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Getting fun blindfolded


We were spending the night with a few friends at home, some
freedom to sexually play, a few bottles of whisky and gin
while watching a porno movie, and then they left and we retired
to the bedroom, after some passionate foreplay we were
both naked and we decided that I should tie Maria to the bed.

First, I tied her face down, with a pillow under her hips
and I began massaging her shoulders, slowly working my
way down her back, after some brief rubs on her ass, I shifted
to her feet, and worked my way back up to her ass, as Maria
knew me so well, when I rubbed the insides of her thighs,
she spread her legs even more than she had to because of the
ties, so I got closer and closer to her pussy and I cleared
noticed when she began to get wet.

Anyway without touching her pussy, I shifted back to her
ass, and Maria really began to become turned on, with my
knees between her legs, I moved back to her shoulders, and
when my cock brushed her pussy, she shifted to try to get
it inside, but teasing her, I moved away, and after rubbing
her shoulders for a short time more, I untied her, turned
her over onto her back, and re tied her to the bed. [image] That time I started with her feet, I again worked my way back
up, coming close to, but not touching, both her pussy and
her breasts, I then blindfold her, so with her eyes covered,
she was able to concentrate much more on her feelings and
on the pleasure my hands were giving her, and then I began
rubbing her tits, but avoiding the nipples, I rubbed the
inside of her thighs, just brushing against her trimmed
pubic hair, but merely teasing her pussy, I moved back up
to her tits, and briefly palmed both nipples, but I abruptly
stopped, and got off the bed, Maria couldn't see me,
but I was just standing over the bed, watching her while
played with my cock.

Getting back on the bed, I continued the teasing, until
Maria was begging me to touch her, to fuck her, to let her
suck my cock, but I just kept teasing her, suddenly, when
I could feel her pussy was soaking wet I jabbed a finger into
her pussy, the pleasure she could feel was so intense that
she was almost ready to come, and when I just as quickly pulled
my finger out, and got off the bed again Maria begged to have
it back, to be fucked, anything to get her off.

While letting her cool off, I slipped out of the room, Maria
sensed I was gone, but she wasn't sure, she tried to
talk to me to see if I was there, but as I didn't answer
her so she still wasn't sure, she thought she might
have even heard me in the kitchen talking to someone, but
since we were alone, she thought that if she was right and
I was talking, it must have been on the phone, so as I come
back into the room, I once again joined her on the bed, continuing
the teasing, working her to a fever pitch, after a while,
she heard a noise and she panicked thinking someone was
home, I told her I would check, and leaving her still tied
and blindfolded, I left her on the bed and closed the door.

When I returned, Maria wanted to know what was going on,
if someone else was home, I told her no one was home, it was
just the dog of our neighbor, and without getting on the
bed I began to massage one nipple, and she started to relax
and slowly get turned on again, after a short time, she felt
a hand on the other nipple, Maria wasn't sure how I was
reaching her other side, and she was trying to be sure if
it was really my hand, but since she was still blindfolded,
she began to fantasize that there was another person there,
and she became even more turned on. [image2] The massage continued, now gripping her nipples tighter,
gently pinching and twisting, harder until Maria finally
came for the first time, but she begged for a cock inside
her and then she felt my hand begin to rub her pubic hair,
she was shocked, but a little excited, because there was
still a hand on each breast, so she knew that someone else
was there, but who? Another man or another woman?

Anyway Maria was turned on enough and the caresses felt
good enough too, so she just didn't want the good feelings
to stop, with two hands still on her tits, she began to feel
two hands playing with her clit and her pussy lips, and the
feelings were really exciting her, she was on the center
of attention but she still didn't know who else was
there, or the sex of the other person, or even there was more
than one person in the room, Maria didn't think so,
she could just feel four gentle hands on her, the thought
of being totally exposed to a stranger, naked, with her
legs tied wide open really got her excited, and the thought
of a stranger touching her, fondling her, and whatever
else was to happen made Maria come again from the sheer excitement
of the situation.

Her thoughts were broken as the hands on her tits were replaced
by two mouths on them, still, there were two hands teasing
her pussy, First one, then another finger slipped into
her pussy, and by the way they were moving, she knew that
the fingers belonged to two different persons, and between
them and the mouths on her tits, she had a terrific orgasm.

