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Fun in Egypt


We had planned to go to Egypt with another couple but at the
last minute they had to cancel so Maria and I went alone.
On our second night in Hurghada and after dinner in a great
restaurant named El Mina we went to a small “pub” close to
the hotel and we had been sitting at a table for a couple of
hours enjoying the music and our drinks. Maria is very friendly
and talkative and the more she drinks the more friendly
and talkative she is. After a while a guy who looked to be
in his late twenties sat down in the seat next to Maria and
began to talk. It didn't take long for Maria to start
chatting with this guy. That is her nature. She was not flirting
or being out of line with him, just small talk. She soon found
out that his name was Ismail and he was there with some of
his buddies. He was 31 years old, muscular and tanned. I
was involved in the small talk and we all had a good time talking
and drinking.

Maria, who was drinking one Vodka Orange after another
had to get up to go to the bathroom and when she walked away
I noticed Ismail looking over his shoulder so he could check
out her ass. I am always proud when I see another man checking
Maria out because she is an attractive woman and I love to
know other men think so, too. Not long after she came back
from the bathroom I had to go and excused myself from the
table. As I was walking toward the bathroom I heard Maria
call my name and turned to see she was following me. I stopped
and let her catch up and joked about her needing to go again
so soon. She said, 'I don't have to go to the bathroom
I just want to tell you something that I can't say at
the table.' I asked her what it was. She said that she
thought Ismail was flirting with her. I said, 'That
doesn't surprise me, I saw him checking out your ass
in a major way when you left the table earlier. I'm sure
he checked it out again this time, too.' Her face turned
a little red hearing this but I also noticed the slightest
little smile on her face.

'Why do you think he's flirting?' I asked.
'Well, ' she said, 'he keeps pushing his
leg against mine under the table. He just pushes his knee
over to touch mine and leaves it there.' She said that
at first she moved her leg away but after a few times she decided
not to move her leg and see if it would leave his leg there.
She said he had sat with his leg touching hers for a long time
before she had gone to the bathroom and as soon as she came
back he did it again.

I asked if it was bothering her. She said, 'Well, not
really.' I told her, 'You should give him a taste
of his own medicine and the next time he does it put your hand
on his knee and leave it there.' She said, 'Well,
he will think I am flirting with HIM then!' I said, 'So?'
She said, 'Won't that bother him? And do you think
that is normal in Egypt?' I laughed and said, 'Baby,
what happens in Egypt stays in Egypt. And always remember
men are men wherever they are' She laughed and said,
'You're thinking we might get a threesome with
him, huh?' I said, 'I'll leave that up to you
but I'm fine with that.' She said, 'Well,
what do you want me to do?' I said, 'Make him want
you, baby.' She laughed again and said, 'I'm
not that powerful.' I said, 'You will be when you
put your hand on his leg and run it up his thigh.'

I told Maria that if he didn't want her to do it he would
move her hand or just get up to leave. But if he let her keep
her hand on his thigh and allowed her to move it up then he
would be putty in her hands. I told her to go back to the table
and if he pressed his knee against hers again to do it. I said
that I would go on to the bathroom and I would be looking when
I came back to see if she had her hand on his leg. She just laughed
and gave me a, 'Yeah, right!' response. I told
her that it would be harmless and would add some excitement
to our night. She told me not to get my hopes up about anything
and left to go back to the table.

A few minutes later I came back towards the table approaching
from behind Maria and Ismail. I could see that she had her
left hand on his leg about halfway up his thigh. They could
not see me approaching and I positioned myself so that I
could pass right behind Ismail and look down at his lap.
As I walked by and looked down I could see that he had a considerable
bulge in his pants and that he also had his hand on Maria's
thigh. The sight turned me on considerably and I could feel
my own bulge growing in my pants as I sat down. For the next
several minutes we all continued to talk as we had been doing
all night. I was not sure if Ismail knew that I knew what was
going on underneath the table but I suspected that he didn't
know and that fact probably turned him on even more. The
thought of this poor sap's wife playing with his leg
while I sat across from them oblivious probably was fulfilling
fantasies of his, too.

