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Getting a Job as a Life Guard


I had wanted to be a lifeguard for as long as I could remember.
I had been swimming since I was a young child and always enjoyed
it, was pretty good too winning many competition events
in the junior categories. However my desire to get into
this line of work increased significantly when puberty
happened and I started to notice the girls I was swimming
with, in particular the wonderful changes that were happening
to their chests. I quickly discovered I was a tit man and
ended up spending most of my free time in the pool swimming
up and down, improving my technique but also gazing at the
girls and young women in the pool with their tight bathing
suits and bikinis. I couldn't wait to loose my virginity
to one of the girls, but I was pretty shy and couldn't
build up the nerve to talk to them. Still, I found that on
most days some busty young lady would decide on a swim. I
could get a good look at her heaving chest crammed into some
sort of flimsy lycra swimwear, before going home to masturbate
over the mental image of her. Either in my bed that night,
or if she was really hot, in the changing rooms as soon as
I left the pool. I usually wore loose boxer type swimming
shorts to hide the frequent erections I got while in the
pool, and developed a good method of looking at the girls
through my tinted goggles without them noticing. With
all this time in the pool I soon got my lifeguard's qualifications
and after leaving school started looking for work in this

After getting back from a weeks holiday with my mates I was
looking through the job advertisements when I saw an advert
for a lifeguard in a pool 50miles away, which I hadn't
been to before. The travelling would be a bit of a pain, but
I felt it would be worth it to do the job I loved. I phoned the
number given in the advert and a lady answered.

"I am phoning about the lifeguard's job."
I said and briefly went through my qualifications.

"Well you sound like just what we are looking for, "
she said. Her voice was young sounding and had a playful
seductive tone, which made me wonder what she looked like.
She certainly sounded pretty sexy.

"I am Nicole, the head lifeguard, " she said
"If you come down tomorrow after work I will give you
an interview. Is 10pm too late as we shut at 9.30pm."

"No bother at all will I need to bring anything?"
I said excitedly keen to show my interest.

"No we will provide all the swimwear and equipment
you need, see you then, " she said and hung up.

The next day I travelled to the pool early. I had something
to eat and arrived at the front door around 9.30pm. A woman
was at the desk, but she looked about 60 and I very much doubted
she was Nicole.

"We are just shutting son, " she said.

"I am here for the interview for the lifeguard job, "
I replied "I have to see Nicole for an interview."

"Ah yes, have a seat she will be with you soon, "
the woman replied.

After 10 minutes the last of the late night swimmers had
left. The woman as the desk got her jacket and walked to the

"Nicole will be with you soon son, I am just going to
lock up now. She will let you out." Then she left, locking
the door behind her.

I sat alone for a few minutes, my stomach churning with nerves.
Then I heard a door open down the hall.

"Hello, are you here for the lifeguard job?"
A female voice said.

"Yes" I replied, quickly, jumping to my feet.

"Just come through. I am finishing cleaning up, "
she replied.

It was the same voice as on the phone so I was sure this was
Nicole. Her voice sounded even sexier in real life, but
as I moved to catch a glimpse of her the door slammed shut.
I walked over and pushed the door open to enter the poolside
area. I looked out across the water to the far side of the
pool but couldn't see her anywhere. Then I heard a rustle
behind me and spun around.

"Well we have a young one here, " I heard as I
finally got a look at the elusive Nicole.

And what a look it was. She looked about 25 years old and stood
about 5 feet 3, with a slim build and thick, brunette, shoulder
length hair. Her face was very pretty in an innocent way
with pale skin and bright blue eyes. She was dressed in a
short white skirt and white T-shirt with the logo of the
pool on the front, and had sandals on her feet. Her bare legs
looked very shapely under the skirt. However what made
my eyes bulge out of their sockets on stalks was her chest.

I had seen many busty girls in the swimming pool and in the
big boob porn that I frequently bought, but nothing quite
like this girl. Her chest was truly massive and her titanic
melons pressed hard up against her T-shirt. The garment
was obviously a little small for her, as I assumed most tops
would probably be. I couldn't help but stare for a second
till I came to my senses and forced myself to look her in the
eye remembering I had come here for a job, and didn't
want to upset her by ogling her chest when I had just met her.
She gave a sly smile just to let me know she had seen my reaction
(she was probably used to it) and held out her hand for me
to shake.

