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Gabby's Eatery and Saloon Part 2 The Return of you know who


I actually started to get excited come the next Thursday,
and wondered what ladies night would be like at my new part
time job. I got a couple of visits from some vendors and of
course Jason on his weekly rounds to shoot the shit. "Big
Daddy you ready for tonight" he asked dropping himself
onto a chair in my office. "Just as long as you don't
leave me with Jai that dude is out there" I laughed.

"so man what flavor you thinking tonight" Jason
asked trying to sneak a peek at the promo's I was planning
on running for holiday ads. "eh nice try my not so slick
friend" I said removing the ROI ads from out of his
eyesight. With a defeated frown he asked again. "so
we having after hours at your place tonight" He asked
hopefully. Since he found out that his married girlfriend
who had left her husband after finding out she was pregnant
with Jason's baby only to find out it wasn't Jason's
after all but actually her husbands instead and who in turn
then left him to go back to her husband and was forced to move
Jason out of her house back into his parents house severely
cramping his style in the process. (did you get all that?)
Needed to find a place where he could work his playa playa
mojo and my house suddenly turned into the house of love
it seemed.

"I am not going to let you bring a girl back to my house
every time you want to get laid" I said not even putting
a dent in his hopeful face. "they make Motel 8's
and dark seedy places with coin operated shaky beds for
that" I said. Spinning his big 6'5 250 ex college
football player self around in the chair like a top told
me I was not getting through. "Ok let me put is this
way" I said speaking very slowly so it would hopefully
sink in. "I will not have club hedonism at my house
on a weekly basis" Jason stopped spinning and sat
still while his eyes kept going in circles. After shaking
the dizziness out of his mellon he stood up and said"
come on man I am hungry and I want to eat before our shift starts"
And with that my understanding friend walked out of my office
door leaving me to wonder why I even needed enemies.

After a giant meal of chicken fried chicken and mashed taters
in Gabby's downstairs restaurant we made our way up
to the office to grab our new radio's and ear pieces
that we were now supposed to wear secret service style.
After the ridiculous radio checks (including such oldies
as over under and roger roger) we took our stations and waited
for the fun to begin. Jai took the bottom of the steps because
he liked to see the girls come in for the early bird ladies
night specials. Jason and I took both sides of the back bar
and the rest of the guys all fanned out.

By 10 pm the club was filled with scantly clad women and overly
dressed guys trying to mack on said women. By 11 pm the fights
started and boy did they ever. One of our guys got cracked
in the head by a glass ashtray and got a pretty nasty cut,
but nowhere near as bad as the assailant ended up getting.
I swear that guy looked normal on his way down, but on his
way back up he ended up having his head bounced off a few things.
Table, chair, bar stool, knee cap, elbow, you get the picture.
And the fun didn't stop there, it was like fight night
at Gabby's.

One fight in particular actually worked in my favor as I
had to leap over a table to reach some drunk guy trying to
romance his girlfriend with the back of his hand. The guy
might have been her pimp too I didn't really stop to
ask, so while Choppa's "Choppa Style"
thundered through the club I looked heroic and dashing
to none other than the Christina Aguilera/Gwen Stefani
amazon barbie that I had seen the week before. I almost caught
a fist to the eye socket when I noticed her and her friends
sitting at a table and temporarily lost focus. Ok I am lying,
the dude caught me square in the eye and I looked stupid,
but I did manage to throw him over my shoulder like a toddler
and embarrass his ass in front of the whole bar. (that made
me feel a little better anyway)

I came back up to my position after dropping the guy off in
the office and the waiting arms of two of our guys and noticed
the girls sitting at the table with amazon singer barbie
pointing at me and giggling. I tried my best to look cool
and not pay attention to them, but I probably did a horrible
job of it. The half hour ended a song later and I had to walk
by their table to get to my next station at the steps of the
dance floor stage. As I walked by, the blonde made a comment
that I was sure I was meant to hear "oh yeah he is a little
hottie" and the girls at the table all giggled together.
I couldn't help but crack a smile as I perched myself
on the stage steps and peered out onto the writhing crowd
of dancers.

