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Good Morning Mr. Nassour


“Good Morning Mr. Nassour” I said pleasantly as my boss
walked quickly by my desk.
He was in a hurry as usual never stopping by my desk to make
small talk anymore. He would either call me from his office
intercom, give me several things to do, or he would send
them via email. I often wondered why he was the way he was,
but I could never put my finger on it. He was the nicest boss
I have ever worked with. If I ever needed to leave early or
I wasn’t feeling very well, he would always let me go. I will
admit that I have asked him to leave early for my kid’s sake
but I just wanted to go out and get into trouble.
I noticed I thought about Mr. Nassour all the time now. No
matter what I did my mind would drift to him and what he was
doing, or whom he was doing it with. I have also had a few naughty
thoughts run threw my brain also. Those were the good ones,
I laughed. I can see him so clearly in my mind, his perfectly
blonde hair, his penetrating blue eyes, his strong shoulders,
his wide chest and thick body. My eyes would always try to
catch a glimpse of him, anyway I could, I was becoming obsessed
with him, he was in my thoughts all the time now I’m having
feelings for him too, it was a blind love, a love that I had
for a man that didn’t know I existed. I thought sadly.
He always seemed so sad to me or was he just busy, there were
days when he would close the door to his office and tell me
he did not want to be disturbed. He would get these terrible
headaches and I tried to help him as much as I could. I wanted
to take care of him, I wanted to make sure he was happy; I wanted
to see him smile.
There was a big turnover in the office and everyone was given
the chance to bid on another position in any department,
to learn something new and add more skills to the ones they
know now, to meet other employees and get familiar with
how the company runs. If you couldn’t pick a department
to be in then one would be assigned to you. It was the company’s
way of doing something new and exciting in today’s market
to keep us all motivated, plus it gives you a change to see
how the other various departments operate. I was going
to get a new assistant and I had no idea what to expect. Was
she capable of handling all the crap that goes down here
in IS? Let’s hope so.
Monday morning, there she was, she walked into my office
with a huge box in front of her. As I looked up, I saw her standing
behind my desk, covered by this box. She tried to hold the
box to her side so she could introduce herself to me.
“Hi, my name is Lisa English” her sultry voice said to me.
I must not have spoke to her, because she repeated her name
again. I then shook myself out of my revelry, stood up and
shook her hand smiling at her.
She was just my height, as I moved about my wide desk my jaw
dropped when I saw what she wore. She stood before me in black
leather high heels shoes, black stockings with that line
going down the back of them, I saw as she turned and I followed
her out to her desk right outside my door. I watched as her
plump ass moved back and forth as she walked in front of me.
She wore a black skirt, to say the least, it was long and covered
her to her knees, but it was tight, it fit her like a glove,
showing off everything, on top she wore a long sleeve white
blouse that was cut so low in front it could be obscene, or
was that just my imagination, her soft brown eyes, slanted
in the corner like a wild cat, full lips, and the most beautiful
smile, I have ever seen.
I knew trouble when it walked in the door and she was it. I
could feel my cock getting hard, harder than it’s been in
a long time. I wanted to rub it, to feel its power in my hand,
but I couldn’t I had to talk to her and get her acquainted
with the department. I never thought someone this beautiful
would work for me, being my assistant and help me with various
projects. If I’m getting a hard on now, what am I going to
do for the next 6 months, this was pure torture. She is pure
I quickly thought of something else to distract me from
my lower regions, baseball… yeah that should work. I thought
of last night’s game… taking my mind off of her, then she
leaned over to place her box on the floor, and her ass was
right within my reach, so full and so plump and so dangerously
close. I was mesmerized by her, I could not take my eyes off
of her, I wanted her but deep within me I knew I could never
make a move, with all the job policies and such, we were sure
to get caught and then both get fired. I would never place
her in that predicament, because of my raging libido.
