,
sat down, and dangled those luscious legs in the water.
The two made small talk while Dennis searched for a suit.
Trixie knew he would try and pick the smallest bottom he
could find. Brandy turned out to be a delightful girl. Just
like Trixie, she had been a cheerleader until she graduated
a few months earlier. She was going to attend the local college
that fall, but had no idea what she was going to major in.
Trixie assured her it was better to be confused now than
wind up following a dead end path that she wound up hating.
She didn't even realize until after she said it that
she was talking about herself. Brandy seemed to realize
there was a bit of self-loathing going on.

"Mrs. . . . Trixie. If you've been as unhappy as
you and Dennis say you've been . . ."

"Why stay?"


"I've been thinking about that a lot. Since before
the other night. I think I had just been so bored for so long
that I didn't realize I had drifted into 'unhappy.'
When nothing is actually going really wrong, it's
hard to do anything about it." Brandy had actually
started stroking the older woman's hair. It felt wonderful.
Gentle. Caring.

Just then, Dennis returned with a bikini bottom. Trixie
recognized it. It was basically a couple of pieces of floss
being held together by a wing and a prayer. Brandy shot him
a dirty look, but went inside to change. Dennis discarded
his shirt and dove it. While paddling on his back, he asked
"So, how are things going?"

"A bit awkward. This was one of those ideas that sounded
really good in my head. But dammit Dennis, she IS beautiful!"

"Yeah. But she's been a friend since I moved here,
so I never made a move. But does she ever have eyes for you."


He moved in close. "Don't tell her I told you this,
but apparently seeing you when you pick up Roger from practice
once was the first time she realized she had . . . you know
. . . feelings for girls."

Trixie felt herself flushing. She never thought she could
have that kind of effect on someone. Brandy returned from
the house. Her legs looked even more shapely in that skimpy
bottom. And when she dove into the water, Trixie got a good
look at the most fantastic ass in the world. It was so perfectly
round and tight, well shown off by the tiny bikini bottom.
When the girl surfaced, her t-shirt clung to her body and
her nipples protruded quite nicely. Trixie was become
less nervous by the second. Instead, she was becoming filled
with anticipation.

The three of them frolicked around the pool for an hour.
Trixie was feeling like a kid again, in more ways than one.
She found her gaze lingering longer and longer on the younger
girl's shapely body. Brandy met her gaze more than
once and blushed. She was so cute it almost hurt.

Finally, enough was enough. Trixie gave the young girl
a very meaningful stare, then climbed the stairs out of
the pool with a deliberate swing in her hips. She tossed
a large beach towel on the ground, sat down on it and leaned
back on her elbows. She watched as Brandy dove under the
water and emerged again next to the steps. The water dripped
off her hair and down her face. She was biting her lower lip
in an adorable fashion. Her shirt was almost see-through,
and clung to her body like a second skin. Her narrow hips
had a delightful sway to them, and her legs . . . oh those legs!
Those gorgeous legs were making their way over to her.

Brandy knelt down next to her, lying on her side. She traced
one finger up Trixie's leg and torso, and felt the valley
between her breasts. Trixie took a slightly less delicate
approach, grabbing a handful of Brandy's ass and pulling
the younger girl on top of her. Both girls had looked nervous
earlier. Now they just looked hungry. Now with both hands
on Brandy's perfect ass, she leaned up and kissed the
girl right on the lips. She felt a tongue slip inside her
mouth, so she returned the favorite. Brandy's arms
had wrapped around Trixie's head, holding her close.
It was the sweetest kiss of Trixie's life. It lingered
as Brandy pulled the straps of Trixie's swimsuit off
her shoulder and cupped her breasts. It lingered as Trixie
released one of Brandy's glorious ass-cheeks and
started rubbing the young girl's mound through the
bikini bottom. Trixie wanted to feel Brandy's naked
body against her own, so she simply ripped the wet t-shirt
off the girl's body. Brady didn't seem to care
about the lost of her garment as she pressed her body against
Trixie's, trapping the older girl's hand between
them. Trixie fingered the girl through the fabric while
maintaining a death-grip on her ass. Brandy began humping
Trixie's hand. And then they finally broke their kiss.

"Fuck!" exclaimed the young cheerleader.
"That was incredible!"

"And that's just what my tongue can do to your
mouth. I have many other plans for it." She reached
down and tugged on the strings of Brandy's bikini bottoms.
The young girl was now completely naked.