After she recovered from her orgasm, both hands slowly
left her pussy, and the mouths left her tits, so she was again
alone on the bed, no one touching her, and Maria really wanted
more, she asked for someone to please fuck her, and then
she felt someone's knees on the bed near her head, and
her mouth searched for the cock she knew was someone near,
a hand held her forehead still, while a cock teased around
her face, finally, it got to her lips, and as it brushed her
lips, she opened her mouth to take it in, she thought it was
my cock but she was no longer sure of anything, and, at that
point, she didn't care, she was finally getting some
cock, somewhere.

Suddenly, the cock pulled out of her mouth, and the person
got off the bed, Maria was again alone, and she wanted sex,
any kind of sex, then she felt someone kneeling between
her legs, and she knew she was at last going to get fucked,
someone took a cock, and rubbed it around her clit and her
pussy lips, the hell with that teasing, Maria wanted to
be fucked, and she pushed her hips towards the cock, leaning
over her, whoever was on the bed with her, shoved his whole
cock into her dripping wet pussy, all the way in with one
push. [image3] Maria had been waiting so long to be fucked, and was by then
so turned on with the situation of a stranger in the room
(someone she knew or a total stranger, she didn’t care)
that she came around that cock on that first push, after
she calmed down a little, that cock began to fuck her, and
it felt so damn good, Maria didn’t know if it was my cock
or not, and she really didn't care, in fact, she hoped
it wasn't my cock, she imagined that someone else was
fucking her, and I was standing by the bed playing with myself
while watching her get fucked.

Getting into it, she was beginning to climb to another orgasm
when the cock was suddenly withdrawn and she felt the person
between her legs get up, and someone getting between her
legs again, the same person, or the other one, Maria really
didn’t know, then she thought and if it was there more
than two men there?

No one was saying anything, and she was still not sure, she
didn't think I'd bring in more than one person,
but then she didn't think I'd even brought one,
suddenly, Maria felt a mouth on her pussy, and because of
the touch, the moves the tongue was making, the way that
person was eating her, she just knew it isn't me, after
too short a time, the mouth moved away, and she could feel
a person on the bed shifting, again she felt a cock rubbing
her pussy, and because of the oral sex she had just had, Maria
was sure it wasn't me, and at that moment, she wanted
that strange cock more than anything she'd ever wanted.

Slowly that cock began to ease into her pussy, and Maria
knew for sure it wasn't me because she could feel that
cock was obviously bigger than mine, so she already knew
that there was another man there, and she knew that I surely
was watching her and playing with myself while seeing that
big cock going into her, what gave Maria an incredibly turned
on, and made her determined to enjoy it and give me a good

But, as that cock went deeper into her, thoughts of her show
to me left as Maria became even more turned on, and really
began to enjoy that cock just for herself, before he could
even get all of that cock into her, she came again, and once
her pussy opened all the way to accommodate him, he began
to fuck her in earnest, Maria tried to lift her legs to take
that cock in even deeper, but they were still tied down,
since she couldn't move, and couldn't see, her
entire being was focused on that big cock slamming into
her pussy. [image4] Then Maria was distracted by feeling knees on the bed by
her head again, and then a cock rubbing her face, she knew
I wanted to put my cock into her mouth, but she turned her
head away, not wanting anything to take away from the feelings
in her pussy, taking the hint, she felt me leave the bed,
once again able to concentrate solely on that big cock,
she came again, and as she did, he stopped pumping into her,
Maria didn't think he had come, and she wanted more,
she wanted to make that stranger come as he had made her come.

As she began to calm from her orgasm, he slowly pulled out
of her, Maria was frantic, she felt empty, and she wanted
that cock back, then, she felt one of her hands being untied,
and then retied on the other side of the bed, then, one leg
was also moved, leaving her on her side, with both hands
and both legs tied to one side of the bed, then, the hands
started moving her over, and she realized we wanted her
on her stomach, with her cooperation, her hand and leg that
hadn't yet been moved were switched, and she became
tied again, spread eagled on her stomach.

