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Fun at a Frat Party


Going to school at a Christian college in a small town stuck
in the middle of Ohio, wild parties are not exactly a central
part of the social life. That’s not to say all the girls are
nuns though! I have a few friends that are very conservative
on campus but once away from school they can get pretty freaky.
Sometimes when we are out for pizza or just hanging around
together they like to talk about their little adventures.
I have never told any of them about my experiences so they
like to think they are exposing me to the “real world”. Truth
be known, I could have taught some of them quite a bit! One
thing they discussed that caught my interest were the frat
parties at the OSU campus in Columbus. I had been to a few
sexually oriented parties during the past summer but those
were actually quite disciplined and managed. Nobody was
drunk or obnoxious and the intent in going was to have sex
so the entire atmosphere was different. From what they
described, the frat parties were as different as night
and day from my experiences. My friends had been asking
me to go with them almost since school started. Mary Beth
and Tammy were always together and not a week went by it seemed
that they weren't partying somewhere. In watching
them I couldn't help but wonder just how close they
really were. I had a sneaky suspicion that they were more
than just friends!
I asked several people whether they thought I should go,
including a couple of guys I chatted on-line with. All of
them warned me not to go, saying it was just a drunk fest and
that all the guys wanted was to molest the girls ‒ and not
always nicely at that. Based on their advice I found excuses
not to go to them although it seemed when my friend’s came
back they always claimed to have had a great time. They never
said exactly what happened though and I found my curiosity
level raising, especially when one time I saw Tammy’s hand
on Mary Beth’s ass when they thought nobody was watching!
Finally I decided to go to next one they invited me and sure
enough they soon did. It was still a couple of weeks away
from Thanksgiving and almost 6 weeks since Parent’s Weekend
when I last had sex with my parents so I was pretty horny!
The night of the party I showered and stood naked in the middle
of my dorm room trying to decide what to wear. I started to
think about the night and how whatever I wore might set the
mood. I could feel the itch in my pussy getting started so
I closed my eyes and my hand wandered over my boobs and down
to my crotch. God I wanted to be fucked! Just then Karen,
my roomie, came in and stared at me.
“Kelly!” She exclaimed, “What are you doing?”
Unlike my roomie from last year who I slept with and even
had sex (with her and her married brother), Karen was a total
prude. She was “saving herself for marriage” and was the
first girl I knew who really didn't masturbate (I know,
lots of girls say they don't but give me a break). She
was a gorgeous blonde ‒ homecoming queen and so forth so
it seemed a shame to waste all that beautiful youth but she
chose to and I respected her for it. The only problem was
she was totally up tight over nudity and sexual talk in general.
I have been sleeping nude since I was 12 ‒ not for sexual reasons
but because I enjoyed it. Our first night together I stripped
down and was getting into bed and I thought Karen was going
to have a stroke! She didn't say anything but I could
tell she was really upset and at first I didn't realize
why. Seeing her staring at me I soon figured it out. I didn't
want to get off on the wrong foot so I have been wearing shorts
and a t-shirt to bed but it seems strange to go to college
and be more conservative than you are at home!
So anyway, I pretended I had just undressed and was scratching
an itch (which I guess you say was true!) and quickly reached
in the dresser to get some clothes. I rummaged through and
found a pair of white cotton panties and a bra which I thought
looked so schoolgirlish. Then I picked out some really
tight jeans ‒ the type that if I gain a pound I can't get
on. To finish it off I pulled out tight belly tank top with
spaghetti straps that didn't cover my bra straps and
exposed about 3 inches of my tummy. All in all I thought is
was a great outfit to go tease a few college boys!
Karen was keeping an eye on me the whole time So far in school
I had always dressed fairly conservatively so putting
on a semi-slutty outfit like this one was something new
to her. “Oh my goodness Kelly, ” she said with her hand to
her face, “Are you really going to go out in THAT?”
I couldn’t help but laugh just a bit. I didn't do it to
annoy her but she sounded so innocent and naïve at that moment.
“Don’t worry Karen, I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself.”
Karen didn't seem to know what to say so she just gathered
up her stuff and headed out to the lounge. I finished dressing
and went out to meet with the girls. Tammy and Mary Beth were
waiting for me in the lobby and we were off! Tammy drove and
Mary Beth was in the front seat so I jumped in back. During
the hour it took to get to the frat house we chatted about
school and traded gossip. It was fun to talk to some girls
away from campus that weren't all stressed out over
appearing so perfect. I like school and most of the people
but so many girls were putting on acts it just gets tiresome
at times. If there was anything I took notice of though was
that Mary Beth and Tammy didn't talk about any of the
guys ‒ just the girls. Hmmmmm!
