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Gina's Secret Life


If any of Gina’s friends saw her now, they would shit.

After all, Gina had always been considered as somewhat
of a “goodie-two-shoes” and that’s the way she liked
it. She revelled in the notion that most of her friends would
scoff at the idea that she might have a secret life. In fact,
she knew everyone assumed that right now she was either
in a library somewhere or working like a dog in her classroom
grading papers. She counted on everyone’s inability
to imagine her capable of anything other than goodness,
sweetness, and purity.

It was the edge she's always needed.

You see, she was like everyone else at heart. She craved
more from life than what society was prepared to give her.
In fact, deep down she had always wanted to be the bad girl,
the one that satisfied her every desire without a thought
to the consequences of her actions. Now, her entire life
she somehow managed to give in to that urge—until now.

She smiled as she wrapped her lips around the tip of her husband’s
cock, tickling the underside of it with her tongue, while
her best friend Kevin sucked on his balls and Kevin’s
wife Ashley, was having a grand old time with Gina sitting
on her face. It’s always the quiet ones. *** Up until a month ago, Gina was the living embodiment of the
wholesomeness she tried to portray. She went to church
every Sunday and prayed every night and taught her children
right from wrong. She did all the things her mother told
her that good people were supposed to do. But inside—it
didn’t fit.

The roles of mother, housewife, caregiver, they never
seemed like who she really was inside, well, not entirely.
But she fully accepted her place in the world and was very
good at everything that was expected of her. However, with
each and every passing day, deep down inside, she felt more
and more disconnected with herself and her family.

Her marriage, of twelve years, had no intimacy left and
her husband seemed to have no desire to find any. She could
never convince him to have sex anymore and when she did,
it was always over before she could even start to enjoy herself.
And even though she knew that life must have something more
exciting in store for her, something of substance, for
twelve years she did nothing to seek it out. She woke everyday
and took care of her family and did all the things that would
have made her mother proud.

Then one day about a month ago, she was surfing the Internet
seeing if anyone out there knew of some secret way to get
a red wine stain out of her silk blouse. Normally Gina signed
in under her own Gmail account, but in the interest of saving
time seeing as the wine stain was setting more and more with
every precious minute she wasted, she just left her husband
John’s account open. And as she began her frantic, and
fruitless, battle to find a magic stain lifter, an instant
message popped up on her screen:

Nicehard14u > Hello.

More out an interest to not wanting to appear rude, Gina

Johnsalot4U > Hello. Nicehard14u > I had an amazing time last night!

Now at first Gina didn’t know what the heck this person
was talking about. She had been home all night and hadn’t
even thought of leaving. She figured they must have her
confused with someone else, till she read the screen name
for the first time and decided that they weren’t talking
about seeing her at a party.

She was about to tell the person that they had obviously
made a mistake and when she remembered she was using John’s
account. For an instant she froze. She felt like she was
a wicked stepmother about to open up the journal of her son.
She knew a good wife should disconnect and login as herself
and pretend this never happened. After all, she trusted
her husband and knew that he would never do anything to jeopardize
their marriage.

But something inside, deep down in that place she’d had
always known existed but never dared explore, egged her

So she typed:

Johnsalot4U > Yeah, it was amazing huh? How long were
we at it? Nicehard14u > God hours! You are a stallion! Johnsalot4U> Am I? Well what about you? Nicehard14u > Me, well it’s been awhile since I’ve
been called a stallion, but you’re right, last night
I was pretty much magnificent! We were a well oiled machine!

Gina was now obsessed with finding out if John had actually
fucked this person or had just shared an online jerk off
session with him.

Johnsalot4U> You know, I can’t remember, what time
did we start last night? Nicehard14u > I’m not sure, it was about 3 A.M. I think.

Jerk off session, thought Gina.

Johnsalot4U> You know what would really be hot? Nicehard14u > What? Johnsalot4U> Tell me exactly what you did to me last
night and what I did to you so I can relive it all in my minds
eye! Nicehard14u >Why can’t I just come over and do it to
you again?

Gina, was so blown away she could barely breathe. John had
actually got fucked last night by some man he met online!

Johnsalot4U> We can’t, my wife will be back in a little
bit, she just went shopping. Nicehard14u > I’ll be really fast, Gina will never
know I was ever there.