(real quick, the stage was no longer used as anything but
a sitting area and a large closet off to the side used as a
big shot bar. Blocking the stage from the dance floor is
a wooden fence type deal with two sets of steps on either
side. They had 4 steps a piece and to the inside of those on
the dance floor we had round wooden pedestal type deals
that one person could dance on or two if they were small people
or girls. I had a bad habit already of standing on the steps
with my foot up on the round deals usually getting in the
way of dancers. Sometimes I would even stand just on the
tiny outcropping after the fence so I could see better.
In case you forgot I am only 5'10)

The one song that I got tired of hearing very quickly was
the "Cha Cha Slide" by some guy that deserves
to die. Our DJ was in the bad habit of playing it early in the
night then again later when the club was packed. People
would cram themselves on the dance floor and do the thing.
However I just happened to be in the right position when
Amazon Singer Barbie came out to the floor with her friends
and they started the slide in front of me. They danced and
laughed and occasionally looked my direction whispering
and giggling to themselves.

She dressed in light colored jeans again with a thick black
leather belt with a large skull and crossbones metal belt
buckle. Her top was a spaghetti strap powder blue mid cut
tank top thing that stopped about 3 inches above her belly
button. Her large breasts billowed out of the top and it
was easy to see her hard nipples poking through the fabric.
The shirt had three slits across her stomach and the I could
see her tight muscles working as she swayed her body. Her
almost white hair hung straight and draped over her tan
shoulders. She had large white hoop earrings and her body
glittered like it was covered in tiny stars. Her tall tight
body was built for sin and her long legs could have probably
wrapped around me twice.

I found myself gawking at her and pretty much ignoring the
rest of the room and it almost cost me when a fight broke out
next to the dance floor at a tall pub rail. I jumped off my
perch and pushed my way the short distance through the crowd
to the group of guys pushing and shoving. Out of nowhere
came a fist in my direction that I barely was able to block
with my hand. I was able to grab the guys wrist and I yanked
him toward me through the center of the group. We wrestled
around for a second before his friends decided they wanted
me to leave him alone. One of his buddies tried to jump me
from the side and as suddenly as he appeared he was gone.
Since I was still wrestling to get my guy in a arm lock I wasn't
able to see that Jason had showed up from the back bar and
snatched my would be attacker up into a bear hug.

The crowd around us backed up so they could watch and would
be out of the line of fire. Jai showed up a minute later and
grabbed someone and then the rest of the guys showed up.
My guy was taller than I was and out weighed me by probably
by 30 pounds. He was able to turn around and face me getting
his big arms around my back. Since all of our guys were still
struggling with their people I was on my own. Feeling that
the guy was getting ready to pick me up I reacted with the
only thing I could think of. I wrestled in high school and
for some reason I loved a thing called the lateral drop (it
would be hard to really explain this move) . I arched my back
and twisted my torso bringing the guy's feet off the
ground and sending them flying through the air. As I brought
him down onto the hard parquet I landed on top of him still
clinched tight. I smelled the stank combination of stale
cigarettes and booze as the wind was knocked from his lungs.

His body went limp and I was able to pull him back to his feet
without a struggle. People clapped and cheered as I walked
him through the crowd and down the steps. For some unknown
reason I took him outside instead of to the office and released
my hold on him. I stood in front of the door to make sure he
wouldn't try to weasel his way back in. He dropped his
hands to his knees and bent over trying to catch his breath.
"damn man what the hell was that" he said breathlessly.
"was that some WWF shit" Feeling that this guy
was no danger all of the sudden I answered him. "Yeah
I wrestled in school and that was my favorite move"

He laughed and stood up, he looked at me for a second then
stuck out his hand "no harm no foul man I was just watching
out for my boy" He said. I looked at his hand for moment
and took it in mine. "I'm Dave" I said "Chris"
he answered back. He took a deep breath and asked "so
I guess you are putting me out for the night" I nodded
"yeah man I have to but you can come back tomorrow I
won't turn your name in" He stuck his hand out
again and pulled me into the one armed shoulder hug "alright
bet man, you a cool white boy" he said. I laughed and
told him I appreciated it. He pulled out his cell phone and
called somebody for a ride. I walked back into the club and
went back upstairs to the bouncer less club. I perched myself
back up on the stage and scanned the crowd hoping that the
fights wouldn't happen again until the other guys
were back in place.

