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Gabby's Eatery and Saloon (repost from 6/7/2009)


This is a repost of part 1 of this story, I was told it vanished
and was asked to repost it...........................

After the whole Danyka debacle I decided that I was going
to check references before my next date. I needed to get
that girl out of my head before I made a huge mistake. Despite
my brain knowing damn well it was a good idea to leave it alone
I actually found myself wanting to call her again. I was
still suffering through my mind bending agony when I decided
I needed rescuing from my own thoughts.

Thankfully I got salvation from the last person I thought
would be able to pull my ass out of a girl fire. A simple phone
call and a choice on my part was another beginning of one
of the strangest and potentially one of the most dangerous
of my life so far.

"Hello" I said into the receiver.

"Bro I need to to meet me at 1900 Marshall street in
Minneapolis tonight at 8pm" He said being oh so informative.

"uh okay why" I asked wondering after weeks
of not hearing from the guy I was suddenly supposed to meet
him spy style in a really rough part of town. (I mean gun fire
gang rough) "man just meet me there and wear jeans"
he said before the other end went dead of the line went dead.
I glanced at the clock and saw that I only had a short time
to take a shower and get ready for what ever my cryptic friend
had in store. After showering and trimming my newly grown
chin strap beard I threw on Jeans, a black polo, and a pair
of black boots and headed out to the address he had given

I didn't have too much trouble finding the address
and realized that it was actually between my work and home
almost exactly. The neighborhood was just about as scary
as I thought it would be. Old run down houses and rough looking
people walking down dark streets gave me the impression
of being in the New Jack City movie with out the RV. On one
side of the road a giant warehouse style building looked
like a good place to die, but on the left side along the Mississippi
River stood Gabby's Eatery and Saloon.

This place looked horribly out of place in this area. It
had a red brick outside and looked well kept. A giant lit
sign with a cowboy or prospector stood guard in a large desolate
parking lot. I parked very close to the door and Jason's
black Eclipse Sypder and got out of the safety of my Expedition.
The smell of the dirty river and decaying vegetation slapped
my senses silly and the warm breeze blew across the river.
I walked around to two giant wood doors and walked into the
large building. A giant fat guy with a long pony tail was
standing guard and checking ID's on the other side.
He looked me up and down like the last Twinkie in the box before
asking for my license. I handed it too him and after looking
at my Nebraska ID that I had neglected to change to Minnesota
he told me that Jason was waiting for me in the restaurant

I was standing an a large landing that held an office and
a coat room. Two sets of wide steps one leading up to a two
more closed wooden doors and one leading down to a bustling
restaurant. I collected my ID and walked down the steps
looking around through the diverse crowd. Old wooden tables
were filled with grey haired white folks eating out of red
plastic food baskets coated with paper. Young black guys
dressed OG style were playing pool on some of the 8 tables
the place boasted. Several cute little waitresses fluttered
around tables dropping off drinks and picking up empty
baskets from full patrons.

The beautifully crafted dark stained wood bar was full
of more grey hairs and a couple of young black guys dressed
in Zoot Suits with hats to match. It was easy to spot Jason
since he stands 6'5 and a well built 250 lbs along the
back of the bar by a giant window walled atrium style dinning
area. He was sitting alone at a table staring out onto the
river when I joined him. "alright dude why did you
bring me to this place in North Minneapolis" I asked
breaking him out of his revere. "this place got amazing
food or something or are we going to be dodging bullets for
our new workout routine" He laughed at me and turned
in my direction allowing me to read his read button up collarless
shirt. "Gabby's Eatery and Saloon" it
said across the left breast and upon further examination
I could see the "rity" of security in giant white
letters on across his back.

"you work here" I asked wondering how he had
managed to talk his pregnant girlfriend into letting him
off his leash. He nodded and laughed at my shocked face.
"Yeah tonight is my first night" he said. "wow
man how did you talk your baby's mama into this"
I asked thinking the lie he must have told her was a whopper.
Jason looked down at the table for a second and took a deep
breath before answering me. "it's not mine man,
she lied to me" It took a second to figure out that he
meant the baby and I suddenly felt horrible for bringing
it up. "oh man I am sorry how did you know" I asked.
He told me that they had gone to the doctor together and that
the conception date was a month before they had hooked up
for the first time. She had dropped him on the spot and went
crying back to her husband.

