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Going Hiking


Carter was thrilled. The meeting had been wrapped up the
evening before, which meant the last two days of his business
trip were now a mini vacation. So far everything he had read
about the Berkshires had been true. The people were friendly,
and it was gorgeous in the fall. He was looking forward to
a long exhausting hike, followed by a day of site seeing
before he returned to Kentucky on Saturday. The weather
forecast was calling for a seasonably cool and overcast
day, with a 10% chance of rain. “I’ll take those odds”, he thought as he packed his
back pack: water, energy bars, fruit and two peanut butter
and fluff sandwiches; enough for lunch and a snack. According
to his trail map there was a small “packers cabin” in
the middle of this section of the Appalachian Trail, about
a two hour hike in from where he planned to set out. The trail
continued past the cabin to the next inlet to the trail,
about another 2 hour hike from the cabin. He was aware that
the sun set around five p.m. this time of the year, and the
notion of being caught in the dark in unfamiliar woods was
not at all appealing. His plan was to hike to the cabin, have
lunch and enjoy the forest for a bit, then set out to make
it to his rental car by four p.m., enough time to allow for
unexpected problems. Arriving at the pull off he checked
his watch, eleven a.m., right on time. He went through his
pack one last time, double checking that everything he
could need was there. Slipping his muscular frame into
the pack, he set out.

Tess loved autumn in the Berkshires. She loved the woods,
and the peace and serenity they gave you when you hiked though
them. Judging her on appearance no one ever took her for
an experienced hiker. She stood only five foot eight inches,
and weighed 120lbs. Her body was trim and toned, but not
glaringly muscular. Her long blonde hair, ample chest
and curves led people to stereotype her as a typical blonde
when in reality nothing could be further from the truth.
She had been a tomboy growing up, even after her body began
to develop, and she wasn’t ditzy as people were wont to
believe. Over the years she had fallen in love with the outdoors,
something that was easy to do growing up in the Berkshires.
It was Thursday morning, and she was setting out on her stretch
of the Appalachian Trail. She was a “Trail Volunteer”;
someone that hiked a specified stretch and kept the trail
clear and clean for everyone. Today she intended to go through
the first half, noting anything that needed to be done,
and continuing to the cabin. She would stop for lunch, and
then hike the second half of the trail to the pull off area,
taking note of anything that had to be done on this side.
Then she would turn around and head back to the cabin, clearing
the way and maintaining the trail as she went. When she got
to the cabin, she’d have dinner and spend the night. In
the morning she’d set off for her car and clear the first
half of the trail on the way. The weather concerned her slightly. The day had started
off with a 10% chance of rain, but as she set out the weather
report had upped it to a 20% chance of rain and storms. She
knew with her schedule that if she didn’t do this section
today, she would fall behind on all her trail work this month.
Hoisting her pack she set out, with her little weather/GPS
unit clipped at her waist.

“I made great time”, she thought as she came into the
clearing where the cabin stood. The temperature had dropped
about 10 degrees in the last hour, and the sky had turned
a frightening color of gray. Tess checked the cabin to see
if there were any other back-packers in attendance. Knowing
that the cabin was used less frequently in the fall, she
wasn’t surprised to find it empty. She set her pack on a cot and removed her flannel shirt, leaving
her in her black tank top. The last weather report had warned
that a nasty front had swept down from the northeast and
was bringing thunder, lighting and hail with it. She was
certain her hiking for the day was done. With the likely
hood of bad weather hovering above her, she decided to wait
it out in the cabin, and continue on in the morning. The first
part of the trail only had two small trees across it, not
even an hours worth of work for her. Stepping onto the small porch of the cabin she removed the
scrunchie from her long blonde hair and shook it free, running
her hands through it trying to get out the leaves and sticks
that had accumulated during her hike in. Pulling her hair
back she put the scrunchie back in, making a tight pony tail.

She set out to find some firewood for the night. Looking
up she knew she had maybe thirty minutes before the weather
hit. She decided she’d gather as much as she could before
the rain came, and then she’d have lunch. Spying a few fallen trees nearby she smiled. She brought
her collapsible saw with her, and set to work cutting the
trees into stove lengths. Within twenty minutes she had
worked up a sheen of sweat despite the cool air moving in.

Between the hike in and gathering the wood, her tank top
was soaked. She listened and heard nothing. Drawing her
tank top over her head she couldn’t help but feel a small
rush of excitement. It brought back memories of last summer,
when she had hiked here with Darren…

…They got in the cabin and within minutes were stripping
each other. They managed to fall onto one of the four cots
and had made love. “No”, Tess thought, “we fucked. It was loud and passionate.
We were like two animals that couldn’t get enough of each
other”. When they were done they simply laid there in each others
arms. She had mentioned that they would need fire wood for
that night, and it was best to get it early. Tess had reached
for her clothes but Darren held her back then handed her
hiking boots to her. “You don’t expect me to get wood naked do you?” she
had asked him, feeling turned on at the idea of it. He had
grinned at her as he put her socks and boots on her.

“That’s exactly what I have in mind, ” he had said.

Grabbing his boots and socks she said, “Then you’re
coming with me.” They set their packs on top of their clothes and set out in
only socks and boots. She could feel him staring at her bare
ass as they hiked through the woods looking for firewood.
Tess found a good bunch of clean dead wood to bring back a
short distance from the cabin. She heard Darren walking behind her to where she was, assuming
he was coming to help her drag some wood back to the cabin.
As she bent down to grab the first branch she let out a lust
filled moan; he had grabbed her waist and slid his cock into
her from behind. He slid his right hand down to where they
were joined and rubbed her, knowing how much it drove her
crazy, while gently tugging her long hair with his other
hand. Tess turned her head to kiss him as he fucked her. Within
minutes they both came with a yell. Barely able to stand
they held each other and regained their breath until his
limp penis slipped from her. Then they carefully gathered
some wood and set off for the cabin, with Tess leading the

Just as they were about to exit the clearing she stopped,
and he almost knocked her over. They stared at the cabin
with their mouths agape. There were four people, presumably
a family from the looks of them, eating lunch on the porch.
Quietly they set the wood down and squatted down to wait.
Tess turned to look at Darren with a mix of anger and amusement
in her eyes. “What are we going to do if they are spending the night?”
she had asked him. He looked at her and grinned.