Jason was the first one to appear and took a spot on the opposite
side of the stage. He flashed me a smile and flexed his arms
in support of my earlier show of strength. I laughed and
turned back toward the crowd just in time to see my blonde
target heading in my direction with a little raven haired
hottie in a tiny black jumpsuit short thing and black high
heels. They climbed up onto the round pedestal in front
of me and started grinding to Juvenile's "Slow
Motion" together. My cock jumped in my jeans as I watched
their bodies writhe together like two snakes. The raven
hair girl was much shorter than my blonde even in heels.
Her dark complexion was flawless and her body was also built
like a pornstars. She had big tits, a tiny waist and an ass
that would quit. This was one of those 36-24-36 and 5'3
girls that all the videos had. She slid her hands around
my blondes tight waist then to her tight small ass and pulled
her close to her making it look like she was licking her nipples.
My blonde grabbed a handful of her long straight raven hair
and pulled her face close to her acting like they were going
to kiss.

I thought I heard a collective breath exhale from the club
as their lips lightly brushed against one another. I looked
over to see Jason and his open mouth fixed in their direction.
I did my best to not focus only on them and tried to scan the
now bouncer filled room for any issues. I was so close to
the two girls that I could smell a combination of Cucumber
Melon lotion and some fruity perfume mixed together. Either
thankfully or regretfully the song ended and R Kelly's
"Step in the name of Love" changed the feeling
of the club. The girls looked at me for a second giggled and
stepped down from the pedestal, the blonde gave me a little
finger wave and headed back to her table. "Jesus man
she just fucked the shit out of you with those eyes"
Jai's Cajun voice said as he appeared out of the crowd.

"Time to switch" He said and with that I stepped
down and made my way to the main bar to keep people away from
the waitress station. The fight had screwed up the rotation
so that meant I missed a second time on the stage and that
also meant I would be stuck up on a second tear by the main
bar. With the rotation I would be tucked by the back bar when
the night ended so I probably wasn't going to be able
to see me blonde again tonight. The night went on with out
me running into her and as 2 am closed in on us I felt that I
was either going to have to wait until tomorrow or next week
to see if I couldn't get her name.

Fate has a funny way of smiling down on people sometimes
and at this particular moment she was beaming at me. As I
watched a guy who probably weighed 110 lbs make out with
his girlfriend that easily weighed 260 lbs I felt a tap on
my shoulder. I turned and looked directly into the perfect
nose of Amazon Singer Barbie. "hi" she said
in a sensually raspy voice. "HI" I said back
a little to excited. As I peered into her face I couldn't
help thinking that this girl had to be about 6 foot tall in
heels. "you really handled that guy in the fight"
She said tucking some of her white blonde hair behind her
perfect ear. I was staring into her shocking violet eyes
trying not to drown in their pools of sexiness. "thanks"
I said. I had never met a person with her color eyes before,
they were mesmerizing.

I leaned up against the bar and tried to stand as tall as I
could so that I didn't appear like Mighty Mouse. "
Sorry if I ran into you on my way to it" I said struggling
for words to string into sentences. She shook her head and
said "no you actually missed us you are pretty light
on your feet" I smiled at her compliment and blurted
out "I was a running back in high school" She laughed thinking I was making a joke and not realizing
that it was actually the first stupid thing that popped
into my suddenly fogged brain. Her moist glossy pink lips
parted to show the most perfect teeth I had ever seen in my
life. She stuck her hand out showing me her perfectly French
manicured long nails and slender fingers. "I am Tyler"
she said. M.O.P's "Ante Up" was making
it hard to hear her right so I repeated what I though her name
was "Taylor?" and took her hand.

She shook her head and leaned in close to my ear almost electrocuting
me as her lips brushed my ear "it's Tyler like
tile floor" I nodded my head slowly not wanting her
lips to move away from my skin. I turned my face and spoke
into her ear smelling her sweet fruity perfumed hair. "I
am David" I said. She nodded and leaned back, but not
letting go of my hand. She smiled at me and tilted her head
brushing a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear with
her free hand. I couldn't think of anything, my mind
had locked tight and my brain decided now was a good time
to take a break. The only thing I could think of was "So
this really doesn't seem like your kind of crowd, do
you usually hang out here". She laughed and leaned
in close again. "We are here trying to get a contract"
she laughed "we are the Jagermeister girls".

