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Going Black


It's not that I was ever prejudice in any way, or that
I ever had anything against any other race. So how exactly
do I say this? Since I was brought up in a rather small, mid-western
town, the high school I went to had exactly two black girls
attending, and a few Asians, but the rest, the majority
were all whites of course. SO through my early years I was
just never around black people all that much, and then even
in college I never associated with them either. Once again
hit had nothing to do with them being black and me being white,
it was just that I never really had the opportunity to get
to know any black people! SO hopefully that all makes sense,
and it didn't offend anyone in particular, because
it wasn't meant to! It was just more or less a short explanation
of how and why I'd never really had an interest in black
men sexually through most of my early life!

Of course like everyone else I'd heard all the myths
however. You know, how all black men are very well-endowed,
and all about their sexual prowess and "lasting power".
Stuff like that! Once again however I just took things like
that with a grain of salt so to speak, and since my world revolved
around whites and white men in particular, I just never
gave any of that much thought! Even after my husband Steven
and I started swinging, once again it was more or less the
group of people we'd always been around, and the types
of people we were both familiar with that guided us towards
selecting white couples and white men as swinging partners!
There was nothing prejudice or racist about skipping past
ads from black men or black couples, it was just that familiarity
of the people we'd always associated with in the past,
and on and on and on! I think you get the point!

AT THE SAME TIME, and as I think we are all familiar with,
life tends to almost constantly surprise us all! SO it wasn't
through some swingers website or swingers ads that my first
time ever, was about to happen!

It was a few months ago that through his work, my husband
Steven made friends with a guy named Jarred. He was a recently
divorced black man who was new to their company, and he and
Steven hit it off right away due to their mutual love of playing
golf! Jarred and Steven quickly became golfing buddies,
and then of course that lead to occasional drinks after
work and stuff like that! AS "I" would only later
find out, and as their friendship developed they each began
to open up to the other about much more personal things of
course! Talks about their personal lives pretty much happened
after a few drinks, and you know men, and how they love to
talk! Of course where this is all leading it to the fact that
eventually my husband began to open up a little to Jarred
about OUR personal life, including our swing lifestyle!
Nothing too direct of course, but enough so that it wasn't
hard for Jarred to figure out the rest!

My husband Steven and Jarred had been work buddies and golfing
friends for a couple of months before I actually met Jarred
for the first time myself. It was at a company dinner function
of sorts, and Jarred ended up sitting at our table, and right
next to me. I do have to admit that I almost instantly found
him both attractive as well as charming. Since I tend to
like tall men, and Jarred is well over six foot tall, that
was an instant point in his favor as well! It also didn't
hurt one bit that he was definitely attractive, as well
in in very good shape physically, and to top it all off I also
loved his sense of humor, and the way he kept me almost constantly
laughing throughout our dinner evening! He was intelligent,
and charming and witty, and by the time Steven and I were
leaving to head home, I'll also admit I did feel very
comfortable around Jarred as well!

STILL, and in my mind at least, Jarred was nothing more than
a friend of my husband's, and a very nice guy! It wasn't
until Steven and I were home and in bed, that those thought
about him began to slowly change! Even then it wasn't
me, at least not at first! Steven and I were both naked and
in bed, and as he rubbed his hard cock against my bare thigh,
and he worked a couple of fingers in and out of my by then VERY
wet pussy, that he began talking to me about Jarred and that
evening! I moaned softly feeling his beautiful hard cock
rubbing slowly against my bare skin, and his mouth now clamped
down over one of my hard nipples, as his expert fingers manipulated
my hard clit, and my sopping wet pussy! His mouth popped
back off my hard nipple, and his lips tailed up my neck! His
words were soft and secy as he spoke, and as he began to talk
about his new friend!

"SO Teri, what did you think about Jarred"?

