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Game NIght


The night started as it had many times
before, but ended with a twist I only dreamed would happen.
My wife (Chrissie) and I (Rick) had our good friends Jim
and Jan over for the weekend for some time away from the kids.
The norm for these weekends is chatting, watching movies,
and playing games such as Uno, Sequence, and other non-brain
challenging games.
As usual, things started out tame enough, dinner, chit-chat,
etc. But after a few drinks we all got more relaxed and decide
to get comfortable for the evening. Since it was quite warm
that summer night I put on shorts and a tee shirt and Chrissie
did the same. Jim came out in sweats...but when Jan walked
out in a tank top and apparently no bra - WOW!!

Perhaps I should explain a bit more. Jan is about 5 foot 1
inch, blond, with a gorgeous face and a body that just won't
quit. After she had her two kids, her chest REALLY filled
out nicely - I would say either 34 or 35c. As long as we have
known each other she has been relatively conservative,
usually getting no more risqué than sweats and a big floppy
tee-shirt...and always with a bra. Chrissie is similarly
mild, usually outfitting herself much the same and not
showing off too much of her slim, well-formed frame. She
stands slightly taller than Jan and is a bit slimmer with
beautiful 34b globes and black hair.

Jim and I are both about 5 foot 10 inches, with decent builds.
Although I am very athletic, Jim's frame is a bit more
muscled and the ladies tend to give him a lot of looks. We
both felt fortunate to have such lovely ladies and I do not
think either of us thought what was about to happen ever

We all sat down in the living room and chatted while more
drinks were consumed, then we decided to play a card game
called Ligretto. The game is a fast-paced game that requires
some concentration, speed, and some luck. It is similar
to Crazy Eights except the object is to get rid of your cards
the fastest and compile the least amount of points while
your opponents accumulate points for cards left in their
hands. We gathered around the coffee table with Chrissie
to my left, Jim to my right, and Jan straight across from
me. I explained the game to Jan and Jim and we proceeded to
play a few practice games.

As you might imagine, I began to get a bit distracted and
the cards began to fly and Jan had to lean over to play her
cards. Each time she reached for a stack or removed a pile,
I was treated to a tantalizing view that made things HARD
for me to concentrate. I do not know what was worse - trying
to play the game with missile in my shorts or trying to act
as though I was paying attention to the cards while hoping
to get some nipple shots. After a few hands, we all took a
moment and had another drink.

When we sat down again to play, the drinks started to take
effect. We played a few hands and everyone started to really
get into the game. Cards were flying, people were yelling
at each other, and the scores began to get tallied. Jim,
who was not playing well, was getting irritated that he
was losing badly. I, of course, was well ahead due to my past
experience. The ladies were in the middle, with Jan quickly
picking up the game and getting better (and more competitive!)
with each deal.

Out of nowhere, Jan asked "Hey guys, how about a little
Strip Ligretto?"

My heart almost jumped out of my chest and my cock from my
pants!! Jan, little Miss Conservative, not only was sitting
across from me giving me glimpses of her magnificent tits,
but now she was suggesting we all get to see more. Since Chrissie
and I had never done this before, I was not sure what Chrissie's
reaction was going to be. I stayed quiet and waited for her
and Jim to respond.

With hint of excitement in her eyes, Chrissie said, "Hey,
that might be fun! What you guys think?"

What kind of question was that?!?!? Two gorgeous women
with not much on their backs to lose, two reserved women
ready to bust loose, one major woody in my pants waiting
to be unleashed...

"Come on guys, knock it off." Jim said, instantly
dashing my thoughts of erotic grandeur and deflating my
raging hardness. "What do we want to do that for? Besides,
this game sucks!"

"You just suck and you're afraid of losing!"
chimed in Jan. "I bet if you were playing better you
wouldn't care if we wanted to play!"

Chrissie then piped in: "Yeah, Jim, you afraid of
letting us see some skin?" Teasingly, she continued,
"I know Rick is dying to see Jan, are you telling us
you don't want to see her and me naked?"

She caught me off guard a bit there, but she obviously was
right about me. Now I had Jan and Jim looking at me for different
reasons. Jan had a glean in her eye that told me I might get
my wish while Jim's look was a mix of confusion - how
did he feel about me seeing Jan naked and what would I think
about him ogling my wife? I was not really sure how I felt
about him seeing Chrissie but I know I was willingly to take
a chance in order to view Jan in all her glory.

"Are you serious? Come on Rick, let's play something
else." Jim said, trying to gain my support.

"Yeah, maybe we should just have another drink or
something" Jan said, sounding discouraged. "After
all, Jim does suck and he hates to lose to girls..."

"Screw you!" Jim chime, starting to get irritated
and defensive. He got up and headed to the bathroom.

I hadn't said anything to this point because I was hoping
everyone would buy in and I could pretend to roped in but
now all might be lost. Jim was still hesitant and now the
girls' enthusiasm was starting to wane...I had to
think fast.

"Guys, why don't we just play a few hands and see
where it goes. Jim, if you want to stop if you lose too much
then we move on to another game, how does that sound?"
The girls seemed to get their excitement back but Jim did
not respond immediately.

"Come on Jim, we've never done this before...don't
you think it would be fun?" said Jan. "After
all, we've all known each other for years and I know
you've check out Chrissie plenty of times! Here's
your chance to see her!"