"bro I am so so sorry man if there is anything I can do"
I told him. A wide smile stretched Zach Morris style across
his face and he pulled duplicate red shirt off of the chair
next to him and threw it at me. "there is one thing man"
he said. I opened the security shirt and thought he must
have lost his damn mind. "Man I have been a bouncer
in a couple of years" I replied hoping he was kidding.
Jason laughed. "come on man you have been in the gym
for months now and you have bigger arms then I do it'll
be fine" While it's true I had managed to turn
my body from a fat lump into a muscle lump I hadn't been
a bouncer since I lived in Omaha. Back in the day I was a bartender
bouncer and part time concert security, but now I had no
plans on getting my ass kicked on a nightly basis by drunks
assholes wanting to show their metal.

"Is there anything else I can do for you" I asked
still looking for a way out of my earlier words. Jason finished
his water and and tried to explain. "it's only
for this weekend and then if you don't want to anymore
it's cool" he said. He went on to tell me that he
sold them some promo liquor and had struck up a friendship
with the owner. They usually had 12 large guys on from Thursday
through Saturday but he had recently lost two for some reason
and was in a bad way for the weekend. He told me that he had
already promised the owner we would do it so there was no
getting out of it. He stood up and told me to follow him up
to the landing office.

For some ungodly reason I followed him and after a short
introduction with the owner and the promise of a bar tab
when ever I wanted it for my help I agreed. I went out to my
truck and changed into my new red collarless 3 button security
shirt for the Friday night fun I was about to have. Jason
and I were introduced to all of the other guys including
the large man at the front door named Adam. He was the head
of security and was none to happy to have Jason and I thrown
onto him. He walked us upstairs into a huge 3 teared club
with 4 bars and one large dance floor in the center. He showed
us all the revolving stations told us our duties were strictly
security no bar back no trash duty. At least that was a plus
and the other guys seemed pretty cool. One guy in particular
seemed not mind having us around and talked our ear off about
all the goings on in the club.

Jai Dufrene was about 6'2 and was a ragin cajun from
Louisiana with accent and all. He was supposedly the ladies
man bouncer of the group and knew a lot of the people who came
in during the weekend. He was a little crude but seemed to
be sincere about wanting to help us. All around us bartenders
and waitresses appeared out of nowhere and got the club
ready to go. The DJ was some middle aged white guy that told
the worst jokes I had ever heard so I could only imagine what
his playlist would be like. The girls that worked there
were pretty nice and they all made sure that they came over
to meet us and check us out. I was really starting to think
maybe this wouldn't be half bad at all.

9 pm rolled around and only about 30 people came into the
club that could hold 400 giving me the false impression
that this place was slow. Jason and I got paired together
so when we were set to rotate every half hour we were flanked
by "experienced guys" at all times. The music
wasn't too loud which was amazing considering how
many big speakers the place had. The DJ played some old hip
hop songs from the 80's like Naughty by Nature and stuff
like that while groups of people drank and laughed in little
groups. Jason and I shot the shit about his situation and
I told him about Tara and I basically just catching up. I
hadn't even noticed as we switched stations that the
club was rapidly filling up.