"Pleased to meet you. I am Nicole, "

she said in a friendly voice. Her hand was warm and soft just
as I imagined her tits…. I forced myself to stop thinking
that way and to concentrate on what she was saying.

"Your qualifications are impressive for someone
so young, " she continued. "I was expecting
an older man."

"I hope that won't be a problem, " I said,
with obvious disappointment in my voice.

"Oh no, " she smiled "But I will have to
do a few more things in the interview just to check you are
up to the task. First things first. I want you to get changed
into the uniform so I can check you are presentable enough,
this should fit you."

She handed me a pile of clothes

"The male changing rooms are over there."

I took the uniform from her and quickly walked to the changing
room. Once out of sight I breathed a sigh of relief. My lust
for this woman was in danger of ruining my chances here,
I would have to try and calm down. I quickly stripped off
my clothes and when I removed my boxers I saw I already had
a partial erection, despite my best efforts. For a split
second I though about jerking myself off over the mental
image of her even fully clothed body then and there in the
cubicle. However I realised that if I made any noise and
she caught me it would be very embarrassing and I would definitely
not get the job. I cursed the fact that I had not masturbated
for about a week as I had been in a room with three of my mates
on holiday and didn't have any privacy. My balls seemed
packed full of sperm and I was in a very horny mood anyway,
but the delectable Nicole made things even harder. Literally.
Things looked even worse when I examined the uniform. The
T- shirt and shorts were both white, with the same logo as
her uniform, but the swimwear was something else. Instead
of the baggy shorts I normally wore she had given me a pair
of very brief Lycra hipster speedos which looked 2 or 3 sizes
too small for me. I pulled them up but found real problems
squeezing my thick cock and balls into the tight Lycra pouch,
and the back barely covered my buttocks. I carefully placed
my penis facing down between my balls as I knew if I had it
up against my stomach the blood would be able to flow more
easily into it, making it more difficult to control. Even
soft I was struggling to fit in, but with an erection I doubted
the brief garment could contain me. Even a partial hard
on would be immediately obvious to her. Still, I told myself,
perhaps I won't have to take the T-shirt and shorts
off, then there won't be a problem. I quickly pulled
on the T-shirt and shorts, and taking a deep breath stepped
back out poolside…

…And almost fainted with lust. She was down on her hands
and knees with her back to me adjusting the water recirculation
controls at the side of the pool and with her ass in the air
I could see up her short skirt. Her thighs were gorgeous
with just the right amount of meat on them and I could just
catch a glimpse of her creamy white buttocks under the skirt,
with what looked to be a very brief high cut red bathing suit
running between them covering her pussy. I felt myself
become involuntarily hard but thankfully she got up as
soon as she heard me come in, and I managed to get control
of myself before she noticed me staring.

"That uniform looks good on you, " she said
with a smile.

She walked slowly towards me with a very sexy wiggle of her
hips, and with every step her massive rack jumped up and
down several inches under her T-shirt, suggesting very
little support for those glorious melons from the bathing
suit I now knew wore underneath. If she ever needed to run
I imagined they would jump up and hit her in the face! She
beckoned me to sit.

"Might as well get the boring part out of the way first, "
she said and proceeded to question me in some detail on the
safety aspects of the pool.

This increased my respect for her dramatically, she seemed
to know as much about swimming pools as I did and obviously
took her job seriously. After about 20 minutes of this she
looked up and smiled that gorgeous smile of hers.

"Well, I am very impressed with your theoretical
knowledge. Well up the standard we need. Now we need to check
your practical ability. If you just take off your shorts
and T-shirt we will get you in the pool."

On hearing that I almost had a seizure. Without the protection
of the shorts my cock would be on display in the flimsy lycra
trunks, and I was having difficulty controlling it as it
was in the presence of this goddess. Still there was no other
option if I wanted the job, and the though of working with
this woman everyday made me want it even more. I tentatively
removed the T-shirt and shorts under her watchful gaze
while at the same time willing my cock to stay soft for all
I was worth.

"Hmm, " she said appreciatively as the shorts
fell to the ground "You certainly look fit enough."

Her gaze dropped to my groin and she stared openly at the
bulge my cock and balls made in the tight lycra even when
I was soft. I know knew what it was like for girls in strip
clubs having their bodies openly ogled, and to be honest
in any other circumstance I would have enjoyed it, but in
a job interview with a beautiful woman it just made me feel
horrible exposed.