Jim looked a bit surprised by Jan's comments and he
tried to deny her remarks, "I, uh..."

"Hey, it's okay guys. We're all here just
enjoying ourselves...what's the big deal?"
I said. "After all, it's not like we're having
an orgy or something!"

Everyone laughed and to my pleasure, everyone agreed to
give things a whirl.

So let me reset here, I had on a tee shirt, shorts and my skivvies,
Chrissie had on shorts, a top, and bra and panties. Jim wore
sweatpants, a tee shirt and underwear while Jan had on that
amazing tank top, shorts, and panties. TIME TO PLAY!!

The first hand seemed to play out forever with Chrissie
finally calling "Ligretto!" I was almost out
but Jim and Jan seemed to be close. After the points were
tallied, Jim lost and Jan gave it to him..."Oh, baby,
let's see some! I told you that you would get your butt

This is not how I wanted this to go. First, needless to say,
I did not care to see Jim lose clothes but, more importantly,
I did not want him to lose too fast and then back out of the
game. But Jan stayed on him and Chrissie jumped in, too -
"Take it off, take it off!" they began to chant.

To my surprise, Jim did not get pissed at all - he seemed to
get more determined not to be the first to lose it all. He
took off his shirt and told the girls they would be dancing
for him by the end of the night. They laughed and we dealt
the next hand.

Jim played the next hand with unmatched fury but I yelled
"Ligretto!" just before he got rid of his last
card. "Fuck!!" yelled Jim. I wasn't worried
because even though he did not win, I knew that one of the
girls had to lose since they still held a bunch of cards in
their decks. Ultimately, Chrissie ended up the loser and
Jan started in on her - "Come on Chrissie, let us see
some skin! You know Jim is waiting for you! Come on, take
it off!"

Not expecting to lose so quickly, Chrissie hesitated.
Her top or her bottoms seemed to be the question in her mind.
Finally, sheepishly she peeled off her top. Now I could
see why she was nervous - her nipples were poking out hard
against the material of her bra!! This did not go unnoticed
by Jim, who was staring intently, or by Jan who said. "I
guess I am not the only one having fun, am I, Chrissie".

Chrissie could only chuckle and we shuffled for the next
hand. The next hand dragged a bit but ended with a shout from
Jim - "Ligretto!" He was quite proud of himself
and he savored the chance to rub it into the gals. "Take
that, wenches! Let's see some more skin." A quick
count showed that Jan lost this time and I couldn't
wait for her to take something off. Although she was all
talk earlier, she was now in a bit of a quandary. With no bra
on she probably wasn't going to take off her top yet
but if she took off her shorts she'd be getting down
close to the nitty gritty. "Oh, what the hell"
she said as she took a drink and started to peel off her shorts.
As she bent over to take them off, I couldn't help but
stare at her ample cleavage flopping about in her tank top.
Chrissie gave me an elbow in the side as she noticed the lust
in my eyes as Jan sat down and Mr. Woody stood up. I did not
even get a chance to look at what kind of panties she wore
since I was so engrossed with her tits - I just hoped and prayed
I would see more.

With Jan in her panties and tank top sitting across from
me, I could barely concentrate on the next hand - my dick
was so hard I thought I could cut diamonds with it! Chrissie
won again and as I looked at my dick, I mean deck, it looked
grim for me. Actually, a loss wouldn't be bad since
it would mean we all had shared some clothing. After the
points were totaled, sure enough I lost. Without hesitation
I stripped off my shirt. The women hooted all the while and
everyone seemed eager to continue the game. Chrissie got
up to get more drinks and I shuffled the cards and noticed
that both Jan and Jim were lustily eyeing each other and
Chrissie as she came back with more drinks.

"What?" asked Chrissie as she noticed their
stares, "did I miss something?"

Jan just laughed and said it wasn't fair that Chrissie
started the game with more clothes than the rest of us and
that she (Jan) was closest to showing some skin. We all said
that was the luck of the draw and that she knew what she was
asking for when we started the game. We did, though, make
one modification to the rules - if the loser either did not
want to shed their clothes, or had none left, then the winner
could choose for that person to do something. After we all
agreed, we got back to the game.

I won the next hand this hand saw Jan lose again - and the fun
really begin! I had and ear-to-ear grin as she seemed to
be debating between taking which piece of clothing to take
off or whether to give me a choice to have her do a dare. As
we looked at each other and I thought of things for her to
do, my tent got bigger. While she was looking at me deciding
what to do, she noticed my hard-on and gave me a delicious
smile, as if to say, "you win either way." And
she was right - either I got to see some flesh or she would
be doing something equally as erotic.

Ultimately Jan looked at the group and said, "We're
here to have fun, right? So you boys might as well have some!"
With that she pulled her tank top up and off. OH WHAT A SITE!!!!!
She confirmed that her magnificent globes were a beautiful
35C with perfectly shaped, half dollar sized aureoles
and that started to get erect as she showed off her bare boobs.
I couldn't keep my eyes off them as they quickly got
harder by the second. Jim made a comment that they were harder
than he could last remember seeing them and Jan said that
was because she was really enjoying the festivities.

Chrissie finally brought us back to the game and we got played
the next hand. Now, I really had a difficult time concentrating
as Jan's awesome tits bounced all over as the hand was
played. Taking advantage of my distraction, Jim called
'Ligretto!" and I knew I was in trouble. Somehow,
though, Chrissie had a worse score and she then shed her
shorts and exposed her great legs. As she wiggled her shorts
down her legs, she shook her booty for all and everyone howled
in delight. Now, we all seemed to be loosening up.