Steven's thumb crossed my hard clit as he asked me the
question, and I had to moan first, before I could even answer
him! I told him I thought Jarred was a really nice guy, but
of course my husband wouldn't leave things at just
that! He next asked me if I thought Jarred was handsome,
and then even if I might be attracted to him sexually at all?
Steven's questions definitely caught me a little
off-guard, but I answered him truthfully, telling him
that yes I thought Jarred was handsome, and that until he
JUST asked me, I honestly hadn't thought about Jarred
sexually, one way or the other! Of course now, much later
I can clearly see that Steven was leading me right down the
path he wanted to take me, and right after I'd answered
his question, he leaned even closer against me, and whispered
in my ear as his fingers REALLY began working in and out of
my wet pussy!

"What if I told you baby that Jarred already knows
a little about our "other" lifestyle, and that
while you were in the bathroom at once point this evening,
he even told me that he definitely found YOU, both sexy,
AND attractive"!

At that point Steven had his fingers hooked up inside my
pussy, and he was working my G-spot, as his thumb worked
hard on my clit! I was right on the verge of a rather strong
climax, and as I told Steven he was going to make me cum, he
responded by telling me how hot it would be to see me fucking
Jarred! I was too far over the edge by then to even TRY holding
back my climax, and so as I started to cum and Steven began
asking me directly if I'd fuck Jarred for him, all I
could do at the time was moan loudly, and tell him YES! By
the time I was finished cumming, I was ready to shut my husband
up for a moment or two, and so I quickly pushed him onto his
back, and then I swung around over the top of him, and pushed
my wet pussy in his face as I took his hard cock in my mouth
in a"69" position!

As Steven licked my wet pussy, and his tongue slid up my ass
crack to lick my asshole also, I sucked on is hard cock. He
was so turned on however that it didn't take him all
that long, and then next thing I knew I was busy swallowing
his wonderful, thick, hot cum! With his cock still quite
hard after his orgasm, I then swing around and "mounted
him" sliding that hard cock deep inside my still very
wet pussy! As I began riding his hard cock however, he once
again began going on about how hot it would be to see my lips
sliding up and down Jarred big, heard, black cock, and what
a turn on it would be to watch that big black cock sliding
on and out of my hot little pussy as well! The only time I could
get him to shut up talking was when I kissed him, and once
again my husband surprised me, as he climaxed deep inside
me in a lot less time than I'd have expected!

I really had to race and work hard to get my own orgasm in before
I knew his hard cock would go soft! As I bucked against him
and ground my crotch down hard into his, he once again went
back to talking about the possibility of Jarred and me together!
I finally climaxed myself then, and as I rolled off of him
and lay there next to him I was actually glade for his silence!
BEFORE he finally went to sleep however, he then hit me with
the news that he'd invited his new friend over for dinner
that coming weekend! As I lay there silently next to my now
sleeping husband, it was really the first time I let my mind
wander, and I really and truly began thinking of Jarred
in a way other than just social! Although I really did have
mixed feeling about him, and although I was honestly unsure
how I really did feel about Jarred sexually, I also have
to admit how that I was definitely turned on by him also!

I was thankful Steven didn't mention his friend again
that next morning, and even when we had a "quickie
fuck" before Steven had to get ready for work! As the
next couple of days went by however, I began to think about
Jarred in ways that were definitely more sexual, and I even
began picturing what he must look like naked in my mind,
as I masturbated! I'd never really thought of a black
man in those ways before now, and it was odd that I was both
turned on by the idea of sex with Jarred, as well as a bit scared,
and nervous too! As that Friday rolled around it was that
morning before he left for work that Steven reminded me
that Jarred was coming over that evening. Still nervous
about all this myself, I was actually glad (and a bit relieved)
when Steven suggested we all start the evening out, by going
out to dinner!

As I got ready for dinner later that evening, I kept asking
myself why I was so nervous? I mean Steven and I had been swinging
for a while by then, and it wasn't like I'd even
let strange men fuck me that I'd just met! Still there
was something other than just nervousness as well, and
although it took me a while to figure it out, I soon realized
that I was definitely excited about that evening, as well
as getting very turned on! It's interesting that the
dress I chose to wear was one I rarely wore a bra underneath.
And that evening was no exception either, as I slipped it
on and I didn't put on a bra first! I did at least contemplated
going without panties on as well, but as wet as my pussy was
already, I just felt like I at least needed something between
my legs, to keep my own juices from running down my thighs!