About that time Ismail said that he was going to the bathroom
and seemed to try to hint to Maria to go, too. But she stayed
and he got up and walked away. The bulge in his pants was very
noticeable when he got up and he tried to walk with his hands
in front of him to hide it from the rest of the pub. I got up
and motioned to Maria to join me as I stepped away from the
table to stretch my legs. She came over and I asked her what
had happened under the table. Maria said that as soon as
she sat back down he had pressed his leg against hers. She
said she waited for a minute and she finally put her hand
on his leg and that he immediately put his on hers. She told
me that she took a big drink and took a deep breath and slid
her hand about halfway up his thigh. Then he had moved his
hand up her thigh, too and that had scared her so she stopped
moving her hand. I told her that I had seen them when I walked
by and I also told her that I had seen the bulge in Ismail's
pants. I asked her if she had seen the bulge and she said,
'NO!' Then she said something too low for me to
hear. I asked her what she said and she repeated, a little
louder, 'I felt it!' I asked if she meant that she
had touched it and she said, 'YES!'

I asked Maria what happened and she said that after I had
come back to the table she had stopped moving her hand but
had not removed it from Ismail's thigh. She said she
was about to remove her hand but before he got up Ismail had
moved his other hand down on top of hers and moved it right
onto his crotch. She said that he pressed her hand against
him and she could tell that he was very hard. She said, 'Not
only that but at the same time he moved his other hand between
my legs and pressed his whole hand against me.' I leaned
down and whispered in her ear, 'He wants to fuck you,
baby. I am about as turned on right now and I want to see you
fuck this guy really bad.'

Maria was quiet for a few seconds then she said, 'So,
what is your plan?' I said, 'That's up to you,
baby.' She seemed to think about it for a second and
then she said, 'Ok. Set it up but YOU ask him if he wants
to come to our room.' While we were talking I had noticed
that Ismail had come back from the bathroom and was standing
near the table. I saw him looking at us and then just as Maria
agreed to ask him to our room I saw him pick up his chips from
the table and start to walk away. I said, 'Well, it may
not matter anymore because he's leaving.' She
turned and saw Ismail walking away and then turned to me
and said, 'Oh, well. That settles that.' There
seemed to be both relief and disappointment in her voice.
I thought about yelling out to him but he was already pretty
far away from us. She started walking back towards our table
and I was still watching Ismail who was now on the other side
of the pit. He appeared to be looking for another table.
As I got back to my seat I saw Ismail take a seat at another
table next to a couple of attractive women. Maria had just
sat down and I stood up, grabbed my chips and said, 'Come
on, Maria. I'm done for the night.'

She had not noticed that Ismail was at another table now
because the table he was sitting at was further back than
ours so she could not see him without looking back over her
right shoulder. She seemed surprised that I was getting
up but she didn't question me. She grabbed her chips
and said, 'Ok.' I really sensed that her mood had
come way down. We walked away from the table and she said,
'Well, what now?' I said, 'Ismail went over
and sat at another table.' She perked up a little and
said, 'Where?' I pointed him out to her. When she
looked over and saw him sitting by an attractive blonde
she said, 'Well, he's moved on to bigger and better
things.' This time the sadness was back in her voice.
She told me that she was done for the night, too and wanted
to just go to our room. She said, 'There's been
enough excitement for one night.' I told her to give
me her chips and to go on up to the room. I was going to go to
the cashier and cash them in then I would be up in a few minutes.
I said, 'Maybe you and I can still have a little fun all
on our own when I get there.' She said, 'Maybe.'
But her tone did not sound very encouraging. She handed
me her chips and I watched Maria as she walked away. Twice
she looked over to where Ismail was sitting but he didn't
appear to notice her at all.

When she was out of sight I turned and walked over to where
Ismail was sitting. I walked up behind him and said, 'Hey,
Ismail. Why did you leave our table?' He saw me and his
reaction told me that he was uncomfortable talking to me.
I said, 'Can I talk to you for a minute?' He stammered
something about it not being a good time and that he was on
a roll at this table. 'Maybe later, ' he said.
I said, 'I'm not pissed, if that's what you're
worried about. I just wanted to give you a message from Maria.
Are you sure you don't have a minute?' It appeared
that he didn't really know how to take what I was saying.
I'm sure he was trying to figure out if Maria had told
me what happened and whether or not I was about to punch him
or something. Then he got up and said, 'Make it quick,

We stepped away from the table and he said, 'Ok, what's
the message?' I said, 'I am going to be completely
honest with you. I know exactly what went on under the table
and I am totally cool with it.' He said, 'Oh, ok.'
I said, 'I'm serious. I put her up to it.' I
went on to tell him that I had convinced her to have a threesome
with him if he was interested. He seemed hesitant at first
as if I was setting him up. I told him how Maria had told me
earlier about the leg thing and she had told me about his
pressing her hand into his crotch and his into hers. Then
I told him that when he saw us talking away from the table
earlier we were working out the details on how to approach
him about a threesome. It apparently was sinking in and
he seemed to be gaining interest quickly.

