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Funny How Things Work Out


Funny How Things Work Out
I work as a fishing guide in north Florida and as a result
have stayed in pretty decent shape. I’ve been with my wife
for over sixteen years and I find her as attractive if not
more now than when I met her. Jenna has always been a tomboy;
riding horses, fishing, etc., always on the go has kept
her hard little body through the years and now as she approaches
forty, has guys in their twenties still staring at her perfect
little ass. Jenna is 5ft3in, blonde curly hair and has a
boyish but sexy shape, filling out a B-cup well. Jenna is
by all definitions straight, but she can appreciate beauty
and sexuality in both their feminine and masculine forms
and will regularly point out an attractive woman to me.
One thing Jenna will admit to having a desire for is fondling
and kissing another woman’s breasts.
Unless Jenna is in the throes of passion, it took me nearly
ten years to get her to admit verbally to anything she enjoys
sexually, even the run of the mill vanilla stuff. Jenna
is very shy about sex and is one of those types that seems
as pure and innocent as can be outside of the bedroom, but
while in the moment will be begging me to lick her asshole
and then fill it with my cock. I don’t mind that much and in
fact its one of the many things I find attractive about her
along with the fact she has no idea just how hot she really
is! Jenna is the loose fitted blue jeans and baggy T-shirt
kind of girl that nobody really notices until one day she
shows up in a bikini and all the guys wonder from where the
hot babe came. As a result, Jenna is comfortable with her
body; she just doesn’t want anybody to really notice it.
Unlike many women I’ve met over the years, Jenna actually
wants to succeed in life in every aspect by her deeds, opposed
to getting things because of her body and/or how she uses
it. Before Jenna, I had been with so many needy women, that
unless I met a woman who could stand on her own without me,
then I didn’t need a woman. Thank god I met Jenna, because
I really didn’t want to be alone.
There are so many more reasons as to why I love my wife so much
and you would think that I’d be completely content and happy.
However both my wife and I have come to the realization about
several things in our relationship. I’m so lucky to have
a wife that is open and willing to communicate (though that
took time) about all aspects of our relationship, because
that is what led to our “understanding” about sex. We both
agreed that love and sex are two separate things. Love is
an emotion you feel and sex is an act that can happen whether
those involved are in love or not. Jenna admitted that she
and many of her girlfriends all equated love with sex, but
that was just how they were raised. Over the years she has
come to learn that sex is not all that much different than
any sport, something you do to have fun and get all sweaty.
We have incredible sex, but there are two things we both
agreed that are missing and that something needed to be
Jenna loves receiving any form of pleasure on or in any part
of her body. However she does not give head. She enjoys kissing,
sucking my nipples and nibbling my ears, but that’s it.
Jenna said she just can’t seem to get into it and has always
felt badly about this with all the guys she’s been with.
As a result, she learned quite early to give incredible
hand jobs (and other pleasures) and I admit I’ve never met
anybody who can bring so much pleasure just with her hands.
I really thought I could give up receiving oral, but Jenna
knew better and wanted to do something about it. Along with
the no oral thing, Jenna also knew that for a fact now, just
as she was having her last orgasm and spent for the rest of
the day, I was just getting warmed-up. I really don’t mean
to brag, but over the years, I have developed and incredible
sense of control and find a more Tantric approach to sex
more enjoyable or at least my own orgasms. As a result, I
have been able to leave most women completely exhausted
and completely satiated. I have the control to cum pretty
much when I choose and also how often. I can stay hard after
orgasm and can usually cum three if not five times a day with
little or no recovery time needed. Like I said, and not to
brag, I have been able to satisfy the desires of my wife and
my ten previous relationships--sex was never the problem.
Jenna’s sex drive is just not the same as mine. She is totally
content to have sex once or twice a week, and like many guys,
I would be happy to go several times a day. My previous relationship
to Jenna was with a woman who did need sex daily and needed
to suck my cock daily. She was also bi-sexual and brought
her girlfriends to bed with us several times. I loved it
for over two and a half years, so much that I lost sight that
this woman also had some major “issues” and was not for me.
It was after she tried to kill me that I realized those little
quirks were really some major red flags and no matter how
hot the sex was, I needed to think with the head on my shoulders
and not the one between my legs. Of course being with a stable
woman who has an appetite very normal for any woman, I was
left with the memories of BJ’s and FMF 3-somes which in the
long run isn’t such a bad thing if you can spend the rest of
your life with the woman of your dreams. I didn’t realize
until Jenna and I had our talks just how much she really was
the woman of my dreams!