By 10 pm the club was half full and lines of people where coming
up the steps pouring in like ants on the march. Everything
changed after that including the volume of the music. N2Deep's
"Back to the Hotel" erupted from the sound system
shaking my body with bass and almost rupturing my eardrums.
It was about this time that I noticed that everyone that
worked here was white while everyone of the customers where
not. I mean there were smatterings of white girls or white
wanna b's but they were few and far between. I didn't
feel uncomfortable I just was surprised about it all after
I saw the crowd downstairs. The dress code was strictly
enforced so no sports apparel or hats where allowed, however
I knew we didn't do pat downs because I thought I caught
the straps of a shoulder holster underneath a guys white

"What the hell have you gotten me into Jason"
I asked him over the music. He shrugged and yelled back "man
just keep your eyes open it'll be fine" I turned
my eyes back to the crowd and scanned for any sign of trouble
and a way out in case things got deadly. Over the next two
hours it became almost impossible to walk in the place and
it was a struggle just to get from one place to another. It
was my turn to go down to the landing and watch the steps and
the front door from them. Adam stayed at the door and my job
was to stand and the bottom of the steps leading up to the
club and I guess that was it. I watched amazed as more and
more people filled in and all well dressed. If I had to say
anything about that first night it would be the amount of
amazing looking women that came in was unrivaled.

In all shapes sizes and colors the women poured dressed
from almost nothing to fancy evening wear. And being the
new guy definitely had it's perks too, because most
of them either said hi or checked Jason and I out with and
appraising eye. There was more than one or two that I would
have made me trip over my own feet if I was walking. The night
went by without any incident and by 2am bar close I had decided
that working the next night would be no problem. I had been
given 5 numbers by random girls already and Jason matched
my number and I think beat me by 2. I went home that night and
collapsed into bed fulling dressed with OutKast's
"Back of the Bus" ringing through my ears.

The next day I met Jason at the gym and we talked about the
club while we worked out. "so what do you think man,
I actually liked it" Jason said while spotting me
on the bench. "I think I might stick around and see
how things go, I mean did you see all of the fresh last night,
and you know what they say the blacker the berry the sweeter
the juice" I laughed a little too much at that and almost
had 275 lbs of weight crush my chest. "Don't make
me laugh" I grunted finishing my set and setting the
bar back in it's craddle. Jason and I switched places
and it was my turn to talk "black, white, asian, beautiful
women are beautiful women who cares" I said while
following his motions with my hands on the bar for safety.

"It was alright but it wasn't all that"
I continued. "I will finish out tonight and see what
happens" We worked through our routine and we made
plans for Jason to pick me up tonight. We both had to be there
at 7 for some unknown reason and I still had to go home and
wash my clothes. I went home put my laundry in and pulled
out an old bag that I probably hadn't opened since 1999.
The blue duffel bag was filled with old gear that I had used
when I was a volunteer fireman back in Nebraska. I was 4th
generation and probably disappointed my dad and uncle
when I decided not to make a career out of it. I dug through
it and found a pair of black steel toed HI Tech boots and a
tiny mag light with a push button back. A couple of cop buddies
showed me how to use the little flashlight as a weapon and
the steel toe boots would help just because and they were
more comfortable then standing in normal shoes for hours.
I dressed in black jeans and my boots and security shirt
and waited for Jason to show up.

I didn't have to wait long and we were in the club just
before 7pm ready for our second shift. This night was a little
different because the club was open already and the "Cha
Cha Slide" was booming from the club. Adam told us
that a party of 20 was upstairs and we were supposed to go
up and watch the club. When going up the stairs the first
thing you see is the high squared DJ booth and nothing else.
You have to walk around on either side to get to the dance
floor. When we came around the dance floor our jaws dropped
to the floor. Several well tanned girls where dancing on
the dance floor in unison. "holy shit we hit the jackpot"
Jason said and walked across the dance floor to a station
on an upper stage directly looking down on the dance floor.
I followed him and took up position on the opposite set of
steps that let up to it. We watched as the tanned barbie dolls
strutted their stuff.