I got my concentration back and won again with Jim losing.
The girls started giving him the stripper's song and
Jim gave in freely and started to get into it, too. He danced
around a bit and peeled off his sweats as he bent over to shake
his ass at the girls. The girls screamed and Chrissie reached
over and smacked one of his cheeks, much to Jim's (and
my) surprise and Jan's encouragement! "Spank
that bad boy!" Jan yelled while Chrissie started
to laugh and Jim turned red. When Jim turned around to sit
down, Chrissie eyed his bulge and Jan said she would like
it even more when it was fully released. Jim sat downed and
we got ready to play again.

As I readied the next hand I kept thinking how erotic the
night was getting. Across from me sat a topless and gorgeous
Jan. For all the time I knew her, she was now arm's length
away and nearly naked. Jan's husband was to my side
in his skivvies while my wife was in her bra and panties to
my other side. As we all sat and enjoyed the night I kept wondering
how far things would go...and I got a notion on the very next

All the cards seemed to fall in place and the fastest Ligretto
all night was called by Chrissie. The rest of us all had bad
scores but ultimately, Jan came in last! I would now see
Jan in all her glory. As I was fixedly stared at her mound,
I wondered if she were a true blond, or clean shaven, or if

"I think I'll take a dare." Jan disappointed
me by stating this to Chrissie. "After all, I would
like to see some more skin from the guys." She looked
at her best friend, Chrissie, who she knew would take her
side. Jan then sat back with a pleased look on her face, knowing
she just broke our hearts. But mine wasn't broken for

Chrissie surprised us all by stating she wanted Jan to sit
on my lap, give me a kiss for one minute, then let me suck on
each tit for one minute. Her eyes went wide (and so did Jim's
and mine) and she looked at Chrissie a bit confused. Chrissie
said that we were all having fun and that she knew I was wanted
it, so why not have some harmless fun. Of course I could not
disagree. Jan seemed a bit hesitant but she walked over
to me when Jim nodded agreement as he appeared to be getting
turned on by the idea of things moving in this erotic direction.

Jan slowed as she neared me, looking unsure of how to start.
Perhaps with my woody bulging she wasn't sure whether
to sit on my knee or my cock, but I did not care and pulled her
down on my lap with her butt rubbing against my hard-on.
As I looked at her intently, I moved my lips forward and gave
her a kiss that she quickly returned. We began to kiss more
passionately and I could feel her become moist on my leg
as she rubbed back and forth on it, teasing my dick all the
while. When Jan told us the first minute was up I proceeded
to move my way down to her right nipple. She let out a deep
sigh as I placed my lips and tongue on her right nipple. As
I began to tease and suck her I repositioned her so that now
she straddled my hips with her legs and her ass and crotch
rhythmically moved up and down my raging hardness. I thought
I might come right there but the thought of what might come
later kept me focused on the job at hand (or in mouth!). Jan's
moans became deeper as I licked her tit to full pointedness.
When I moved over to her left tit I noticed her panties, and
my crotch, were getting soaked from all this pleasure.
Licking her nipple with reckless abandon, I grinded our
crotches together as she seemed to draw near orgasm.

"Time's up!"

Jan kept grinding in hopes of finishing off but she was reminded
again that time was up and that the night was still young.
For my part, my heart nearly exploded out of my chest from
the passion and my jizz nearly exploded into my underwear
from the friction Jan had been applying. As Jan grudgingly
got off me and returned to her seat I looked to my left and
gleaned a spark of excitement in Chrissie's eyes.
Her nipples were pressing hard against her bra and she seemed
to be trying to catch her breath as Jim shuffled the cards.

Jim's shuffling took a while as he seemed to be distracted.
I asked him if he was cool with what just happened and he said
he hadn't seen anything that hot in a long time. Chrissie
also said she thought Jan and I were pretty steamy as she
unconsciously rubbed her chest while still trying to catch
her breath.

I noticed Jan looking my way as we started the next hand and
I wondered if I would be able to make it through this next
hand. Wanting to see more of Jan, I buckled down and put out
a good effort, though Ligretto was called by Chrissie again.
Man, she never played this good. But since we were all having
fun I really didn't care who won. Much to my pleasure,
Jan lost again!!!!

Jan looked at Chrissie in order to determine what she should
do. Should she take another dare or be the first one butt
naked. After careful consideration, Jan pointed at her
panties and said, "Since the last dare was so fun,
I'll take a chance on one more before I take these little
old things off." The drinks and eroticism were definitely
getting the best of her.

With a sly grin, Chrissie said, "Since you are having
so much fun - take those gorgeous tits of your and rub them
all over Jim for two minutes, ending up in his crotch for
the last one." Jan did not hesitate as she nearly jumped
onto Jim's lap and started to push her tits into his
face. She seemed to love oral stimulation to her tits, and
Jim quickly latched on to her left one and she began to once
again grind herself against a swelling boner. Jim seemed
to have lost any of his earlier hesitations as he sucked
and licked with reckless abandon while grinding himself
back into his wife. After the first minute passed, Jan worked
her way down to his dick and enveloped it over his underwear.
She rocked back and forth as he leaned back. Jim was going
crazy! He closed is eyes and was moaning heavily when Jan
surprised us all when she slipped his dick out and swallowed
Jim whole. Needless to say, this is all it took - Jim's
eyes flew wide open and he blew his load so hard I thought
jizz would come out the back of Jan's head!! But she
expertly swallowed his offering and continued to suck
him until he finished and started to catch his breath.

