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Glory years.


I married my best friend's girlfriend, as a favor to
both of them.

Donny and I had been best friends since we were old enough
to walk. And I always knew when we played as little kids that
Donny was faster, could throw a ball farther and was just
plain stronger than me. So whenever we played, Donny would
always tell me after the game we had been playing, how much
better I was getting.

When we got to junior high, Donny was an instant hit with
the girls but he always insisted I come along with him to
every house party he was invited too. In those days, a girl
would have a party at her home, with her mother there to watch
over all of us budding hormone factories. The girl would
play records on her record player and we all would dance
with one another.

The very first party I went to with Donny , I was excited of
course. But in true Donny fashion, all the girls were hovering
around him but he insisted I be by his side the entire time.
And when he danced with a girl, he made one of the other girls
dance with me. It was as close as I had ever been to a girl and
holding them and dancing slow with them, made my knees weak.
I was a good looking kid myself but lacked the confidence
that Donny had .

After high school graduation, Donny enlisted in the Army
but before he left for basic training, he made me promise
him, I would watch after his girl friend Danielle. We lived
in a very small town and Danielle was by far the prettiest
girl within miles. Long, curly brown hair, big brown eyes
and a nice body which Donny really adored.

I remember on two different occasions when Donny and I were
hanging out, he told me how worried he was that Danielle
might be pregnant. I could tell by his facial expressions,
just how serious it was. So I would tell him she is probably
just late that month and would get her period in just a few
more days. And sure enough, a few days later Donny would
see me and tell me, things were back on track and there was
nothing more to worry about.

Of course I never had that problem because I hardly ever
got a girl to go out with me, let alone even kiss me. But I kept
trying to get dates but I didn't go after the girls Donny
hung around with. Instead I asked girls who were more like
myself. Back in those days there seemed to be various groups
of kids who stuck with other kids they had more in common
with. Even though Donny dragged me with him to his circle
of friends, I really never fit in.

I will never forget the morning Donny, his parents and Danielle
and I all waited for the bus to come and pick him up for boot
camp. Danielle was crying her eyes out, Donny was trying
to say good bye to all of us but especially his mother. I just
stood by and waited my turn to shake his hand and tell him
to be safe. The bus arrived, emotions intensified and the
last person Donny spoke with was me, He smiled at me, nodded
his head as if he was telling me I would be alright before
he shook my hand and then got onto the bus.

He was suddenly gone and it left such an empty feeling in
all of us, that we all just stood at the bus stop and didn't
know what to do next. It was the strangest feeling I had ever
felt in my life. And then when I climbed into Donny's
car which he left for me to take care of, along with Danielle,
it felt even stranger. She didn't talk to me but instead
cried the entire time I drove her back to her parents house
in Donny's car.

Donny had worked on his car for over a year and it was the coolest
1962 C hevy Impala around. And with me now driving it, I felt
so out of place because I didn't fit the car or fit with
Danielle who was sitting in the front seat with me like she
always did with Donny. "Are you ok?" I asked
Danielle several times when she wouldn't stop crying.
But all she did was hide her face in her hands and sob while
she shook her head no.

I drove Danielle to her house, dropped her off and as she
rushed towards the house, so I told her I would check on her
in a few days. But I don't think she even heard me. I didn't
feel right driving Donny's car so I drove in directly
back to my house and parked it on the side of our garage for
safe keeping. I checked on it each day to make sure there
were no scratches or dents even though it remained parked
in the same place I had left it.

While he was away at boot camp, I was lost and didn't
know what to do. I did walk to Danielle's house a few
times to check on her but her mother would always tell me
Danielle was out with some friends but that she was doing
fine. And then her mother would always tell me it was sweet
of me to check on her daughter and offer me a smile before
she asked me how technical school was going for me.

I had always been fascinated with science back in high school
and was studying electricity and electrical applications,
in the industrial world at our technical college. I knew
it wasn't a fancy thing to be studying and I couldn't
stand around and brag about it with friends, but I liked
it just the same. It was after school one afternoon when
I drove my old car back home and Donny's car was suddenly
gone. I raced into the house to find out who took it.

My mother had this huge smile on her face as she looked at
me and said, " Donny came and got it." He apparently
got a one week leave and came home with none of us knowing
it before hand. I found him a few minutes later with Danielle
of course at his parents' house celebrating the end
of his boot camp. And when he saw me, he got this big grin before
he pulled me into his arms and nearly crushed me. I swear,
Donny got even stronger being in the Army than he was before.

