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Fun and Games Part 2


I was still sore through Sunday and Monday and had completely
forgotten Audrey's date with Sue for Tuesday until
that evening when Audrey mentioned she had seen Sue. I tried
to find out what had taken place but Audrey told me she was
sworn to secrecy and especially warned not to tell me. I was extremely curious
as to what these two women were cooking up and it was obviously
a plot to make sure I showed up that Friday evening. All Audrey
would tell me was that she had a dress rehearsal on Thursday
afternoon. My curiosity was driving me crazy and my imagination
was running wild as to what it might be.

By Thursday not only was this driving me crazy but I was starting
to get horny. It is difficult to sleep next to a woman as beautiful as Audrey and not need sexual relief frequently
especially when she sleeps in the nude. My sexual curiosity
had been building all week in anticipation of Friday night.
What would my role as dictated by Sue be?

Thursday went and I couldn't get much out of Audrey
as to what had happened nor what would happen on Friday.
She certainly had a glow about her and told me not to worry it would be great.
She was really enthralled about her role in the planned
evenings entertainment. It was obvious from the way she talked and
dropped little hints which just teased me more. But what
was my role to be? Audrey told me to be patient. I would find out
on Friday evening. We were to be at Sue's house for six

All day Friday all I could think about was last weekend and
the evening to come. I was totally on edge and my cock never
got below half mast all day. There were many times when I had
the urge to slip out of the office and jerk off.

At six o'clock as promised Audrey and I were on Sue's
doorstep. Sue ushered us in and told us that everything
was ready. She said she was glad we had come and asked for the letter I was
supposed to write. I presented it to her although I told
her it was a little long to be considered a letter. She skimmed
it over and said it looked good. She placed it in her purse.
She told us that she had laid out our outfits on her bed and
that she was off to the airport to pick up her guests and would be back
in an hour. She told us to get changed and to take our service
roles on their return. "You had better be good" , she
said to me reaching down and squeezing my balls hard through
my jeans. I winced and was duly reminded who was in charge. Audrey knew
what was up and I was told that if I had any questions to ask

Audrey lead me into Sue's bedroom. It was luxuriously
appointed but it wasn't until Audrey told me to look
up that I realized it had a mirrored ceiling. On the bed were our outfits. I picked
mine up and realized that I was take on the role of the butler.
Audrey held up her outfit. She was to be the French maid.
This was going to be some diner party. I stripped off my clothes
and began to put the outfit on. It fit well and as I stood in front
of the mirror realized I could have come from a English country
home, I fit the part so well.

Audrey had slipped into the bathroom and returned five
minutes later. Her outfit consisted of a short black little
frilly skirt and an equally frilly top. A short little white
apron accentuated the outfit. The top barely reached up
over her breasts and without straps it was a wonder it stayed in place.
It seemed to lift and separate her boobs so her cleavage
was deep and visible. She had black stockings to match the basic
black of her outfit. On her head was a small cap. She was the
picture of a naughty French maid. She asked me if I liked it and I gave
her a wolf whistle. She bent over to show me how short her
skirt was and it lifted up passed the top of her stockings so that her
garter straps and half her ass was visible. She wore very
skimpy but frilly black panties which covered only a small part
of her ass and were already beginning to slip into the crack
of her ass. She straightened her panties for my benefit and stood up.

A tour of the house was next. Audrey showed me where the well
stocked bar was and told me part of my job was to serve drinks
to the guests. We went into the dinning room which was laid
out for a fancy meal for four. I was to help Audrey serve the
meal as well. The living room was next on our tour. It didn't
look out of the ordinary. There were several chairs, a sofa,
a coffee table, TV, VCR and stereo system which was already playing
soft music.

Audrey then escorted me into what I guessed was the family
room but it had been rearranged. Two love seats were placed
next to each other along one wall and opposite them was a
double bed. In addition there was low dressing table and
stool but the dressing table mirror had been removed so
only the frame remained. Various other pieces of furniture
were placed so that apart from the love seats it looked like
a bedroom. I was a little puzzled but Audrey told me not worry,
that I would find out later.

Audrey and I went back to the living room and poured ourselves
a quick drink to steady our nerves. I was full of excited
tension as to what the evening would bring. The guests would be here
shortly and I was to receive them at the door Audrey told
me. As I finished my drink Sue came in the back door. She told me
that her guests were at the front door. She had told them
to ring the door bell and that she had a surprise for them.
Just then the bell rang. I put my glass away and went to the

Acting as properly as possible I opened the front door and
faced two men and a woman on the steps. One of the men introduced
themselves as friends of Sue who were invited for the weekend.
I offered to take their suitcases and placed them to one
side. They were impressed with Sue's help and asked if I came
with the place. I replied quite properly that I worked for
Miss. Sue. They nodded knowingly to each other. None of them had jackets
so I showed them into the living room where Sue was waiting
for them.

I should digress here to give you my first impressions of
the guests. They all looked to be in their thirties. As I
found out later, Sue's boyfriend Bill was in his late thirty's,
a bit on the heavy side and about five ten in height. He had
blonde wavy hair and a broad chest. While he was wearing shorts he was
nattily dressed. The remaining male, Doug was in his mid
thirties about five eight in height and slim. His hair was
dark and well groomed. He was wearing dress pants and a sport
shirt. The women was his wife Dianne. She was about five four and
slim and in her early thirties. She had on a short summer
skirt and loose fitting pale pink blouse. Her brown curly
hair framed her face and came down to nearly her shoulders.
She wasn't a big busted woman but she had most of the
buttons undone on her blouse and I could see the swell of
her ample breasts. Sue was wearing a nice dark blue skirt
that stopped just short of her knees. Her white blouse was
also loose fitting and several buttons were undone. I couldn't
tell from a first glance but I expect she was braless. She
was certainly a beautiful looking woman. I am sure Audrey
would agree they were all beautiful people.

"What do you think of my little surprise", Sue
asked as they came into the room. Bill came over to his girlfriend,
Sue, gave her a long full kiss and squeezed one of her ass cheeks with his
big right hand. "Long time no see." he said playing
the part of as if he hadn't seen her for some time. Dianne gave Sue
a long lingering welcoming kiss full on the lips as well.
Doug said he couldn't be left out and did the same.

