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Golf Lesson


It was a Wednesday afternoon and I had nothing to do so I decided
to go play some golf. I'm not very good but I do enjoy
the game. I didn't have a tee time so I was hoping it would
be slow and I could just walk on and play by myself. Luckily,
that was not to be. I was given a tee time a half an hour away
and told it would be a twosome.

That wasn't so bad. We could split the cost of a cart
and at least there would only be one person seeing how bad
I was instead of three. I got a beer then went to the driving
range to hit a bucket while I waited. Two beers later I hear
my name over the loud speaker. I collect my bag and head over
to the first tee.

Waiting for me next to a cart was one of the most amazing looking
men I've ever seen. Dressed in an off white linen shirt
and perfectly cut white pants, he stood 6'4",
was about 220 pounds and black. The way his clothes hung
you could see that even though he was in his early 40's
he was still well muscled. He had a dark complexion that
made his muscular arms look even more so. As I walked over
he flashed a brilliant smile and held out his hand saying,
"Hi, I'm Tony. Looks like we'll be playing

"Hi Tony, I'm Aaron. Looking forward to it. Be
warned though, I'm awful so if I slow you down just kick
me out of the cart."

We made small talk about the weather and what not as we loaded
up the cart. When we were loaded up Tony got into the driver's
seat and asked if I minded if he drove. I had no indication
that he was gay or bi and I usually don't flirt with men
in even the most benign ways but something about him made
me say, "I was hoping you would want to drive. I like
a man that takes control!" I laughed like I was making
a joke but I watched his reaction.

He smiled and gave me an appraising look. He must be a good
poker player because his reaction was difficult to read.
He could have been looking me over in a sexual way or maybe
just checking to see if I was serious. I was hoping for the

On our way to the first tee I asked how he managed to have a
Wednesday off. Turns out he's independently wealthy
from investments in the 90's. Now all his money comes
from real estate which doesn't require much of his

At the first tee we talked about the basics of our lives.
When he asked who should go first I continued the flirting
by saying, "Well, you're the man in control..."

This time when he smiled he looked directly into my eyes
and held my gaze for a moment before moving to the tee box.
I was starting to think there might be something there.

His tee shot was incredible. Perfectly straight and 3/4
of the way to the green. I was impressed and intimidated
and I told him as much.

"Don't worry Aaron. We all start somewhere.
Maybe I can take control and teach you some things today."

This time the flirt was in his tone. He had made an innocent
statement but there could be some sexual overtone to it.
He was better at this than me.

I blushed as I walked to the tee. I was distracted by what
he had said and I wasn't thinking, or I should say I was
over thinking, when I hit the ball and I'll be damned
if it didn't land just short of his.

"I thought you said you were awful?", Tony asked.

"Well, you had me distracted so I didn't think
about messing up", I admitted.

"That's true of a lot of things in life. Sometimes
you're better off acting without thinking too much",
he said as we got into the cart.

When we pulled up to my ball and I got out I could definitely
feel Tony's eyes on me. Again it could be totally innocent.
I mean, where else would he be looking? And again, I was thinking
about him when I swung and my ball landed in the middle of
the green.

"Nice shot! I didn't do anything to distract
you that time", he said as I got back in the cart.

"Don't be so sure", I replied.

He hit his ball closer to the pin than mine and we drove on
up. I two putted for par and he sank his for a birdie.When
we went back to the cart Tony reached into a cooler that he
had put on the back and pulled out two Fat Tire beers, offering
me one. I gladly accepted. When I had initially flirted
with him I hadn't really expected him to respond so
I hadn't been nervous, but now that it seemed like he
may be interested I was getting a little shaky as per my usual
chicken-shit M.O. I figured the beer couldn't hurt.

At the next tee I was doubly nervous. Now I was nervous about
golf and Tony! This time my true golfing skills showed through
and my ball hooked into the trees. Tony once again hit a great

"Now that's more like it", I said sarcastically
about my shot.

"No big deal, " He reassured me. "I'll
give you some pointers."

We drove to the edge of the fairway and he followed me into
the trees. My ball was about 10 feet in and in some leaves.
As I stood over my ball Tony asked, "Need any help?"

"Absolutely!", I answered. I had actually
forgotten about our flirting for a moment but was quickly
reminded when he moved behind me.

"Turn the grip in your hand a little....yea, like
that...line the ball off of your front foot for this shot...good...keep
your back swing short..."

This is where he took our flirting to a whole new level! He
wrapped his arms around me and put his hands on my wrists.
His muscular chest leaned on my back and his hips were pressing
against my butt as he swung my arms back. At about 3/4 of my
regular swing he stopped and brought my arms back down,
saying "You feel that?"

I didn't know if he meant the difference in the height
of my back swing or his bulge pressing against my ass, so
looking back over my shoulder at him I said, "Oh yea!
That feels interesting. Can you show me again?"

He smiled and reached around me and grabbed my wrists again.
This time he held a little tighter and swung my arms a little
slower. When my arms were pointing down, but before he let
go of me again, I decided to advance the flirt another notch.

"While I've got you here like this let me ask you
something. I've always wondered if I should move my
hips like I'm swinging a baseball bat or try to keep
them more stationary...let me show you what I mean."

He kept a hold of my arms as I swung my arms back and I pressed
my butt back against him a little then rocked them right
on the back swing and left on the down swing. His bulge was
right in the crack of my ass and when I moved my hips, my butt
slid back and forth across him. He responded with a very
subtle grind of his hips against me.

"Yea, depending on the shot you may want to move them
even more, like this...go ahead and do your back swing."

This time he let go of my hands and put his hands on my hips.
As I swung back he pulled me against him, moved my hips right
and twisted them back a little. Like I said, he was definitely
better at this than me!

I held my club at the top of my swing, hoping to show him that
I would follow directions exactly as I was given them.

"Good! Now on the down swing you unleash all that energy
that you just stored in your hips...", and he twisted
my hips back and pushed me back to the left. The whole time
his hips stayed pressed firmly against me. "Feel
the difference?", he asked into my ear.

"Oh's huge!", I said.

Now I could tell it was huge because his bulge throbbed against
my ass just once as we stood there still locked together.
He was pointed down my crack and filled the entire length
of it! He also felt to be exceptionally thick!