"Will I get in the water now?" I said quickly,
eager to get way from her gaze.

"Yes in you get, " she said. I walked to the steps
quickly and stepped down into the pool.

Once in the water I turned round and swam to the edge of the
pool for my instructions. She came over to the side and bent
down to talk to me. At this point I became very glad I was in
the pool. As she bent over the front of her T-shirt dropped
open giving me a glimpse of the most impressive cleavage
I had ever seen in my life crammed into a tight, low cut, red
lycra one piece swimsuit. I immediately felt my cock start
to harden in my own tight (and now wet!) swimsuit. Thankfully
she couldn't see this in the water, but I knew if I got
even half erect my 7 inch penis would probably burst out
of its flimsy prison, so I forced myself to look her in the
eye as she spoke.

"Could you do 10 lengths front crawl as fast as you

I then pounded up and down the pool for 10 lengths as she watched
my technique and turns. She seemed happy with this.

"OK how about 10 lengths backstroke?"

Again I did this quickly and she seemed happy enough.

"Now for what I am sure is your favourite, the breast
stroke, " She said emphasising the "breast".

I wondered if she had noticed me looking at her chest. Still,
her tone of voice was playful and she didn't seem upset
at all, so I assumed I was still OK. After another 10 lengths
of the breaststroke she motioned me over to the side.

"Very good again, " she said "Now I need
you to help me with the water cannon. The pump has been playing
up and you will need to learn how to fix that type of thing
If you are going to work here."

I pulled myself out of the water, checking my trunks were
still in place before I got out. Nicole gave me a quick glance,
her eyes lingering on my now soaking wet crotch, before
gesturing to an array of valves at the side of the pool. "See
the valve to the right, turn that please" she said,
turning to the water cannon and adjusting the nossle. I
walked up to the valve and turned it. I then heard a shriek
and turned to see the water cannon spewing out a deluge of
water, soaking Nicole who was still standing in front of

Oh no I thought, what have I done. I quickly turned off the
valve and ran over to her. By now her hair, T-shirt and skirt
were soaking wet.

"I didn't mean for you to turn it on right away.
you have got me all wet, " she said, not sounding particularly
annoyed "Look at this."

Then she arched her back, thrusting her chest out and causing
her now soaked T-shirt to cling tightly to her swimsuit
encased tits.

"Might as well take these off no. I am soaked through, "
she said. Without any further words she reached down to
her waist and quickly stripped off the sopping T-shirt,
before dropping her skirt to the floor.

I gasped involuntarily as I got my first proper look at her
body. The muscles of her arms and legs were very well toned,
probably from all her swimming. I had known her chest was
big, but without the T-shirt it looked even larger. Her
red swimsuit that I had glimpsed before was again far too
small for her and the tight lycra fabric was stretched to
its limits around her gigantic chest, while pinched tight
against her surprisingly slim waist. The front dipped
very low and gave and good view of the most impressive cleavage
I had seen on any woman before. Also, unlike most of the busty
women who I had ogled at in the pool, the skimpy swimsuit
had no separate underwired cups to support her massive
bosom. This put a tremendous strain on the thin straps over
her shoulders, which looked like they could burst any second.
As I gazed across the huge expanse of chest I noticed the
swimsuit was pulled tight against her nipples, and I was
sure I could see the impression of them in the thin red fabric.
The bottom of the suit was very high cut with little more
than a thong over her backside, and it was immediately obvious
that she shaved down there. It was so tight I was sure I could
see the cleft of her pussy where the garment ran between
her legs. She got up and moved to the side of the pool, with
every step her tits bounced up and down and, unsupported
by any other means, put even more strain on the thin shoulder
straps holding her in. She must have felt this, as she reached
up and cupped her huge chest with both hands forcing acres
of her creamy white boob meat up and out the sides of the suit,
but taking the strain off the straps.

"I really need to get a swimsuit that fits me better, "
she said "With a figure like mine I need a lot more support
up top then this gives me. It gets rather uncomfortable
walking and I have already burst the straps of a couple of
these suits already. Still it is the uniform and the boss
won't pay for me to get one specially made to my size.
You may find the same problem with yours by the way."