It all made sense now, local distributors sent groups of
hot girls into clubs to advertise their drinks. I had seen
a few of them before like the Miller Light and Jack Daniels
girls. For some reason I felt relieved about it and some
of the tension drained from me. "oh got ya any luck
so far" I asked. She nodded and told me that they were
going to do Fridays for the whole month to see how it went.
Things were really looking up for me now and I thought maybe
fate was planning on being my best friend. "so what's
up with your giant friend" she asked looking back
into the crowd. My heart sank a little and I asked "the
big Zack Morris looking dude". She nodded and spoke
into my ear again "My friend Briny, the one I was dancing
with in front of you thinks he is super cute" My heart
shot back up into my chest like a super hero breaking through
a wall. " Jason is single as can be and is the guy that
talked me into working here" I said "and he works
for Johnson Brothers distributing, I am surprised you
haven't met him"

She told me that they dealt with the regional rep and not
the distributer. So now that all that was out of the way I
asked her to grab her friend. She agreed and walked over
to the table filled with her friends or coworkers what ever
you want to call them and brought her raven haired friend
back. I clicked my secret service commando radio and called
Jason over to my station. Tyler introduced me to Briny and
on closer inspection she was even hotter than I thought.
This girl had a pure sexual presence about her and I had to
admit turned me the hell on. Jason's big body appeared
behind the girls and I introduced him to them. Briny was
a midget compared to Jason and I wondered how the two of them
would look if Briny didn't have high heels on. Briny
was also not a shy girl and immediately began to flirt with
Jason sending every I like you signal I had heard about his

In self defense I asked Tyler open ended questions so I wouldn't
have to talk and say something stupid. She told me she was
21 and was in school at the University of Minnesota for Marketing
and Communications. She was from Maple Grove amazingly
and lived only 10 minutes from my town home. Fate was really
loving me tonight as she went on about being a tomboy and
loving 4 wheelers and outdoor stuff. She played volleyball
in high school and loved sports including football and
softball. She was hoping to be a sportscaster or work in
a sports related field after graduation. With so much good
news coming from one person I was drowning in heaven.

I don't know what got into me all of the sudden but I invited
her and her friend to come over to my house for after hours.
She had to decline because she already had plans with the
rest of her friends, but told me that after work tomorrow
she would love too. Since she was going to be working at the
club the next day all night long it seemed like the better
idea anyway. We exchanged numbers and she was entering
mine into her cell phone when I heard a frantic call over
the radio earpiece.

Jason and I broke away from the girls and pushed our way through
the throng of the crowd toward the dance floor. As we broke
through the crowd we saw a guy who had his shirt torn off and
was bleeding from his chest. Across from him was a guy holding
a knife and waving it toward him. They circled each other
while the crowd backed up so they wouldn't get hurt.
Since one guy was holding the sharp tool and the other guy
was bleeding my mind raced to look for a solution. Jai came
up with one for me. He grabbed a chair and ran toward the guy
with the knife and slammed a leg into the guys hand forcing
him to drop it. Jason in the mean time stood in front of the
bloodied guy and tried to talk him down. Thinking I would
choose the lesser of the too evils I launched myself after
Jai and did my best to get myself in between the knife and

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of red as one of the
bleeding guys friends ran toward the knife guy and Jai.
Without thinking I spun and stuck my arm out clothes lining
the guy and flipping him through the air. I jumped on his
back and pulled his arms behind his back like I was planning
on hand cuffing him. Jai had managed to get his hands on the
other guy and our other bouncers controlled both sides
of the conflicts friends. A roar of cheers and clapping
broke from people surrounding us as if they had just watched
a sporting event. No one seemed to care that somebody was
bleeding and could have been seriously wounded or killed.
Our DJ hadn't turned off the music during the whole
thing and Outkast's "Roses" had played
the whole time. Our waitresses cleaned up the floor and
someone grabbed the knife as we brought the struggling
combatants to the office.

The cops came and the knife guy actually got charged with
attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon on the
spot. By the time Jason and I had gotten out of the office
it was almost 2:30 and the club had emptied out. I was a little
pissed that I wasn't able to say goodbye to Tyler and
worse I had forgotten her number already. "At least
I would be able to see her tomorrow" I thought. I had
a couple of beers with the guys at the bar after we had gotten
everyone out of the parking lot. It was actually fun as we
laughed and replayed the fights we had stopped and how close
we had come to getting our asses kicked. I looked at the clock
and figured it would probably be nice to get home before
4 am since I had to work the next day and after saying goodbye
I headed home.