Ismail started to relax and wanted to know if I would just
be watching or if I was going to join in. He was also quick
to point out that he was not gay and wanted nothing to do with
another man. I explained to him that I am not gay either and
this was all about us pleasing her. I told him that if he wanted
to come to our room we might both get lucky. He said he was
up for it but to be patient with him because it will be the
first time he will be into a threesome. I told him for don’t
mind because we will take care of him, and that Maria had
just left to go back to the room and that I was going up then.
I said that he should wait about 15 minutes and then come
up. I gave him our room number and reminded him to bring condoms
then I left.

When I entered our room Maria was lying on the bed flipping
through channels with the remote. I knew by the way she was
acting that things were not ok. I realized that what I was
about to tell her could be like lighting a fuse on a stick
of dynamite. I said, 'I talked to Ismail after you left.'
She seemed uninterested and said, 'Well, that's
good.' I said, 'Yes, it is good because he will
be here in 15 minutes.' She stopped flipping channels.
There was a long silence and then she said, 'Well, tell
him not to come. I changed my mind.' I said, 'Ok
… but …. why don't you get up, go take a hot bubble bath
and get ready because he will be here soon and I KNOW you want
him to be here.' I pulled her by the hand into the bathroom
and I left the room as she was adding some really erotic smelling
bath oils to the tub.

I left the bathroom and went to her suitcase. I dug through
and found the sexy black teddy I had bought her for this trip
and went back into the bathroom. I hung it on the towel rack,
I told her to wear that and I left the bathroom and closed
the door behind me. I went over to the TV and turned it off.
Then I went over to the bed and turned the covers down a little.
I positioned the chair that was beside the bed closer to
the middle of the bed and made sure it was facing it.

After a few minutes there was a light tap on the door. I opened
the door and Ismail was standing there. I let him in and he
walked into the room and sat down in the chair near the bed.
I went and knocked on the bathroom door to see what Maria
was doing, I told her that Ismail was there and she told me
she wasn't ready yet. After a while she opened the door
she was wearing the sexy, black, see thru teddy and looking
way hot in it. She had already redone her makeup and appeared
to be ready as far as how she looked. Ismail saw her and said,
'WOW!' Maria kept her head down and moved behind
me as I moved over near the bed. As we got to the foot of the
bed I turned her so that her back was to the bed and she was
facing me giving Ismail a profile view of us both. I didn't
say anything and just pulled her close to me and moved in
to kiss her. For a few seconds she kept her head down and wouldn't
kiss me but as I squeezed her ass in my hands and pulled her
right up against me so that her pussy was once again on my
thigh she lifted her head and began to kiss me. It only took
a few seconds and she was probing my mouth with her tongue
and moving her hands on my ass to pull me into her belly again.
I gently squeezed her ass and pulled her into my thigh and
she began rubbing her pussy against me.

I could see Ismail out of the corner of my eye and he was watching
intently as she ground against me. I continued kissing
her passionately as I slid my hands up away from her ass to
her shoulders. I noticed that even though my hands were
no longer pulling her into me that she was still grinding
on my leg. I know her well enough to know that this was a good
sign. I gently placed my hands on her shoulders and slid
the straps of the teddy down which allowed the top part of
it to begin to fall off. Continuing to kiss her I pulled away
slightly and gave the top a tug to move it off of her breasts
and let them become exposed. Then I moved my right hand over
her hard nipples as I moved my left hand back down to massage
her ass. As soon as my hand brushed her nipple she let out
a moan and I was feeling pretty good about where we were headed.

Maria began to tug at my shirt to pull it out of my pants then
moved it upward to remove it. I was worrying that as soon
as I stopped kissing her that she would begin to protest
but I broke away and let her quickly swoop my shirt over my
head and to the floor. I grabbed her quickly and began kissing
her again as her hands moved to the buttons on my jeans. She
quickly undid all the buttons and shoved her hand inside
to grab my now swollen cock. She knew that I was not wearing
underwear and she pushed my jeans down with one hand while
she stroked my cock with the other.