He let go of me and moved beside me. I stood staring at him
and must have looked like an idiot. He finally smiled and
pointed at my ball in the leaves. Again I blushed and tried
to hide it by setting up on the ball. I hit it pretty good and
it was back in the fairway.

"Nice. Hope you get in some more trouble so I can give
you some more pointers, " Tony said as he walked back
to the cart.

Even my sometimes-slow-to-pick-up-on-flirting self
could now tell that he was interested and flirting with
me. I drank half of my beer before we got to his ball. I watched
him move as he made his shot. He was powerful and smooth.
I hoped for the same thing if I was lucky enough for him to
really take control of me.We finished that hole without
any more helpful tips, to my disappointment.

I wasn't disappointed for long though because at the
next tee he said, "I noticed something when you swing
your driver. Can I give you a pointer here?"

In the woods I had completely forgotten that we were in semi-public
but now, out in the open, I felt a little more exposed so I
took a look around before answering. There wasn't
anyone behind or in front of us so I said, "Tony, you
can give me any pointers you want! That last one was excellent."

He too looked around before answering then said, "Don't
worry. No one's looking", and he winked.

This time I don't even remember what the advise was,
I just remember his hands holding my hips tight and his now
even more bulging crotch rubbing my ass. I remember him
saying something like 'Loosen those hips' as
we stood there grinding against each other. Sound golfing
advise I guess. His hands were on my arms, explaining how
they should be positioned when he said, "Nice arms

"Thanks, I couldn't help but notice yours as
well, " I replied.

What he said must've sunk in at the time because when
he let go of me and told me to swing away I hit a really nice
shot. I out drove him on that hole but only by a few feet. We
putted for a tie and were on to the next hole.

He replaced our empty beers with new ones at the next tee
so I asked, "Are you trying to get me drunk?"

"Do I need to?", was his bold question.

Now on my forth beer I answered even more boldly, "Not
to win at golf but it might help for after?"

"Touche, " he said with a grin.

We played that hole in relative silence. I think we were
both thinking about the possibilities between us. I know
I was anyway.

As we drove to the next hole he put his arm on the back of my
seat. Again completely deniable if I suddenly went 'Hey,
I'm not gay! What are you doing?' It's not
unusual for a guy to put his arm on the back of the other seat
but the guys have usually been friends for some time. Between
us it was a more suggestive move. I felt his hand barely touch
my back so I knew his hand was more on the seat than behind
it so I leaned back a little into his hand. He flattened his
hand on my back and just kept it there. Neither of us said
anything about it but it hung in the air. Keeping his hand
on my back was not a normal guy-friend thing. To encourage
him and let him know I felt his hand and liked it I put a foot
up on the dash of the cart, which lowered me in the seat a bit.
Now when I leaned back his hand was on my neck. I closed my
eyes, leaned my head back and kind of moved it side to side
so his hand rubbed my neck. He gave my neck a gentle squeeze
as we pulled up to the next tee.

My dick had grown a bit from his touch and needed adjusting
when I got out of the cart. I couldn't just reach down
and grab myself though, so it was straining against my right
leg. I caught a glance of Tony's groin as he walked to
the tee and he was having the same problem as I was. His pants
were so light weight though that I could clearly see the
outline of his cock straining against the material. It
looked to be a monster already and he couldn't have
been more than half hard!

I was nervous as hell now. We were on the edge of something
and although I wanted it I was still scared. I don't
know what he was thinking but the next couple of holes were
pretty much played in silence except for us complimenting
each other when we hit the ball well.

Now at the 7th hole I was again off of the fairway when Tony
asked, "Would you like another tip here?"

It had been torture thinking that maybe I had been wrong
all along and nothing had really been going on between us
so I needed to test him some more to try to make sure.

"Yes please Tony, and hopefully this tip will be as
hot as the other ones!"

I was a little disappointed at first when he just started
showing me by example until, as he stood with club in hand
he said, "Move around here behind me..."

I quickly walked behind him. He reached back and put my hands
on his hips. I think he was testing me now. Maybe he was concerned
that I was setting him up somehow and he needed me to make
some obvious move so when he said "Now, feel how my
hips are moving?" and swung his hips back and forth.

I moved my hands farther around in front of him. I stepped
forward so my again throbbing dick was pressed against
his butt, which felt quite muscular by the way. My hands
slid to the joint between his hips and thighs as I said, "I
just wanted to see if your body moved back and forth at all.
Is that ok?"

"Yea, very ok!", was his answer.

When my right hand slid down a couple of inches my finger
tips touched the edge of his cock as it hung down his leg.
After a brief touch I moved my hand back up. I had been holding
my breath when I made that move to his cock and I think he may
have been too. We both took a second to catch our breaths
then separated.

"Yea, I definitely felt the difference, thanks",
I said as I moved away."

My pleasure", he responded.

I hit my ball and we were soon on the 8th tee. We both hit decent
shots and were in the cart on the way to our balls when he asked,
"Are you playing 18 cause I was only going to play 9?"

I had intended to play 18 but then I had not intended to meet
him. Now I was going to do what ever it took to spend some time
with him so I answered, "Oh I think I'll just play
9 as well. What are you doing after?"

"I was just going to go home and hang out at the pool
or something. Care to join me?"

I may have answered a bit too quickly but I couldn't
help it and "Yes!" instantly popped out of my
mouth and I was blushing again.

He smiled and said, "Good. Let's hurry up and
finish then!"

In minutes we were back at the clubhouse parking the cart.
We started walking to the parking lot and found that we had
parked directly across from each other so as we put away
our clubs and changed shoes we made arrangements for me
to follow him to his house in Cherry Hills Village. The address
was impressive! He gave me his cell phone number in case
we got separated in traffic and we were on our way.

In my car I had to squeeze my throbbing cock a few times as
I drove. It had been screaming for attention since that
first tee and needed a little relief. I was hard as a rock!
As we neared CHV I pointed my aching cock down my leg and left
it alone so that my hard on would go away. As I followed his
BMW into the gated driveway of his house it was back to semi-hard.

The gate closed behind us as we drove up the winding driveway
and finally parked in front of a house that could really
only be called a mansion. He got out of his car and waited
for me as I walked up. His eyes looked me up and down and he
smiled as I got near. I had also taken him in as I approached.
We were both smiling.

Once I was beside him he turned and looked at the house and
said "It's home."

"And then some!", was my reply.