Dianne finally responded to Sue's question. "Not
bad. I'm sure I could use a servant like that around
my house." Sue told her that I worked ONLY for her.
Sue then turned to me and asked me to get her guests a drink
before dinner. I went the rounds and took their drink orders.
As I was leaving Sue whispered to me that I should have Audrey
serve the hors d'oeuvres. I went into the kitchen and
passed the message onto Audrey who was preparing the tray.

I went into the dinning room and mixed the drinks and was
carrying the tray into the living room just as Audrey entered
from the hall with her tray. The conversation went quiet
as all eyes turned to Audrey. She was quite a sight with her short
outfit, long black stocking clad legs and her breasts barely
contained by her outfit. Dianne turned to Sue and asked
where on earth did she find help like this. Sue told them she had "won
us playing Trivial Pursuit." "I see.",
said Dianne. "I'm sure that must have been an interesting game." The two men couldn't
get enough of Audrey. Doug asked Dianne if they could get a maid
like this. Dianne responded, "Perhaps." but
she wasn't sure he could control himself. Sue said they were more than welcome
to look but don't touch.

Audrey began to circulate with the tray bending low first
in front of Sue. Dianne and Doug sitting on the opposite side
of the room must have been getting an eyeful of her lovely legs
and half exposed ass. Audrey then moved to Bill and bend low
to offer him a choice from the hors d'oeuvres tray. Bill
could scarcely concentrate on the tray as he looked right down
the valley between Audrey's tits. I'd swear if it
weren't for the tight little waist on her outfit he would be looking down
to her pussy. He gulped grabbed a few things from the tray and Audrey
moved on to Dianne and Doug. It was Bills turn to get an eyeful
of Audrey's ass and his eyes were glued to it. I too could
see that her black lace panties had crept up the crack in her
ass to the point they were scarcely visible. "Quite a little
show off you have here. I don't know if I'm going to be able
to keep Doug under control." said Dianne. "I think Bill
has the same problem.", Sue responded. She reached over and gave
his cock a squeeze through his shorts. "Just the result I expected.
He's half hard already and he only just got here." Audrey
had quietly returned to the kitchen to restock her tray.

Sue saw me standing there and told me to pass the drinks.
I started with Sue and she gave my ass a squeeze as I served
Bill. I went over to Doug and Dianne and gave Dianne her drink then
offered Bill his. Dianne looked at Sue and told her that
I looked good enough to eat. She asked if the same rules applied
to me as to Audrey. "No you can give him a squeeze if
you wish but you have to ask my permission first." she said.
"Well can I give him a squeeze too?" "Be my guest."
Sue replied. Dianne reached over to where I was standing and gave my ass a good
squeeze and looked longingly at the bulge that was appearing
in the front of my tight cut pants. Sue without waiting for
the question nodded to Dianne and she placed her hand on my crotch
and began to massage my half erect cock through my pants.
She then gave me a gentle squeeze and withdrew her hand. "Very
nice" , Dianne said, "but I'd better stop
before I get carried away" "Knowing you, that is probably wise.",
Doug interjected. I was enjoying being fondled by these women and listening
to their ribald remarks about my body. The remarks continued.
Sue announced that I was her sex slave and would do her bidding.
If she wanted a service I was there to perform it. "If
I want my cunt lapped for example. He'll do it. If my cunt is full
of cum and needs cleaning. His tongue is there to do the job. If
my latest cock is getting a little soft and needs some oral
attention to bring it back to life. He can do that too"
, Sue continued. At this I realized now what me punishment for
past disobedience was going to be. Sue was going to make me suck
cock. The thought both bothered and excited me. Bothered
me because I wasn't gay and excited me because being forced
to do things that excited others turned me on. I think the men
were a little jealous at least about lapping her cunt. Dianne
said she could certainly use me around the house if Sue ever tired
of me. "Maybe I'll loan him to you for a little while
later" Sue said.

Audrey came back into the room to announce that dinner was
ready. She and I went into the kitchen and began to bring the meal
into the dining room. Sue arranged the guests at the table and
we began to serve the first course. Every one had their eyes
on Audrey. I watched her too. It was a wonder her boobs didn't
spring loose. Dianne and Sue were aware of the spectacle
Audrey was making of herself but didn't seem jealous of the
attention their men were giving her. In fact they too seemed to be eying
her body. Dianne every once in a while would pinch my ass
as I went by and Sue nodded in approval.

As I was passing Doug at one point he too pinched my ass. Sue
caught him doing it and told him it was a no no and he needed
her permission first. Dianne picked up on that and told her
husband to get up and come over to her side. He did and she reached
out fondled his crotch then squeezed his balls hard. She told
him to sit down and mind his hostess's instructions. My cock
was becoming quite hard and evident through my pants.

Sue called my to one side and whispered to me to go and take
my underwear off and return with it on a platter. I did as instructed as they continued to eat and drink. In a few minutes
I was back as instructed and place the covered platter with
my bikini underwear in front of Sue. In a minute Sue casually
uncovered the platter revealing the bikini underwear.
She demanded to know who's they were and playing along
with the game I meekly confessed I had done it. Sue told me if I felt that
way about my clothing I didn't deserve to wear the butler's
uniform and I should withdraw from the room and remove it. Alternative
clothing was hanging in the pantry. I went to the pantry
and removed the uniform. All there was to wear though was a loose
fitting tank top. It had oversize arm holes and reached
only to just below my ass. Every movement left my ass or cock and
balls exposed.

I returned to the dining room for further instructions.
Sue told me that this outfit was more becoming to me and told me to
move around the table so each of the guests could examine me more
closely. She told them they could each have a feel. Bill
reached up under my shirt and fondled my ass first. I moved
onto Dianne. She lifted the front of my shirt and stroked my cock,
scooping a little pre cum from the tip and tasting it. Doug
told me to bend over and gave me a couple of good whacks on the ass.
I moved around to Sue and she told me I was doing a good job
but her pussy was leaking and needed oral attention. I knew
what was expected from me and immediately got under the table on
my hands and knees and slipped my head up under Sue's skirt.
She wasn't wearing underwear and I began to lap around her bare pussy.
She spread her legs wider and I slipped my tongue between her
cunt lips and tickled her clit. I could hear table conversation
going on but it was muffled by Sue's thighs around my ears.
She began to move around in her chair but before I could finish her
off she ordered me to stop.

