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Girls at College


Karla's first semester at college was the pits. She
had grown
up very sheltered and thus was very shy around other people.
Her roommate
was quite the opposite. She was very out going and loved
to party. Karla
endured it all as best she could, staying out of the room,
and finding
other places to study. She was going to school on scholarship
and had to
keep her grades up or risk losing her ride to college. It
was not until
near the end of the semester that she found a friend. Janet
was much like
herself in that she was as shy as Karla was, the only difference
was she
came from money but was over shadowed by her older sister.
Her sister was
the pretty one of the two, and was following her father's
footsteps by
going to law school to become a lawyer. Janet was as smart
as her sister
was but, while pretty in her own way, was not the beauty queen
her sister
They met at the cafeteria one morning. The place was crowded
and the only place Janet had to sit was at Karla's table,
who was sitting
by herself. Janet came up to the table and asked Karla if
she could join
her and with a nod of the head, Karla indicated that she could.
They sat
there in silence for a few minutes before Janet finally
spoke up. She
introduced herself and asked Karla's name. The conversation
between them
was slow and painful to start but they finally started talking.
They each
soon realized that they both had a lot in common. They only
wanted to come
to school to study and their respective roommates did their
best to prevent
that being the party girls that they were. They met every
morning after
that eating their breakfast together and getting to know
each other. They
even started to spend time with each other on the weekends
going to eat and
going to the movies. By the end of the semester, they were
best friends who
felt safe in the other's company. They decided to see
if they could room
together for the second semester. They got their nerve
up and went to the
dean of housing. They kept at him until he agreed to move
them to a
different dorm and put them together.
When they came back to school after the first of the year,
moved into their room. It was an older dorm than what they
were in
before. The room was smaller and not as nice but they did
not care as now
they each had a friend as a roommate who came to school to
learn. They got
into a routine of going to classes and then studying until
late. Once in
bed they talked until they were ready to go to sleep. The
ranged from the classes they had that day to their dreams
of the future. On
Friday nights, they would go out to eat and on Saturday evening
they would
always plan something to do during the day and then take
in a movie at
night. Sunday they would do laundry and study. Thus, they
ended up
spending all their free time together. Janet always paid
for whatever they
did. Janet had learned from their talks that Karla's
family was poor and
could not send her any spending money. The only money Karla
had was what
she had made over the summer and that had to last for the entire
year. The
only reason she was able to go to school was the scholarship
she had
gotten. Karla really felt bad about Janet paying for everything.
One night
as they were talking she told Janet this. Janet thought
for a moment then
got up and turned on her computer.
"Get up and come here. I want to show you something."
"What? It's late and I am tired. Can't it
wait until tomorrow?"
"No. Now get your lazy ass out of bed and come over here."
Karla moaned but got up and came over to the computer. What
saw amazed her. There was one financial report after another,
all with a
lot of numbers at the bottom of the page. All the pages had
Janet's name on
"You can close your mouth now." Janet told Karla
after she got
to the last report.
"Where did you get all that money?"
"You know how close I am to my grandmother. Well After
grandfather died when I was fifteen, I spent the summer
with granny. At
first she just wanted to spend all her time at home so I made
her start
taking me all over the place. Most of the places where I made
her take me
were not really what I wanted to do, but what I thought she
would want to
do. By the end of the summer, she was making me go places instead
of her
me. Anyway right before I left for college she had me come
over and spend a
couple of weeks with her. She took me to see her lawyer and
told me she had
set up a trust fund. She had done that for my sister and it
was enough to
get her through college. I expected the same as the lawyer
started but by
the time he had ended, I realized that I was rich. I tried
to tell her
that I did not deserve that much but she said to shut up and
take the
money, so I did. When it came time to leave, she hugged me
and told me that
I had saved her after grandpa had died. She was crying and
I was crying
after she said that. So that is how I ended up with this much
money but you
can't tell anyone, ok?"
"And no more feeling bad about me paying for everything.
I have
more money than I can ever spend so if I want to buy you something
let me."
"Well I can't guarantee you that it won't
bother me but I won't
stop you. Just don't go overboard. I really don't
need anything from you
except your friendship."
"Fair enough."