This was one of the most erotic things I have ever witnessed.
And by Chrissie's reaction, she was staring intently
while rubbing her pussy through juice-moistened panties,
it was the same for her. Even though I could barely walk upright
I headed to get more drinks for us all. When I got back, Jim
and Jan had returned to a semblance of normalcy (all things
considered) and were ready to continue play. We all shared
a toast and got the next hand ready.

As we started the next hand I thought I heard the doorbell
but I told myself not to be distracted. A few seconds later
I heard knocking (and I guess I was the only one hearing this
since everyone else was yelling at each other during the
game) and I yelled for whoever it was to "Hold on!"

"Hold on for what?" said the group, obviously
not knowing someone had knocked. I just shrugged as the
game seemed longer than most, but still heated. Someone
knocked some cards off the table and we had to do a quick reset
but finally, after what seemed like hours, I called "Ligretto!"

"Ligretto! Now I see why no one answered the door..."

All four heads turned in amazement as Chrissie's cousin
Anita stood at the back of the room, staring at us with an
ear-to-ear grin. She obviously was the person at the door
and she came in through the back since she knew somebody
was home with all the noise we were making. No one was quite
sure what to do until Anita surprised us all by saying, "I
never thought of playing Strip Ligretto before. I'm
just bummed I hadn't thought of it for me and Benny!"

Benny was Anita's boyfriend, but as it was at the time,
no one gave a rat's ass. As we all sat in various states
of undress, I think we were all wondering if the game was
over now that Anita showed up. Not sure how Chrissie would
react to this twist I casually offered Anita a drink. She
gladly accepted and headed to the kitchen. Chrissie followed
her while we all started tallying the scores.

Now let me describe Anita: she has shoulder length brown
hair, is about 5' 6", 120 lbs, with what I think
is either a B or C cup. But probably her best qualities are
her beautiful legs and the AWESOME ass they lead up to. Add
in her killer smile and usually bubbly and flirtatious
personality and you've got Anita. When she walked
back into the room with Chrissie I noticed she was wearing
a flimsy sun dress that fit great in all the right places.

Chrissie announced that Anita wanted to join in but was
unsure how that would work since the game was meant for only
four to play. If the night wasn't great already, my
mind was racing with the thought of having two of my biggest
fantasies come true in one night - I as already almost there
with Jan nearly naked, and now Anita (who I had known for
years but could only keep my urges to myself due to the family
thing) might be baring her gorgeous body as well! What to
do, what to do?

"Why don't I just sit in for Chrissie for a few
hands." stated Anita. A glimmer was in my eyes as I
peered at Chrissie who must have known I had lusted for her
cousin in the past. I was about to say something when Jan
spoke up.

"We can't let you off so easy, Chrissie. We want
to get you back!"

I offered a different solution, "I could sit out a
few hands." I said in order to see what the girls would

Jan again piped up, "Oh no you don't. Then there
would only be one guy playing and we want you guys naked and
dancing for US!" I could hear the horniness in her
breath and see the lust in her eyes as she looked at Jim and

"Why don't you just sit in for Chrissie for a couple
of hands and then we can rotate or something after that."
Jim said with a grin. "Just have a seat and take over
for her."

"Sounds great!" said Anita as she plopped down
in Chrissie's spot. I quickly agreed and winked at
Jan who smiled and then consented as well.

"Oh, by the way Anita, " Jim chuckled, "you
just lost the last hand."

With the exception of Jim, we forgot about the final tally.
Anita looked a bit stunned as she started to protest but
we all quickly agreed she just said she would take over for
Chrissie and that since Chrissie lost, Anita would have
to shed some clothing. She looked over at her cousin who
merely shrugged, giggled and said it was Anita's idea
to join in.

Anita said what the hell, took a drink, and slowly shedded
her sun dress. It was AMAZING! Her body underneath was as
tight as a drum and she wore matching black bra and panties
that were clearly transparent. Her boobs, which must have
been closer to a C cup, were fantastic - they stood perfectly
on her chest, with dark, 50 cent sized aureoles and nipples
that were now becoming erect. Her pussy seemed to be closely
cropped as we could see her bush and lips clearly through
her panties. She grinned at Jim and I, then sat down and said
she was ready to play.

The hand was dealt and away we went. Anita surprised me by
playing very well. I had difficulty concentrating between
watching how well she played and staring at her and Jan's
racks. "Ligretto!" was called by Anita and
I knew I was in trouble. I did not even need to count to know
I had the worst hand. Chrissie filled in Anita on our dare
rule and I decided to take of my shorts, though I thought
long and hard (a definite pun intended) if I should let Anita
have me do something.

Now we had Jan, Jim and myself in only our underwear bottoms,
and Chrissie and Anita in bra and panties.

Buckling down on the next hand, I smoked everyone in the
fastest hand of the night. Much to my chagrin, Jim lost and
had to decide to become the first one naked or to take my dare.
Looking at me, he asked for a dare. I told him to take Chrissie
in his lap for 2 minutes and feel her out while she leaned
back into and gave us a show. Chrissie started to protest
but I stated it was my dare and Jim had to do as I said. I knew
they wanted to do it so I was not surprised when Chrissie
did not protest for long.