Almost immediately Maria felt hands all over her back,
her legs, her ass, she began raising her hips, inviting
that big cock to fuck her again, then, she felt someone lie
down next to her, and begin trying to slip under her, hoping
it was the guy with the big cock, she lifted up as best she
could, and allowed whoever it was to get fully under her,
Maria felt a hand spreading her pussy lips, and then the
head of a cock pressing her, and as his cock went back into
her, she was relieved and thrilled to feel that it was the
guy with the big cock, and even more turned on knowing that
it was me that opened her pussy for another cock to penetrate
her, so I had obviously been right up close to her pussy,
feeding it that big cock, smelling her juices.

Then, she felt me getting between her legs, and she figured
out what I was going to do when I began to rub her ass, and in
a couple of seconds she felt my cock enter her ass, and she
relaxed around it, slowly, ever so slowly, our two cocks
began to fuck her, my cock in her ass, and that big cock slowly
fucking her pussy, both cocks were deep inside her fucking
faster and faster, and Maria came again, before either
he or I did it, finally, he buried his cock all the way inside
her, and she could feel him coming deep inside her pussy,
and as I felt his cock pulsing into her I knew that he was coming
and I too exploded inside her ass, and Maria, feeling both
of us coming, had a crashing orgasm. [image5] As both cocks began to soften, she felt mine leave her ass,
and then his leave her pussy, Maria could feel sperm running
down her ass, and a huge amount dripping out of her pussy,
as the other guy slid out from beneath her, she wondered
what would come next, both of us got off the bed, and she was
waiting with anticipation, she was getting sore, but she
was ready to be fucked again and again.

In the distance, Maria heard a door open, and then close
again, so she knew the other man left, then she heard the
water running in the bathroom, she heard me enter the room
and untied her and removed her blindfold, and she saw that
we were really alone, and that I'd washed my cock, and
it was again hard and ready for her, no more foreplay and
I immediately started fuck her sopping pussy, she wanted
to know who the other guy was, but I didn't told her,
and as she felt me coming again she had a last small orgasm.

We lay on the bed side by side, Maria still wanted to know
who fucked her, but I didn’t told her, I just told her that
it was someone handsome, discreet, someone we could trust
with safe sex, she wanted to at least know if it was someone
she knew, so that she'd know to be embarrassed if she
saw him, or even arrange some other liaisons, since I'd
let him fuck her once, but I laughed and didn't told
her, feeling she couldn’t make me change the idea she
just kissed me good night and before felt asleep she told
me giggling “I can’t wait next time you tied and blindfolded
me again.”

It didn’t take too long, one early evening we were sitting
at the kitchen table drinking a coffee and Maria started
teasing me about that, so I just stood up and said laughing
“Right now! I go to tie you naked to the kitchen table and
fuck you!”

Maria laughed too and stood up, I stripped her naked and
blindfolded her, then I bent her forward across the table,
spread her legs wide and tied each ankle to a table leg, so
she was laying across the table with her arms either side
of her head and her hands clutching the far edge of the table,
then I put rope around her wrists and tied the ends of the
rope to the table legs on the far side, Maria almost got an
orgasm just to be trussed up like that, she found it to be
quite exciting, especially with her legs pulled wide open,
so she could feel her pussy lips being stretched open as
well and that was causing her juices to flow, I gave her a
quick fuck and she quite enjoyed it and she was really thrilled
by it. [image6] But as we finished we heard some yells and whistles, we looked
surprised and we noticed we had the kitchen door opened,
it was a glass door that open to a yard, and just in face was
a neighbor’s house being repaired and a few workers were
watching us, that house was empty for a couple of years and
we knew someone had bought the house, so, most probably
they were making the house ready for the new owners, we looked
at each other and burst in laugh as most probably they had
watched us all the time, it was the middle of the evening
and eventually it was their break to lunch, I smiled and
waved to them and Maria blew them a kiss, then I closed the
door and finished the show.

The following week every time Maria went to the yard she
got a few whistles and malicious comments from the construction
workers on that house, every time that happened she smiled,
waved, and blew a kiss to them what always made them laugh,
Saturday morning I told her that I wanted to repeat the action,
Maria laughed and asked “don't you think it's
a bit early in the day?”