One girl in particular caught my attention over all of the
rest. She was tall, had long blonde hair and moved her body
like a horny snake. She was dressed in a completely open
backed white shirt the tied around the neck and middle of
her tanned back with just tiny strings. She had on light
jeans with a rhine stone clear belt and sported a whale tail
with a steel blue G string. She had on white high heels and
stood probably 5'11. She had full C cup breasts and
her nipples where hard under the fabric or her shirt. Her
very slim waist flexed and showed off her stomach muscles
as she twisted and turned to Terror Squads "lean back"
while her perfect ass gyrated in the opposite direction.
Her face was angelic with a touch of dirty with white eye
shadow and clear gloss lipstick her green eyes shinned
like emeralds in the blazing club spot lights. She looked
like a mix of Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. (I know
it's a week description but I don't know how to
describe her any other way)

Halfway through our drool session Jai joined us and informed
us that they worked for a tanning salon in St Paul and they
had won a party for 20 people the weekend before. He told
us that they come in every now and then and party but usually
don't stay long. It turns out that when you walk through
Gabby's as a girl you take you put your body at risk.
When they walk through the crowd a lot of the guys with stick
their hands in places they don't belong, but sense
the throng of the crowd is hard to move in there isn't
much you can do about it. I can imagine why most girls wouldn't
want to go through that. I made a mental note that I was going
to have to find a way to get this girls number and see what
might happen.

True to Jai's words they all filed out before the rest
of the crowd, the blonde and a short brunette turned to look
back at us and waved in our direction before they disappeared
behind the DJ booth dashing my hopes to talk to her. As the
night went on we could definitely feel the tension in the
air like bolts of electricity. By 11 we had already kicked
two girls out for an all out fist fight and a couple of guys
for passing out on the tables. Jason and I were told by Jai
that it was always like this on the 15th and 1st of the month.
"When the government pays, the nights get rough"
He said scanning the crowd. It happened all at once without

Two guys wearing opposite colored shirts started swinging
by the long back bar sending chairs and people flying. I
caught it out of the corner of my eye and bolted without thinking
into the crowd. "security" I yelled as I dove
into the fast forming melee. I managed to catch a guy mid
swing by hooking my arm and forcing him down onto his back.
Before the second guy could react Jason had him face down
on the grungy brown industrial carpet. This is when shit
really hit the fan as friends of both guys started to go at
each other and Jason and I. I heard Jai's voice cry out
and he tackled a guy into the table next to us. It seemed like
it took forever until the other 9 guys showed up and separated
the guys. The guy that I had pinned to the ground fought against
me and managed to get an elbow into my chin before I gave him
one back in the nose blinding him with tears.

Jason had picked his guy up like a rag doll and was carrying
him out of the club like he was holding a baby. The people
that had crowded around us laughed as the guy struggled
to get out of Jason's vice like grip. I lifted my guy
off the ground and put him in a arm lock behind his back and
with my other hand on his shoulder and I led him toward the
steps with Jai and his guy close behind me. Just as we got
to the top of the steps a guy came out of nowhere and clocked
the guy I was holding onto. Not thinking I threw my guy down
the flight of 10 steps to the bouncer on the landing and grabbed
the sucker punch dude. He didn't put up much of a fight
after he saw that I had thrown the first guy down the steps.
I guided him down toward the office and was instructed by
Adam to take him into the office. I walked him into the small
office and sat him down between Jason's guy and my first
one. They all three sat side by side with Jason and I standing
over them watching carefully.

They had there ID's photo copied and within 10 minutes
two uniformed Minneapolis cops showed up and carted them
off to jail with them yelling threats to us and the club.
Not more then a half an hour back upstairs it all started
again this time with a lot more people. All and all 7 people
went to jail that night and I ended up with a bruised body.
Just about bar close Jai snuck up beside me and handed me
a note before heading back to his station. I opened and read
"two girls Anne and Theresa want to party with us after
work so don't leave or make any plans" I showed
it to Jason and we laughed about it. He told me it was cool
if I wanted to party it down and that he had a booty call he
could make for himself.

The end of the night meant that we had to stop all the parking
lot pimpers by all 12 of us walking outside in a group yelling
at people to get out of the parking lot. It was almost 2:45
am and people where still trying to work last minute hook
ups and nobody wanted to leave. After a few cop cars drove
through the parking lot spotlight people we were able to
get almost everyone gone. Jai broke from the group and walked
over to a silver Chevy Impala with two girls in it one blonde
one brunette but I couldn't see much else in the dark
car. Adam yelled at Jai and he joined us, he tapped me on the
shoulder and told me to get ready for a good time.