Gina was furious. How long had this been going on? So she
made a decision.

Johnsalot4U> Okay, come over but hurry. Come straight
to the bedroom, I’ll be waiting. But when you walk into
that room, you better be naked. If you’re not completely
naked, you can find another ass to fuck. Nicehard14u> I’ll be there in two minutes flat@

Gina was blown away by that last comment. Two minutes? Where
did this guy live? She didn’t have much time, so she grabbed
her iPhone and ran to the bedroom. As she was running she
noticed for the first time that her pussy was literally
on fire, she couldn’t tell at first what about all this
was getting her so hot, but she was practically cumming
in her panties as she was dashing to the bedroom. She had
barely time to set up everything before she heard the front
door open and slam close. She turned on the camera app and
pointed it straight at the door. Then she sat in the corner.

A moment later the door burst in and she realized the naked
man standing in her bedroom door with a raging hardon was
her best friend since grade school, Kevin.

“Kevin? Oh my god, is that you?”

“Oh shit, Gina?”

“As a matter of fact it is Kevin, what the fuck do you think
you’re doing here?”

For some reason, she was pretending to be furious. But in
actuality, she was so turned on right now she couldn’t
think straight. The fact that her plan worked and there
was a naked man with massive hardon standing in her bedroom
and the fact that it was Kevin, had her juices running down
her legs. She started taking flash pictures.

“Jesus Gina, I-I wasn’t-” Kevin stammered

“Weren’t expecting to find me here with a camera? No
shit. How long have you been fucking my husband? How long
Kevin? Days? Months? Years?” demanded Gina.

She was starting to get her wits about her and she was beginning
to see all sorts of exciting possibilities.

“Look, it’s not what you think-” Kevin tried to speak
but Gina interrupted him.

“Well, I think your fucking my husband Kevin, are you
telling that isn’t what’s happening here?”

“It was an accident it just happened one day and-” Gina
interrupted him again.

“It felt so good you decided to do it as often as you possibly
could?” demanded Gina.

“Fuck, I told him we needed to stop I did, bu-” Gina cut
him off again.

“But he wouldn’t let you right, he made you! You had
no choice in it! He used his mind control on you is that it?”

“Oh my god. I am so sorry Gina.”

“Well, you think you’re sorry now, wait till I’m
done with you. Get on the bed and put your arms over your head.”


“You heard me, don’t fuckin’ make me repeat myself
Kevin, I’m at the end of my patience. Do it now!” Gina
Demanded and Kevin did as he was told, albeit reluctantly.

Gina left the room and came back with some rope and tied Kevin
to the bed as tight as she could, she ignored his protests
that the bonds were too tight. Once she tied both his hands
then his legs spread eagle to the bed, she left the room and
this time came back several moments later with a zucchini
the size of a small airplane and a video camera on a tripod.

“What are you doing Gina?”

Gina placed the camera in the corner of the room and pointed
it at the now helpless Kevin, “I’m capturing the moment.”

“What moment?”

“You’re going to fuck me and I’m going to tape it and
then when I’m done with you, I’m going across the street
with the video and I’m telling Ashley everything and
then we’re going to watch this tape together.”

“The fuck you are, undo my hands Gina!”

“You’re really not in much of a position of power here
Kevin. We both know you’re a walking hard on and once we
get you going the last thing on your mind will be stopping.
You should enjoy it though, we both know you’ve always
wanted to fuck me and now you’re finally going to get your
chance! And if you’re a really good boy, I might just let
you eat your cum out of my pussy.”

Gina was talking as she pulled off her panties and held them
under Kevin’s nose and straddled his chest.

Kevin was completely speechless. He was staring at Gina
like he had no idea who she was, like he was seeing her for
the first time. He could feel her juices slopping on his
chest. Suddenly Gina shoved her panties in his mouth as
far as she could get them in and then grabbed both of his nipples
and twisted them with all of her strength.

“I’ll tell you another thing bitch, you don’t fucking
co-operate with me and I will make the next hour of your life
a living hell.”

Just then there was the sound of the front door opening,
Gina looked to the door and smiled and said“Even better!”

With that Gina jumped off him and stepped back into the shadow.


When John walked into the bedroom he got an instant erection.