We turned and headed to the front door and his hand moved
to my lower back. I had done that numerous times walking
with a girl and it was interesting to have it done to me. His
hand rested half on my belt line and half on my back and he
made small rubbing motions as we walked.

When we were about 15 feet from the front door it opened and
a middle aged white woman answered the door.

"Hi Angela. This is my friend Aaron. We're going
to go for a swim so why don't you take the rest of the day

I couldn't tell exactly what Angela's smile meant
but it had a knowing quality to it. I'm sure I wasn't
the first friend Tony had brought home.

"Very good sir. I'll see you tomorrow then",
and she walked to a second garage on the side of the house.

We stepped inside and Tony told me, "Angela's
a great housekeeper but short of giving her the day off there's
no way we could have any privacy here. It's my house
but she knows everything that happens in it while she's

I just smiled as I stood taking in the inside of his home.
It was refined and luxurious without being ostentatious.
He gave me a tour as we headed toward the back of the house.
Once at the back, glass wall of the house we looked out on
a perfectly landscaped yard.

He opened the french doors and we stepped out side. Only
now did his hand leave my back as he used it to point off to
the right.

"The pool is just on the other side of those trees.
You can see the roof of the pool house just there",
he said as he pointed. "There are swim trunks and towels
in there. How about I meet you there in about 10 minutes?
I need to run upstairs and change."

"Sounds good. We should have had Angela make us a couple
of drinks before she left though", I said with a smile.

"There's a bar by the pool. Feel free to make something
and I'll have what ever you're having",
Tony replied as he squeezed my shoulder and walked away.

I walked down the brick path and emerged from the trees to
see a large kidney shaped pool with a waterfall spilling
into the far end. On the closer end was the covered bar/grill
area and on the left was the pool house. I went to the bar and
mixed up two rum and cokes and left his sitting on the bar
in case he showed up before I had changed.

I went into the pool house and found that it was more like
a guest house. It had one bedroom and bath, a kitchen and
a game room with a pool table and big screen TV. It must have
been 2000 square feet. In the dresser in the bedroom I found
several pairs of shorts in different sizes. I picked a black
and white pair and stripped down to change.

It was difficult to keep from getting excited as I stood
there nude so I put on the shorts quickly. I left my clothes
on the bed and walked out to the pool. Tony had already changed
and was sitting on a stool by the bar. He raised his glass
in salute and waved me over.

As I walked over I took in his body which was now only covered
by a pair of white shorts. My shorts were the mid thigh length
type. Tony was wearing the old "dolphin" style
running/swimming shorts where the front and back panels
over lapped at the side. The contrast of the bright white
shorts and his dark skin looked great. His muscular upper
body, ripped stomach and large legs looked even better!
His chest was slab like and he had big round shoulders. His
stomach was the classic 6-pack. His legs were large and

When I moved up beside him I could see that the shorts had
opened up on the side. The side of his butt was visible and
had that nice concave curve. There was also a nice bulge
in the front of his shorts but it looked like he had a jock
strap on so I couldn't see any distinctive outline.

Looking at him as I sat down on the barstool, I felt my dick
throb. I was not wearing a jock strap so I knew he would see
the outline of my package if he looked.

"Those shorts look great on you...nice fit",
he said as he looked down at my previously mentioned crotch.

"Ummm...thanks...your too."

I took a drink to try to cover my blushing.We sat facing each
other and Tony moved so that his right knee was between my
knees and he put his foot on the foot rest of my stool. I opened
my legs a bit to accommodate him.

We sat and talked about the golf game for a minute and I quickly
finished my drink. He saw my empty glass and told me to make
another drink. His tone was just slightly more aggressive
and I liked it so I said, "Yes sir!"

He smiled at me and said, "That's right, you like
a man that takes control? In that case, bring your drink
and lets go sit in the hot tub!"

Without waiting for my response he got up and started walking
toward the far end of the pool and the waterfall. I jogged
around the bar and followed behind him. As we got closer
I could see that there was a space behind the waterfall.
We walked to the side of the waterfall and I could see that
there was a hot tub behind it. Cool.

Tony walked down the steps and lowered himself into the
hot water. He hadn't left me room to sit between him
and the stairs so I had to go past him. The hot tub was only
about 3 feet wide, made for people to sit looking out through
the waterfall, so I had to turn sideways to scoot past him.
The roof of the waterfall area was only about 5 feet tall
so I had to bend over a bit as well, so when I turned to face
out of the falling water and slid past him my butt was in his

"Very nice."

I uttered a blushing thank you as I took my seat next to him.
With our drinks on the ledge in front of us Tony leaned back
and spread his legs under the water. His left leg now pressed
against my right.

"I always come out here after golfing but I'm
usually alone. This is much nicer. The only drawback is
that when it's just me I usually skinny dip."

Here was another moment of truth. We were both still feeling
each other out but I could feel that we were right on the edge.
I decided to be a bit more obvious.

"Don't let me stop you! It's your place and
I wouldn't want to impinge on your freedom."

"Really? You wouldn't mind? It's so private
here and it really is nice to run around naked. I'll
only do it if you join me."

With his leg against mine I could feel Tony raise his hips
off of the bench. Then I felt the cloth of his shorts sliding
down. The water was bubbling from the jets but I could still
see his body somewhat as he took off his shorts. His cock
arched out impressively between his legs as he sat back

"Your turn."

We were about to be two guys sitting naked in a hot tub. Big

I raised up and slid off my shorts then sat back down. When
I did, I moved over so my unclothed hip touched Tony's.

He held up his shorts then held his hand out for mine. I handed
them to him and he tossed them out onto the pool deck.

"Much better", he said and he put his hand on
my thigh.

"I agree", and I ran my hand under his arm and
put it on his thigh.

My hand was a bit higher on his thigh than his was on mine and
his cock was a good bit longer than mine so as the tip of his
cock floated in the water it brushed against the back of
my hand.

"So, here we are...", he said.

I just looked over at him and didn't say anything. I
was hoping he would take the next step.

He understood and said, "Unless I'm an idiot
I'd say we're at a crossroads here and we have to
make a decision..."

He looked at me and I nodded my head.

"A...We can either stop here and act like nothing
is going on between us and call it a day or B...we can acknowledge
the attraction and figure out what we want to do about it.
What do you think?"

"B." My heart was pounding.

"Good. Again, unless I'm way off I'd say
you are submissive and want me to take the lead. Am I right?"