It was time to serve dessert she announced as I crawled from
beneath the table. I got out from under the table. My cock
was now rigid and my shirt stuck out like a tent. Sue's face
was flushed and she was having difficulty concentrating but
told Audrey who was standing behind her to bring in the dessert.
Audrey returned a moment later with a large ornate glass
bowl of chocolate mousse. "As a special treat, " Sue
announced, "I'm offering a very special topping for the dessert. Is there
anyone interested." Bill wasn't sure he wanted any
but Sue said they all had to have it or none. Bill said he'd try it then.

Sue went around to Dianne and whispered something to her.
Dianne said she would love to and Sue moved the bowl over next to
Dianne. I was told to place myself beside Dianne. Sue told
me I was about to make a special contribution to dessert. I was
told to take my shirt off and Dianne leaned over and took my already
rock hard prick in her mouth. She began suck in earnest.
Every few strokes she would pause and swirl her tongue over the
tip and tender underside of my cock. I could see Audrey and Sue licking
their lips. It wasn't going to take me long before I
spilled my load.

All of a sudden Dianne released my cock. She looked up at
me and said, "You show us how its done." Bill told me,
"to go for it." I formed a fist around my cock and began to stroke urgently.
All sorts of encouragement was coming my way from both the men
and the women. "Looks like he knows what he is doing."
"Look at how red he's getting." "I bet he can't
last three more strokes." "Is the bowl big enough to catch it all?" I was
nearly there. I could hear Sue telling Dianne to make sure she got it all
and then I began to come. It was a good thing Dianne had tipped
the bowl up because I would have shot right past it otherwise.
In the end I placed enough of my hot cum on the dessert for them
all to have a good share. I collapsed in the corner while Dianne
calmly served the guests and Audrey passed the bowls around.
The topping I had provided seemed to have been appreciated.
The cook was complimented and Dianne for her expert application
of the cream dressing. I was told to pour everyone a glass of sweet
dessert wine and once the dessert was finished bring the
bottle to the living room where they all retired. Audrey cleared
the table and disappeared into the kitchen.

You'll remember that everyone else was dressed but
me. I continued to serve the guests in this mode but the fondling
of my body was more overt. Sue even encouraged them to enjoy themselves at my expense. This form of treatment in a perverse
way was pleasurable to me too. My cock was beginning to again
betray my feelings and swell under the strokes I was taking
from Sue and all her guests. They couldn't seem to take their
hands off my ass, cock and balls. Sue told me to freeze in whatever
position I was when someone touched my ass and that I wasn't
to move again until they patted my ass. I was forced to pause
after I refilled each glass and wait for the owner to satisfy themselves by stroking, squeezing or pinching my sexual
anatomy. Their obvious enjoyment of my assets and my submissive
availability turned me on so my cock was rigid.

Doug said that he had enjoyed the entertainment to this
point and wondered what Sue had in mind to top it. Sue thought for a
minute and suggested that they might be interested in the
Trivial Pursuit game from last weekend. They all quickly agreed
to this idea. Sue said she had discovered a great story teller and
turned to me and told me to read the letter I had composed.
I began to read the first part of this letter which I had written
in the few nights before on Sue's orders. The room was
quiet except for the occasional clink of a glass as I read. When
I reached the point where Sue was eating Audrey's cunt
Bill said it would be nice to see Sue taking orders instead of giving
them. I looked up and noted that Sue was sitting on Bill's lap
and he had his hand inside her top and was massaging her tits. Doug
and Dianne were sitting on the other couch. Dianne's skirt
was up to her waist and her panties were around one ankle. I could
see her brown curly pubic hair and Doug had his hands in her love
nest. She had hers inside his fly.

Sue told me to continue. I read on. The letter brought back
memories of the past weekend and my cock needed physical
attention. As I read, I reached down and began to caress
my love muscle. When I got to the part where I had jerked off for Bob
and Ralph and they had pondered fucking my ass, Doug said
he would take my ass cherry if that was required. I looked up
at Doug and Sue asked me if that appealed to me. I wasn't
sure but said I'd try anything ONCE. I couldn't believe
what I was saying but each obscene suggestion or remark only served to heighten
my excitement. When I looked up I discovered that things had
progressed for those listening to me. Sue was still sitting
on Bill's lap but her blouse was off and I could see her
skirt was tucked up at the back and Bill's cock was obviously
deep in her cunt and he was pumping away. Bill's pants were around
his ankles. Sue seemed almost uninvolved in his efforts. Doug
had nothing on below his waist. His cock was fully erect and
I thought Dianne was strangling it because she was holding
it so tight. Dianne no longer had her skirt on and her panties
had disappeared entirely. Her top was open and if she had started
with a bra she didn't have one on now. Doug's hands
were all over her.

I was again told to continue. I didn't get far because
when I got to the part where Audrey was getting her first education
in lesbian sex. Dianne interjected and told us she had always
dreamed of being a Cathy or Debbie and teaching a young virgin
about sex. Doug's fingers were causing her considerable
pleasure because no sooner did she get the words out of her mouth than
she began to sigh and moan. I paused and everyone waited for
the inevitable. Dianne went into the throes of her orgasm and
in a moment fell silent. Doug withdrew his hands from her pussy
and Dianne began to concentrate on bringing him off. Sue told
me to get back to reading and again I continued. As I approached
the part where Audrey and I serviced her with our sex toys Sue
told the others that "This was the best part." Doug
must have agreed because I heard a grunt and Dianne told us he had just come
all over her. She used his underwear to clean up and sat back
to listen to the rest of the letter. Bill was really pouring
it to Sue by now and as I reached the end of the letter dealing with
the weekend he too grunted and shot his load into what I knew
was Sue's delicious hairless cunt.

He collapsed and Sue told me to put the letter down and get
over to her that she needed to be cleaned up. I crawled on my knees
and she lifted her skirt and told me clean up her cunt with
my tongue. I couldn't see much but I could smell her cunt
and when I began to run my tongue over the outer lips of her bald pussy
I taste both her juices and Bill's cum. I lapped all I
could find on the outside and separated her cunt lips and went exploring
for more of Bill's juices. Sue's clit was standing
right out and as I lapped around it I could feel her moving about. I stuck
my tongue up her cunt as far as I could and sucked in all the juices
I could find. I returned to Sue's clit and began to suck
in earnest. I could feel her hand behind my head urging me on.
With a few strokes more her body began to tense and with a
groan she climaxed. I kept up my tongue work until she relaxed
the pressure on my head and then I gradually withdrew from under
her skirt. My face was covered in cum and cunt juices and Dianne
came over and licked my face clean and gave me a big kiss.
Her tongue probing my mouth for any left over juices.