It started about five years ago. One of Jenna’s friends
admitted to her that she hadn’t had sex in over a year. Debbie
didn’t have time to date or meet anybody and in this day and
age random sex with strangers isn’t all that wise…at least
if you want to stay alive! Jenna, though I joke with her about
being a sexual camel because she doesn’t need it as much
as I do, also couldn’t imagine going for a year without.
Since Jenna became sexually active in her teens, she has
always had a boyfriend in her life and the longest she went
without was only a few months. Jenna remembered how incredibly
horny she was during that time in her life and thought of
how she could help Debbie out when she decided to just blurt
out what she was thinking. Did her friend find me attractive,
would she want to “relieve” her desires if she could without
any commitment and so on. The answers to all her questions
led them to decide that Jenna was going to loan me out to her
friend for a night. Jenna told her friend that I would be
willing to satisfy any desire or fantasy that she might
have and that got them talking about sex in general and what
they each liked and didn’t or wanted to try or not.
I was out fishing at the time and had no idea what was transpiring
on shore, but somehow that day while poling my clients over
the flats, my mind drifted off the fish and I fantasized
about what I was going to do to Jenna that evening, little
did I know that I would be doing all of that and more, but not
with Jenna, but with her friend, Debbie. When I arrived
home, Jenna was waiting for me with a cocktail (Myers and
OJ) which was odd because I rarely drink, but that was my
drink of choice, specifically for the warm, loving feeling
it gives, i.e. horny! Jenna told me to get cleaned up; we
were heading over to the island for a dinner party at Debbie’s
house. I wasn’t all that crazy about the idea, because I
was pretty beat from being on the water all day, but the drink
started working its magic and Jenna joining me in the shower
didn’t hurt either.
I asked Jenna on the ride over the island who was going to
be at the party and she said she didn’t really know, she just
remembered the party today when she “bumped” into her friend,
Debbie. I forgave her for dumping this on me at the last minute,
mostly because her hand was over in my pants working her
magic and making it very difficult to drive. I eventually
pulled her had away when we got off the bridge telling her
I didn’t exactly want to show up at Debbie’s with a “stiffy”
and I should have known something was up when Jenna said,
“That wouldn’t be such a bad thing would it?” I just laughed
it off never thinking in a million years that my shy, innocent
wife would ever devise something as lustful as offering
me to her sex starved friend for the night.
We arrived at Debbie’s and she was busy setting the table
and I noticed there were only three settings. I remarked
to Jenna about the settings and Jenna said that actually
Debbie was lonely and needed some companionship and that
there never was a party. I told her that I didn’t need to be
there if they just wanted to have girls night together,
but Jenna made it clear that I needed to be there and to just
enjoy myself, have some dinner, a movie and then we would
head home and finish what we started earlier in the shower.
I was feeling a little suspicious but the new drink placed
in my hand by Debbie took my mind off wanting to sit at home
watching TV alone, not so much for the drink, but for how
great Debbie looked.
I hadn’t actually seen Debbie in the past months and like
Jenna, never really wore anything revealing, so I never
really paid attention to her body, unit now. Debbie had
taken excellent care of herself. I couldn’t believe she
was in her mid-40’s, because like Jenna, if I didn’t know
better would swear she was in her late twenties. There is
something to be said about small-breasted women! Debbie
was married to a very wealthy guy from Atlanta and he divorced
her a few years ago for a new trophy wife. Debbie got the island
house and a very large alimony settlement, so she didn’t
really work and spent most of her time working out, reading
and doing various social activities like the book club
where she met my wife. They became friends and usually met
for lunches or went to plays together. They weren’t exactly
best friends, but got together once or twice a month, so
I never really saw much of her. But this evening I was getting
an eyeful!
Debbie wasn’t exactly dressed-up; she just looked incredibly
sexy in a very tight fitting spaghetti strap top with a pair
of tight but comfortable looking Capri type pants. I couldn’t
see any lines of any kind and just figured she was wearing
a thong and one of those bra tops Jenna buys from Victoria
Secret. It didn’t matter, she looked great and like I said,
never really noticed how hot she really was. Debbie is just
a little taller than Jenna with a very similar body, but
slightly larger breasts and as perfect as I’d ever seen,
in clothing anyway. I was trying to figure out whether they
were real or not when Jenna whispered in my ear, “They’re
real”. I looked at her wondering why she would know that
bit of information but also if I were that obviously checking
her out. Jenna just smiled and Debbie announced dinner
was ready.
