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Gabby's Final All things disappear from those who wait.


I lay staring at the ceiling while the pale moonlight of
the late August night splashed light across my black Duvet
cover. Tyler's warm naked body pressed against me
while she slept blissfully ignorant of what was running
through my mind. Not able to sleep I rubbed my hands over
Tyler's perfect sleeping form tracing her subtle
curves slowly with my fingertips. I brought my lips to her
shoulders and slowly slid my tongue across her skin. Laying
on my side I moved my hand to her stomach and drew little circles
up the front of her body. I caressed her breasts letting
her nipples rest between my spread fingers. I felt her start
to stir as my attention brought her out of her sleep.

"mmmm careful what you start" she moaned with
a lazy smile. I lightly bit down on the back of her neck causing
her to gasp and let my hand close around her neck. She pressed
her body against mine and let her hand fall between us, she
wrapped her long fingers around the shaft of my cock and
slowly began to stroke me up and down. I pushed against her
and she rolled onto her belly as I rolled on top of her. I grabbed
her wrists and pushed her hands above her head and told her
to keep them there. I brushed her light blonde hair to the
side and brought my lips to the back of her neck slowly and
softly kissing her. I worked slow kisses down to her shoulders
letting my tongue graze her skin periodically. "mmmm"
she softly moaned.

I let my semi hard cock fall between her legs and slid my bare
chest against her as my kisses slowly covered her back.
The soft skin of her thighs was rubbing me to an erection,
her body seemed to glow in the moonlight and played sensual
shadows across us. Her body trembled as my tongue slid down
her sides to her lower back, I paused and covered the top
of her ass with kisses. She let out a loud gasp as I spread
her ass wide and sunk my tongue into it "oooooohhhhh"
she moaned. I licked up her cheeks and lightly bit down on
her ass making her jump then moved to the other one repeating
what I had done.

I kissed her down the back of both of her legs to the backs
of her ticklish knees making her laugh. Moving slowly back
up her twitching body I positioned my cock between her legs
at the opening of her sweet silky pussy and pushed. "aaaaaaahhh"
she cried out as I penetrated her from behind. "fuck"
I grunted as I pushed deeper into her. I laid across her narrow
back and ground my hips into her. Her soft supple ass pressing
against me as she tried to meet my motions. "uuuuhhh
aaaaah" she moaned. As I rammed my cock into her she
brought her arms underneath her and squeezed her breast
paying attention to her pink hard nipples. I lowered my
mouth to her shoulder and bit it gently causing goose bumps
to suddenly appear on her arms. She pulled her right arm
out from under her and moved it to the back of my head forcing
it down.

I sucked on her shoulder hard and drove my cock deep into
her slamming against her cervix "FUCK" she
screamed. Tyler lifted her hips and pressed her ass hard
against me. I felt her body shake and streams of her squirt
showered my cock and balls. She thrashed underneath me
and she bit down on the pillow screaming out in pleasure.
As her pussy pulsed around me the pressure in my stomach
built up to it's pinnacle. I felt an inferno take hold
of my senses and then felt the sweet release of my cum into
her pussy. Together we grunted and screamed through our
orgasm, our bodies twisting and turning in every direction.
My heart felt like it would explode by the time the last of
my cum escaped the tip of my cock into Tyler. We lay panting
trying to catch our breath, my teeth still sunk in her shoulder
and her hand on the back of my head holding me in place.

"oh my God Dave that was amazing" she gasped.
I released her skin from between my teeth and chuckled.
"you sound surprised" she shook her head and
said "I just can't believe it can get better every
time" I let my body fall to her side and held her tight.
My slowly dying cock still jerking inside her contracting
silky smooth pussy, she pulled my arm tight to her chest
and placed my hand over her breast. I gave it a squeeze and
kissed the angry red mark on her shoulder. "sorry
about waking you" I whispered. She kissed my forearm
and sighed "you can wake me up anytime you want"
I buried my nose in her sweet lavender smelling blonde hair
and she soon fell fast asleep leaving me with a last few thoughts
before I joined her in dreamland.

