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Gabby's Eatery and Saloon Part 5


I woke up tucked into bed with a long tanned arm draped over
me, bright sunlight shone through the plastic town home
mini blinds. Little particles floated through the sunlight
and birds chirped brightly from outside the window. My
bladder screamed to be relieved and my erect cock throbbed
from the pressure. I lifted the arm off of my and put it on
the gentle bend of her hip and slipped from underneath the
covers and onto the brown carpeted bedroom floor. I quietly
slid open my dresser draw and pulled out a pair of red mesh
basketball shorts and a pair of blue boxer briefs. After
slipping them on I stole a glance and the beautiful blonde
Goddess fast asleep in my bed.

Tyler's head was buried into a pillow her blonde hair
a tangle covering half of her face. Still asleep she moved
her arm under her chin and nestled her self deeper into the
ultra soft pillow top mattress. A soft moan escaped her
soft pink lips then she lay still. I turned the knob of the
bedroom door that I didn't remember closing and tip
toed the short few steps the the hallway bathroom locking
the door behind me. After my much need relief of my bladder
I stood in front of the vanity and stared into the mirror.
My dark brown eyes were glassy and bloodshot, I had bags
under my eyes and looked damn rough. I turned on the faucet
and washed my face with cold crisp water. I looked back into
the mirror and tiny streams of water ran down my face and
traced my jaw line to my neck.

A dark purple bruises flanked each side showing that I had
managed to get a hickeys. I laughed to myself thinking I
had made it all through high school and my early twenties
without hickeys and now at 26 I finally got not one but two.
I fingered at them for a second before brushing the horrible
stale alcohol breath from my mouth. I stood up and looked
at my bared chest and stomach, red tracers from fingernails
ran through my olive skin. I turned to get a view of my back
and saw little streaks of dried blood on my shoulders as
well. "huh" I didn't remember Tyler digging
her nails into my back, I guess I must have blacked out and
had another go at Tyler. After running my hands through
my short brown hair and putting on a little Arm and Hammer
deodorant I made my way into the hallway.

April's tiny snores told me that she was camped out
on my couch and I scanned for Jason or Briny. Not seeing either
one I quietly made my way to the kitchen for a glass of water
to start rehydrating my body. I was working on my third glass
of cool refreshing water when Tyler appeared in one of my
old blue fire department shirts and a red pair of my boxer
briefs rolled up at the waist. Her blonde hair was a spider
web of mess and she looked as though she could sleep for another
day or so. She rubbed her eyes and moved in close wrapping
her arms around me in a tight hug. "mornin" she
mumbled with lips pressed to my bare shoulder. I wrapped
my glassless around around her and squeezed tight "morning".
Tyler gave me a soft kiss on my shoulder before pulling away
and grabbing my water from me.

After downing what was left she grabbed my hand and led me
back to my bedroom and crawled back under the covers. I joined
her a second later and faced her letting a smile spread across
my face. "so how are you feeling" I asked. She
covered her mouth and blocked her morning breath with her
fingers before answering. "I am still drunk and I
feel like trash" she said in a raspy voice. "not
fair you brushed your teeth and I have poop breath"
she whined. I kissed her on the forehead and told her it was
no big deal. She gave a "humph" and rolled over
slamming the back of her body into the front of mine. I moved
my left hand under her shirt and cupped her succulent breast
in my hand. "mmmmm" she moaned contently.

With my nose buried into her smoke but still sweet smelling
blond hair I asked her "so how did I get scratches on
my back". I was sad that I didn't remember our
second sex session. She let out a little snort and asked
"you don't remember". I honestly didn't
but hopped I didn't miss anything too good. I didn't
black out that often but it always seemed when I did I missed
something good. "nope was I good" I laughed.
"I don't think April will be able to walk again
what does that tell you" she muttered. "What!"
I said not believing her words and shot up in bed. She turned
her sleepy eyes toward me and gave me a frown. "yeah
you fucked April last night for like an hour" I couldn't
believe the words coming out of her mouth. "no I didn't"
I said not wanting to believe it.