I let my pants fall to the floor and put my hands on her shoulders
and gently pushed down to let her know that I wanted her to
take me in her mouth. She instinctively moved down and in
one movement she fell to her knees and took my cock in her
mouth and she began to give me a passionate blow job. Suddenly
I felt as if she totally idolized my cock. She was stroking
me with one hand and cupping my balls in her other hand. Her
wet mouth was moving up and down on my shaft and her tongue
was running circles all around the head. I was harder than
I had ever been and felt like I was going to cum right then
and there. I moved to step out of my jeans that were down around
my ankles and she pushed down on them to help me out of them.
She tossed them across the room. While she did this she allowed
me to fall out of her mouth but she continued to stroke me.

I looked at Ismail and saw that he was rubbing his own cock
feverishly through his jeans as he watched my wife give
me this incredible blowjob. Maria, still holding me in
her hand, moved her head down and started licking and sucking
my balls. I noticed that she turned her head in a way so that
she could get a look at Ismail and when she saw Ismail rubbing
his cock through his jeans she wanted that he would take
it out so she could see him. I reached down with both hands
and lightly pinched Maria's nipples and I felt her
shudder. I then bent and reached down until I could touch
the teddy against her back and I gave it a tug upward so that
it would pull up into her ass and pussy. She moaned when she
felt this. I let her continue making love to me with her mouth
for about another minute but I knew that I was going to cum
soon if I didn't stop her. And as badly as I wanted to
cum all over her at that moment I didn't want the night
to be over yet.

I reached down and pulled her arms up to get her to stand.
When she stood I immediately started kissing her again
and I moved one hand between her legs while the other hand
moved to her ass. I could feel for the first time just how
wet she was and I was amazed that the crotch of the teddy was
completely soaked. I could feel her wetness on her thighs,
too. I easily slid the teddy aside and slid my middle finger
inside her. She moved my hand between her legs and guided
my finger back inside her. I moved it around in small circles
inside then she pulled my hand back up to her mouth and sucked
my finger clean. Then she pushed my hand down again and put
my finger back inside her while she kissed me and shared
the taste of her pussy with me. She repeated this process
a couple of more times and finally I couldn't take any

I sat her down on the edge of the bed and I moved on top of her
to make her lay down on her back. She was now positioned on
the bed so that her legs were hanging off the foot of the bed
and her ass was right on the edge so that her pussy was also
right out on the edge. Ismail was sitting in the chair and
I noticed that I could hear him breathing really hard. I
quickly moved down onto my knees on the floor and reached
up and unsnapped the button crotch on Maria's teddy.
Again I was amazed at just how soaked the material was. She
lifted her ass up off the bed enough to let me push the teddy
upward. The teddy was bunched around her abdomen and her
breasts and pussy were completely exposed. She was lying
sideways to Ismail so he was looking directly at her profile.
I knew he couldn't actually see Maria's pussy
and the fact that she shaves it totally smooth made me realize
that he didn't even have the benefit of seeing a bush
sticking up. But I figured at this point that the chances
he would get to see her pussy close up were growing as fast
as his cock surely was.

As I moved my head between Maria's legs I could see Ismail
was now removing his shirt. As far as I could tell Maria was
not looking directly at him and appeared to be facing upward
towards the ceiling. I gently touched the tip of my tongue
to Maria way down at her ass and then I slowly moved upward
towards her clit letting the tip of my tongue spread her
lips as I went. She let out a low moan that continued the entire
time my tongue was on her and she pushed her ass up from the
bed to meet my mouth. Very quickly I was totally consumed
with licking, sucking and fucking her pussy with my tongue,
mouth and fingers. Her pussy was absolutely gushing juices
at this point and again I was amazed that she could get that
damn wet. The comforter on the bed was getting soaked. I
had 2 fingers inside her at this point and I could feel her
juices all over my knuckles and the back of my hand. I noticed
that Ismail now had his pants down around his ankles and
was stroking his hard cock as he watched. I pulled away enough
to see that Maria was watching him intently and moaning
constantly. She was pushing her ass up from the bed to fuck
my fingers as they pushed in and out of her.

