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Goldilocks And The Three Bares


Goldilocks And The Three Bares

Once upon-a-time in a land not so far away lived a beautiful
girl called Goldilocks. She was sixteen and sweet as cherry
pie. All the boys loved her, or rather, would like to have.
One day Goldilocks was laying by the pool in the hot summer
sun, gently caressing her breasts as she rubbed suntan
oil on them. She squirted some on her leg and massaged it
in, running the cream up the inside of her thigh right to
the top and down again “Oh that feels good” she thought and
repeated it. Slowly moving two fingers up to the union at
the top, they lingered for a moment applying gentle pressure
to the mount beneath the scampi bikini. She brought her
hand up once more and cupped her mound, pushing two fingers
against the moistening fabric. A soft moan escaped he lips.
Pier other hand slipped beneath the bikini into a soft mat
of curls and dampens. A finger slid into her moistness.
She put it to her mouth and sucked. “If only” she thought.
“Goldilocks, Goldilocks” called her mother from the
Kitchen. “Take this hamper of food to grandmas for me dear.”
Goldilocks agreed readily. She liked grandma. Some times
Granny would tell her about the days when she used to work
and positions she would be in. Besides she could pass by
the lake on the way. When it was hot like today the boys would
go skinny-dipping, and she and the other girls, Snow White,
Grettle, Repunsel and Esmarelda, would spy on them. When
the boys went they would stay, laying naked in the woods,
exploring each other and talking of when they would meet
a real boy. Beauty used to come, but now she had a boyfriend.
He wasn’t good looking at all, but she liked him as “his manhood
is a long as your forearm and as wide as a fist, and it has a
head like one of your grandmas ripe red apples” she reviled
one day. “He’s an animal in bed”. Snow White was not by any
stretch of the imagination anything like her name. She’d
had a string of failed relationships and was now hanging
with a small gang of “working class” men. She’d once confessed
that small was not necessarily a bad thing, “because they
sure knew how to work with their tools”,
EsmareIda was a bit of a rebel on the side. She’d had met a
boy at church and fallen head over heals for him. They had
already “made out” as she called it; in the vestibules one
Sunday while the vicar was giving his sermon. “He’s fantastic!
I can’t stop my self; its like bells ringing in my head driving
me crazy with lust” Repunsel had scoffed at this, but she
did at every thing. All the girls new she was a virgin, locking
herself away every night. Later they were to discover that
she was in fact a lesbian and had been regularly serviced
by an older lady who lived some where in the woods. And Grettle,
what about Grettle? She was as bad as the others, though
Goldie felt she was a little bit too much of a tomboy, always
playing with her brother. Once she had seen them both swimming
naked together but thought nothing of it. He was a handsome
lad and well endowed. She would give anything to have been
Grettle at that moment, nine inches apart from him.
She hurried up to her room to change. Blue denim shorts,
and a black gymslip. Perfect. No bra. She ran her hands over
her hips and back up between her legs, pulling the fabric
until it was tight against her nest, and back to her breasts,
arranging them perfectly. The nipples protruding slightly,
held in check
only by the Lycra bodice. She quickly brushed her hair and
tied it back with a red ribbon that a friend had given her
as a birthday gift. “Maybe I will dye it tomorrow” she thought.
“No, mouse suites me”.
Skipping down the stairs, into the kitchen catching the
basket in one hand, planted a firm kiss on her mothers cheek
and was out the back door before she could say anything about
the shorts that seemed to be engulfed in Goldie’s bottom
or the great mount of flesh that spilled out from behind.
“Oh she is a good girl” her mother sighed. “ She’ll change
soon enough, when she meets a boy”.

The sun was warm on her skin as she hurried along the path
that would take her to Grannies house. Someone whistled
and she looked around to see who it was. One of the boys whose
name she probably should know but had forgotten; but she
knew him all right. They’d screwed on his mothers’ kitchen
table once last summer. The night had been intolerably
hot and she had wondered into the back garden to catch some
cool air. She’d been lying in the grass star gazing and wondering
what it was like, out there in space looking down on earth.