"uh yes you did asshole" she said turning her
face and burying it into the pillow. I was shocked and suddenly
worried that it wasn't a grand amazing threesome it
was could've been. "why the hell did you let me
do that" I shouted. Tyler let out a little high pitched
scream into the pillow before flopping on her back and looking
at me with her mesmerizing voilet eyes. "It was my
stupid fucking idea and you just went with it jerk"
she fired back. My mind relaxed a little thinking this might
not be that last time Tyler would let me touch her. I didn't
know what to say about it since the last thing I remember
was lying next to Tyler on my bed.

"so it's your fault" I said trying to shift
the blame off of me. I was unsuccessful. Her eyes blazed
at me the she spoke slowly though her perfect clenched teeth.
"you should've said no" I couldn't
argue with that logic and fell back down to the bed staring
up at the ceiling wondering what to say next. Tyler flipped
to her side and propped herself up on an elbow. Her other
hand tugged at the 3 hairs that grew on my chest. "it
was what it was and you weren't my boyfriend then"
she sighed. Catching what she said I asked "then?"
She let out a laugh and asked "so you really don't
remember anything" I just shook my head no to afraid
to look her in the eye. She let out another long sigh and started
to tell me what happened.

"After you fucked me almost into a coma we saw that
little slut April playing with herself in your room"
she said " She had been watching the us the whole time"
She went on to tell me that while she was trying to recover
I went down on her and sent her into another orgasm in no time
not caring about that fact that April was watching us. I
tried to fuck her again but she stopped me and told me she
was sore as hell and needed to recover. I apparently pouted
some and she told me that if I needed to fuck some one I could
fuck April. Apparently she meant it sarcastically or something,
but being hammered and stupid I didn't catch it. I hopped
off the bed and grabbed little Asian April and threw her
on the bed. April apparently thinking the same thing I was
proceeded to suck my cock while I laid next to Tyler.

After a few minutes I skewered April with my cock and fucked
her tiny body in every possible way I could manage sending
her into oblivion. When April couldn't take anymore
and Tyler couldn't stand to watch anymore she told
me to take her to the living room and dump her on the couch.
So apparently I carried her down the hallway and Tyler burst
into laughter when she told me that while carrying her down
the hallway I had accidently rammed her head into the wall
a few times. After dropping her on the couch I came back and
begged Tyler to let me fuck her in the ass. Which she refused
saying her ass was exit only. She told me that I continued
to whine and beg and just wouldn't shut up, so to shut
me up she gave me the best blow job of my life. Which I am sad
to say I didn't remember. And after she finally got
me to cum I shot so much cum down her throat that it upset her
stomach and shortly after she ran to the bathroom and puked
her guts out. Apparently Jager and cum don't mix.

After cleaning up and crawling back into bed I professed
my undying like for her and asked her to be my girlfriend.
I was now embarrassed and little bit ashamed that I was such
an ass. Tyler laid her head on my chest and gave my flesh a
soft kiss. "I am really sorry I was such an ass Tyler"
was all I could say. She kissed me again lightly and sighed
"you should be and you were" I couldn't
tell if she was mad or not and I wasn't sure what to say
next so I just kept quiet. The sounds of people moving around
my house filled my ears and I stared at the closed bedroom
door wondering who it might be. Hushed voices and giggles
told me it was probably Jason and Briny trying to sneak with
out being heard. Well at least the still like each other
for sure.

The not knowing what Tyler was thinking was killing me so
I bit the bullet and spoke up. "so are you pissed at
me" I asked. After another deep sigh Tyler lifted
her head up and looked at me searching my face for a moment
before she gave me an answer. "I guess not just don't
ever do anything like that again" she said "I
don't want my boyfriend fucking my friends or anyone
else for that matter and I am not bi so you are out of luck with
that" There it was again, the only things I pretty
much heard out of that was "boyfriend" and "not
bi" The thought of Briny, Tyler, and April putting
on a show danced through my thoughts like "Swan Lake"
on ice, in bikini's, with naked women sitting in the
audience making out. "so you're my bi girlfriend
now" I asked cringing for the slap I was sure would
come. Tyler exhaled long nasty morning breath into my face
and called me an asshole again. I wrapped her up in my arms
and rolled her over pinning her under me, and started to
lick her face like a dog. "sorry sorry sorry sorry
sorry" I panted "forgive me forgive me forgive