By the time my husband and Jarred arrived at our house, I
was all ready to go, and I at least felt like I had my nervousness
in check! Steven suggested a round of drinks before we left,
and that was fine by me as I really did need something to help
calm my nerves! I still had NO IDEA, why I was feeling the
way I was right then! Before we left for dinner however,
that was when Steven decided to though out the real bomb
of the evening! Jarred excused himself to go use our restroom
before we were all ready to leave, and it was when he was gone
that my husband leaned over to me, and he whispered in my
ear what I KNEW he'd probably been dying to tell me all

"I just thought I'd tell you babe, that Jarred
confessed to me the other day that he hasn't had sex
with a woman in the entire eight months since his divorce,
and I just thought you'd like to know that Teri"!

I didn't even have time to my husband right then, as
Jarred came walking back into the room! We were then all
off to dinner, and as I sat comfortably crushed between
the two men, I could already feel my hard nipples, just pressing
against the thin material of my dress! By the time we were
all eating dinner however, I really did begin to calm down
a bit and relax! I honestly thing it was a combination of
the alcohol we had both before and during dinner, as well
as Jarred's wit and charm that helped me to do so! IF
however, there was one thing about dinner I didn't
like much, it was the fact I really did think my husband was
drinking just a little too much, and just a little too fast!
Jarred didn't seem to notice it though, as most all
of his attention was focused on me anyway! I had to admit
I did find all the attention flattering, in spite of the
fact I still had mixed feelings about all of this!

After dinner it was no big surprise that Steven suggested
we head over to a local club for a few more drinks and to listen
to the music. Once there however it didn't take me long
to really feel my husband was pushing me towards his friend
Jarred. Steven knows how much I love dancing, and usually
he's right out there with me doing it too! That night
however he kept on complaining he was tired, and then suggesting
(several times) that I should just dance with Jarred instead!
It was sort of obvious to me at least what he was doing, but
out of politeness as much as anything else, I accepted when
Jarred finally did ask me to dance with him! Jarred was a
very good dancer and I had a lot of fun dancing with him. When
it came to dancing to the slower songs however, I was a bit
surprised at MYSELF, that I allowed him to pull me so close
to him as we danced!

Normally, and even with someone I might be trying to pick
up, or seduce, I do at least end to start out slowly, and even
dancing to the slower songs there's usually a small
air space between them and the guy I'm dancing with!
Not with Jarred however, as for some reason I allowed him
to pull me right up against him, and right from that very
first slow dance! I could feel my body pressing right up
against his as we danced, and I could most definitely feel
his erection through our clothes! Jarred even seemed to
be sort of pushing it and grinding it into me as we danced,
and I'd just plain be lying if I didn't admit I was
getting very turned on! By the time we got back to our table
after several more long dances, it was obvious to me that
Steven might have already had a little too much to drink!
I even suggested that Jarred drive us home instead of Steven,
and I was actually a little pissed off also!

Once we were back home it was actually Jarred who suggested
that he help me get Steven upstairs and into our bed! THEN,
right after we'd managed to plop him down on one side
of our big, king-size bed, there was this one kind of awkward
moment, where Jarred and I stood facing each other, and
neither one of us spoke! We'd both walked around to
the end of the bed, and we were standing only a few inches
apart. There was noting but silence in the room at that point,
and although it was probably only a second or two before
Jarred finally did speak, to me it seemed like minutes!
Jarred thanked me for a wonderful evening, and then said
that he'd probably better go! As he said it he sort of
nodded over my shoulder at my husband passed out on our bed,
and then he extended his hand for me to shake! At that point
I sort of brushed his hand away, and then standing on tip-toes
I moved right up against him!

