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Going Away Present


“There you go, ” the employment service clerk said,
handing Jimmy his paperwork. “It’s a one-week assignment
harvesting hay.”

Perfect, he thought, looking it over. When he’d enlisted
in the Army earlier this week the recruiter said he wouldn’t
ship out for another ten days. He’d taken advantage of
an early discharge program. Sign up before your eighteenth
birthday and your obligation was fulfilled on your twenty
first birthday. Due to turn eighteen later this month,
he’d gotten in just under the wire.

Centerville would soon be part of his past. His parents
sold their house when his dad accepted a transfer to Omaha.
They’d flown out two nights ago. The moving crew was likely
packing their belongings right now. Helping out the Andrews
family with their harvest would not only give him a place
to stay, it would allow him earn a little money before shipping

He didn’t know the Andrews personally but he’d heard
of them—or more specifically their daughter Wendy.
She was a junior at County High. His buddies who went there
raved about her all the time. Apparently she had a rack like
few others—an assessment he was anxious to validate
in person.

He went to the payphone and dialed the number listed on the
sheet. After a brief conversation, the deal was closed.
His parents’ departure had left him with no wheels. Hearing
Jimmy’s plight, Mr. Andrews said that since he needed
to come into town to buy feed anyway, he’d pick up Jimmy.
By dusk that night Jimmy was at the farm stowing his gear
in the ranch hand hut. The stars had clearly aligned in his

He woke with the roosters the following day, anxious to
get to work. He dressed, showered, and headed for the main
house to breakfast with the family. “The family’ consisted
of Mr. and Mrs. Andrews and their two daughters, Wendy and
Jenny. One glance at Wendy was all that was needed to substantiate
his buddy’s claims—man, was she stacked, and an absolute
knockout to boot. He did his best to impress her during breakfast,
but every time he got her involved in conversation, her
rather annoying little sister butted in. A couple of years
younger than Wendy, she wore no makeup and dressed like
a boy. Her lack of femininity didn’t stop her from flirting
however. If he was going to make any headway with big sister,
he’d need to ditch annoying little sister.

That goal proved more difficult to achieve than he’d
hoped. Mr. Andrews kept him in the fields bailing hay each
day ‘til sundown. Although he took his evening meals
with the family, he was too exhausted to do anything afterwards
but hit the rack early. The week passed by free of thoughts
of Wendy and her annoying little sister.

Things turned for the better on his last day there. Saturday
was shopping day, when Mr. and Mrs. Andrews drove into Centerville
to replenish supplies. Although it was officially Jimmy’s
day off, he’d volunteered to feed the livestock.

He was in the barn shoveling hay down from the loft when he
heard a feminine voice. “Care for some company?”

He turned to find Wendy climbing the ladder. “Absolutely!”
he said, setting down his pitchfork.

“Since it’s your last day here I thought I’d come
say goodbye, ” she said, stepping off the ladder bedecked
in white shorts and a matching open mid drift blouse that
showed off her tight little tummy. His eyes made a quick
head-to-toe circuit, his lack of subtlety not lost on her.
A smile lit up her gorgeous face. “I thought if I came up
here we might be able to chat without Jenny horning in.”

He laughed. “She does seem to always be omnipresent,
doesn’t she?”

Wendy rolled her eyes. “She’s such a tomboy. Mom has
to do battle with her to even get her to wear a bra in public.
She sure likes you though.”

Jimmy’s eyes raked that gorgeous body one more time.
“How about her big sister, does she like me?” he asked.

This time her eyes raked his torso. “Maybe.”

He snapped his fingers. “Damn, after all I’ve heard
about you I was hopeful for something better than just a

She cocked her head to one side. “Heard about me? What,
and from whom? Was it good or bad?”

He held up his hands, “Trust me, it was all good. I have
buddies who go to your school that talk about you all the

“Who?” she asked, her curiosity piqued.

He shook his head. “Nope, the guys’ creed demands that
all names be kept secret.”