“If they aren’t gone by dark, I’ll walk in there and
grab our stuff and leave. This was my idea, so I’ll do it, ”
he answered.

As luck would have it, the family set out after their lunch,
allowing Tess and Darren to slip back into the cabin without
incident. They had made love all night long in front of a
roaring fire until neither of them could move…

…She draped her tank top over the porch railing. Standing
in her sports bra and khaki pants she felt exhilarated.
Setting to work she brought in all the wood she had gathered
so it would stay dry from the coming storm. Tess removed
the portable solar shower from her pack and set it up in back
of the cabin, hoping that whatever weather was coming,
it didn’t destroy the shower. “I’ll want a warm shower
after this night”, she thought as she secured the unit.
With her work coming to an end she felt the coldness that
had descended in the day biting at her. Rubbing her hands
over her arms she went back into the cabin and put her flannel
shirt back on. She checked her GPS unit, and saw that the
current temperature was down to 45 degrees. “With the
wind expected to pick up it’s going to get down right nasty
tonight”, she thought with some slight concern. She
closed the shutters on the windows, slid a cot in front of
the fireplace and set to work building a fire as the storm

Carter knew he was screwed. He’d been caught in enough
storms to know the signs. The clouds had moved in at first.
“Which was still inline with the days forecast, ”
he had told himself. When the temperature started to drop,
he knew it was a bad weather front that had moved in. He was
about ninety minutes into his hike, and he knew that even
if he double-timed it all the way back, he couldn’t hope
to make it in less than an hour. Looking at the sky he knew
he had twenty minutes before the storm hit, maybe thirty
tops; that meant he would have at least thirty minutes of
exposure to the storm if he tried to leave. Cinching his pack tight, he decided to try for the cabin.
“I’ll just stretch the food I have until breakfast, ”
he thought, “and when I get back to my car I’ll go grab
a big lunch.” Fifteen minutes later the sky opened up
as the winds slashed at him. Carter knew that with the drop
in temperature, vicious wind and rain the conditions were
right for hypothermia. If he didn’t find the cabin soon
he would have to look for some kind of shelter to ride out
the storm. About ten minutes later with chattering teeth he saw a warm
glow ahead. “It must be the cabin, ” he thought, “and
it looks like someone’s there.” Pushing himself he
tramped through the woods and ran up the porch, bursting
through the unlocked cabin door with a yell of relief.

Tess was sitting on the cot in front of the fire, heating
some water to make coffee when the door burst open, and a
man fell through it. She’d screamed and leapt from the
cot. Coming to her senses and accessing the situation she
could see the exhausted man was a hiker caught in the storm.
She rushed across the room and shut the door, then turned
to the man. He was sitting up and trying to smile through
chattering teeth. “Names Carter, ” he said with a southern drawl, “mind
if I stay here for a bit with you?” Tess squatted near him
and began examining him, looking for signs of hypothermia.
“I’m wet and cold, but I’m not hypothermic yet if
that’s what you’re looking for, ” Carter said as
she looked him over. Tess stood up and looked down at him. “Hi, name’s Tess.
We need to get you out of those clothes, ” she said walking
to her pack. “Now that’s more like it, ” Carter said standing
up and removing his pack, “I like a lady that knows what
she wants and goes right after it.” Carter removed his
sweatshirt and t-shirt. Tess turned to look at him. Carter
was about six feet tall and muscular, yet not body builder
muscular. His short dark brown hair was matted to his head,
and his deep blue eyes were staring intently at her. “I beg your pardon?” Tess replied with a small smirk
on her face as she watched Carter struggle to work his wet
pants down his legs. He looked up at her as he finished getting his pants off.
“Bad joke, I’m sorry, ” he replied carrying his
cloths to the fire place, “clothes are off. Got a blanket
or something I could use while these dry?”

Tess stared at him as he walked towards her. His white boxer
briefs were all he had left on and being soaked, they clung
to him leaving very little to the imagination. “It was Tess right? Are you ok?” he asked as he began
laying his clothes on the hearth near the fire. “Yes, I’m fine. I do have a blanket with me, I was planning
to stay the night, ” she said turning from him and pulling
her eyes from his tanned physique with a nearly physical
difficulty. She lifted her blanket and offered it to him
saying, “You can have the blanket, but you gotta lose
your shorts. It’s the only blanket we have and we can’t
afford to let it get wet.” Looking her right in the eyes, Carter removed his underwear
and laid them next to his shirt on the hearth saying, “You’re
the boss.” Standing in front of her naked he took the blanket from Tess
and draped it around his shoulders. Sitting down on the
cot in front of the fire he held his hands to the fire trying
to warm them, feeling the last tremors of cold shiver through
him. Tess kneeled behind him and rubbed his back and shoulders
vigorously through the blanket trying to warm him. “I just put water on for coffee, ” she said, “is this
helping at all?” Carter continued to rub his hands, enjoying
the warmth from the fire and the feeling of her hands on his
back. “A little yes, but this chill runs deep, ” he replied
with a small shivering stutter in his smooth southern accent,
“if it isn’t too forward, can I ask you to hug me, and
use your body heat to warm me some. I don’t have hypothermia
but I know that’s one of the safest ways to warm someone
that has it.” Tess stopped rubbing and sat back on her feet. He figured
he’d crossed the line and rubbed his hands again, relishing
the warmth of the fire when he felt the blanket lifted from
his back. He turned his head to look, and saw Tess pulling
the blanket over her naked shoulders as she sat behind him.
His cock stirred as he felt he bare breasts pushing into
his back, and her arms wrapping around his flat abdomen.
“Pull the blanket tight around us, ” she said as she
squeezed him, “it will help warm you quicker.” Carter
felt her nipples harden as they touched his cold back. He
pulled the blanket tight and they sat that way for awhile.