I had no idea what he had planned but the look in his eye told
me I would be finding out shortly. We had a short meeting
and finally at 3am we walked out into the night. Jai ran to
the Impala and I heard the engine start up he pointed toward
his old 98 Ford pickup I saw the blonde driver nod. Jai waved
me over and we jumped into his truck with me still not knowing
who the girls where. He told me that we needed to go back to
my place because he lived in his sister's basement
and she had kids. I reluctantly agreed not really sure about
having people I didn't know in my place and we headed
off with the girls in tow back to Plymouth. About this time
I began to realize how crazy Jai really was as he pulled out
a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels from beneath his seat.

He offered me some which I declined and then he knocked back
the bottle down in one big swallow. "We are going to
have a killer night tonight man I am telling you, these two
honey's are down for anything" he said wiping
his mouth on his forearm. "So who are they" I
asked. "I don't remember a blonde" He nodded
his head and said "they stood by the back bar most of
the night" We were getting close to my house and I had
to ask "alright then which one do are you taking"
He laughed out loud in his Cajun accent said "why which
ever one you aren't using at the time" If I was
going to be surprised this was the time I supposed. Jai told
me again they were down for anything and that the blonde
Ann had never been with a girl but Theresa the brunette had
and she was cool with tonight being her first time.

I really didn't know what to say about all this so I just
kept my mouth shut except to guide him to my house. I have
been lucky in the past and have been involved with several
girls at once before and once with Jason passed out in the
room even, but I had never had a 4 some with another guy on
the other end of a girl Chinese finger trap before. I wasn't
sure I would be able to um be "UP" for the task.
I had no interest in having some dude with his wang hanging
out in the same situation as me. I was about to bring this
up when the turn came up for my house. Jai instead pulled
into the Shell station before the turn off and told me he
would be right back.

He left me in his truck with the girls behind me and ran into
the gas station. The Impala was in the light and I was able
to see the two girls for the first time. Theresa the brunette
kind of looked like a mouse with librarian glasses on. Her
hair was a light brown and pulled back in a pony tail with
what looked like tendrils of hair hanging down in front.
She looked very skinny and other than that I couldn't
tell. Anne on the other hand was not a girl but a woman. It
looked like she was around 40 or so and her blond hair hung
down in loose girls around much of her face blocking my view.
I started to think this whole thing was a horrible idea when
Jai came out with two packages of Magnums and a case of Redbull.
He jumped back into the truck and off we went down my street.

When we pulled up to my house the girls parked and got out
of the car. Anne to my relief had a pretty nice body after
all. She wore a denim Jacket that did not hide that fact that
she had D cup breasts. Her body was not stocky but more curvy
with a nice ass. She was about 5'2 and her face was pretty
and smiling. Theresa was her opposite being about 5'7
and rail thin and dressed coffee shop conservative. I couldn't
tell how old she was but she looked to be in her twenties.
Her long face had very pouty lips and her dark brown eyes
were almond shaped. It was hard to tell anything more about
her body. Jai dug a duffle bag out from behind his seat and
called out to the women. "I got the booze and you two
have the bodies lets party" he laughed and amazingly
they both laughed too.

I caught a glimpse of Theresa's smile and wow did that
girl need braces. Anne looked like she was probably a knock
out when she younger and didn't spend months in a tanning
booth. I figured that I was definitely going to need some
alcohol for this night and was hopping to have the beer goggles
strapped on quick. They followed me to the door and I leg
them all in to my living room. Since the kitchen was right
inside the door Jai went to the fridge and dropped off the
Red Bull and pulled a giant Jagermeister bottle. He asked
where the glasses where and dug them out of where I pointed
and poured 4 shots of Liquid Viagra. We assembled in the
kitchen and down the warm nasty alcohol and almost gagging
me in the process. Jai poured 4 more and we repeated it with
a stupid toast he made up.