She then turned to me and smiled again. Showing me straight
white teeth between full lips and dark red lipstick, her
oval face accentuated by almond shaped eyes, hidden discreetly
by her red framed glasses, long smooth neck, full ripe breast
I could see. She sat in her appointed chair and turned to
face me. I looked down at her, sitting there beneath me,
looking up to me for directions. I could feel the hard on
again as my mind shifted while she explained to me what department
she came from.
I told her about this department and what we do. I told her
a small list of things that she would be required to do for
me, expenses, travel, meeting schedules, taking messages,
taking notes in my meetings, and others projects. She sat
back in the chair crossed those long legs of hers and began
to write down everything I said, asking a few questions.
Would I like a cup of coffee in the morning, and how did I take
it, menus for my lunch, different schedules. She was organized,
I gave her that.
She looked up at me with those eyes, soft brown eyes that
took my breath away, so full of innocence. My heart stopped
beating for a minute. I had to get hold of myself or I was sure
to get in big trouble with Lisa. But she was irresistible,
she was mouth watering, and she was worth waiting for.
That was about a month ago, and I walk in here every morning
and I try not to look at her, I whiz right by her desk, so she
wont be able to detect my feelings for her, how when I look
at her I see her soul and I want her to be a part of my life. But
I have no clue as to what to say to her that doesn’t pertain
to business, how can I make this happen.
“Lisa, Can you come in my office?” I called her on the speaker
“Yes Joseph.” I heard her say.
I looked up and I saw her walking towards my desk, then sit
in the black leather chair directly across from me. I sat
and waited, looking at her for some kind of sign, that she
liked me too. Then she looked up at me.
“How can I help you?” she asked in that voice that made all
the nasty images of me fucking her come rushing back in my
brain. I smiled lightly.
“Well the holidays are almost here and I need you to organize
my Christmas card mailing list, there is a big contest for
the best decorated department, and we should discuss if
you want any time off for the holidays too.”
I was surprised to hear his voice when he called me into his
office; I hardly go in there, unless he is not there. I remember
the other morning when I got in at 7.00am and I knew he was
in a meeting up town and he was returning later. I walked
in and just stood there, looking around, seeing him there
sitting behind his desk, staring at me, I wanted him so bad,
to have him so near me and then so far out of my reach, was hell.
I walked to his chair and sat down, leaning back and closing
my eyes picturing him there sitting at the desk and asking
me to unbutton my blouse for him. I could smell his scent
all over the office his cologne that he wore, his after shave,
everything in here was him. I could hear him tell me to spread
my legs for him like a good little girl. My legs spread on
their own. My ass moved back and forth in his seat, I could
feel him seeping into me, I could feel everything about
him, and I had waited so long for. My hands moved to my tits
as I touched my nipples slightly, feeling their hardness
beneath my bra. I wanted him so badly; it was just hell to
be so close with someone you could never have.
My one hand moved lower to my heated pussy, and barely touched
it, just teasing myself, mercifully. I instinctively
closed my legs around my hand as it rested on top of my pussy.
I could feel myself getting wet, if he would only give me
some signal, that he wanted me as much as I wanted him, I could
make him happy, I know that I could. I stood up and walked
about his office, talking to myself, wondering out loud
what he was doing, if he ever thought about me, the way that
I think about him. If we thought I was attractive, if he wanted
Maybe he has a girlfriend, or something. That could be the
reason, but then that didn’t make sense because no one ever
called for him. The only women who called would be the ones
that worked in other departments asking questions about
different forms and such. I stood there for a while and said
out loud that maybe this is the closest I was ever going to
get to Joseph, that I should move on and let him out of my mind.
But when you want something so badly, it’s hard to just give
up on it. I walked back to my desk and tried to concentrate
on my work until he got there.
What she didn’t know was that we have had a few burglaries
in the office, and since I was the Manager of this department
I had several hidden cameras installed, so we could watch
everything that was going on. I looked at her as she sat across
from my desk, and I was trying to think of a way to tell her
that I saw her on film when she sat in my chair, when she talked
to herself and said how much she wanted me, when she opened
her legs and rubbed her pussy and squeezed her tits too,
that I also wanted the same things.