When we arrived it was about 10:00 and the first thing I noted
was this was unlike any party I had ever been to! I had been
to ones with alcohol and music but this was up another notch
for sure! EVERYONE was drunk or so it seemed. The music was
blaring and I was surprised the cops weren’t already there.
Most of the people there were guys and most of them looked
like typical college dorks. Obviously the majority were
there with fantasies of finding a drunk girl who would make
their every dream come true. It was just as obvious that
they would be going home alone as usual with a hangover ‒
after all, who could be more appealing to a girl than a drunk
guy with acne slobbering over them with beer breath?
There was probably a dozen girls or so girls hanging around.
A few looked liked my room-mate ‒ little prudes there to
try to prove to their friends they were partiers but it was
clear they were in way over their heads. At the other end
of the spectrum were the college whores. I was dressed downright
conservative compared to them meaning I had clothes on!
It was ridiculous, some of them were already topless and
a few were flashing their asses and pussies to the delight
of the dorks. The majority of the girls were like the three
of us - decent to good looking, dressed a bit provocative,
willing to keep an open mind should something positive
come up (pun intended!) but there primarily to have fun
teasing the guys.
From the moment we arrived the guys kept trying to give us
drinks. Tammy & Mary Beth evidently liked beer so they
took a cup each. I hate beer and never have been a big drinker
so I looked around and found some cans of diet Pepsi in the
kitchen. In any case, I had heard enough horror stories
about girls being drugged at these parties so I felt better
drinking from something that was sealed!
For the first hour or so we just hung around and watched the
“activities”. Guys were chugging beers and having them
poured into their mouths with funnels. Girls were dancing
and guys were trying to hit on them constantly. We were not
immune to the attacks ourselves. I never had so many guys
grabbing my ass before - they were positively shameless!
I just smiled at them and moved on. Eventually I had to use
the restroom so I told Tammy I would be right back.
When I finally found it the bathroom was a disaster! Fortunately
it had a lock and I double checked it to make sure nobody could
come in while I was in there. It was disgusting with used
condoms on the floor and, well, I didn't want to even
think about what it was on the sink. Thank goodness the toilet
still flushed and I did the best I could not to touch anything!
When I left the bathroom I evidently made a wrong turn and
ended up where the bedrooms were. I heard some sounds coming
from one of them and I peeked in one to see what was happening.
It was crazy! There was a guy and a girl both naked in bed who
were fucking each other while a crowd of people stood around
watching. Several people were taking pictures and one
guy even had a video camera! The two of them were going at
it like they were really enjoying it ‒ as they probably were.
Now I love an audience when I have sex as much as anyone but
the cameras video recorder were not something I would have
wanted if I were in her shoes, especially with the way this
stuff tends to get on the Internet these days!
I found my way back to the living room and saw Tammy and Mary
Beth on the couch together. They had their arms around each
other and were kissing! I wasn't really surprised
as I suspected they were a couple, nonetheless it was still
hot to see two of my classmates going at it. I mingled with
the gathering crowd and watched along with everyone else
as they began to put on a show. Drunk guys in the crowd kept
yelling at them to strip and do things to each other but they
just ignored them and went along at their own pace. They
controlled the show and from the smiles they flashed to
the people in the audience now and then they knew exactly
what they were doing. I was curious as to how far they would
go and it didn't take long to find out………
Both girls had fantastic figures with Tammy having the
larger breasts but both of them were very well endowed.
They each had long brown hair which they wore straight down
to the middle of their backs. Mary Beth had a darker complexion,
almost olive compared to Tammy’s lighter skin tone such
that the two of them looked hot together. They were both
taller than me by 2-3 inches with most of the extra height
all apparently in their long legs. They each had tight low
cut jeans on with Mary Beth wearing a tight strapless tube
top and Tammy in a thin cotton tank top.
Mary Beth seemed to be taking the lead. She and Tammy were
kissing each other like two lovers, licking and tonguing
erotically. They were obviously more than just two girls
kissing, for fun; there had to be something between them
that went beyond a typical friendship. Mary Beth began
to run her hands over Tammy’s tank top, circling her fingers
around her nipples which were poking through the thin material
and then cupping them in her hands. Tammy responded by running
hands over Mary Beth’s bare shoulders and then around her
face and through her hair. Eventually her hands moved down
to Mary Beth’s breasts and both girls were fondling each
other through their clothes.