I was now watching Maria as she watched Ismail stroke himself
and I began to rub her clit gently with my left thumb while
I continued to fuck her with two fingers of my right hand.
The way she was pushing against my fingers was making the
knuckles on my right hand push against her ass. I decided
to get bold and do something I had not done in a long, long
time. I moved my middle finger out of her pussy and began
to rub it against her ass. I noticed now that Ismail had gotten
up and was moving to the edge of the bed. I didn't know
if Maria had motioned for him to come closer or not but he
was there stepping out of his jeans with his big, thick throbbing
cock pointing to my wife. Maria reached out immediately
and took him in her hand. She slid her body over to the edge
of the bed and now was rubbing the head of his cock against
her nipple. Ismail reached down and was pinching her other
nipple as Maria began to rapidly stroke his cock. She was
straining to hold her head up so that she could see and Ismail
reached over and got a pillow and placed it under her head.

I was working her clit feverishly with my thumb now and slowly
beginning to move my finger slightly in and out of her ass.
I knew that Maria was going to cum any second now and I desperately
wanted to see her take Ismail into her mouth. But just then
Ismail moaned and arched his back and I watched as he began
to shoot his hot white cum all over Maria's breasts
and neck. Maria was watching him cum and then I felt her quivering
and I knew she was cumming, too. I kept the fast rhythm going
on her clit with my thumb and pushed my middle finger deep
inside her ass and my index finger equally as deep in her
pussy. I could feel her pussy and ass both tighten down on
my fingers as she arched her back and began convulsing in
what appeared to be an incredibly intense orgasm. She was
still jerking on Ismail's cock and I noticed that he
had shot an incredible amount of cum all over her. I almost
had an orgasm myself just from watching Ismail cum and knowing
that Maria was having such a wonderful orgasm.

Maria lift her head and took Ismail's still hard cock
into her mouth and she began to suck whatever cum might be
left inside of him into her mouth. Maria moved her body slightly
towards the middle of the bed allowing enough room for Ismail
to get up on the edge of the bed on his knees. He bent over Maria
and put his outstretched arms down on the other side of her
so now he was on his hands and knees over Maria's face.
She was stroking his cock as if she was milking him and I knew
that she was sucking every bit of cum she could get down her
throat. This only made me even more turned on than I already

I watched for a moment in amazement at how passionately
she was sucking his cock and then I moved up and took my own
cock in my hand and began to rub it against her still soaked
pussy lips. Maria had her hand on Ismail's ass making
him fuck her mouth and Ismail now had his left hand on Maria's
pussy with his middle finger shoved all the way up inside
her. He was fucking her with his finger very fast. I stood
and watched in total amazement while my wife sucked this
guy's cock deep inside her throat. At the same time
she was pushing her hips up off the bed to meet his hand and
squeezing her legs together in time with the thrust of his
hand against her. She was moaning on his cock and I knew she
was about to cum again. She suddenly removed his cock from
her mouth and turned her head toward me and looked me straight
in the eyes while her body convulsed in another massive
orgasm. She was squeezing Ismail's cock hard in her
hand and he continued to fuck her with his hand as she rode
the orgasm for what seemed to be a long time.

As her orgasm subsided Ismail stopped moving his hand and
gently removed it from her pussy. She released his still
throbbing cock and he stepped off the bed and sank into the
chair. His cock was pointing straight up at the ceiling.
I noticed for the first time that he was completely shaven
clean from his neck down. His cock was not as long as mine,
but his was certainly thicker. I wondered if he was going
to get a chance to fuck Maria and whether or not she wanted
him to. I looked back at Maria and she was staring deep into
my eyes. She had the most seductive look in her eyes and the
slightest little naughty grin on her face. She motioned
with her finger for me to come to her and I moved onto the bed
beside her. She immediately pulled me down on top of her
and began to kiss me deeply. Maria reached down and grabbed
my cock and began stroking me tenderly. I told her that I
wanted to fuck her from behind while she sucked Ismail’s
cock again and then I wanted to let him fuck her while she
sucked her pussy juices from my cock. She said, 'Oh,
darling, I want that very much.'

