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Going shopping


This is a fantasy, a work of fiction....

Julia woke up horny. They had made love the night before.
And it had been incredible. Jake had spent the entire two
hours pleasing her. Massaging her, kissing her, being
so gentle, and concentrating wholly on her desires. It
was their first weekend without the kids in over 6 months,
and they weren’t wasting a minute. Every time she had wanted
to get wild last night, he slowed her down, and kept the pleasure
slow and constant. And she was glad. In the end they came
together and fell asleep in each others arms. But now, she
was horny. She wanted to fuck, no she needed to fuck, and
with the kids out of the house, this was the time to fuck like
they wanted to; loud, hot, and sweaty. “Baby, wake up, ” she said, rubbing her hands all over his
body, “I need you….I need your cock.” She continued rubbing
his body, working her hands down to his cock, and starting
to jerk him. God she loved feeling it grow hard in her hands,
she didn’t know why but every time she felt it grow in her
hands it made her even hornier. “Honey come on, ” she begged him, “I need it now. Last night
was amazing, you are amazing, but today I wanna fuck.” She
started jerking him a little faster. “Mmmmphhh….ok babe, one minute, just let me wake up, ”
Jake replied groggily. To hell with that! she thought,
we don’t get the house to ourselves enough to waste time.
Julia slid her head under the covers and kissed her way down
his body. Seeing his cock standing up she grinned, gave
it a few more jerks, then slid her mouth over it. She knew
what he liked, so she started circling her tongue around
his cock, while jerking it faster and faster. Now she could
hear his breathing getting faster, Perfect she thought.
She could feel his cock tensing up, he was going to cum already!
Good, then he can fuck me longer, she thought as she attacked
his cock. “Oh babe….shit hun….I’m gonna cum if you keep it up…mmmmm…ohhh
yeah ….shit babe….shit …..move hun move…., ” he yelled
as he started to cum. Julia threw the covers off and sat up,
continually jerking his cock as it shot cum all over her
stomach. “Good God, hun…what a way to wake up, ” he said, leaning
over to kiss her. “I told you I wanted to fuck, ” she said grinning. “I’m gonna
go clean up, and when I get back, this thing better be ready
for me”, she said, giving his cock a good squeeze. About ten minutes later she returned to the bedroom, and
if he wasn’t hard for her before she got back, only a dead
man could be soft after seeing her. She was wearing a black
lace bra, almost completely see-thru, and a black garter
belt holding up black silk thigh high nylons. “I….uhhhh…holy shit…you are amazing, ” Jake stuttered,
“Where the hell did you get that out fit?” “After I dropped the kids off last night, I went to Victoria’s
Secret, ” she said smiling, as she turned around slowly
for him. Grabbing his cock she said, “I’ll take this as full
approval of how I look?” “I don’t think you have ever been hotter babe, ” he said,
pulling her down to him. They kissed passionately, running
their hands all over each others bodies, their tongues
dancing together between them. Lying on top of him, she
ground her pussy into his hard cock, getting it good and
wet. “I need it in me now, ” she growled at him huskily, positioning
her pussy onto his cock. With one hard push he buried it in
her. “Ughhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, ” Julia moaned, loving
the feeling of his hot cock pushing deep into her, “fuck
me baby…..make my pussy cum on you.” She wrapped her arms
under his body and grabbed his shoulders as he started fucking
her. He slid his hand from her hips to her ass, and squeezed
it hard, as he pumped into her faster and faster. “Oh baby, you are so wet…..I can feel you dripping down my
balls already….mmmmmm it’s so hot…..yeahhhhh hmmmmmm, ”
Jake moaned, “you feel so good… hot and wet….mmmmmm.”