Mary Beth then moved her hands down along Tammy’s torso,
teasing her and tickling her until finally she reached
her jeans and then her crotch. She took her finger and pressed
in against where Tammy’s pussy was hiding and began to rub
her through her jeans. Tammy stayed on Mary Beth’s boobs,
massaging them and playing with her nipples. Tammy pushed
down the material until Mary Beth’s beautiful breasts
were exposed. A few whistles came from the crowd as everyone
appreciated how full and firm they were ‒ without any silicone!
He nipples were large and very hard at the moment from Tammy’s
attention. Tammy’s hand could barely hold one as she cupped
them and toyed with them.
Mary Beth was still working on Tammy’s pussy but evidently
decided what was good for her was also good for Tammy and
she reached up to pull Tammy’s tank top upward to show off
her breasts. The whistle and shouts came again as Tammy’s
boobs popped out, even bigger than Mary Beth’s had been.
Tammy laid back in the couch then as Mary Beth started to
kiss her neck and then moved down to her nipples, sucking
them like a baby on a bottle. Tammy moaned and arched her
back upward as Mary Beth kissed and sucked on her sensitive
boobs. Mary Beth’s hand moved back down and this time stopped
at Tammy’s jeans where she unsnapped and then unzipped
them while she kept sucking Tammy’s boob. Tammy reached
down and helped pull off her pants, revealing a sexy red
thong which barely covered anything. Mary Beth rubbed
her through the thong as she alternated her mouth between
Tammy’s breasts. Finally she slipped the front of the thong
over to reveal Tammy’s pussy. Tammy was shaved for the most
part with just an inch-wide stripe of trimmed pubic hair
running up the center of her crotch for about 2-3 inches.
Mary Beth cupped her crotch in the palm of her hand and rubbed
her with her entire hand. Tammy moved one of her hands to
her own breasts and started to play with it as Mary Beth licked
the other.
As Mary Beth rubbed Tammy her middle finger began to press
down more and work its way between her pussy lips until her
clit was exposed and she began to run her finger around it.
Tammy moaned again and began to move her hips upward against
Mary Beth’s hand. Mary Beth’s fingers moved around her
pussy, spreading her pussy lips apart as she pushed one
finger inside of Tammy. She pushed it all the way in and then
began to stroke in and out of her like she was fucking her
with her finger. Tammy was obviously liking it as she began
to buck he hips up and down in time with Mary Beth’s finger
Mary Beth moved her mouth slowly from Tammy’s boobs down
to her stomach where she licked and kissed her belly button
briefly before continuing down to between her legs. She
went past Tammy’s pussy and kissed and licked the inside
of Tammy’s upper thighs, working her way ever slow back
to her pussy where her finger was still fucking Tammy. Finally
her tongue met Tammy’s clit and Tammy let out a load groan
as Mary Beth’s tongue flickered over it. The Mary Beth licked
her whole pussy crack, lapping it like a dog, running her
mouth up and down Tammy’s wet pussy. Tammy was holding both
of her breast now with her hands and moaning more and more
as Mary Beth attacked her smoldering pussy. If I was any
judge I would have said Tammy was about to have an orgasm
and sure enough, in a few more minutes it looked like that
was the case. Tammy grabbed Mary Beth’s head with her hands
and held her head tightly to her pussy. He eyes were closed
and she kept moaning continuously. Suddenly her back arched
up higher than ever before.
“Oh god I’m cumming. Don’t stop!!!!” she cried. Her hips
started to buck into Mary Beth’s mouth and she kept moaning
over and over. “Fuck me Mary Beth, oh yea fuck the shit out
Tammy’s orgasm lasted for several minutes as Mary Beth
kept her right on the edge. Finally Tammy collapsed back
in other couch, breathing heavily from the exertion. The
room was quiet as everyone as mesmerized by Tammy’s performance.
It didn't take long though for the buzz to start anew
though. Mary Beth got up from and took off her clothes. Her
face was still wet from Tammy’s pussy but she made no effort
to wipe any of it off. When she was naked she straddled Tammy
who was still laying back on the couch, feeling the aftershocks
of her orgasm. Tammy moved up until her pussy was in Tammy’s
face. Tammy smiled and started to lick Mary Beth as Mary
Beth moved her hips around Tammy’s face. Mary Beth rubbed
her breast as she rode Tammy’s face. Tammy’s legs were still
spread open and you could see her open pussy which was still
wet from her orgasm.
After a while Mary Beth turned around and leaned over as
the two of them assumed a hot 69 position. Mary Beth’s ass
was poking upward and I thought what a shame it wasn't
getting more attention! As I stood there watching them
I could feel myself getting warmer and it wasn’t the room
temperature that was doing it. As I watched I cupped one
of my boobs in my hand and started to rub it without even thinking
about it. The two of the looked so hot and I was reminded of
all the times I watched my mom and aunt in this position ‒
only these girls were 20 years younger!