Her eyes twinkled. “Does this creed prevent you from
telling me what they said about me?”

They said that, not only are you gorgeous, but you have a
great ass and tits to die for. He cleared his throat. “Just
guy stuff.”

“Uh-uh, ” she said, shaking her head, “you’re
not getting off the hook that easily.” She crossed her
arms over her chest. “What did they say? Tell me in their

He chuckled. “Are you sure?”

She nodded. “Most definitely.”

Jimmy inhaled and looked her over again, taking his time.
“They said you’re gorgeous and built like a brick shithouse.”

Her draw dropped. Aside from turning her cheeks bright
red, the news seemed to please her. “I’ve never seen
an outhouse made out of bricks. Is that a good thing?”
she asked.

Jimmy’s groin stirred. Shit! The last thing he needed
right now was to get an erection. He waited until she finished.
“Yes, it’s very good. It means you’re sexy as hell.”

Licking her lips, she sashayed toward him, exaggerating
the sway of her hips. “Do you agree with that assessment?”
she asked, not stopping until she stood a mere couple of
feet in front of him.

Christ, she’s seducing me. She’s as bad as her sister.
The situation called for bold, not timid. “The portions
I can see look pretty damned good, ” he said, staring
at her chest.

She searched his face, trying to read him. “What, you
can’t answer my question with what you already see? That’s
hardly flattering.” Pursing her lips, lost in thought,
she said nothing. Then, after a moment, she reached up and
undid the top button of her blouse. “Can you see enough
now to make a judgment?”

Christ, his buddies said she was hot looking, not hot to
trot. “I’m a little closer to being able to decide,
but I still need more data to make any conclusive decision.”

She crinkled her nose. “My, aren’t you the naughty
one.” Then, amazingly, she undid her remaining buttons.
Her blouse parted, exposing half of each tit. “Can you
make your assessment now?”

Instead of answering, he reached out, and after undoing
her clasp, tugged off her blouse, bra and all.

“What the hell are you doing?” she screeched, bending
over, trying to cover her chest with hands and arms.

Grabbing her by the wrists, he jerked her arms aside and
pulled her to him. “Kissing you.”

Wrapping his arms around her, he pressed her tightly against
him and found her mouth with his. “Mmph!” she muttered
into his mouth, pounding his shoulders with her fists.
The longer their kiss lasted, however, the force there
was behind those blows lessened. Finally she ceased hitting
him altogether. Whimpering, she wrapped her arms around
his neck and threw herself into his kiss.

His hands sought out her tits. He sank to his knees, taking
her with him, and rolled her onto her back. “The answer
to your question, ” he said, kissing his way down her
chest, “is that your tits are far more fantastic than
any of those idiots claimed.”

His mouth closed over one of those marvelous orbs as he nipped
it with his teeth. “Oh Jimmy, ” she moaned, pressing
his face into her, “that feels so-o good.”

He felt like a kid in a candy store as his mouth roved her tit,
kissing, licking, and biting it, doing anything he could
think of to increase her arousal. “I shouldn’t be letting
you do this, ” she whispered, arching her chest toward
his mouth.

He slid a hand between her legs. “Does that mean you want
me to stop?” he asked, rubbing her crotch.

Her hips rose to meet his probes. “Don’t you dare!”
she barked. “Now suck my other titty—it’s feeling
left out.” He slid his mouth across her chest, unsnapping
her pants and lowering her zipper as he did so.

“Uh, uh, naughty, naughty, ” she protested, rolling
them over, putting him on his back. She climbed atop him
with a knee braced on either side of his stomach and rested
her crotch on what by now was a full-blown erection. She
sat there, pants dangling half open, running her hands
over her breasts. “So your friends liked these, huh?”

“Not nearly as much as I do, ” he said, watching her
fondle herself.

“What is it that you like about them you like best, ”
she asked, cupping one in either hand.

God, what a narcissist. “What’s not to like? They’re
round and full, and stand out straight and firm. I especially
love your big round nipples.”