It was then that she noticed him, leaning on one of the fence
posts that separated the end of the garden from an old path
that was all but over grown. He’d looked down at her and then
up into the night sky.
“Its fantastic, the universe. Millions and millions of
stars and the earth is the only place where we know life exists.
Look there’s the Great Bear, Orion, The Crab and that” he
said drawing the outline in the air, “is the Dragon. Would
you like some iced tea?”
“What!” She’d said not realizing what he asked
“Would you like some iced tea? I have a jug in the fridge.
My mum makes it for nights like this, besides I’d like the
company, my folks are away for a few weeks and I have the place
all to myself. It’s just at the end of the road here.”
She’d been staring at him all this time not really listing
to what he was saying. One of his knees as dirty and both hands.
“What happened to you” Goldie asked”
"Oh nothing, jut tripped on a tree root in the dark.
I’ll have to jog earlier in the evening in future, but .the
nights do have their merits.” He said looking at her. The
rounded shape of her breasts and the two buttons like stars
that shone brightly, and there further down the unmistakable
triangle of passion nestled in a valley of joy. He could
feel his manhood roused to attention. Who needed the stars
when you could make a landing on Venus right here?
Goldie blushed as it suddenly struck her. Here she was talking
to a boy she’d never met before, on a hot sticky night, warring
nothing more than her short nightgown. She’d notices his
arousal pushing the front of his shorts out tight.
“Why not I could do with a cool drink, and may be we can see
the stars better from you house.” She knew full well he understood
what she had meant. “Wait a moment, I have to put something
on, ” she said over her shoulder as she turned to go back
inside. Quickly up the stairs to he room. She pulled of the
nightgown and looked at herself in the mirror, turning
left and right and then spinning round. She couldn’t help
but put two fingers into her slit. She was wet.
“Oh yes she was going to find out what it was like to space
travel tonight.” she whispered, looking down at the soft
golden curls that covered the entrance to her passion.
“Wait; wait. Oh but I can’t help it.” She had found the small
button of joy and was massaging it gently under her finger.
Only with a great force of will she manage to control herself
and concentrate on dressing. Glancing in the mirror before
she left.
‘Oh yes, you’ll get the small mans attention all right and
suck him dry looking like this.”
He was still in the same spot as before, waiting patiently.
She noticed his cock stirring again under his shorts, her
nipples firming, visible beneath the thin cotton dress
she’d put on; the dampness between he legs was becoming
irresistible again. He put both hands up as if to touch her
breasts and the stopped, staring.
“I think I’m going to come just looking at them.” he said
quietly “Oh Sweet Venus.”
She came close to him and pushed a hand down the front of his
shorts pausing as a vision of ten inches flashed through
her mind, thick and as hard as her dildo, oh but with such
a fine pair of balls, full of seed.
“Come on.” she whispered in his ear. ‘ I want this inside
me. Come on.”
She didn’t recall how made it to the back door of his house
without succumbing to their desires to plunge head long
into ecstasy. They stumbled, his back against the door
as she dropped to her knees, pulling frantically a4e material
the held his god tight. Grabbing it in both hands, warm silky
skin, a cherry red helmet and balls full and tight, she kissed
it. Her tongue licked the eye of his tool and he groaned.
She could taste the saltiness of his cream and she craved
it. Cupping the end of his shaft in one hand she pulled the
skin over its head and back, pulling it tight so its mouth
looked down. She sucked on it, rocking her head back and
fourth in time with her hand, flicking her tongue over the
tip, sucking hungrily. His hips thrust forward to meet
her, groaning with pleasure.
“Oh yes, that’s good, suck me, oohh yesss.”
She could feel the pressure building, any moment he would
blast off, filling her mouth with is fuel. She ran her tongue
along his length, biting, kissing a1l the while pulling
his skin with her hand. Pushing it back into her mouth and
grasping his bottom in both hands, she fucked his cock.