"Turn about is fair play." Brandy slid her hands
down Trixie's sides and tugged on her suit. Trixie
had to lift her ass up so the suit could be completely removed,
but soon the deed was done. The two lay side by side again,
but this time with one of their hands in the others crotch,
fingering the other girl's pussy. Since neither girl
had been with another woman, they both just did to the other
what they did to themselves. And it worked. Fingers were
pumping, juices were flowing, lips were tugged and clits
were rubbed. Trixie slid three fingers into the other girl,
and felt a digit tentatively prodding her anus.

"Go ahead. I actually like it up there."

"So I've heard, " whispered Brandy conspiratorially
while glancing at Dennis, who was watching from the pool.
The splashing in the water made it clear he was enjoying
the show. Brandy leaned over and took one of Trixie's
sensitive nipples in her mouth and started sucking. She
inhaled that sensitive skin and pulled out, stretched
the nipple. She even took it lightly in her teeth. Trixie
was groaning in pleasure. Brandy had already shown she
knew more about foreplay that Paul had ever even tried.
And it was all finally too much to bear. Her limbs started
to tremble as her asshole and pussy locked down on whatever
digit was inserted into them.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Please don't stop! I'm . . . I'm
. . ." No more words were needed. Her back arched and
she pulled Brandy's head back up next to hers so she
could kiss the young woman who had brought so much ecstasy
to her. Her cum covered Brandy's hand as the two locked
lips again, and again the kiss lasted, at least until the
last remnants of that orgasm had finally dissipated.

"So did I do alright?" the girl asked.

"Alright? That was perfect! Are you sure this is your
first time with a woman?"

"I'm sure. But I've been fantasizing about
you for a long time." Even though she still had the
other girl's fingers inside her box, that confession
made her blush. "Don't be embarrassed. I . . .
I just think you're beautiful. I'm so glad you
let me do that for you."

"Well, I wouldn't feel right if you didn't
let me return the favor. Turn over." She flipped Brandy
onto her stomach, then pulled on her hips until Brandy was
up on her knees with her face planted in the towel. She marveled
again at the perfect globes of that ass. She kissed each
cheek extensively. Then, her tongue drifted inward and
teased the area around Brandy's ass, eliciting some
very pleasurable moans. Finally, she reached the promised
land. Trixie had a very simple plan: do everything that
Brandy had done, but using her tongue. She buried her face
in that tight juicy pussy. She hadn't gotten a good
look at it before, but it was gorgeous. It was shaved clean,
and the mound was swollen. It looked delectable! She was
working her tongue furiously, and enjoyed kneading those
glorious butt-cheeks with her hands. Her attentions were
having the desired affect. Brandy was alternating between
moaning and whimpering. She had to be close to losing it.
Trixie just needed something to push her over the top. She
stopped licking and inserted a finger into that tight box.
Her tongue drifted north to rim the girl's sensitive
anus. Then, she stuck a second finger and, after a few pumps,
inserted a third.

"Please, " whispered Brandy, "give
me more." With that Trixie inserted a fourth finger.
The young girl was incredibly tight, so four fingers was
stretching her to her limit. And she was getting tighter.
Oh God was she tight!

"That's it!" the younger girl practically
screamed. And then the power of speech escaped her. She
was staring forward, eyes wide. Her mouth was open and she
was breathing in rapid bursts. Trixie pulled out her fingers,
rolled onto her back and planted her face in Brandy's
quivering mound. She started licking again just as the
flood gates broke. Apparently, Brandy had been saving
it up for a while, and soon the older woman's face was
covered in sweet, sticky stuff. To Trixie, it may as well
have been honey as much as she was drinking it in. She even
continued licking as Brandy's strength gave way and
collapsed on top of her. Eventually, Trixie crawled up
the young girl's body and the two kissed again, Brandy
relishing the taste of her own cum and Trixie's sweat.

Brandy had a look of amazement and satisfaction on her face.
"That . . . That was perfect. Thank you!"

"Thank you. It takes two to tango, you know. Sometimes
you can do it with three or four or five, but you should really
have at least two."

Brandy looked at her, once again with the visage of shyness.
"Uhm . . . could we . . . maybe . . .try it again? Sometime?"

Trixie blushed. "I'm sure we could work something
out. Hell, if you aren't in a hurry . . ."

"I told my folks I'd be staying at a friends tonight."
She got a devilish look on her face. "Are you my friend?"

"Oh yeah."

They heard a grunting noise, and looked over to see Dennis
shooting his load into the pool.

"Damn, " said Trixie. "I'm going
to have to get the pool cleaned. Dennis, I think Brandy here
is going to stay the evening. I can give her a ride home in
the morning. Make sure to have your cute butt back her on

He was grinning like fox. "Sure thing. Are you two
sure you're going to be okay on your own? I could stick
around . . ."

"We will be just fine." After Brandy nibbled
on her ear, she continued "Just fine indeed."