She looked down, tweaking them. “You like these huh?”
She giggled. “They kinda like you too. Look how swollen
you made them.” She gave him a smoldering look, “so
much so I doubt they’ll fit back in my bra, ” she said,
dragging her tongue along her lip. “Why, I’m guessing
I might just have to leave them out ‘til my folks get home.”

“And when is that?”

She grinned. “Hours from now.”

“Darn, that soon huh?” He looked down at her open fly.
“It isn’t just your tits the guys liked. They said the
rest of your body was to die for too.”

His comment evoked a broad grin. “Really, any part in

Wendy was unbelievably vain—an Achilles Heel he’d
do his best to exploit. “They said you had great legs,
but mostly they raved about your ass. That’s why I was
undoing your pants—I wanted to see it for myself.”

“I think you’ve taken enough of my clothes off already, ”
she said, crinkling her nose at him.

“Come on Wendy, just your shorts—you can leave your
panties on.”

She looked down. “It’s called a thong. Only guys call
them ‘panties’.”

She inhaled, taking a deep breath. “If I do it, you have
to promise not to try anything funny.”

“I promise; scouts honor, ” he said, holding up two

She chewed her lower lip for a bit, contemplating. “OK, ”
she said, and rose to her feet. “One quick peek is all you
get.” She stood beside him, a hand on either hip. “Ready?”

“Fuck yeah, I’m ready!”

“Here goes then, ” she said, working her shorts down
her hips, albeit taking far too long to accomplish the task
than he’d have hoped for. Hell, she was going so slow you’d
think she was doing a strip tease. It was then it dawned on
him that was her intent.

She finally eased them down far enough to reveal the top
of her thong, but just when he was sure she was about to show
off her muff, she stopped, giggling.

“Did anyone ever tell you you’re a fucking tease?”
he said, frustrated.

She gave him a hurt look and released her shorts. They fell
to her ankles. “Would a tease do that?” she asked, stepping
out of them, clad in nothing but one very skimpy thong.

God, what a body. His cock felt so hard he feared it would
tear open his breeches. “Turn around in a circle, slowly,
so I can see all of you.”

Filling her lungs with a gulp of air, she said, “OK, ”
and began a slow rotation. After not quite half a turn she
bent forward, rotating her butt in circles. “Do you like
it, or did your buddies overstate the quality of my ass?”

Like it hell, it was a fucking wet dream come true …the
question was, could he egg her on to even further indiscretions?
“I can’t tell, too much of it’s hidden under that
goddamned thong.”

She stopped wiggling and looked over her shoulder at him,
working her jaw from side to side. Neither said a thing as
they studied one another. Finally, inhaling deeply, she
took hold of the elastic band and lowered her panties, exposing
not only her derriere, but the better part of the pubic hairs
adorning her crotch. “There you have it, ” she whispered,
“my ass in all its glory. No more stalling now …is it
as good as they said?”

“Fucking-A it is. Now how about ditching that damned
thong altogether?”

She turned, facing him again, her thong hanging so low half
of her muff showed. She stood there, letting him take in
the scenery. “You mean like this?” Then, to his shock
and delight, she ever so slowly lowered the garment even
further, letting it fall down around her ankles, exposing
her pussy in all its glory. Parting her thighs she grinned
down at him. “Did your friends offer up any opinions regarding

“Jesus Wendy, that’s the finest fucking pussy I ever
laid eyes on.”

“Ah, ah!” she scolded, shaking her finger. “You’ve
used one too many times now F-bombs. Peep show’s over!”
she said, reaching down to pull up her panties.

Although she’d re-covered her muff, the show was hardly
over. “You do realize you’ve just given me a case of
the blue balls that will last the rest of the day and well
into the night, don’t you?”

“What the hell are blue balls?” she asked, looking
genuinely puzzled. She really didn’t know.

“When a guy gets really turned on, his balls load up. They
get sore if they don’t get release. Guys call it ‘blue

She looked at his crotch and his obvious erection. “How
are they relieved?”