“I’m cuming” he cried, “oh God. yes, yes, YES”
His cum exploded into her mouth almost making her choke.
She continued to thrust her head against him, swallowing
every drop of his seed. Again and again his cock spirited
forth the salty nectar and she loved it, the taste, his prick
hard in her mouth, the smell of sex. She pulled off him still
rubbing his shaft between her fingers.
“Eat me.” she whispered looking up at him.
“Oh god, yes.”
He lifted her to her feet, pulling her warm body to his as
their tongues explored each others mouth, one hand fumbling
for the door handle. With both hands under her bottom he
lifted Goldie and carried her in side. She locked her legs
behind his back, pulling tight to his chest. She could feel
his cock, trapped between them, nudging at her small hole
but the position was not good. He laid her back gently on
the large table that occupied the center of the kitchen,
his mouth locked to her chest, sucking hard on an erect nipple.
Cupping each breast he licked them in turn, moving down
to her belly, biting gently at her through the cotton of
her dress. He pushed his mouth onto her mound and rubbed
it with is nose, smelling her wetness on the material. Her
legs opening automatically so he could taste her, she pulled
his head hard against her slit. He softly ran his tongue
along the inside of her thigh and spasm of pleasure shook
“Eat my cunt.” she moaned “Lick me, oh yes, oh.”
The tip of his tongue had passed around the very edge of her
curls. With a light push her lips parted. Soft, wet pink
lips hiding her hole. He explored more, finding the entrance
to her pleasure and drank deeply from its mouth, filling
it with his tongue. His tongue was savage on her button.
Sitting it gently while flicking the top with tongue, wetting
it with saliva, her hands pulling his head back and forth
against her mound. His tongue darted into her wetness,
she was coming.
“Again, again.” She cried, griping the edge of the table
as he sucked on her.
It was coming, like a fire inside her, out of control; she
was shaking trying to control the expanding force, her
breathing short and quick, and sweat glistening on her
breasts. She was thrusting her self against his mouth,
her legs locked behind him, hips pushing up to meet his tongue.
She exploded. The spasms of orgasm gripped her, a cry bursting
from her lips. Her body jerked uncontrollably, she couldn’t
breath, she couldn’t feel his lapping at her spend, only
the solid edge of the table as she griped it for dear life.
There was moaning her ears and she realized it was her own
pleasure escaping. There was something hard on her back,
it was the table. Her body shook with another spasm. She
felt warm hand on belly, another stroking her hair, lips
on hers. She didn’t have the strength to respond to him,
drained, she lay on the table staring at the ceiling, smaller
shocks rocking her body.
They had made love later but she could only remember lying
on the table with his pride inside her, she’d cum again when
he’d entered and was lost to his thrusting.
She waved back at him and smiled, spontaneously putting
a finger in her mouth, sucking as it was pulled out. “Next
time.” she thought. “And soon.” She turned and skipped
of down the path and into the woods.
The sunlight broke through the thick leaf canopy in places
creating bright pools of warm light amongst the cool trees.
The air heavy with the sent of summer blossom. The sound
of village life fading as she penetrated deeper into the

The path was well trodden and wide enough for the small carts
that carried wood down form the plantains, as all modes
of modern transport where prohibited within the old wood,
a result of the strict management of the Forrest. If you
wanted to get anywhere you had to ride or walk, those were
the rules and as Goldie walked she pondered on this. The
wood it’s self was older than anyone really knew or cared
to guess. Within recant years pine plantations had sprung
up along the furthest reaches and now covered more than
two thousand hectares. The land had been bequeathed to
the town form an unknown benefactor, with two stipulations,
one being that it should be forested and secondly that the
old wood was to remain in it’s original condition, wild.