The last few months have been a test of my utter lack of morals
and a heart. Hours after going down on Tyler I was kissing
Danyka on the lips while she cried out in pain over the loss
of her family member. I talked with Tyler about moving in
together when her and I went as a couple to her cousins wedding.
Danyka having an opportunity to go to Stanford College
with a half ride music scholarship was actually thinking
about turning it down and going to the University of Minnesota
instead. I didn't try and talk her out of it being selfish
and wanting her to be near me. Over and over again I repeated
my double life with both of these women not wanting to let
go of either one of them only because of my self serving needs.

Crazy thoughts ran through my head as I tried to think of
solutions. I even thought about trying to convince them
both to live with me in a wacked out version of Three of Hearts.
The simple fact was the I had to pick one or none and that was
that. It almost came crashing down with several close calls
and they ended up actually being in the same place at the
same time twice. That was scary as hell let me tell you, Jason
did his best to cover for me but we both decided that would
just put his relationship with Briny in danger and soon
I was lying to him about it to keep him safe. So all and all
I was living on borrowed time and soon the dam was bound to
break. So now here I was in the middle of August 2004 dazed
and confused not sure what my next move was going to be.

The next morning we made love again and playfully teased
each other in the shower about not seeing each other tonight.
She told me how much she was going to miss me and I told her
how much I was going to miss her. We joked around and talked
about when she moved in with me how tired and dehydrated
we would be all the time. I was actually thinking that maybe
I had made my choice and Tyler was the right one for me. I even
thought that maybe I was wrong and would fall madly in love
with her. I made the decision right then and there to talk
to Danyka and tell her to go to college in California. I just
had to wait for her to get back and this whole mess would be

Danyka was out of town on a family vacation until the coming
Sunday, Tyler and Briny were working a promotion at First
Avenue (Prince's old club) Our club had hired 5 new
guys so Jason and I took the night off since 16 bouncers was
over kill. We sat around my house wondering what to do and
the best we could come up with was going to Gabby's for
the night and harassing the staff. "It's Thursday
night ladies night lets do this maaaain" Jason said
clapping his hands together. I had to admit he confused
me some, since he was in love with Briny and all and still
wanted to go sniff on things. "I hear that" I
agreed. I had made a few friends at the club and had been given
odd things as a show of friendship including a white shirt
from Chris that said "My Other Girlfriend is Black"
across the back. On the left breast was a confederate flag
with the silhouette of a bootylicious black girl over it.

I knew the shirt could get me killed but it was funny as hell
so why not have a little fun with it. Jason and I made our way
to the club with a couple of shots in us already and rocking
out to Joe Buddun's "Pump it Up" to get in
the mood. We walked in to the club and the shocked expression
on Adam's face told me that my shirt had claimed it's
first victim. "You are going to get killed"
he pointed out. Jai was standing at the bottom of the steps
and thought it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen.
So one for two to start the night, I assured him I would be
fine and went over to Jai to shake his hand. He told me about
the new guys who looked scared to death.

He suggested that Jason and I go mess with them since they
hadn't met us yet. He got on the radio and put a broadcast
out "heads up on the two beefed up white guys one 5'10
190lbs white shirt, blue jeans, white shoes short brown
hair, one 6'5 250lbs green shirt, blue jeans, white
shoes, looks like Zack Morris from saved by the bell, they
are starting shit already" We laughed with Jai and
vaulted ourselves up the steps into the dark smokey club
packed with scantly clad women and pimped out guys. Fabolous
and Nate Dogg's "Can't Deny It" was
bumping over the clubs speakers, Thursday nights the girls
always out number the guys 3 to 1 thanks to the specials,
it was down right painful the way some of them dressed. We
made our way to the back bar and a bartender named Brian that
always hooked us up with free drinks during our shifts.

As we walked by a baby faced kid we didn't recognize
we saw him talk into the radio mic on his collar looking worried
when he saw us. We bellied up to the bar and ordered some shots
from Brian, scanning the area around us for anything interesting.
People were pointing at my shirt and obviously getting
a kick out of it, no one seemed to think it was racially pointed
at any people other than a "fuck you" to racist
rednecks so no harm no foul. It also helped that a lot of people
recognized us so it was easier to get accepted, plus if they
messed with us they know we had the bouncers support as well.
We downed our shots and small talked with Brian and each
other while the club filled.