Kevin had never mentioned that he had a kinky side and nothing
could have pleased John more to know it. So John quickly
started to undress as he scanned the room, he saw the camera
and had to laugh. Kevin really did think of everything.
You see, John’s biggest turn on was being watched, by
anyone it really didn’t matter to him. Like he always
wanted to fuck his boss’s wife right in front of the ugly
bastard. And he always wanted to fuck Gina on the front lawn
so the whole fucking neighborhood could watch. In fact,
it had always been his biggest fantasy to fuck someone on
stage for an entire opera house full of men and women masturbating
to his performance. So he thought the camera was a nice touch.

Kevin was even pretending to struggle in his own bonds.
John was impressed that he managed to tie himself up like
that, because it looked so real. John slowly stripped down
to his boxers, before he just couldn’t wait anymore and
shoved his nose in Kevin’s crotch. He’d always loved
the smell of men’s balls and their cocks. That musky aroma
always sent him over the top. He was so into the smell he didn’t
notice the flashes behind him.


Kevin was pissed!

How could John be this stupid! Just how the fuck did John
think he got both hands tied up anyways! John could push
Kevin’s buttons like no other lover he’d ever had,
but he was dumb as a post sometimes.

Everything else notwithstanding, Kevin couldn’t understand
why the flashes from the digital camera weren’t tipping
John off to what was going on. But when John engulfed his
dick, suddenly Kevin didn’t seem to care about Gina anymore.
John was doing that thing that he does to Kevin at the moment,
John has a way of using his throat and mouth to milk Kevin’s
dick and once he began Kevin was always completely helpless
and John knew it.

Kevin cursed John and thanked him in the same breath.


Gina could not believe how turned on she was right now as
she sat in the shadows of the room watching her husband expertly
go down on her best friend. She started to absent-mindedly
take pictures of the spectacle, though she wasn’t really
sure why, after all the video camera was running and capturing
everything. She put down her iPhone when she felt her pussy
start to really leak down her legs.

She shoved her fingers into her pussy and lost herself in
the spectacle. Ten minutes ago she would have bet a million
bucks that watching her husband suck someone’s dick
would have done nothing for her. But now that she was seeing
it with her own eyes, she thought it was the hottest thing
in the world.

She even started rationalizing everything in her mind,
like asking herself if it was really even cheating? Because
Kevin’s a guy. If John really needed to do this to be happy,
then who was she to stand in his way, just as long as she could
play too. So she made a decision and stepped out of the darkness
and cleared her throat.

John was so lost in the act, that she needed to do it several
times before he realized she was there. When he did, he jumped
up and leapt away from the bed and stood panic stricken.
Kevin on the other had looked to Gina as if he was right on
the edge of cumming and was pissed she chose that moment
to step out

‘Poor Kevin, ’ thought Gina. ‘Don’t worry sweetie,
we’ll take care of you in a minute.’ But she just couldn’t
resist torturing them a few more minutes.

“Gina! What are-” stammered John.

“What am I doing here John?” said Gina trying to play
it cool, but she was having trouble walking because her legs felt all rubbery, “Well,
I found out about you and Kevin and tricked him into coming
here. I setup the video camera and I made him lie down, while
I tied him up. After, I told him I was going to fuck the shit
out of him and then go across the street and show the video
to Ashley.”

“Really?” asked John pathetically.

“Really. But I have something even more exciting to show
Ashley, now don’t I? I can show her just how much of a man
whore her husband really is. After all, why should I get
to have all the fun. Who knows, maybe it will turn her on as
much as it has me.”

Both Kevin and John’s head popped up to full attention
after she spoke.

“You’re what again?”

“I’m so fucking turned on right now John I’m not sure
I can make it to the bed without cumming all over myself.”


“Would you stop asking stupid questions and help me untie
Kevin so you two can fuck the shit out of me?” said Gina
desperately as she began fumbling with the ropes.

It took John all of two seconds to come to his senses and grab
the bonds and begin to untie Kevin, but before he could finish
he grabbed his wife and kissed her deeply. “I’m sorry.
I should have told you all this before.”

“You’re goddamned right you should have, but we’ll
talk about that later. For now, hurry up and untie him, ”
with that she finished untying Kevin’s right hand and
dove on his cock and swallowed it whole. Kevin desperately
removed the panties from his mouth and grabbed John’s
cock and dragged it into his mouth. Gina had her mouth wrapped around Kevin’s dick and her
right hand digging deeply into her pussy. John was just
laying back and soaking in his good fortunes.