If ether of these should be broken then the land and everything
on it would revert to the original owners. As almost the
whole town was connected in one form or another to the forestry
or wood industry the rules where strictly observed
Once when she was younger Goldie and some of the other girls
had tried to ride their bikes to the lake but had abandoned
them on the very fringe of the wood. Some how it just didn’t
feel right. She had told her granny who had laughed and said
that it was one of the spirits who lived in the woods who had
whispered in their ears and told them not to ride any further.
She had thought at the time that granny was making it up to
scare her into following the rules, but now she wasn’t quite
sure. The wood was always beautiful. Three years ago the
north plantation had been completely destroyed by a fire,
and would have consumed the wood as well if the wind hadn’t
suddenly changed direction, and there where other things.
Nothing that could really be proved, but strange. A year
ago the sheriff found the body of a poacher locked inside
his truck. He apparently had sat in driving seat and blown
his brains out with a 45. It was suspected murder, but without
any evidence to prove homicide, it was put down to another
lonely suicide. No one had ever come to harm in the wood,
day or night and it was quit impossible to get lost, even
if you walked for hours, at the very moment you thought you
were lost you’d come upon a familiar landmark. The more
she thought about this the stranger it seamed, but a wood
could not possibly be enchanted. Magic is only in fairy
tails and comic books. She laughed out loud at her self “Enchanted.
Fuck. But may be you are enchanted my beautiful wood, with
a golden castle at your hart and a handsome prince to watch
over and protect your inhabitants.”
She strolled on passing through blue bells that spread
thick as a new wool carpet along the forest floor. A fluffy
red tail flicked back and forth like a small boat on a great
ocean of blue as its owner hunted for nuts beneath the surface.
“Hello little pretty”. Goldie said, “What are you looking
for?” As if replying, the squirrel held up a small hazel
nut and gnawed on it. “Nuts hay. Your lucky one, I’d like
to fined some too, but the ones I like are a little different
from yours”. Her little red-coated friend cocked his head
as if questioning her, for this to was another strange thing
about the wood. Animals appeared to understand what you
said to them. If you saw an animal, which was more than likely
as they never seamed to run and hid from people, at least
not from Goldie, and called to it, they would come to your
hand without the slightest hesitation. “Come her and sit
with me for a moment while I see if we have something for you”.
He scurried through the flowers, stopped to see if he was
heading in the right direction, then continued and with
a quick hope was sitting calmly in her lap. She found a bag
of walnuts in her basket and gave one to the little gentleman,
who tool it gently in both hands and tested the shell, looked
up at her and back to his nut. “It’s a little to big hum. Lets
see if there is a smaller one.” Goldie said peering in the
bag. She pulled out three that looked better and held them
in her palm for him to choose. Quickly he picked up each,
turned them round examining each with the eye of an expert
and put them back. “You can change if you like, it’s Ok.”
she told him. He swapped nuts and hoped of her lap and scurried
a little way off and up a tree, stopping to check if she was
watching, she was, and disappeared into a hole and a moment
later appeared with two other squirrels. All three rushed
to her feet and sat waving there tails excitedly. “Ok, Ok,
you can all have one, but now I have to go as my granny is expecting
me.” She gave each a nut and watched as they returned to their
home in great excitement.
The grass was as high as her waist in the small patch of open
land that Goldie found herself in. She’d been dreaming
of taking a swim in the cool waters of the lake and had not
really been paying particular attention to which path
she was traveling when the wood had come to a sudden end.
The air was heavy with the sent of summer blossoms that drifted
on the light breeze, gently brushing the tops of the drying
meadow grass. The clearing could not be more than thirty
or forty meter across, bordered on all sides by thick woodland,
and towards the center came the merry laughter of a stream.
One of the many that fed into the lake, all she had to do was
follow it for a while and she would find her way back to a main
path. Goldie walked through the grass with her arms stretched
out brushing their tips with her palms. It tickled a little
and she giggled out loud and rubbed her hands together relieving
the sensation. As the sound of running water came closer
the tall grass cleared to reveal two fine carpets of rich
green moss that held the water in their center, clear and
excited as it hurried along its fine pebble track. She sat
down and took off her shoes, the moss soft and cool on her
legs. She made a mental note to return her later when she
could sit and enjoy this beautiful glade and the little
stream that now cooled her feet. The waters gurgled and
laughed with every step as she passed along its length.