As always it felt good to rub myself and my nipples were getting
harder. I was in a big crowd so I reached down and undid my
jeans, lowering the zipper an inch or so to loosen them up.
The jeans were still so tight there was no chance of them
falling down. There were so many people up tight against
me that nobody was going to see me very easily. I let the spaghetti
strap on my right shoulder fall to my arm so just my bra strap
was showing. The tank top was so tight it didn't really
need the strap anyway. I let the bottom ride up to expose
more of my flat belly. It felt really hot to be in the middle
of a crowd and half-undress myself! Everyone’s eyes were
stilled riveted on my friends as they stayed in their 69
position on the couch.
I was getting more turned on by the minute and finally couldn’t
take it anymore. I have always loved be watched so I figured
what better opportunity! I moved out from the crowd up to
the girls. Mary Beth looked up at me and smiled.
“Mind if I join in?” I asked with a seductive smile.
Mary Beth stopped licking Tammy long enough to say, “Oh
my god Kelly, we never thought you would! Come on girl, take
it off!”
I took off my tank top but left on my bra. I started to run my
hands over Tammy, caressing her and fondling her ass. She
was so smooth and warm! Tammy was looking up at me and smiled
when she saw me playing with Mary Beth’s ass. I started to
lick her smooth butt and moved onto the couch to face her
ass. I bent over more and started to lick her pussy along
with Tammy, feeling my tongue along side hers as we played
with Mary Beth’s wet pussy. I had one hand one each of her
buttocks and was squeezing and toying with them. God she
had an incredible ass!
As I was working on Mary Beth, I felt someone behind me undoing
my bra and someone else pulling my panties and pants off.
I glanced around and there were several guys with huge smiles
on their face. They all laughed and said they were just trying
to help! Oh well, I didn’t really mind since I knew I was going
to be naked sooner or later. The end result was that I was
now nude along with my friends in front of 20 or more people.
The three of us got down on the floor and went into a triangle
with each of us licking a pussy. I could almost feel the stares
of the crowd as they watched us licking each other.
Someone yelled out, asking who wanted to be fucked first.
Mary Beth just laughed and answered for us. “Sorry guys,
just girls for the two of us.” Then she pointed at me, “Now
Kelly is a different story but you’ll have to convince her
you’re sponge-worthy!”
I couldn't believe she said that! Basically she just
invited them to fuck me! It really wasn’t a problem as I was
so horny by then I wanted it anyway but still, it felt strange
being volunteered like that! Oh well, a hard cock was just
the thing I really needed about then so I wasn't going
to complain if one appeared. Everyone started to cheer
and yell, urging me to fuck someone. I stood up in front of
them, naked and my face covered with pussy juice. It felt
so wild to stand there like that, totally nude and having
all those guys looking at me, each of them dying to fuck me.

“Who wants to fuck me?” I called out. Naturally everyone
raised their hands so I just laughed. “If you really do then
show me your cock so I can pick out the best one.”
Normally cock size and look wasn't a big thing for me
but tonight was different. If I was going to be fucked in
front of all these people then at least I was going to have
a big cock for my trouble! Six guys came forward and started
to unzip their pants. Well, they weren’t going to get off
that easy!
“Not so fast!” I scolded them, “I want nudity, total depravity.
Strip it all off if you want to be in the running.”
A couple of guys weren’t too sure about it and moved back
leaving four guys. Sure enough, they stripped and in just
seconds I had 4 naked guys standing in front of me, their
cocks hanging down waiting for me. I had figured that anyone
willing to strip in front of everyone would be built pretty
well and they didn't disappoint me. All four were hunks
‒ athletic looking and all had nice looking cocks. I paced
back and forth in front of them.
“Well, I guess I’ll just have to sample the selection in
order to make a choice!”
I knelt in front of the first guy and took his cock in my mouth.
I had not had a cock in almost 2 months and it tasted so good!
I sucked on it for a few minutes and it quickly hardened.
I could have sucked it a lot longer but there were more to
try. Moving to the next two, each of them also had great tasting
cocks and I was loving the taste of them. So far I would have
said the first three were better than average in terms of
size and taste and any one of them would have been OK with
me so I was wondering how I was going to choose just one. When
I got to #4 he was still soft and so I easily took him all in
my mouth. I love the feel of a soft cock when I start sucking
a guy, then have it harden in my mouth as I get him off. There
is just something about knowing that I can have that kind
of effect on a guy that makes me feel so hot and sexy inside.
Well, he started to harden quickly and I was amazed and thrilled
- my God he was getting huge! I had never seen a cock grow that
much before! I looked up and he was smiling, obviously he
knew what he was packing and he realized I was loving it.