Not having to look for fights gave us the chance to look around
at all the women that were around us, some trashy, some huge,
some ugly, but some hotter than the sun. Tight flat stomachs,
tiny firm booties, almost exposed breasts, hot asses , and
chocolate skin was everywhere it was like heaven. We heard
some laughing behind us and "he stupid" in a
silky smooth laugh. We turned around to see if they were
talking about us and came face to face with Melissa and Jazmin
two girls that were easy to recognize. They had been in the
club every Thursday night since I started, they would rip
up the dance floor stripper style, and blow off every guy
that tried to step up to them.

Jazmin was insane, she had a medium smooth mocha skin tone
and almond shaped asian brown eyes. Her body was a voluptuous
mix of large breasts, a thin waist, and round sexy ass. Her
long black hair was in swooping curls and was pulled over
her face to the right side. She had large full pouty lips
that looked wet from gloss, she dressed in a short yellow
jacket zipped up to below her breasts leaving a rhinestone
bustier showing. She finished her sexy look with a short
denim skirt and over the knee tan high heel boots making
her about 5'8. She ticked her flower painted yellow
nails on her plastic cup sucking her green drink out of a
straw as she stared back at us.

Melissa was the one that grabbed my attention the most,
she had a dark chocolate skin tone and her body was amazingly
toned. Her long black hair was flat ironed straight and
was parted in the middle framing her diamond shaped face
in a seductive dark halo. She had the look almost of a black
Egyptian queen with her narrow nose, strong jaw line, and
small chin, her full lips were pure kissable brown sugar.
She was dressed in a white skin tight 3/4 sleeve midriff
shirt that showed her six pack and pierced belly button
perfectly. I could tell that she had sexy muscular thighs
under her skin tight dark denim jeans and a tiny bubble butt
to match.

She was about 5'6 or so in her white high heels and had
mere goose bump breasts compared to Jazmin. Everything
about her was inciting and when she smiled her wide smile
the room seemed to get brighter. "is there a problem"
she asked in her silky smooth voice. I was too busy staring
at her sexy lips and brilliant white teeth to answer her,
so Jason did the honors. "nope, we were just wondering
who called us stupid" he said looking up and down Jazmin's
body not caring if she noticed. Melissa squinted her brown
eyes and poked a long fingernail into the confederate flag
on my chest. "you're brave for wearing that in
here" she told me. I let an astonished look spring
to my face and feigned innocence. "why do you say that,
what's the problem with it" I asked.

She rolled her eyes and laughed at me "you stupid".
I nodded my head "yeah I know, but it got me talking
to you so I will take it". I thought I saw her blush for
a second before she took a drink of the amber liquid in her
plastic cup. "Can we buy you two a drink" Jason
asked trying to get in the conversation. "it's
ladies night the drinks are free for us" Jazmin laughed.
"all the better for us then" Jason answered
back. He turned back to the bar and called Brian over to us,
he pointed to the two girls and told Brian to take extra care
of them. "Jason you're a big spender" he
laughed and asked the girls if they wanted anything to drink.
Jazmin got an Incredible Hulk (Hypnotic and Hennessy)
and Melissa got Alizay and orange juice, trying to be smooth
Jason ordered the same for us.

Jason introduced himself to Jazmin and tried to start up
a conversation with her with anything he could think of.
I stuck my hand out and introduced myself to Melissa. "I
know who you are" she said when I told her my name. "you
do, how" I asked. She gave me a amused look and sly smile
and in her silky smooth voice said "you knocked out
my ex boyfriend and his friends" I searched my mind
trying to think of what the hell she was talking about, until
it finally dawned on me. "you mean muscles, on the
stage" I laughed thinking back to when they had April
cornered by the shot bar. "yeah, he likes to push up
on women" she scoffed "he's an asshole,
I loved what you did to him" She told me he even used
to push her around some and was a horrible drunk. "yeah
I got that" I agreed.