I felt jazzed on the way home as the adrenaline seemed to
still be flowing through my body. It felt good to expend
so much energy and be in those situations where the old fight
or flight thing took me over. I was laughing to myself about
how Jai explained his death defying attack with the chair
when I pulled up to my corner town home. Something was out
of place when I pulled into my driveway I just couldn't
put my finger on it. I dropped to the concrete on sore feet
and walked down my sidewalk to my front door. An uncomfortable
feeling crept over me and I about jumped out of my skin when
someone said my name

"Dave" I spun around ready to fight for my life
when I saw the last person I expected to see. Danyka was standing
behind dressed in black jeans and a black skin tight 3 button
thermal hoodie looking nervous and darting her brown eyes
from me to the darkness. I didn't know what to say but
I knew it felt like my heart was going to burst through my
chest, I could even hear my heartbeat in my ears. I suddenly
felt like fate had just taken a 15 minute break and forgot
about me. "please I need to tell you some tings, den
if you don't ever want to see me again I will leave you
alone" she said quietly in her French accent. I felt
trapped and didn't know what to do, it was crazy that
she was out at 4 in the morning and I was beginning to wonder
if she had been here all night waiting for me or just sitting
outside of my house like a good little teenage stalker.

"I don't know if that is such a good idea Danyka"
I stammered looking for a way out of this situation. Thoughts
of her having a knife and wanting to use it crept into my head.
"I think maybe you should go" I said turning
toward my door and an escape inside. "wait"
she called out "please just read this first"
she held out an official looking large manilla envelope
from nowhere. Thinking it might be the only way to end this
I took it from her and pulled out the documents inside it.
The first old piece of paper was from her school apologizing
to her family that due to differences in education between
Canada and the United States she was going to have to repeat
7th grade. After reading it I didn't feel much different
about the situation except maybe a little guilty for treating
her like a liar. Whether she was supposed to of graduated
last year or not it didn't change the fact she hadn't.
I shuffled to the next paper and saw that she was slated to
graduate in December. I shuffled it again to the next paper
and after reading it laughed out laud.

"you had your mother write me a note" I laughed
suddenly feeling not so uneasy but surprised. She broke
into a smile and shrugged "it was the only ting I could
think of so you would know I wasn't lying to you on purpose"
she said looking a little relieved herself. "Danyka
I am 26 years old I can not date a Senior I mean it's just
creepy" I said hoping she would see that I was right.
She moved closer to me and stopped in her tracks "oh
mon dieu, what happened to your eye" she exclaimed
reaching up with her fingers. I ducked out of her reach and
said "I have a part time job as a bouncer and I wasn't
fast enough" Her face showed real concern as she scanned
the rest of my body stopping her gaze at some of the black
and blue marks on my arms.

"Please just give me 10 minutes to explain"
she begged. Even though I knew it was a horrible idea I figured
that after we talked she would go home and that would be the
end of it. I nodded and walked into the house with her in tow.
I needed a drink after this and opened my freezer and pulled
out the Jagermeister bottle Jai had left the week before.
After making myself a Red Bull and Jager shot I downed it
in one fail swoop and poured another. Danyka walked into
the kitchen and asked me for one also. Apparently not thinking
clearly I made her a drink which she downed in one big gulp
and held out her glass for another.

We downed a few more shots and carried our fresh drinks to
the living room dropping our bodies onto the couch. Danyka
sniffed the air and rubbed the couch with her hands. "Did
you do something in here" she asked looking around
again. I felt my face blush and simply said "I cleaned
the carpets and the couch" She nodded and said "oh"
and flipped off her shoes then tucked her legs underneath
her. Before I had a chance to say anything she launched into
what sounded like a well rehearsed monologue. She told
me about how she never felt about anyone like she felt about
me and how happy she had been spending time together. She
told me that she had talked to her mother about the whole
thing. This information made me wince and she put her fingers
to my lips shuushing me before I could say anything about

"mama is my best friend we talk about everything,
we don't believe in secrets from each other"
she said and continued to explain why she thought if anything
we could at least be friends. And now that she didn't
work at the same place as I did we shouldn't have any
problems keeping things quiet. "I thought secrets
were bad" I asked thinking maybe I shouldn't
have. She let out a sigh and smile "within my family
I mean silly" she gave me a soft punch to my leg and let
her fist linger. I felt that familiar heat rise up in my body
and I chugged down my drink and stood up to make another and
to step away from her. She downed hers and held her glass
out "me too please" I took her glass and made
my way to the kitchen. My mind swirled with how bad of an idea
it was to keep drinking and how her being in my house was probably
a big mistake.