I didn’t answered, I just started striping her out of
her clothes, tied her as before, including the blindfold,
then I and just started fucking her, then my phone rang,
it was Alicia our neighbor from over the road scared, her
husband Ben was trapped under a tree he was cutting, he was
not hurt but couldn't get out from under the tree, and
they needed help to hold the tree so he could get out from
under it, I just said that I would go over and help, then I
said to Maria "I won’t be long."

Maria was starting to ask me to untie her while waiting for
me, and I giggled and added while went off. “No way, I'll
only be a few minutes and I want you ready for me as I went back!”

So Maria was laying there, her mind thinking in anticipation
for my return, when a thought occurred to her, that her bottom
was facing the door to the yard, she was sure she didn’t
closed the door and it was half opened, so if any construction
worker from the neighbor’s house looked through the
glass door, he would see right up her, that idea started
to turn Maria on and she was feeling quite aroused when she
thought that she heard a squeak, then another, then another,
then it stopped.

Maria thought she heard the door to the yard open but she
wasn't sure, then she felt hands on her hips and something
rubbing across her pussy lips, she thought maybe I was already
ready with my help and had come in the back way and was continuing
where I had left off, Maria was really enjoying as the cock
started to push its way between her pussy lips and went deeper
inside her pussy, in, out, in, out, gently fucking her deeper
with each stroke, then faster and faster, Maria almost
jumped as she reached her climax while the cock shot it's
hot spunk into her, her climax kicked into action as she
got a wild orgasm.

It was lovely, Maria had never be fucked so delightfully
before, she said, but there was no reply, only the sound
of the kitchen door opening and closing, she couldn't
understand what I was up to but she just lay there revealing
the afterglow of a good fucking, then Maria heard the door
again, then hands on her hips, a cock entering her pussy
but that time it was a fast and furious fuck until shot it's
hot spunk into her, then withdrew and another set of hands,
another cock entering her sloppy pussy and Maria yelled
“What was going on here?” [image7] Maria got no answer and she started thinking who were these
people and what was I up to, she thought it would be one more
of my crazy surprises, so she just decided to follow the
flow and take advantage on the cocks fucking her, then as
the cock inside her shot its spunk into her pussy, a new cock
pushed its way into her, then another and another and another
while some laughs echoed through the kitchen.

And then Maria could feel the walls of her pussy being stretched
wider and wider as a very thick cock, pushed its way into
her pussy, she had never felt so full before, she just relaxed
and enjoyed the sensation of being used and stretched by
several strangers cock, she climaxed for several times
before that huge cock shot it's hot spunk inside of
her, then it withdrew and Maria heard the door, then quiet.

Maria must have been there for another 15 minutes when I
returned full of apologies for being so long, I untied her
and straightened her up, saying that she must be stiff being
left tied in that position for so long, as I made no mention
of anyone else being there, and if it wasn’t me who had
arranged it, Maria thought, and then she said she was feeling
stiff and would go and have a hot bath to relax.

It was as Maria lay relaxing in the bath that she heard the
same type of laughs that she had heard while being gang banged,
it was the construction workers from the neighbor’s
house, of course, it's Saturday morning and they just
worked until 12:00, so they were leaving the work.

The week went normal, with Maria and I working and being
home just on the evening, time enough to Maria get some more
whistles, but she was decided to know if that fuck session
was something arranged by me, or unexpected fuck session
with the construction workers from the neighbor’s house.

The week after, just before 10am on Saturday morning, I
was going to fish with my friend Ben as I usually did on Saturdays
and Maria was alone in the house, so she went to the kitchen,
half opened the glass door to the yard and tied rope around
the table legs, put on a blindfold and lay across the table
as before, she just wrapped the ropes around her wrists
and held the ends in her hands and waited.

And waited.

After around 15 minutes waiting she heard the glass door,
then she felt hands all over her body and then a cock entering
her, as before several cocks fucked her, that time a few
of them fucked her mouth too, emptying their spunk into
her eager pussy and throat, she counted 10 cocks fucking
her, but Maria never knew if it was 10 men or just some of them
having 2 goes at her pussy, and during several weeks, every
Saturday morning Maria just put on her blindfold, she didn’t
use the rope anymore as she like to grab and stroke their
cocks, and lay over the kitchen table and wait to be gang
banged. [image8] And then on Saturday morning Maria made the same ritual,
but nothing happens, full of curiosity she walked naked
on the yard to check the neighbor’s house and it was no
sign of the construction workers, they had just finished
their job and left, needless to say she was really frustrated
but as the weather was beautiful Maria decided to sunning
herself at the yard, so she picked up a drink, the sun gel
and a towel, and still naked, she lay on a sun chair enjoying
the sun.