We ate and chatted mostly about town gossip, some interesting
clients I took out earlier in the week and of course the weather.
After supper, Debbie made another round of drinks and asked
if we wanted to stay for a movie since it wasn’t all that late.
Jenna immediately said yes and said, “that’s ok isn’t it
honey” and I nodded yes while taking another sip from my
drink which was really starting to work its magic and I was
feeling very comfortable and at ease hanging out with these
two hot women. When Debbie started the movie, I knew that
I would soon become uncomfortable with these two women
in the room, because I had seen the film and knew there was
no way that I’d be able to conceal my reaction to several
of the scenes in the movie. If you haven’t seen Wild Things,
I recommend it not only for being a decent suspense film,
but the scenes involving Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell and
Denise Richards are as hot as you can get short of porn. I
remember asking the girls if they’d seen this movie and
both said no and Jenna told me not to ruin it for them if I had.
What I didn’t know is that they both had also seen the movie
and actually decided ahead of time that would be the perfect
movie to watch to hatch their plans. Little did they know,
that I’m just a normal guy and I don’t need all this seduction–appreciated
but not needed–and they could have had me at the door with,
“Dave this is Debbie, wanna fuck her?”
During the movie, I knew that I had a serious bulge in my pants
and I tried to adjust a few times but just made it more pronounced.
Jenna sat next to me, but Debbie sat in a chair to my left and
had a clear view of my crotch and out of the corner of my eye
caught her more than once checking it out. I didn’t want
to make eye contact with her out of embarrassment, but also
didn’t mind her looking and in fact I just kept getting harder
thinking about Debbie checking me out. I couldn’t believe
the situation I was in and was thinking that Jenna was going
to get the fucking of a lifetime when we got home. After the
movie ended, Debbie got up and asked who needed another
drink and Jenna said she did and to get me one too. I took the
opportunity to go to the bathroom to get things tucked back
away and out of eyesight. When I took my drink from Debbie,
she glanced down at my crotch, back to me and winked and asked
me if things were back to normal. I laughed nervously and
said yes and we all went out onto the deck to enjoy the warm
gulf breeze and starry sky. The girls started talking about
the movie when finally they came to the subject of the 3some.
Debbie and Jenna talked about what it would be like sharing
a man and if either one of them could do something like that
without getting jealous or possessive etc and finally
asked me what I thought. Being me, I said what I thought was
the most outlandish thing to say to evoke laughter, “why
don’t we head into the bedroom and find out.” Except they
didn’t laugh, they looked at each other and then to me. Jenna
surprised me and said, “in that case Honey, we need to talk.”
“Why don’t we all jump into the hot tub and discuss having
a threesome?” Debbie offered and we all laughed and I said,
“Sure, how ‘bout you Jen?” but she was already unbuttoning
her blouse so I knew her answer when she just looked at me
and smiled. Debbie removed the cover from the hot tub and
then went inside while Jenna and I quickly got out of our
clothes and got into the water.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Jenna asked
“Are you crazy? Your making a dream come true.”
“You know she likes to schnork, ” Jenna added using her
pet name for a bj
“How do you know?”
“I know lots of things about our friend, you don’t think
I’d let you fuck just anybody did you?”
“Of course not, what else does she like?”
“Look at you. You’re like a schoolboy at Christmas!” Jenna
“Yes I am!”
We both just giggled and kissed and I told her how much I loved
her for doing something like this and then she quickly started
to tell me more when Debbie called out she’d be there in just
a moment. Jenna told me Debbie had only been with four guys
and from she could tell, none of them were all that good in
bed or had all that much to offer. Debbie enjoyed giving
and receiving oral, of course fucking but was curious about
anal because for the last year she’s been doing a lot of fantasizing
and exploring with her vibrator. Jenna told Debbie that
if anal was something she wanted to try; I was the person
to do it with. Debbie asked, “why, is he small?” to which
Jenna replied, “No, just very good, you’ll see.”
Jenna told me a few other items but then we were interrupted
with Debbie’s arrival wearing a plush terry cloth robe
and her sandy blond hair pulled into a ponytail.
“Are we all naked?”
“We will be when you lose that robe.” I said
“Whew hoo!” cheered on Jenna as Debbie dropped the robe
and stepped into the tub.