"Perfect because I'm very dominant. Now, I'm
strictly a top so hopefully that works for you."

He waited for an answer from me so I said, "Yes sir.
I'm completely submissive. I need to be told what to
do rather than being asked what I want. I'm strictly
a bottom so that works out well too. Basically I'll
do anything you tell me to...sir"

"Good, then lets start by getting out of here. I can
only take about 10 minutes in this heat."

He stood up, grabbed his drink and turned to exit the hot
tub area but not before I got a clear look at his cock. It was
beautiful! It was veiny and incredibly thick and it was
already about 6 inches as it hung down between his legs.

The look was brief but as he walked away I could see his balls
between his legs and they were very large.

Without looking back he lead me to the shower outside of
the pool house. He turned on the water then indicated that
I should step under the shower head. I stood under the warm
water and Tony moved up behind me. He reached around me onto
a shelf on the wall to get the shower gel and he pressed against
my back. His cock hung against my ass cheeks and his chest
was touching my back. He put his arms around me and poured
the shower gel into his hands in front of me. He handed me
the bottle then rubbed the gel into a lather.

"First let's get the outside clean then will
work on the inside!"

His hands started to rub all over my upper body then moved
down my stomach. He teasingly ran his hands down my thighs,
excrutiatingly close to my dick but not touching it. He
ran his hands around to the back of my legs then up to my buttocks.
His soapy hands squeezed my cheeks then he ran his fingers
down my ass crack. At my asshole he applied gentle pressure
with his index finger briefly then moved on and cupped my
balls from behind.

By this point I had closed my eyes and a moan escaped my lips.
I hadn't intended to make any noise so it kind of surprised
me and I twitched a bit.

"Relax Aaron."

He had stood up but his hands were still working my ass. I
leaned back against him and closed my eyes again. This time
when his finger probed at my hole I moaned on purpose and
rocked my hips back slightly against his finger. He pushed
an inch of his finger inside me as his other hand grabbed
onto my waist. We stood there like that for a moment with
both of us making very small movements. He wiggled his finger
inside me and I tilted my hip back and forth.

"Very good. That's a nice tight ass", Tony
whispered into my ear as he pulled his finger out of me.

I whimpered slightly at the loss. His hands roamed up my
back then he grabbed my shoulders and turned me around.

My dick was rock hard and pointing up. Tony's cock had
grown a bit too and was now about 8" and pointing straight
out from his body. He reached down and cupped my balls in
one hand as the other slippery hand wrapped around my shaft.

"Oh, you're uncut. I love that!"

His hands lightly squeezed and stroked me for a moment,
getting me clean.

When he let go he said, "Now you wash me."

I opened the bottle and poured some shower gel into my hands
and worked up a good lather as Tony turned away from me. I
started by washing his broad back then working my way down
to his firm butt. I lightly ran my fingers down his crack,
not certain if he would want me to apply any pressure or not.
Some "tops" still like their asses played with,
they just don't get fucked. He didn't really react
one way or the other so I moved on. I squatted down behind
him and washed the back of his legs and calves.With my hands
at his ankles he turned around. His cock hung in my face and
I saw it jump as it throbbed. The veins were starting to stand
out and the skin on the head was tight. I very badly wanted
to take him into my mouth but I had only been told to wash him
so I had to restrain myself. I did move forward onto my knees
though because it was hard to stay squatting like I was.

I ran my soapy hands up his legs to his inner thighs. He spread
his legs a bit so I put both hands on his huge balls and caressed
them lightly. His cock throbbed again, just inches from
my face . I wrapped the fingers of my right hand around the
base of the shaft and lifted him up against his stomach.
His cock was unbelievably heavy. I had never held such a
thick, meaty cock and the heft of it was erotic in itself.

Holding him up like that I used my other hand to clean him.
As I stroked up and down the shaft with a very light grip his
cock grew and grew. I looked up past his cock, into his eyes
and he smiled at me. I returned my attention to his cock,
now using both hands to stroke him as he got completely hard.
At 10 inches he was hard as a rock and so thick that my fingers
didn't meet around the shaft!

I pressed the palm of my hand against the end of his cock and
rubbed in circles as my other hand stroked up and down the
shaft. After just a few strokes he turned away though.

He turned into the water and rinsed off saying, "Plenty
of time for that. Now let's get you clean inside."

He took my hand and pulled me up, then led me into the pool
house. We went straight to the bathroom and he opened the
closet. As he dug around in there he told me to get on my hands
and knees on the shower rug.

I did as I was told and a moment later he knelt behind me. With
one hand on my lower back he told me to relax. Just then he
pushed the lubricated tip of an enema into my ass and started
to slowly squeeze the contents into me. I don't know
if this is common but I've always loved taking an enema.
The full feeling when all the liquid is inside me turns me
on greatly. Then there is the challenge of holding it in
until I just can't take it anymore.

With the bottle emptied inside me Tony told me exactly that,
to hold it inside until I couldn't hold it any longer.
He said when I was all cleaned up to meet him in the game room.

About 10 minutes later I walked into the game room and found
Tony sitting in an over stuffed chair facing away from me,
watching TV. On the TV was a scene of a guy that was tied up
bent over a bench. Two guys were working him, one on either

"Come sit here." He pointed at the ground in
front of his feet.

I walked around the chair and sat at his feet and he indicated
that I should face the TV also, so I did. As we watched the
scene progress, Tony asked me if I had ever been tied up.
I told him that I had once and that I loved it. Next he asked
if I had ever been with two men and I told him that I had on two

"Well, depending on how you work out with me today
I may arrange something like this (indicating the TV) for
us for next time."

I liked that it wasn't a question, more a statement
of fact and my opinion didn't really matter.

"For today though I need to see how you follow directions
and I need to find out what your limits are. Now I could just
ask you but I would rather see for myself so I'm going
to try different things with you. When I reach the limit
of what you can take say 'Red' if you need me to stop
all together. You can say 'yellow' if you want
to continue but need me to switch up what we are doing. Nothing
else you say will count. If you say 'stop' I'll
just take that as part of the play. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Now let's see how you serve my cock. I liked what
you did with your palm on the tip so do that for a minute before
you suck it."