I stood up and grabbed his still growing cock with my hand.
I told the others I was sorry but this guy was the one for me
and I led him over to the couch using his cock like a leash.
He started to tell me his name and such but I just put my finger
to his mouth and told him to be quiet. Honestly I did not want
to know his name. I had not intention of ever seeing him again
and the less I knew about him personally the better. Besides,
being fucked by a total stranger was so erotic and when you
add on top of it an audience, well I was so horny I could barely
stand it!
He sat down on the couch and I laid to the side of him facing
outward to the group that was watching. I positioned myself
over his crotch and went back to work on what was now the biggest
cock I had ever sucked. It was maybe twice as thick as any
cock I had ever had but it was the overall length that was
incredible. I thought one guys was big once when I used two
hands on him but this guy needed a third! I went down on him
and with each stroke into my mouth I tried to take more of
him in me. Just getting him into my mouth was a feat as I had
to open so wide to allow him in. By the time I felt the big head
tickle the back of my throat I still had several inches to
go! I decided to go for it and pushed my head down farther
onto him. For a moment I thought I would gag but then as his
cock went down my throat the reaction went away it was like
I was swallowing his cock. My face finally bottomed out
against the base of his cock and his thick hair covered my
face. I turned my head from side to side around his cock,
twisting him in my mouth and throat. I could hear him groaning
and the crowd was cheering me on. I raised my head and let
him slowly come out of my mouth until my lips barely held
onto the head. I licked the tip of his cock with my tongue
as I help him with my lips, making his cock quiver. Then I
went down on him again, once again taking all him in my mouth.
I didn’t feel the gagging sensation this time so I began
to move up and down his cock, feeling his cock sliding up
and down my throat. It must have felt like he was fucking
my pussy with his cock squeezing its way into my throat!
As I deep-throated his cock I used my free hand to play with
his balls, gently fondling them and running my fingers
through the thick hair the surrounded them. He had a thick
bush of pubic hair which was not trimmed in the least. His
whole crotch had a deep and strong odor to it, the odor of
a man, an odor I loved to smell later on my hands after I had
touched a man. I loved smelling it on another woman, knowing
it meant she had recently been with a man, at least touching
him and probably more. My mother could always smell it on
me when I came home from a date and she would take my hands
to her face and breathe in the musky odor as she imagined
what I had been doing with the boy I was dating.
I looked down on the floor where Mary Beth and Tammy were
still having fun. They were sitting down facing each other,
the legs intertwined and pussies grinding together. They
were each playing with themselves and they looked so hot!
Someone handed Tammy a long double dildo and told her to
have a good time. Mary Beth smiled as Tammy thanked him and
they went to work on it. The dildo was about 18 inches long
and somehow they had virtually all of it in between the two
of them. From the looks on their faces they were enjoying
it immensely!
I saw Tammy look up to me just as I had this huge cock down my
throat as far as it would go. She pointed to me and Mary Beth
turned to watch. He mouth dropped open as she watched me
slowly let his cock out of my mouth, letting her see his huge
cock appear inch by inch and realize that I had managed to
take him all in my mouth.
In the meantime my guy was getting off from the blowjob I
was giving him but I wanted to make sure he fucked me before
he came. I have been fucked by a lot of cocks and I have always
said that size doesn’t matter BUT in this case the size of
his cock was all I could think about! There was no way I was
going to miss finding out how it felt to have such a huge cock
inside of me so I stopped sucking him and got up off the couch.
I straddled him on my knees and squatted down to meet his
waiting cock. I was so wet from playing with myself before
that I assumed there would be no problem with him getting
in me but when his massive hard head first began to force
its way into me I almost screamed. It felt like I was being
split apart! I held myself there for a while, letting the
initial pain turn to pleasure as my pussy responded to the
touch of his cock. With my pussy tingling I once again started
to lower myself down onto him and inch by incredible inch
his big cock slowly disappeared inside of me. As he entered
me I leaned forward towards him to be sure everyone was getting
a good view of his cock as it violated my little pussy. God
he was huge! I could feel him filling my pussy like no other
man ever had ever even come close to doing. It seemed I would
never reach the end of it as I kept going lower and lower and
his cock filled me up even more. Just as I was wondering if
I could take any more I felt my bare ass hit his lap and his
pubic hair tickled my butt. At first I literally sat down
on his lap, letting the weight of my body push down and press
him into me. Then I wiggled my hips to grind him into me even
farther, trying to take every bit of him in as far as I could.