The two women in my house didn't talk much as Jai told
stories about anything he could think of. I have to be honest
the guy was slick we had down 6 rounds before anyone of knew
how tanked we where. After taking our 7th shot in less then
half an hour Jai kicked it into over drive and changed the
topic to sex. He told the two women to kiss and without so
much as a word Theresa grabbed the stunned Anne and drove
her tongue deep into her mouth almost knocking them over.
"Hell yeah" Jai said and poured an 8th round.

I was pretty damn tipsy and didn't really care anymore
so I followed Jai's lead "ok who wants who"
I asked not really sure one would be better than the other.
They broke their kiss and Anne shrugged "I don't
care this is my first time doing anything like this"
That was enough for Jai to pick her and he grabbed her and
took her into the living room stripping her clothes off.
Theresa and I followed and watched as Anne's gym tuned
body was exposed. She was a very well built 130 or so with
D cup breast implants and large round tan areola and tiny
nipples. Her belly was tight and her ass and legs extremely

Her pussy was completely shaved and her inner labia poked
out from puffy lips. She was laughing and didn't seem
to care as Jai turned her around and examined her like a new
prized object. In the mean time I reached behind Theresa
and grabbed a hold of her tiny flat ass massaging it and pulling
her close to me at the same time. Her ass was a little flabby
even though she was almost anorexic skinny and was easily
covered by my hand. I turned toward her and we began to kiss
in an awkward open mouthed tongue flailing. Theresa trapped
my neck in her arms and started to moan like she was having
an orgasm. It took me aback but I was really too drunk to care,
as we kissed Anne's grunts filled the room. We broke
our kiss and saw that Jai had her down on her hands an knees
on my living room carpet as was fucking her from behind.

"holy shit" Theresa said looking from me back
to the two. Not wanting to be left out I said "looks
like fun maybe we should join in" I pulled Theresa
shirt over her head to expose her very tiny breasts without
her making so much as a peep. She had the smallest tits I have
ever seen, they barely stuck out from her boney chest and
her nipples where long thimbles. I moved my hands down to
her pants and unbuttoned her pants pulling them down past
her wide flat hips in the same motion exposing her bare pussy.
I took one of her long nipples into my mouth and sucked hard
causing her to grab my hair and moan loudly again like she
was in the throws of an orgasm. I wondered if this girl was
acting or if everything just turned her on this much.

Loud slapping and a yelp of pain came from Anne as Jai slapped
her ass."yeah you like that don't you"
he said in his Cajun accent. "oh yes give it to me"
Anne moaned. I was starting to feel like I was a participant
in a low budget porno movie. I decided when in Rome and told
Theresa to get on her hands and knees facing Anne. Mid stroke
Jai threw me a box of open condoms and flashed a big smile.
The Jager had removed most of my inhabitions so while Theresa
and Anne did their best to kiss and not knock each other's
teeth out while Jai pounded Anne I stripped down. Thankfully
Jai wasn't paying attention when my pants dropped
to the floor. I was only half hard but that was good enough
to put on the condom and fuck Theresa. I positioned myself
behind her skinny wide hips and pushed the head of my cock
into her pussy.

"oww fuck" she yelled and turned around to look
at what just stabbed her. "that isn't going to
fit" she said with a horrified look on her face. Jai
laughed "you packing a monster Dave" I blushed
and told Theresa I would go slow. I pushed myself back into
her pussy that really didn't feel all that tight to
me and slowly began to work myself in and out. "ow ow
ow slow" she grunted. I thought I was barely moving,
clearly this girl was an over exaggerator. Thankfully
I was only turned on enough to maintain a chub otherwise
I probably would have had this girl screaming her head off
for me to stop.

She went back to kissing Anne and I was just settling to a
rhythm when Jai wanted to change it up. "Ok Anne lay
on your back and Theresa you get on top of her facing me"
He said "that way you can lick each others pussy and
our dicks at the same time. "ok" Anne said gleefully
and slid under Theresa on her back. I didn't have to
move thankfully and just waited for everyone to get situated.
I felt Anne's hot breath on my balls and felt her tongue
slid across my skin and felt Theresa jump as her tongue flicked
across her clit. "oooohhh fuck" Theresa cried
out. I started in with my motion again and Jai slammed himself
back into Anne's pussy making all of us sway back.