What an insane conversation this was. “The only cure
is to cum.”


“By any number of ways—but mostly it’s done by masturbating.”

Her eyes remained glued on his crotch. “Go ahead, do it.”

That was hardly something he could do in front of a girl.
“It would be way better if you’d do it for me.”

Her eyes flared. “You’ve got to be kidding!”

He sat up and pulled off his shirt. “Nope, I’m dead serious.
Just come over here and pull down my pants, ” he said,
removing his shoes and socks, “and I’ll show you how
it’s done.”

She pursed her lips, her gaze roving the flesh of his bared
chest. Was she actually contemplating it? Finally she
walked over and knelt down beside him. “You’ll need
to suck my titties some more then, to get me in the mood, ”
she said, straddling his crotch. She lowered a tit to his
mouth, “You can start with this one, ” she said, thrusting
a nipple between his lips.

She need say no more. He opened his mouth, flitting his tongue
up and down, as he slowly consumed her tit. “Yes, like
that, ” she half-whispered, half-moaned, pressing
her boob to his mouth.

Save for their idle chitchat over a few meals, he hadn’t
so much as had a five minute conversation with this little
hottie, and here she was with her tit in his mouth, promising
to jack him off.

He sucked away, heating her up, greedily switching from
one tit to the other. Confident he had her motor cruising
in overdrive, he reached between her legs, slipped a finger
inside her panties, and discovered one very sopping wet

She grabbed hold of his wrist. “I said to suck my titties
not touch me there.”

Of major significance was the fact that she made no effort
to remove his finger. “I always thought the two went hand-in-hand, ”
he said, stroking her slit. Her hand abandoned his wrist
to cup his hand. He thought it was an effort to stop him; instead
she sighed and began rocking her hips.

Their little game lasted quite awhile, coming to an abrupt
end when shudders suddenly wracked her body. “Congratulations—you
have me in the mood, ” she whispered, pulling his hand
away and sliding down his legs.

Shaking fingers undid his belt and lowered his zipper.
With pressure released, his erection pushed its way out
his fly, albeit still restrained by his underwear. He watched
her tits jiggle as she slowly lowered his pants, once again
taking her sweet time. Once they were off she tossed them
aside and crouched above his chins. Resting her weight
on one arm, she reached out a hand and gently fondled his
erection. She looked up. “Ready to grant this puppy its

Assuming the question was rhetorical he didn’t bother
to answer. Fortunately she required none. Taking hold
of his elastic band, she lowered his shorts, watching his
cock come into view. It bent forward and down as the tight
material slid across it, only to pop up and out, pointing
toward his face the instant it was freed. Removing his shorts
she tossed them across the loft and scooted up his body,
not stopping until her groin rested atop his. Licking her
lips, she pulled her thong aside and bean rubbing her slit
up and down his turgid erection. “M-mm, your cock feels
so-o-o good touching me there.”

After pleasuring herself for a seeming eternity, she rose
to her knees, brought his tip to her opening, and ever so
slowly lowered her torso. With eyes closed, she took him
inside of her, albeit only the length of his mushroom head.
She held him there, feverishly gnawing on her lower lip
as she rotated her hips in tiny circles, never taking him
deeper. It was all he could do to keep from cumming right
there on the spot.

“Dream on, buddy, ” she finally blurted, pulling
away with a laugh. “It ain’t gonna’ happen!”

Christ what a tease she was.

She took hold of his cock. “Now, how do I go about accomplishing
my task?”

At least she was offering him a consolation prize. “Just
slide the flesh up and down, squeezing while you do it.”

“Like this?” she asked, experimenting. She looked
up, giving him a come-hither look as she fondled his erection.
One hand slid down to his balls. “These don’t look blue
to me, ” she murmured, her voice sounding every bit as
hoarse as his. Neither spoke as her fingers ever so gently
stroked his flesh. “Does that feel good Jimmy; am I doing
it right?” she finally asked. “Come on now, I could
benefit from a little feedback.”