I just couldn't help but continue to be amazed at how
big he was! I raised myself up again and slowly allowed him
to come out of me until just his head was inside. I was overwhelmed
with sensations as his head hit all the pleasure points
in that sensitive region just inside my pussy. Then I started
to rise up and down on him, letting his cock fuck me. I loved
being in control like this where I could determine the speed
and the depth that his cock went in and out of me. Sometimes
I went slow and others it was as fast as I could go. I enjoyed
slamming down on him hard, literally letting myself drop
down onto his lap to drive his cock deep inside of me and feeling
my ass bounce on his crotch and hips. Finally I just rested,
sitting on his cock and letting his suck my boobs. I looked
down and could see the base of his cock against my pussy.
I could barely see his shaft but it almost scared me to see
how wide he was and how much he spread my pussy apart. It looked
like I was sitting on a small tree trunk!
Eventually I got off of him and I got on my knees facing the
back of the couch with my ass up and waiting for him. He spread
my butt cheeks apart and fingered my wet pussy for a few minutes.
The he held his cock and directed it once again into my waiting
pussy, Even though my pussy was spread out a bit from the
first time he was in me, it was still a shock to feel such a
monster cock entering me. This time he as controlling things
so I had to take it as he gave it to me and he was not as patient
as I had been. As soon as his head was into me he rammed himself
forward, thrusting into me as deep and as far as he could.
I thought my eyes were going to pop out! It was like all of
a sudden my pussy just swelled up and was filled with this
giant hot organ that reached way up into me. I could feel
his cock in my pussy touching where no other cock had gone
before. His friends were cheering him on, telling him to
fuck me harder and faster. Well, he listened to them and
I got the fucking of my life. He would pull out of me until
he just cleared my pussy and then slam himself all the way
to the hilt in one fast thrust. Over and over he fucked me
like that, just beating my pussy with his cock. It should
have hurt but instead I was getting ready for an unbelievable
orgasm. He grabbed my hair and pulled my hair back like he
was riding a horse. I moaned from the pleasure of his cock
fucking me and started to rock in time with his thrusts,
meeting him as he banged into me and helping to pull away
as he withdrew. It must have been during a time like this
that someone coined the phrase “banging” for fucking because
we would ram into each other and my body would shudder from
the impact.
Then I felt it, that incredible and unbelievable sensation
I would feel when my body was about to reach an orgasm. My
pussy may have been the focal point up until now but suddenly
my entire body was awash with pleasure and lust. I gasped
and groaned as wave after wave of pleasure broke over me
like waves on a surfer beach. I cried out to him, not carrying
what anyone saw or heard. “Oh hell yes, fuck me. God I’m cumming………….Fuck
me harder!”
Frankly, I don’t know how anyone could fuck me harder than
he was right then but he tried. I was almost knocked off my
hands and knees as he rammed into me even harder than before,
literally lifting my up with his cock in my pussy as he slammed
into me. I could feel myself entering what I call my “pleasure
zone”, a state of mind I only have during sex when I reach
that magical moment called an orgasm. When I am there I forget
who I am and where I am. All I can think about it the feeling
inside of me, bursting from me making me tingle from head
to toe. My pussy gushed with cum and it washed over his massive
cock and dripped to the floor. This was what I loved for,
why I loved sex so much. I could bring myself to a milder version
by masturbating or being licked by someone else but the
best was always when I was being fucked, when a man’s cock
was inside of me, when I am physically joined with another
person, sharing my body with him, being one with him for
that brief moment of lust and pleasure. At this moment I
knew I was experiencing one of the best I had ever felt and
I moaned loudly as I floated through my zone.
Unbelievable he had still not cum so when my orgasm finally
died down to a manageable level he flipped me over and entered
me once again. Although I love being on top and getting fucked
like a dog, being on my back with him between my legs was my
favorite position for watching a man fuck me. I couldn't
take my eyes off my crotch as I had this incredible view of
his giant cock moving in and out of my teenage pussy. He was
stroking as fast as he could now and I knew he was about to
cum. Usually my favorite place for a man to cum was in me and
with his cock so far inside already I knew it would have been
a massive load that he would release deep in my pussy. Today
though was different as we had an audience and I wanted to
tease them and turn them on but sucking him to a climax and
swallowing his cum for them all to watch.
“Cum in my mouth, let everyone see your cum, ” I pleaded.