"Now we are all relaxed, I think it is time for the highlight
of the evenings entertainment." Sue announced. She
looked at me. "If you will fill everyone's glasses and bring
them to the family room we will meet you there. You'd better bring a chair
from the dinning room for yourself and tell Audrey we will be in family
room waiting for her." I was wondering where Audrey
was and what her role was. I was about to find out.

I carried the dining room chair into the family room and
returned a moment later with a new bottle of wine and poured everyone
a drink. You'll remember that the family room had two
love seats pushed back against the wall. Sue and Doug were sitting
in one. Sue still had her skirt on but not her blouse. Her tits stuck
out prominently and if I were Doug I wouldn't have been
able to keep my hands off them.

Doug still had his shirt on but nothing else. His cock hung
between his legs limp but still swollen and red. On the other
love seat snuggled up to each other were Dianne and Bill.
All Dianne had on was her blouse and that was totally open so
her tits as before were visible. While not as large as Sue's
or Audrey's they still were a handful as Bill was finding
out. His eyes were riveted to the task before him and Dianne was enjoying
and watching his hands at work. Bill too had nothing on below
his waist although his shirt was still on but all the buttons
were undone. His cock was long and thin and hung over one
of his thighs.

Sue looked over at me watching them and down at my rock hard
cock which I had again started to fondle. "I think the show
we're about to see will be too much for my butler." she announced.
Bill stopped his massage of Dianne's tits and he and
Dianne looked over at me. "I agree that it won't take
much to bring him off in the state he's in if he continues to play with
himself, " Dianne said. "I think we had better take counter measures, "
she said.

Sue left the room for a moment and returned with several
old neck ties. She told me to sit down in the chair I had brought from
the dining room and asked Dianne to help her. I did as directed
and they proceeded to use the ties to bind me wrists to the
arms of the chair and my ankles to the front legs. I was not only
helpless to stroke my cock but spread so that any of them
could use me without my co-operation. My mind boggled at my vulnerability and what might come next. Dianne observed
my predicament and after having gotten a nod from Sue reached
down and squeezed my cock then gave my balls a hard tug. I winced
but I wasn't getting any sexual relief from her. My sexual
tension was only being increased.

You will remember my earlier description of how strangely
the room was arranged. I was about to find out why. The two couches
were placed against one wall and my chair in a corner. All
these faced the back of the low dressing table and what would have
been the mirror. Because the mirror itself had been removed
all of us seated on the couch and chair essentially looked through
it over the dresser to the foot of the bed. Beside the bed was a side
table. The room had pot lights but those illuminating all
but the bedroom scene had been turned out. Those lights which
remained on cast a very intense light illuminating the
stage. We, in what was to be the audience, were in darkness. It would
be difficult from the bedroom area to see the audience because
of the different lighting levels. There was a magazine on
the bed and some things on the dressing table which gave the scene
an appearance of normality.

Sue told her guests that they were about to see a very special
show but they must remain quiet and give it their undivided
attention. They all agreed. Sue then set the scene for the
show by explaining that her French maid had a dirty little habit.
It seemed that Sue had spied on her through a special one way
glass which had been left in one of the guest rooms by a previous
owner. Her maid performed frequently in front of the mirror
and if we were quiet we might see her tonight. These last lines
were a cue.

The door opened and Audrey stepped into the mock bedroom.
She was dressed as we had seen her earlier, in the French maid
outfit. At first she went over to the dressing table looked
in the mirror (remember it wasn't really there) and removed
her cap. She gazed into the mirror and brushed her hair for a moment.
She began to study herself in the mirror. She placed her hands
at her side then she turned sideways, all the time studying
herself in the mirror. She then slowly moved her hands down the sides
of her legs and stroked them through her black stockings.
She placed each of her hands under her breasts and pushed them
up and together. She gazed at what she was doing not directly but
as if she was watching in the mirror. She massaged her tits for
a moment then ran her hands down her body and stroked her thighs
again. This time she brought her hands up the inner part
of her lovely legs. We could hear her take a deep breath as she moved
up under her short skirt. While I thought she might stroke
her pussy but her hands reappeared immediately.

Next she turned her back to the mirror and bent over at the
waist. Audrey had on a garter belt and we could see the white
tops of her thighs above the stockings. Her black panties
were slightly visible. Audrey contemplated her legs and thighs
over her shoulder in the mirror. She then lifted her skirt higher
so she could see her entire backside. The panties had crept
partially into the crack of her white ass. She massaged
her ass cheeks and slipped the panties further into the crack so
they were visible only as a narrow ribbon of material. Audrey
dropped her skirt and walked about the room for a minute then returned
to the mirror to again inspect her backside. This time she
bent way over so she could view herself in the mirror between her
legs. Her ass was entirely visible and the panties only a narrow
line in the crack of her ass. Audrey reached down between her
legs and slide a hand up over her ass. Watching herself in the
mirror she slowly withdrew her hand caressing her pussy as she

Audrey now went back to the bed and lay down. Her feet were
toward us and at first she lay on her side. She picked up the
magazine. It was the latest issue of Penthouse Letters.
She began to leaf through it contemplating each page. After
a few minutes she rolled on her back and propped herself up with
a pillow. Her feet were still toward us but now placed flat
on the bed so that her knees were well bent. Audrey continued to
read but we couldn't tell what. One hand though was massaging
her left breast through her outfit. After a few minutes the
hand slipped down and she began to run it up and down the sensitive
inner part of her thigh. A little while later she began to
massage her pussy although with her skirt and hand it was
difficult to see much detail. This continued and I thought
she would get herself off this way but she stopped and got out
of bed and went over to the mirror again.

She put one leg up on the stool and contemplated herself
in the mirror. She then slipped the edge of her panties to one side
and still watching herself slipped a finger into her juicy
snatch. I was beside myself. If I wasn't tied up I would have gone
off by now but being as I was, I could only watch. Audrey stirred
her juices for a minute and withdrew her finger and took it to
her mouth where she mockingly sucked it all the time watching
the mirror. She couldn't see us because of the arrangement
of the lighting but she knew we were watching her. She had hinted
at this type of fantasy before but until last weekend I would
never have believed it would be anything but a fantasy.