They went back to bed and neither talked about the money
and Karla let Janet buy her whatever she wanted to. She did
find out she
had to be careful about saying she liked something or wanted
something as
that item found its way to her closet or desk. She found this
out when she
made the mistake of admiring Janet's laptop. The next
week when she came in
and checked her mail, she found she had a package. When she
opened it, she
found a state of the art laptop. When Janet came in later
that day Karla
gave her hell about buying this for her and that Janet should
take it back
where it came from. Janet just looked at her and told her
that she did not
know what she was talking about; it must have been the computer
fairy. Karla looked at Janet and Janet looked back with
a complete look of
innocent. Karla threw up her hands not knowing what to do
but she
eventually decided it was no use arguing so she sat down
and started to
learn about her new laptop. Karla did notice a smile come
across Janet's
As the semester went along Janet and Karla's friendship
deeper and deeper. When Janet when to her grandmother's
and Karla when home
for the weekend, Karla noticed how much she missed her friend
and Sunday
evening could not come soon enough. When spring break came
and they were
separated for ten days, Karla thought she would go crazy.
It helped that
Janet called her about every night but it was not the same
as being with
her friend. Karla got back to school first and was working
at her desk when
Janet burst into the room. Without thinking, Karla jumped
up and hugged
her friend. They both were surprised at the reaction they
both had as they
hugged. Karla put her head on Janet's shoulder and
Janet hugged her
tight. They each felt something course through out their
bodies and neither
wanted to end the hug. But the hug did end and there was an
awkward moment
or two but soon they were back to themselves as if nothing
happened. They got back to their routine and there were
no more physical
contact but Karla began to sneak quick glances at Janet,
as she got dressed
and undressed. She noticed the flair of her hips and her
small but uplifted
breasts. She had seen Janet undressed before but now it
different. She also noticed that Janet was paying more
attention to her
when she was in process of dressing and undressing. They
went on this way
with this under lying sexual tension growing between them.
Near the end of the semester, they went to their normal
Saturday movie but this time they decided on a scary movie.
The movie
started and they settled in to watch the movie. When the
first scary part
came around Janet grabbed Karla's hand gripping it
tight and she buried her
head in Karla's shoulder. They took turns watching
the movie from then on
but their hands never separated. At the end of the movie,
they sat there
until most everyone left just holding hands and neither
want to let go
first but Karla finally did and they left. That night as
they talked Janet
suggested that both of them getting an apartment after
the semester ended
and going to summer school. Since they would no longer be
freshmen, they
could move off campus. Karla was not sure her parents would
go for it and
was hesitant about asking them. By the end of the week, Janet
had her
convinced to try to convince her parents to let her move
into an
apartment. They went ahead and registered for summer school
the next
day. Now it was up to Karla to convince her parents to let
her stay the
summer instead of coming home and working. Karla went home
that weekend and
started working on her parents. It took all weekend but
she was able to
convince them but they would only agree if they met Janet
first. The next
weekend Janet went home with Karla and after a nervous and
rocky start she
was able to convince Karla's parents that she was a
good girl and would not
lead Karla down the wrong road.
The rest of the semester went by quickly and everything
about the same except now when they went to the movies their
hands found
each other's as soon as the lights went out. They would
slide down in the
seats, put their heads together, and watch the movie. Karla
knew she was
becoming attracted to Janet but did not know what she wanted
or needed to
do about it so she just let things go as they were going. They
had three
weeks of school left and when they were not studying, they
were apartment
hunting. They found several two- bedroom apartments but
Janet always found
something wrong with it. Either it was to far away from school
or they were
asking too much for the apartment. Since Janet was paying
the rent, Karla
did not say anything. A week before finals they came across
a one-bedroom
apartment. It was a nice apartment with a large living room
and a large
bedroom. The bedroom had a walk-in closet so there was enough
closet space
for both of their clothes. Janet pointed out that the living
room was big
enough to put a couch and TV and hold two desks so that they
study. Janet asked Karla if she liked it and when she said
she did, Janet
put down a deposit. Karla wanted to ask Janet about getting
a one-bedroom
apartment but she figured that they would just get twin
beds like they had
in the dorm.
They were now at finals week so they both forgot the apartment
and concentrated on studying for their tests. Once they
were over, they had
three weeks before summer school started. They decided
to spend the time
together. They would spend a week at Janet's then a
week at Karla's
parents. This would leave them a week to get the apartment
ready. They only
spent two days with Janet's parents and all Karla heard
was what Janet's
sister was doing. They went then to Janet's grandmothers.
As soon as Janet
introduced Karla, Janet's grandmother hugged Karla
and welcomed her into
her home. Karla quickly learned why Janet loved her grandmother
much. She treated Karla just as if she was one of her grandchildren.
next went to Karla's parents and had a nice week they
but they were ready
to get back to school by the end of the week.