Trixie awoke late the next morning, primarily because
she and Brandy made love until about two in the morning.
Over breakfast, Trixie chatted some more with the young
lady, and revealed to her part of her plans for the boys that
Friday evening. Her young lover quickly became her young
cohort, insisting on playing a role in the festivities.
When she was sure the girl was up to it, they made plans for
Friday morning and she gave Brandy a lift home.

Over the next few days, Trixie made a number of arrangements.
She called her sister, saying she was coming for "an
extended visit, " if she didn't mind. Her sister
sensed something was up, but didn't push for details.
Luckily she only lived about four hours away, and didn't
mind coming to pick Trixie up.

Then she got ready for Friday. She wasn't sure how she
had gone from being sexually dormant to being a raging tower
of hormones, but she had. And she was going to end the very
eventful week with a bang.

She picked up Brandy early that morning. Brandy told her
mom she was going to go watch the soccer game and that she
was going to catch a ride up with Trixie. Brandy's mother
insisted that Trixie promise not to leave her alone with
the boys unsupervised. She said it jokingly, but Trixie
agreed anyway. She had no intention of letting that cute,
tight ass out her sight. The two of them ran a couple of errands
and headed back to the house. They set out some sub sandwiches
for the boys and got changed. Trixie had picked up a couple
of the naughtiest French-maid outfits she could find at
a costume store. The two girls could barely keep their hands
off each other while getting dressed. The frilly skirts
barely covered their asses, and the tops pushed their breasts
up for all the world to see. And in Trixie's case, they
could probably be seen from orbit. They put on thigh-high
white stockings and black stiletto pumps, and even had
on those silly head-pieces you saw in the movies. They were
to die for and they knew it.

As each of the boys arrived, both girls met them at the door.
While they were surprised (and more than a bit aroused)
by Brandy's presence and the two girls' outfits,
they knew something was up and it could only be good. The
"guests" were ushered into the living room,
complete with food and her sons Playstation 2, which entertained
the boys until all had arrived. Dennis was the last to show
up, and he was very appreciative of Brandy's appearance.
He made a few comments that made the young girl blush furiously.
Trixie smiled. She had a feeling the two weren't going
to be "just friends" after this weekend.

"Well, " said the hostess after everyone is
seated, "it has come to my attention that you boys
are doing a nice thing tomorrow by playing for charity.
And unlike some, you are doing it for all the right reasons.
You are nice, hardworking young men, and tonight is about
you. We have entertainment, " she said while pointing
to the game console, "food and drink, " she
said as Brandy pointed out the dinner layout, "and
young Ms. Brandy and I will do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING,
to make your evening enjoyable."

And the evening was enjoyable. They were all laughing,
telling bawdy jokes, playing games and consuming copious
amounts of food. And the girls kept busy. They teased the
boys outrageously for hours. If one of them spilled food
on themselves, the girls would brush them off, making sure
to very delicately brush every crumb from their crotches.
The winner of every game received a neck rub from Brandy
and a foot massage from Trixie, who made sure her ample breasts
were on display the entire time. Whenever something needed
to be moved out of the way, the girls made sure to bend way
over while moving it, giving the boys a clear view of their
white-thong-clad asses. After a while, the natives were
obviously getting restless. Each of them was stroking
their rod through their jeans. It was time for the teasing
to end."Brandy love, I think the young masters are
tired of the . . . games. I think they might like to watch a
movie instead." The young woman bounced over to the
dvd player and put in the feature presentation. Of course,
it was a porn movie. It had taken a lot of effort on Trixie's
part to find just the right one. The first scene was of two
women together. The boys started hooting and making catcalls,
obviously pleased with the choice.

"So let me get this straight, " said Brandy
sweetly. "Seeing two women 'getting it on'
is appealing to you?" The boys grunted in agreement.
"Two woman touching each others breasts and tasting
each others . . . well, you know . . . turns you on?" Trixie
had sauntered over to her and wrapped her arms around Brandy
from behind. "Seeing two women fondle each other's
pussy until their juices flow gets you all hard?"

The boys, despite everything that had happened up until
that point, managed to be stunned into silence. It was as
if they had won a car in some sweepstakes and when they went
to collect the prize, someone game them a million dollars
as well. They had thought it couldn't get any better,
but it indeed had.

The girls had fallen to their knees, with Trixie still behind
the younger girl. She lifted up Brandy's skirt, pushed
the thong aside and started her fingers to work. She rubbed
the clitoral hood with her thumb while frigging her with
one and then two fingers. The boys had all whipped out their
members by this point and were pleasuring themselves.
Trixie withdrew her fingers from Brandy's hot box
and raised them to t

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