She was right. I had been managing to control my cock up to
this point, but the sight of her in that swimsuit was just
too much. I felt my cock start to swell uncontrollably,
straining the tight confines of my own suit. My cock was
still facing down the way between my balls but was trying
to raise up creating a large bulge in the front. For a second
I was sure I would burst right out, but managed to keep myself
stable at about half of a full erection. Still there was
absolutely no way she could miss the large bulge and when
I looked back over at her she was gazing directly at it.

"Don't worry about getting me wet, " she
said in a sexy voice "I was wanting to get into the water
anyway. Why don't you join me in the pool."

For a second I wondered what she meant by "getting
me wet" and looked at her groin, sure enough the swimsuit
did look a little damp there, and I didn't think the
water cannon had got her on that part of her anatomy!

She slid herself into the water slowly arching her back
as she went which I found very sexy. Her suit seemed to cling
to her voluptuous curves even more when wet. From above
her on the poolside I could see right down the top of the suit
giving me an even better view of her mind boggling cleavage
pushed up by both the swimsuit and now the buoyancy of the

"That is better, " she said with a satisfied
tone as she hit the water "There is much less strain
on my swimsuit in here, I suffer a lot of back and shoulder
muscle strains, but in the water I am so much more comfortable.
That is one of the reasons I enjoy swimming so much."

My cock starting twitching again as she said that, and I
quickly jumped in myself before she noticed me growing
even larger in the tight trunks. We swam up and down for several
lengths, she was an excellent swimmer and kept up with me
no problem. I was better able to control my erection in the
water as most of her body was hidden from me, and was able
to carry out a good conversation with her. I learned that
she was 24, not married, and had never even had a serious

"A lot of boys are put off by the way I look, "
she said "I am certainly not a classical beauty. Also
I spend so much time in here working I don't have much
time to meet anyone."

I was staggered to hear how low her self esteem was regarding
her body, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen!

"Well it is their loss, " I said tentatively,
not wanting to offend her "I am sure you will meet someone
who appreciates you soon."

"Oh I am sure of that was well, " she said smiling
and I felt a warm glow all over.

After 50 lengths we decided to call it a night. I jumped out
of the pool and turned back towards her. She swam up to the
side and put both hands on the pool edge, pushing down hard
to propel herself out of the water. Then it happened. As
her chest left the water all the weight of those magnificent
melons was once again supported by the flimsy straps of
her bathing suit, and with the extra force of her arms pushing
her up the strain was magnified. Just as she was halfway
out of the water the left strap could take no more of this
punishment and spectacularly burst. She must have felt
this happen and reached across to catch the top of the suit
before it fell. However this put the entire weight of her
bosom on the right strap which had no chance and also burst.
In danger of falling back into the water she put both hands
down to steady herself which meant there was nothing holding
the top of her suit up and it quickly slithered down to her
navel as she tried to stand up.

"Oh dear there goes another one, " she said
quietly, her face going red with embarrassment.

I gasped out loud at the sight before my eyes. Her naked tits
were magnificent. The bulging shape of her bare chest made
it obvious she was 100% natural. The mountains of soft,
flawless, creamy white flesh sagged slightly under their
sheer weight now they were completely unsupported, but
far from finding this unattractive, I loved it. Indeed
she was amazingly firm considering her sheer size. Her
areolas were very large with a dusky brown colour, and long
hard erect nipples that I would have given anything to suck

For a good 10 seconds I stood there looking at her with my
jaw on the floor. She made an attempt to pull the top of the
swimsuit back up, but there was no way she was going to cram
all that bulging tit meat back into the now overstretched
and ruined top. She settled for supporting her titanic
boobs with her arms, as if presenting them for my enjoyment.
Then I realised that she was looking directly at my groin.
With a gasp I realised that she was not the only one having
problems with her swimwear. The sight of her naked chest
had been too much for my already half aroused cock. I felt
myself begin to swell up to my full 7 inches and this time
there was nothing I could do. Despite the fact it was crammed
into my trunks facing downwards I could feel blood rush
into my cock as if it was on fire and it reared up against the
tight lycra creating a massive bulge. The pressure of this
monstrous erection could not be contained for long, I felt
the head of my cock work its way up to the tight waistband
of the trunks, forcing its way out of the top. Once free of
its prison I could feel even more blood flow into my penis
and it seemed to swell up even harder, harder than it had
even been before. I felt my own face start to go red, and reached
down to try and cram myself back in. By that stage I was far
too big and I could not get the head of my cock back inside.
"I am so sorry I had better go now, " I muttered
to her as I turned and ran back towards the changing rooms.