I began our conversation with the holiday card list, giving
her that to do and then asking her about the decoration for
the department, she was very happy and said she would love
to take that project. She also mentioned that she was not
going home for the holidays that she was going to be here
in the city, so she didn’t need the time off. That she had
no one to spend it with anyway. I looked up at her, and I saw
a small tear about to form in her eye, but she quickly dismissed
it and continued to write.
After about 30 minutes, I had to tell her.
“Did you know that we have had some small burglaries in this
department a few months ago?” I asked her gently.
She looked at me, shaking her head no.
“No Mr. Nassour, I never knew that.” She stated.
I could see all the thoughts that ran threw her head at that
“Yeah a few months back we had a few things come up missing,
and Lisa I am not accusing you, but what you don’t know is
that I had installed after that a few small video cameras
throughout the department, to see what is really going
on.” I said to her.
I watched her face carefully, as she digested the information.
She shook her head agreeing with me. Then it hit her.
“There is also a hidden camera in this office.” I said low.
Her eyes grew big, and wild with fright. She looked like
a trapped animal. But I didn’t want scare her, but to tell
her that I felt the same things towards her also.
“Oh my god… oh my god!!!!!” my mind kept yelling over and
over again. I never knew that, I would have never come in
her and did what I did or said the things that I said either.
I was just caught up in the feelings of him and how much I wanted
him. I sat there and looked at Joseph for any indication
that I was about to lose my job, that I was going to hell in
a hand basket for what I did. I never knew… I just never knew.
“I want you to close my door.” I told her to give us some privacy.
She swallowed hard and put her things on the end of my desk
and stood up, she wore this red dress that was so fucking
hot on her body, it was kind of flouncy, so it moved around
when she walked, with short sleeve but still cut low in the
front as it molded to her firm breasts. She turned her back
to me and moved to the door, walking slowly and shut it.
Then she turned to face me as I sat back in my chair, looking
at her and all her beauty.
“I’m so sorry Mr. Nassour, I never meant to do that, to come
in to your domain and sit in your chair and……” she trailed
off. Her head was bowed as she looked at her feet.
I stood up behind my desk and I walked towards her, as she
stood in the middle of my office between the desk and the
door. I walked slowly around my desk and I will admit that
I took a lot of pleasure in torturing her, I loved the way
she looked, weak and defeated and I was the only one who could
save her. I was her knight in shining armor.
I moved to her, standing in front of her, taking in everything
about her, her smell, the way she looks so fucking hot all
the time.
“You’re sorry?” I asked her.
She shook her head yes.
in her ear.
“Yes, yes… I’m so sorry.” She tried to plead with me.
“Sorry you got caught, or sorry that you did it?” I said to
“sorry that I got caught” she mumbled.
I continued to walk around her, looking at her taking her
all in, every part of her body I wanted to commit to my memory,
what she looked like and how she sounded, everything.
“Do you know how we punish bad little bitches, like you,
around here?” he asked me in return.
My body was on fire for him, I wanted him more than ever before,
he was the epitome of the man that I wanted and needed in my
life, I always wanted someone who was strong and powerful,
someone who could control me and be my Master; that was Joseph.
I could feel my breath, restricted in my chest, my breathing
became labored it was hard to breath with him so near to me
as he circled me, like I was his prey.
I looked up at him as he stood in front of me, his piercing
blue eyes, penetrating mine. I was lost. I could hear his
voice over and over in my head, ” bad little bitches, bad
little bitches” and that’s exactly what I was, I didn’t
care how, I just wanted him with every fiber of my body.
“No, how do they get punished?” I questioned him with a hint
of fear. Not really sure where this was going but loving
all of it.
I knew this was MY time I knew that today was going to be the
day that I had her all to myself, that I was going to make her
all mine. Today was going to be the first, and I wasn’t sure
where we were going but I knew what had to be done, she needed
this, she needed to be tamed, she has come in this office
for the last few months, wearing the flimsiest of outfits
here, tempting me beyond reasonable doubt. I had heard
what the guys say about her, and how much they want her, but
she always says no to all of there requests to go out, that
she is waiting for someone special to come into her life.