“Wow!” was all I could mutter
“I think he approves, ” said Jenna
“Oh yes, I approve!” I added
“Good, because I definitely approve of you two, or at least
what I’ve seen so far” Debbie
“Stand up for the lady and help her into the tub” Jenna ordered
“Oh my god! You weren’t lying were you?” Debbie exclaimed
to Jenna.
“What have you been telling her?” I asked.
Jenna just smiled and I knew now that the girls had talked
quite a lot and it made me feel better for some reason that
Debbie knew more about me that I did about her. I didn’t have
to try to impress anyone, just be myself and it should all
be good. Jenna told Debbie that I was 100% baby proof and
that I would definitely fill her up and give her as much pleasure
as she wanted for as long as she wanted it. I never thought
of myself as being well endowed. I’ve seen dicks bigger
than mine, but I’ve also seen a lot that were smaller. From
watching pornos and reading these articles, I figured
everybody has an eight-inch cock or bigger so there really
shouldn’t be any big deal about being with me. According
to all but one woman in my life, I was the biggest they had
ever been with, but then again, what woman doesn’t tell
whatever guy she’s with that he’s the biggest and best…unless
she really wants to hurt him.
With all that said, the biggest guy Debbie had ever been
with had a six-inch penis and she thought that was big compared
to her other lovers. Like any guy, I vary in size with arousal
and the damn thing never really gets fully hard when you
want to measure it and then it all depends on how you measure
it anyway. Lets just say that every woman I’ve ever been
with can wrap both hands around the shaft and still have
some shaft and the head (which can get quite large) left
for their mouth. And I’ve only been with one woman who could
truly deep throat me, but then I’ve only received head from
about 30 women in my lifetime. (As a side note: I played with
a couple I met here on AdultFriendFinder and the hubby truly had what I think
is a ten-inch cock. It was huge and scared the hell out of
me, no wonder his wife wanted a guy with a smaller cock to
try anal sex).
“Its bigger than my vibrator!” Debbie said while she reached
over and started stroking me after I sat down in the tub between
the women.
“I told you so”
“Ok ladies, do we have a plan here, or are we going to just
let art flow over us?” I asked and both girls laughed nervously.
“Why don’t you two go inside and I’ll watch” Jenna offered
“You’re just going to watch, I thought that I’d just watch
you two” Debbie replied
“Why don’t you flip for it?” I joked
“No, I like to watch, you go first Deb”
“She does like to watch” I added, knowing full well that
Jenna has voyeuristic tendencies and thought this would
make her blush, but it didn’t, it just made her giggle and
throw her arm around me, giving me a kiss and telling me how
much she loved me.
“Just fuck her like she’s me. Give her what I like and know
that when you’re finished, you’ll have to do it all over
again to me and if you satisfy me, then she can have you again
if she wants and you have to take care of all or our needs tonight
until we cry uncle.” Jenna said to me very seriously.
“And if I cry uncle?”
“Then you can never give me a hard time about not getting
enough from me and you can’t brag about being able to satisfy
two women’s needs like you always say you can do.”
We all laughed and I said, “I accept!”
The alcohol had definitely taken effect on Jenna, because
there is no way she would be talking so suggestively if she
were sober. The way she was kissing me, open mouth with lots
of tongue also let me know her inhibitions had dropped considerably.
Normally Jenna didn’t go for any type of PDA, and to be making
out with me so passionately while sitting naked in a hot
tub with another naked woman watching us let me know for
certain that we had finally entered the fun zone! I continued
kissing Jenna while Debbie continued to stroke my cock,
then I turned to Debbie and began kissing her. Then back
to Jenna and then to Debbie until Jenna finally said, “why
don’t we take this to your bedroom Debbie?”
Debbie told me to lay down on my back and as she crawled between
my legs and slowly started kissing my feet, working her
way up my legs, Jenna put on Debbie’s robe and sat down in
a chair across the room, her hand immediately went between
her legs. As Debbie started to slowly play with my balls
and cock, she lightly kissed the head and down the shaft.
I looked at Jenna and mouthed, “thank you” to her and she
just smiled back. Debbie really took her time and gave me
a very slow, good old-fashioned blowjob, making my cock
grow to its fullest extent. Debbie was really talented
and I had forgotten just how good oral sex can feel, especially
when its done by a woman who not only knows what she’s doing,
but also enjoys giving pleasure to another and does so enthusiastically.