She walked over to Jim, turned around, and slowly lowered
herself onto him as she wiggled her ass on his lap. Jim took
her by the tits and guided her back against his chest as his
hips began to grind into her ass and crotch. He buried his
lips into her neck and she let out a deep moan as he nuzzled
her nape, massaged her mounds, and gyrated against her
groin. He worked her nipples, pinching and massaging them
until they nearly ripped through the material of her bra.
She panted heavily as they hit the one minute mark.

The rest of us were panting heavily, as well. I was on sensory
overload. While it was difficult to keep my eyes off my wife
and best buddy, I was equally enthralled with both Jan and
Anita as they enjoyed the festivities. Jan was playing
with her boobs again and Anita had her left hand rubbing
her right tit while her right hand snaked down to her pussy.

Chrissie began to grind her ass and crotch back into Jim
as he continued his onslaught. As she did this he moved one,
then both hands down to her moist muff. Over the top of her
panties he began to massage her pussy while continuing
to grind against her. Though he was only 2/3 hard due to his
recent dare with Jan, Jim definitely was on his way back
and Chrissie was certainly enjoying it. Usually quick
to orgasm with hand stimulation, Chrissie began to climax
loudly from Jim's massage. As she did this I noticed
both the other women leaning back now and rubbing their
own pussies as time ran out. Although Anita and Jan straightened
up when they realized time expired, Chrissie, who apparently
got turned on even more when she noticed them fingering
themselves, kept Jim's fingers moving as she had a
second, more powerful orgasm!

We all took a drink and toasted to a wonderful evening as
Chrissie went to the bathroom and we shuffled a new hand.
I realized after the last hand I could dictate much of what
was to happen if I could keep my concentration while we played.
With that, I bore down again and won for the second time in
a row. I felt a stirring in my loins again when I found out
Anita was the loser this time. Still having on her bra and
panties, she elected to shed her transparent bra. If her
tits were not beautiful enough with the sheer fabric around
them, they were even more spectacular when freed. As the
air hit them fully, her nipples now showed fully erect and
the size of small eraser tips. I wanted so badly to reach
over and suck on them...but it was time to play on.

Third time is a charm and I kept my roll going - "Ligretto!"
I sat back and enjoyed another sip of my drink as it appeared
all three contestants seemed close with their points.
Jim ended up with +7, Anita with -2, and Jan with...-2. We
had our first tie for the losers!!! And it couldn't
have happened to a nicer guy. Taking advantage of the situation
I told the girls either they both had to lose their panties
or the both had to take a dare. Since the drinks and the horniness
had us all going I figured I was sitting pretty. I looked
over at Jim as the girls looked at each other and then began
whispering to each as they determined their choice. I then
winked back at Jim since I figured it did not matter what
their choice was going to be because I had a plan...

"We'll take one last dare." the girls said
in unison. Perfect, I thought to myself. As I said, it would
not have mattered. I grinned to myself to because I knew
I was going to see them both naked one way or the other, and
now that they chose the dare it was going to be even better!

"OK ladies, " I started, "I want you to
take direction from me for the next 5 minutes. First, I want
you to stand up." They did. "Now, walk over to
each other." Slowly, hesitantly, they moved the
few feet that was between them and looked over at me puzzled.
"Now, I want you to kiss each other for one minute."

They both looked at each other, and then Anita looked at
me and said, "Wait, I've never done this before.
I don't know if..."

She never finished as Jan grabbed her and planted a soft
kiss on her lips. Her eyes went from me to Jan as she was surprised
by the kiss. At first she did not return the kiss, but then
she seemed to melt as Jan moved her kiss to her neck and ear.
Anita slumped slightly as Jan's tongue worked its
way up her neck, to her ear, then to her chin as it worked its
way back to her mouth. This time she gave little resistance
when their lips met. Although Anita seemed to be fighting
herself a bit she shortly gave way to her desire. Slowly,
she opened her mouth and their tongues began to dance.

I kept no eye on the clock as I let them work themselves up.
Chrissie moved behind me as we and Jim enjoyed the scene
in front of us. The ladies soon went from slow and sensual
to hot and heavy. Anita pulled Jan's head in closely
with her left hand as her right hand grabbed her ass and pulled
her tight.

"Now I want Anita to return the favor to Jan and kiss
her neck and ears. After that, work you way down and suck
on her tits." I instructed.

Anita did not hesitate. Lust had definitely gripped her
and her previous fear seemed long gone. Jan leaned back
as Anita traced kisses on both sides of her neck. She nibbled
on her ears. Jan panted heavily as Anita's tongue slid
ever so slowly down her cleavage. Anita was now tantalizing
and teasing Jan while Jan's panting became more labored
by the second. We could see Jan's nipples at full attention
and she let out a relieved moan when Anita's lips touched
her left nipple. As her tits were ravaged she bit her lower
lip in order to control her passion.