Jarred leaned over, and taking me in his arms, his face came
down towards mine, and then our lips met! It was a long, sensual
kiss, and I was on my tip-toes the whole time! Jarred's
lips did feel "fuller" I guess than most men
I'd kissed before in my life, and I loved the way they
felt against mine, as well as the way his tongue so sensuously
moved around inside my mouth! Of course my own tongue was
quite active too, and I swear I felt his cock twitch though
his pants as we kissed, and as I slid my own tongue back and
forth across his, several times! Eventually our kiss ended,
and once again there was this short, awkward silence between
us. It was as if Jarred didn't know what to do next, and
that's probably just the truth! He started to turn
then, and as he did I heard him saying again that he probably
ought to be going!

At that point I have no idea what came over me, but I suddenly
almost jumped into his arms! I planted my lips squarely
on his and kissed him again! only this time I made my kiss
a short one! As our lips parted again I held onto him tightly,
and I begged him not to leave, before he could say or do anything
I kissed him again, and as I did I slid my hand down between
us, and I grabbed hold of his large hard cock thought his
pants! I could hear and FEEL him moaning into my mouth as
we kissed, and as that kiss ended he gave it one last try!
Once again nodding over towards Steven on the bed with his
eyes still tightly shut, he asked me, "What about
him"? My response was immediate as I told Jarred that
IF this wasn't OK with Steven, then he never would have
set this whole situation up the way he'd obviously
done! Jarred the quickly replied himself after that, asking,
what about ME?

I instantly replied back! Telling him that if I didn't
want this too, then I never would have asked him to stay now
would I? My hand slid up and down his hard cock through his
pants then, as Jarred pulled me into him and kissed me hard,
making even our first kiss seem simple and like nothing
at all! As I felt him pulling the zipper down the back of my
dress, I reached up and letting go of his hard cock I slipped
y hands under his shirt and then pulled it up towards his
head! Being so tall he had to finish the job himself, but
by then my dress was zipped all the way down, and so I simply
slid it off my shoulders!I now stood there topless and in
just my panties, and with his shirt of I ran my hands over
his chest! It was so smooth, and almost hairless, and it
was also so muscular as well! Jarred pulled me to him and
kissed me again, and as he did my hands dropped down, as his
hands went up my body!

As we kissed he cupped my small tits, and then ran his hands
over my hard nipples! I was already struggling to undo his
belt and then his pants, and after I'd finally done
that, I slid them down. I'd also grabbed hold of his
boxer shorts at the same time, and I pulled them down with
them! His large hard cock sprang free, and as I reached his
ankles with his pants and underwear, he stepped out of them
for me! Jarred was fully naked now, and as I slid back up I
found myself with his hard cock staring me right in my face!
I then sat down on the edge of our bed, and I reached up and
took that big, beautiful hard cock in my hands! Normally
I would have probably already been leaning towards it to
take it in my mouth, but this time I paused for a moment or
two just to stare, as his was the first big black cock I'd
ever seen, in real life that is!

His large cock truly was beautiful. It was slightly darker
than the rest of his skin, and it was long, as well as thick!
Knowing how big Steven's cock is when he's fully
erect, I could guess that Jarred's cock had to be at
least over eight inches long, and probably closer to nine!
It also had to be at least six inches around, and it was curved
slightly upwards, with such a beautiful full, thick, hard
shaft, and such a large, perfectly shaped mushroom head
at the top! Jarred's balls were also quite large as
well, and I loved the way they hung there under his hard cock!
I just stared and stared and I didn't move an inch, until
I felt his hand on the back of my head, urging me forwards!
At that point I finally leaned over, and I took my first long,
slow lick up his hard shaft, starting just above his big
balls, and ending as I swirled my tongue around the head
of his hard cock!