Between Janet's grandmother and Karla's parents,
Janet's car
was packed full of household goods as they headed back to
school. They did
not get to leave Karla's house until late so they did
not get to their new
apartment until late that evening. They quickly unloaded
the car and piled
everything in the middle of the living room. They decided
to order out for
a pizza. As they waited for it to arrive, they each got in
a shower. The
pizza arrived as Karla was drying off. She slipped on a clean
pair of
panties and an old tee shirt that she slept in and came into
the living
room where Janet had made a table out of a box. Janet had shed
her jeans
that she was wearing so that she was also in her panties and
shirt. They sat and talked as they ate. They discussed what
they would need
and where to start looking. They had a week to get everything
in place
before classes started. The food after a long day of traveling
made them
both sleepy so they decided it was time for bed.
They found all their blankets and quilts and used them to
a bed in the bedroom. Once the bed was made, they crawled
under the top
quilt and tried to go the sleep. But as tired as they were
neither could
drift off to sleep. They ended up talking about the new apartment
and how
they excited to have a home of their own but there was something
else that
was keeping them awake. They had slept in the same room for
the past five
months but never in the same bed. All Karla could think of
was that Janet
was laying only a foot away. Her mind was confused about
everything and she
could barely keep her mind on what Janet was saying. After
about thirty
minutes of talking, they both grew quite and they lay there
with their own
thoughts. Karla was lying on her back with her hands by her
side. She soon
felt something on her hand and realized that Janet had placed
her hand on
top of hers. Karla kept her hand still not sure what she wanted
to do but
then she responded to Janet's touch. She turned her
hand over and
intertwined her fingers with Janet's. Janet squeezed
her hand and they held
hands the rest of the night as they slept.
Karla woke up the next morning feeling more contented than
had ever in her life, a little stiff maybe but contented.
Karla removed her
hand from Janet's and got up to make some coffee and
find them something to
eat for breakfast. Janet came into the kitchen about the
time the coffee
was ready. She gave Karla a smile and Karla had to smile back.
As they ate
a roll for breakfast, they set out a plan for the day. The
first thing on
the list was to get a bed. They arrived at the bed store just
as it was
opening. Janet went straight to the king beds and started
them. Karla had assumed that they would get twin beds but
was not to
disappointed that Janet was testing the king size ones.
When Karla came
over and started helping Janet test the beds, they both
knew that they both
wanted the same thing. They did not discuss what was happening
between them
and what they both knew was probably going to happen. They
just discussed
the merits of each bed and finally decided on the one they
wanted. The
store manager said that they could not deliver the bed for
two more days
but that was unacceptable to both Janet and Karla, as neither
wanted to
spend another night sleeping on the floor. Janet told the
man that it had
to be this afternoon or no sell then she started walking
out the door with
Karla in tow. As they got to the door, the manager stopped
them. He threw
up his hands in surrender and said they he would get the bed
to them late
that afternoon. After Janet had paid for the bed and then
gave the manager
directions on where to deliver the bed, they exited the
store in a hurry.
Once they were away from the front window, Karla gasped
Janet "I can't believe you did that, just walking
away from that man. I
would never have had the guts to do something like that."
"If I was alone I would not have had the guts to do it
but I could not let my friend sleep on the floor another night."
It took a moment for Karla to realize what Janet had said
when she did, she had to smile in spite of herself. Next on
the list was a
couch and desks for them to do their schoolwork. That took
most of the rest
of the afternoon to find what they wanted. They got back
just before the
bed was to arrive. Janet did not push her luck on delivery
of the couch and
desk and they were to be delivered late the next day. While
Janet waited
for the bed, Karla went to the grocery store. Karla made
it back just as
the bed was being delivered. As Janet directed the placement
of the bed,
Karla put up the groceries. Once everything was in place,
Karla fixed them
some supper and they decided to go see a movie that night
and relax before
another day of shopping the next day.