After a few time there and as it was too warm, Maria decided
to head back to the house and as she started gathering together
her things she noticed two young guys in their twenties
and something playing with a ball on the yard of the renovated
house, they were shirt-less to let the sun help tan their
young strong bodies and watching them more attentive,
Maria realized that they looked like twins.

Maria just wrapped the towel around her and stood there
watching the guys, she couldn't take her eyes out of
the two young men as they run and jumped as they played, and
she began thinking how unfair it was that they were exerting
all that energy with a ball when they could be pleasing some
hot and hungry woman like her.

Maria stayed there looking at the young men for a few minutes,
one of them moved closer to where she was standing, watching
and soon they were exchanging, shy but seductive glances,
a few more minutes of watching them playing and Maria closed
her eyes, she could see them, their young hard bodies, their
faces, their eyes, and she could imagine their cocks hard
and erected, the quickly dream was over and when Maria opened
her eyes, she found both guys standing in front of her and
smiling, she blushed by have been caught on that situation
and just grinned back.

They introduced themselves as Sam and Alan and she stuck
again by their identical appearance, after a few minutes
of talk Maria found out that they were not related and they
had just moved in and didn't know anyone yet on the neighborhood,
she told not to worry about that because for sure the women
of neighborhood would soon be knock on their door as cute
as they were, and even some of the men, they bought laugh
at her statement, and then they invited Maria back to their
house for a drink, she just wrapped better the towel around
her body and gladly agreed, so they escorted her through
her house.

Their house was lavishly decorated with a lot of art in a
room, much of it sexual in nature and Maria began to wonder
it they were gay, but then they sat close to her touching
her legs, or arm, or shoulder, with their eyes staring at
her, at her breasts, at her ass, and at her crotch, so her
doubts were quickly put to rest, they talked and laughed,
soon they were talking about sex, as they continued their

After a little while, there was so much sexual tension in
the air that, when Sam finally got around to suggesting
they all go into the bedroom, they ran, it was a really big
bedroom and inside it had two king-sized beds pushed together,
it was strange but at that point Maria didn't care,
Sam came up behind her and helped her unwrapped her towel,
after removing it, he fondled her breasts, then turn Maria
around and slipped his tongue deep inside her mouth, as
she was lost in a deep kiss with Sam and him caressing her
breasts, she felt Alan massaging the cheeks of her ass and
kissed her lower back, then Alan spread her ass cheeks and
his tongue circle her ass hole, needless to say that soon
Maria was moaning and having an intense orgasm. [image9] As Maria recovered for her orgasm she repositioned herself
on their bed, and they kneeling on each side of her so she
could take turns suck both of them, Sam's cock was large
and circumcised, Alan's was smaller and uncircumcised,
both of their cocks were already hard and rigid enough and
Maria wanted them both, at first she had difficulty taking
Sam's cock and his large crown in her mouth and as she
got it all inside she withdraw to Alan’s cock it was a little
harder with his cock as his velvet foreskin had to be gently
forced back with her fingers before she could tongue it
the special way she wanted, Maria tried to suck both cocks
at the same time, but she was unsuccessful, since one alone
was more than a mouthful for her, so instead, she rubbed
their swollen crowns together and licked for everything
she was worth.

As the two guys held their cocks for her hungry mouth, Maria’s
hands tickled and rubbed their heavy ball sacs, then her
hands slide beneath their dangling balls and to their ass
holes and she edged a finger all the way in to each of them,
they both moaned with her intrusion and as Maria played
with them they played with her, stroking, pinching, twisting,
pulling on her nipples and fingering fuck her pussy.

Their combined moans become loud and get even louder as
she responded to their strong fingers and hands on her nipples
and pussy, and as they too responded to every action of her
busy tongue and mouth on their cocks and her pumping fingers
on their ass holes, within a few more minutes of that game
and several jets of hot white, sticky cum came spurting
out of their throbbing cocks, covering Maria’s breasts,
and once their orgasm ended she sucked their cocks into
her mouth one at a time to get the last of their tasty cum.