A week later he was gone again, his car was once again, parked
next to our garage and Danielle was back off with her group
of friends. It was a month or two later when Danielle called
me and asked me if she could talk with me. I didn't know
what it was about, since Danielle never wanted anything
to do with me when Donnie was not around. But when he was there,
she was actually sweet to me, even if she didn't mean

I never kidded myself, because girls like Danielle were
never going to be friends with guys like me. With her good
looks, she had the entire crop of boys to pick from and I wasn't
even in the same field as her. Donny , most definitely was
but not me.

In 1969, girls didn't have babies without a husband
and when Danielle told me she was pregnant for sure, I was
shocked even if I wasn't surprised. "It happened
when Donny was home on leave. We did it every single night, "
She said sobbing in the front seat of Donny's car.

I asked Danielle if she had told Donnie yet and in between
her sobbing she told me she called him and left him a message
but he hadn't called her back yet. "I am sure,
as soon as he finds out, he will come home and marry you, "
I told Danielle hoping to make her feel better.

"I sure hope so, " Danielle said so I reached
over for her and patted her arm to try and comfort her at least
a little bit. She thanked me for being so thoughtful before
she reached into her purse and got out more tissues. I asked
her again if she was sure she was pregnant and Danielle sobbed
and said the doctor verified it that afternoon. "How
can they be sure. It has only been seven weeks?"I asked
her. She told me she didn't know how, but that the doctor
had told her she was pregnant for sure.

"Everything is going to work out perfectly, "
I told her once I pulled up to the curb in front of her house.
Danielle finally showed me the first smile of the night
when she told me she would call me as soon as she heard back
from Donny . "He will call you, for sure, " I
told Danielle as she climbed out of the car and thanked me
again for listening to her dilemma.

My life was about to take the biggest change, possible.
Three days later Danielle called and told my mother she
had to speak with me right away. And when I got home from classes,
mom told me to go over and see Danielle because it sounded
important. "Is Donny ok?" I remember asking
my mother but all she did was shrug her shoulders.

I found Danielle sitting on the porch steps of her parents
home when I pulled up in Donny's car. "Let's
just go for a ride so we can talk, " Danielle as she
opened the passenger door and climbed in. I had known her
for years but I still felt very nervous whenever she was
near me. "Did you hear from Donny?" I remember
asking her as she nodded and told me to just drive off so we
could talk in private.

We drove around and listened to the radio for a long time,
but Danielle was not saying a word so neither was I. Finally
she told me to drive out of town and find a nice quiet spot
where we could talk.

We finally parked in a quiet spot a mile off the main highway.
" I spoke with Donny two nights ago and again last night
and we came up with a plan, " Danielle said smiling
at me. "So when can he get back home so you two can get
married?"I asked her first thing. And as soon as I
asked her, I could see she was beginning to get very emotional
again and the last thing I needed was to be alone with her
and have to start to cry again.

"The truth is Donny has been seeing a girl near his
post and she somehow got pregnant too. He told me he really
loves only me and I still believe him, " Danielle
said softly. I was surprised of course because if I ever
had a girl friend that looked like Danielle I would never
have even looked at another girl. "So what are you
and Donny going to do?" I remember asking her, next.

Danielle then explained that Donny had come up with a plan
as long as I agreed to be part of it. According to Danielle,
Donny was going to have to marry the girl from Texas first.
and then he would divorce her after their baby was born.
"So in the meantime, I wouldn't be unwed when
I give birth to his baby, you and I should get married first.
And then when Donny gets divorced, we can also get divorced
so I can then marry him, " Danielle said actually
smiling at me.

It may sound like a totally insane plan but back in 1969,
if a girl had a baby and she was not married, her reputation
would be shot for the rest of her life. If that happened to
any girl, no matter who she was, if she had a baby out of wedlock,
she would be viewed as a complete whore for the rest of her
life. There were always few girls who ran way, instead of
having the face that fate. It was like once a year, a girl
or two would just drop out of school and disappear , which
caused everyone in the school to start spreading rumors
about her pregnancy.

"I won't be eighteen for two more months so my
parents have agreed to sign the papers, if you agree to marry
me, " Danielle said still smiling at me. And when
I didn't respond quickly and simply stared at her from
the shock of it all, Danielle began to tear up and then she
began to cry all over again next to me in the car.