I looked at her, daring her to challenge me, I still don’t
think that she really knows how I feel about HER, so I will
use this moment to my own satisfaction. I reached up with
one fingers and ran it across the deep cleavage of her dress,
I wanted so much more. Just touching her like this was killing
“First off, only dirty sluts come to work showing so much
of themselves, only hot nasty black bitches, would come
to work dressed the way that you do and tease their boss,
so badly that he has to jerk off in the bathroom 2 times a day.
Only fucking whores like you will come into their bosses
office and finger fuck themselves, with her legs spread
wide for the camera, touching her tits and hard nipples
and doing it all in my chair.” My fingers moved lower down
her dress, feeling her and touching her, I could see her
nipples hardened. She was loving this so much. She needs
my control.
Her eyes were closed now and I knew she was enjoying this,
I knew that she wanted me to take her, but it wasn’t going
to be that easy, she will beg me first.
“Tell me what a dirty black bitch you are for Joseph!” he
said to me.
His words were killing me, he was all the man I ever wanted,
and to hear him talk to me that way, call me those names, made
me wetter than ever before.
“I am a dirty hot slut, because I wear such trampy clothes
to work. I am a nasty bitch cuz I’m always thinking of you
and all the things I want you to do to me, I am a fucking whore,
because you are the only man that I dream about and that I
want so bad it tears me up inside.” I mumbled to him.
His hands were on my breast now, massaging them together,
my nipples hard and tight, he took them in both hands and
squeezed them so hard I thought I was going to faint, my knees
almost gave out from under me. He lowered his head as his
lips pressed against the center on my chest, then his tongue
snaked out to lick the tops of my breast, I could hear him
moaning slightly. I loved it.
“You know what Lisa, open your eyes to me, from now on you
are going to be MY black hot bitch, you are going to please
me and ONLY me, you will belong to me, understand me?” he
said to me as his hand was on my jaw as he grabbed me and made
me look him in the eye as he talked to me.
I tried to pull away from him but it was no use he wasn’t letting
me go anytime soon.
“Yes Joseph, yes… I am all yours.” I said to him.
“What are you to me?” he asked sternly. I was silent for a
minute, I didn’t want to say it no matter how much I loved
it and wanted it and needed it too. So I closed my eyes again.
Why was it so hard for me to give myself to him when that was
what I wanted all along, being forced to say it was so erotic
for me, his dominant side was everything to me, I wanted
him to fuck me right here. Because when I give me myself to
him, I can never take it back, that I will belong to him forever,
that he will be my Master.
“I am a dirty hot bitch.” I mumbled.
“No you are MY dirty hot BITCH!” he snarled.
He said pinching my nipples threw my dress…
“I’m your dirty hot bitch, Joseph yours and only yours”
I said to him.
“Yeah that’s what daddy wanted to hear, that you belong
to me and ONLY me. Tell me you want that too?” he asked as he
continued to punish my nipples, pulling them and twisting
them, it was so hard to think when his hands were upon me,
and the fact that I knew this is what I wanted all along, that
I have been doing everything in my power to get his attention,
would do anything to please him.
“I want that Joseph, I need that, and I need you.” I told him,
finally looking up into his blue eyes, those eyes that told
me who was in charge.
“You make me so happy; I have wanted you since you walked
in that door. I fantasize about you all the time; thinking
of everything I want to do to you, every way I want to fuck
you, all the things I want you do to with this big cock if mine”
he said as I could feel how hard his cock was how he rubbed
it between my legs, almost stroking me with it too.
His lips found mine and he kissed me, his mouth devoured
me, and took over, he left me breathless, his thick pink
tongue fought with mine, twisting and turning reaching
all down my throat, he wanted everything from me, and he
was not going to stop until he had it all.
His hands rested on my waist, as we stood together. My arms
up and around his neck, holding on to him for dear life, loving
the feel of his hard body next to me, burning into me. His
hands moved from my big tits to my ass, as me grabbed my ass
pulling me closer to him, grinding each other in the middle
of his office.