Demanding that he speak at a time like this seemed cruel
and unusual punishment. “Yes, ” he croaked, “you’re
doing just fine. Maybe faster would be better.”

She stared into his vacant eyes. “What can I do differently
to make it happen?”

“It’s not something I usually like to rush, but if you
might try putting it in your mouth.”

Her eyes flared. “No way Jose, I draw the line there.”

Giggling, she scooted back, eying his throbbing penis.
“But a kiss or two isn’t out of the question, ” she
murmured, lowering her head. Her hand slowed to a crawl
as she planted a variety of kisses all around his crown,
even throwing in a lick or two. Far too soon she sat back up.
“OK, that’s all you get of that. What else can I do to
speed things up—I want to watch you cum.”

“Then go a bit faster, and squeeze a little harder.”

“Like this?” Half giggling, she did as he requested.
“Be sure to tell me when it happens.”

“Trust me, ” he grunted, “it’ll be quite obvious.”

“Fuck!” he mumbled, raising his hips off the floor.

Muscles spasmed and flexed as that familiar yet marvelous
sensation rolled up his cock. She stared, enraptured,
as his cock exploded, spouting jism high in the air. Her
pumping eased as she watched him cum, one eruption after
the other. Some of it landed on his chest, some on his legs,
and quite likely, some of it on her.

She milked him through his ejaculations, her gaze flitting
back and forth between his cock and face, her eyes a-twinkle.
She didn’t stop until his penis started to soften.

“I’m guessing those balls of yours are no longer blue, ”
she said, raising a cum-soaked hand to her nose for a whiff.
She gingerly touched her tongue to it. Scrunching up her
face, she wiped her hand on her thong and stood, once again
rubbing her tits. “Any more requests, or are we through

“Yes, why did you put that damned thong back on? I liked
seeing the whole package.”

“I thought I offered up a pretty damned good view already.”

“Come on, ” he begged.

Smiling, she dropped her thong, kicked it aside, and stood
spread eagled above him with one foot on either side of his
head. “Is this more along the lines of you were hoping

“As a matter of fact, it is. Thank you.”

She licked her lips. “Maybe you’d like an even closer
look, ” she said, kneeling. Straddling his face, she
dipped her pelvis so low her snatch touched his mouth. “I
touched my tongue to your sweet parts—how about you returning
the favor? Besides, I’ve never had my pussy eaten and
want to know what it’s like.”

“God oh god oh god oh god!” she cried the instant his
mouth closed over her folds. His tongue went to work. “That
is so-o good.” She leaned back on her arms, and hips jerking,
humped his face. “Yes, like that—lick me like that.
Eat my pussy! Make me cum!”

Cunnilingus was something new to him too. Not wanting to
seem unworldly, he did his best to please her. Apparently
his instincts were sound for he wasn’t long before she
grabbed him by the back of the head and pinned his face to
her crotch. “Yes, yes, yes!” she squealed, her entire
torso shaking.

So this is what it’s like when a woman cums.

Her spasms slowly subsided. She grunted as one last big
one wracked her body, and then rolled off of him, lying on
her back.

He rolled up on his knees and climbed between her thighs,
cock in hand.

Laughing, she grabbed him by the penis. “Not! That’s
all you get, ” she said, and rolled him onto his back.
Stroking his penis, she smiled. “And don’t you dare
complain, after all, you just got about three bases farther
where any of your buddies ever did.” She looked down,
watching her hand bring his erection back to life. “You’re
lucky to have gotten as far as you did. I only did it because
I wanted to give you a special goodbye; that, along with

She scooted back, and locking eyes with him, took his cock
fully into her mouth, flicking at it with her tongue. After
ten or so seconds of pure delight she sat up grinning, “That’s
what awaits you when you come back home. Stay safe and be
sure to come see me, ” she said with a shake of his cock.

She gathered her clothes and climbed down the ladder naked
without as much as a backward glance.