I guess it was an instant decision and I told Danielle I would
love to marry her, if she really wanted me too. She stopped
sobbing for a moment, lifted her head, looked at me and leaned
over to kiss her on my cheek. "We both just knew you
would save me and Donny by doing this for us, " Danielle

A week later with her parents at the court house and only
my mother because my father refused to be there, Danielle
and I became husband and wife. And when the judge told me
I could kiss my bride, I wasn't sure Daniele would go
for that so I hesitated for a moment. But Danielle was all
smiles and moved closer to me before we hugged and shared
our first kiss on the lips. It was a very quick kiss but our
lips still touched.

Danielle had worn a really pretty beige colored dress her
mother had bought for her that had lace on the top half which
also showed off her figure. My mother then hugged me first
and then Danielle, while I hugged her mother and shook her
father's hand next. I wasn't sure what was going
to happen after we got married because Danielle and I had
not talked about that yet.

So I waited until she got hugged by both of her parents before
she turned to me and pulled me aside for a moment. I couldn't
believe Danielle and I were actually husband and wife but
we were and I was tingling down to my toes.

"My parents want to take you and your mother out to
dinner to celebrate us getting married, " She said
first with a big smile on her face. I told her that sounded
nice and then Danielle told me she had thought about this,
and figured it would work best if she just stayed at home
with her parents and I stayed at home with my parents. "We
don't have any money so this just makes the most sense, "
She said smiling at me with her big brown eyes.

I felt a bit let down of course although I never seriously
thought Danielle would ever really be my wife. But as a nineteen
year old boy, I hoped it might happen if only in my dreams.
I sucked it up again and told Danielle that her plan made
the most sense and we all went out to dinner as planned. I
then listened to my mother complain on the ride back home
that Danielle's s plan was horrible and that no wife
should treat her husband the way she was treating me, especially
on their wedding night. I told my mother I was doing this
for Donny but that didn't stop her from complaining
all the way home.

And then on Monday morning I got up and went to school like
I always did and nothing had really changed in my life even
though I was legally married. I thought about calling Danielle
or stopping by to say hi but didn't feel right about
it. My mother had told me that I should never crawl to Danielle
again and that I should make her come to me, when she was ready.
But in my heart I knew Danielle was never going to be ready
to come to me. She was simply waiting for Donny to someday
come back home and marry her.

A few months passed and then from out of the blue , Danielle's
mother called me and asked me to stop over. I figured she
would have some news about Donny and when they expected
him to come back home and marry Danielle after we got divorced.
But when she greeted me at their back door, her eyes told
me something bad had happened.

It turned out Danielle had miscarried the night before
and was in the hospital, recovering. "But, is she
ok?"I asked her mother and was told Danielle was doing
well but was still very upset. "I called Donny first
thing and all he said was that he should now just stay married
to his wife down in Texas, " Her mother added which
floored me even more. I asked her if Danielle knew that part
too and her mother nodded her head yes and explained that
is what really has her upset.

I don't know how to explain it, but I felt like Danielle
was still my wife even if we hadn't lived like we were
married. And when I walked into her hospital room and she
saw me, she broke down crying even more. I felt so bad for
her that it felt like my heart was breaking just as much as
hers was.

So I sat on the edge of her bed, didn't say anything at
first and just held her hand like a friend should do at a time
of crisis. Danielle and I then hugged for about a half a minute
and she thanked me to stopping by to check on her. She then
told me, we could get divorced whenever I was ready.

"Maybe I don't want to, " I said back to
her as Danielle looked at me very confused. Her eyes got
very intense before she asked me, "After all of this,
you still want to be married to me?" I guess she never
realized how pretty she really was and how much someone
like me would love to be married to a girl like her.

"But we didn't consummate our marriage so it's
not really real, " She said softly while looking
into my eyes. I smiled at her Danielle and told her to think
about it and give me a call when she had made up her mind, one
way or another. I didn't expect her to smile and promised
me she would call me after she had some time to think about

When I got home, the latest news really set my mother off
again. I spent the next hour listening to her tell me over
and over how Donny and Danielle had both played me for a fool.
And when I told my mother I was in love with Danielle all she
did was yell at me even louder.

One hundred and six days after our wedding ceremony, Danielle
and I finally found ourselves alone in a motel room for the
first time. My mother was still very much against this,
but told me before I left home to meet up with Danielle for
our wedding night, I better be the man and make her prove
herself to me first.