Audrey now turned her back on the mirror and began to slid
her panties down her legs. As she did of course she was forced
to bend lower and lower. By the time she reached her ankles
her now bare ass was fully exposed. Audrey stood up and again contemplated her body in the mirror. Her face was flushed
and I could tell she was turned on beyond anything I had ever seen
before. Of course we knew she had nothing on under her skirt
but you couldn't tell by looking at her unless she bent
over of course. She again slid her hands over her body all the time
watching herself in the mirror as if she were displaying
her body to herself. She stroked her thighs and slid her hands under
her skirt. When she withdrew them we could tell she had been
probing her pussy because they were slick with her own juices. She
smeared them obscenely on her lips and licked them from
her fingers. She turned her back to the mirror and bent nearly
double watching herself now through from between her legs.
Her bald cunt was now clearly visible to us all. She reached
back and parted the swollen lips with one hand and began to stroke
her clit with the fingers of other. She was almost to the point
of going over the top when she with drew her hand and stood up.
She was exhibiting self control like I've never seen before
in her. We both knew that the teasing heightened the final climax
though and she certainly was into it.

Audrey began to unzip her one piece outfit all the time watching
her body in the mirror. Once she had the zipper down it fell
from her boobs and hung at her waist. She reached up and lifted
her tits squeezing them and studying them and the figure
she cut in the mirror. She turned first to one side then the other
looking at her profile. She caressed them making the nipples
hard and erect. Finally she slipped the outfit down over
her waist so that but for her stockings and garter belt she was
nude. Again she poised for herself and her breathless audience,
of course, in the mirror.

She would turn this way and that twisting in different ways
watching how her body looked from the different poises.
At one point she put one leg up on the stool and look intently at
her pussy in the mirror. This position left her cunt wide open
and her excitement was obvious. Her cunt was very red, being
engorged with blood, in her excitement. The inner lips
were swollen and large. Her clit was distended. As she examined
herself she would open her cunt then close it with her fingers.
She would run her hands up and down the smooth exterior and
deftly flick her clit every few strokes. Then she would
lower her leg from the stool and place the other up and repeat the
cunt teasing exercise.

This whole exercise was driving me mad. My cock ached for
release but I was powerless to do anything but watch Audrey's
performance. I could hear the sounds of fingers probing
cunts across the room and heavy breathing as the other's
stimulated themselves and each other in response to the heavy action
under the lights.

Audrey after several repetition of her pussy teasing routine
turned her back to the mirror and bent over to examine her
backside in the mirror. She spread her ass cheeks with her
hands and seemed to gaze intently at her asshole. Her cunt was
wide open and I swear you could see inside her. Her inner cunt
lips seemed to hang down. She was looking in the mock mirror at
herself from between her legs and her big full breasts hung
down. She removed her hands from her ass and watched herself in
the mirror as she began once again began to stroke herself.
In the mirror had it been there she would be able to see exactly
what we could. Her body began to tense and her fingers began to move
faster. I could see she was about to come. She stuck two fingers in her cunt and began to fuck herself. Her eyes closed
and her body went into convulsions as her orgasm overtook

In a few moments she took her hands from her cunt and stood
up. She sucked her juices from her fingers and began to remove
her stockings slowly rolling each down her long legs. She placed
them on the dressing table and slide the garter belt off
as well so that she was now totally nude.

Audrey returned to the bed and lay on her stomach opened
the magazine and again began to read. She was propped up on her
elbows and I could just see the side of one of her breasts
squashed beneath her. Her legs started out together but
every once in a while she would shift and she would spread them
a little further apart. In a few minutes we were all looking
at her cunt framed beneath her ass. She allowed us this delicious
view for a moment then rolled on her side. Again one leg was
propped up so that her bald pussy was partially visible.
She continued to read but was using one hand to tease a nipple
now. I watched as I am sure the others were as she continued to
excite her body and was not surprised when Audrey began to stroke
her belly and then her cunt. Audrey seemed to be totally lost
in what she was reading and doing to herself. I am not sure whether
the magazine was exciting her more or the fact that we were
all watching her do this to herself but her sexual tension was
once again beginning to rise.

After a few minutes of stimulation Audrey put down the magazine
and reached under the pillow she was leaning on and pulled
out a vibrator. She switched it on and we could hear it buzz to
action in her hand. She picked up the magazine and continued to
read while still lying on her side. The vibrator in her hand seem
to have a mind of its own and began to roam over her body paying
special attention to her breasts and thighs. She seemed
to concentrate after little time on the area of her bald pussy
and I could again see she was beginning to tense.

Again Audrey pulled back from the brink of an orgasm and
putting the magazine and vibrator down she reached into the drawer
of the bedside table. She retrieved a flesh colored dildo. The
fake cock must have been an inch and half in diameter. It was heavily
detailed with veins over its 8 inch length. Two large realistic
balls hung below it. Audrey gazed at it and began to rub it
over her face and breasts. She began to lick it all over and run
it sensuously over her lips. She was lying on her back now and
we were looking past her outstretched legs and heaving boobs.
She finally began to suck it as she was trying to bring the owner
to orgasm. After a moment she ran it down over her stomach and
stretching her herself open with the fingers one hand placed
the plastic cock at the entrance of her cunt. She began to work
it back and forth slowly going deeper and deeper until the
whole thing was disappearing with each thrust. Every time she
slide it partially out I could see it glisten with her juices. She
was now working it in and out with one hand. The other hand which
had been teasing her nipples was now sliding over her clit
in unison with the stroke of the dildo. Her eyes were closed
and her body tensing. I could see her back and ass beginning
to lift off the bed. She held that position for a moment, groaned
and collapsed back to the bed, her body twitching in orgasm.
She had taken her hand off the fake prick and with each twitch of
her body it eased out of her cunt until it lay glistening but
still hard between her legs. Audrey continued to slide her fingers
over her clit but the pace and urgency slowed.

I thought this was the end of the show but I didn't know
Audrey that well. She reached into the bedside drawer again and
this time removed an anal penetrator. She had always resisted
my requests to try anal sex so this inclusion in her act surprised
me. First she got on her hands and knees then she slide the
foreign object into her cunt and lubed it up. She slide it
slowly from her cunt to her ass and pulling one ass cheek
to the side casually eased it home. We were getting a clear view
of her Greeking herself and my rock hard cock grew another inch.
It is amazing how I responded to the visual stimulation I had
only dreamed of before. I could hear action from the others too
but couldn't see what they were up to but the ohs and ahhs
told me they were enjoying themselves. I couldn't do anything
to ease my problem although the least contact with my prick would
have sent showers of cum in all directions.