Tyler shut her eyes tight and tried to dog my tongue laughing
and squealing loudly. "Dave quit it" she laughed
and struggled against my assault. I loosened my grip and
fell away from her, she let out a breath and tried to blow
blonde hair away from he eyes. Without warning she launched
her tall frame onto me sat up straddling me pinning my arms
down to the bed by my head. Her blonde fly away hair was everywhere
and she kind of looked like the most beautiful Medusa you
had ever seen. She leaned forward in what I thought was a
gesture to give me a kiss, instead she put my nose in her mouth
and blew hot air into it causing me to choke a little. We burst
out into laughter and finally she brought her sweet lips
to my own. We kissed passionately and my flooded it self
with endorphins making my skin extremely sensitive to
her every touch.

Our dry lips were soon moistened by our saliva as our tongues
glided in and out of each others mouths. She mashed her covered
pussy down on my hardening cock sucked in as it hit the sore
spots. The heat from our bodies caused little beads of sweat
to cover my forehead. "mmmmm" she moaned as
my cock slid across her clit. I let my hands wander under
her shirt and I massaged her breasts in my hands letting
my fingers caress her skin. Her body tensed and relaxed
under my touch and she let her body fall onto my chest trapping
my hands between us. Briny had apparently learned good
timing from Jason and opened the door to my bedroom and walked
in. "give it a rest you two, lets get breakfast"
she yelled. She walked out of the room before we could throw
something at her and out of breath Tyler and I looked at each
other. "want to have a quickie before we go"
I asked breathlessly. Tyler laughed and sat up running
her hands through her mussed hair. "you don't
do quickies" she laughed "don't you ever
cum" she asked. "not very easily especially
not when I am drunk" I bragged.

She slapped me on my bare stomach "come on I am hungry"
and hopped off of me. I watched her long perfect legs take
her out of my bedroom as she headed to join the others in the
living room. "I am one unbelievably lucky fucker"
I said to the empty room before jumping out of bed to follow.
When I got to the living room I saw that Jason was just wearing
his jeans and his bare chest was covered in hickey's
and scratches. Briny had put back on her Miller Light shorts
and tank top and had tucked her black hair into a tight pony
tail but looked amazingly chipper. April was still passed
out and softly snoring under an old green and black comforter
of mine. I couldn't help but laugh and made a remark
about how someone could connect the dots on Jason chest.

"yeah well what's on your neck there buddy"
Jason fired back. I had forgotten Tyler had given me hickeys,
then it dawned on me that it was probably April that left
the marks. "you guys are all muscly and hot"
Briny cooed breaking me out of my thought. I couldn't
help but blush "uh thanks that was random" I
said. Briny keeping up the comedy hooked onto Jason's
leg and humped it like a dog. "wwuuuuhooo" she
laughed. Tyler laughed as she sat down on at the kitchen
table and started to clean up the cards. "wow"
I said and sat down next to Tyler "so you guys want to
grab something to eat" I asked. Briny let go of Jason's
leg and nodded " I am starved and a girl can't live
on cum alone" she said patting her stomach. "I
think you found your soulmate buddy" I said rolling
my eyes. "yeah ain't it great" he said with
a giant smile.

After getting dressed and trying to wake up April who refused
to move we all piled into my Expedition and headed up to the
Maple Grove IHOP for grub. Tyler had opted to wear a pair
of my red and white checkered pajama pants and kept my old
fire department shirt on. She had to roll the tops of them
up and pull the draw string tight but her tall body made it
look cute. We got seated in almost the same seat that Jason
and I had sat at with different guests and the four of us chatted
away about nothing after we ordered our breakfasts. As
luck would have it not long after we had gotten our food a
familiar face walked into the place with a couple of her

Julie dressed in her usual velour jumpsuit stopped in mid
step when she saw Jason. They had apparently not had as good
a separation as I had thought and she mean mugged the crap
out of him. Her eyes drifted over the table towards me and
she gave me a small frown as she saw Tyler's hand grab
mine. It must have looked bad that after only a few weeks
after my break up with her best friend Tara I was sitting
with a very friendly blonde bombshell. I though for a moment
that she was going to approach us and start something instead
she whipped her body around making her pony tail react like
a whip and stomped toward her table. Tyler had caught what
had happened and gave me a bemused look.