Once back in the male changing rooms I collapsed onto the
floor of the showers. I couldn't believe I had let my
desire get the better of me, Nicole had to be upset at my response
to her misfortune, and there was no chance I would get the
job now. I had been so looking forward to working with her
that it was a bitter blow to take. I turned the shower on and
stood under the hot water and closed my eyes. However, despite
everything, I still couldn't get the image of her naked
boobs out of my head. I looked down and saw my cock was still
rock hard sticking out of the trunks. "Nothing to
loose now" I thought. I quickly pushed the trunks
down and started jerking off like mad under the hot water.
I massaged my balls with my right hand while pumping away
on my foreskin with the left, all the time seeing images
of the voluptuous Nicole in my head. I felt the first twitch
deep in my balls and new it wouldn't be long before a
full week's worth of cum was released.

Then I head a sound

"Would you like me to help you with that?"

I looked up and there stood Nicole, still wearing the torn
swimsuit with the top hanging down at her waist and her tits
fully exposed. I gasped and pulled my trunks up quickly
doing my best to hide what I was doing. The shock at discovery
caused my erection to droop a bit and I was just about able
to cram it back into its lycra prison.

"Nicole I am sorry if I have offended you. I will go
as soon as I get dressed, " I stuttered nervously.

"You don't need to do that baby." She smiled
seductively. "I am not upset with you. In fact I am
flattered. No man has ever got so excited over me before.
I must say your cock is the biggest I have ever seen, but I
don't think you have used it much."

I gulped and stammered out,

"No, I am afraid that I am a virgin."

"Don't worry baby. I haven't had many men
either. We will help each other, " she said. Then
she walked over and kissed me full on the lips.

It was like nothing I had even experienced before. Her lips
were warm and inviting, her mouth slightly open. I shut
my eyes and surrendered to her, enjoying the delicious
sensations. She moved closer and I felt her massive chest
with its erect nipples gently touch mine. This seemed to
spur me on, and I reached behind her back pulling her closer
so her tits were forced hard against me. They felt so warm
and soft against my chest and I longed to touch them. I slowly
moved my hands from behind her back to just under her arms
and started rubbing the sides of her breasts slowly. I felt
her moan with pleasure in my mouth as I did this, which gave
me the confidence to rub harder. I moved my hands underneath
her breasts, cupping as much of the succulent boob meat
as I could. They were very heavy, and I now understood why
she had complained of problems with her back and shoulders,
lugging such heavy weights around all the time couldn't
be easy. Still there were some advantages to it however.
Her breasts seemed very sensitive. I began kneading the
warms soft flesh gently and started rubbing her rock hard
nipples with my thumbs. She gave a little twitch as I did
that, and broke the kiss.

"Oh baby that feels good, " she moaned, "I
love having my tits rubbed."

This made me feel a bit bolder. I lowered my head to her chest
and gently took her right nipple in my mouth. I started sucking
gently, while massaging her left breast with my fingers.

"That feels so good, " she moaned.

Then I grabbed both her magnificent mammeries and pressed
them tight together so I could alternate between both nipples
with my lips and tongue.

"That feels great. You have got to let me return the
favour, " She gasped "Sit back and relax."

I sat back against the wall of the shower and watched in awe
as she ran her long slim fingers down my body to my groin.
By now my cock was hard again, but was still somehow contained
in my tight lycra suit, making an obscene and now uncomfortable
bulge in the front. I thought she was going to grant me release
but instead she smiled mischievously.

"I think I will tease you for a while, " She said.
"It will give you an idea of what it is like for me to
be crammed into this tight bathing suit all day, constantly
wanting to rip the top off to get some comfort."

Then she reached down with her left hand and pressed tight
on the waistband of the trunks so the head of my cock was sealed
in tight, unable to escape from the top as before. With her
right she began to slowly massage my thighs before running
up over the tight swimsuit and massaging my aching balls
through the tight, wet fabric.

"Oh Nicole, please let me out, " I gasped in
a combination of pleasure and pain.

"Not yet baby, " She said, and ran her fingers
further up over the huge bulge distorting the front of the
trunks, rubbing the exact spot where my helmet was pressed
against the trunks, the very tip of the bulge.