I turned to face him as I got to my knees. He had spread his
legs so I could kneel between them, so I did. His heavy cock
was lying to the right onto his thigh so I wrapped my left
hadn't around the shaft just below the head and lifted
it. I pointed it straight up as I licked the palm of my right
hand. With my palm slick, I pressed it to the tip of his cock
and rubbed in small circles. His cock instantly started
to throb and grow in my hand. I pumped my left hand up ad down
his thick shaft with a very light grip as he hardened to his
previous 10 inches.

"That feels great Boy. Lick my balls while you do that!"

I lowered my head between his legs and licked all over his
huge balls. I sucked each of them in turn and each one filled
my mouth.

Tony reached down and grabbed the hair at the back of my head.
He pulled me harder onto his balls. I licked and sucked him
harder as he pulled harder. He raised his hips and moved
my head down under his nuts. I made my tongue more of a point
and flicked it back and forth across his "taint"
for lack of a better word. He held me there for a moment so
I kept stroking and palming him as I licked. Eventually
he moved me even lower until I was licking his asshole.

"Oh yea, lick that hole boy...ummm, that's good!"

I ate his ass until he finally pulled me away and lowered
his hips. He let go of my hair then grabbed both of my wrists
and pulled my hands off of him. He held my arms apart as he
moved to sit on the front edge of the chair cushion. He slid
forward until his legs wrapped around my waist and his balls
touched my abs. His big, hard pole pointed up with the head
just under my chin. Tony put my hands, one on top of the other,
on top of my head then pushed me down.The huge mushroom head
rubbed up along my neck then beside my face onto my cheek
as I sat down on my heels. He moved so the tip of his cock came
to rest on my lips.

I closed my eyes so I could focus on the feel of the hot, tight
skin of his cock as it throbbed against my lips. I also had
to resist the urge to move since looking at him I very, very
badly wanted to take him in my mouth. Since he had not guided
or told me to move I had to stay perfectly still though.

Tony let go of my arms but I kept them exactly as he had been
holding them and sat there with my eyes closed. Apparently
he had grabbed his cock because it started to rub back and
forth on my lips, then it slapped randomly on my cheeks and

"Very good Boy. One of the hardest things to train
into a slave is restraint and the ability to stay still and
not react. You passed that with flying colors!"

I opened my eyes and smiled up at him.

Tony stood up and walked around behind me to the pool table.
I, of course, stayed as I was since I had not been told to move.

"Come here Boy, " he said after a minute.

I stood and walked over to him. My God! He was impressive
standing there nude and hard, his cock pointing straight
out from his body. He was holding two long leather straps
as he pointed to the ground between himself and the pool
table. I obediently knelt in front of him.

"Give me your hands."

I held my hands up in front of me, palms up. He buckled a strap
to each of my wrists then took both straps and walked to the
right end of the table. He wrapped the strap high around
the table leg, pulling it tight until my arm was stretched
out to the side. Once it was secure he went to the other end
of the table and tied my left arm the same way.Ordinarily
I wouldn't let someone tie up both of my arms so that
I was immobilized but I instinctively felt that I could
trust him.My heart was pounding in anticipation of what
he was going to do with me as he walked back and stood over

"Open", he said as he grabbed his cock and slowly
stroked it.

I leaned my head back a bit and opened my mouth wide. He put
his hand at the back of my head and dropped the tip of his cock
in my mouth. I wasn't sure if this was another test of
restraint so I didn't move at first although it killed
me to have his cock in my mouth and me not sucking it!

"Suck me Boy!"

I instantly sealed my lips around the tip and sucked with
gentle pressure. I rolled my tongue around inside my mouth
and flicked it up and down the slit in the head. He pulled
on my head as he moved his hips forward. The head of his cock
filled my mouth but he didn't stop there. He kept feeding
me his cock until the tip was at the top of my throat. I fought
the gag reaction but my mouth was so full that I couldn't
swallow so my throat convulsed and I gagged a bit.

"Relax...just open up and let it slid in", he

His hand lightened up on my head but he was still pushing
forward with his body. I nodded my head up and down and managed
to swallow once. The gag reflex eased and his head slid into
my throat just a bit. I opened my throat as best I could and
pushed my head forward to meet his thrust. He slid farther
down my throat.

He was far to thick to get all the way down my throat and he
knew it. I managed to get about 6 inches of him in my mouth
and down my throat though before he pulled back out. The
entire episode had taken about 30 seconds, during which
I had not been able to breath. As he pulled his cock all the
way out of my mouth I gasped for breath.

"That was excellent Aaron. Maybe someday we'll
be able to get it all the way in there

I hope so Sir. I'll keep trying!"

He let go of my head and pushed his cock back into my mouth.
I knew that this time he wasn't testing me to see if I
could restrain myself so I started sucking and licking
him. He fucked my face in 2 to 3 inch thrusts as I sucked away.
My head was pinned back against the side of the pool table.
With him rocking back and forth I couldn't get my head
away from the table or it would've smacked back into
it so I just stayed still and took what he gave me. A few times
he popped out of my mouth and the saliva covered head of his
cock would rub on my face. Each time I caught it with my tongue
and guided him back into my mouth. He fucked my mouth for
quite awhile and I was in heaven!

He eventually pulled his hard cock out of my mouth and stood
back from me. After an appraising look at me kneeling there,
bound and nude he started to undo the straps where they were
attached to the pool table. When the straps were off off
the table he told me to stand.

He let go of the straps and told me to put my hands behind my
back and turn around. Once I was facing away from him he grabbed
the straps again. He wrapped them around my arms at the elbows
so my arms were secured behind my back. He wasn't through
there though. He ran the straps between my legs then across
each of my thighs and back behind me before putting them
back between my legs. Next he ran them around my waist in
opposite directions, like a belt, then back to the front.
He gave the straps a tug and my hips thrust forward.

"I need another drink", Tony said.

He took the straps like a leash and walked outside with me
in tow. He put the straps over his shoulder telling my to
keep them taut but not to pull on him. I really had to focus
to keep the straps from sagging between us or being too tight.

I felt much more vulnerable when we got outside. I looked
around and it was obvious that no one could see us so I relaxed
and enjoyed it a bit more. It was an exhilarating but odd
sensation to be tied up nude and led around on a leash. My
dick was achingly hard!

At the bar Tony looped my leash around one of the roof supports
like a horse's reins outside an old west saloon and
pointed to one of the bar stools. I sat where he had indicated
as he went behind the bar and made a couple of drinks.