On the way to the movie, they stopped and got a paper. As Janet
drove Karla looked for a movie to see. They could not agree
on a movie
until Karla hit on one that stated that it had won many awards
and had a
romantic theme. Neither had ever heard of it but since they
could not
decide on any other movie they decided to see this one. When
they got to
the booth and Karla asked for two tickets to the movie the
girl gave her a
weird look. They went into the theater and found that there
were not that
many people there and those there were mostly women. They
went to the
middle of the theater and took a seat. They talked until
the lights went
down and they settled in to watch the movie. A couple a minutes
into the
movie Karla felt Janet's fingers touch hers and she
opened her hand and
took Janet's hand in hers. Karla rested her head on
Janet's shoulder and
they watched the movie. As Karla watched the movie, she
began to realize
that the movie was mirroring her own life; or rather hers
and Janet's. It
started out with two girls becoming friends and as the movie
went along
they became closer and closer. As Karla watched, she could
see her and
Janet as the lead characters. The movie ended up with the
girls becoming
lovers. When the movie ended Karla and Janet just sat there,
both lost in
their own thoughts. Karla felt her hand holding Janet's
and she realized
that both of their hands were sweating. Karla thought about
what it would
be like to kiss Janet and wondered if Janet felt the same
thing. They sat
there a moment or two before getting up. Karla waited for
Janet to let go
of her hand and Janet seemed to be waiting for Karla to do
the same
thing. They ended up walking out of the theater holding
hands and did so
until they got to the car. It was only when they separated
to get into the
car did they let go. Karla wanted to reach over and take Janet's
hand in
hers on the way home but could not get up the nerve so she kept
her hands
in her lap. They were both quite for the first part of the
drive home,
both thinking about the movie they had just seen. Janet
finally broke the
silence but talked about school, which she though as a safe
subject and
Karla was grateful for that.
When they got home, they both decided it was time for bed
they went to the bedroom. They both started getting undressed.
Karla turned
and faced the closet as she started to undress. As Karla
unbuttoned her
blouse, she found that her hands were shaking and she could
barely get it
unbuttoned. As she took off her bra, she saw that her nipples
hardening and as she peeled off her jeans she found that
her panties were
slightly damp. Karla knew she was about to loose it. All
these emotions
were churning inside her. She was attracted to her best
friend and she had
always been taught that was wrong. She put on her tee shirt,
turned to see
Janet was already in bed, and had been watching her. Karla
quickly turned
off the light and crawled into bed. Karla lay down on her
back not knowing
what to do. When she felt Janet's hand touch hers, Karla
felt her body
responding to the touch. Karla did not grip Janet's
hand but did not move
it either. They stayed that way for a few minutes but when
she felt Janet
move closer to her Karla jerked her hand away. She sat up
on the edge of
the bed facing away from Janet.
"What's wrong? Are you ok?"
When Karla did not respond Janet got up and turned on the
light. She saw that Karla was crying so she came over and
sat beside Karla.
"Tell me what is brothering you. You know you can always
to me."
Karla cried a moment or two more before speaking but she
her eyes away from Janet.
"I can't tell you. You are my best and only friend
and if I
tell you I am afraid that you won't be my friend anymore
and I could not
stand that."
"Karla, I promise that whatever you have to say I will
still be
your friend. That is a promise I will take to my grave."
Karla sat there a few minutes getting her nerve up to tell
Janet what she had to say.
"I like you"
"Well I like you too."
"No, I like you like those two girls in the movie."
announcing this, Karla started crying again.
"Karla, come here and sit up on the bed and let me tell
something." Janet said as she slid to the middle of
the bed. Karla slowly
turned around and sat facing Janet but did not look at Janet
instead kept
her face looking down. Janet took her hand and lifted Karla's
chin so that
she was looking at her.
"I like you exactly the same way as the girls in the
movie. I
have wanted to tell you that for a long time but did not know
how. I guess
I was afraid of losing your friendship too."
"But we aren't suppose to like each other that
"Who says? If I like you and you like me then it is no
business but ours, right."
"I guess."
Janet took Karla's hands in hers and squeezed them.
brought a smile to Karla's face.
"What do we do now?" Karla asked.
"Well I don't know about you but I think I would
like to kiss
"I think I would like that."
Janet slowly moved her head toward Karla's. As their
heads got
close, Karla closed her eyes. She felt Janet's lips
touch hers and she knew
this was right. It was a soft kiss only lasting a few seconds.
"How was that?"
"Perfect" Karla responded. Janet smiled and
moved her head
closer and they kissed for the second time. This time the
kiss lasted
longer and as Janet opened her mouth, Karla did the same.
The kiss lasted
for a couple of minutes. Both of their breathing increased
but they only
paused for a second and went back to kissing. Their lips
would part and
come back together. Neither was very experience when it
came to sex so they
took their time. Janet put her hand to Karla's face
caressing it as she
kissed Karla down her neck and back up to her lips. It was
a while before
their tongues were brought into their kissing but Janet
slowly moved her
tongue into Karla's mouth. Karla responded by moving
her tongue to met
Janet's and soon their tongues began to caress each
other. They kissed for
about twenty minutes before taking a break. They both were
slightly out of
breath but could not help smiling at each other. Janet got
up and Karla
wondered where she was going. Janet went to the light and
turned it out and
returned back to the bed. By the time, Janet got back into
the bed Karla's
eyes had adjusted to the dim light that was coming through
window. Janet mover closed to Karla and she spread out her
legs. She then
pulled Karla in close to her. Karla separated her legs and
placed them on
top of Janet's and wrapped them around her body. Janet
hugged her tight and
Karla put her head on Janet's shoulder. Their bodies
were pressed together
and Karla could feel Janet's breasts press into her
own. For a while, they
just held each other enjoying the feel of the other's
body pressed against
her own body. Karla then felt Janet begin to kiss her neck.