Before very long it began to deepen and open into a small
pool at the very center of the clearing. Well it looks like
I have found my own private pool.” she thought. Climbing
out of the stream she placed the basket on the soft mossy
bank that surrounded the water. She looked around and it
struck her that the clearing it’s self was also round. “Strange
I don’t recall ever being here before, but then I forget,
this is my magic wood” she thought.
She undressed and stepped into the water, which had been
warmed by the summer sun and was not the least bit cold. A
small thrill of excitement pasted throughout her body
as the cool waters touched her mound She crouched down and
splashed some on her chest, her nipples firming as the water
ran off her breasts. She cupped them both and squeezed them
together then put her hands between her legs and held the
insides of her thighs pushing her thumbs against her opening,
then dove forward into the pool.
The water was cool against her body and the sun warmed
against her back. She swam for a while and then lay still
in the water looking up at the clear blue sky, her breasts
like two desert islands, each with one castaway, and on
the horizon the soft corral reef, that many had come a wreck
on, just visible below the surface. She liked this place,
private and quiet. Petals drifted down from the trees on
the soft breeze landing on the water to form small armadas
before being caught up in the Stream that issued from the
opposite side of the pool. It was time to go, she climbed
out and lay on the bank. The soft moss and the summer sun where
as good as any towel, she would be dry in a very short while.
The sun was warm on her body, relaxing her, and before long
she was fast asleep.
The sun was hot as she set down the basket, it was a perfect
place, away from all the usual areas that where busy with
other picnickers during the summer. He took out the blanket
and with one shake it was spread across the soft moss. They
both flopped down, resting on their elbows.
“This is beautiful.” he said looking around. His eyes following
the line of the opposite bank then returned to look into
hers. “Lets go for a swim.”
She was hoping he’d say that. Now she could look at his body
as it was, not hidden underneath blue denims that hugged
his rear end and did a poor job of concealing his front end.
It must be at least eight inches she’d thought when they
had first meet on the path, just ten minutes ago. He was handsome
and muscular, with a charm that had excited her passion
with simple good morning. Within a moment of meeting they
were walking together, hand in hand, like lovers. Now he
was standing before her, a naked silhouette against the
sun. She squinted up at him trying to make out his details,
but the sun was too bright.
“Yes let’s, I’d like that.” she almost whispered.
But before she could stand to remove her cloths he had bent
down and picked her up in his arms. He was strong. She liked
that. Her breast firmed and a thrill ran through her at his
touch. She was starting to feel wet with more than water
between her legs as he gently carried her into the pool.
It was to his chest when his grip relaxed and she floated
free. With one hand behind his neck she pulled her self forward
and kissed him heavily, her nipples firm against his chest,
locking both legs around his waist. She gasped. It was huge.
His manhood had risen even in the water and was trapped between
them as Goldie pulled closer. His hands were beneath the
water and nimbly released the button at the top of her shorts.
Her top was all but transparent in the water revealing her
firm and ample breasts. He cupped them both and lowered
his mouth onto one, gently kissing it, and then the other.
The tip of his tongue flicked back and forth against the
protruding hardness. Goldie groaned with pleasure. Her
tits heart like hell, hard as cherry stones. She rubbed
against his pike, squeezing her thighs together. He pulled
her buttocks against himself, thrusting against her mound.
She released her grip on him and reached down for his rod.