He unwound my leash from the pole and sat the straps on the
bar. He picked up the two drinks and said, "Get your
leash Boy."

He started to walk back to the pool house without me. With
my hands behind my back I couldn't get the leash so I
leaned forward and grabbed the straps with my teeth. I jogged
after Tony and when I caught up I walked a few feet behind

He walked to the bedroom and set down our drinks then turned
to face me. He took the straps from my mouth with a smile and
looked down at my hard cock.

"Looks like you really do like this!"

He draped the ends of the straps across my dick and it throbbed
in response to the touch. Tony lifted the straps then slapped
them lightly across my stomach, then on my thighs. He brought
them up in an underhand motion and they hit my balls which
made me grunt and bend forward slightly.

"Did I say to move? You have to be punished for that.
Turn around!"

The smile left his face and he had a serious expression as
I turned to face away from him. I was facing the bed and he
told me to lay on the bed with my ass in the air.

I basically had to fall face first on the bed since my hands
were still secured behind my back. I pulled my knees up under
my hips and turned my face to the side so I could rest my upper
body on my shoulder.

"Spread your legs."

I spread my legs as far apart as I could and waited. I heard
the door of the closet slide open and could tell Tony was
getting things out of there. He put several things on the
bed right in front of my face. There was a riding crop, a thin
whipping cane, a red ball gag and an assortment of anal toys
and lubes.

"You have to learn to obey", he said as he picked
up the riding crop.

He whipped it back and forth a couple of times, close enough
to my ass that I felt the wind but I didn't move. Then
nothing for several seconds. I dared not move.

SNAP! The crop stung across my left buttock. I stifled a
grunt as I heard the crop coming in for another swing. This
time the intense, sharp pain shot through my right cheek.
I still didn't move but the groan did escape my lips
that time. The crop then stung all over my ass and the back
of my legs in short, quick strikes. He kept it up for about
10 seconds, by which time I was letting out one long groan,
punctuated with smaller grunts at each strike.

He finally relented and threw the crop back on the bed. He
sat down on the bed next to me and picked up a tube of KY gel
and the smallest of the butt plugs. It was thin and rippled
for several inches before it widened out to the ball just
before the base. As he squeezed some lube onto the plug he
said, "Now we have to get you loosened up."

When the plug was covered in gel he held the tube over my ass
and squeezed some onto my ass crack. He pushed the gel down
my crack with the plug until I felt the cool gel at my hole.
He rubbed the sides of the plug in the gel and spread it around
my puckered hole.

"Man that's a nice ass", he said as he poised
the tip of the plug at my hole.

The tip was pencil thin and easily slid into my ass. I felt
the rippled sides expanding and contracting my hole as
he pushed it into me. When he got to the ball that my hole would
grab onto he wiggled it around in a circular motion as he
pressed harder. I relaxed as best I could and the ball pushed
into me. I grunted as my hole sealed around the thinner shaft
of the plug past the ball.

"Hold onto that while I untie you."

My hole was pulsing at the new intrusion so I clamped the
muscles down to make sure it stayed inside me as he unwound
the straps from around my waist, legs and finally my arms.
He unbuckled the straps from around my wrists and I was free.
I stayed laying there with my hands at my lower back and my
plugged ass in the air.

"Spread your cheeks for me."

I reached back and spread my ass cheeks. Tony grabbed the
end of the plug that stuck out of my ass and began to spin the
toy around. He pushed and pulled at it a bit but not hard enough
to have the ball slid through my hole. I panted in time with
his motion.

Finally he told me to let go of it and he pulled it quickly
out of my ass. He dropped it onto the bed and picked up a dildo.
It was about a foot long, very thin at the tip but it tapered
out to about the thickness of Tony's cock by the end.
It had a smooth, rather than rippled, circumference.

He coated it in gel and was soon pushing it into me. At first
it was easy and just felt good and cool going in me. Within
a few inches it was starting to spread my hole though, and
by the time Tony had pushed half of it in me my ass was really
stretching. I moaned loudly as he increased the pressure
and was very slowly forcing more of it in me. He backed it
out about a quarter of the length that was in me and, although
my ass was stretched by even that much, I took it easily compared
to how wide he had just stretched me. He dripped more of the
gel into my crack just above my hole and it coated the dildo
as he slid it in with a twisting motion.

This time he pushed even farther into me then left it there
for awhile. He sat beside me as he held the dildo in me and
talked to me. He gently told me to relax and enjoy the pain.
I looked up at him and nodded with a weak smile. He eased out
a few inches to let me recover a bit before he pushed even
deeper into me. This time he buried the entire length inside
me and I cried out. His free hand rubbed my lower back as he
moved the thick toy in and out of me a couple of inches.

Waves of erotic pain washed through me each time he buried
the dildo inside me. After a few minutes I found that there
really wasn't any pain any more. There was still an
intense sensation but it did not register as pain. I moaned
in pure pleasure now instead of pain.

When he saw that I could take it all without pain he slid it
all the way out of me. My hole did not close completely and
I could feel the air inside of me. Tony quickly stuck 3 of
his fingers inside me and rubbed my prostate gland. My cock
jumped and pre-cum flowed out in gushes each time he pressed
my gland.

"Oh yea, you're ready. Flip over", he ordered
as he pulled his fingers out of me.

My cock kept pumping out my juice as I rolled over onto my
back. Tony rubbed his fingers in the clear fluid as it ran
onto my stomach. He put his fingers in my mouth and said,
"Taste yourself... Do you like it?"

I nodded in the affirmative as I licked his fingers clean.

He picked up the ball gag and replaced his fingers with it,
shoving it into my mouth. He velcroed it tightly around
my head then told me to put my hands up toward the headboard.
He got up as I lay there getting used to the gag in my mouth.
My saliva had been flowing when I was licking my pre-cum
off of Tony's fingers so I was having to swallow continuously

He pulled a triangular foam pillow from the closet and walked
back to me, telling me to lift my ass.

I grabbed under the headboard for something to pull against
then rolled my hips up in a reverse crunch kind of movement.
He slid the pillow under me then roughly pulled me so that
my ass was at the edge of it. He pushed my knees so they were
up at my chest then told me to hold myself like that with my
arms. I wrapped my arms around the back of my legs and stayed
as he had positioned me.

Again he went to the closet and came back with more stuff.
This time there was a long adjustable bar with straps at
both ends, several 10 foot lengths of rope and a couple of
vehicle tie down type things.