I was in total bliss, when Debbie finally stopped what she
was doing and slowly kissed her way up my body, licking and
sucking my nipples, neck, ears (she definitely had been
talking to Jenna, my ears are one of my biggest erogenous
zones!) and finally our lips and tongues met and started
a very slow seductive dance. Debbie was definitely turned
on and was ready for me to enter her, but I wanted to do for
her what Jenna asked and that was the royal treatment. I
stopped Debbie from trying to crawl on top of me and rolled
her onto her back and slowly worked my way down her body with
my mouth and hands, going near but avoiding her hot spots.
One thing I’ve learned over the years is that teasing is
a good thing and the longer you take before actually touching
a woman’s breasts and pussy, the hotter they get and the
more explosive they get when you finally do. I worked my
way down her body until I got to her toes and gave each toe
a little suck and then a kiss before moving on to the next
one. Debbie was really into this and was openly moaning
and touching her own breasts, rolling her nipples between
her fingers intermittently between kneading her whole
breasts with the palms of her hands.
I knew it was finally time and licked my way back up Debbie’s
shapely legs until I got to my destination. Debbie’s aroma
was intoxicating and it took all my strength not to just
dive in, but refrained and very, very slowly licked all
around Debbie’s pussy, but avoiding her clit. I spread
her legs wider and she did not resist and licked all around
her lips lower and lower until I found her sexy little rosebud
and slowly started circling my tongue around and around,
getting closer each time making Debbie’s breathing heavier
with each pass. Finally my tongue hit its target and it must
have been like a bolt of energy passing through her body
as her back arched off the bed and she let loose a scream and
an, “Oh my god, that feels incredible!”
I spent some time on her butt, then licked my way up her pussy,
taking my time until her hand slid down between her legs
and pulled her pussy lips apart exposing her hooded clit
to me. Very slowly I ran my tongue along both sides before
taking her clit between my lips and that’s when she lost
it! Debbie started thrashing around, holding my head in
her hands and pushing my face against her sex. Debbie started
grinding her pussy against my face and started talking,
“Oh god yeah! Eat me, that’s so good, don’t ever stop, oh
my god you’re so hot, I can’t believe this, oh god this is
incredible, oh yeah…” And so on until I felt her body really
tense up, her hands gripped the back of my head tighter and
her pelvis flew into high speed rubbing her pussy against
my face. I just kept my tongue glued to her clit and let her
do the work and soon Debbie erupted into orgasm, flooding
my face and squeezing my head (almost crushing) with her
Finally Debbie’s orgasm subsided and she looked over to
Jenna and said, “No man has ever been able to do that to me,
make me cum like that” and Jenna just smiled and said, “the
best is still yet to come!” With that I kept slowly licking
around her pussy, but not her clit (I’ve learned these things
over the years) and pretty soon Debbie’s hips started to
move in a slow rhythm once again. I took that as a sign and
finally moved away from her hot, tasty pussy and kissed
my way up her body, this time taking extra time to give her
nipples attention then said to Debbie, “You taste so good,
I could do that all day!” I swear Debbie blushed and she said,
“You can do that all day to me anytime you want!” Just as she
said that I slowly slid the head of my cock between her thighs
and into her hot, wet pussy. Despite being so wet, Debbie
was very tight and I had to slowly start working my cock into
her, making her gasp a little with each new inch. Finally
I was all the way in and started a slow tempo, looking for
the speed that evoked the most response from Debbie.
We finally settled into a good groove and I alternated between
kissing Debbie’s mouth, her ears (while doing so whispered
naughty little things to her, making her moan with each
breath), neck and of course her breasts. Good straight
missionary vanilla sex, but very pleasurable for both
and a good place to start. Little did I know this was pretty
much the extent to Debbie’s previous experiences and she
had no idea what was in store for her down the road. I pinned
Debbie’s hands above her head, the way Jenna likes to be
controlled and fucked and picked up my pace, causing heavier
breathing and moaning. Debbie was very close to cumming
again when I plunged in deep, sucked on of her nipples very
hard and gave it a slight nibble and then said, “Cum for me
you hot bitch” and she did, erupting into another total
body quivering and shaking orgasm that seemed to run on
for several minutes, until she finally relaxed and almost
went completely limp.
“Come on Debbie, you can’t be done yet?” Jenna shouted from
her chair.
“I’m ok, just catching my breath.” Was Debbie’s reply and
I was glad, I really didn’t want to win this easily. Of course
just as I was thinking things might be over for Debbie, she
rolled over and crawled between my legs and took me into
her mouth again. I immediately started talking dirty to
her, asking if she enjoyed tasting herself, enjoyed tasting
my cock, getting fucked in front of my wife, all of which
she answered with affirmative moans never letting my cock
slip out of her mouth. After a while Debbie let me fall from
her mouth and she quickly moved up and lowered herself onto
me, taking my cock into her pussy in one smooth stroke until
I could feel her ass and pussy against the skin of my balls
and thighs. Sooooooooo goooooooooood!