Jarred groaned as I licked slowly up his thick hard shaft,
and then he moaned louder as I swirled my tongue all around
that big mushroom had! He groaned and called my name and
told me how good it felt, and I slicked my way back down, and
then began licking his big soft balls! I loved the way Jarred
groaned, and called out my name once again! At this point
I could feel the bed moving behind me, and I didn't need
to stop or turn around to know what my darling husband was
probably doing right then! I knew he was undressing, and
that in a few seconds he'd be naked and masturbating.
Stroking his own hard cock as he watched me licking my first
big, black balls, and my very first big, black cock! I was
truly in a daze really, as I was just in love with the way Jarred's
hard cock tasted, and I just loved the way it even looked

By this time I'd been licking up and down his hard shaft
for a couple of minutes, and then I finally did the whole
tongue/head swirling things once more, before I finally
took him into my mouth to suck him! Jarred had both of his
hands on the back of my head now, and as I took his hard cock
in my mouth, I could feel him pressing down! I knew I wouldn't
be able to handle a whole lot of his big cock in my mouth without
choking, and so I reached up and wrapped both hands around
that thick hard shaft as I began sucking him off! Jarred
instantly fell into the rhythm, of my sucking, and he was
constantly calling out my name as he fucked my mouth! Even
though I would have loved for this to go on a heck of a lot longer,
I was already prepared for the fact that this first time
at least, dear Jarred might not last all that long! About
three or four minutes into him fucking my mouth and me sucking
him of ....

Jarred suddenly groaned loudly, and the next thing I knew
his big cock was jerking in my mouth, and he was filling it
with this positively HUGE load of creamy, thick hot cum!
There was so much of the stuff that some of it leaked out of
the corner of my mouth, and dribbled down my chin, splashing
onto my bare tit! Jarred reached down with one hand, and
scooped up a finger full of his own cum, and then waited until
I was done swallowing, before pulling his hard cock back
out of my mouth, and then "finger-feeding"
me the rest of his hot sticky cum! I was in such a trace by then
as I sucked his cum off of his fingers, that I barely noticed
him slipping his fingers back out of my mouth, and then reached
down and lifting me up off the bed! Jarred picked me up almost
like I didn't weigh a thing, and then he set me back down
on the bed, next to my now very awake husband!

Jarred then climbed onto the bed with us, and as he pushed
my legs open I was sure he was going to get on top of me and fuck
me then! I was really surprised when he didn't. and
instead he suddenly slid down and between my legs, and pushed
his face right into my crotch! His first long, slow lick
up and in between my wet, swollen pussy lips sent a shiver
of pleasure running though me! After taking that first
long lick his head instantly popped up, and he looked me
right in the eyes as he told me how incredible my pussy tasted!
His head then instantly dove right back between my legs
and into my crotch, and as he licked my pussy up and down I
moaned loudly! His mouth, his lips and his tongue all felt
incredible to me, as he licked up and down and through my
wet pussy lips, licked and sucked on my hard clit, and even
ran his tongue right down my ass crack, so he could lick my
little puckered asshole!

I could feel my orgasm building, and I reached down with
both hands and grabbed the top of his head! A second or two
later and I was screaming out that I was cumming and just
as my orgasm started he suddenly stopped licking me! I arched
my butt up off the bed in and effort to find his thick wet tongue
once again, but by then he was already sliding up my body,
and a moment later he penetrated me! My pussy was still throbbing
wildly as I felt him slide up my body and on top of me, and then
I felt his hard hard cock head, as it split my pussy lips wide
open! I arched up then, and as I did that big thick cock head
slid right inside me! The feeling, well the feeling of his
large cock head, and the first couple of inches of his thick
hard shaft was just, well it was simply incredible! I absolutely
couldn't help myself as I let out a very loud groan,
and then I announced just that!


"Oh God Jarred your big hard cock just feels so incredible"!

"Oh God stick it in me baby, stick it in me and fuck me
it feels so fucking good"!