"Pull your legs apart!"

I spread them as wide as I could. He attached one end of the
bar to just above my right knee with the velcro strap at the
end then he twisted the bar, which I could now see was actually
two pieces. He adjusted the length of the bar then twisted
it again, securing it at that length. He attached the other
end to my left knee then twisted it so he could adjust it again.
He pushed my knees harder against my chest then spread the
bar until he saw pain on my face. He secured the bar then put
my hands on it and told me to hold it.

I'm not very limber so the tendons and ligaments in
my hips were screaming at me but I held still. He wrapped
a tie down around the middle of the bar then attached it to
a rail in the middle of the headboard. He told me to let go
and when I did my knees moved a couple of inches then were
held tight by the tie down.

"Cross your wrists above your head."

When I did, he wrapped one of the lengths of rope around my
wrists in an intricate knot then tied the other end of the
rope to the same spot he had connected the tie down from the
bar. I was almost completely unable to move.

I was nervous about being so helpless but, like I said, I
felt that I could trust him so my nerves turned into excitement
and my cock throbbed as it lay upon my stomach.

Tony straddled my arms facing my body and his cock hung out
over my face. He leaned down and ran his hands over my body,
pausing to pinch my nipples or squeeze my dick and balls.
His balls rested on my forehead and his cock was hanging
down onto my neck. I could have licked the underside of his
meat, and I badly wanted to, but I restrained myself since
I had not been given directions to do it.

After a few minutes of teasing my body Tony climbed off of
the bed. It was only momentary though. He got back up with
the tube of lube and knelt at the end of the pillow. He squeezed
some into his left hand then dipped his right fingers into
it. He spread the lube onto my hole before sliding one finger
back into me. The position he had me in made my hole easy to
get to for him and made it nearly impossible for me to tighten
up. He quickly had two fingers then three working in and
out of me. I moaned each time his fingers pushed into me and
whimpered each time they pulled out.

He finger fucked me for a couple of minutes as he wrapped
his other hand around his own cock and stroked himself until
he was rock hard again. And now his entire length was coated
in the lube that had been in his hand.

When his fingers pulled all the way out of me I looked down
between my legs and saw him kneeling there. He poised the
big mushroom head of his enormous cock at my asshole and
said, "Get ready Boy. You should be loose enough now
to take me. Once I'm in you I'm gonna fuck you hard!"

I nodded my head and relaxed my ass. With one hand on the bar
between my legs and the other holding his cock at my hole
he pushed against me. He had been fucking me with three fingers
but that was not enough to really loosen me up for the girth
of his cock. The pain was intense and erotic as the head of
his cock spread my hole open. I flung my head back and closed
my eyes when the head finally popped into me.

His head had quite a distinct ridge so getting it in me was
the hardest part. Now that the head was in, he more easily
slid into me. About 3/4 of the way down the shaft though,
I started to feel like he was at the deepest part of me. His
cock seemed to be pushing into my stomach when his hips finally
met my butt. I was panting hard and my head was thrashing
around in pleasure as he backed out just an inch or two then
slammed hard into me. His hips made a loud slap against my
butt cheeks as he repeatedly pounded the last couple of
inches of his pole into me. I grunted loudly with each thrust.

After a minute or so of this deep pounding Tony started to
pull out of me. The feeling of his long, thick cock sliding
out of me, easing the pressure in my stomach, was incredible.
He paused with just the head inside of me and I expected him
to push back into me but instead he pulled all the way out.
The head stretched my hole going out, just like it did going
in and I grunted loudly as he popped out.

"Your ass feels as good as it looks", Tony said
as he slapped his heavy cock against my spasming hole. "Now
let's find the limit on how hard you can take it!"

He took a firm grip at the base of his shaft and rammed back
into me without any further warning. I pulled at the ropes
securing my wrists as I cried out against the ball gag in
my mouth. It felt like his huge head had split me wide open.

My scream only made him more excited and he continued his
brutal thrust. I arched my back as he filled my ass. When
his hips slapped into my ass he instantly reversed directions.
He started fucking me in long, fast thrusts. He pulled out
until just the head was still inside me then would slam back
into me with all of his body weight. He knocked the wind out
of me with each deep thrust. I grunted in time to his assault,
tightening my abs so I didn't get the wind knocked out
of me any more. Tightening up the rest of my body also made
my ass tighten on his cock.

"Yea, grab my cock with that ass!"

I wasn't sure how much more I could take but I was determined
not to give up. My ass was on fire and each time he slammed
into me a new wave of pain / pleasure shot through me. He was
holding onto my hips ad pulling me to him as his powerful
hips drove forward. My spine was jarred each time he rammed
into me.

Suddenly his cock slid out of me and I cried out with the same
intensity that I had when he first slammed into me. My ass
cheeks were warm where his hips had been spanking me and
the muscles of my hole were in shock. They would not contract
and I could feel air inside me.

"Very good Boy. Most give up by now. I'm getting
tired in that position so I'm gonna have to flip you

Tony pulled the pillow out from under me and I unceremoniously
dropped down onto the bed. He pushed on my right knee and
I fell over onto my side. My knees were still braced apart
though, so I couldn't turn over. Tony stood over me
on the bed then reached down and grabbed around my waist.
He lifted me up and turned me over before putting me back
down so I was on my knees. My hands were stretched out in front
of me since they were still tied to the headboard. I was resting
on my elbows and knees as Tony straddled me.

"Very nice. Your ass is still nice and open",
he said as he spread more lube on his cock. He was standing
on the bed behind me and just squatted down to get the head
of his cock againt my asshole.

Again without warning he plunged into me and again I cried
out. Even though I was now loose enough for him to get into
me fairly easily I was so tender that the pain was even more

Tony grabbed a hold of the headboard for balance as he straddled
me. He started fucking me with the same long thrusts as before.
He was able to move his hips even faster now though and the
erotic pain never eased up.

He reached down with his free hand and grabbed a handful
of my hair. He pulled my head, which had been laying on the
bed, back, arching my neck and making it somewhat difficult
for me to breath.

I grunted and groaned and moaned as he pounded my ass. His
weight hitting me rocked me back and forth but his hold on
my head was constant. Soon, though, I didn't feel anything
but the pain of his cock sliding in and out of me. My whole
universe had shrunk to that pain. I heard myself sob over
the sound of Tony's grunts and the slaps of his body
against mine.