What happened next I would never have expected in a million
years, but was definitely a fantasy of mine. Jenna got up
from her chair and walked over to Debbie who was now sitting
upright, slowly grinding my cock into her pussy when Jenna
reached around from behind Debbie and started to play with
her breasts while kissing her neck. I couldn’t believe
my shy little wife was actually touching another woman
and doing so without any encouragement from me. But then
again, Debbie had nearly perfect breasts and Jenna has
always had a fascination with breasts so it seemed perfectly
natural at the time for her to cop a feel. Jenna then decided
to make my fantasy even better by walking around, climbing
onto the bed and then straddled my face while facing Debbie.
I was totally lost in lust having my favorite pussy in the
world riding my face while another hot woman was riding
my cock. I couldn’t see what they were doing for obvious
reasons, but later Jenna admitted the two played with each
other’s breasts and kissed some. This went on for a considerable
length of time and I was lovin' every minute of it. Finally
I could tell both girls were really getting into this as
well and Debbie really started to hump me good and I could
hear Jenna encouraging her on, saying things I didn’t know
she had the ability to say and probably will never admit
to saying, but at the time was very hot and making Debbie
ever hotter. I heard Debbie scream out and then she collapsed
on my chest, her face right at Jenna’s pussy, and her pussy
tightly contracting in convulsions that seemed to rip
through her entire body making her shudder and then squeal
with delight. Incredible orgasms!
Of course this got Jenna even hotter and she really started
to ride my tongue and then I felt Jenna’s hand move to her
clit and she slid forward a little offering her hot little
ass for me to lick. Then I felt Debbie’s head, mouth and tongue
replace Jenna’s hand and I couldn’t believe my straight
wife was letting a woman lick her pussy, but I was becoming
a believer when I heard Jenna say, “Oh god you hot bitch,
that’s it, lick my pussy. Oh honey your tongue in my ass feels
so good, you two are so hot, I don’t know how much longer I
can hold out!” and with that, Jenna’s thighs clamped onto
my head and she started her first orgasm of the night, cumming
very hard and completely flooding my face with her juices–Jenna
has never had a problem with vaginal dryness, in fact she’s
the wettest woman I’ve ever been with, to the point that
we have never needed any additional lubrication ever for
intercourse, vaginal or anal!
Jenna finally fell off my face onto the bed and just laid
there moaning and thanking us both for such an incredible
orgasm, but Debbie was equally paying thanks and both girls
just laid there on the bed like rag dolls. I took the opportunity
to slip into the bathroom to wash up and run a little water
through the pipes. When I returned, both women were in the
exact same positions I left them, so I went to the bar a fixed
myself another drink and then returned to see if any life
had returned to the arena. None when I arrived, so I decided
to take things into my own hands and crawled behind Jenna
who was now laying on her belly with her cute round ass exposed.
When I started lightly kissing her cheeks, Jenna responded
with a low, warm moan and slightly spread her legs, just
enough to give the access I wanted to her hot little ass.
I love licking my wife’s ass. I’m not into the whole world
of scat or bathroom sex or anything like that. In fact my
wife is incredibly regular and stays very clean back there.
If she isn’t she won’t let me near her. However, my wife is
a true lover of anal sex. Jenna says there is nothing better
in the world than to get a good licking back there and the
orgasms she gets from anal penetration either by finger
or cock, are the most intense of all her orgasms. So unless
she not “ready”, Jenna will always accept any and all attention
to her backside. And I enjoy the most what brings others
the most pleasure and have become a true lover of giving
pleasure to my wife anally, either with my mouth, fingers
or cock and now can’t imagine a sex life that doesn’t involve
the butt. Along with that, Jenna has shown me that guys can
enjoy that too, though she has never licked me back there,
she regularly uses her fingers on me and a few times her dildo.
I loved it all, but Jenna is also very submissive and rarely
takes the initiative, so unless I ask for it, she is content
to let me bring all the pleasure to her.