He didn't answer but instead pulled out of me and moved
back a bit, enough for me to slide down and kneel in front
of him. I sucked that wonderful cock and I could feel it swelling
even more as he was about to shoot his load all over me. I opened
my mouth wide as he stroked his cock a few inches in front
of my face. He leaned his head back and groaned as he finally
came, shooting a huge load of cum into my mouth. He was still
a ways away from my mouth so even though he hit it with the
opening salvo, the next few were not as accurate and splattered
all over my face. He kept cumming and cumming, shooting
load after load onto either my tongue or face. I could taste
his cum on my tongue and wanted all I could get. Some of it
dripped down my chin and fell onto my boobs. After he had
finished I stood up with my face covered with his cum and
stuck out my tongue for him to see his cum on it. Then I swallowed
what cum I had in my mouth and opened my mouth again to show
him that it was all gone. Then I kneeled down again and sucked
his cock, drawing every drop of cum from him I could get as
he slowly softened in my mouth. I used his cock to wipe the
cum on my face into my mouth and swallowed every bit I could
As I finished him off I noticed everyone was cheering. Mary
Beth and Tammy were on the floor clapping along with them.
I laid back on the couch as the guy got himself dressed. All
his friends were patting him on the back and congratulating
him on how he had fucking me. I can't say he didn't
deserve the accolades as he had indeed fucked me better
than 90% of the men who had ever fucked me.
Tammy came over to me and kissed me. Then she licked the remaining
cum from my face.
“Hey, I thought you didn’t like men?” I asked.
Tammy laughed saying, “That’s right, I DON’T like guys
but I never said I didn’t like their cum!”
Mary Beth was licking my pussy now. I could just imagine
how I tasted after cumming so hard with his cock in me. After
getting a good sample she also sat next to me and the three
of us just laid back in each others arms, forgetting about
the crowd and just thinking about each other. A few guys
and even a couple of girls tried to get something going but
we just shook our heads and said we had enough for the time
After a while I picked my tank top off the floor and put it
back on. My jeans and underwear were on a chair so I just left
them there for the moment. I walked into the kitchen to get
another can of pop. The guys in there just stared at me as
I went around them completely bare-assed and with nipples
as hard as rock pocking through my thin tank top. I just smiled
at them, knowing that they were all dreaming of fucking
me like that guy had just done. I could imagine them all in
a few hours back in their rooms, masturbating as they remembered
how they had watched me being fucked so good in front of them.
I was sure when they came in their hands that they would be
fantasizing that their cocks were in me instead. I felt
so incredibly sexy at the thought of being the object of
their desire, an unattainable object since I would never
let such dorks touch me but one nonetheless.
As I made my way back to the living room I ran into the guy who
had just fucked me. He had a huge grin and thanked me for the
incredible sex. He asked if I wanted to get together again
some time and I just shook my head and gave him a kiss. His
hand started to wander to my pussy so I pushed it away and
told him that playtime was over. He looked disappointed
but I hoped he realized that for me it was all about the sex,
not him.
On the way home the three of us sat in the front seat of the
car together with me in the middle ‒ no back seat this time!
Tammy was the first to speak up. “Damn Kelly, we never knew
you were such a naughty little slut.! What happened to little
miss innocent and conservative?”
I laughed a bit and playfully grabbed her boob. “Trust me,
you have NO idea who I am away from school. “
Mary Beth’s eyebrows raised a bit at that one. “Oh really
Kelly, ” she said in a curious tone. I think she wanted to
follow up on that one, someone sensing that there was a lot
more than just tales of fucking boyfriends but for now she
let it go. “You’ve done a great job of hiding it although
frankly there were a couple of times I wondered about you
and Brenda. She use to look at you in a certain way that was
not exactly platonic!”
“Well, ” I replied, “Hopefully we can have lots more fun
like we did tonight. I just have to be sure nothing gets around
school because I really do want to graduate from here!”
Tammy replied to that one. “Don’t worry Kelly, I know that
Mary Beth and I probably say too much at school but we’ll
keep quiet about you. Only one thing though ‒ you have to
join us more often ‒ and we don't mean at parties either.”
Well, this was fine with me. Unlike me, they had been able
to get into one of the school apartments this year. They
shared it with four other girls but it still beat the daylights
out of living in the dorm.
When I got back Karen was sound asleep. I undressed and took
a shower. I knew I smelled heavily of sex and I didn't
want Karen to get any more ideas about me than she already
had. Although it was late and I was exhausted, I couldn't
get to sleep at first. As I laid in bed my pussy tingled as
I recalled all that had happened in the past few hours. I
finally fell asleep with my hand between my legs, dreaming
of a wonderful cock and the cheers of the crowd as he fucked
me with it.