"someone from your past" She asked with a cocked
eyebrow. "oh no not mine" I answered defensively.
(what she didn't know wouldn't hurt me"
I motioned my head in Jason's direction. "oh"
she said looking a little relieved. Briny spun her head
around to see who we were talking about and stopped her gaze
on Julie. "she's pretty, did you fuck her"
Briny asked looking up at Jason's stone expression
face. Jason not bothering to look back said "we had
a interesting relationship" Briny looked back at
Julie and said "I would fuck her she's hot"
I couldn't help myself I just started to laugh so hard
that tears leaked from my eyes. The rest of the table stared
at me as if I lost my mind but I couldn't stop. I laughed
so much that they joined in just because I was dying. "what"
Jason laughed. "soul mates" I laughed.

Briny looked happy as can be and she wrapped up Jason's
big arm in hers and kissed it. "yeah" she said
stary eyed. Jason looked immensely happy and bent down
kissing her on the top of her raven haired head. Tyler copied
her and took my arm in hers and laid her head on my shoulder.
"so are you guys together now" she said more
as a statement then a question. Jason answered for them
both "yup she's my stuff" he said. Whatever
that meant Briny seemed to like it or was making a joke "I
am so proud he is all mine" Tyler and I just laughed.
"how about you two" Briny asked with a coy smile
"I think the whole state heard how much you two like
each other" Tyler's face blushed bright red
"oh so you heard us" she asked. "all three
of you" Jason said with the worst possible thing he
could say that day.

"I didn't think you were like that T" Briny
said slyly. Tyler stiffened and in a very scary slow tone
said "I am not and it won't ever happen again"
I was sure she was saying it more to me then to anyone else.
"so is April just a party favor then" he asked
not helping me out one bit. I sat in fear waiting for lightning
to strike me down or something and hoped this wouldn't
get me killed. "we are not going to talk about it ever
again" Tyler warned pointing her fork at the soul
mates. They got the point and we finished breakfast without
any more mention of it. As we walked out the door Briny made
a show of her and Jason being together for Julie's benefit.
I didn't look but I could only imagine the look she threw

When we got back to my house April was still passed out and
we retreated to our rooms and shut the thin doors. Tyler
and I cuddled in bed fully clothed and didn't say a word.
A short time later we heard Briny and Jason fooling around
on my little double bed that was in the second room. Her moans
got louder and louder and so did the squeaks, it was obvious
that Jason's big body was probably pounding her into
the mattress. I couldn't help but be turned on by Briny's
moans and my body started to heat up. I looked into Tyler's
deep violet eyes and rolled her onto her back and untying
her pajama pants. She watched me silence as I pulled them
down exposing her hips and bald pubic bone. I saw how wet
she was as I tugged them down her long legs. I moved in between
her legs and used my fingers to spread her pussy lips like
a butterfly spreading it's wings.

She gasped as my hot breath rolled across her skin as I moved
my head lower to her woman hood. Her sweet scent flared through
my senses as I brought my lips to her. Slowly I planted kisses
across her slip and down her lips kissing her like I was kissing
her mouth. "ooohh" she gasped and opened her
legs to accept me and my attention. Tiny droplets of her
juices dribbled from her opening and ran down her skin I
stuck out my tongue and caught a few drops of her nectar.
She tasted so sweet on my tongue as I buried it in to her. Her
gasps getting louder as I worked in slow deliberate circles
inside of her on my way up to her swollen pink clit. I drug
the flat of my tongue across her and felt her body respond
to my actions.

Tyler arched her back and grasped at the pillow and her hair
as I sucked her pink clit into my mouth. So slowly I stimulated
it with my tongue and nibbled her at the same time. My chin
was coated as I rubbed between her lips, I slipped my hands
under her thighs and squeezed her gently. I felt her hands
slid down her body and into my hair grasping handfuls before
moving back up her body and to her shirt. She pulled it over
her head to expose her bare torso and bra covered breasts.
After a small struggle she managed to wiggle it off and caressed
her breasts as my mouth pleasured her. "oooohhhhh"
she moaned.