I moved off of her and she moved the pillow back up to the head
of the bed. She got on her hands and knees and I got behind
her. She looked at Ismail, patted the pillows and said,
'I want you right here.' Ismail, who was now only
about half hard obliged and moved up onto the top of the bed
and spread his legs so that Maria could get between them.
I watched her take him in her mouth and begin to make him hard.
I was still totally hard and I pushed the head of my cock inside
Maria's tight and swollen pussy. I began slowly at
first but it didn't take long before I was pounding
deep inside her. I could see her head moving up and down and
hear the slurping noise of her giving Ismail a blowjob but
unfortunately I could not really see him in her mouth this
time. As turned on as I was I really thought that I would be
good for about a minute and then I would have to cum inside
Maria. But instead I just continued fucking my wife hard
and deep for what seemed like forever.

I noticed that Ismail was really starting to get worked
up and I figured he was going to cum soon so I said that I wanted
to trade places with him. He quickly agreed and started
getting up so he could trade places with me. As I moved around
on the bed I moved up on my knees beside her head and more or
less pushed her mouth down on my cock. At the same time I reached
down and slid my fingers inside her pussy. Ismail now had
a condom on and he moved between my wife's raised legs
and started moving in and out of her. I knew that she loved
what she felt because the way she was moaning on my cock was
a sure give away.

Again Maria was so very passionate about what she was doing
that I was blown away by just watching her. After just a few
minutes of hard pounding Ismail abruptly pulled out of
my wife and announced that he was going to cum. He ripped
the condom off in one motion and moved up further between
Maria's legs obviously positioning himself to cum
on her abdomen and stomach. Maria reached down with her
right hand and let me fall out of her mouth as she grabbed
Ismail's cock and began to rapidly stroke him. She
was still sort of stroking my cock but it was obvious she
was more interested at that moment in making him cum and
watching him cum. Ismail grunted and began to shoot his
cum all over Maria's abdomen and the teddy that was
still around her waist. She and I both watched in awe as the
first shot of cum flew out of him and traveled halfway to
her face.

Maria continued to stroke him fast as his cock spurted cum
on her. She had now moved up into a sitting position and had
one hand stroking Ismail while the other squeezed his balls.
She then moved completely up on her knees and moved down
to take Ismail in her mouth again. As she did this I now had
a view of her pussy right in front of me and it was so obvious
that her lips were completely swollen and red. I completely
wanted to finish up inside her in a bad way so I moved my cock
behind her just as she was finishing Ismail off completely.
I started pounding deep inside her tight swollen pussy
for all I was worth. Maria was moaning loudly with her face
buried in the covers. Ismail had moved back over to the chair
and was looking over to get a better view of me fucking my

I was holding on to her ass and slamming my cock as deep inside
her as I could. I was mesmerized watching myself go in and
out of her. I suddenly pushed against her ass with my thumb
and it slid right in. She moaned and continued to beg me to
fuck her harder. I began moving my thumb in and out of her
ass as deep as I could and kept rhythm with how I was fucking
her pussy. I felt her ass tighten first and she grabbed the
covers on the bed with force as she screamed, 'OH MY
GOD!!!' She came hard and I could feel her muscles contracting
on my cock trying to push me out. I continued to fuck her as
hard as I could while my thumb was still buried deep in her
ass. I felt my own incredible orgasm building deep inside
me and I told her I was going to cum soon. She said, 'Tell
me when you are going to cum because I want Ismail in my mouth
when you do it.' She then moved to take Ismail in her
mouth again. I said, 'NOW!' and the first of several
waves of cum shot from inside of me deep inside her. She immediately
grabbed Ismail’s cock in her hand right and he shot all over
her face and then she engulfed him in her mouth as one wave
after another shot down her throat. She was pumping me rapidly
and squeezing Ismail’s balls with the other. My entire
body was pulsating and it felt as if I would never stop cumming.
It was totally amazing. I collapsed on the bed and felt as
if I would pass out. Maria moved up beside me and gently kissed
and licked my lips.

As I began to get my bearings I realized that Ismail was now
dressed and coming out of the bathroom. He said that he was
going to go home. He thanked us for the party and told us that
he had never had such passionate sex in his life He came over
to the bed and Maria sat up. He bent down to kiss Maria on the
cheek and she grabbed him and planted a long wet kiss on his
mouth. Maria finally let him go and told him to get a good
night's sleep. We cuddled up and fell asleep. And yes,
we did meet with Ismail another night and it was more incredible
than the first night. And on our last night there we hooked
up with him and some of his buddies, too.

And in the middle holidays we also meet with Ibrahim

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Sounds like a great holiday. Hope you've had many more.


vikingluso replies on 3/30/2010 11:42 am:
Oh yes we had it