He had won. I couldn't take anymore. I definitely did
not want the experience to end but I couldn't take another
second of his enormous cock in my brutalized ass.

"Yellow", I grunted around the gag.

He bottomed out inside me and stopped, asking, "What
did you say?"as he undid the ball gag.

"Yellow", I moaned.

He slowly pulled out of me. I felt his hand at the straps around
my knees as he released them, then he untied the rope from
my wrists.

He pulled me onto my right side and he lay down behind me.
His hard cock pressed into my back as he put a hand on my shoulder.

"It's ok Aaron, " he said as I lay there panting.
"That was incredible. I've never seen anyone
take so much. I was going to have to stop soon if you didn't!
Just relax for a moment and accept the sensations."

We lay there quietly for a few minutes as I regained my composure.
Finally, when my breathing had normalized, he gently guided
me over onto my back. He put his left leg over my left leg and
ran his hand over my chest and stomach. His cock was still
hard and was now against the side of my hip. I was able to move
my right arm so that my hand came to rest on his shaft. I traced
my fingers around his hot, slick skin as he caressed my nipples.

The intensity of his hands at my chest slowly increased
and I wrapped my fingers around his shaft. I lightly stroked
up and down the length of him as he pinched my nipples.

"May I help you cum Sir?", I asked.

My trepidation at talking in these situations was gone.
He had taken me totally and I was his. I only wanted to please

"Yes. Suck my cock Boy."

He rolled over onto his back and pushed down on my shoulder.
I slid down his body, kissing and licking along the way.
I crawled between his legs as I ran my tongue down his stomach.
His cock was laying up on his stomach and I lightly bit right
next to the tip. His cock jumped as I nibbled my way down next
to it. When I was near his huge, swollen ball sack I wrapped
my fingers around the base of his shaft and held his cock
up in the air. I ran my tongue onto his balls and sucked them
into my mouth one at a time. He tasted of the combination
of my ass and the lube that had run down onto his balls.

I tugged on his balls while they were in my mouth and he seemed
to like it. I started pumping him in long, slow strokes as
I worked on his balls. After a couple of minutes of this I
ran my tongue up the underside of his cock, along the big
vein, to the ridge of the head. I flicked my tongue around
the tip a few times before I took him into my mouth. Now there
was the salty sweetness of his pre-cum mixed with the taste
of my own ass and it was incredible.

With his cock in my mouth I picked up the pace of my stroking
as I swirled my tongue around the head in my mouth. I started
to bob my head up and down as much as I could, which was only
a couple of inches due to the thickness of the thing. I caressed
his balls as I pumped him and bobbed on his cock.

Tony grabbed onto both sides of my head and started fucking
my face. He held my head still as he thrust his cock in and
out of my mouth. His cock occasionally popped out of my mouth
as his hips bucked wildly. I was still holding onto his shaft
and stroking him so I was able to guide him back into my mouth
quickly though.

His cock began to spill more and more pre-cum into my mouth
as his orgasm neared. His leg muscles tightened and his
hips jerked in a less controlled rhythm and he let go of my

"Suck it out Boy. Swallow my cum!"

I held the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked hungrily
as I pumped him in long, fast strokes. I took my other hand
from his balls and put it on his stomach, just above the base
of his cock. I pressed down firmly as I kept pumping and sucking

His hips thrust upwards and locked as his balls tightened
and his orgasm started. The first hot spray of his cum exploded
into my mouth with such force that it overflowed my mouth.
I had to take my mouth off of him for just a second to swallow
his juice and some of his cum dribbled out and onto the shaft.

I quickly sealed my lips around the head again just as the
next wave of cum sprayed out. This time I was better prepared
for the volume of cum that shot into my mouth. It was still
difficult, but I was able to keep my mouth around him as I

I slowed my pumping and squeezed with a more firm grip as
his orgasm kept filling my mouth. They say most of us cum
about a tablespoon full. Well he was an aberration as he
came and came in my mouth. Finally his hips lowered back
onto the bed and his muscles loosened up. I loosened my grip
but kept sucking and stroking him as his orgasm subsided.

When I felt him start to soften in my mouth and hand I finally
took my mouth off of him. I was panting, trying to catch my
breath as I swallowed the last of his cum. I looked at his
cock and it was coated with our juices. My ass and saliva
had mingled with his cum and made his cock shine. I finally
caught my breath and lowered my face back to his cock. I licked
the shaft of his cock and cleaned him completely before
moving back to the head. As his cock shrank more cum oozed
out of the slit so I would gently seal my lips just around
the slit and lap up his cum.

After a few moments he pulled my mouth off of him with a hand
under my chin. I looked up into his eyes and we smiled at each

"Aaron, we are going to have incredible adventures.
You are only beginning your lessons but you are my best student

"Thank you, Sir. I have never felt anything like what
you've given me. I hope I can always please you."

"You will. And you will please others for me."

But that's another story.

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CHV is only a couple miles from me, maybe we could play some


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Offering me a lesson?

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Now that is hot & horny sex!!!!!!


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Lovely story presenting the mind of a submissive! Dominant
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That was HOT! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!


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mmmm great story... there is nothing hotter than two boys
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That fucking blew me away, hanvt never had an orgasm like
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yournewtoy2005 replies on 3/6/2007 11:49 pm:
More on the way! Hot to know you came so hard reading it!

yournewtoy2005 replies on 3/7/2007 12:03 am:
In case you didn't know you can type my profile name in the search box and it'll show you all I've written.

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lessons could be fun, could be fun


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awsome i cumed when he did


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I wish I had that kind of luck playing golf. I would love to
meet a man that would take charge and what he wanted. My cock
was as hard as ever reading your story and didn't take
me long to cum when focusing solely on my cock. Keep the good
work and your ass up and hope more is on the way.


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Very good story, Enjoyed it very much .. I to also enjoy sucking
on a nice hard cock and swallowing his cum or take it up my
very tight ass and have them cum in me there ...


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great story, as usual. I am getting my golf clubs ready!
anyone(s) want to set up a golf week in myrtle beach for 2008?
get 4 people , or more, rent a condo. draw straws each night
to see who sleeps with who and spend evenings all together.
subs/doms needed. wives too, especially if they can strap
on a nice cock.


yournewtoy2005 replies on 1/3/2008 1:30 am:
Excellent idea!