Debbie on the other hand seemed to really enjoy bringing
pleasure to others orally and the way she licked Jenna,
I had a suspicion Jenna’s pussy was not the first Debbie’s
tongue had tasted. Now it appeared Debbie wanted to taste
something different because she crawled across the bed
and moved up behind me to my ass which was just in the air as
I sprawled on my belly to get the best angle to lick my love’s
ass. I hadn’t felt a tongue on my ass in years and when Debbie’s
tongue touched my pucker, I nearly jumped off the bed with
bliss! Debbie’s tongue felt so warm, wet and incredibly
good and it just made me eat Jenna’s ass that much more intensely.
Soon Jenna was thrusting her ass towards my tongue and I
knew she soon wanted more. Despite the intense pleasure
Debbie was bringing me, I wanted to make sure Jenna received
my full attention and thought Debbie might enjoy licking
something tastier than my ass.
I had Jenna get on her knees, but she was so into the moment,
I had to lift her to her knees while her chest and head stayed
firmly on the bed. I motioned for Debbie to slide underneath
Jenna so she could lick her clit while I then resumed eating
Jenna’s ass. Jenna was really moaning receiving so much
attention and I easily slid between Debbie’s legs and into
her hot pussy. We kept this up until I heard the familiar
pleas from Jenna to, “please fuck her ass”, “I need you in
me” and so on. Debbie whimpered slightly as I pulled out
of her pussy and moved up and placed the head of my very well
lubricated cock against Jenna’s rosebud. Debbie kept
licking away feverishly at Jenna’s pussy and I just held
my cock against Jenna’s ass.
Jenna is amazing when it comes to anal. I don’t really have
to do much except stay hard and watch how much she tries to
take. We both found that she loses control and tries to take
all of me and she will slam her ass against me quite hard.
Unfortunately whenever she does that, she is very sore
the next day, so to protect her from herself, I wrap my hand
around the base of my cock allowing her to only take about
half of me. Jenna’s just as happy and it saves her ass for
more pleasure later. Despite Jenna’s earlier orgasm,
she was incredibly turned on and before we could really
get into any kind of rhythm, Jenna started cumming very
hard. She fell flat onto Debbie’s face and collapsed moaning
like a wild woman. I wanted Debbie to see how hard Jenna orgasms,
so I kept my cock in her ass and told Debbie to move away and
watch. I reached around and circled Jenna’s clit with my
finger while I started slowly moving in and out of her ass.
Jenna barely recovered from the first waves of her orgasm
when she started slamming back at me with her ass as we fell
into a hot tempo with her grinding her ass against my cock
and hand and I circled her clit and ground into her ass. It
took only minutes, and Jenna started her breathing and
moans and movements that let me know round two of her orgasm
was approaching and then it hit with Jenna literally squealing,
pushing her chest off the bed and her ass back against my
cock as hard as she could push, then collapsed again onto
the bed and started convulsing with each wave of pleasure
that swept over her body. I slowly–very slowly–let my cock
slide from her ass and pulled my hand away from her pussy
and moved over and sat next to Debbie watching Jenna as wave
after wave after wave of orgasm flooded her body. Jenna
came for minutes and when she was finally done with a shudder
and a low groan of intense pleasure, we both noticed the
huge wet spot on the bed from the flood that erupted from
Jenna’s pussy.
From my experience with Jenna, I knew that she was done and
any attempt to touch her would result in being chased away.
Jenna wanted to drift off into oblivion and revel in her
bliss alone. No snuggling or caressing needed…just leave
her alone to be content. I looked at Debbie and knew she wasn’t
content yet, so I suggested we go take a shower to clean up
and let Jenna enjoy her post orgasmic bliss. Off to the shower
we went and I couldn’t help but notice just how similar these
two women’s bodies looked and felt. Like I said, both had
very firm and round butts and there breasts were big enough
to have a nice shape but not so big that gravity could really
have much of an effect and as a result, both women looked
much younger. Both girls have very large nipples and both
are very sensitive and in fact Jenna can achieve orgasm
just from having her nipples pleasured. Jenna says there
is a direct link between her nipples, clit and asshole and
many times will get her off just sucking her nipples and
diddling her ass with my finger. It appeared so far that
not only did I have one woman to enjoy, but almost a twin as
well, but with the added bonus that the twin enjoyed sucking
my cock and licking my ass, two things I never thought I’d
get to experience again.
I was so happy and aroused as the warm water rushed over my
body while Debbie methodically washed my entire body like
a slave girl might. I was just about to lose myself when Debbie
announced it was her turn and I happily obliged washing
every part of her slowly and methodically. I’m not a neat
freak and can enjoy the natural scents women produce, but
there is also something so erotic about bathing another
person and of course how “edible” a person becomes when
they are freshly showered. I knew that Debbie wanted to
try anal, mostly because when I washed her backside, she
moaned and told me how good that felt, so I spent extra time
making sure everything was good and clean and aroused!