Jason handed us our drinks and I took a sip of the Alizey immediately
wishing that I hadn't. "uh that's, horrible"
I coughed. Melissa laughed at me while I wiped the nasty
drink off my lips with the back of my hand. "how do you
drink that stuff". I turned and placed the drink back
on the bar and ordered a shot of Rumplemintz and a Budweiser
bottle so I could get the horrible taste out of my mouth.
"oh that was bad" I laughed. "it's
a black thing" she joked "no it's a taste
thing" I answered back. "D money, big man what
it is" yelled Chris as he made his way through the growing
crowd toward us. We did the hand shake shoulder hug thing
that was becoming a weekend ritual for us and said our hellos.
"looking good D looking good" Chris said with
a satisfied smile when he noticed I was wearing the shirt
he gave me.

When he saw who we were talking to he gave me a sly look and
thought he would help by saying. "ladies if you are
thinking about playing in the snow you picked the right
ones, these are my boys" not waiting to get a response
he turned and followed a girl that just walked past leaving
the four us staring at each other. "I gotta get new
friends" I quipped trying to make a joke about it.
I had to admit though the playing in the snow thing was funny.
Unfortunately I was the only one that must of thought so
cause nobody laughed. I started to say something to Melissa
when Jai came up a second later to talk to us. He said "hi"
to the two women and started in on how funny it was that the
new guys kept watching Jason and I thinking we were going
to start a fight.

Either not interested or just bored with us Melissa and
Jazmin waved to us and moved off into the crowd. "you
cock blocking bastard" Jason said to Jai. "don't
you have a girlfriend" Jai asked him. Jason kept quiet
and I thought I saw the old guiltless look in his eye again
for a second. We talked for a few minutes about the new guys
and about how many fine ass women were in the club tonight
before Jai had to break away. Jason and I walked through
the crowd watching people and sipping on our free drinks.
My shirt brought a couple of compliments and a couple of
stares but thankfully no drama. We finally introduced
ourselves to the new guys and joked about how they shouldn't
believe a word Jai says. We found a table on the stage next
to the dance floor and sat there while a steady stream of
people that recognized us stopped by to say "what's

It was a good thing Jason was driving because I was getting
pretty tipsy by the time midnight rolled around. I watched
the girls move and shake their asses on the floor and thought
how nice it would be to get to know a few of them in the biblical
sense. It was a relief not stressing out over the Danyka
and Tyler situation for once, since I wouldn't be seeing
either one of them tonight I would be free to think about
what my next step was. I was watching Melissa's body
flex and twist slowly to Pharrell's "Frontin"
and just having a great time. She occasionally looked our
way but never gave me any indication of interest much to
my dismay. Jazmin was just in her own little dancing world
so that meant Jason was out too.

"so what's up with you and Briny" I asked
him thinking that he did seem to hit on Jazmin pretty hard.
He shrugged and said "she wants us to move in together
and has been coming down on me pretty hard about it"
I guess being the one only last as long as you have different
addresses. "so you are" I asked leaving it hanging.
"I am rethinking my relationship" he said.
"not built for a committed relationship are you"
I commented. "ha look who's talking" he
fired back. "good point" I told him. I turned
back to the dance floor and saw that some thug looking dude
with a long airbrushed tee shirt that easily could have
been a dress was dancing behind Melissa. They moved back
and forth to Montell Jordan's "This is How We
Do It" with the guy trying to get his hands around her
the whole time.

Seeing that she was pushing him back and trying to give him
the picture I got the attention of one of the new guys on the
stage. I motioned for him to watch them just incase something
happened and turned back to my conversation with Jason.
A few minutes later I watched Jason's eyes look up and
felt a hand on my shoulder at the same time. "I got a
man" Melissa's smooth voice shouted. I turned
to see Melissa and the guy that was trying to dance with her
earlier facing each other. He looked down at me then back
up at her "you bullshittin" he told her not buying
it. Without a word she sat her small firm bubble butt on my
lap and put her arms loosely around my neck. We looked into
each others brown eyes for a second then she leaned in to
kiss me.

Her soft full brown sugar lips pressed against mine softly,
since I was part of this ruse I figured she wouldn't
mind if added a little bit of my own style to it. I moved my
right hand up to her jaw and caressed her cheek, I snaked
my left arm on her tiny waist and laid it across her six pack.
She smelled like vanilla and spice and her lips tasted so
sweet that I started to get carried away. I opened my mouth
and slowly slid my tongue across her lips while my fingers
brushed the soft skin of her face. She opened her mouth and
accepted my tongue touching it with the tip of her own. Our
slow movements quickly became rushed and we dove into a
deep passionate kiss. "mmmm" she moaned into
my mouth and tightened the loose grip she had around my neck.