What really amazed Gina, was just how natural all this felt.

It was like she’d been doing all of this for years and not
just ten seconds. Suddenly, and without warning, she tensed
up and came all over her fingers and groaned deeply. The
whole thing was just too much for her to handle and she desperately
needed the release. She was so turned on, that she reached
another first on this day of firsts; one orgasm just wasn’t

She took her mouth off Kevin’s cock and jumped up and placed
her pussy on it instead. Kevin groaned loudly with his mouth
full of cock, when he felt her slide on. She smiled to herself,
knowing that this is probably fulfilling more than a few
fantasies for him.

Once she steadied herself, she began to slowly raise and
lower herself on his cock. Whenever she hit the bottom,
she would grind her clit on his hairy pubic mound. She’d
never done that before, but it just felt so right she couldn’t
stop herself. In fact, in all her years of sexual experience,
as far back as she could remember, this was probably the
first time she was ever on top and she liked it!


John could not believe his eyes, his sweet innocent wife,
who wouldn’t let him see her naked for the first five years
of their marriage, was grinding her pussy on another man’s
cock like a whore and groaning in ecstasy! Not that he could
blame her, Kevin had a fantastic cock! It was really long
and big and veiny! Every time Kevin fucked him, John wished
he’d never stop.

But seeing his wife fucking his lover, while the same lover
was sucking his cock, proved just too much for poor John
and he grabbed the back of Kevin’s head began mouth fucking
him hard, as the spasms of his orgasm washed over his cock.

He honestly felt like the cum was literally coming from
his toes. He had never cum that hard before, at least not
that he could remember anyway. It was as if every cell in
his body, jerked themselves off to an orgasm at the exact
same moment! John could see that Kevin was trying to swallow
all his cum, but the magnitude of the orgasms was too much
for him and the cum began spilling out the corners of his
mouth and dripping down his chin.


When John grabbed the back of his head, Kevin knew from experience,
that John was just about ready to pop. They’d been fucking
each other for about seven years now and he knew all of John’s
tells. But this was the first time John had ever cum in his
mouth while a woman was fucking herself silly on his cock.

Normally, he’d sort of lose himself in the process of
sucking John off. There was just something so zen about
sucking dick, he wasn’t sure what it was. Maybe the constant
pumping and suckling and licking. Or maybe it was the texture
or the taste. It might have been the musky smell, he wasn’t

All he knew, was that when he was sucking cock, the rest of
the world faded away and all he cared about was making love
to it.

Now while he never figured out how John did that thing he
does, with that milking motion, he did have his own bag of
tricks he brought to the table. In fact, as it turns out,
John must have learned the that milking technique from
Gina, because the instant she plopped her mouth on his cock,
she did the exact same thing!

But it wasn’t the first time, he’d sucked a dick while
someone fucked his. In fact, it wasn’t even the first
time he and John had been with another person together.
After all, they found out about each other’s sexuality,
while at an all male orgy 7 years ago. Kevin’s first thought
when he saw John getting fucked in the ass at that hotel fuck
fest, was his worst nightmare had finally been realized.
He’d always been so careful about his sexuality, and
he’d insulated his world so completely, so he thought
he could never, ever get caught.

In fact, when he saw John, he was so prepared taken aback,
that he almost left before John saw him. In fact, he was halfway
to the door before he could get himself to calm down and think.
After a moment or so, he saw how much he was over reacting.
After all, this wasn’t like he was almost seen entering
a gay bar or something by friend or co-worker. John was in
there, getting his ass reamed out by a man neither one of
them had most likely ever met before.

So after a moment, rather than put the rest of his clothes
on and leave, he instead walked in the other room and walked
right up to John and put his cock in his mouth. John, at first,
did nothing but look up at Kevin’s face, with a look of
absolute horror in his eyes. Kevin just looked down at him,
smiled and winked.

Kevin saw the moment that the situation suddenly cleared
for poor John. That he was getting his ass fucked at an all
male orgy in a hotel room miles from home and Kevin was there
for the same thing he was.

That was the moment Kevin first felt the milking technique.

They fucked several times that night, before they ever
even said a word to each other. In fact, after they were both
spent and the orgy was breaking up, neither spoke. They
just got dressed and acted like they were going their separate
ways. Kevin smiled as he remembered, they actually checked
into another hotel and fucked all night.