We moved from the shower back to the bed only to pass a slit-eyed
Jenna on her way to the bathroom for a clean up and recovery.
Jenna only grunted as she walked by which was her way of saying,
Uncle and that she was done for the night or at least I thought.
Debbie crawled onto the bed and lay on her belly and slightly
raised her ass and wiggled it back and forth in an attempt
to attract me.
I was more than happy to oblige and needed little invitation
and made my way between her legs and slowly licking the backs
of her knees and thighs up to her golden (she tanned in the
nude) globes. Very, very slowly I licked and kissed each
cheek, passing my tongue lightly over her cleavage, then
flicking my tongue between the cheeks a little deeper with
each passing. Debbie was soon moaning and thrusting her
ass up, but I refrained and kept up my slow dance until I finally
hit the target and by then there was no turning back. Debbie
now knew that she wanted me in her ass more than anything
and the fact I was teasing her so much made her want it all
the much more. Debbie needed to be filled in a way she had
never experienced and soon was begging, almost sobbing
for me to fuck her ass. I love it when a woman talks dirty and
even more when they beg for something they would never admit
to anybody publicly that they enjoy. Good girls like to
be dirty girls, they just don’t like to admit to it later
on when they are back to being good girls. However, this
night I had two very naughty girls asking and begging for
things they never thought possible.
I really took my time with Debbie because I knew this was
her first time and wanted it to be a pleasurable experience.
Jenna had returned from the bathroom and lay on the bed alongside
Debbie and whispered many naughty things into her ear.
Jenna let Debbie know what I was going to do to her and how.
Between Jenna’s coaching and me taking my time, Debbie
admitted later that there was no way she was going to NOT
let me fuck her ass and was almost crying with pleasure even
before penetration. Debbie said later she experienced
absolutely no pain and only experienced a pleasure she
never before thought possible, even though she had masturbated
several times while sticking just the head of her vibrator
into her ass and had great orgasms, she said as Jenna has
said, there is nothing like the real thing! When I do a woman
in the ass, I don’t ever rush into it. I like to lick for along
time–sometimes up to an hour–this not only slightly numbs
the hole, but really helps loosen up the sphincter muscle
and of course psychologically is very arousing to know
that someone cares enough about you to lick your most private
of places.
Once I put the head of my cock to the rosebud, I like to slide
it up and down the crack for awhile getting her used to feeling
me back there and also to know that I’m not in a rush. I think
most women fear the guy will just thrust it in, splitting
them in two and that apprehension makes it difficult to
truly relax allowing a painless penetration. I take my
time and in between rubbing my cock head back there, I alternate
by going back with my mouth and licking and kissing, then
back with the cock. Even after I’ve penetrated a few times
and during, I like to pull back out slowly and give a few more
licks and kisses. Women have told me that by doing this it
really made them relax, appreciate what I was doing and
also drive them to new heights because of the intense pleasure
they experienced. I only give the woman what they want and
never more. I let the woman set the pace and try to keep them
wanting more than I’m giving, until they get to the point
of no return and then I’ll give them what they ask for, which
is always a slight surprise and of course puts them over
the edge. With anal, its important to know when you stay
in and when its time to pull out. Never pull out quickly,
always let the woman dictate what she wants. If you do, you
find yourself with a woman who not only wants to do anal again
in the future, but some will eventually crave anal, and
that’s a good thing.
Debbie was satisfied with her first real anal experience
and she looked like she had been poured onto the bed after
her last orgasm subsided and she was very close to losing
consciousness, I heard her say, “uncle” to which both Jenna
and I laughed. Jenna was by now turned on again and we made
slow passionate love, missionary style right next to a
fading Debbie. Jenna and I kissed a lot, told each other
how much we loved each other and we made love until finally
Jenna couldn’t hold out any longer and had her last orgasm
of the night. I knew she was done so just after she came, I
pulled out and stroked myself off and came all over her belly
and tits (she loves that) and collapsed onto the bed next
to her. I looked over at Jenna, kissed her on the cheek and
she whispered into my ear, “uncle” and I whispered back
“me too”. With that, we all drifted off to a very sound and
satisfying sleep.
That was a very special night and the next day turned out
to be just as fun. There are many more adventures to tell,
but the night that started it all will be one that I remember
fondly for the rest of my life.

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