I made our drinks and walked back to the couch and to Danyka.
She had pulled her long brown hair into a ponytail and was
beaming up at me in her most adorable smile. My spidey sense
kicked in and told me I was in for a whole mess of trouble.
The shots and the lack of food I had for the day worked it's
magic on my head and I started to feel a little drunk. Danyka
took a deep breath and down her shot, and as if she sensed
my weakness she attacked. She straddled me and touched
our noses together and whispered "I have really missed
you Monsieur" and pressed her lips against mine.
My head swam as her soft lips parted and her tongue caressed
my lips. My body temperature spiked through the roof and
my cock started to throb as all the blood rushed to my groin.

"mmmm" she moaned and wrapped her arms around
my neck and dig her fingers into my hair. "I have still
only been with you" she whispered breathlessly into
my mouth. "It's only been a couple of weeks"
I mumbled back into her mouth. With a great breath she pressed
hard against my lips and forced her body down on my harding
cock kissing me with fervor. My body started to work against
my brain and I wrapped her into at tight embrace and fenced
her tongue with my own. Danyka dropped her hands between
her legs and squeezed my rapidly growing bulge. Soft moans
emanated from her as I pulled her tight pinning her against
my chest. I broke our kiss and tried to catch my breath looking
deep into her brown eyes. "this doesn't change
anything I still think this is a mistake" I said. "uh
huh" she said and kissed me again.

Before I had a chance to breath again we were naked and she
was on her knees between my legs. Her sweet young mouth worked
up and down on my painfully hard cock. Tendrils of saliva
connected her lips to the head of my dick each time she pulled
her mouth away. She lowered her face to my balls and gently
sucked one into her mouth running her tongue over it before
switching to the next one. I scooted my body down, opened
my legs wide and closed my eyes enjoying each sensation
of her mouth and tongue. I felt her tongue work the underside
of my scrotum and then lower. I jumped as her tongue slid
over my asshole and a moan escaped my lips before I could
stop it. My sounds of pleasure must have been like a green
light at an intersection to her because he dove her face
into my ass and shoved her tongue up it.

It was the strangest feeling but felt amazing at the same
time. She worked slow circle around me then drove her long
tongue as deep as it could go making my body erupt into goose
bumps. "oh fuck" came from my mouth and she reached
up and wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock and started
to pump me up and down. "mmmhhhmmm" she moaned
and her other hand disappeared between her legs. She worked
my ass with her tongue for a few more minutes and almost brought
herself to orgasm. She climbed up and straddled me on her
knees grabbing my cock in her hand and running the tip across
her dripping wet pussy lips. She rubbed me around making
me wet and slippery then pushed me back to her asshole and
slowly eased herself down onto me.

"uuuuhhhh si bon" she moaned as my cock buried
itself deep inside her 18 year old ass. When I was buried
to the hilt she ground her hips in slow circles letting her
body get used to the penetration. Her hands slid up her body
to her breasts and she started kneading them and pinching
her nipples. She rolled her head around moaning and moved
her hips forward and back sending my cock deeper into her
bowels. "si bon dans mon ane" she moaned and
pinched her dark nipples hard between her thumb and pointer
finger. I grabbed her by the hips and moved her body faster
while lifting my hips forcing my cock into her. " Oui
baby just like that" she purred.

I don't know what this girl had been watching lately
but she was turning into a fantasy. She released the grip
on her breasts and locked her hands around my neck. She brought
her knees up and put her feet on the either side of the couch
cushion. Her sweet young pussy opened up like a flower and
dripped it's sweet nectar onto the base of my throbbing
rock hard cock. She began lifting her body up and then letting
it fall back down again impaling herself over and over again
riding me and sending my senses to heaven. "fuck"
escaped from my mouth as she pounded me hard into the cushion
of my battered gold couch. "aaaaaahhhhhhh oooooooohhhh
" she moaned and leaned in close to kiss me again.

She let out a hi pitched squeal and what felt like a gallon
of cum poured from her pussy soaking us both. Her body shuddered
and she let out a scream. "you are making me cum"
she sobbed. Tears fell from her eyes onto my face and she
dug her fingernails into my neck as she fucked me on shaky
legs through her orgasm. After another high pitched squeal
she lifted herself off my cock snapping it against my stomach
like a rubber band. She got on her knees again and without
using her hands took me into her mouth. She used her lips
and tongue to clean me off in deep long in and out motions.