But after that night, they didn’t talk to each other for
a year. They were both so freaked out that they had fucked
someone they knew, that they avoided all contact with each

It was Kevin who could take the silence no more. He had been
sitting in his office, staring out the window at John doing
yard work while masturbating, when he’d decided that
this had gone on long enough. He jumped up and marched across
the street. He found John in his shed. John turned and saw
him standing there panting and saw the tent pole in his pants.
Neither said a word, they just dove into each others bodies
and never looked back.

Kevin has fantasized about this moment a thousand times,
getting caught by Gina fucking her husband, and getting
to fuck them both, but he never thought it would actually
happen. Now Gina was actually fucking him. And she wasn’t
just fucking him, she was using his body as a fuck toy. He
could see she was delirious with pleasure and was lost to
everything but the sensations happening in her body. He
meanwhile, had never once, in all this time been distracted
from a cock that was in his mouth, till now.

Who could blame him though, all he could focus on, was his
first true love, fucking him into submission. He knew he
couldn’t last long, but when John grabbed his head and
signaled his intention of cumming, Kevin couldn’t hold
back any more. He grabbed Gina’s hips and began slamming
into her as fast as he could and he actually felt that the
orgasm start in his asshole. His tight hole, clenched and
when it did, shock waves of pure joy shot out in every direction.
His dick literally exploded inside Gina’s pussy and
he lost himself totally in the moment.

Which is why some of John’s cum slipped out of his mouth.


When Gina saw John grab Kevin’s head, she knew he was about
to cum, as he’d done that to her a thousand times. She was
so close herself, she decided to try and match him, so she
quickened her pace. And just like magic, Kevin gripped
her hips and began matching her thrusts and tripled the

When she felt Kevin tense up and she knew for sure, he was
filling her with cum, she lost it. She came harder than she’d
ever cum in her entire life. The strange thing about this
orgasm, was that normally, she’d have five to ten convulsions
of pure joy and then collapse into a heap.

But not this time.

No, the convulsions just kept coming, over and over again.
So much so, that she couldn’t help herself and for the
first time in her life, she started screaming out in pleasure!
It seemed like every little movement, and touch, caused
another wave of orgasms. All this lasted for several minutes,
instead of the normal few seconds she was used to.

Finally, everyone collapsed in heap on the bed, completely
spent. Which is exactly how Ashley found them.


Ashley had told Gina she’d swing buy on her way to the salon
so she could give Gina the chafing dish she’d borrowed
for the potluck she and Kevin went to last Saturday. She’d
been forgetting to drop it off every day this week and enough
was enough.

When she got there, she knocked but there was no answer,
which was weird because John’s car was in the driveway.
When she knocked the second time, the door creaked and swung
open a bit.

So she poked her head in and said, “Gina? John? It’s
Ashley. I have that chafing dish I borrowed. Sorry I haven’t
gotten it back to you till now. Hello?”

She shrugged and walked in and put the dish down on the table
and was about to walk out when she saw someone's clothes
on the floor in the hallway that lead to bedrooms. A wicked
grin swept over her face.

They must be doing it!

She started for the door and but stopped when she thought,
“I have always wondered what John looked like naked.”

In actuality, she knew she really was curious about Gina
too, and she definitely was getting really hot thinking
about watching them fuck, but her mischievous peeping
tom instinct wasn’t quite ready to acknowledge she was
bisexual yet. She slipped off her heels and snuck down the hallway. When
she rounded the corner and could clearly see into the bedroom
and saw the video camera at the foot of the bed, she had to
stifle her shock. She would never have thought Gina would
have allowed that kind of thing to go on. She was so prim and
proper. She had to admit, it was possible she had Gina pegged
all wrong. She was sort of hot before, hot enough to sneak
a peek, but now she was literally on fire.

She was really glad she decided to go commando this morning,
she loved to feel the wind blowing against her pussy when
she wore a skirt, so she rarely wore panties. She hiked up
her skirt as she tip toed and slid her right hand between
her legs and began rubbing her clit. The way she was feeling
at the moment, she might actually come before she ever saw
a thing.

When she got to the door her breathing was noticeably faster
and she was teetering on the edge of a huge orgasm. She wasn’t
sure what she wanted to see more, John naked or whatever
Gina was doing to him.