A short time later he felt her grip on him slacken as she pulled
away from away from him saying, “You aren’t cool to
the touch anymore.” Carter turned his head and saw Tess’ bare back as she put
her sports bra back on and then her shirt. He turned to face
the fire as she turned back towards him. Tess walked over
to his clothes to check them. “Still damp, ” she said, “how about some hot coffee
and lunch? The cabin is holding the heat well.” Tess removed the water and took the pot to the counter. Setting
the boiling water down she asked, “How do you like your
coffee?” Carter turned to face her and replied, “Sweet and creamy.
But today I’ll take it however I can get it.” Tess went about making the cup of coffee and returned to
the cot. “I hope you don’t mind instant coffee and sharing,
I only brought one mug, ” she said handing him the mug.

She grabbed his pack and brought it to him. “I brought
enough food for one person to have a few small meals; I’m
not a big eater. If we split it up, we’ll have enough to
sustain us until tomorrow but not nearly enough to fill
us. I assume you have some food in here, ” she asked indicating
his pack. Carter took another sip of coffee and said, “Help your
self. There is a couple of sandwiches, a few energy bars,
and some fruit, as well as a canteen of water. Thank you for
the coffee, right now it tastes like the greatest cup I’ve
ever had.” Tess smiled at him, and melted a little more inside as his
accent drove her wild. Carter smiled up at her as she continued
to stare at him. “Here finish this cup, and then you can have the first
half of the next one, ” he said as he handed her the coffee.
Tess took it and retreated to the counter with his pack to
where her food was. She finished the coffee and made a second
cup. Then she brought lunch to the cot where they ate and

They had finished lunch and Tess had taken out a deck of cards.
They had been playing various games for a couple of hours
by candle light, conserving the batteries in their flashlights
incase of an emergency. Carter suggested making some more
coffee if it was possible. Tess placed a pitcher out in the
rain to gather more water, than had run it through her portable
purifier once back inside. After placing the water on the fire she said, “Your deal,
so what’s the game?” Shuffling the cards Carter grinned at her and said, “Strip
poker, seven card draw.” The cabin had warmed up considerably
despite the violent weather outside. Carter had slid the
blanket to his waist and had remained nude under it, and
Tess had removed her flannel shirt. She looked at herself, then at him and said, “Ok, why not.
You do realize that I’m only wearing four articles of
clothing, five if we count socks separate; and you are still
wearing only a blanket.” She sat at her end of the cot with
her pulse throbbing faster. Carter started to deal and said, “Guess I’d better
do well then.”