Julia lifted her head and bit his neck, not hard enough to
leave a mark, but hard enough to shock him. “Ouch, what was that?” he asked. “Stop talking, and FUCK me, ” she begged, wiggling her
pussy around his cock. Taking the point, he grabbed her
ass and started pumping her pussy faster and harder. “Ugh…ugh…ugh…..mmmmm oh yeah…..that’s it baby…..fuck
me….mmmmmmmm YESS YESSS…..oh God…..oh God….here it comes….oh
fuck….oh fuck….make me cum….make me cum….I…I’m…..ARGHHHHHHHHH
OHhhhhhh YESSSSS, ” Julia screamed as her orgasm crashed
through her. Her body shook as she came, she tried to climb
off him, but he kept her ass gripped tight. “You wanted me to fuck you right?” he teased her, continuing
to pump her sensitive pussy. “Mmmmm hmmm….”she whimpered, as she felt it starting to
build again, “mmmmmmm hmmmm, yessssssssss.” She kept
trying to slide off him, putting up a small fight, not really
wanting him to stop. Usually she was too sensitive after
cumming to keep going, she always need a small break of slow
sex, but this time, she gave in, she had asked to be fucked,
and that’s what she was getting. “No no, you can’t climb off me, ” he said holding her in place,
as he kept pumping up into her. “OhhhhhhhhhhGaaaawwwdbaaaaaaaby…….ohhhhhhhhhhhh…yesssssssss, ”
Julia moaned as she writhed around on top of him, “I’m coming
again! Oh God…I’m… almost there…I..I..”. Then he stopped,
and laid her on her back, sliding his cock out of her. “Oh…what are you doing….don’t leave me hanging…” she begged,
looking at him with lust filled eyes, “make me cum again,
pleaseeee.” He spread her legs wide, and slide his head
down to her pussy, and started licking it, gently at first,
around and around in long slow circles. Then he started
fucking her pussy with his tongue…in and out as fast as he
could. “Oh shit…oh shit….oh fuck yeah…..lick my pussy….fuck
me with your tongue, ” she groaned as she grabbed his head
and pushed her pussy into his face. Then Jake took her clit
into his mouth alternating flicking it with his tongue
and sucking on it. She grabbed his head so hard she pulled
his hair, but he didn’t care, he kept working her clit until
she screamed fucking her pussy into his face, “ahhhhhhhhghhhhhhhgggghhhhhhhhhhh.”
She finally let his head go, and he laid beside her, looking
deeply into her eyes. “Give me one minute babe to catch my breath, ” she said,
“then we’ll fuck again until we cum together.” “What position
you want?” she asked, snuggling in closer to him. Jake knew
she’d be getting sore soon. They hadn’t had this much sex
in a long time, and no matter how horny she was, he knew she’d
be getting to her limit soon. “I wanna watch you fuck, ” he told her, rubbing her belly,
“you are so hot when you are having sex, I want to watch you
moan, and cum.” “Mmmmm, I love that position, ” she said, as she climbed
on top of him in the reverse cow-girl position, and then
laying back on him. He gently slid out from under her to the
side, so he could “watch” her fuck. It was the closest he
could get to seeing he have sex like he was really watching.
He started to move slowly in and out of her. “Mmmmmmmmm…that’s good….yeah baby that feels really
good…..keep it slow for now….mmmmmmmmmmmm, ” she moaned
as she rubbed her tits. “Oh honey, that is so hot and sexy…run your hands down your
body and back to your tits….oh yeah, ” Jake groaned as he
gripped her hips and kept up the steady pace, “God I love
watching you fuck…” Julia closed her eyes and tilted her
head back, giving him a nice view of her neck. She turned
to look him in the eyes and let out a long moan. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..why do you like watching so much?”
she asked as she grabbed her tits and squeezed down on his
cock with her pussy, “why does this excite you?” “You are just so sexy when you are having sex. Don’t get me
wrong babe, NOTHING is as good as the feeling of sex with
you, but when I can get the feeling, AND watching you….it’s
just about too much to handle, ” he answered, going faster
and faster into her wet pussy.” “Ohhhhhhh..mmmmmmm…yeahhhhh…that’s soooo good baby, ”
she moaned, “how sexy would it be if you were REALLY watching
me….you know….with another man?” As she asked the question
he could actually feel her getting wetter as it dripped
down his balls. He couldn’t believe it, they had toyed with
the idea of a 3 some before, but he was always the one that
brought it up. Hearing her say it first made him even more
excited. “Babe, I’ve told you before I think it would be hot, I just
don’t want to push you into doing something you don’t want
to do, ” he answered, sliding one hand to her clit, and rubbing
it. “Mmmmmmmmmmm….ahhhhhhhhhh…ohhhhhhhh…..that’s it
baby….wouldn’t you be jealous?” she gasped as he slowed
down but pushed in deep and slow, “Ughhh…wouldn’t it bother
you at all, seeing another….Ohhhhhhh….man….Ughhhhh….fucking
me…….ARGGHHHHHH I’m cumming, I’m cumming….oh shit I’m
cumming….keep going babe, keep fucking me, ” she begged.