"If we do this, it has to be forever, " She told
me and I agreed I was very, very nervous when Danielle and
I shared our first real kiss but I sensed she was too. Having
her actually in my arms and kissing me back was amazing.
I knew what we were going to do together, but I still didn't
believe it would actually happen. At least not with Danielle
of all people.

"Call me, your husband, " I told her, still
hearing my mother's voice inside of my ears. Danielle
pulled back after a few kisses and smiled at me strangely
before she softly said, " You are my husband."
Just hearing such a pretty girl saying those words, was
incredible to hear. Danielle then kissed me quickly again
and then asked me to tell her that she was my wife. "You
are my wife, " I said as she giggled and kissed me again.

She was back in my arms again and this time our bodies came
together as close as we could get them. I loved the smell
of her hair, the softness of her skin and the shape of her
chest as it pressed against the front of my shirt. Danielle
was one hell of an incredible girl and the fact she was my
wife, was mind-blowing. When everyone we went to school
with, found out Danielle and I were legally married, no
one was going to believe it.

I hoped her hormones were kicking into high gear because
mine sure were. And then my mother's words came back
again so I took charge and reached for the buttons on Danielle's
blouse without asking permission. Danielle got rather
nervous when I began to unbutton her blouse but she didn't
stop me either. I had waited over a hundred days for our wedding
night and I wasn't about to wait any longer.

I didn't know how it all worked but I decided I would
figure it out along the way. Danielle's pretty face
had a glow to it when I unbuttoned her blouse and slowly opened
up the front so I could see her lacy bra for the first time.
She didn't speak but her face turned red once I had her
blouse off and began to touch her delicate lacy bra with
my hands.

"I have waited for this for a long time, " I told
her as she blushed and nodded her head that she understood.
Her skirt came off next and within just a few minutes I had
Danielle standing in front of me with only her bra and panties
on. The fact I had never seen a girl in her panties and bra
before but this moment made it all, that much more special
for me.

Danielle let me take the lead, so I touched her in places
I had always dreamed of touching her but never thought I
would ever have the chance. And each time I rubbed my hand
over the front of her panties, Danielle whimpered a little
bit and began to tremble even more. She was aroused as much
as I was and when I turned her around to unhook her back, I
heard her gasping hard for air.

But I had never unhooked a girls bra before, so when I fumbled
with it for a bit longer than it should have taken me, Danielle
took a deep breath and softly told me, " Just take
your time sweet heart. We have all night." Hearing
her saying those words to me only made me feel dizzier than
I already was. Somehow with a lot of luck her two tiny clasps
finally came undone.

I turned Danielle around anxious to see her breasts for
the first time but she giggled and told me to wait just a second.
She then unbuttoned my shirt and threw it on the floor with
the rest of her clothes. "Ok, now we can touch each
other at the same time, " She said before she lifted
her bra off of her mounds in front of me.

I felt her soft, warm hands on my chest as I reached for her
small breasts and felt their softness for the first time,
too. We kept kissing each other but we mostly just rubbed
each other's chests with our hands and let the excitement
simmer a bit longer. I wanted to tell Danielle that I loved
her but I remember my mother telling me to make her go first.

Her long curly brown hair rested on her narrow shoulders
as she stood in front of me smiling while my hands remained
on her breasts. Danielle made no attempts to push my hands
away but while I kept rubbing her soft breasts , she undid
my belt and unzipped my pants for me. Apparently she liked
what she saw because I heard her giggle once and say, "
Oh my."

This all still seemed like some kind of incredible dream
when Danielle climbed on to the bed before me and laid on
her back looking up while waiting for me to join her. It was
happening but it still didn't seem possible. If we
were hot before we got on the bed, after we got on it, things
went up a couple of more degrees.

But the moment I never thought would ever happen, finally
happened, when I slowly slipped Danielle's panties
down her long slender legs. And when I finally pulled her
panties off each of her legs as she lifted them for me, my
eyes couldn't stop staring at her pink slit. Danielle
didn't have a lot of hair but a few curly tufts in just
the right places above and on both sides of her swollen outer

We embraced on the bed, and kissed some more now that we were
both totally naked and together for the first time. "Can
I ask you something?" Danielle said once we were both
super hot. I told her she could ask me anything and then I
heard this story about how her and some of the other girls
back in high school talked about something, couples could
do for one another.