Theresa's head lowered to Annes pussy and together
they licked each other while we fucked them. Jai obviously
not caring what was going on started to have a conversation
with me. " so man what should we have them do next"
he asked as if we where just sitting around talking. I laughed
at his nonchalant attitude and just shrugged, I really
didn't have a clue and I was only somewhat into what
was going on. The combination of tongues and cock answered
it for us and the two women exploded together in on loud giant
orgasm cutting our conversation off. Theresa's body
lifted up and she lifted one of her legs like a dog peeing
on a fire hydrant and a rush of her squirt splashed across
Anne's face and into her open mouth making her choke
when she screamed out in her own orgasm.

"holy shit I think I broke something" Jai said
looking down at the huge puddle of cum that Anne had poured
on him. Not clearly thinking I looked. A large puddle had
poured off Jai and pooled on the carpet below him making
one hell of a mess. Theresa moved forward pulling my half
hard cock out of her and stood up on shaky legs leaving me
just wagging out for everyone to see. She sat her naked ass
down on my couch bringing only one thought to my head "I
got to get a new couch" Jai stood up and moved over in
front of Theresa and clearly not shy ripped off his condom
and shoved his cock into her face. "come on darling
help me out" he said shaking it in her face. I couldn't
help but laugh at how much this dude really didn't care.

"want me to suck your dick" Anne asked looking
up at me from her back. I looked down and thought that sounded
like a hell of an idea. I pulled the condom off and let it fall
onto the floor, Anne got on her hands and knees and took my
cock into her open mouth. Her body rocked forward and back
with her sucking motion, her heart shaped ass invitingly
up in the air. If Jai hadn't just been in it I probably
would have played with it but....

I have a pretty respectable sized penis and can fill out
a Tojan large or Magnum condom no problem, but when I caught
a glimpse of Jai I felt small. This cat should have been a
stand in for John Holmes (well maybe not that big but you
get my point) and Theresa looked almost in pain as her mouth
was stretched out trying to suck him off. Anne for my part
wasn't doing much better only able to get the head of
me into her mouth. "damn this isn't going to work"
Jai said pulling his dick out her the poor twiggy girls mouth
and reaching for a condom. "get doggy style behind
your girl" he said rolling the condom down himself.
Theresa must have figured out what he wanted because she
stuck her face into Anne's pussy and started licking
her lips and her ass making Anne vibrate my cock with her

Jai slid himself behind Theresa and slowly started to fuck
her from behind and from the sound of it painfully. Anne's
expert mouth worked my cock to a pulsing hard on and her moans
vibrating up my shaft only added to the pleasure. I had never
thought of being with woman who was over 40 before, but I
had to admit she had skills. The fact that she had 17 years
or so on me didn't really seem to bother me after all
and I just closed my eyes and held onto her bleach blond head.
"hey man tell me when you are going to bust" Jai
said knocking my serene sense of being out of my head.

"what" I asked not sure if I really wanted to
say that to another guy. He slapped Theresa's skinny
ass and just said "trust me" Thrust after thrust
he tortured the poor girl until she broke our eardrums and
soaked Jai down with another squirting orgasm. "fuck,
ok I have to stop I am really sore" Theresa said trying
to get away from him. Like a true professional he released
her and moved in behind Anne and without so much as a how do
you do stuck his cock into her ass. Anne let out a little scream
of surprise but didn't take her mouth off my cock. Her
tried to match her movements as she worked my cock in and
out of her mouth and there I was with poor Anne in a "Chinese
finger trap" or "pig on a spit" whatever
you want to call it and Jai on the other back end loving life.