Jarred took his time though. Slowly feeding that big thick
cock into me, in spite of me grabbing and clutching at him
and trying to make him do it faster! Inch by inch he fed tat
big thick cock into me, until finally I felt his crotch starting
to touch mine! Then, as his crotch first touched mine he
suddenly slid his arms under my legs! He lifted my ass up
skywards, until it was almost pointed straight up at the
damn ceiling! I could feel him rising above me then, and
with my ass tilted up in the air like that he finally shoved
the final inch or two of thew HUGE thick hard cock into me!
Once again I groaned loudly and then once again I almost
screamed out how good it felt, how totally incredible!
I'd had cocks in me that were at least as big as his before,
but there was just something about his big hard cock. Something
about the shape or thickness, or whatever, that made me
feel more full than ever!

Jarred began to fuck me ever so slowly, and within seconds
I was cumming for the second time that night, and there wasn't
a damn thing I could do to stop it from happening! I could
feel my own pussy contracting around his hard cock as I climaxed,
but that didn't slow him down, and it certainly didn't
stop him! Slowly, little by little he built up both speed
as well as how hard he was thrusting into me! Soon his big
balls were just slapping off my ass, as his crotch was smacking
down hard into mine! Orgasm number three was very quickly
followed by orgasm number four, and after that I just simply
lost count of how often I was cumming! by the time he finally
pulled his big hard cock back out of me, I could feel his thick
cum running out of me, and down the crack of my ass! With all
my own orgasms I'd had no idea he'd cum again, and
that he'd cum in me, but even though he had, he'd
kept right on fucking me!

By this time however I was as limp as a rag doll, and Jarred
had no trouble flipping me over onto my stomach! However
polite, almost shy he'd been earlier in the evening,
there was no doubt what so ever he was in charge now! As he
yanked my butt up into the air once again he pushed my face
down into my pillows! He slapped his slick hard cock down
into the crack of my ass, and then rubbed it up and down getting
it even slicker with his own cum and my pussy juices! A couple
of seconds later I heard him speaking to Steven for the first
time, and he was saying something about how Steven had told
him that I did love it up my ass too! Yes, I do love anal sex,
but still, his cock was so fucking big! Before I even had
a chance to protest or say anything at all however, I felt
his big mushroom head pressing up against my tight, puckered
little asshole!

A soft but firm thrust forward, and that big thick head slipped
inside my ass! After that however it started to hurt a little
but I guess Jarred was already way ahead of me there! He spoke
again, asking Steven if we had any lubricant, and then a
few seconds later I felt the cool, slick liquid as Jarred
poured it down and into my ass crack, and over his hard cock!
Although it still felt just a bit uncomfortable at first,
it definitely felt better after that too! Jarred began
slowly sliding his big hard cock up my ass, until he had about
half of it inside me! At that point he stopped however, and
then he spoke to Steven again, telling him to lay down in
front of me, so I could suck his hard cock as he (Jarred) fucked
me in my ass! After a little shuffling around, Steven was
laying in front of me, his hard cock sticking up in the air!
I then felt Jarred's hand pushing my head down, as he
began fucking me!

I opened my mouth and took as much as Steven's hard cock
in as I could, and I began sucking him! As my head bobbed up
and down over him, and I sucked my husband's hard cock,
Jarred was fucking me in my ass, and each time feeding just
a little more of his big hard cock into me! Incredible enough,
I suddenly felt his crotch slap off of mine, and that meant
he had almost all his big hard cock up my ass, and almost instantly
things changed! Gone was any feeling of being uncomfortable,
or of any pain! Instead I was suddenly feeling the most intense
pleasure as Jarred fuck me up my ass, and as incredible as
it sounds I could honestly feel yet another orgasm building
inside me! Now I've had orgasms while being fucked
in my ass before mind you, but always with either me, or someone
stimulating my hard clit! This time however it was a totally
different feeling, and I suddenly had to scream out!