The next morning I woke up and the sun was brightly shining
telling me I had slept in far later than usual. It was a Saturday
so I didn't care. Karen must have already gone out so
I was alone in my room. I started to get out of bed but as I moved
I felt this sensation between my legs and I knew I was not
going to get out of bed without first taking care of the lust
that had built up in me since coming to bed. I started to masturbate
and I was able to make myself cum literally in a few minutes
I was so horny. It was nothing like the massive orgasm I experienced
the night before but it did the trick for the moment. I had
just finished doing myself when the door opened and in walked
“Have a good time last night Kelly?” she asked, “You got
in pretty late compared to your usual nights out. Are you
OK? You look a bit flushed.”
By now I knew Karen well enough to realize she was not being
nosy or anything but that she was really concerned about
me. All the same, I knew I could never tell her what I had done
the night before as her sensibilities would have been shaken
to the core! I think in some small way she sensed we were different
in our views on sex, more than even what we had discussed
at times. She knew I wasn't a virgin like she was but
I never told her about the majority of my relationships
and certainly about my parents or girlfriends. As for being
flushed, Karen didn't masturbate and although I wondered
if she had any idea what she was missing I still didn't
make a big deal about it and certainly never let her see me
doing it.
“I’m fine Karen. We all sat around for a long time and forgot
about the time. How was your night?”
With that we started talking about “normal” things and
I was left to reminisce about that events of the last evening.
I was thrilled to have two new friends that I could have “fun”
with from now on. I had a feeling I would be seeing a lot more
of Tammy and Mary Beth in the future!

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You write very well. Excellent story. Keep 'em coming


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Wow, great story! Please share more.


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I concur, another HOT story. But again...your mom and your
aunt? Anyway, I hope you continue are a great


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juicy tattel about true fun enjoyed by you and all those
lucky enough to grasp your trust. very plausible to me since
i had many similar experiences in college as well as later
into life. the thrill of performing in front of others is
such an incredible rush both mentally and physically with
the added staying power it creates for me i welcomed each
and every chance with girls that i knew enjoyed having me
get sexual with others in the room wishing they had the nerve
or the kool of the biggest rushes i witnessed
was my g/f topless with 4 horny guys looking at her gorgeous
tits and unbuttoned low rise jeans exposing that she was
sans panties and very turned on by the eyes and my approval...when
she told one of my friends that he had always talked about
his desire to bang her and that i had told her how big and thick
his dick was...asking if he was going to let her see in front
of his g/f and the others if he was just all talk...i wish
i could have bottled the rush he, she and i all got at that
moment and the lustful agreement we wanted the others to
experience...after she unzipped his jeans and plopped
his rising cock into her mouth as two of the other girls shreiked
totally amazed and his g/f looked at me and i said to her "i've
always dreamed of licking your pussy and gary has told me
how sweet you are and love to ball...with that the two other
couples (drag) left my home for whogivesafuck and we 4 retired
to the big bed to perform for, talk to, ask questions about
and enjoy raw sex with friends...fortunately, i became
hooked as did my g/f and his at the thrill of being watched
and so i've always begged my g/f since those days if
she got a jolt out of fucking while others watched...many
confessed that they secretly relished the thought and
some even wanted me to watch them fuck another guy friend
as they talked dirty to me and sucked my cock while telling
me how good she felt with me watching her banging and sucking
my dick, especially in front of the mirrors...admittedly,
having your g/f give you a blow job while other men and women
are present is explosive and so delightful and for some
reason i blow a much bigger load that shoots much farther
than usual...guess it's from the excitement so, i'll
always tell them how much fun it is to watch and be watched
but, my g/f always seems to be the hottest chick in the group
or i'm just turned on to getting my pretty sorority
slut naked in front of others and enjoying showing off her
body and sexuality as she proudly displays her juicy loins
and nasty thoughts for our friends pleasure...i love it
when the "prude" girls begin rubbing their
pussy or biting on a fingernail while the b/f or date just
stares at us with a woody looking for relief...too scared
to strip his girl with us watching or jack himself off, which
all girls love to you have done, i lost my inhibitions
early in high school with a cheerleader exhibitionist,
cockteaser with oh so sweet pussy and loved for others to
admire while pissing off the girls...i really love the
young girls in their early 20's who never believe such
things occur in modern day life...if only she knew the thoughts
i'd had watching her beg for more as she cast her eyes
into the mirror beside the bed and gave me a wanton look of
desire as she was fucking some guy into heaven and loving
that fact i was watching and lusting for her also...yes,
sweetheart, you are so damn sexy and we want to hear what
you have always wanted to feel from two men at once...

thanx for the erection...i've got plenty of stories
that i'm sure you've experienced, shared or would
love to hear...especially my ex who did not even want to
watch a porno because she was so squeaky clean and a homecumming
queen in high school and college...and our trip to dallas
after her divorce....cookin4u


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now that was a sexy story