"Anita. Take your right hand and move it down to Jan's
pussy." She looked over at me, searchingly, while
still licking Jan's left tit. I nodded and said, "Don't'
stop sucking her tits, she loves that. I want you to rub her
pussy while you suck her tits." Slowly, she lowered
her hand. Jan then reached out and guided Anita's hand
down to her hot hole. I am not sure if Jan had been with women
previously or the night was taking hold but she certainly
had none of the reservations Anita had! When she got Anita's
hand down to her pussy she rubbed it against her pussy. I
then told Jan to pull her panties to the side in order to give
Anita better access. As she did this I got my first glimpse
of Jan's gorgeous love chasm. Unfortunately, this
incredible view was brief due to Anita's fingers slowly
covering my site line. Tentatively, at first, she moved
her middle finger up and down Jan's moistening slit.
Slowly she began to rub Jan's pussy with more fervor
- and Jan began to rock back and forth.

"Now put your finger inside her." I commanded.

Anita's long, loving finger easily slid inside Jan,
much to Jan's pleasure.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned, "give me one more..."

With that, Anita put a second finger in. She was now no longer
sucking Jan's tits but watching her fingers move in
and out of Jan's pussy. Seemingly transfixed, she
soon began to rub Jan's clit, sending Jan into space.
Jan's eyes flew open, her head snapped back, and she
moaned loudly. "Oh god! that feels great!"
she spewed.

"Now, let's not get carried away yet Jan."
I said, "Anita, now I want you to stop and take you hand
off Jan." Jan looked over at me in dismay as she knew
she was close to orgasm.

"NO!" she shouted, "I'm so close!"

"Anita, have you ever wondered what another woman
tasted like?" I asked. She looked at me with desire
and nodded yes. "Then take you fingers in your mouth
while Jan returns the favor. Jan, don't you want to
suck on Anita's tits?" She also nodded yes. "Then

Jan did not hesitate as she nearly attacked Anita. I motioned
Anita to taste her fingers as Jan sucked on her tits. Anita
gingerly took her fingers in but soon was sucking feverishly
on them as Jan made her tits glisten with her eager mouth.
As soon as Anita moaned from these two sensations, Jan needed
no prompting to start giving attention to Anita's
moist pussy. She did not hesitate in dropping to her knees,
peeling off the sheer black panties in her way, and dipping
her fingers into the steaming love box in front of her. She
looked up at Anita, still licking her fingers, who was in
heaven! A soft, deep moan escaped between her lips and fingers
as Jan's diddled her. More pressure was applied as
Jan gripped Anita's lovely ass and then inserted a
second finger into her pussy. Furiously rubbing her pussy,
Jan looked over at me, as if to ask for permission. Permission
I granted.

"Jan, you may now lick Anita's pussy."
I directed.

Anita looked at me as she realized this was one of the last
barriers for her. Since it sounded as though she had not
been with a woman before tonight, she now understood it
was okay. She looked down at Jan, who smiled with delight
and began licking her clit while fingering her hole. It
took but a few seconds for Anita to cum with glee as her knees
quivered, her butt clenched, and her whole body shook.

she roared, "OH GOD, YES!"

Jan's fingers and tongue were flapping like a humming
bird's wings. Her face was moist with Anita's
love. She was a madwoman! As Anita orgasmed a second and
third time, Jan only slowed when I instructed her to. With
the pace slowing, Anita began to catch her breath. She looked
over at me and smiled with satisfaction.

"Did you ladies enjoy that?"

"Ooohhh yes." gasped Anita. Jan looked up and

"Don't you think you should give Jan a thank you
kiss, Anita?" I said. With that, Jan rose and the ladies
began a long passionate kiss. "Now give her a REAL
kiss Anita." I pointed to the floor.

As the ladies fell to the floor, Anita slid Jan's panties
down her legs. Mission accomplished. As I said, I knew they
would both be naked one way or another. Fortunately, they
had not chosen to simply lose their panties but instead
they were giving us the show of the evening so far! As Anita
got the panties to Jan's ankles, she slid them off and
began to suck, kiss, and nibble her way up Jan's legs.
When she got most of the way up her thighs, she hesitated.
I am not sure if she was teasing Jan or afraid to take the plunge
but she teased and kissed this area for a few more seconds...

Then, ever so gently, she lifted Jan's knees towards
her chest...

She licked back down her thighs...

She raised her head and eyes slightly - and blew Jan a kiss...

Finally, she lowered her head towards Jan's pussy.
As she nuzzled her for a brief second and soaked up her aroma,
her tongue unfurled and flicked at Jan's love button.
Jan flinched and gasped as Anita's tongue began to
rhythmically lap her nether region. After this brief introductory
period, Anita began to do Jan what she like best done to her
- she licked and sucked on Jan's clit, did figure 8's
with her tongue, then finally plunged full down on Jan's
now soaking cunt. Both ladies were going crazy - Anita with
new found lust and enjoyment with pleasing a woman and Jan
with multiple orgasms!

They were not the only ones going crazy. Jim was fully hard
again and was rubbing his dick off to my side. Chrissie was
behind me rubbing herself, as well. And I was doing all I
could to not blow my load before I got the chance to put my
cock in someone.

As Jan hit what I think was her second orgasm from Anita's
tongue and pussy fingering, Anita took things one step
further. While Jan was asking the lord for favors, Anita
slipped her fingers out of Jan's pussy and slid one
up her ass! Her fingers well lubed with juices, they easily
slid up Jan's butt, and Jan howled again - Orgasm Number
Three! (in less than two minutes) Anita worked her for a
few more seconds until the intensity subsided and then
she slowly rose.