Audrey probed her ass for a few minutes them pulled the knobby
device from her ass with a pop. She got off the bed and lifted
a strange device up onto the bed. I had never seen anything
like it and didn't know what to make of it until she began
to use it. It had two partially curved horizontal pieces about a foot
and half apart which it sat on. Each of the horizontal pieces
was about two feet long and six inches wide and heavily padded.
Between these and rising vertically was a metal bar two
feet high. It seemed to have some knobs and attaching devices
on it. Audrey took the anal probe and attached it to the vertical
piece near the top and adjusted it so it was held horizontally.
The dildo she retrieved and attached to the vertical piece
this time a few inches below the anal penetrator but pointing in the
same horizontal direction toward the head of the bed. She got
back on the bed on her hands and knees with her ass towards us and
placed each lower leg on one of the sculpted padded horizontal
pieces. Her shins rested on the padded pieces. They seemed to have
been designed to fit the lower leg from the knee to ankle perfectly.

Audrey slowly moved back with her ass toward the dildo and
probe. She reached back with one hand and directed the dildo to
the entrance to her cunt. She leaned back further so the plastic
cock slide partially into her juicy cunt. She then adjusted
the anal probe so it met her asshole and eased her body further
back so it too went into its intended hole. She was now being fucked
in her cunt and ass by this machine she had rigged up. She
lowered her self onto her elbows and gently picked up a back
and forth rhythm. On each forward motion both the anal probe
and cock slide nearly entirely out of her. On the backward motion
they entered her right to the hilt. All I could see of the
fake cock were the balls as they hit her inner thighs. Audrey's
full boobs hung down to the bedspread in such a way that her nipples
grazed the surface. Not only was her rocking motion exciting
her cunt and ass but her nipples were receiving attention as
well. They seemed to be longer and harder than I had ever seen before.
Audrey seemed to be in seventh heaven. Her back and forth
motion while slow and steady at first picked up speed and urgency.
Her head began to thrash about and she began to groan. Her eyes
were closed and her face contorted in pleasure. As if this was
not enough she reached back with two fingers and slide them
back and forth over her clit.

Audrey's excitement was not lost on the audience.
The mechanism not only provided Audrey with total stimulation but allowed
all to see exactly what was happening to her. Her cunt while
stuffed with the plastic cock was wide open, her inner lips grasping
the cock. Her clit was long and protruding. I heard a groan and
a curse from Doug that he couldn't hold it any more. I
felt the same way but was unable to touch my cock or move so I could
rub it against anything. Audrey started to yell, "Fuck
me harder, you big cock." and then she began to convulse. It seemed
like hours until her breathing returned to normal but it was
probably only a few minutes. She slumped forward the dildo and probe
slipping from their respective holes. She lay there her
legs apart and cunt gapping open for us all to see.

Finally she got up and removed the device from the bed and
folded the bed sheets back. She went over to the mock mirror and
lifting one foot up on the stool examined her swollen cunt.
She shoved two fingers deep up inside herself and I thought
here we go again but she quickly removed them, took them to her lips
and sucked them clean. With a happy look on her face she climbed
into bed reached over and turned off the light. I wasn't
sure what would happen next but Sue finally spoke "Pleasant
dreams, Audrey." and began to applaud. The others joined
in and offered their congratulations to Audrey for a fine performance
and Sue for arranging the entertainment.

The lights came up and I could see the others again. Doug
was lying back on the couch his cock limp and cum all over his
cock and chest. Dianne beside him had some on her hands too. She
no longer had any clothes on and her cunt looked red and swollen.
Sue too looked like she had been indulging in manual stimulation
of Bill and herself. Bill's cock like mine was hard
and erect.

Sue looked over and me to see how I was doing and came over
to release me from my bonds. She told me in no uncertain terms
that I was not to bring myself off although that was exactly what
I needed most. She told me instead to go over and clean up Doug
and Dianne with my tongue. I crawled over on my hands and
knees and lapped up Doug's juices from Dianne's fingers
then began to lick his juices from his chest. I could feel his nipples

Sue told me not to forget his cock. She then added that this
would be part of my punishment for disobedience last weekend.
I had never touched a cock but my own before let alone take
one in my mouth. The thought of being ordered to do so thrilled
me. I was so turned on I would do anything to satisfy my mistress.
I acted reluctant knowing a firm order would be issued by
my Mistress. She came over told me to get at it immediately
and gave me a hard swat on my ass to remind my who was the boss.
I moved my mouth over his limp cock as they all watched me.
I began to lick the shaft of his cock beginning near the base
and swallowing his cum as I worked my way up to the top of his red
swollen prick. It began to stir as I lavished it with my tongue.
When I reached the top I took the entire tip in my mouth and
sucked it in working my tongue up and down the tender underside
as I sucked. His cock was really starting to harden now but
it was clean of any traces of his juices and I withdrew my mouth.
"Very good“ , Sue said, "You'll be really
valuable restoring spent cocks." Dianne interjected, "I could
sure use a hard cock right now. All this sex is making me hornier than ever. Can
I sit on his cock?" Sucking cock had only served to strengthen
mine and her eyes were riveted on it.

"First I think we ought to move to a more spacious room
and let Audrey recover." Sue replied, "And then you
can have your fill of him if I can use your husband." Dianne looked at
Bill and said she was sure he'd love it because he was always
interested in a new piece of ass. As we left the room Dianne's hand
was on my ass giving it a firm squeeze. Sue paused and leaned over
Audrey and gave her a long kiss on the lips and told her to
have a pleasant dream and joins us in the bedroom when she felt
up to it. With that she gave Bill's cock a squeeze. It was
certainly up.