I continued to slowly and softly pleasure her until her
moans became screams and her body shook. I sat up leaving
her writhing and still massaging her large breasts and
hard pink nipples with her hands and stripped off my shirt.
I laid down to her side and grabbed her hips pulling her in
a sitting position on my chest. I grasped her ass in my hands
and brought her pussy to my mouth again. Her ass pressed
hard onto the top of my chest and she leaned forward placing
her hands on the wall for support. "Dave" she
moaned "Dave" and her body began to tremble
again. I could hear the scrapping sounds of her nails raking
across the bedroom wall looking for purchase.

Streams of cum started to flow from her pussy into my mouth
like a water fountain. I pulled her down hard onto my mouth
and drank all of the cum she squirted. The warm liquid rapidly
filled my mouth and I gratefully swallowed it down before
accepting more. Her thighs clamped tight against my ears
and only helped to muffled her lustful screams. When the
stream became a trickle and her trembles tiny after shocks
I pushed her body down my chest and stomach to my waiting
cock. With fervor she grasped it and guided it into her tight
silky smooth pussy. She let out a gasp as our bodies combined
and sweet hot pressure surrounded me.

Her pussy pulsed as her body rocked up and down enveloping
my hard throbbing cock. Her unintelligible words mixed
with her moans as her head lolled back and forth and her hands
clutched at my skin and her breasts. With her passions taking
over she started to control what was happening between
us. She brought her knees up and braced herself on her feet,
it also forced my cock deeper into her quivering pussy.
"aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" she whined. She leaned
back and with arms behind her braced herself on my legs and
lifted her hips up and down. Her knees opened wide and her
body and head arched back, while perfect firm breast jutted
into the air. Her stomach sucked pronouncing her ribs even
more than her tight body normally did.

Her body glided up and down on my shaft and her long pussy
lips left wet glistening trails on me. Thick puddles of
her cum and juices covered me and looked enticingly tasty.
I reached for her knees and pulled her body forward in an
awkward motion. My cock tore itself away from her as I forced
her pussy toward my waiting mouth. As dove my tongue into
her pussy again she trembled and started to squirt again
and lurched forward grabbing my hair with both hands and
moaning loudly. I took down all she had to offer as she struggled
to stay sitting up. "mmmmmaaaaaaa" she squealed

With the last stream of her cum I let her fall to my side and
positioned my self above her. She pulled her legs up tucking
her arms under behind her legs holding them up. I moved forward
on my knees and with cock in hand I guided my swollen member
into her once again. Tyler's eyes had been closed up
till now, when she opened them they seemed to glow. She bit
her bottom lip and drown me with them as I thrust into them.
Her lustful gaze urged me silently on and her loud whimpering
sang to my ears. Faster and faster I penetrated her, soft
wet sounds came from us and my body vibrated from excitement.

I reluctantly pulled out of her and gently turned her over
to her stomach, I crawled on top of her trapping her legs
between my knees. Looking down at her ass I could see her
little asshole and dripping pussy perfectly. I guided
my cock back into her pussy and sitting up began to grind
into her. Deep guttural grunts emanated from her with each
thrust, I wet my thumb on my tongue and pressed against her
asshole with it letting the tip sink in. "uuuhhhhhhh"
she moaned in a deep voice. I ground my cock as deep as I thought
I could go while I pressured my thumb into her ass.

She pulled at her blonde hair and pushed her forehead hard
into the mattress. The muscles on her back flexed and her
body started to shudder under my weight. The sight and the
feelings took me over and I felt very close to my own orgasm.
I pulled my thumb away and laid down across her back. "I
am going to cum" I whispered into her hair covered
ear. "yuuuuueeessss" came a deep moan from
her. I moved my right arm under her neck and she grasped it
with both of her hands. I powered my hips forward and she
lifted her hips up to meet each forward thrust. I felt her
teeth sink into my arms and she let out a high pitched scream
and again she shot streams of squirt. I felt my body tighten
like and over stretched rubber band and felt the blood rush
from my head as my first stream of cum shot deep into her womb.

"hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm" I grunted involuntarily
as more cum shot from the head of my cock into her still squirting
pussy. I felt light headed as my intense orgasm vibrated
through my body. Tyler's grunts and moans joined mine
and when my hips couldn't move anymore she thrust her
ass back into me harder. Pain shot through my arm as she bit
down harder as the last strong wave of her orgasm consumed
her. When I had no more to give I let my body relax and rest
on Tyler's trying to hold some of it on my shaky left
arm. With my cock still deep inside her I rolled us onto our
sides and laid motionless trying to catch my breath. We
held onto each other quietly, her soft silky insides contracting
on my softening manhood massaging me into a calm.

As my senses calmed down and my body returned to normal I
realized the the entire side of my body was wet. I started
to laugh into Tyler's hair as it came to me what had made
me wet. "what" she laughed. "I think you
turned the bed into a swimming pool" I chuckled. She
bite down on my arm and in muffled words "it's
your fault jerk" We laughed together at the fact that
we had just made a huge mess. "ooowwww" she said
in a drawn out complaint and moved her hips forward pulling
me out of her with a wet sucking sound. Gingerly she rolled
to face me holding her stomach at the same time "youch"
and settled in with her face close to mine. She gave me a cute
smile then kissed the tip of my nose before closing her eyes
and sighing contently. A soft knock at the door popped her
eyes back open "now what" she muttered.

"hey guys when are we leaving" April's
tiny voice called from the other side of the thin fake wood
door. Something flashed behind her violet eyes and she
pulled the covers over our heads. "ssshhh maybe it
will go away" she whispered. Another knock "come
on guys I need to get home" April whined. "Dave,
Tyler" Tyler threw the covers off our heads and looked
toward the door "Dave's not here man" She
yelled. "uuuuggghhh" was the reply. Tyler
gave me a deep passionate kiss that threatened to wake my
body back up before swinging her legs out of bed. "ooowwww
shit" she winced and grabbed her crotch with both

She tugged my pajama pants back on and slipped my shirt over
her head, she ruffled her hair then folded her arms over
her chest and walked to the door. She swung the door open
and found a sleepy looking April standing there still naked
and wrapped in the comforter. "I need to get home"
she said again quietly. "alright well go get Briny"
she said and slipped past her headed for the bathroom. April's
fingers appeared from the top of the comforter and wiggled
her fingers in a wave then turned toward the living room.
I was left naked under the covers with my door open and no
chance to get dressed unseen. A minute later April appeared
dressed in her shirt and stretch pants and knocked at the
other door. "I need to get home Briny" she repeated.

"Coming" Briny yelled back April turned and
shuffled off down the hall. Tyler came back into the bedroom
wearing my white Kangol hat backwards on her blonde head
and carrying her clothes. I had lost it the weekend before
and was amazed that she had found it when I could not. She
plucked her Jagermeister duffle bag off the ground and
shoved her dirty clothes into it. Briny opened the other
door dressed in her same clothes from last night and walked
into my bedroom to look for her bag. I was still naked under
my covers. Tyler sat down on the bed and scooted her butt
close to me slowly and with a wince. She leaned back against
me as she watched Briny dig through it for her brush. Finding
it Briny joined Tyler on the bed and started to run the brush
through her long raven colored hair.

A second later April shuffled in and sat down on the floor
Indian style by her bag on the floor. "uh I am kind of
naked here do you guys mind" I whined. "oh yeah"
Briny replied with a mischievous look on her face. She started
to lift of corner of the Duvet to get a peak when Tyler slapped
at her hand. "you have one you don't need mine"
she laughed. Jason came into the room to add to my uncomfortableness
and looked around. "so you guys got to take off"
he asked. "yeah we probably should we have to be at
Drink Minneapolis tonight at 7" Briny said. It was
already 2 in the afternoon and stuff probably needed to
be washed, and speaking of that my security shirt was one
of them.