Karla moved
back a bit allowing Janet to kiss her under her neck to the
other side and
back again. Karla heard a moan escape her lips. Karla began
to caress
Janet's back and arms and Janet did the same. Janet's
lips found their way
back up to Karla's and they started kissing again.
Their hands began to
roam more and Janet's found their way to Karla's
breasts. Karla sucked in
her breath at the first touch. Karla felt her nipples harden
at Janet's
touch. Even though Janet was caressing her breasts through
her tee shirt
the feeling was still intense. Her pussy got wetter and
there was a
tingling there. When Janet moved her hands down and put
them under her tee
shirt and brought them up the Karla's breasts, Karla
held still waiting for
Janet to touch her. Karla let out a moan when Janet's
hands cupped her
breasts. Janet caressed and squeezed Karla's breasts
running her fingers
across her nipples. They had continued to kiss as Janet
was doing this but
Karla was having trouble keeping up her end. Janet solved
this problem for
Karla. She removed her hands from Karla's breasts
and lowered them to the
bottom of Karla's tee shirt. She pulled it up and then
off Karla leaving
her only in her panties. Janet lightly kissed Karla then
lowered her mouth
to Karla's right nipple taking it into her mouth. Janet
sucked on the
nipple and Karla cried out. Karla put her hand behind Janet's
head and held
it to her breast. Janet sucked and licked on this breast
for a couple of
minutes then went to the other one. Karla wanted to touch
Janet's breast
but the pleasure she was feeling prevented her from doing
anything except
enjoy what Janet was doing to her. Janet went from one breast
to the other
then moved up to kiss Karla then back down to Karla's
breasts. Karla did
not thing that she could feel anything better than this
until she felt Jane
move her hand down her belly to the top of her panties. Karla
tensed up as
Janet slipped her fingers under her panties through her
pubic hair and onto
her pussy. Janet just rested her hand there a moment feeling
the warmth and
the wetness. Karla was dying for relief. Janet slowing
began to masturbate
Karla. She stroked her fingers up and down Karla's
pussy, every once in a
while pressing down on her clit. Karla arched her back and
spread her legs
even more. Janet picked up speed and pressed a little harder.
Karla was
breathing harder now and the moans were coming more frequent.
Janet dipped
her middle finger between Karla's pussy lips and then
caressed her clit. It
did take much of this before Karla arched her back hard and
cried out with
her first real orgasm. The feeling was so intense that Karla
did not think
she could take it but she rode it out causing Janet's
fingers to get wet
with her girlcum. Once the orgasm began to subside, Janet
removed her
fingers and brought them to her mouth tasting pussy juice
for the first
time and she had to say she liked it. Karla had by now fallen
onto her back
and Janet came up and lay down beside her. She began to kiss
her neck and
then her lips.
They kissed for a few minutes then Karla put her hands on
Janet's shoulders and pushed her onto her back. Karla
started kissing Janet
first on the lips and then on down to her neck. As she kissed
her, Karla
reached down and got Janet's tee shirt in her hands.
She pulled it up and
Karla stopped kissing Janet until they got Janet's
shirt off. Karla crawled
on top of Janet and resumed kissing her. Their lips parted
and soon their
tongues were caressing each other. The kiss became more
and more
passionate and Karla pressed her body down against Janet.
When the kiss
ended, Karla kissed her way down Janet's body kissing
her neck and down to
her breasts. First, she cupped Janet's breasts in
her hands feeling the
soft tissue and Janet's hardening nipples. She brought
her mouth down to a
nipple taking it into her mouth. When she heard Janet moan
for the first
time Karla knew she was doing it right. She sucked, licked,
and kissed the
breast and nipple before going to the other nipple. Karla
would use her
mouth and tongue on one nipple as her hand caressed the other.
She would
then switch places pausing only to move up to Janet's
lips and kissing
her. When she felt Janet's legs wrap around her body
and Janet began to
grind her pussy onto her she knew there was another part
of Janet's anatomy
that needed attention. She was not sure what she was supposed
to do but
she sure wanted to try. She gave each nipple one last kiss
then slid on
down Janet's body untill she got to Janet's panties.