* * *

Jimmy draped his forearm over his eyes, wishing the outside
flood light wasn’t so bright. The bunkhouse window had
no blinds. You’d have thought after spending a week here
he’d have gotten used to it by now.

He was lying in bed recalling his hayloft adventure with
Wendy. He’d spent his whole life in this stinking town
and never once had a meaningful relationship with a woman—socially
or sexually. Now, on his last day here, after finally made
some headway, he was forced to leave his partner behind.
If only he could spend more time with her.

Wendy had the right of it with that last promise she’d
made. There was no way in hell he’d fail to remember that
incredible feeling when her mouth engulfed his cock. He’d
seek her out on his very first leave. He dozed off, imagining
what it would be like to have her here in bed with him now.

Not surprisingly, such thoughts prompted an erotic dream,
as evidenced by his near-to-bursting erection. He was
savoring the memory of her jacking him off when realization
struck him—someone really was stroking his penis. Had
the little vixen sneaked out to the ranch hut to fulfill
her earlier promise?

He pretended to be asleep, oblivious of her efforts. That
pretense ceased when a wet mouth replaced the stroking
hand. Too much to ignore, he couldn’t resist thrusting
upward into that hot wet cavern. Opening his eyes, he peeked
down to watch. She was under his blanket, apparently having
crawled there from the bottom of the bed. Head down, she
was kneeling between his legs, her ass in the air, making
good her on her earlier pledge.

He eased the blanket to one side, exposing her hiney to the
dim light. He thought back on the moment she’d first shown
it to him. Was there ever a finer ass? Her bobbing head wiggled
the blanket even more. It slipped away, revealing the rest
of that marvelous body of hers. God she was built. “I thought
you didn’t do this sort of thing—not that I’m objecting,
of course.”

A head popped up. “Then you thought wrong.”

He could hardly believe his eyes. It wasn’t Wendy! That
curvy ass he’d just admired belonged to her little sister.
The damned kid was the one giving him head. “Jesus Jenny,
what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“What Wendy refused to do for you.”

How could she possibly know that? “This stops right now!”
he said, scooting up the bed. His attempt to escape her failed
however, for she simply followed along, her mouth never
leaving his cock. Only now did he realize she was naked as
a jaybird. Save for smaller tits, she could pass as a body-double
for her older sister. Hidden beneath that boyish garb of
hers was the body of a marvelously developed woman. He reconsidered
his assessment of Jenny being nothing but a kid.

That still didn’t make what happening right however.
“I’m sorry sweetheart, I don’t mean to hurt your
feelings, but you’re way too young to be doing this sort
of thing.”

She gave him defiant look. “Fifteen is plenty old enough.
Lots of my girlfriends at school suck cock.”

“Jesus Jenny, you sound like a sailor. Where’d you
learn to talk like that anyway?”

“From a book I bought, ” she answered, stroking his
cock. “There’s this girl in it named Ginny.” She
grinned up at him, “Sounds almost like me, huh? Anyway,
she’s always sucking cocks and talking dirty. The guys
give Ginny very explicit instructions as to what she should
do for them, and tell her what a slutty whore she is for doing
what she’s told. Those are the parts that make me horniest,
especially when they make her beg them to cum in her mouth.”

She looked down at what she was stroking and kissed it. “I
really like sucking your cock, Jimmy.” She gave him a
sizzling look, “If I beg for it, will you cum in my mouth

“Good god, stop it girl!” he ordered, prying her hand
from his cock. “Your dad would kill me if he caught us doing
this.” He’d just surprised himself by using the word
‘us.’ What the hell am I doing?

“You didn’t seem all that worried about Dad when you
were in the barn with Wendy.”

How the hell does she know about that? “I have no idea what
you’re talking about.”

“Liar! I was hiding up in the rafter watching everything
you two did. It was so hot I couldn’t help playing with
myself. What I liked best was when you made her cum eating
out her pussy. That’s the sort of thing that always happens
to Ginny. I was so into it that I came too.”