Tyler rolled on top of me and planted a kiss on my lips "will
I see you later" she asked. I thought that sounded
like a great idea "yeah of course, did you just want
to come over" I asked. She nodded and kissed me again.
Briny and Jason where saying their goodbyes and soon all
three girls left my room and my town home leaving me an Jason
in my bedroom. Jason sat down on my bed and started to tell
me what he had done to and with Briny. "dude you know
I am naked right" I asked hoping he would take the hint
to let me get dressed. "well don't get up then"
he said and continued to tell give me a blow by blow account
of how much of a sex kitten she was. After Jason had left I
washed my clothes and got ready for the Saturday night at
the Gabby's Saloon and Eatery.

It was my turn to drive and on my way to Gabby's I picked
up Jason. He told me that Briny had called and that she had
told him about what really went down with April, Tyler and
I. Then in true Jason style he asked if he minded if he could
bang her too what could I say other than go for it. We pulled
up to the club about 15 before 7 pm and made our way into the
restaurant for a quick bite to eat.

When I got downstairs I was surprised to see Tyler in her
Jagermeister girl get up talking with Jeff at the bar. "trouble"
Jason asked "I don't know" I replied. When
she saw me she said something to Jeff and shook his hand saying
goodbye. Without a word she grabbed my hand and pulled me
back up the stairs and outside into the parking lot. She
pulled me to the side of the bar that led to the river. "where
are you taking me" I asked. "you will see"
she said and tugged harder to get me to move faster. She led
me to the lower parking lot and into the back of Gluek Park
along the Mississippi river. A worn dirt path led through
the trees and past a little boat dock our customers could
use. Walking deeper into the park she found a little clearing
and turned to face me.

"I want you to fuck me now" she said looking dead
serious "it has to be quick and I will do my best to make
it quiet" Before I could respond she squatted down
and started to unbuckle my pants. "here now"
I asked amazed. The smell of decaying vegetation and fish
filled my nose. Through the copse trees along the river
bank I could see cars on the bridge over the river and the
lights of businesses the lined the banks. "yes I have
been really horny since I left your house and when they changed
us to 8 I have the time" she said pulling down my zipper.
"and while you are being hit on by girls all night long
I want you to think of me instead" Her hand dug into
my underwear and grabbed the shaft of my cock making me jump.

She pulled my cock out and opened wide taking me into her
mouth. I groaned as her her orange wigged head bobbed up
and down. Her tongued glided along the bottom of my shaft
and she sucked on the head quickly making me hard. "you
know crack heads shoot up in this park we could get caught"
I moaned. She pulled me with a pop out of her mouth and looked
up at me. "then we better make this really quick"
she replied and shoved my cock back in her mouth. She sucked
on it a few more time the pressed it against my stomach and
licked me from my balls to the top of the head. She stood up
and turned around pulling her booty shorts and fishnet
stockings down at the same time exposing her perfect little

She leaned up against a small tree and stuck her ass toward
me "hurry" she whined. Since she had her heels
on and stood 6 feet tall she was in the perfect position.
I moved behind her and she reached between her legs and helped
me into her dripping pussy. I sunk into her tight insides
and she pushed hard against me forcing me deeper inside
her. I grabbed her hips and slowly pumped my hips. In and
out relishing the amazing feeling of being inside her,
her orange wig swayed as my thrusts moved her body. Her hands
were above her head supporting herself on the tree, to try
and keep quiet she bit down on her bicep. Small high pitched
moans floated through the air and I could tell she was really
biting down hard.

I was so amazed that this girl out of nowhere showed up and
now I was fucking her in a wooded park along the river only
a couple hundred feet from my work. My cock glided in and
out bringing a grunt from her with ever forward motion,
her pussy clamped down hard after only a minute and her legs
shook and her knees buckled. My hands on her hips and my cock
the only things supporting her rubber legs as she erupted
into her orgasm. "mmmmmmmmmm" she squealed
into her arm. I felt her squirt soak the insides of my legs
and run down into my jeans. The combination of her in her
outfit, the place we were doing it in, and the way her body
looked against the tree worked it's magic and I felt
the urge she was hoping for.