“Jealous? Maybe a little at first, but…..we’ve never been
with anyone but each other…and as long as I was there with
you to experience it with you….at least the first few times….and
we love each other, and I don’t think we should have to go
through life not knowing what sex with at least one other
person is like. As jealous as I would be to start, I’d be happy
knowing that I was giving you something you really wanted,
if you really wanted it, ” he answered, rolling her clit
through his fingers gently, “but to be fair….for every
guy you get to fuck, I get to fuck another woman….could you
handle that?” She opened her eyes and looked into his, the
she looked down and watched as his cock slid in and out of
her pussy, then she looked back at him. “Mmmmm yeah, I think I could handle it, so long as I was there
to watch….cause you are right….it is VERY hot to watch, ”
she answered, laying her head back. Getting even more excited
by their conversation, he had to press the issue. “Did we just agree to have sex with other people, ” he asked,
fucking her as fast as he could now. “Yeah baby, oh yeah….we will….I’ll watch you fuck another
woman….Oh yeah…shit….Ooooooo fuck….mmmmm….and…and
you can …….ughh…another man make me cum……
……mmmmm….I’m about to now……ARGGHHHHHHHHHH, ” she screamed
as she grab his head and kissed him. He grabbed her hips and
came at the same time, shooting his cum deep in her. They
lay that way for awhile, just staring into each others eyes,
trying to catch their breath. “So when are we gonna go through with this?” he asked her,
holding her close to him. “Soon babe, as soon as the chance presents itself, ” she
said, looking up into his eyes. “Let’s go shower so we can
get some shopping in before we have to get the kids, ” she
said climbing out of bed and taking off her lingerie. Jake
couldn’t believe it, but watching her bend over and strip
was making him hard again. Julia caught his rising cock
out of the corner of her eye. “Won’t that thing ever stay down?” she asked as she finished
stripping. “Tell it to come back later, I am positive it
will have some work to do tonight, ” she said as she walked
out of the room. Jake just sat on the bed for a moment, enjoying
the view of his wife’s bare ass walking away from him. Slowly
he got up to go shower with her, just about bursting with
the anticipation of what they would one day do. She was already soaped up when he got in the shower, so he
pulled her close, and rubbed himself all over her. This
was something they both loved the feeling of. Once they
were washed and rinsed they stood holding each other under
the hot spray. “So you are really willing to do this soon?” he asked again.
“What’s a matter babe, my pussy isn’t good enough for you
anymore, ” she answered him with a large fake pout on her
lips; “you just NEED to have another one?” “No…I …hun I didn’t mean…” he started. “I know sweetie, I’m just kidding, ” she said, “let’s just
see when it happens. I am fully open to trying it when the
opportunity presents itself, it could be tomorrow…it
could be next year, let’s just see what happens…now kiss
me.” They stood holding each other and kissing under the
water until the hot water was gone. “Go pick me out something to wear to the mall, ok” Julia asked,
“whatever you pick I’ll wear.” She grinned as he ran off
to get her some clothes. Jake returned with her yellow sundress,
and a white thong, no bra. The dress came to about 3 inches
above her knees. “You’re lucky it’s a warm fall day mister, I’d freeze in
that if it wasn’t so nice out, ” she said. They got dressed and drove to Crossgates Mall. They had
lunch in the food court, and both of them noticed the looks
she was getting in her dress, from the girls and guys. Julia
was smoking hot and they both knew it. They walked around
the mall once, enjoying all the attention she was getting.
“Ok, we did our lap, what now, ” she asked. “We’re here to treat ourselves, to splurge on us a little,
so what do you want? I want to go look in the bookstore, and
then maybe check out the game store, what about you?” he
answered. “I could use some new shoes, ” she said, “I’ll go check out
Macy’s. Meet me there in….say an hour?” “Deal. But you aren’t going anywhere without a kiss, ”
he said as he pulled her close, wrapping his arm around her
back and purposely lifting her dress enough to show the
bottom of her sweet ass. “See you in an hour babe, ” Jake called out as he watched
his gorgeous wife walk away. He turned to walk to the book
store, smiling. He knew he was the luckiest man alive, and
it felt good to know that. He walked into Macy’s looking for the shoe department.