Melissa shifted her body closer to me as we dove headlong
into our kiss, I had forgotten what we were doing all this
for and pulled her tight against me. Far in the back of my
mind I could hear Musical Youth's "Pass the Dutchie"
and the murmur of voices and laughter. I slowed my kisses
from passionate to playful and she took my bottom lip between
her teeth as she pulled away. I opened my eyes and saw that
hers were still closed, she let my bottom lip pull from her
teeth and sighed contently. "hhmmm" She slowly
opened her eyes and turned her head to look where the guy
had been. When she noticed he was gone she looked around
to see if he was still near us, not seeing him she turned to
me with half open eyes "thanks" she said softly.

"your welcome" I answered back. We didn't
move, we just stared into each others brown eyes, the taste
of her sweet kiss still on my lips. " well that worked"
Jason said from the other side of the table. Melissa turned
her head to look at him and I looked around her and saw that
Jazmin was sitting next to Jason. Melissa looked around
again "he left" she asked. "5 minutes
ago" Jason said "uh huh" Jazmin followed
sticking her tongue in her cheek and giving us a curious
look. "guy giving you a hard time" I asked. Melissa
turned to look at me again and nodded. "fool didn't
understand no" she answered. "sorry about
using you" she smiled. "oh sure, anytime"
I told her. She was still sitting in my lap and her arms still
clung tightly around my neck as we looked into each others

"you going to sit there all night" Jazmin asked.
Melissa stiffened in my lap causing her ass to drive itself
down onto my crotch. We both felt her ass press against my
cock and we froze for a second both embarrassed and stunned
at the same time. She released her grip on my neck and stood
up in one quick motion collecting herself. "thanks
again, Dave right" she asked. I laughed and nodded
to her "your welcome Melissa anytime" Jazmin
got up giving me a amused looked and they walked down the
steps and made their way through the crowd. "what
is it about you that makes that shit happen" Jason
laughed. I just shrugged in answer and scanned the crowd
looking for her again.

"I think we need to get out of here" I said knowing
I didn't need to complicate my life anymore. We decided
to go to First Avenue to harass Briny and Tyler and after
several goodbyes we jumped in Jason's black Eclipse
Spyder and headed downtown. Even in colder weather downtown
was a pain in the ass to find a parking spot, after our 8th
trip around the city block we decided just to pay for parking.
We paid our 5$ cover and joined the sparse crowd in the over
sized club. We ordered a quick drink from the bar and looked
around for the orange wigs and our girlfriends, not seeing
them we moved to the upper deck seating area.

Walking up the steps I caught a glimpse of orange and black
in a back corner and heading in that direction. When I finally
saw Tyler my blood ran cold and my stomach dropped through
the floor. She had her back to the corner and preppy looking
guy was holding on to her hips smiling at her sad looking
face. I thought she was in trouble only to be proved completely
wrong when he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She gripped
the front of his button up shirt and kissed him back, I stood
stone still watching them not able to think or move. I heard
Jason suck in a breath when he saw what I was looking at, I
know I had been living a double life and that I had just done
the same thing myself. I just couldn't help being angry,
just this morning she had told me that she loved me and now

Briny walked in front of us completely oblivious to who
we were, she started to ask us if we wanted to buy a shot and
froze in mid sentence when she looked up. She saw my face
and looked back to the corner "Dave it's not what
it looks like" she said in a rushed voice "Tim
is her ex and they are just friends now" I was watching
them kiss not so much like friends. "she like that
with all her friends" Jason asked dryly. Briny was
at a loss for words and just looked at me with a sad look in
her brown eyes. "tell her I changed my mind I don't
think we should move in together and I will put her stuff
in a box and give it to Jason" With that I turned and
walked back down the steps and out of the club to the busy
downtown street. I let the cool air come over me and instantly
felt sad that all of the fun times we had been having were
not only lies but worthless.