Three hands later he was doing well. They had agreed the
socks count as one item, and he hadn’t lost yet. Tess was
sitting in her bikini cut underwear with her socks, sports
bra, and sweat pants piled neatly at Carter’s side. “I guess this is the last hand, ” she said as she leaned
forward to take her cards. She noticed Carters gaze never
left her breasts as she did this, and it excited her. Leaning
back she looked at her cards then looked at him. She could
see his erection pointing up through the blanket, as he
did his best to quietly conceal it. “Don’t bother, ’ she teased him, “that blanket’s
going to be mine in a minute anyway.” Carter laid his hand down, he had a full house. Tess let out
a small whoop of victory as she laid down her four aces. Carter stood slowly and said, “Good hand, here’s your
prize.” He unwrapped the blanket from his waist and took
his time folding it for her. He stepped forward to hand it
to her, his hard cock was only a few inches from her mouth.
She took the blanket from him as they stared into one another’s
eyes. He opened his mouth as if to speak when the cabin was
filled with a flash from lightning, and was shaken almost
simultaneously by the crashing thunder. They both let
out a startled scream, as Tess leapt from the cot and hugged
him. Carter felt her heart pounding as she squeezed him.
As the thunder rolled on and the moment passed she let go
of him saying, “I’m sorry, that really scared me for
a minute. I’m ok now.” He could see her shaking as she turned from him towards the
fire. She tossed a few more logs on the fire, and then grabbed
his pants and underwear. When Tess turned back to him Carter stepped forward and
took her in his arms. Pulling her in tight he kissed her deeply,
thrusting his tongue passionately between her parted
lips. Tess moaned as his hands roamed over her nearly nude
body; savoring the feeling of his hard cock pressing into
her stomach as he held her tight. They tumbled to the cot as one, their mouths never parting.
Tess lay atop him as their tongues danced, feeling his throbbing
cock between them. Finally breaking for a breath, she sat
astride him running her hands over his muscular chest and
tight abs, keeping her hands far enough from his penis to
drive him wild. Leaning forward she wiggled back and forth
tickling his chest with her breasts. Cupping his face in her hands she kissed him again, sucking
his tongue gently into her mouth. Carter moaned as he she
began kissing her way down his chest, planting delicate
kisses and playful nibbles all the way to his lower abdomen.
Tess gripped his rigid cock at the base with her left hand,
it wasn’t the largest cock she’d ever held, but it was
at least seven inches long and more importantly to her…it
was thick. She laid her head on his stomach while rubbing his chest
with her free hand. Taking a deep breath she slowly blew
on his cock watching it grow harder if it was at all possible.
Carter moaned as he felt her warm breath tickle his cock.
With one hand he ran his fingers through her long blonde
hair that spilled from her head onto his stomach. With his
other hand he traced the curves of her back and sides with
the back of his fingers barley touching her. Tess continued to tickle his dick with her gentle blowing,
but now she was bringing it close enough to her mouth to give
the large head of his penis a gentle flick with her tongue.
This had the effect on him she desired, as she felt his dick
throb stronger in her hand. Carter slid his left hand down her back, and into her panties.
Sliding his middle finger gently between her ass cheeks
then spreading the fingers on his large hand wide, he held
most of her ass in his hand and began to rub it. Tess moved her head lower angling her lower body closer
to him on the cot. Ending her massage of his chest she gripped
his cock with both hands and guided it to her mouth. Carter
involuntarily squeezed her ass harder than he intended
when she did this, releasing a moan of pure lust as her mouth
fell upon his cock over and over. He slid his hand further into her panties seeking the wetness
he knew was there. Carter slid his middle finger deftly
into her, feeling her juices gush onto his hand. Tess groaned
around his cock as he fingered her pussy. Feeling his balls
tighten in her hand she knew he was close to cumming. Increasing
the tempo she moved her head faster onto his cock, never
letting more than half of it leave her mouth. Gently Tess
caressed his balls as she stroked him in rhythm to her mouth.
Feeling a familiar tingle down below she started to squirm
under his touch. Her orgasm came upon her fast as he continued
to fuck her with his long middle finger causing her to release
his cock from her mouth and scream out, “I’m cumming….oh
fuck I’m cumming…” Carter slid his wet finger from her pussy and trailed it
up her ass, swirling it around her anus but not daring yet
to try entering. Tess renewed her effort on his cock, sucking it as far into
her mouth as she could. She could feel the bulbous head of
his cock pushing into her throat. She sucked him harder
and kept his cock deep in her mouth. Carter groaned deeply, no woman had ever taken his cock
that deeply into her mouth before. “Oh Tess I’m gonna
cum, ” he warned her as she started to bob her head on his
cock again, jerking him faster and faster. “Oh shit Tess…I’m cumming…” he moaned as she
clamped her lips and mouth tightly to his cock. She continued
her oral ministrations as he shot his hot cum down her throat.
Gripping the mattress of the cot with both hands Carter
rolled his head from side to side as Tess milked his cock.
With an audible pop she released her suction on his cock
and began licking the sides like an ice cream cone, making
sure not one drop of his semen was wasted as his penis softened
in her hands. Kissing her way back up his body, she looked into his eyes
as their lips met again. Breaking the kiss and standing
near the cot Tess said, “I hope you won’t mind returning
the favor.” She turned her back to him and hooked her thumbs into her
panties. Bending at the waist she slid them down her silky
tanned legs and stepped out of them. “I’d have been offended if you didn’t ask, ” Carter
replied with his deep southern drawl. Tess straddled the cot at his chest, and lowered her wet
pussy to his waiting mouth. She leaned back and held herself
up as his tongue penetrated her pussy for the first time.
Closing her eyes Tess concentrated on the sounds of the
storm as Carter slowly licked her pussy in a circular motion.
Gripping her ass he held her tight to his mouth, thrusting
his tongue deeper into her, savoring her juices as they
flowed into his mouth. She sighed and moaned as mini-orgasms ran through her body,
building towards a powerful climax. Carter finished teasing
her, and pushed his tongue in as far as he could, rubbing
her clit with his nose. Tess groaned and tried to slide away
from him, the sensation nearly too much to handle. Carter held her firmly on his mouth as his tongue moved in
and out of her wetness faster and faster, not allowing her
to move away. Her arms began to shake as her orgasm built
until she could no longer hold herself up. Lying back against
his raised legs she rubbed her breasts as he tongue fucked
her to orgasm. Slamming her hands on the cot she screamed
in ecstasy as she came, crying his name over and over as she
flooded his mouth with her cum . Changing his method he began to slowly lick the outside
of her pussy again with long firm strokes. “Oh no, not
again, ” she begged him as he started her on the path to
another orgasm. Feeling his hold on her ass loosen she spun around into a
69. Grabbing his semi-flaccid cock she began to jerk him
slowly as she sucked him back into her warm and wet mouth.
Carter moaned into her pussy as they licked and sucked at
each others sex. With his cock fully erect again she removed
it from her mouth. Looking over her shoulder she said to
him, “I need you in me now.” With one last flick of his tongue on her clit Carter let her
climb off his face. Tess threw a few more logs on the fire
and turned to him. Carter was sitting on the cot with a questioning
nervous look. Picking up on his sudden mood change Tess asked, “What’s
wrong? You do want to make love to me don’t you?” Carter blushed a little, surprised at his own embarrassment
at this point in their tryst. “Tess, I don’t know about
you, but I don’t typically carry condoms when I go for
a hike, unless it’s planned beforehand, ” he replied
with his strong southern drawl, “I do want you more than
you know, but I’ll settle for more of what we’ve been
doing if you don’t have protection with you.” Tess sat astride him again, his cock resting in her small
patch of pubic hair. “I’m on the pill, ” she said
smiling at him, “and I’m disease free.” She felt his cock throb as he replied, “Me too….well
not the pill.” She kissed him. His hands slid down her back to gently cradle
her ass cheeks, one in each hand. Slowly he lifted her, their
anticipation building as his cock trailed down her pubic
hair and rubbed heavily over her clit, sending a jolt of
pleasure through her as it slid lower. Their hearts quickened
as he pulled her back down, his fat cock head pushing slowly
into her wetness. Tess broke their kiss, and bit his shoulder as tenderly
as she could, trying to contain herself as she was filled
with his throbbing penis. Unable to control herself she
threw her head back as she pulled herself closer to him,
moaning in ecstasy as she came on his thick cock. Carter watched her face as she came with a screaming orgasm
grinding her pelvis to his as he held her close, his cock
fully buried inside her. She grew still and buried her face
in his neck, nibbling and kissing him as her orgasm faded,
leaving her shuddering and gasping as it passed. Carter ran his hands up her back from her ass, massaging
her with his strong hands as she regained control. She sighed
in contentment at the feeling of his powerful hands roaming
her back as the heat of the fire warmed them. His muscles
rippled against her sides as he continued his massage,
not moving until she was ready. Leaning back from his hard body she grabbed his shoulders
and slowly began to rise and fall on his hard cock; lifting
her small frame until only his cock head was in her then slowly
settling back down on it, lost in the feeling of being filled
again and again with his thick, steel like cock. Carter relished the sight before him as the storm hammered
relentlessly on the cabin. The soft glow from the candles
danced across her perfect breasts as they rose and fell
in time to the moans escaping her perfect lips, as she impaled
herself again and again on his dick. Her small frame was
silhouetted against the light from the fire, her blonde
hair seemingly ablaze with a fire of its own. Between the fire and their love the small cabin was warm
verging on hot. Her back was slick with sweat from their
love, allowing his hands to slide over it like silk. Carter
licked and sucked her breasts tasting her saltiness and
eliciting gasps and moans as she continued to slowly ride
him. Looking into her eyes he said, “Oh Tess I’m there, I’m
gonna cum.” Maintaining her slow pace she continued to slide up and
down his hard cock. “Me too, ” she gasped as her orgasm
rushed through her, “I’m cumming….” Carter grunted as he squeezed her ass and pulled her tight,
pushing himself into her as far as he could as his cock spurted
deep within her. Kneading her ass he kissed her, he felt
her pussy tighten and release over and over on his cock as
she climaxed. Panting for air he laid back onto the cot,
his softening cock deep in her still spasming pussy. Tess cooed as she lay down on him, planting kisses on his
chest as their breathing returned to normal. Carter pulled
the blanket over them and wrapped his arms around her holding
her close. They closed their eyes and drifted off into a
contented post coital sleep as the storm raged on.