Just as I spit my husband's hard cock out my orgasm slammed
into me! I swears it had to be one of the most powerful and
intense orgasms I've ever had, and right in the middle
of it Jarred suddenly buries his hard cock in me, and he starts
cumming deep inside my ass! THAT, only made my own orgasm
even more intense, as did Jarred groaning out how good it
felt and calling me a hot little bitch, and an incredibly
hot little slut too! Together we collapsed onto my bed,
and by then I'd all but forgotten about my own husband's
hard cock or his needs! Eventually Jarred pulled his still
semi-erect cock back out of my ass, and then as he rolled
off our bed and told us he was going to use our shower, he looked
over at Steven and told him he ought to just finish off in
one of my "holes" at least!

"I'm sure the bitch is ready for some more hard
cock Steven, so I'll just leave you two to go at it, while
I use your shower"!

I rolled over onto my back, and without hesitation my husband
got on top of me, and slammed his hard cock into me! Steven
started fucking me then, and as he did he kept asking me how
it was and did I like it, and a hundred other questions too!
In order to finally just shut him up, I lifted my legs high
into the air as I grabbed hold of his ass and made him start
fucking me even faster!

"What do you want to hear Steven, what is it you want
to hear baby"?

"Do you want to hear that your friend just gave me THE
most incredible fuck of my entire life, and that I loved
his big black cock so much, that I want more, a lot, lot more"!

"Do you want to hear that he made me cum so many times
that I really did loose count, or maybe that he's the
only man EVER, to make me cum JUST, by fucking me in my ass"!

"Do you want to hear that right now you can fuck me had
deep and hard as you want, and you'll never be as deep
inside me as he was, and to be perfectly honest about it,
I can barely even feel your smaller cock right now anyway

I could have kept on going of course, but right than after
that last thing Steven groaned loudly, and then he let out
a really loud "OH GOD YES" as I felt his hard cock
jerk inside me, and then he began filling me with his hot
cum! Steven collapsed on top of me then, as I wrapped both
my arms and legs around him! We rocked back and forth as he
kissed me deeply, and I felt the last of his thick hot cum
being shot inside me! After he finally rolled off of me he
started speaking, and asking me if I really did like Jarred's
bigger hard cock, and if I really did want more of it? I saw
no point in lying to him then, as it was a definite yes on all
counts and I told him just that! Then just before Jarred
returned for his shower, I told Steven I also wanted him
to spend the night! When he did get back Jarred had n o objections
either, and so soon I was sandwiched between two men on our
bed, and feeling wonderful!

Twice during the night I woke Jarred up for more! Each time
we were careful NOT to wake Steven, as we got out of bed and
snuck off into our living room to fuck! The first time I spent
almost a half hour just riding his hard cock as he sat on our
couch, and then exhausted we both climbed back into bed,
careful once again not to wake my sleeping husband! The
second time we did the same thing, only this time he had me
bent over the couch in the living room, and he was fucking
me from behind! As I started into my second climax during
that round of fucking, I happen to look up and over at the
hallway leading back to our bedroom! There, sort of half
hidden in the shadows I saw my darling husband standing
there naked and watching Jarred fucking me, his hard cock
and in hand and just masturbating away like crazy!

Now while Jarred might have been my first big, black, cock
experience, I can say with all honesty that he definitely
WON'T be my last! The wonderful thing about it all is
that my husband Steven is more than approving of my new "desires"
as well! Isn't that great!

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would you do and let him make love to a beautiful nubian Queen


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Does your husband really love you or use you a sex toy? He
would really be up shit creek if you left him for Jared, since
Jared is everything your husband cannot be or do. If you
like sex with other men, especially bigger men, why stay
with your husband? I mean what keeps you with Steven, if
his cock is no longer satisfying you? You all but admit to
loving Jared more.


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Awesome story!


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you have a GREAT looking ass, and I would LUV to taste it &
fuck it!!!


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I have read alot of your stories, and I could read everything
you write, Your pic is a absolute turn on And I can imagine
putting you over the back of a couch and fucking you hard
and long. I would love a opportunity to get to talk to you.

Keep writing, you are great!!!!!


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your husband is giving guy to have get a large black dick to rnjoy as much as you want


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wow what a story have fun lucky lady


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I believe this would be fantastic as a Storyline for a Movie, with the right castings, and Producer.