“That’s it Foul Mouth, you’re out of here!”


His jaw dropped. “What did you say?”

“I’m not leaving here until I find out why Ginny likes
guys to cum in her mouth.”

“It’s a story! It has nothing to do with real life. Besides,
I thought you said girls your age do that sort of thing all
the time.”

“I was talking about my friends, not me. Yours is my first
ever cock.”

“No, Jenny—it’s not. This ain’t happening, ”
he said, gripping her by the armpits and pulling her to a
sitting position.

He couldn’t resist giving her naked body the once over.
Those tits of hers weren’t nearly as immature as he’d
first thought. Going braless and wearing boyish clothing
had done a terrific job of keeping them a secret. They might
not be huge, but they looked awfully damned good; as did
the rest of her. Hell, properly made up and dressed, she
could give big sister a run for her money. “Now get out
of here before you get us into deep trouble.”

“If you make me leave I’ll tell Dad about you and Wendy.”

He looked her in the eye, trying to determine if she was bluffing.

“And if that doesn’t rile him enough to go get his shotgun,
telling him what we’re doing right now sure as hell will.”

“You little hustler, you’d do that just for spite,
wouldn’t you?”

Wrinkling her nose, she took hold of his cock. “I was pretty
sure that’d make you reconsider. Relax Jimmy, after
all, cumming in a girl’s mouth can’t be an onerous task.”
Closing her eyes, she swallowed his cock again. He sat watching,
his will to stop her rapidly fading.

He studied her as she resumed her ministrations. She was
crouched on her forearms, her mouth buried to the hilt in
his crotch, with her ass swaying above her—her very naked
ass. ‘Little Jenny’ wasn’t quite so little after
all. Hell, had she been a year or two older he wouldn’t
think twice about fucking her. That prospect made him even
harder—if that were possible.

An animal groan interrupted his thoughts. She was really
getting into it, making all kinds of slurping sounds as
she mauled his erection. She was damned at it good too. And
to think this was her first ever blow job. Maybe he should
ask to borrow that book of hers and take it to boot camp with
him? After all, this might be the last time in a long time
he was with a naked woman; yes—naked woman not girl.

Her moans increased in volume. She was grinding those tits
that weren’t as small as he’d first thought into his
thigh. He looked her body over, starting with her calves.
He worked his way up her body, assessing her thighs and that
marvel that was her ass. Then on to her tits and her face—a
rather cute face that had his cock stuffed in its mouth.
Hell, what was two years anyway—nothing but a few months.

He thought back to her earlier comment: ‘The guys give
Ginny very explicit instructions as to what she should
do for them, telling what a slutty whore she is for doing
what she’s told. Those are the parts that make me horniest.’
“Have at it slut. Suck away. Keep up what you’re doing
and pretty soon you’ll have my cock dumping its load right
in your mouth like you wanted.”

Moaning, she bobbed even faster.

“Yes, that’s the way to do it. Here, let me help, ”
he offered as he started fucking her mouth. Her response
was to take him deeper. “Keep sucking bitch. Make that
cock feel so damned good that it explodes in your mouth.”

He kept quiet awhile, letting the pressure build. “That-a-girl,
keep on sucking, I’m almost there.” As if she needed
encouragement. “Shit! Ready?”

“M-m huh, ” she whimpered with a frantic nod.

“Good, ‘cause you’re about to get what you asked
for.” His cock erupted. “Start swallowing—I’m
dumping my load. Yes, yes, that’s it darling, get it all.
Swallow Ginny; drink my love juice. You’ve got this girl!”

Awareness of his surroundings faded, as did his ability
for lucid thought. All that mattered in the universe was
the joy of his climax and the delightful mouth that had prompted

Hope you enjoy my erotic fantasies. I welcome all comments, good or bad, and why.

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Loved the story so hot and sexy


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So hot , would love to be in your shoes.


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Hot story. Please keep them coming for us all to enjoy. Thanks
so much.


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So f'kn good I came halfway through