She took a breath and peaked around the corner, just a glimpse.

She saw Gina lying on the bed with John’s dick still in
her. The cum was literally dripping down his dick and collecting
on his balls.

Ashley instantly came.

She grabbed the wall to steady herself and had to bite her
lips to keep from screaming out. She hadn’t done this
sort of thing in years. Not since she saw all the video monitoring
systems go up around the neighborhood. Before that, she
was a regular peeping tom.

You see, Kevin barely looked at her anymore, so she’d
tell him she was going for a walk and he’d grunt acknowledgement.
Then she’d walk around their slab house neighborhood
and look for bedrooms with lights on.

Oh she knew she’d have gotten herself in serious trouble
if she had ever got caught, but she didn’t care. She just
couldn’t help herself. The risk is what made it so fucking

Though, that first time had been an accident.

She’d found her neighbor Ralf’s wallet on her walk
around the neighborhood and dropped by the house to drop
it off. The door was open and through the glass storm door
she saw Ralf being fucked in the ass by his strapon dildo
wearing wife in the living room. Ashley froze and took it
all in. Every grunt and groan and request for speed. She
dropped the wallet on the porch and slowly backed away.
When she got back to the sidewalk though, she stopped. Every
instinct told her to leave, but instead, she turned around.

No one was around. All the lights were off in the neighborhood.
It was ten O’clock on a Tuesday, everyone was fast asleep.

She turned back to the open door and the light. It was so tempting.
And without even acknowledging the decision, she slowly
walked back to the porch. Drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

That night she watched as she rimmed his ass, him suck the
dildo fresh from his hole, and paint his wife’s face with
his seed. Ashley had cum seven or eight times in the twenty
five minutes she had watched them fucking.

When she finally forced herself to walk away, she felt several

First of all, she felt relieved. She had not cum like that
in several years. But she also felt dirty. Oh so dirty. She
not only watched her neighbors fuck, but had masturbated
while squatting in their front porch the whole time. When
she got home she was sure the guilt was going to be so plain
on her face that Kevin would demand to know what she’d
been doing, but instead he was fast asleep.

So instead, Ashley went to their bedroom and laid down and
relived everything she just saw with her vibrator firmly
placed against her clit.

The next night, she was a woman on a mission and every night
thereafter. Some nights she got lucky. Most nights she struck out. But
she did see a threesome once, with Ralf, his wife and some
really hung guy. Watching Ralf suck that giant cock and
then get fucked by it, was the single hottest thing Ashley
had ever seen. She actually burned her clit she was rubbing
it so hard.

After that night, she learned her lesson and never left
home without bringing some lube.

Right now though, she didn’t need it. He pussying was
dripping wet. This was John and Gina! She’d dreamed about
this moment for years. They were like her unicorn or white
whale! Every time she’d snuck by they were either asleep
or the lights were out.

When the orgasm passed, Ashley steadied herself and then
stuck her head in for another look. This was gold to her and
she wanted to savor every second. That’s when she saw
the other body.

Holy shit! They’re having a threesome?

Ashley instantly had another orgasm and shuddered against
the wall, this time it was so strong she had to buck her hips
with it. Despite her best efforts, a few gasps of joy escaped
her lips.

When the waves finally subsided, she fell forward on her
hands and knees. That’s when she saw something funny.
She would have bet money that was Kevin’s deck shoe. She
looked down the hall and saw another one and then she walked
over to the jeans down the hall and fished for a wallet. She
pulled out one that looked like his and when she saw his license,
her hands were trembling. She raced back to the door, with
her dress still pulled over her waist and her pussy exposed
for any who cared to see.

She burst in and there was her husband, lying on his back,
with his cock still inside of Gina and his cum sliding down.
Next to him was John, naked as well, his cock resting on Kevin’s
cheek and his cum dribbling down Kevin’s chin.

Ashley didn’t have to think what to do next. She knew exactly
what this situation required.

She ripped off her clothes, first the blouse came off, then
her dress down over her hips, finally her bra was tossed
to the side as well. Then she crawled into the bed and licked
the trail of cum all the way up her husbands cock till she
reached Gina’s pussy. Then she pulled his cock out of
her and buried her mouth into Gina’s well lubed pussy.