This was too much. I felt even more blood rush into my cock
and it swelled up even more, I normally reach 7 inches fully
erect but this felt closer to 8. There was a moment of pain,
I head a ripping sound and looked down to see that my cock
had torn a hole through the front of the trunks where the
fabric joined the waistband. The angry purple head of my
cock thrust through the tear and the feeling of release
was wondeful.

"Oh my, " Nicole said in wonderment "Looks
like you will have the same problem keeping swimsuits in
one peace that I have."

"We both know who is to blame for that" I said
gazing at her tits longingly.

"Well since you are free might as well help you out
a bit, " she laughed "That thing looks really

She reached down and quickly pulled the remains of my trunks
off before grabbing my rock hard shaft and rubbing gently
over the entire length, at the same time kneading my balls.
I lay back and let her work her magic as wonderful sensations
racked my body. Then I felt a warm wet feeling and looked
down to see she had taken me in her mouth!! I gasped and almost
came then and there. She ran her tongue over my swollen helmet
before taking my full erection into her mouth. After only
10 seconds or so of this treatment I felt a twitch in my balls
and knew I was close to cumming. Part of me wanted to cum so
badly, but I also knew that I wanted to give her pleasure
first. She must have sensed my imminent orgasm as she gave
me one last lick before pulling off my twitching erection
just in time.

"That was wonderful, " I gasped "Let
me return the favour."

"I thought you would never ask, " She said and
turned over onto all fours with her ass in the air, the bottom
of her swimsuit still covering her pussy.

I reached out to pull the thin strap of fabric away from her
pussy when I remembered the cruel way she had teased me earlier.
Well turnabout was fair play. I ran my fingers over the succulent
creamy white globes of her ass cheeks, before dipping down
between her legs and gently rubbing her pubic mound through
the tight, wet lycra.

"Oh baby pull that swimsuit off, touch my pussy, rub
my clit, " she gasped, but I wanted to torture her
a bit more.

I put my head right up to her ass and kissed her buttocks lightly.
Then I moved my face directly between her legs and began
lightly kissing the gently swell of her swollen pussy lips
through the tight wet fabric of the swimsuit.

She moaned softly as I got progressively more aggressive
with my kissing.

I centred on where I knew her clitoris was and sure enough,
I felt the hard erect nub of flesh, even through her swimsuit.
I began sucking it and before long felt the beginnings of
muscle spasms between her legs, heralding her orgasm.

"Suck my clit, " she gasped. She was getting
very frustrated with my teasing and reached between her
own legs, grasped the thin wet strip of fabric and pulled
it to one side, baring her pussy just inches from my face.

It was magnificent, her dark pubic hair was neatly trimmed
surrounding her succulent pick pussy lips which were shining
with her own juices. Her clitoris was fully erect and stood
out a full inch, trembling slightly with the beginnings
of her orgasm. At this distance I could see the entrance
to her vagina, which looked so warm and welcoming all I wanted
to do was sink my cock deep inside, but I knew that probably
wasn't going to happen, so settled for sucking the
clit directly into my mouth. I rubbed the sensitive bud
with my tongue and her moans intensified to such an extent
that I was sure she would cum any minute. However seconds
before the muscular contractions started I felt her stiffen
and pull away.

"What is wrong, " I asked, worried I had done
something wrong.

"Nothing, " She said. "You are so good
at that I was worried I was about to cum. I don't want
to do that until I have felt you in my pussy. Make love to me."

She reached down and pulled her bathing suit off completely
so we were both now stark naked. I gazed at her enormous breasts
and succulent pussy, and could think of nothing better
that loosing my virginity to her. However doubts were playing
on my mind.

"Are… are you on the pill?" I said nervously
"I don't have any protection with me."

"It is OK baby, " she cooed "I am not on
the pill as it doesn't agree with me. We will be fine
if you pull out just before you cum. I know you can do that
can't you?"

She reached towards my aching cock and started gently rubbing
it again.

"I am a virgin Nicole. I am not sure if I will know when
to pull out, " I moaned, but my desire was getting
the better of me and along with her ministrations, and I
felt my self control weaken.

"Just a few strokes love. That is all I will need to
cum you have got me so close, " she gasped. "I
know you can hold on that long. Please baby."

She lay back against the shower wall with he legs open, her
huge tits sagging slightly under their enormous weight.
I knew there was no way I could deny her, but made a mental
note to pull out if I felt even close to cumming. With over
a week's worth of fertile sperm in my balls I knew when
I did cum the load would be massive.