Completely forgetting my own betrayal I cursed her in my
head and in my heart, I felt so stupid for starting to believe
in her. I couldn't believe that she would do that and
I started to wonder how long it had been going on. My mind
churned in overdrive with every possible situation that
was probably faked and if she had ever really told me the
truth. Jason walked out of the club and joined me by the street,
he put his hand on my shoulder and said the only thing he was
capable of saying. "well at least you made a new friend
tonight" In spite of myself I started to laugh and
after agreeing with him we made our way back to his car. The
ride back to my house was oddly quiet and my mind wouldn't
stop screaming the entire way home. After saying goodbye
to Jason I walked into my house and grabbed a beer out of the

I sat down on my couch feeling like I had just gone 15 rounds
with Mike Tyson. I dug my cell phone out of my pocket and threw
it onto the floor and chugged down my beer before laying
down and falling asleep. A few hours later I heard a pounding
knock on my front door, I could hear Tyler's voice calling
my name and begging me to open the door. I ignored it the best
I could and rolled over and went back to sleep. The next morning
when I got up for work I noticed that my cell phone had 8 messages
from Tyler and a few emails. I ignored it and got ready for
work thankful that I was visiting stores today instead
of being in my office.

When I got home from work there was a note stuck to my front
door, I ripped it off before walking in. After grabbing
something to eat and getting cleaned up I headed to Gabby's
for my shift bringing the note with me. I walked through
the doors and asked Adam if he would do me a favor and not let
Tyler in if she showed up. He finally agreed when I told him
I thought she might cause a scene and I headed downstairs.
I found a quiet table in a corner and sat down pulling the
note out of my back pocket. I opened it and began to read...


I am so so sorry about what happened last night. I never meant
for that to happen and I didn't want it to happen I hope
you can believe that. I love you Dave with all my heart and
I know that you are the one for me. I don't want him I want
you and I hope you can forgive me. Please forgive me Dave.
It has never happened before and it won't ever happen
again I promise. I had a little too much to drink last night
and when Tim showed up things got all fucked up. He was my
first love and we were together for 4 years and have a lot
of history. I am not trying to make excuses I am just hoping
you will understand. I am begging for you to understand.
I am not a liar or a cheater you have to believe me. When Briny
said you were there last night it felt like someone pulled
out my heart and stomped on it. I can't even imagine
how you must feel and I am so so so very sorry for what happened.
Please call me and PLEASE FORGIVE ME.

I love you with all my heart Tyler

After reading it I crumpled it up and sat back into the cool
fake leather booth. I was mad sure but I felt something else
too, it was almost like relief that I wasn't the bad
guy when I thought for sure I would end up being. It was sort
of like she let me off the hook, I mean I felt betrayed and
hurt for sure but not crushed. The thought of not being able
to have any more fun crazy times with her sucked. I guess
I was just pissed that she made me believe in something that
wasn't real, and with that I suddenly felt horrible
for doing the same thing to Danyka. I pulled my cell phone
out of my pocket and pulled up my email, after deleting all
of hers without reading them I typed one line to her. "It's
too late to say you are sorry, don't talk to me again"
I paused for a minute then pressed send. This morning when
we made love she told me she loved me and now there was nothing.

The next two nights flew by and to my surprise Tyler hadn't
showed up at my house or tried to call. It was late Sunday
by the time I got a call from Danyka, she told me that she needed
to talk to me right away and asked if she could come over.
I wondered what could possibly be wrong and agreed. A short
time later she showed up at my house looking absolutely
crushed, I let her in and sat with her on the couch until she
was able to stop crying. She stammered and sobbed through
her explanation, her dad was being transfered back to Canada
within the month. She told me that she had fought with them
to be able to stay in Minnesota, but to no avail.

She had a choice, she could either go to Stanford or back
to Canada with them. Her parents had gotten her school to
agree to let her take all the tests she needed to graduate
so that now the only loose end was us. They didn't disapprove
of our relationship in the least bit, they just wanted her
to take care of herself first. That meant getting an good
education and making the right choices for her. I listened
to her as she tried to justify moving in with me and even brushed
over the topic of marriage. She was so upset that she was
hard to understand and would only get more upset when I tried
to get her to repeat things. So in one weekend I had all choices
taken out of my hands by outside influences, the things
that had taken over my thoughts for so long had all been pointless.