It never amazed him how much time and effort women could
put into buying shoes. It seemed to take him forever to weave
his way through the store before he finally found the shoe
department, and as he drew closer, he could hear his wife
giggling. He stared walking slower, wanting to see what
was making her giggle like that, and not wanting to startle
her. Her laughter was much closer now, so he peeked around
a corner, and was stunned by what he was seeing. Julia was
seated in a chair, with boxes of shoes near her. Her dress
had ridden almost all the way up her legs; anyone walking
by would most likely see her thong. And squatting in front
of her, rubbing her legs and feet was another man, not more
that 20 years old. She knows how to pick them, Jake thought.
This guy was about 6’ tall, a solid build, not overly muscular,
but no fat either. He had dark shoulder length hair, and
a well tanned complexion. He was rubbing her legs starting
at her feet, and moving his hands up to her thighs, but he
wasn’t stopping above the knees, he kept moving them closer
to her dress. Jake watched for a few minutes as the clerk
would get his hands up to her dress and would push it a little
higher each time, before Julia playfully pushed his hands
away, then he would start it all over. He knew that the next
time the clerk got to her dress his fingers would be brushing
against her thong. And he stood there and watched as the
man brought his hands up her thighs, and this time, Julia
opened here legs for him. The guy was clearly not expecting
this, and looked to be shaking a little with nervousness.
Julia gently moved his hand away and pulled her dress down,
and then she leaned in close to him and whispered something
in his ear. She looked over the clerks shoulder and saw Jake
watching her, and she winked and smiled at him. The clerk
stood up with a noticeable bulge in his pants. Julia chuckled
as the man blushed and adjusted himself. As Jake walked
closer Julia stood up. “Honey, this is Marco, a college kid from Arizona. Marco
helped me find some shoes to buy, and he told me some sad news, ”
Julia said. “Oh, what’s the sad news?” Jake asked. “Marco has never had sex, and he is 18 years old, ” she said,
“he was hoping to get laid for the first time his freshman
year in college.” Looking at Marco Julia said, “Go get what
I told you to buy, and meet us at the Sears exit. If we aren’t
there in ten minutes Marco, we changed our minds, ok?” “Uh, ok….sure, ” the boy replied, and then turned and all
but ran from the store. “I was his last customer of the day, now he usually goes and
sits in the food court and waits for his roommate to pick
him up at 6. I told him that maybe I could help him with his
problem? Are you still up for it?” Julia asked Jake, leaning
in close and giving him a very wet kiss. “Ummm, yeah, sure. Where are we going to go?” he asked, as
he felt his cock getting hard again. “I’m going to go buy my shoes, you go and move the car seats
to the front seats, and lay the back seats of the Jeep down.
I’ll get Marco and meet you at the Jeep, ” she replied, as
she kissed him and walked away with her shoes. Jake’s mind
was reeling, was this really going to happen? They had fantasized
about it for so long. Only one way to find out… I sure am glad we parked in a corner of the parking garage,
Jake thought as he moved the car seats to the front, and folded
down the back seats. They kept a few blankets in the Jeep
for emergencies, and he had just finished laying them down
when Julia appeared at the side of the Jeep with Marco. She
put her shoes in the front seat, then looked around and climbed
into the back with Marco to join Jake. “Honey this is Marco, Marco this is my husband Jake. He is
going to watch you fuck me ok?” she said. “So long as he is ok with it, sure, ” replied Marco. “It’s ok Marco, this is a fantasy we’ve had for awhile, ”
said Jake sitting back to watch the show. Julia looked at Marco, “Did you buy what I told you?” “Yes, plain condoms and KY Liquid lube, right here in my
pocket, ” Marco replied. “Go ahead, and take your pants off, ” Julia told him, lying
back on the blankets and slowly running her hands all over
her body, “let’s see what I am dealing with here.” Marco
stripped quickly, revealing his fairly well sculpted
body. Jake saw Julia smile as she looked this young man over
from head to toe, obviously happy with his physical appearance.