She got up on her
knees and began to pull Janet's panties down. Janet
lifted her hips and
help Karla get them down and then off. Karla realized she
still had her own
panties still on and they were soaked with her cum. She went
ahead and took
them off then slid up between Janet's legs. Karla sat
back on her legs and
looked down at Janet's pussy. From the dim light, Karla
could tell that
Janet had a full bush and she just had to touch it. Karla took
her right
hand and gently brushed up and down on Janet's pussy.
She could feel the
soft curly hair and the wetness hidden behind that hair.
After a minute of
caressing Janet's pussy, Karla could not wait any
longer. She slid her
knees back and lowered her head to Janet. She took in the
rich womanly
scent of Janet's pussy. Not knowing where to start,
she first kissed the
top of Janet's mound then kissed her way on down. When
her lips first
touched the top of Janet's slit, Janet moaned. Karla
kissed her way on down
tasting Janet for the first time. Karla next stuck out her
tongue and began
to lick the outer lips. When she heard Janet moan, she stayed
in the spot a
little longer. She licked all around the outer lips before
going deeper and
there she was rewarded with more juices. Karla sucked these
in and then
moved to Janet's clit. Janet cried out when Karla licked
there. Karla
stayed at Janet's clit licking and sucking on it until
she heard Janet
cum. As the orgasm ended, Janet went back down and licked
up the juices she
had caused to flow. She continued to lick until she felt
Janet reach down
and pull her up.
Karla lay down on her side facing Janet. They smiled at each
other then began to kiss. The kisses were soft and gentle
with their lips
lightly touching. They kissed for a while then snuggled
in close and soon
feel asleep both dreaming about the other.
The next morning Karla woke up first and looked over at
Janet. She knew as soon as she looked at her that Janet would
be the one
she would love for the rest of her life. She also realized
that it would
not be easy to love another woman in this world but it would
be worth
it. She gave a kiss to Janet then got up to go make some coffee
only to put on her tee shirt. She had just taken her first
sip of coffee
when she heard Janet get up. Karla was making Janet a cup
of coffee when
she felt Janet come up behind her. Janet put her arms around
Karla and
squeezed her tight. Janet kissed her neck and murmured
"Good morning" to
her. Karla stopped what she was doing, turned around in
Janet's arms, and
found that Janet had not bothered to put anything on. They
kissed lightly
at first then the kiss became more passionate. When the
kiss ended, Janet
stepped back and got her cup of coffee taking a sip. She noticed
that Karla
was looking at her taking in all that she did not get a real
good look at
last night.
"Like what you see?" Janet asked. This caused
Karla to blush
deeply and look away.
"Well do you?" Janet teased.
"Yes very much so" Karla replied looking back
"I showed you mine now it is your turn."
Karla took her tee shirt in her hands and quickly raised
it to
her waist the as quickly lowered it. Giggling as she did
"Come on you can do better than that!"
Still giggling Karla turned around and did the same thing
only this time showing her butt.
"Now you are teasing me. If you are going to do that,
I will go
back and put my tee shirt on." Janet said.
Karla got her giggles under control as she turned around.
forced a serious look on her face and took her tee shirt into
hands. She slowly began to raise it revealing first her
pussy and then her
breasts. She pulled the tee shirt on off and threw it aside.
They had seen
each in the bare before but then it was as roommates and friends.
Now it
was as lovers and that caused them both to look at each other
in a whole
new light. They looked at each other for a moment or two then
the came
together and kissed. They grasped each other tight pressing
their bodies
together. When the kiss ended, they both were out of breath
and each had a
sexual hunger that had to be satisfied. They parted and
Janet took Karla's
hand and led her down the hallway toward the bedroom.
Janet positioned Karla with her back to the bed and took
into her arms. They grasped each other and began to kiss.
They kissed
lightly as their hands roamed over the other's body.