"But I saved that for my husband and since you are now
my husband, do you think, we should try it?" Danielle
asked me with a soft smile. I told her we could give it a try,
but I still felt funny about it when I got my face between
her legs and was only an inch away from her slit.

My tongue then slowly touched her vaginal lips lightly
at first and immediately Danielle began to tremble more.
And then I got use to licking her between her legs and she
got even more excited the longer I did it. In fact Danielle
got very excited and began telling me not to stop after just
a minute or so into it. . I never asked Danielle if she ever
climaxed before but she did for me after I had licked her
long enough and fast enough.

And then it got very embarrassing for me too, when I laid
on my back and watched her reluctantly lower her head onto
my swollen shaft. She hesitated for a second, looked up
at me and told me if she hurt me, I should just tell her. I nodded
to her and then I felt Danielle's mouth slowly take
my cock into it as she began to suck. I had never felt anything
remotely close to that feeling and within just a few seconds,
I felt like I was about to explode.

Danielle got on her back very quickly and I climbed on top
of her seconds later. Her legs were spread just for me, so
I leaned closer to her and slowly felt my entire shaft slip
into her warm tight vagina. I realized at that moment why
Donny couldn't keep his hands off of Danielle because
I couldn't either.

Danielle spent most of the time gasping, whimpering and
twisting her body under me while I kept working on her womanhood.
But that wasn't going to stop me as I slipped in and out
of her slit with more and more urgency. And then it felt like
Heaven's gates opened up for me and all of a suddenly
I erupted deep inside of her womb.

She held me while I remained on top of her still trembling
myself, after such an intense experience my body had just
gone through. And my shaft remained inside of my wife and
for a few minutes I never wanted it to ever come out, again.
But eventually I began to soften and I finally pulled back
and rolled over to lay alongside of Danielle while we both
tried to catch our breath.

It might have been a belated wedding night but what a night
it turned out to be for both of us. We were both very young
and our sexual desires seemed like they burnt too hot for
either of us to control. We made love three times before
we fell asleep in each other's arms and never even bothered
to get dressed for bed.

And when I finally opened my eyes the next morning Danielle
was no longer in the bed with me as I sat up and panicked before
I then heard her in the bathroom. It was the most amazing
moment of our young marriage when my wife opened the bathroom
door and walked out smiling at me with absolutely nothing

Danielle, the same girl I drooled over for years was standing
right in front of me showing me her entire body, her breasts
and her pussy without a thought. Of course that was all it
took to fire me back up and before Danielle and I finally
checked out of the room, we made love one more time and it
might have been the best one yet.

We both quickly agreed I would move in with her in her parents'
home until I finished technical college and got a good job.
It was awkward for me the first night I went into Danielle's
bedroom with her in her parents' home and I shut the
door. But I quickly got use to it and so did Danielle. I can't
recall one night that we didn't lick each other first
and then make love under her parents roof.

The next three years passed quickly and during that time,
I graduated and got a really good job in the town twenty miles
away from where we grew up working in a large factory. But
I had an office job and advanced even quicker than the workers
on the floor. And Danielle worked in the fancy ladies store
in our town and did very well, too. She developed a big following
of the wealthy older women who liked to have her wait on them
and help them pick out new outfits and shoes.

We had decided to wait to start our family until we had enough
money saved to move out of our apartment and buy our first
home. I was still the lucky guy who had the very pretty wife
but I became proud that Danielle had picked me and I had picked
her. My wife may have still turned a lot of heads but she belonged
to me and we were both happy how this all worked out for us.

Danielle and I fell very, very deeply in love and once we
purchased out first home, we both knew our lives were going
to be smooth sailing and that we were a very lucky couple,
indeed. We had each other, we had fun together and we were
building more memories by the day. I loved the fact that
every time I walked in after work Danielle couldn't
resist rushing up to me and giving me one of her wet, warm
kisses before we even spoke a single word.

And then one afternoon as I drove down our street from work,
I noticed a car in our driveway. It was Donny's 1962
Chevy Impala but it didn't look like it use to look .
It had dents all over it and the rust was starting to show,
on all four wheel wells. And it was so faded and had lost all
of the shine Donny had worked so hard to get on his car.

I have to be honest and admit I wasn't sure what this
meant because my wife's car was in the garage and I didn't
know how much time Donny and Danielle had spent alone in
our house. And I wasn't sure how either of them were
feeling about each other, now that they were back together
after five years.