“You’re such a dirty fucking cunt you know that, do you know
how crazy you got me, you are going to beg me to fuck you, I
know how much you want it, but you will beg for it first, since
you want me so bad. You hot bitch!” he told me.
His fingers moved lower down my dress, the fabric was so
thin it was like his fingers burned into me, the palm of his
hand covered my pussy, cupping it, sizing it, and he rubbed
it slowly. My eyes closed instantly and my head fell back
and I moaned out his name.
“Ohhhhhh, Joseph, oh my god!!!!” I stuttered. His mouth
was on my neck licking and sucking me hard.
“Yeah you like that you slut, you like everything I do to
you, you need this so fucking much, you need this so damn
bad, you need this cock, and only what I can offer you. I can
feel your dirty wet pussy getting wetter and wetter, it’s
just leaking with your juice.” He growled.
His fingers slipped between my lips and slowly moved back
and forth, his fingers held me captive as he finger fucked
me, his fingers moved across my swollen clit and I almost
fainted again, with his thumb and fore finger together,
he pulled and pinched my clit sending shivers all over my
“Open your legs, like a good whore, open them cuz you know
this is what you need!” he ordered. As my pussy leaked and
leaked all over his fingers and hand. I was never this wet
before. I was never with a man like this before either.
I held on for dear life, everything he did to me was delicious,
every sensation burned into my brain, every feeling and
every touch memorized. I was going to cum, and I could feel
it, I was on the verge of exploding. Then his fingers stopped,
they stopped. I opened my eyes to look at him in shock.
“Why did you stop?” I asked him out of breath. I watched and
he walked away from me and walked back to his chair. I stood
there needing so much more, this couldn’t be the end, and
I have to have all of him. My eyes pleaded with him, to come
back to me and finish what he fucking started.
“I am your Master and you will not question me.” He said to
“But I was about to cum.” I whined.
“Yeah I know, but you will cum when I say you can cum, that’s
what dirty black sluts like you get, you don’t get anything
more than that. Do you understand?” he asked.
No I had no fucking clue what he was talking about except
that I wanted him and NOW. I was shaking, I was speechless,
but loving it all. My nerves were on end and I felt like crying.
“Come here” he ordered me.
I walked slowly to him and stood before him, standing over
him as he sat in his chair leaning back and looking up at me.
I saw his hand move to his pants, rubbing that cock right
in front of me, making me want him more and more. I could see
how hard he was and how BIG he was, I was surprised too, being
that he was white. He hands moved back and forth across the
tops of his pants and I watched. I licked my lips unconsciously.
I kneeled in front of him and he smiled, I watched him some
more and then reached my hand out to touch him, to feel him,
my hand touched his cock lightly and his body jerked. I moved
both hands to his belt and unbuckled it, then they moved
to his zipper as I unzipped his pants reaching inside to
grab hold of that cock, that big white cock, the cock that
I had been dreaming about for months.
“Suck my cock, you filthy whore, suck it like the good slut
that you are.” He said, my mouth lowered to him and I licked
the head, round and big and smooth as it was, then I sucked
on the head, right past my full lips, sucking gently, then
opening my mouth wider I sucked him all the way inside my
mouth, he was long and thick, fitting my mouth perfectly,
I could feel his hands in my hair as he grabbed me and started
to fuck my mouth, moving his hips up and down, he was chocking
me, but I loved it, I got him all the way to the back of my throat,
his balls resting against my face.
“Mmmmmm, yeah, that’s it, suck Masters big cock. Suck it!”
I heard.
As he moved faster and faster in my mouth. I took him all,
I wanted to make him happy, and I wanted to please him. I didn’t
I cradled his balls in my one hand and rubbed them gently,
then I fingered his ass, I so wanted that ass too, my finger
moved down slippery wet from my spit, he spread his legs
wider for me too and scrunched down in the chair some more,
I had a great view of his tight pink ass, my finger at his hole,
slowly moved inside him, little by little as I sucked him
and fingered him too, he was loving it, all of it. He grabbed
the base of his cock and pumped it, right I front of my face;
he moved my mouth away but still had me by my hair as my finger
played with his asshole.