We moved into the master bedroom. You know the one with the
mirrored ceiling. Sue told me to get up on the bed and lie
on my back. I was to satisfy Dianne in any way she wished. All she
really wanted at first was to ride my cock and boy could she
ride. She hovered over me supporting herself on her hands
placed on either side of me while I looked up at her. Her boobs while
not as full as Audrey's and Sue's dangled temptingly
over my chest. Beyond I could see her reflection in the mirror.
Her ass was moving back and forth and I could feel my cum beginning
to boil in me. Suddenly she got off and went over to Doug sitting
watching us in an arm chair. She knelt between his legs and
began to suck his prick. It was stiff when she started but
by the time she eased off it it was as hard as steel. She whispered
something to him and he said sure. Dianne came back over
to the bed and climbed back on my cock. Doug climbed up on the bed
behind her and the next thing I knew she was helping him slip
his dick into her ass. The presence of his cock increased the
pressure in her cunt. I could feel him through the walls
of her cunt as he began to move slowly back and forth. She too began
to move and told me to stay still. The sensation was unbelievable
and in a matter of moments I again began to reach the heights
of my climax. Dianne too was just about there as she started
to urge us on with shouts of, " Fuck me harder."
"Give it to me." "I love being fucked by two cocks." She tensed groaned
and began to spasm just as my load hit the back of her cunt for the first
time. The contractions in her cunt milked me dry and brought
on Doug's climax as well. We collapsed into a pile of human
flesh. There was burst of applause from Sue, Bill and Audrey who
was standing in the doorway.

Doug finally got off the bed and almost crawled back to his
chair. Audrey who was wearing a terry towel thigh length
housecoat. It covered her cunt and ass but not much else.
Its only closure was a tie at the waist so her tits just about
bounced into view each time she moved. Audrey went over
and sat on Doug's lap. Dianne rolled over on her side and pondered
me for a moment. She told me to clean her up. I seemed to have
been doing a lot of that lately and knew exactly what she
wanted. She stretched her top leg so the foot rested flat on the bed
and her knee was bent up exposing her cunt through her dark brown
pubic curls. I started by lapping up all my own juices which
had leaked out of her and flowed down her thighs. I moved up and
lapped her cunt lips and clit. I moved on to probe her inner
cunt with my tongue where I had just been with my prick moments
before. After I had cleaned all my juices from her I sat back.
"Your not done yet." she said. "Do my ass."
I feigned reluctance but went back to complete my job. Dianne had rolled over
onto her hands and knees. I held her ass open with my hands and
began to tongue the crack of her ass. Doug's juices had poured
out of her and run the length of her crack. I gathered these up with
my tongue and paid special attention to her asshole. Having
thoroughly cleaned her I again sat back to await further

Sue had been watching our activities with interest with
Bill fingering her bald cunt. She too was reaching a climax and
got up from the love seat turned around and knelt on it. She braced
herself on the back of the seat and told Bill, " Fuck
Me." He complied with willingness slipping up behind her doggy
style and in one motion driving his long thin prick home. She moaned
and began to rock back and forth each time driving herself onto
his hard pole of a cock. Each time she rolled forward his prick
would almost fall from her, it's glistening length
clearly evident. Her boobs hung down firm and full. Her nipples
brushing the couch with her every motion. Sue too seemed
to be involved in putting on a show for the rest of us. It wasn't
long before Bill began to thrust faster and moan. He came with
a rush and I could see his juices start to ooze from Sue's cunt
and run down one leg. Sue had still not come so with Bill being spent
told me to lick her off. She remained perched on the edge
of the couch with her ass in the air. I got down and placing my head
on the edge of the couch looked up into her dripping cunt and
began to lick. This oral attention seemed to be the ticket for
in a moment she began to thrash about and finally she orgasmmed.
I kept up my oral attentions for a few more minutes until told
to stop. Sue rolled over and slumped in the love seat. I was
now at her feet obedient as ever.

We all seemed to have had enough and Sue said she didn't
know about the rest of us but she was going to bed. She added emphatically "To sleep." Dianne agreed but
said that there was one thing left. She told Sue she would like to see someone
fuck my ass just so I would know what it was like. Sue agreed that
I should have my ass cherry taken but it didn't look like
any one was up to it. While she said this she was looking at Bill and
Doug. They certainly weren't in any shape to push their
cocks into anything. I felt relieved. After all I'm not into
this sort of thing although I was mildly curious. "While, "
said Audrey, "There is one solution. I'll be back
in a minute."

I wasn't sure about this but all the women seemed bound
and determined I would have my ass fucked. Sue told me to stand
in front of the captains chair facing it. She added this was
some more of my punishment for my failings last weekend. She
took my hands and placed them on the back of the chair. I meekly complied and found that I was being bound once again. This
time my hands were lashed by Dianne to the back of the chair while
my ankles and knees were tied to the front legs of the chair.
My ass was exposed to them and they each took turns spanking
me until my backside began to redden and smart. One of them
reached between my legs and pulled on my balls. Another felt for
my cock and told the others that this was turning me on. They were
right. In a bizarre way being tied up and disciplined was
renewing the sexual tension in me even though it had only
just been released.

Audrey returned with the dildo and some KY jelly. Oh no I
thought I can't take it. Despite my pleas I was helpless
to prevent Sue from greasing up my ass and Dianne beginning
to probe my ass hole with the thick cock. The pressure against
my rectum was insistent. She maneuvered the cock about
and after some effort my ass opened up and the tip slipped
in. Once in the rest followed easily. The pain was certainly
there but it began to fade and was replaced by pleasure.
Dianne worked the fake cock in and out. I was beginning to
enjoy it and was even thrusting to meet her strokes. My cock
was now hard and this did not go unnoticed. With some movement
on my part I was able to rub my cock against the arm of the chair.
My pleasure reached a new height and when Dianne reached between my legs and massaged
my balls I let go another load of cum. Applause went up from
my audience and I collapsed as far as my bounds would let
me. Dianne eased the plastic cock from my ass and said I had
done a good job. I thanked her for fucking my ass and Sue untied

"That really is enough for tonight" Sue said.
"Time for sleep". My body was sore and I was ready
for sleep too. Audrey announced that she thought we should
go home and I didn't object. Doug and Bill thanked us
and especially Audrey for her show. Dianne thanked us as
well and told me I was a real credit to my profession.

After we were dressed Sue escorted us to the door. She gave
me a big kiss and squeezed my cock. She gave me back the first
part of this letter and told me to complete it with that nights
events. She said she expected to see it on the Net soon so
don't forget to sent it. She also handed me a video tape and said
Audrey would explain later what it contained. She told
Audrey she'd call her next week and perhaps arrange another
game of Trivial Pursuit with us. Audrey said that would be great.
I told her that I planned to win. Sue gave Audrey a long kiss
and they seemed to exchange tongues. After a firm squeeze of
my ass we finally left and walked quickly the short block to our
house. I was happy but exhausted. I was curious about the tape but
it would have to wait for morning. We stripped down and climbed
into bed.