So I walked in our backdoor feeling rather uneasy until
I saw Donny at our kitchen table with four or five beer bottles
in front of him. "Hey old buddy, it is great to see you
again, " Donny said as soon as he saw me and stood up
to hug me with his big smile showing. And then quickly glanced
over at Danielle and saw her standing with her back against
the counter about as far away from Donny as she could get.

I remember I tried to smile and pretend I was happy to see
him but Donny was nothing like the Donny I grew up with and
admired. He had this huge gut on him and his clothes were
wrinkled and rather dirty. And he looked like he hadn't
shaved in a week. Donny squeezed me like he always did before
he sat back down and took another swig of beer.

I glanced again over in Danielle's direction and all
I saw was shock in both of her eyes. "Isn't this
just great. The three of us are all back together again, "
Donny said before he asked Danielle for yet another beer.
I just nodded my head at Danielle as if to tell her, just get
him another one and we will figure this out together.

So I sat down next to Donny at our table and motioned for Danielle
to come and sit with us too. She didn't look like she
felt comfortable sitting by him but then based on how Donny
looked, I didn't blame her. Danielle was still a very
slender, striking woman in her mid twenties and had mature
enough to develop her own special style.

"So what brings you back home. I mean where is your
wife?" I asked Donny. Donny chuckled and told us, "
I dumped that Texas bitch years ago." Donny didn't
look the same but part of his personality was still that
same confident person he had always been. "And the
reason I came back as to first thank you, " Donny said
as he smiled and patted me on my shoulder.

I chuckled and asked Donny why he was thanking me. "Well
because you married Danielle and saved my ass. But now I
am ready to take her off your hands for good, " Donny
said, as Danielle and I just looked at each other in even
more shock. So when Donny said that to me, I simply looked
at him and said that was never going to happen.

"Hey don't get goofy on me. So you got to fuck her
for a few years but now I am taking her back, " Donny
said looking more serious than before. I carefully told
Danielle that I just remembered our neighbor wanted to
talk to her and that she should run next door and see what
she wanted. "Ok that sounds like a good idea, "
My terrified wife said before she rushed from our house.

I wasn't sure I could beat Donny if we got into a fight
but with as many beers as he had in him, I had a good chance
if it came to that. Donny sat our table finished his beer
before I told him, Danielle was very happy and happily married
to me. And then I told Donny it was time for him to just leave.
Thankfully Donny got up and left but on his way out, he called
me every name in the book, but it only made me sad not mad.

We made sure we locked all the doors and windows that night.
And the next morning we got a call from the sheriff's
office telling us that Donny wanted them to call us and tell
us, he had been involved in a serious car accident and was
in the hospital. I asked the deputy on the phone how serious
it was and all he said was that Donny had a broken leg and a
few minor bumps. And then he told me Donny was also under
arrest because this was his sixth DWI.

I went to visit Donny in the hospital a couple of times, but
Danielle wanted nothing to do with him or even be close to
him. I remember Donny told me after one of my visits that
he had fucked up big time this time around and figured he
was going to jail for at least five years if not longer. I
told him I would come to visit him every once in a while and
we hugged like the old friends we once were and in some ways
would always be.

When the song, "Glory Days" was released and
became a big hit, Danielle and I both thought about Donny
and knew it was meant for him. Sadly, Donny's best years
were his high school years and for a while he might have to
still try and relive forever.

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This is one of the best stories you've written thus far. The background setup was nearly perfect, as was the comeuppance of the tertiary character.


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the good guy gets the prize in this case it is a love story with a happy ending


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Once again a great story. please keep writing.....


Trapper69 61 G
Score 5.7

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You hit a grand slam with this story! I just wish you would've had the main character and Danielle help Donny get his act together, and get him on the right track.....sure he evolved into a jerk, but he was a great friend growing up, and helped the main character every chance he got....


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Just great. Thanks. The "Cool Dudes" pretty much all got killed in Vietnam or went to jail. A few of us less "cool", and maybe really poor, really, did end up with the good ones in the end. And some of the real foxes and stuck up girls who would not even look at you did end up as overweight bitches as well and married to beer bellied men. In fact almost all of the staked girls the guys drooled over in 10th and 11th grade, and who married the athlete and "Cool Dude" in high school ended up reliving those Glory Years of High School for the next thirty years. Sad, when all you have to look forward to is memories of the past. But great story and worth the read as always.


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good flow, well's OK to be happy


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Great story. Very well written. Please don't stop writing.


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This story is outstanding!!


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Really good story....