Hard, warm and to thick to close her fingers round; rubbing
it slowly, back and forth. She ducked under the water and
stuffed it in her mouth, sucking hard as if it would release
They floated back to the back as he removed her shorts and
top, running his hands over ever part of the body. She pushed
two fingers into her hole and rubbed furiously on her button,
his cock in her mouth, sweet and tender, throbbing with
power as he slowly pushed against her head. They rolled
over, half out of the water, his face buried in her slit as
she held it open for him. Suddenly she gasped, moaning out
load as the power of his tongue licked at her passion. She
sucked harder, fondling the base of his rod, stuffing her
mouth, flicking the very end, tasting traces of cum as it
oozed from its head. She wanted him to fill her mouth with
seed, to feel it run down her chin and splash on her breasts,
to see it explode from his cock against her face and into
her open mouth. With both arms round his hips she pulled
against him, driving it to the back of her throat. She sucked
a ball into her mouth and rolled it around, licking the base
of his shaft up to his small hole and back.
His body was shaking a little with pleasure. He was going
to come, but first her. Her button was held firm between
his teeth, flicking it relentlessly with his tongue. She
clung to his hips gasping as he pushed two fingers into her
hole, rubbing his thumb gently over the top of her mound.
His fingers glistening with her honey, it tasted divine.
He lapped at her entrance, nibbling on it, packing his long
tongue in side to taste her, relentlessly rubbing her jewel
with his thumb. She was thrusting uncontrollably against
his mouth, crying out loud, squeezing tight against his
cock. He wet a finger in her mound and pushed it into her small
hole, it slipped in easily, she shook and sucked hungrily
at him. He wet two fingers and pushed them into her again,
she moaned and quivered as the start of an orgasm griped
her body.
A sharp pain pierced her but quickly turned to pleasure
as his fingers probed at her rear. No one had ever done that
to her before. She pushed against his hand, fingers entering
her, sound bursting from her. Her mouth was locked to his
weapon as he thrust into her. She couldn’t breath, she was
groaning in short fast breaths, shacking uncontrollably;
she let go and fell to the ground with his cock in her hand,
rubbing hard. She shook from side to side, gasping loudly
as his tongue lapped at her, to fingers pushing at her small
hole giving her a bitter pleasure, his mouth sucking her
slit. Her whole body stiffened, she was going to die or explode,
shaking, panting for air, his thumb had entered her hole
and he was finger fucking both holes at once. The world span
round, she clung to his cock with quivering hands and pulled
on it, licking his head. Her body went ridged and she lost
her breath as it exploded within. Rocking violently his
tool thrusting at her face, she clung to it, the real world,
she was dead, he’d killed her, and this was her reward. He
moaned as his cock shot forth it’s power, filling her mouth,
spilling from her lips; she pulled at it as the second wave
shot out onto her face. She was breathing fast, shaking,
he could taste her spend; her legs griped his head tight
against her nest as he drank hungrily. Her breasts were
covered with cum, explosion after explosion shot from
his rod, white, creamy cum in her mouth as it spurted again
and again. She was shaking, his tongue ripping through
her making her cry aloud. They collapsed into the moss,
breathing hard, exhausted but not spent.
He sat up, resting on one elbow, admiring her body with
his other hand, his long red hair brushing against her.
Her breasts where sticky with his seed that had splashed
aver them, her chest heaved beneath his hand as he spread
the creamy liquid over each in smooth circular motions,
nipples hard and erect glistening with their sugar coating.
She was watching him through half closed eyes as he massaged
in his sperm. There was something strange about him, perfect,
all she had wanted from a man. There was no pressure, not
petty chat ups, just togetherness. They had spoken only
a hand full of words to each other, and here they were naked,
covered in each other’s intimate soils happy. Had she wished
him here, conjured him up in her mind or was he real~ He tasted
real enough to her.
He was still hard, pressing against her thigh, hot and ready
for action. Goldie rolled over to face him, lifting her
leg over his to expose her opening. She had barley recovered
from his oral assault and now she was going to ride this monster
that pushed against her belly. I’m crazy she thought to
her self, I can’t even hold it n one hand, but she was going
to have him. She pushed a little away from him bringing his
toot to the mouth of her mound, its head nestling firmly
between her legs. He had pulled her leg up to his chest so
she was almost doing the splits, wide open to receive his
intrusion. With small gentle trusts the head of his cock
entered between her wet lips. She moaned and quivered with
desire and thrust hard against it. Filling her self with
its length, right to the very base. Every muscle in her body
contracting is spasms of passion as it sank into her, his
balls touching her small hole, his hands firm on her hips,
his cock deep within her, firsts clenched Goldie fought
for control. She couldn’t cum now. No not now, no, no, she
said over and over to her self, I have to have him first, make
him fill me before I explode.