I felt lonely all of the sudden and very numb to anything
else, at that moment, I didn't even feel bad that she
was crying. The only good thing I could do for her was tell
her that it would be a mistake if we moved in together and
an even bigger one if we got married. For the next few hours
I stroked her long dark hair while she laid in my lap and cried.
She sobbed herself into a exhausted fitful sleep, I watched
her sleep until midnight before finally waking her up.
We kissed goodnight and she ran out of my door and tore out
of the parking lot leaving me alone.

The following two weeks Danyka spent every night at my house,
I had the best sex of my life in those weeks. The night before
her family was to leave she showed up at my door sobbing again.
"I don't want to leave" she cried. I wrapped
her in my arms and told her "I know baby" She pushed
against me driving me backwards down my hallway to my bedroom,
she pushed me onto my bed and stripped off her clothes exposing
her young nubile body to me one last time. She hurriedly
stripped me of my clothes then stood back to look at me. Danyka
stood in front of me with her full B cup breasts heaving with
silent sobs, tears flowed from her eyes and she said the
words "I love you David"

She slowly laid kisses on the insides of my legs as ran her
hands across my stomach and chest. I felt her hot breath
on my balls before she gently sucked them into her mouth
one at a time. Danyka ran her tongue up the shaft of my cock
taking me in her mouth and giving me sensual French kisses
over every inch. My cock swelled in her mouth and she slammed
it into the back of her throat a few times coating it with
saliva before moving up to my stomach. She crawled up my
body leaving a wet trail from her pussy on my left thigh as
she went.

Her mouth found my chest and she sucked on my nipples flicking
her tongue over them as she straddled me. She let her pussy
lips surround my cock then started to slide me between them
up and down. She moved her mouth to my neck and lightly began
to suck sending a shiver through my body. My cock screamed
to be inside her with every forward and back motion. Her
hands found my hair grabbing handfuls as she sucked on my
neck and slid my cock between her lips. She moved her soft
kisses up to jaw and to my cheek "I want you in every
way" she whispered softly. I moved my hands to her
breasts and started to play with her nipples making her
moan out my name.

My hard cock was now coated in the juices from her pussy,
she slid her hips forward and reached behind her grabbing
my cock in one motion. She angled it to her asshole and rocked
her hips back pushing the head into her. I felt her ass give
way then felt the sweet pressure as she guided it deeper
into her. "uuuuhhhh you feel so good in my ass"
she moaned. She let her body fall onto mine smashing her
breasts against my chest. She took my ear into her mouth
and tickled me with her tongue as she pumped her hips burying
my cock to it's fullest. As our bodies were rocked with
motion she drug her tongue over my cheek to my mouth, she
traced the line of my lips with it before sliding it into
my mouth.

Our tongues met in swirling motion before she moved to lick
my other cheek on her way to my ear. I felt her hips skip out
of rhythm and she started to moan louder into my ear. Danyka
dug her arms under my neck and pressed her cheek hard against
mine, I could feel her tears on skin as she started to sob
into her orgasm. Her body shook and she squeezed tight around
me. Her ass contracted and released on my cock as she slid
it in and out of her faster and faster. "aaaa ha ha aaaa"
she cried out. I moved my hands to her ass and pressed her
down onto me and pumped my hips to match her movements. "mon
dieu" she cried out. I pumped my cock deep inside her
ass until I was sure her orgasm had passed before finally
releasing her. She lay panting on top of me for a few moments
before sitting up driving my unsatisfied cock in as deep
as it could go.

She let out a gulp of air and a wince of pain before taking
her firm tits in her hands and squeezing her nipples hard.
She looked down and me with such a sad face and lightly pawed
at my stomach before lifting herself off of me. My dick slapped
hard against my stomach when it was released from her ass.
She took in gently in her hand and lifted it up in the air,
she scooted back and bent down bringing it slowly into her
mouth. So slowly she slid her lips and tongue up and down
the shaft paying attention to every inch of me. Tear drops
fell onto my skin from her silent sadness, slowly she took
me into her mouth gently sucking on me. Up and down her mouth
moved sending sensations all through my body. Danyka massaged
my balls in her hands and sat up looking at me knowing this
was the last time we would be together.