"anytime man anytime" Jai grunted after a minute
or two. He had broken out into a sweat and was holding onto
the 40ish woman's hips. " Alright I will make
it happen" I said trying to think about every erotic
moment that I had gone through in my life to make myself cum.
Oddly enough Danyka kept popping up into my head. "Come
here girl get on your knees" Jai motioned to Theresa.
The ultra skinny brunette with 50's style glasses
dropped to the floor next to him with her hands on her thighs
and waited. "Ok Anne get next to your girl" He
said through clenched teeth. She looked up at me with her
gray eyes and me in her mouth and waited to see what I would
say I guess. I just nodded and pulled back taking my raging
hard on out of her mouth.

She sat on her feet next to Theresa and looked at Jai waiting
to see what he was going to do next. Jai as happy as a pig in
a poke stood up in front of Theresa and motioned me to do the
same in front of Anne. I got it all of the sudden, and had to
laugh at the fact that he probably had this idea from the
start. The woman got shoulder to shoulder and tilted their
head back while Jai and I stroked ourself side by side aiming
for the facial. "I must be out of my mind" I thought
to myself. Jai gave a giant grunt and plastered Theresa
right on the cheek at first until the next shot covered her
mouth in Jai's cum. Shot after shot covered Theresa's
thin face forcing her to close her eyes in defense. Theresa
let out a small squeal bringing laughter from the three
of us.

Knowing that it was now or never I mustered up every hot thought
I could think of and felt the pressure build up in my balls.
I stroked myself and watched as the last couple sexual experiences
danced through my head light phantoms. All at once cum erupted
from the end of my cock and showered Anne with white spunk.
Load after load coated her face from her eyes down to her
chin. I shot so much cum that it hit her chest and landed on
her legs and bringing a cheer from Jai who didn't seem
to care that peter gazing was almost considered gay. As
the last few drops fell on to Anne's rose colored lips
Jai sprung into action. He grabbed the back of their heads
and guided them into a cum filled kiss.

Anne totally loving it threw her arms around Theresa and
mashed there lips together. Tongues slithered out of their
mouths and they licked the cum off each others faces and
moaning the entire time. I stood dumbfounded watching
these two woman that I had just met mix our cum together.
Jai of course had other plans and whipped his cell phone
out of his jeans pocket. He snapped photo after photo on
his Sprint phone from about every angle he could think of.
I left the little scene and slid my jeans back on quietly
letting the three of them revel in the moment. Have you ever
had that moment of dirtiness creep over you after you have
done something you know was wrong? This was one of those
moments for me, even through the fog of my drunk I still felt
off or odd and was ready for them to all leave.

Thankfully they were way ahead of me on that idea. Jai suggested
that everyone keep partying but Theresa had to get home.
Anne was up for anything but they had her car so that meant
she had to leave. Jai wanting more suggested that he and
I follow them and then just go to Anne's house afterwards.
I lied and said I had to get up early the next morning and couldn't
go. Jai didn't seem to be upset at all and they all got
dressed and collected their things. The two women said
goodbye and left their numbers on my kitchen table before
walking outside to smoke leaving Jai in the house. "man
that was nice" he said rubbing his stomach. We exchanged
numbers and he told me that next weekend we would get a better
choice of girl. He helped me clean up and get rid of the used
rubbers before heading toward my front door.

I just laughed as he walked out the door and told him we would
see how things went down. Those two were definitely not
my style but I guess it was a win because I got laid sort of.
"No harm no foul" I said out loud. I sat down away
from the dried wet spot that Theresa had made and thought
about it. I had fallen in love a two times now with amazing
women and they both ended. One tragically and one because
I really don't know leaving me alone and no better off
then before I met either one of them. I was a healthy, fit,
26 year old heterosexual male with no ties to anyone why
wouldn't I not want to have some harmless fun. "As
long as I was safe what was the big deal" I thought.
I decided right then and there I was just going to party and
have a good time for awhile until I decided to gamble again
with a relationship.

Tomorrow would be a new day and a new attitude for me. This
would be fun and working at the club was an easy way to meet
women so why the hell not. I looked around my town home and
figured my first step was to get the carpets cleaned.

To Be Continued............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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