His cock stood at attention. “Hmmmm, not as big or thick as you hun, but it will do, ” Julia
said, reaching out and giving it a few quick strokes, “do
you need help with the condom Marco?” “No, I got it, ” he said, as he tore it open and hastily put
it on his dick. Julia leaned back and looked at Jake. She
moved in close to give him a kiss and whispered, “You are
sure about this right?” He looked at her and smiled, and
nodded yes. She rolled away from him. She lay in front of
Marco, and grabbed the bottom of her dress. She lifted herself
up and slowly slid her dress over her head. Marco’s eyes
about fell from his head; laying in front of him in only a
thong was a gorgeous woman, about to have sex with him, while
her husband watched. She slid the thong down her legs and
tossed it aside. She grabbed her ankles and slowly ran her
hands up her legs and over her belly as she lay back down;
having her hands come to rest on her breasts. She cupped
them, and tweaked her nipples with her fingers, making
her nipples stand at attention like Marco’s dick. “So are you going to stare all night, or are you going to fuck
me?” she asked him, as she spread her legs. Marco grabbed
the lube and spread it over his cock; he looked to Julia to
see if she wanted any. “No need stud, I’m as wet as I will ever be, ” she told him.
Marco moved over her, with his cock in his hand, positioning
it at her pussy opening. She looked at Jake and stared into
his eyes as Marco pushed his cock into her. “MMMMmmmm that’s good, ” she said, “now take it slow at
first, you don’t want to cum to fast.” Marco tried to control
himself, he started moving slowly at first, but after 3
or 4 strokes he was groaning and moaning. He leaned over
her and pumped faster and faster, unable to control the
incredible feeling of sex for the first time. After about
twelve strokes he came. “Gahhhh oh shit, I’m cumming, ” he said, pulling out, and
sitting back. Julia looked up at Jake with a slight frown
on her face, and he wore a similar look. This is definitely
not how either of them had expected this to go. Jake saw a
sparkle in her eye, and knew she wasn’t done yet, and that
this would turn out to be everything they had hoped for.
Marco looked down at Julia, embarrassed at how quickly
he had cum. “Normally when I jerk-off I can make it last as
long as I want….but that was just too intense, ” he said
smiling at her, “I’m sorry it was over so fast.” Marco slipped
the condom off and used a baby wipe to clean himself. As he
reached for his clothes Julia sat up and grabbed his arm
interrupting him. “Just where do you think your going?”
she asked him, “We aren’t done yet.” With that she reached
down and grabbed his limp cock. “I’m sorry, it usually takes me about 10 or 15 minutes to
get hard again, ” he said; enjoying her hands on his dick.
“Well let’s see if we can speed that up a little shall we?”
Julia said licking her lips. She took another wipe and cleaned
his cock one more time. Looking over her shoulder at Jake
she smiled and said, “Shall we fulfill two fantasies in
one day hun?” She went down on all fours and wiggled her ass
at him. Not needing to be asked twice, he had his pants off
in seconds, and was in position right behind her. Jake grabbed
her hips and put his cock at her opening. Julia gasped as
he pushed himself all the way in. She turned back to Marco
and lowered her head to his half limp cock. Taking his semi-flaccid
member into her mouth she rolled it around with her tongue,
feeling it stiffen in her mouth. Once he was fully erect
she sucked him hard and fondled his balls gently. Marco
moaned loudly over Julia’s expert blowjob. He’d had a few
girlfriends give him head, but none of them ever really
knew what they were doing. This goddess of a woman before
him was showing him what a real blow job was like; with the
vibrations from her moans as Jake continued to slowly fuck
her added to the incredible feeling. Marco put his hands
on her shoulders as she started rocking back and forth,
taking his cock in and out of her mouth while pushing herself
on and off her husband’s dick. Julia was in heaven, she had
two hot cocks in her at one time. She and Jake had joked about
a threesome, and then even seriously considered it for
awhile, trying to find the right person but never succeeding;
and now, here they were with a guy neither of them new, and
enjoying it more than they could have ever expected. Julia
kept up her rhythm of moving back and forth between Marco
and Jake alternating between filling her mouth and her
pussy. Suddenly she felt Marco’s cock start to tense up,
she knew he was about to cum. She took him out of her mouth
and gave him a few more jerks. “Oh God Julia…..Oh God I’m gonna cum again….oh shit….your
mouth is sooo good….ARGGgggghhhhh, ” he yelled as he spurted
his come onto her tits. “That’s it baby, cum on my tits, ” she told him, “then I’m
gonna make this thing hard one more time.” She kept jerking
him right through his orgasm. She felt his dick start to
harden again, much faster this time. Jake reached down
and grabbed her hips, and started thrusting faster and
faster into her. He was about to cum too, but he was going
to fill her pussy with his. “Oh yeah… it cums babe….here it cums, ” Jake said,
slamming into her faster and faster, watching her ass bounce
as he pounded her from behind. Julia couldn’t hold herself
up anymore; she laid her upper body down, raising her ass
higher for him. She knew Jake loved this position, because
of how sexy she looked. She turned to look up at him as he fucked
her. “Come on baby….give it to me….Ooohhhhhhhh yessssss….that’s
it….that’s it….oh yeahh…..mmmmmmmmm, Oh...oh…..aghhhhhhhhh….I’M
CUMMMMMMMINGGGG, ” she screamed as her orgasm crashed
into her, “oh fuck me, fuck me…fuck me…ahhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyiiiieeeeeee.”