Chrissie, Jim, and I cheered and told them how great they
were. Jan lay on the floor in a heap, with a huge smile on her
face. She thanked Anita and me for the dare, saying how she
had never done that before and how incredible she felt.
Anita, ever the ham, stood up, took a bow then pointed at
me with a smile and said, "You wait for your turn!"

Needless to say, I could not wait for my turn to come. What
started out as a normal evening at home with friends was
now a high speed sexual frolic that exceeded all my expectations.
Not only did I get a chance to see my best buddy's conservative
wife naked, but I got to grind against her while sucking
her tits, watch her go down on her husband, and enjoy her
ravage my wife's cousin, Anita. I also got to watch
my somewhat conservative wife get nearly nude, rub up and
enjoy Jim while I watched, and encourage her cousin to partake
in this erotic romp.

I quickly shuffled the deck and started the next hand. While
the girls still seemed to be recovering from their steamy
encounter, Jim and I were spurred on by it and battled furiously
to win the hand. I thought I might get four in a row until Jim
called "Ligretto!".

Knowing I had done well, I awaited the girls' count.
Sure enough, after we counted, I was in the clear...and
much to Jim's and my pleasure, Anita was again the loser.
Being totally naked already, she had no choice but to take
a dare. She looked at Jim and awaited her fate. Jim kept us
all on the edge of our seats as he thought for a moment. Finally,
Jim told Anita she must sexily strip her cousin, Chrissie,
in front of us. Not in the hand, Chrissie began to protest
but Anita and Jan quickly told her she was still part of the
game and that even though she did not play that this was Jim's
dare and she had to partake. She continued to protest until
I mentioned to her that the game would end if she did not let
this happen and that I knew she wanted to keep this going.
With that she willingly walked over to her Anita, turned
to me and said, "We'll do this if part of the dare
is we get to do the same to you guys!"

"Sure!" Jim and I said without hesitation.
Now we were really getting somewhere - all of us would be
naked soon and we were only gaining steam...

With that, Anita started to belly dance around Chrissie,
gently massaging and touching her skin from head to toe
as she circled her. Although they were close, I was pretty
sure they had never been 'kissing cousins' and
certainly not 'STRIPPING COUSINS'. As Anita's
gyrations continued, Chrissie started to get into the
rhythm and she began to writhe around as well. After a moment
or two of erotic dancing, Anita settled in behind Chrissie
and began to trace her hands all around her body...

As Anita rubbed Chrissie's shoulders and arms Chrissie
began to massage her tits through her bra. The points almost
pushed through the material as she worked herself up. Anita
caught the cue and moved to unsnap her bra. With its release,
Chrissie slowly, sensually eased the material from her
heaving breasts...inch by inch she teased us...until
she lifted her arms above her head and threw her satiny garment
in Jim's lap. Jim picked it up and placed it around his
neck like a scarf as the Chrissie shook her tits for us and
asked us if we liked what we saw.


Jim and I could only look at each other and smile. We nodded
back to the ladies as our mouths stood agape and our erections
continued to harden. With our nods the girls began again.

While Chrissie continued to wiggle and gyrate, Anita slowly
inched her way down the back of her body, stopping at her
ass. At the completion of her descent, she again began to
massage Chrissie - this time she rubbed and teased her stomach,
waist, ass, and legs. Chrissie gyrated her butt back into
Anita as she continued to rub her nipples. Then, without
notice, Anita grabbed the sides of Chrissie's panties
and yanked them down to her ankles.

At first Chrissie did not notice her complete nudity as
she continued to knead her knockers for us. But it must have
been the cool air on her ass or perhaps the crowd's applause
that snapped her out of her reverie because she seemed stunned
for a brief second at her utter nakedness. This was short
lived, however. With Anita standing next to her with an
ear to ear grin now that they were both naked, Chrissie motioned
her to move over to me while she walked over to Jim.

"Your turns!" Chrissie excitedly exclaimed
as she pulled Jim up from his seat.

As I rose from my seat (and from the seat of my pants!), I looked
over at Jim and Chrissie. Jim had the biggest grin imaginable
as Chrissie danced around him and began to rub him as Anita
had rubbed her. I snapped back to my reality as Anita's
hands began to explore me from behind. Rubbing her tits
against my back as she massaged my chest and shoulders,
Anita bit my ear and neck and asked me if I was enjoying myself.
I could only groan as she breathed heavily into my ear and
whispered that we would all soon be naked.

As Anita's hands roamed over me I peered over to notice
that Jan was entranced with the spectacle of the four of
us. As the other ladies focused their attention on each
of us guys individually, Jan seemed to be caught between
watching her husband getting erotic attention from my
wife and waiting to see my cock exposed by Anita's deft
hands. I, too, was caught up in watching my wife teasing
Jim while my hardened manhood awaited release from my briefs
at the delicate prodding from my wife's cousin.

Quickly my attention became focused on the job at hand (in
Anita's hand that is!) when she slid one underneath
my ass to cup me from below. As she rubbed my package with
one hand her other began to slide my underwear down in the
back as she traced kisses down my lower back until she reached
my ass. Noticing my enjoyment she refocused her attention
and slid around my side and began to kiss my hip while massaging
my ass with one hand and stroking my dick through my briefs
with her other. This started driving me nuts!! Continuing
this sexual massage, Anita's moved her head towards
my swollen member...