Carter awoke first to a cold and nearly black room. The candles
had burned out, and the fire was merely embers painting
the cabin with its glowing ocher color. Kissing Tess on
the top of her head, he slid from under her as quietly as he
could. Checking his watch he saw they had napped for only
a couple of hours. Despite the cold Carter set to work rekindling the fire
sans clothes, fearing that if he put them on they may not
come off again within the walls of the cabin. Once the fire
was going he refilled the pot with water from the filter
and set it on the fire. He warmed his hands by the fire as the
rain and thunder provided the soundtrack. Carter nearly jumped from his skin when Tess said, “Aren’t
you just the cutest thing ever?” He had momentarily forgotten
her as he set about the fire and making coffee. Jumping up he spun around and smiled. “I was trying to
be quiet so you could sleep, ” he replied sitting on the
end of the cot, “I just set the water on for coffee and was
going to put a little something together for dinner.”
Tess sat up and drew the blanket around him, warming him
with her body as she pulled him down to her. She could feel
his cock growing hard against her thigh as he lay between
her spread legs. Running her hands over his powerfully
built back she sighed as he delicately kissed her neck and
breasts. Squeezing his firm ass in one had she reached between
them with her free hand, relishing the feeling of his warm
body pressing into her. Finding his penis with her free
hand she gave it a few short tugs, and guided him to her wet
opening. Spreading her legs a little wider she slid the
tip of his cock into her pussy. Carter wanted to push her desire to the limit. Holding himself
up on his arms he kept only the tip of his penis in her. Tess
gripped his ass and tried to pull him into her, but he wouldn’t
budge. As she wiggled under him she could feel his cock head
spreading her wet lips and rubbing her clit, but not yet
going deeper. Thinking she had outsmarted him she slid her hips upward,
trying to thrust herself onto his member. Carter had expected
this, and had simply moved his own hips away at the same time
continuing his exquisite torture of her. Defeated Tess lowered her hips and brought her hands up
to hold his face. “Make love to me Carter. Don’t tease
me any longer, I need you in me, ” she begged him, kissing
his neck and cheeks. Holding himself above her on his muscular arms, he looked
down into her eyes as she lay on the cot. Never taking his
eyes from hers he pushed himself slowly into her until his
balls were snug against her ass. Tess threw her head back and moaned as he filled her completely.
She wrapped her bronzed legs tightly around his waist and
squeezed, keeping him buried deep within her, locking
her ankles atop his ass. Carter slid his hips back, pulling his throbbing cock out
of her warmth, then pushing it slowly in again until he filled
her completely. He continued his slow pace until her breathing
grew sharp. He could sense her orgasm building and he wanted
to prolong it for her. Supporting himself on one arm he reached back and unlocked
her ankles. He slid her legs up so her knees were bent in front
of her. Tess smiled up at him as he ran his hand over her tight
belly and breasts and back down to where they were joined.
With the palm of his free hand he pressed gently but firmly
on her pubic patch, as he rubbed her clit with his thumb.
This sent bolts of pleasure coursing through her body as
she moaned and sighed, tossing her head to and fro. Carter shifted his weight back, withdrawing his cock from
her. Grasping it at the base he began to rub it all around
her sex, pushing the tip in and taking it out; rubbing her
clit with his fat cock head until she begged him to stop.
At that point he would grasp it and slowly enter her, leaning
down to kiss her when he was fully in. Then he would again
take it out and begin massaging her wet lips with his cock
all over again. The sight of the fire light dancing across her naked body
as she writhed beneath him coupled with her moans of ecstasy
were becoming too much for him. “Oh please put it in me, ” Tess begged him one last time,
“I want to feel you cum in me again.” Carter grinned down at her and answered her with that sexy
southern drawl that melted her defenses the first time
she’d heard it, “Your wish is my command.” Leaning
over her he slowly pushed himself into her again, this time
placing her legs around his waist again. With a slow and
steady pace her thrust into her again and again, drawing
moans and sighs with every penetration of his hard cock.
She couldn’t even voice a warning this time as her orgasm
ripped through her with the ferocity of a wild fire. Tess
dug her nails into his shoulder hard enough to draw trickles
of blood as her wet pussy seized his hard cock like a vise.
With a final grunt and thrust Carter pushed deeper into
her wetness and spurted his hot semen into her again. Tess
screamed in pleasure as she felt his cum flood her, squeezing
her legs tightly around him, not allowing him to withdraw
from her yet. Carter collapsed along side her, breathing
even harder than the first time they had made love. After a few minutes his limp penis slid from her pussy, despite
Tess still holding him closely. He kissed her forehead
and then her mouth, enjoying the taste of her lips. Propping himself up on one arm he said, “I promised you
coffee and dinner.” With that he rose from the cot and
pulled his pants on, certain now that they could come off
again at a moments notice, and then set about making them
coffee and dinner. Tess pulled her flannel shirt on and
watched as this dangerously handsome man made her dinner.