“You love this don’t you Lisa, you love me taking you like
this, just like a dirty bitch!! You want all of this don’t
I tried to shake my head yes as me made me watch him stroke
it in front of me, but I wanted to do it for him.
Then he stopped again.
“Get on my desk, my hot slut!” he said.
I stood up and placed my ass on the edge of his desk. He maneuvered
his chair so he was positioned in front of me, with me standing
between his legs. He leaned forward a bit and placed the
palms of his hands on my thighs, rubbing the fabric of my
dress very gently, he leaned up a bit more and placed his
face against my hot pussy, just laying there, smelling
me, placing small kisses there. I hands moved to his shoulders
and I held him, his tongue snaked out and he licked the top
of my smoothly waxed pussy, sweet dark chocolate. His fingers
slid between my slit and my juices ran out of me, his fingers
then pulled my lips part and he lowered his face and ate my
wet cunt, as his tongue licked me and flicked back and forth
across my clit, and he took my phat clit in his mouth and suck
me, as his fingers moved inside me and fingered me, in and
out, in and out, and my pussy tightened all around him. As
he pulled my legs further apart so he could put his face all
in me, so he could worship my pussy, so he would eat me forever
as I began to come and come in his mouth, as I grabbed a handful
of his thick hair and pumped my pussy on his mouth. As I loved
what he was doing to me, and he didn’t stop, his tongue was
crazy lapping me and sucking me, and I came again, my juice
all over his face, and he loved it. As I fell back on his desk,
exhausted, I could see Joseph stand over me, between my
legs, as he took the fingers that were deep inside me a second
ago and place them at my mouth so I could suck and lick them
clean, and I did moaning and grinding my hips in the process.
I looked down to see his hard cock, as he rubbed it on my pussy
covering his head with all my creamy wetness, and with one
quick move his was inside me..filling me up, his hips moved
as he was so deep inside me, fucking me, his hips pounding
my pussy, over and over, his cock laying claim to me. He reached
down to grab my tits pinching my nipples as I screamed out
his name, as he moved inside me.
Her pussy was so tight on my hard cock, and I loved that. I
waited so long for her that I was going crazy just to have
her now, that being inside her like this as she gave herself
to me was indescribable for words, that I had all the feelings
buried within me for so long, and now knowing that she wanted
me too, we made the perfect couple, both of us hot and horny,
teasing each other. Loving every feeling that surrounded
us in this room. I grabbed her hips and rammed my cock all
in her, I wanted her to remember who she belonged to, I wanted
her to know that this was not going to be a one time thing,
that she was mine now and forever.
“God baby, your pussy is so tight, I love that.” He said out
of breath.
“Tell daddy how much you love this, how much you need this
cock in side you?” he asked.
“Oh yes, daddy YES!!!! I love it all, I want it so bad.” I yelled.
“Oh yeah, ,, , oh yeah, this is Joey’s pussy…. Yeah all
Joey’s” he mumbled.
I knew we were going to cum, everything was at a boiling point,
and it was about to blow. I felt his body move deeper and faster,
moving my legs high in the air over his shoulders and he leaned
over me, holding on to my shoulders and fucking the shit
out of me. Leaning down he kissed me both tongues fighting
for supremacy. I began to shake as my pussy grabbed hold
of his cock and milked him as I came all over that fat white
cock, all over his balls just dripping all over him, as his
body stiffened as he blew off inside me, growling like an
animal as he found his release.
He lay in top of me as we tried to catch our breath, he sat back
in his chair leaning up a bit to pull me by the hand over to
him and he placed me on his lap as we sat in the big black leather
chair together. He held me, his hands smoothing my hair,
rubbing my cheeks and kissing me slowly.
I closed my eye and I knew I had truly found what I was looking
for, that I was finally happy.
Joseph and I were going to be good together, loving each
other, and fucking each other every time we get.

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