Gina stirred from her slumber by the new sensation on her
cum filled cunt. She was first alerted when Kevin’s big
cock was pulled out of her, but this tonguing of her cum filled
twat was amazing. She had to hand it John, he was really going
at it. He never seemed all that interested in oral play before,
but he was sure enjoying it now. Then she opened her eyes,
and John like clock work, was sound asleep next to her. His
cock still resting on Kevin’s cheek.

Not thinking she raised herself quickly and saw Ashley
eating Kevin’s cum out of her.

“Oh my god Ashley! I’m so sorry, I can explain!”

“Explain to me later, lay back down so I can get the rest.”

Gina saw Ashley was naked and smiled.

“What are you grinning at home wrecker?”

“I have wanted to kiss you since the day we met. Get up here
and kiss me. I want to taste my pussy and Kevin’s cum on
those fucking sexy lips.”

Ashley look into Gina’s eyes and her breath stuck in her

Only at that moment, did it finally become clear just how
much she wanted to fuck Gina. That she had always wanted
to fuck Gina. That if Kevin left her tomorrow, she’d hope
he’d take John with him. So she could keep Gina all to herself.
She played the innocent card every time she went to sleep
after she made herself cum fantasizing about being in a
bed just like this with Gina. And that look that Gina was
giving her now. She has dreamt about that look so many times,
there is no way to keep track of them. That look of desire.
That look of knowing. Knowing that she wants Ashley every
bit as much as Ashley wants her. That the pretenses and the
lies and the ‘what will the neighbors think’ have all
been thrown the fuck out the window. Gina was going to fuck
Ashley and the very thought of it made Ashley want to cry.

Gina spun around like a cat and devoured Ashley’s lips
and the force of the kiss nearly knocked them both off the

Ashley was swept off her feet. The passion dwarfed every
emotion she had ever had. When their tongues met for the
first time, it was like they had been searching for each
other their entire existence. They so effortlessly entwined
with each other and Ashley wondered how she could have ever
kissed anyone differently before. The two women just melded
into each other on the California king sized bed.

Gina, at first, felt a thrill when she tasted her sex on Ashley’s
lips. But then she lost herself. They both did. It was like
they became one organism.

Gina slid her hand down to Ashley’s pussy, causing Ashley
to gasp into her mouth.

“Holy fuck Gina, I had no idea.”

“I know, right?”

“I want you so bad right now.”

“I know, me too.”

Gina then ground her pussy onto Ashley’s and when their
clits met for the first time, Ashley came.


Only, she didn’t scream and she didn’t cry out. For
the first time, every nerve fiber in her entire body lit
up and exploded in orgasm. All she could do was shudder and
mash her clit on Gina’s.

Gina was blown away by the intensity of Ashley’s orgasm.
She could feel her pussy twitching on her own. So she rotated
her hips and began to slowly grind her pussy against Ashley’s
and her every thrust seemed to launch Ashley into another
thundering orgasm.

After her fifth orgasm, Ashley was gasping for air and seeing
stars. It was just too intense and she was afraid she’d
die if she had another right then. So she pulled away and
lowered her mouth down to Gina’s pussy.

Gina was more than a little sad her plaything had gone away,
but when she felt Ashley’s voracious mouth plant itself
on her clit, the room began to spin. In all her excitement,
she didn’t realize just how close to cumming she was.
But suddenly she felt the unmistakable sensation well
up from her ass and explode out of her pussy. The waves came
so powerfully and unstoppably, that Gina was instantly
lost in them. They became her whole world. With each thunderous
explosion, the air was sucked into and out of her lungs in
a series of gasps. She had cum a million times in her life,
but she never came like that.

Not ever.

When the waves finally subsided, her whole body went limp.

Ashley kissed Gina’s clit one more time and climbed up
Gina’s body and lowered her mouth onto hers with every
ounce of love that was in her heart. Then she curled up next
to Gina wrapped herself up in her new lover’s body, as
she pulled them into the most exhilarating spooning sessions
ever. Gina took Ashley’s right hand that was draped over
her body into her left hand and brought it to her lips and
kissed it.

Gina was where she belonged now. She was going to fuck these
people for the rest of her life, if they let her. She suddenly
realized, she was going to fuck other people too.

After all, she’d always had a thing for Ralf and his wife.

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