Despite their aerobic activities earlier neither one
was especially hungry, though they did share four more
cups of coffee through their small dinner. When dinner
was done Tess pulled her sweatpants on and went onto the
porch with her pitcher to gather more rain water. The wind
had picked up and she was soaked to the skin when she came
back in. “I’d have been more than willing to do that Tess, ”
Carter drawled as she set the pitcher down and walked toward
the fire. He watched her as she removed her shirt and sweatpants,
once again standing before him naked. Tess shook her golden hair and smiled at Carter. “You
have a naughty look in your eyes Mr., ” she teased as she
bent over to grab the blanket, “I need to warm up a little
first. Let’s play some more cards.” They sat again on either end of the cot: Tess nude but for
the blanket wrapped around her, and Carter still wearing
only his jeans. Tess got up and grabbed her weather/GPS
device and turned it on. The forecast was for the storm to
rage through the night, beginning to break up in the wee
hours of the overnight, fully gone by early morning. With a sign of relief Tess turned it off and went back to the
card game. “Glad to hear it will be gone by tomorrow, ”
she said, “sometimes with these weird weather systems
they just hang around for a few days. Since you made dinner,
I’ll make you breakfast, and we can set out after that.”
Carter tried to smile at her but she could she something
else hiding in his eyes. “You don’t seem happy about
the weather breaking, did you really want to stay here another
day?” she asked him. Carter laid his hand down and said, “Rummy. I win this
one.” As he reached for the cards Tess grabbed his hand and looked
into his eyes and asked, “Are you ok?” Gathering up the cards he smiled at her and said, “Tess,
I’m a believer in fate, destiny of you will. We both know
the weather was supposed to be nothing like this, yet here
we are. I have no doubt that I would have found the cabin even
if you weren’t here, but how would I have done with no fire
wood? I just look at the circumstances and wonder…maybe
we were meant to meet like this?” Her pulse quickened at his words because she had thinking
nearly the same thing since just after he crashed through
the door. Misreading her eyes Carter said, “I’m sorry,
forgive me. I didn’t mean to…” She silenced him with a small kiss. “Shhh, ” she said
as she sat back, “let’s see what the morning brings.
Now deal.” They played cards and talked, beginning to feel as if they’d
known each other for years and years. As the fire grew low
they decided it was time to turn in. Carter placed what they
hoped would be enough fuel to last them until morning. Looking at their clothes Carter said, “We’d probably
be warmer if we slept in them, wouldn’t ya think?” Tess shook her head in agreement, and then lay down naked
beneath the blanket patting the cot. “I bet if we thought
about it we could think of other ways to keep warm…if we
had to, ” she said as she grinned at him. Carter quickly
pulled off his jeans and placed them on the hearth. His cock
was slowly growing erect as he climbed under the covers
with her. Feeling his penis growing against her leg Tess kissed him
and said, “Can’t you control that thing?” Carter laughed as he kissed her back and said, “Not when
I’m lying with a woman as beautiful as you.” Tess gave
an exaggerated sigh and turned to face the now roaring fire.
Sliding herself backwards she felt his fully erect cock
settling between her butt cheeks. “Good night Carter, ” she said closing her eyes. Carter
kissed the back of her neck and said, “Good night.”
Though his penis showed no sign of going to sleep, he closed
his eyes in an effort to try. Within minutes they were both
slumbering soundly as the rain crashed unremittingly
on the roof and the thunder shook the earth.