She rolled on top and sat up, settling her self; her button
was pushing against the base of his tool, rocking her hips
back and fourth. He thrust in time with her rhythm, slow
and steady, drawing out to almost his full length, filling
her with every inch. There motions began to quicken, Goldie
bobbed up and down, he thrust harder, she rubbed two wet
fingers against her clit, moaning aloud. In one easy motion
he withdrew, laid her down in the moss and entered her from
behind. She loved it His balls slopping against her twat
now as he thrust into her, his fingers against her button,
teasing the very life from it. She dug her fingers into the
ground and pushed back against him greeting each thrust
with a cry of ecstasy.
“I’m cuming.” he gasped withdrawing his rod
“Fill me, fill my cunt with it.” she begged
“No riot yet, eat me.” he was rubbing his cock back and fourth
in fourth of her face “ suck me again.” he said
She obeyed, filling her mouth with his salty meat. He exploded,
thick creamy cum filled her mouth and throat. She sucked
on his tool, drinking every drop as it pumped out of its head,
again and again.

He was still hard, throbbing in her hard as she guided the
head of his tool into her hole once more. It felt hot and powerful
between her legs, filling ever part of her body inch by inch.
Locking her legs around his back Godly impaled her self,
pulling him hard against her mound. There was no escape
for him this time. She was going to ~ill herself with his
seed. Squeezing tight against his weapon she began to thrust,
he responded to her, two strong hands gripping her bottom,
guiding her passage to the base of his rod. His motion was
firm and steady, balls slapping against her at every inward
push. She could feel the pressure building. She released
her grip and turned over, offering her self up to this cock,
ridged and wet with her juices. He held it firm in one hand
as it advanced towards it goal.
Goldie gasped with pain and the pleasure as the head of his
tool forced it’s way into her’ rear. It was enormous; she
couldn’t possibly take it in. Her breathing was short and
quick, he paused.
“Oh god it hurts.” she groaned, “don’t stop. Fuck me, fuck
me, it feels so good.” “Fuck me.” she demanded
She cried out as he began to thrust, steadily at first, slow
and deliberate. Her hole tight, holding his rod better
than any hard, he was loosing control, faster and faster
her rammed into her. She pulled his hand to her mat, pushing
two of his fingers on to her button, bucking against him.
Her hand rubbing hard on his.
‘Don’t stop, don’t stop I’m cuming, oh, oh god.” she cried
He couldn’t hold out much longer, his cock was going to explode.
She thrust two fingers in to her hole in time with his fucking.
It felt good to be rear ended, fingered and to masturbate
all at the same time; all she needed was a cock to suck on.
She was amassed at her self, so hot, a bitch on heat. She sucked
her wet fingers. They tasted of him. She went ridged, her
body locked tight, the breath caught in her throat, and
she bit her fingers moaning uncontrollably. His cock had
exploded inside her setting off her own orgasm. She collapsed,
rocked with spasm after spasm as his cock pumped spunk into

The moss was warm beneath her as she lay in the summer sun
smiling at the sky. She had wakened expecting to find her
lover by her side, but he was not, there was no blanket and
only grannies food basket. She’d been dreaming, but why
was she wet and exhausted, it couldn’t have happened, it
was a dream, a good dream Goldie thought as she dressed.
She was tempted to continue with her dream now she was awake
and in the mood. Pushing her hand into her knickers she played
with her slit, rocking her hips against her hand. She froze.
On top of the basket was a neatly tied bunch of blue bells.

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