I slid myself over to her and kissed her on the lips. Then
I felt her hands on my cock, guiding me in.

"Don't worry lover, " She said "I
will show you what to do."

She reached round for my buttock and firmly gently from
behind. I felt the engorged head of my cock press against
her pussy lips and paused for a second. I rubbed the head
all over her clitoris, creating spasms of pleasure in her
body before I could stand it no longer and thrust myself
all the way inside. The feeling was indescribable. She
seemed as warm as a blast furnace and as wet as the swimming
pool we had recently been in. I could feel every ridge and
curve of her pussy with my sensitive helmet and knew I wouldn't
be able to hold on very long.

"That is it baby, " she gasped "now push
in and out as fast as you can."

I slowly pulled out about half way before pushing back in
gently. After a couple of gentle thrusts she seemed to get
frustrated and pushed her pussy towards me on the upstroke
forcing me deeper yet. I felt the hard wall of her cervix
and almost lost it there and then. I quickly pulled out

"Sorry Nicole I almost came, " I gasped.

"Oh baby, I know you can last longer than that, "
She moaned "Just another few thrusts baby, I am so
close. Then you can pull out and I will jerk you off with my
tits. I know you will like that."

I couldn't say no to that offer. I steeled myself and
inserted my cock back inside her.

"Give me a go on top this time baby, " She said
and pushed back on my chest, forcing me over onto my back.

She rubbed those huge tits in my face and started bouncing
up and down on my rigid cock, pushing harder with every bounce,
forcing me deeper and deeper inside her. This was even more
arousing that the first time and after only a couple of bounces
I felt the first twitches of my orgasm. Unfortunately I
could no nothing about withdrawing while she was on top.

"Nicole let me pull out please. I am going to cum, "
I squealed

"Baby just hold on. I am cumming, " she shouted
at the top of her voice. Then I felt the contractions beginning
between her legs. The sheath of her pussy seemed to tighten
round my cock and began pulsing rapidly.

"Nicole please I can't hold on. I have to pull
out, " I gasped one more time but she just pushed down

"Don't worry. Just cum inside me, " she
moaned as her orgasm took hold. "Let me have all the
sperm in those virgin balls. Please cum with me. I need to
feel it inside me."

That did it. The spasming of her pussy, combined with her
hard thrusts sent me over the edge. I felt the delicious
sting of my own orgasm hit me like a freight train. My swollen,
sperm filled balls tightened and with an almighty contraction
forced a huge wad of cum up my cock and out of my swollen head,
to be spurted deep inside her warm, fertile unprotected
pussy. She must have felt it as she looked me in the eye and

"That is it baby spurt again. Keep spurting in my pussy
till your balls are dry. I need it all."

I felt another powerful contraction and a second load of
cum erupted from my cock then a third. I normally ejaculate
5 or 6 times when masturbating, but this time I lost count
of how many times it happened. With each pulse of my balls
I felt her pussy contract in sympathy, sucking each load
of cum deep inside her womb to where her fertile, unprotected
eggs lay. After way seemed like 10 minutes (was probably
only seconds). I felt my orgasm begin to subside. However
she was still fully in the grip of her epic orgasm and egged
me on.

"Oh no you can't be done already. I just know you
have more cum in those balls. Give me it all."

She reached down between our bodies and began roughly massaging
my balls as if in an effort to produce even more sperm. It
worked. I felt my flagging orgasm return with a vengeance
and once again my cock started spurting its fertile load
deep into her unprotected womb. By now there was so much
cum that her womb was full, and it has started running out
of her, between out legs and onto the shower floor.

Finally I felt her orgasm finish. She quickly jumped off
me and pressed her massive melons onto my cock so the last
few spurts of semen coated her huge tits. She gently massaged
my down from my orgasm with her tits, before lying back exhausted.
I also fell back, my mind spinning with what had just happened.
On one hand I had just had the most wonderful experience
of my young life. But I also knew that the massive load I had
just loosed in her fertile womb may well make her pregnant.

"Nicole, that was wonderful, " I said nervously
"but I am afraid I didn't manage to pull out. I
am so sorry."

She just winked

"Don't worry, that was wonderful for me too,
I just couldn't let you pull out. I would have missed
this wonderful load."

She reached between her legs and when her hand came away
it was coated with my sperm. She got up and turned on the shower.

"You got the job by the way, " she said as she
soaked in the warm spray.

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