All at once it came over me and my body tightened up before
releasing my sperm into her. This time my legs shook and
threatened to give out as my cum filled her pussy. I held
my breath and her squeaks and the slap of my hips on her ass
joined the gentle lick of the water on the shore line. Far
off in the distance cars and soft music from the clubs restaurant
speakers surrounded us. Tyler let one of her hands fall
off the tree and she reached between her legs and started
to massage my balls trying to milk the last of my cum into
her. A few more thursts then we heard voices and she jumped
forward and rushed to pull her shorts up. I did the same and
tucked my cum covered cock into my pants, our lower bodies
where covered in cum and even with my black jeans I could
see all the wet trails.

She laughed as she felt the cum leak from her pussy into her
panties "oh wow you came a lot" I finished buckling
my belt "so did you, it looks like somebody spilled
water in my lap" After looking each other over and
making sure it didn't look like we just had sex we made
our way up the lower path back to the parking lot. "shit
it's almost 8:10, you really have to learn what quickie
means" she said in a rushed voice. We walked up the
small hill to the main parking lot and to a little orange
Pontiac Sunfire she giggled gleefully "yay that
was amazing" and and gave me a kiss on the lips. "see
you tonight" she said in a hurried tone then opened
the door and slid into her little car. She started her car
and waved at me through the window before backing up and
tearing out of the parking lot on screeching tires.

I stood there for a second thinking it had been so fast almost
like I had imagined it. I laughed out loud and headed toward
the clubs front door fruitlessly brushing my hands over
the wet denim trying to make it dry. I walked through the
club doors and made my way upstairs to the upper office to
grab my radio and prepare for the Saturday night fights.

To Be Continued..............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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Who has time for editing sorry again for any mistakes.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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People have asked me to post pictures of Jacie and I. If you
have read Flurries then you know what has happened and hopefully
understand why I can't and won't. What little
I have left of her is tucked away safe and sound and I can barely
bring myself to look at it let alone post it for people. When
I wrote the story it started out just being for me when I was
sad and down one night.

It was suggested to me that it would be helpful to write about
it. As I remembered and put it down it changed from sad to
happy. I wrote and wrote and started to feel a little better
with each paragraph. I posted it for some unknown reason
and since have been inspired to lay certain parts of my life
out for people to read. I have left out a lot as some of you
know but the stuff I am writing about was a great time or sometimes
a sad time. Either way it's something that popped up
into my head and at the time was safe to write about.

I write these for two reasons. One because I don't really
talk to anyone about how I feel and though it seems insane
it feels safe to do it this way. Whether people find it erotic
and add it to their sexual thought or whether it's just
become a good read for entertainment it doesn't matter.

Reason two is because it reminds me that even when things
in my life have turned dark and hopeless after time another
chance arises and pulls me from dark depths into the bright
shinning light.

So just so everyone knows I won't ever post any pics
of us and though I have brought her up in some of the stories
it's only to let you know that no matter how much time
has passed she still is in my heart and mind. So thanks for
asking and thanks for those of you who care.

Now as far as the rest of them go I guess these are just my sides
of the stories. Some are probably boring while some unbelievable.
Stories like Cam Show and a few others I will write about
have thousands of witnesses while others have only 2. Some
that you read will make your blood boil and your loins scream
for attention. While others will make you yawn and wonder
why you read it in the first place. This much I know.

I guess you could say that I am dragging you the reader through
the feelings with me so I don't have to go through them
alone. Now that I have typed all this I am not really sure
why I am writing some of my life out for all of you to read.
Oh well somethings are better left unknown I guess. Right
now I am listening to a band I don't know anything about
and don't necessarily like. Styx "Can't
find my Way Home"

I have never heard the song before and I am not a music head
where every song has some deep meaning but this song makes
me feel and reminds me of certain times. As long as things
like that inspire me you will continue to hear from me. When
the music stops so to speak is when I will stop.

And that ends my rambling nonsense

Have a great day.


Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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I have to say that I'm blown away by your stories, whether
they are erotic or not, you can just tell that they come from
the heart. I enjoy reading them and honestly when I log on
I can't wait to see another installment. I know that
I can feel your emotions for Jacie and my heart goes out to
you. As you have somewhat put it, when one door closes another
opens and you go through it and on with your life. Please
don't stop writing and know that there are people out
there that enjoy them whether they are edited or not, they
show alot about the person that you are.



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Dave, awesome stories. Keep up the great work!