After she was satisfied that I was clean she turned around
and and guided my cock into her ass again. I got a perfect
view of her ass spread wide when she leaned forward putting
her palms flat against the floor and lifting her hips up
and down. I watched my cock slide in and out of her ass as it
was forced wide to accept my girth. "uuuuhhh"
she screamed each time she buried me deep "give me
your cum David, fill my ass with your cum" she begged
Her French accented words and the view was too much for my
mind and body to take. My balls tightened and my blood boiled
as the pressure built up in my loins.

I yelled out "I am going to cum" and shot load
after load of cum deep into Danyka's ass. My hands shot
out and I held onto her ass as the intense wave of pleasure
rolled over my body like a tsunami. Her body convulsed and
was racked with another giant orgasm, she tried to keep
going but couldn't and fell forward onto the floor.
As my cock was ripped out of her gapping ass cum was flung
onto my legs and lower stomach. I tried to catch my breath
and watched as Danyka curled up in the fetal position still
quivering. With her eyes still closed she dug three fingers
into her ass and scooped out a large wad of cum. She brought
it to her mouth and hungrily eat every last drop while rubbing
her fingers across her open mouth. "mmmmm"

After a few moments of recovery she got up and crawled over
to me. She slowly sucked and licked the cum off my legs and
stomach before taking my dick into her mouth again and cleaning
it off. When she was done she rested her chin on my penis and
looked up at me with a smile. "I tink you should sleep
if you are going to work tomorrow" she said in an extremely
cute voice. She stood up and balanced her self for a second
before grabbing my hand and pulling me down the hallway
to my bedroom. We snuggled under the covers and she climbed
onto me and we were soon fast asleep.

A few hours later I woke with Danyka slamming my cock into
the back of her throat. She must have been at if for a while
because with in a minute of being aware what was going on
I sent streams of sperm down her throat. She gobbled it all
down and gave me a long sensual kiss on the head of my cock.
She jumped up to her knees and slapped me on my thigh. "come
on sleepy head eets almost 8" and she tugged me off
the bed. I followed her naked body to the shower and she turned
it on for me and set out a towel on the toilet seat. She left
me to get cleaned up and after my hot shower I wrapped a towel
around my waist and headed toward the kitchen. On my table
Danyka had set out eggs, bacon and already buttered wheat

"Eat" she said spreading her arms toward the
table, I sat down and got that uncomfortable feeling again.
I watched as she bounced around cleaning up humming to herself
happily. I took down as much of the food as my upset stomach
would let me and thanked her for the breakfast. I escaped
to my bedroom and got dressed as fast as I could. Danyka walked
in still naked and looked at me for a second before reaching
out and adjusting my tie so that it was straight. "parfait"
she giggled and actually skipped out my bedroom door. I
was now worried that I would never be able to get rid of her
and regretted last night even more. I mean at least Tyler
was an adult and I didn't want to miss my chance with
that amazing creature.

I felt a little bit of guilt rise up inside me, but was able
to push it down knowing full well I told her the night before
we weren't going to work. I was just going to have to
tell her that we couldn't see each other anymore and
that last night as great as it was couldn't happen again.
I found her clothed again and tying her shoes on my living
room floor and readied myself for another crying fit. "Danyka"
I said looking into her smiling face.

"me first" she said "I know this makes
you really uncomfortable and I don't want eet to be
that way" she said "from now on I will call before
I come over" She stood up and brushed a piece of lint
of my dress shirt. "we will start as friends and go
from there" she continued and pulled me down so she
could give me a kiss on the cheek. "Have a great day
at work David" she said then skipped out of my front
door leaving me stunned and confused at what just happened.

"fuck" was all I could say.

To Be Continued..........

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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Ok I have one favor to ask, if you don't like my stories
please tell me why that will only help me write them better.


Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Great story but would like to hear about tyler


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You are doing terrific! Love this.


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Very good stories please keep them up and yell us about tyler......


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I really dig your stories. AFTER you get them all posted
you should really look into a book deal or something hehe.
The pacing, visuals, flow, character development and
content all mesh to make one hell of a read. The first part
of the gabie story kinda left me feeling (I'm guessing)
like you must have. Part 2 brought me right back out of that
funk lol. The way you describe Danyka; I can picture it but
dont have your ability to put what im thinking down. You
defiantly have a way with words. Keep up the good work.