They did not leave one
part untouched as they caressed the back, ass, breasts
and finally to the
pussies. As they stroked each other, their kisses became
passionate. Their breathing became faster as they got
more excited. Karla
could feel Janet get wetter and she knew she was doing the
same. Soon Karla
was having trouble concentrating on what she was doing
to Janet because of
what Janet was doing to her. Janet finally broke off the
kissing and
stroking and she push Karla back onto the bed. Janet positioned
Karla on
her back on the center of the bed. She then crawled between
her legs
spreading them out wide. Janet was on her knees and she leaned
taking a nipple into her mouth. She began to suck and lick
on it as Karla
stroked Janet's hair. She sucked and licked the nipple
getting it hard and
sensitive. She then moved to the other nipple doing the
same to it. This
got Karla to start moaning. Janet took her time going from
one breast to
the other. Soon Karla's motor was running full blast
and Janet began to
kiss her way down Karla's belly. Karla waited in excited
anticipation for
Janet to get to her pussy. When Janet got to her pubic hair,
Karla spread
her legs even wider opening herself up. Janet nuzzled her
face against
Karla's pussy taking in Karla's aroma. Janet
started first by licking all
around Karla pussy and kissing up and down Karla's
inner thighs. She did
this untill she had Karla moaning and lifting her hips toward
mouth. She then began to dip her tongue into Karla's
pussy. She went up and
down her slit parting the labia with her tongue. She dipped
her tongue deep
into Karla and sucking in some of her juices. She went up
to her clit and
flicked it with the tip of her tongue. This caused Karla
to cry out her
name and tell her not to stop. But Janet did and went back
to Karla's
pussy, as she did not want her to cum quite yet. She went back
to licking
her and dipping her tongue into Karla. She would stop every
once in a while
to kiss her inner thighs then went back to licking. When
she went back to
Karla's clit the next time Karla was ready to cum. Janet
took her clit into
her mouth and began to suck and lick her. It only took a minute
or two
before Karla had her orgasm. Karla grabbed Janet's
head and held it in
place as she rode out her orgasm. As it subsided, Janet moved
back down and
lapped up Karla's girlcum.
Karla pulled Janet up in the bed. When they were facing each
other, Karla took Janet's head in her hands and brought
it down. She kissed
her tasting her own cum on Janet's face. They kissed
a time or two then
Karla slid down until she was under Janet's breasts.
She kissed one nipple
then kissed her way over to the other one. She stayed on this
kissing and sucking it into her mouth. She kissed and teased
the nipple
and as she did this, she reached down and started to stroke
pussy. Karla found that Janet was already wet and stroking
her only made
her more so. Karla went from the breast she was working on
back over to the
other one. Janet was breathing hard and was moaning louder
louder. Karla spent another minute on Janet's breasts
then slid on down to
Janet's pussy. Karla looked up to see that Janet's
pussy was very wet.
Karla reached up, grasped Janet's ass cheeks in her
hands, and pulled Janet
down to her. She began to lick up the juices from the outer
lips and pubic
hair. Once she had done that, she went to Janet's slit
and began to lick
in earnest. She licked at deep as she could, going up and
down the
slit. Janet moaned out and drove her pussy down on Karla's
mouth. As she
licked, Karla caressed Janet's ass, running her hands
all around each
cheek. Karla then moved her tongue to Janet's clit.
She flicked the tip of
her tongue across the clit driving Janet crazy with pleasure.
Karla got
her close to climax then backed off and went back to Janet's
pussy licking
and pushing her tongue into Janet. Janet was now crying
out wanting to
cum. Karla went back to Janet's clit and drew it into
her mouth. Karla
licked and sucked on the clit and Janet exploded with an
orgasm. Janet's
hips bucked and moved up and down as she came and Karla held
on until
Janet's orgasm ended.
Karla crawled back up in the bed and Janet lay down on top
her. They kissed for a few minutes then fell asleep. They
slept for about
an hour before waking up. They quickly realized that the
day was slipping
away from them so they jumped into the shower together hoping
to save time
that way. But of course it did not work out that way. They
both got wet
down then Janet picked up the soap and began to soap up Karla's
body. She
started out with her back getting it good and soapy but as
she did that, it
became more caressing than washing. She caressed Karla's
shoulders arms,
and then lower back. She then went down to Karla's ass.
She got it good and
soapy then began to caress each cheek. She would grasp the
globes in her
hands and squeeze them pushing them apart and back together.
Janet then got
her hands soapy and moved then to Karla's crack. Karla
was not sure she
wanted Janet to wash her there but as Janet's fingers
parted her cheeks and
slipped across her anus, she felt herself moan slightly.
She parted her
legs and she let Janet wash her. Janet's fingers went
up and down across
Karla's rosebud. Karla never knew she could be sexually
there. Janet spent another minute on Karla's ass then
she got down on her
knees and washed Karla's legs and feet. Once that was
done, Janet turned
Karla around so that she was facing her. She finished washing
the legs then
moved on up but she skipped Karla's pussy. She went
to the belly and then
breasts. She took her time caressing and squeezing them.
Once that was
done, she slipped a hand to Karla's pussy and started
washing and caressing
her. As she stroked Karla with her soapy hand, she kissed
her. They kissed
and kissed, as Karla got closer and closer to a climax. The
nearer Karla
got to climax the harder Janet kissed her. With their mouths
attached so
that when Karla climaxed, Janet felt like she was climaxing
with her.