Carter was awaked an uncertain time later by a sound and
the lack of sound. Before his eyes opened her knew the storm
had relented. He could still hear the faint patter of dying
rain on the roof, but the thunder had moved on; that was the
lack of sound. The sound that had stirred him from sleep
was a muffled moaning. Arousing himself fully from sleep he became aware that
his cock was at full attention and being serviced by Tess’
talented mouth. Opening his eyes he was greeted with a wonderful
sight. Tess’ pussy was inches from his mouth, simply
waiting for some attention of its own. Realizing he was now awake she stopped her blowjob and looked
back at him. “I’m sorry I woke you, ” she said pouting,
“I woke up and added a few more logs to the fire, and realized
I wanted a midnight snack.” She licked her lips and bobbed
her wet mouth onto his cock a few more times, drawing a groan
from him. “I hope you don’t mind my choice of treat, ”
she said, “but I’m not only hungry but I am very horny.”
With this admission she renewed her work on his rock hard
member. “I think I could do with a midnight treat myself, ”
he drawled as he pulled her pussy to his mouth. Foregoing any teasing he parted her pussy lips as deeply
as he could with his tongue, sliding it in and out like a miniature
cock. Gripping her ass with one hand he slid a finger into
her wetness as he continued using his tongue like a cock
sliding it in as he withdrew his finger, and pushing his
finger in as he withdrew his tongue. This proved too much for Tess. She removed her mouth from
his cock and yelled, “Oh fuck I’m cummmmming….”
Her orgasm flooded his mouth, and Carter drank thirstily
as he tongue fucked her through her orgasm. Collapsing
on his lower body she slowly working his cock as she regained
control of her body. Carter squeezed her ass in both hands and parted the cheeks
as wide as he dared without hurting her. He began to lick
her with long slow strokes of his tongue, starting at her
sensitive clit and ending at her taint, the little area
of skin between the anus and the penis or vagina. Licking his cock like a lollipop Tess moaned, “Oh my God
what are you doing? It feels so amazing…” He continued
this treatment of her as she alternately begged him to stop
because the feeling was too intense and to never stop. Moaning as her body quivered with pleasure Tess said, “Two
can play that game.” Wetting his cock with her mouth she
gripped him firmly and began jerking him faster as she lowered
her head to his testicles. Playfully she began licking
his balls with just the tip of her tongue, enjoying the feeling
of his cock throbbing in her hand every time her tongue touched
him. Lifting his balls she began teasing him in the same
way. She licked slowly up from his taint to the base of his
cock over and over again, feeling his testicles roll off
her tongue. The pleasure was enough to cause him to stop
pleasing her for a moment as he groaned deeply with pleasure.
Tess took his penis into her mouth again, sensing he was
close to climax. “I want you in me, ” she pleaded with him trying to move
from his face. “Not yet, ” he answered holding her tightly to his
mouth, “I have one more treat for you.” After sliding his tongue along her wetness to her taint
a few more times he slid his finger into her pussy again,
pumping it in and out at a medium pace, with his tongue occasionally
probing her anus ever so delicately. She grunted with satisfaction as he licked around her pussy
and fingered her. “Ohhh Carter…make me cum…make
me cum again pleaseee…” Sensing the moment was right he gave her his last treat.
As he continued to finger her he slid his tongue past her
taint to her ass. Carter circled her anus a few times then
thrust his tongue against her tight sphincter. Tess tensed as his tongue penetrated her ass, then relaxed
and screamed in rapture as she came again, her pussy and
ass being fucked by his tongue and finger. Carter finished his oral pleasure with a gentle kiss on
each of her perfectly shaped ass cheeks. Tess spun around
and pinned his arms down staring intently at his face as
her breasts rose and fell with her rapid breathing. “No one has ever done anything like that to me before, ”
she said as she lowered her face closer to his, “you are
an amazing lover.” She kissed him with passion, lust
and some love. Parting their lips she said, “I warned
you I was horny.” Turning around again she moved to the end of the cot and wiggled
her ass at him. “Come fuck me stud, ” she giggled as
she slapped her ass in invitation to him, “she me how a
good ole’ southern boy takes care of his woman when she’s
in heat.” Carter laughed as he got on his knees behind her. Grasping
her waist with his left hand he grabbed his cock with his
right hand and guided it into her wet pussy with one deep
push. Tess yelped in pleasure as he buried his cock in her.
She lowered her chest to the mattress and turned her head
to watch him fuck her. Holding her waist he began to pump into her faster and faster.
Her pussy was like liquid fire, growing hotter with each
powerful thrust of his cock. Her gasps and moans sated him
like water to a parched throat. With a yell he thrust into
her as deep as he could shooting his first spurt deep into
her womb. Quickly withdrawing his penis from her and slid
his cock along her ass crack as gob after gob of his hot cum
sprayed across her back. Carter sat back on his legs exhausted.
Tess turned towards him taking his semi hard cock into her
mouth despite his protests. As Carter squirmed and twisted
beneath her oral skills his cock grew rigid again. Tess
wasted no time in mounting him. Impaling herself on his
dick she began rode on him faster and faster, her breasts
bouncing in rhythm to their fucking. She was an animal, swirling her hips around as she rode his
cock as fast as she could. Carter helped her keep her pace
by cupping her ass and lifting her with his muscular arms.
Feeling bold he wiggled the middle finger of his left hand
into her ass as she continued fucking him, sending her over
the edge again. Burying his cock into her fully she moved
her hips forward and back, alternating between having
her pussy filled with his cock and her ass with his finger.
Moving his hand from her ass she climbed from him and laid
back on the cot with her legs atop his, laying along side
his body. Tess stared up at his washboard stomach and hard
chest muscles as they rippled with his movements. Grabbing her again by the waist he began slowly at first
to slide his cock in and out of her, amazed at how tightly
her pussy still gripped him. Gazing down at her stunning
body beneath him he was spell bound. Her silky toned legs came together where he penetrated
her again and again, her small landing strip of blonde pubic
hair pointing at their union. His eyes traveled over her
taught belly to her heaving breasts and hard quarter sized
nipples, on to her golden hair spilled about her head until
their eyes met. Carter smiled at her and slowed his movements
until he had stopped, watching as Tess tried to keep the
motion going, squirming her hips around on his penis. Holding her firmly at the waist he began pulling her towards
him, and sliding her away again. The feeling was intense
as her pussy slid along his hard cock. Tess closed her eyes
and rubbed her breasts as he pulled her onto his dick over
and over again. Carter pulled his cock from her pussy and began rubbing
it around her tight anus. Looking up at him she said, “No,
I can’t, not now.” Placing his cock back in her he lifted
her legs and placed them over his shoulders as he leaned
over her, enabling him to penetrate her deeper than before.
Tess gripped the blanket as he fucked her harder and harder,
loving the feeling of his balls slapping her anus as he pumped
her again and again. His body began to shine softly in the
fire light as he continued fucking her, slamming his cock
into her wetness. Feeling an orgasm coming she groaned in frustration as
he withdrew his penis from her. Lying behind her he lifted
her right leg over his body and bent her left leg towards
her stomach in a spoon position. Cupping one of her breasts
he entered her from behind again, thrusting all the way
into her again and again. She cradled his head and kissed
him, their tongues dancing as he thrust into her again and
again. Tess came with a yell as Carter withdrew his cock and began
to spurt his hot cum all over her lithe stomach, before sliding
it back into her from behind. They collapsed together,
basking in the warmth of the fire and the heat they had made
together. Gasping as she slid off his still erect cock, Tess pulled
the blanket out from under them and tossed it at his feet.
“I can’t believe you’re still hard, ” she said
giving him a few tugs, “I don’t think I can handle any
more of it tonight. Are you thirsty?” Carter watched her naked body walk away from him to the counter
where the water was and take a drink. He got up and followed
her quietly. She set the mug on the counter and turned, shrieking
when she saw him standing before her. He lifted her to the counter and entered her again as she
wrapped her legs around him. “Oh God…oh God…oh please…I…no
more….please…I can’t…oh yes…” she begged
him as he fucked her again; slamming into her faster and
harder than before with an intensity she hadn’t yet experienced.
He held her ass as he pumped into her again and again as she
begged him to come in her. Running her hands over his chest she taunted him, “Come
on…fuck me dammit…cum in me….I want to feel you…OH
GOD….I want to feel your cum in me…Oh shit yes…”
Tess came again squeezing his shoulders as her toes curled
with pleasure. With a Herculean cry Carter gave one last
thrust and came, erupting like a geyser. He lifted her from
the counter and carried her heaving body to the cot and laid
her down. Lying beside her he pulled the blanket over them
and ran his hand over her warm body. “That’s how we southern boys take care of our women
when they’re in heat, ” he whispered in her ear as he
nibbled her neck. She cuddled to him, her face buried in
his chest. He held her as they drifted off to sleep yet again.