She came again, slamming her fists into the floor of the
Jeep as the pleasure shot through her. “Oh yes babe….unnggghhh, ” Jake groaned, pushing in all
the way as he shot his cum into her. He lay over her back, placing
kisses all over her, until he slowly withdrew his shrinking
cock. They both wiped off and then had a passionate kiss.
Julia caught her breath and looked over at Marco. “So you think you can fuck me like that?” she asked, as she
grabbed his now erect cock. “You think you can make me cum
before you shoot off again?” she teased rubbing her hands
over her sensually sweaty body. “Oh hell yeah, ” Marko said, fitting another condom on
his rock hard cock. Julia pushed him onto his back, with
his head near the rear gate of the Jeep. She straddled his
waist and rose up and down with his cock pushing up between
her legs. Reaching down she grabbed his cock and held it
still as she settled herself over it. Looking up she saw
Jake staring as she held this strangers cock at the entrance
to her pussy. She lowered herself until just the head was
in and then she stopped, and worked her hips in a circular
motion as she rolled her nipples through her fingers. She
looked up and saw Jake staring at her, and she returned the
gaze. Slowly she sat on Marco’s cock, feeling this strange
man in her again, tingling from head to toe with pleasure,
and excitement at what was happening. She was staring at
her husband, a few feet away as she sat on another man’s dick
and he slid his hands over her waist up to her tits. The pleasure
was intense, and her heart was racing. Jake was watching
her face as the excitement built in her as she continued
to slowly sit on Marco’s cock. Julia looked down from Jake’s
eyes for one minute and saw his cock standing hard again.
She ran her hands through her hair and ground her hips in
a circle as she finished burying Marco’s cock into her pussy.
It was all too much, the strange cock pushing deep into her,
her husband watching her bury this strangers dick into
her wet pussy, the excitement of feeling another man inside
her pussy where only Jake had ever been. She came. “Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I’m cummmming, ” she moaned, as the orgasm washed down
her body. Julia slowed her circular motion as her orgasm
subsided. She looked lustily up at Jake and grinned. He
smiled back at her and mouthed the words Fuck Him. Julia
smiled and slowly shook her head yes. She looked over her
shoulder at Marco and asked as she leaned back over him,
“How did my ass look grinding your cock?” “Oh baby, you have the greatest ass I have ever seen, ” he
replied. He brought his hands down from her tits, and rested
them on her belly as she placed her hands on either side of
him supporting her weight. She threw her head back and let
her hair dangle near his face. The Julia told him, “Fuck
me Marco, and make me cum again…make me cum all over you.”
She looked back to Jake and saw what she was hoping for; he
was staring at her pussy as Marco pumped into her. Jake was
in the best position to see her get fucked, and as she looked
down to where Marco was penetrating her, she could understand
why Jake couldn’t look away, it was too incredibly hot.
Marco picked up the pace, gripping her waist firmly and
pumping up into her wet pussy. “That’s it Marco….fuck my wet pussy….Ohhhhhhhh yessssss…yeah
that’s it….mmmmhhhhh…..ohhhhh yeah, ” she groaned as
he filled her faster and faster with his rock hard cock.
