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Good morning, lovely..


It's the morning after the long and pleasurable night
before and I'm in that joyous half-awake, half-asleep
state. All is right with the word as the memory of the previous
evening's entertainment filters through my mind
just as the morning sunshine streams through the window.

Stretching with satisfaction, I let out a sigh of contentment
and, as I awaken properly, smile to myself as I hear the sound
of activity coming from the kitchen downstairs.Sounds
as though you're making breakfast, confounding my
plan to do so myself and bring it back to you in bed. Ah, well.
The best laid plans of mice and men.... Actually, now that
I think of it, laid is exactly the operative word...

Stirring myself, I throw on a robe and wander downstairs.
And there you are; cooking eggs and oblivious to my presence
as I watch you from the kitchen door. In fact you're
singing gently to yourself, which makes me smile once again.
The kitchen is filled with the smells of fresh-brewed coffee
and warm toast.

You're wearing a black shift and, from what I can tell,
that's about it and I'm thinking that you're
looking even finer this morning than you did last night.
You can't see me as I walk quietly up behind you and surprise
you by wrapping arms around you in a morning hug, feeling
the warmth and suppleness of your body and burying my head
in your hair, taking in your scent and sighing with contentment
once again.

You let out a small giggle and say "Stop that, I'm
trying to make breakfast..." and I whisper into your
ear "Thank you for everything yesterday. You were
fantastic." I blow gently into your ear and begin
to kiss your neck, nuzzling it and loving the feel of your
body as I hug you closer, feeling the swell of your breasts
against my arms as I grip you tighter and kiss and lick your

Now it's your turn to be sighing with contentment.
"Hmmmm, morning lover" you say and I can hear
the smile on your face as you say it and you arch your back,
like a cat that wants to be stroked some more...

And you deserve to be stroked some more, so my right hand
moves over your left breast and my fingers begin to trace
circles around your nipple which quivers a little and then
stiffens beneath my touch as I gently rub it and pinch it
and tweak it...

And while my right hand does that, I move my left hand down
and behind you to your ass, feeling it and squeezing it and
thinking to myself all the time how sweet it is and how sexy
you are. Man, you feel and smell good and so I slip a finger
inside your pussy, feeling its heat and welcoming the small
gasp of pleasure you give as I slide another finger inside
you and begin to play with you. You feel so hot and, increasingly,
wet that I remove my hand from your pussy and reach around
and give you my juice-covered fingers to suck and lick clean
so you can taste your sweet wetness...

Turning you round, we embrace, our mouths wrestling one
another in an ever-escalating frenzy of excitement as
our hands race to explore one another's body... First
on your breast, then on your ass, pulling me closer to you,
exploring the smoothness of your skin beneath your shift,
feeling you ass and teasing you as you gasp and reach inside
my robe for my stiffened cock...

As this, though, I back away and, smiling, flip you round
again so that you're leaning over the table and I can
plant my face in your pussy, licking and loving you as my
tongue gets to work. You're bent over your kitchen
table as I kneel on the floor and, holding you by your hips,
plunge ever deeper inside your pussy until my mouth and
face are slippery with your wetness. Just to encourage
you, I flick your asshole with my greedy, snaking tongue
too, loving how you feel on my face...

I love the sound of your moans of pleasure as I give your ass
and pussy the detention they merit. Briefly, I raise my
head and see that your eyes are closed in an ecstatic rapture
and that you're licking your lips and playing with
your rock-hard nipples yourself...

I'm feeling so turned on by our breakfast passion that
I spread your legs still further apart and, with one smooth,
firm thrust slide inside you, holding my position as my
engorged cock lies buried deep inside you and you let out
a small whimper of pleasure. That's my cue to begin
to fuck you, using long and slow strokes as I fill you up and
each stroke is a little longer and a little harder than the
last one, pausing each time to feel and appreciate the heat
of your pussy as you use your muscles to clamp my cock, buried
deep inside you...

"You feel so good" I gasp as I ride you harder
and deeper and faster and harder and deeper and faster,
bucking and fucking and driving ever harder, pulling your
hips on to me as I give you everything I have and everything
you deserve as we moan and gasp and grunt together until
the moment comes when I know that all passion will soon be
spent and so the pace increases until something must give
and I feel the cum rising inside me again until it can be kept
in no longer and I burst inside you, flooding your pussy
with my cum...

And then I slide out of you, lift you up, gaze into your eyes
and smile and kiss you ever so gently on the lips and say "That
was a thank you for last night" . There's a twinkle
in your eye when you reply, "And that was only breakfast.
There's lunch and tea-time and supper still to come..."

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