Carter awoke to bright sunlight and the smell of coffee.
Tess had breakfast, such as it was, all ready for him. He
smiled at her smitten again by how beautiful she was in her
flannel shirt and khaki pants. They ate and talked about
the day to come. They would hike back to his car together
since Tess still had to access the trail on that section.
Carter dressed and they cleaned up the cabin. “I’m sorry there’s no hot shower, ” she told him
as he put his pack on, “I did set up a portable solar shower
out back but the temperature isn’t really that warm yet;
but I’m counting on it being nice when I get back here later.”
He walked to the door with her and said, “That’s all
right. To be honest, if I saw you in a shower today I might
find it darned near impossible to go back home.” With
that they set out for the parking area.

Carter offered to help her clear the trail, but she refused.
“It’ll give me something to do on the way back to the
cabin, ” she said. They made good time in getting back to his car, arriving
just past noon. “I guess this is good-bye, ” he said
pulling her close. She wrapped her arms around him and looked up into his deep
blue eyes. “I guess so, ” she answered leaning up to
kiss him. They exchanged numbers, and contact information
and promised to call one another soon. They kissed again and Tess turned from him walking to the
trail and stopping at the tree line. “Carter, do you really
believe what you said last night, about fate?” she asked
him, leaning against a tree with a “come take me” stance.
Closing the trunk on his pack he said, “One hundred and
ten percent I do. Us meeting wasn’t a coincidence, and
I think you know it too.” He walked to the driver’s door
and opened it. “Ok, you’re right…it was more than coincidence…
if I listen to my heart…so what do we do now?” she asked.
Carter grinned at her and said, “You have a trail to clean
up today, and another one tomorrow. As for me, I have a plane
ticket in my suitcase at my hotel room.” Tess nodded her head in dejected acceptance. “I want
to see you again Carter. No. I need to see you again, ”
she answered him as she hoisted her pack. Tess slipped her
pack on and watched as Carter climbed into his rental car
and drove away.

Tess got back to the cabin an hour before sunset exhausted.
“Why didn’t I let him help me?” she wondered as she
slipped out of her pack. Sitting on a cot she took off her
boots and stripped her clothes off. The day had been the
complete opposite of the day before with the temperature
hitting near 70 degrees and the sun burning brightly all
day. Grabbing a towel and body wash from her backpack she walked
outside to the back of the cabin. Hanging her towel on a tree
branch she stepped into the solar shower and opened the
nozzle to a slow stream, wanting the water to last as long
as it could. Washing herself she felt her aching muscles
relax under the water. Covered in soap her heart leapt as
she heard the sound of approaching feet. Comfortable she
was alone in the woods she hadn’t zipped the shower shut.
Remembering her towel was about eight feet away, Tess flushed
knowing she would have to run bare assed to her towel. Rinsing her face Tess called out, “Hello, is anyone there?”
Getting no reply she rinsed the rest of the soap from her
body and peeked out of the solar shower. Carter stepped from along side the cabin, setting a large
back pack on the ground. Her heart galloped in her chest
at the site of him. “Carter?” she stammered. “Well I’ll be damned if I wasn’t right, ” he said
in his sexy southern drawl. Smiling from ear to ear Tess asked him, “And what exactly
were you right about?” Carter removed his clothes as he walked towards her until
he stood naked just outside the solar shower. Stepping
under the warm spray with her he took her in his arms and said,
“I told you that if I saw you in a shower today it’d be
darned near impossible for me to go home.”

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cjg045 65 M
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WOW, A really erotic tale if ever one was told. I wish i was
on that trail with you & witnessed the debauchery /
lust. Please keep up the good work with your writing. XOXO


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One of the best most erotic stories ever here


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Well written with lots of hot details!!

Signed with a hug
Sealed with a kiss and
Delivered with a beating heart


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It makes me want to go hiking!


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very good flow. when's the next hiking trip?