Once Karla recovered from her orgasm, she turned Janet
and began to wash her. When she got down to Janet's ass,
she was not sure
about touching Janet where Janet had touched her but she
decided to go
ahead. She soaped up her hands and began to work it into Janet's
crack. Once she had touched Janet's asshole the first
time she got over her
hesitation. She worked her middle finger back across the
asshole then she
worked it all around the rim and she could tell that Janet
was responding
to her touch. She did this a little longer than Janet did
but eventually
moved on to Janet's legs. Like Janet when she got to
the front, she left
the pussy to last. Once there it did not take her long to work
Janet into
an orgasm.
It was about one before they got out of the apartment. That
meant they only had until five before their couch and desks
got there. They
first went to an appliance store and got a big screen TV,
DVD, and VCR plus
a washer and dryer. Since Janet had spent so much money there,
the manager
was more than happy to deliver everything at five that afternoon.
Next on
the list was the computer store. When they got there, Karla
spoke up.
"You are not going to get me anything here are you because
don't need anything. Between my old computer and the
laptop you got me I am
"No I am not going to get you a new computer or anything
I am getting me a new one. To you I am giving my old computer."
Since it was Janet's old computer Karla did not see
that, she
had a leg to stand on. But what she did not know was that Janet
arranged for the computer store to replace everything
inside her old
computer so that the only thing that was used about it was
the casing. They
picked up the new computer for Janet and Janet's "Old"
computer for
Karla. On the way home, they realized that they had gone
all day without
eating. Their love making this morning had interrupted
their breakfast. So
they stopped and picked up something that they could eat
at home. When they
got home, they ate first then moved the computers in. About
this time,
their couch and desks arrived. They got everything in place
and were
setting up their computers when the TV and stuff arrived.
It took most of
the evening for the men to get everything installed. Once
everyone had
left, they curled up together on the couch and watched a
movie. As it
ended, they retired to the bedroom. They undressed and
lay down on the bed
snuggling together. They kissed for a long time as neither
was in a
hurry. They caressed and kissed until they were ready for
more. They sat up
facing together and took turns kissing on each other breasts.
As Janet
would kiss and suck on the Karla's breasts, Karla would
stroke and caress
Janet's body. They would then change places and Karla
would kiss and caress
Janet's breasts. When they were ready for more Janet
moved them around so
that they were both on their sides with each facing the other's
pussy. They
each lifted their top leg and thus allowed the other access
to their
pussies. This was their first sixty-nine and they began
to lick each
other. It was hard at first to concentrate on licking, as
they were being
licked. Soon they got into a rhythm and began to enjoy making
love this
way. When Karla went to Janet's clit Janet would ease
off and enjoy what
Karla was doing to her. Then Janet would go to Karla's
clit and Karla would
ease off. They went at it this way until they both had cum.
After resting
for a couple minutes, they went back at it. Soon Karla felt
Janet's fingers
at her pussy spreading her open. Karla found that Janet
could lick her
deeper this way. Karla relaxed and let Janet lick her. She
then felt a
finger ease into her pussy. Karla opened her legs even more
as the finger
went deep into her. Karla loved the feeling as the finger
went deep into
her pussy filling her up. As Janet eased her finger in and
out of Karla,
she continued to lick around Karla's pussy and clit.
Karla had about
stopped licking Janet by now and was only moaning into Janet's
Janet slowly picked up speed and was soon fucking Karla
pretty good with
her finger. Karla cried out and rode Janet's finger
to an orgasm. When she
got over her orgasm, Karla had to try using her fingers on
Janet. She moved
her fingers to Janet's pussy and spread her open. She
licked and stuck her
tongue deep into Janet. She swirled her tongue around then
put her index
finger at the entrance to Janet's pussy. She slowly
pushed the finger
in. Janet was tight and wet but her finger eased right in.
She pushed it in
and then brought it all the way back out. She put it back at
the entrance
and pushed it in as deep as she could. She felt Janet's
pussy grip her
finger. Slowly she began to fuck Janet with her finger.
She put her mouth
back on Janet's pussy licking and sucking around her
finger. She could hear
Janet moan and groan and she knew Janet liked it as much as
she did. She
fucked and sucked Janet to an orgasm. They again rested
and started back
again only now they both eased a second finger into each
other. They
brought each other off one more time before finally giving
out. They then
curled up in the bed and kiss for a few minutes then they fell
fast asleep.
The rest of the week was spent getting the apartment set
making love.

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