She positioned her hips over mine and guided my cock into
her wet waiting pussy. Her hot wet insides reluctantly
accepted me as she lowered herself down. She collapsed
on top of me again this time smashing her lips onto mine.
Our kiss burned through me and I began to feel very sad, her
tears dropped into my eyes and saturated my face with each
tilt of her head. Her moans being stifled as she fought back
sobs of sadness instead of her sobs of pleasure. I wrapped
her in my arms and held her tight as she rode me, she broke
our kiss and let her head fall to my shoulder. Losing the
battle she let out great sobs of grief crying out "aucun
non juste, aucun non juste" over and over again. (no
not fair)

I started to feel the horrible mix of pleasure and sadness
as our love making quickly climbed to it's crescendo.
Danyka's body was racked with tears and sobs but at
the same time she was getting close to her orgasm. We pumped
our hips faster as we held each other tight, her face buried
in the crook of my neck. Tears and saliva ran down my neck,
our bodies had become sweaty and slippery from exertion.
"je t'aime, I love you, I love you so much"
she screamed. Our bodies exploded together in a screaming
crying orgasm, her pussy crushed me as my cock pulsed my
cum into her womb.

Our bodies pressing together trying to become the same
as we shook and trembled together. She drug her lips across
my face and brought them to mine in the most passionate kiss
of my life. We breathed for each other, we drove through
our orgasms with deep slow drawn out kisses. Our hands clutched
at each others skin, her nails racked the back of my neck,
my fingers bruising her back. Long past did we continue
to move, my semi rigid cock piercing her tender young body
even after it's usefulness. Just to feel it, just to
be together we did it, one last time for us before there was

Danyka ripped her lips from mine with a great sob and rolled
off of me to the floor. She scooped up her clothes and ran
out my bedroom door crying loudly. I lay panting and soaked
with our cum staring at the ceiling thinking of anything
I could say or do that would help either one of us. She gave
one last heart wrenching scream and I heard my front door
slam, I sprung from my bed and ran into the living room. Finding
it empty I tore the blinds back in time to see her car screech
down the road. Just like that she was gone, she told me she
loved me and then there was nothing............

The End...................

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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This ends the time I spent with Tyler and Danyka. For now
at least. I know this one was a hard read but I have been writing
three other story lines as the same time and this one was
kind of left behind. As you can tell by the way things are
going this was a really rough patch filled with bad choices.
I would love to tell you that I turned it around but I only
make bigger mistakes from here on out.

If you have questions or anything like that please email
me I would be happy to answer. Also I have put some pictures
of certain things like Abby from Cam show, what my town home
looked like inside and out and a few random tidbits on my
blog. Oh and it helps if you read what I wrote beside some
of those pics to understand them. Thanks for all the great
comments I appreciate them all.


Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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WOW! a real tear your guts out experience. Thanks for a piece
of your soul. John


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That had me choked up.


Members can vote on this response!

For a start, quit with the running commentary on
the music, who cares what or who is playing, and once is all
you need to describe the size of a women's breast.


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Thanks for the help on the writing Manninp and thanks for
suffering through it.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Great stuff. You might consider writing a book, really.


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Outstanding story. Great writing talent. I was able to
put myself right into the story, seeing what you described.
from the first volume to the last, very enjoyable. Thanks.


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Good luck. i hope the rest gets better after the bad times.


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Oh my gosh!!!!!


Members can vote on this response!

I read all from start to finish... Took a couple days but
u kept me coming back for more... Great writing


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I can't believe I already have 34 stories......

I can't decided what to post next, I have not really
had a chance to write to much lately and have 4 unfinished
stories and I can't decide where to go next. Some things
ran people ran together and I am trying to avoid those long
thousand part stories. So I guess you could say I am stuck
and not sure what to do. Since these stories are not made
up or embellished that leaves me with a problem.

I don't know how much I want you guys to know about me
lol. So for the next few go easy on the judgements will you.
I hope you still enjoy reading them and thank you all for
the story comments and the blog comments I really appreciate


oh and and I have decided to try fiction out so ladies if you
feel up to it and don't think i am trying to scam you,
send me pictures of your face, you as a whole and tell me a
few things about your personality and I will see if I can't
come up with a story with you in it. I guess I should also know
what you like, or you could let me try to come up with it on
your own.

Might be fun or it might be a disaster who knows but what the

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Your stories really turn me on, I just love reading them.