Maria then was surprised when they both laid down next to
her and began to lick the cum from her heaving breasts, their
tongues never missed a drop as the lapped their cream of
her body, and the feel of their tongues and their hot mouths
on her still super sensitive breasts, plus their roaming
hands traveling up and down her body, it was too much for
Maria, her pussy felt like it was on fire, her need to have
a hard cock inside was growing beyond her control, so she
grabbed them by the hair and pulled their faces away from
her breasts, Maria kissed one then the other hard and deep,
letting her tongue dance inside their hot mouths, after
she finished kissing both of them she growled that she needed
their cocks inside her straight away.

Maria was still wondering about their really sexuality,
the way they reacted to the anal intrusion of her fingers
on their ass holes and the way as they jumped to lick their
own cum out of her breasts was still intriguing her, but
she decided don’t care about that, even because it only
took a few seconds to their cocks get hard again and presented
to her, both waiting to see who she would choose first, Maria
already decided to take the control and direct the traffic,
she didn't think she could wait any more and already
decided she had to have them both at the same time, Sam on
the bottom and Alan behind her.

For Maria she has to feel comfortable with a guy to have anal
sex, she love guys who take it slow and build it, and she had
a feeling that Alan and Sam knew how to fuck someone in the
ass, but she wasn't about to let Sam shove his big cock
into her ass, his cock head alone would stretch her ass hole
more than her wild desire would allow.

Maria told Alan to relax and watch the show as she squatted
over Sam, Alan agreed and joked that he could see her juices
dripping from her pussy hole as she spread her wet lips and
lower herself onto Sam's cock, then his large cock
head spread her hole and she groaned and shook slightly,
but Maria’s need was so big that she just dropped down
and her pussy engulfed Sam's entire cock in one fast
stroke, both gasped and he could feel her hot juices leaking
out on to his balls as she just had a new orgasm, just by taking
his big cock inside her.

Maria laid forward on Sam and whispered something in his
ear, Sam did as she asked and spread her cheeks for Alan's
cock, he was quick to join them and she could feel she was
right about Alan, he was slow to enter her ass hole, letting
Maria get comfortable with him as he shoved his way deeper
inside, and Sam moaned into her breasts that he could feel
Alan's cock entering her ass, they paced her strokes
on her both holes and Maria was moaning loudly almost in
ecstasy, soon she begged for Alan to pump her ass deep and
wild, Sam couldn't really move but the look on his face
told Alan and Maria that he lay there all day with her pussy
wrapped around his cock and enjoy the feeling of Alan's
cock stroking in and out of her ass, letting her orgasms
pour out of her, her hot juices running down over his cock
and balls, soaking the bed beneath his ass. [image10] Then something happened that Maria was not expecting,
Alan took a long stroke back and his cock popped out of her
ass and when he thrust forward his cock slipped down, just
a little, and with a quick but hard stroke he penetrated
her pussy hole, all the three gasped as one, that wasn’t
the first time for Maria but it have been a few time she hadn’t
been full on that way, Sam's cock was big and fill her
pussy but with Alan's cock too inside her pussy Maria
was sent to heaven, she was lost in ecstasy and just whimpered
to them to fuck her deep hard and wild, and some how they got
in a rhythm and they were thrusting as one.

It felt as their cocks were splitting her pussy hole, throbbing
ready to cum deep inside her, Maria laid there moaning as
orgasm after orgasm spasm out of her pussy and up her spine,
she was lost in a sea of pleasure and lust, then Maria yelled
loudly in pure ecstasy as Sam began filling her pussy with
several spurts of his hot load, then as his throbbing member
set off, Alan too started shooting his hot load inside her
soaked slippery pussy, and as he finished they pulled free
of her pussy and they all collapsed on the bed.

As Maria recovered she stood up, took back her towel and
as she turned to the guys to thanked them and say that she
was going home to take a shower, she stopped there speechless
watching them as they both moved into a 69 to suck their cum-covered
cocks clean.

Maria smiled, she was almost right all the time they were
not gay but bi-sexual actives, then she left the room without
disturbing them and burst in laugh while thought “what
a way to make some new friends”.

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