I didn't wake until nearly noon on Saturday. Audrey
was nude and asleep. I was hungry. I had a quick shower and threw on a house coat. Audrey began to stir as I came out of the bathroom
and I told her I would make her some breakfast. I began to
cook breakfast and could hear the shower running. She came down
to the kitchen fifteen minutes later with her white terry
towel coat tied around her middle. My cock which had been wrung dry
last night began to stir at the sight of her boobs almost falling
from her coat. Audrey sat down and of course her housecoat fell
open below her waist so I could see the top of her hairless cunt
but her legs remained respectably closed. The top of her coat
fell open even more and her nipples were clearly visible. She
looked up at me, "Don't you ever get enough." "I
thought last night would have drained me for a month" I said "but
obviously not." At this I flipped open my house coat to reveal my stiffening
erection. "Well I'm too sore for action today.
You'll have to just look." "That suits me fine. You know I love
to look." I replied.

We finished our breakfast and I retrieved the Saturday
papers from the porch. I settled in to read the paper section by
section sharing them with Audrey on the other side of the
breakfast table. I looked at the TV guide and then remembered
the video tape we had brought home. I asked Audrey about
it but she said if I wanted to find out I'd have to watch it.
That suited me fine. There wasn't a baseball game on anyway
so I retrieved it from the front hall way where I had carelessly
left it when we came home at three in the morning. I inserted the
cassette and as I settled onto the couch and flipped the
TV and VCR on Audrey came into the rec room. "I figured I'd
better join you and explain." she said.

Audrey told me that on the Tuesday when she had gone to Sue's
for coffee, Sue had gone over some of the events of the previous
weekend. She told Audrey that she had come to the conclusion
that Audrey loved to show of her bawd, that she got off masturbating and teasing others by exhibiting herself
and that Sue was offering her an opportunity to do all this for Sue
and her guests on the Friday. Audrey reluctantly admitted
that such was a secret fantasy of hers but she wasn't sure she
could go through with it. Sue talked to her at length, telling her
that it would greatly excite her guests and herself. The fact
that she could excite people with her a performance of her fantasy
excited her she told me and was enough to make her agree.
The more she thought about it in the following days the more
she was turned on. Sue suggested a dress rehearsal on Thursday
and they began to plan it.

When Audrey arrived on Thursday Sue had got all the props
but had another surprise. She introduced Emma. Audrey described
Emmy as young, maybe twenty three, short sandy hair, slim with
ample breasts.

Emma was a video camera woman it turned out. When Audrey
asked about the kind of movies she filmed, she was shocked when
Emmy told her XXX rated. Sue told Audrey that Emma had brought
all her equipment and as a special present would tape the dress
rehearsal and edit the tape so Audrey would have a permanent
memento of her performance. Again Audrey expressed her
doubts but Sue managed to convince her to follow through. Emma
set up the lights and a camera on a tripod. They talked through
the performance Audrey and Sue had planned. Emma made comments
and suggestions about what would and wouldn't come across
well. Audrey explained that she and Sue were having difficulty
with a dramatic conclusion when Emma said she had just the ticket.

Emma went out to her van and came back with the "fucking
machine" I had seen for the first time the night before. Like me, Audrey
wondered what it was so she told me that Emma agreed to demonstrate it. Emma quickly stripped off her clothes
and set up the machine with a the dildo. Without so much as gentle warm
up with her fingers Emma slipped it into herself. Audrey said
Emma seemed to turn on immediately and began to thrash about
and while Audrey and Sue had seen enough to know how it worked Emma
continued to fuck herself until she had come off several
times. Emma finally eased it from her cunt and stood up and asked
Sue and my wife what they thought. "Looks like just the
ticket", Sue decided. "I'm going to have to get one of those
for myself." Audrey told me it really looked exciting and told them she'd
love to try it. Emma explained that you could even add a second
plastic cock or whatever if you wished. At first Audrey
told me she was a bit puzzled but when Emma mounted a anal penetrator
just above the still mounted dildo which was glistening
from Emma's juices, she quickly got the drift and told
them, "Why not?"

Audrey went on to explain how Emma had filmed the entire
dress performance using two cameras. One was mounted on the tripod
as she had mentioned and filmed everything which could be
seen in the mirror and the other Emma held and shot the scene from
different angles. While in the performance the night before
had relied on the mock mirror to allow us the best view during
the rehearsal, it was in place for the filming.

Audrey then asked me if I was ready to see the video. Ready,
I could scarcely contain myself. I started the VCR. It began
with a picture of Audrey in her French maid outfit walking down
the hall at Sue's house. A title block overwrote the picture
with "Audrey's Fantasy". There was soft music
in the background. Unlike so many XXX rated videos I had seen the production
quality of this one was high. As Audrey entered the bedroom scene
set up in Sue's family room the camera followed her. I began
to see on the screen Audrey's performance of the night before.
In this case the various camera angles enhanced what I had experienced
less than 12 hours before. Not only was I able to see through
the mirror but the action was intercut with side views,
close ups and top views of Audrey getting herself off. In a matter
of minutes I had my hand inside my house coat and was stroking
my already hard prick. Audrey watched the screen and what
I was doing for myself. The way the action on the screen was turning
me on was having an affect on her too. She began to massage
her breasts and her soft stomach. As the tape which ran for nearly
an hour reached the final dramatic climax I gasped and let
yet another load of cum fly. It covered my hand and chest. Audrey
was not far behind and gasped with several fingers in herself
feeling her cunt twitch in orgasm as well.

I am sure we will continue to enjoy watching the tape as a
prelude to great sex. It certainly will remind us of the
remarkable two weekends we spent with Sue and her guests.
I only wish we had it all on tape.

Sue called Audrey the other day and challenged us both to
another game of Trivial Pursuit at her house. It seems she really
enjoyed the last one. I'm not surprised. I know I did.
Audrey says she has some new ideas for us when she wins. I can hardly
wait. I've got some ideas myself of what I'd like
to do if I can pull off a victory. I'll make sure I write again after
the weekend. In the mean time I'll have to E-mail this.

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