I tilted my head back and closed my eyes as Anita's hot
lips encased my cock. Enjoying the attention I was getting,
my knees got a bit weak and I tried to steady myself on my chair
without falling over. As I did this I opened my eyes to see
Jan approaching. Jan grabbed my head and planted an eager,
hot kiss on me then huskily whispered that I would get my
chance with her as well. With this she began kissing me again
as Anita continued to her magnificent blowjob. I was getting
close to coming when I heard Chrissie say it was time to continue
the game. Anita, Jan, and I all groaned with discontent
and reluctantly said OK. As Anita pried herself from my
prick she looked at me intently and said "I am not done
with you tonight."

Now that all were naked it did not seem to me that it mattered
who won or lost Ligretto. If things continued this way it
was only a matter of what dare were next. With that I proceeded
to purposefully lose the next hand. With a grin I awaited
my fate. After the scores were tallied, Jim won this time.
Smiling, he looked at Jan and said, "I know you need
some action, I want you to show Rick how well you give head
and then let him take you in your favorite position."


As Jan quickly came to me I wondered what her favorite position
was but this quickly left my thoughts as she started stroking
my raging dick and then plunged it into her hot, moist mouth.
I thought Anita's blowjob was great but Jan's
was MAGNIFICENT! She took me all the way down her throat,
licked up and down my entire shaft and occasionally sucked
on my balls. Wondering what her favorite position was,
I was now lost with trying not to blow my load too soon. Although
I was fully enjoying the oral sensations I was receiving
I stopped Jan and asked her what I could do to fulfill her
needs. She smiled, turned around, swept the cards of the
coffee table and bent over, exposing her backside to me.

"She loves it doggy style." I heard Jim say.

As I mounted her I noticed the audience fully engaged with
us and I wanted to put on a good show. Slowly I entered her,
inch by inch. And slowly I pulled out. Again, in slowly.
And then out slowly. As I teased her, Anita became frustrated
and eager to get taken hard. She begged me to fuck her and
FUCK HER HARD! Since it is not like me to refuse a request
such as this, I started to pound for all she was worth. Jan's
juices began to flow freely down our thighs as she moaned
and groaned to orgasm. Pushing myself to the limit, I banged
her for all I was worth as I tried to put on a performance to
remember. As Jan continued to orgasm, I felt the familiar
twitch that would lead to my release. With this, I thrusted
deep for a few more strokes then shot a load right up her.

"We want to see!" yelled Anita.

Not wanting to disappoint Anita, I pulled out and then let
one, two, three more gobs of my love juice shoot on Jan ass
and back with one spurt almost reaching the back of her head!

Anita immediately came over and began to lick this off Jan's
back. She then looked up to me and said with a smile, "I
told you I wasn't done with you tonight." She
then grabbed my reddened member and began to suck me again.
I thought I was in Heaven having just received an incredible
blow and fuck job from Jan, but now I was over the top with
Anita keeping my hardness going.

While Anita's attention to my dick kept me busy I notice
that Chrissie had motioned Jim over to Jan. Chrissie rolled
Jan over and began to kiss her fully. Jan, somewhat surprised
by the actions of her best friend but fully aroused, reciprocated.
It seemed now that all the barriers were down. I heard Chrissie
say to Jan that she wanted to taste me from her pussy while
Jim fucked her. As Chrissie moved down to Jan's tits,
Jim moved behind her. She suckled Jan for a few seconds and
descended upon her juice filled crack. Jim entered her
as she began to lap in earnest. Soon the trio's began
a perfect rhythm of movement with Jim pumping back and forth
while Chrissie's tongue slid up and down Jan's

Seeing this only got me hotter. I instructed Anita to get
on all fours alongside Jan so she could join in on the lesbian
action. She pulled up next to Jan and began to lick on her
tits and kiss her again. Not wanting to hold back any longer,
I plunged my dick into Anita and began to pump like I had done
to Jan. Watching my wife and the rest of the group only kept
my arousal at its highest level and I fucked Anita even better
than I had fucked Jan. Anita soon stopped with Jan as she
neared orgasm. Noting this, I pulled her ear back to my mouth
and whispered to her, "I'm going to give you just
what you gave Jan..."

With that I took my dick out and I slammed it into her ASS!
Anita cried out in surprise and pleasure as she gripped
tightly to Jan's arm. This must have set off a chain
reaction because the next few moments were a blur. Anita
seemed to have orgasm after orgasm as her ass was filled
with my meat. Jan looked up at us and then down to Chrissie
as Chrissie lifted her head up and began to shriek with joy.

As the women enjoyed themselves I heard Jim started to groan,
"Oh god, Oh god, I'm going come, too..."
He dug deep into Chrissie and pumped his seed as far as he
could. She pulled herself back into him and rode him for
all he was worth. Chrissie must have been squeezing him
for all he was worth because he must have pumped her a dozen
times before he fell onto her in a heap.

Watching all this unfold before me sent me into euphoria.
Not being able to hold back a second longer I shot all my reserves
into Anita's ass. I milked her for all that was left
in me. Looking over the mass of sexual humanity in front
of me I grudgingly slipped my dick out and laid on top of Anita.
Exhausted and sated, Chrissie, Anita, Jim and I all seemed
to sigh with pleasure in unison. We all started to giggle
until Jan propped herself on her elbows and said, "I'm
glad you all just came, but what about me?!?!?"

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WOW! A lengthy and intensely erotic. Maybe people aren't
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Have read this story here in the past, it is a repost.


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finally a good story with paragraphs!