She slid one hand to her clit, and slowly started rubbing
it. “Look babe, ” she said to Jake as she played with her clit,
“I’m getting fucked by another man…mmmmmmmm…..his cock
feels so good in my little wet pussy….oooooooo…yeahh…..I
wanna feel him spurt his cum…..Ohhhhhhh yessss….that’s
it.” She put her hand back to hold herself up as Marco started
to fuck her harder and faster. “Yeah baby….your pussy is good….I’ll make you cum….oh
yeah….you’re so hot, ” he groaned as he pounded her harder
and faster. Julia looked at Jake and saw him staring at them,
watching her fuck another man, and it happened again. The
taboo excitement of fucking another man combined with
the pleasure she was getting from this great fucking, and
she came. “I’mmmmmm cummmmmming…..ohhhhhhh yessssssssss…..yesssssssssss…..ooooooouuuuhhhhhhhh, ”
she panted as she came. Jake climbed towards her and kissed
her deeply as her orgasm finished. Their tongues danced
together as he held her close, and she continued to be fucked
by Marco. Jake broke the kiss and looked over Julia’s shoulder.
“Do it again Marco, ” he said, “fuck her until she cums again.”
And Marco did. He slid his hands to her hips and fucked her
for all he had, pumping into her wet pussy over and over.
“Ughh ughhhh…ohhhhh….shhhiiittttt…ooooouuuuuuuuuu
aaaaahhhhhhh, Gaaawwwwddd, ” Julia squealed as Jake
held her and Marco fucked her, “I’m gonna cummmmm…..OOoooooooohhhhhhhhhh…..yesssssssssssss.”
Jake held her tight as she came. He could feel her whole body
tense as the climax went through her. They kissed again,
deeply and full of love and passion. “Your good baby, ” Julia said, looking down at Marco, “but
now I get to fuck you.” She sat up and braced her arms against
the roof of the Jeep. She then started moving her hips back
and forth faster and faster, sliding his cock in and out
of her pussy. “Oh shit Julia….oh shit…..oh fuck… are soooo hot….ohhh
God, ” Marco whimpered as Julia gave him the fucking of
his life. Jake sat back and watched as Julia bounced herself
on Marco’s cock over and over, slamming his cock into her
pussy and out again, gasping every time it penetrated her.
Faster and faster she rode him, alternating between bouncing
on him and grinding her pussy into him. Julia was breathing
harder now, as she continued to fuck him, sweat breaking
out on her body and glistening under the lights of the parking
garage. “I’m gonna cum again….I’m gonna cum again, ” Marco breathed
as he watched Julia ride him, “oh shit I’m close….here it
comes….aghhhhhhhhh yess” “Me too….me too…”, Julia panted as she fucked him, “I’M
CUMMMMMMINNNNGGGG AYyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee.” She fell
forward off Marco’s cock onto Jake. He held her as she lay
panting, and trying to catch her breath. She looked up into
his eyes, and said “I love you.” “I love you too babe, ” he replied, caressing her face.
He leaned down and kissed her lips tenderly. Marco cleaned
up and slowly started to dress as Jake lay holding Julia.
“Thanks Marco, ” Jake said, “you made two of our fantasies
come true today.” “You are a great lover Marco, ” Julia told him, “you will
make whatever woman is lucky enough o be with you very happy.”
“Thank you guys. This was an experience I’ll never forget.
No one back home will ever believe this. You tow are lucky
to have each other, ” Marco replied, as he opened the door
to leave, “Thank you both again” And with that Marco left,
and they never saw him again. Julia looked up into Jake’s
eyes and smiled. “Wow, ” she said, not knowing what else to say. “Yeah wow, that was incredible, ” Jake answered, “you
truly are the sexiest woman to ever live.” He kissed her
again. Despite the incredibly animalistic passions and
lust that had been there only moments before, he never felt
such a more tender love for her in his life. He knew beyond
any doubt that they were truly soul mates. “We finally did it…we finally had our threesome, ” she
said, squeezing him, “and it was every bit as exciting as
you said it would be.” “Maybe even more so, ” he replied smiling at her, “you’re
okay with all of this right? You don’t hate me for bringing
it up?” “Hate you?” she said sitting up, “honey I love you more than
ever. We’ve opened up a new area in out sex lives, one that
will bring us both pleasure…I will admit I am a little guilty
though.” “Don’t be hun, this is something we both agreed to, ” he
said. “I’m guilty I’ve been with another person and you haven’t, ”
she said laying back down on him. “And the only way I can think
of to get rid of this guilt….is to watch you fuck another
woman” she told him as she gave his cock a final squeeze.
“And I think I need to get rid of this guilt soon, ” Julia
said mischievously grinning at him, “but for now, let’s
get dressed and get home. I think we will make it with enough
time for us to make love one more time before we have to get
the kids.” “Sounds like a plan to me, ” Jake replied as they both dressed.

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