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Fun and Games


My wife, Audrey, and I have been married for a couple of years
now and are both in our late twenties. Audrey is 5 foot 4,
dark haired and keeps her fabulous bawd in great shape with daily
aerobics. I am 5 foot 7, with a broad hairy chest and all the
usual male equipment. Although I don't have a long
cock, it is thick and when it is hard it is like a rock and is
capable of repeat performances, given the right ncouragement.

Our little adventure began last weekend. We regularly
read erotic stories and like some of your writers had discovered
the joys of playing Trivial Pursuit with those special
variations. Perhaps I should elaborate on the way we play
it. The conventional rules apply but if your answering
a question for a piece of the pie and get it wrong you have to remove a piece
of clothing. If you have lost all your clothing you have
to do whatever your opponent says for two minutes.

I guess I am a bit of voyeur/exhibitionist. I really get
off turning on other people with my body and watching them
get turned on. I enjoy fulfilling their sexually fantasies. The real
pleasure I get is in watching them getting all hot and bothered
by what I'm doing for them. If I know it turns them on
I get incredibly hot.

Audrey and I both enjoy Trivial Pursuit because it allows
us to overcome our inhibitions in asking our partner to
do things which we would otherwise feel uncomfortable
requesting. In our game the winner becomes the Master or Mistress for the rest of
the night.

This is one game I like to lose and I know Audrey does too.
We have had some pretty wild evenings with our games but
it is evident that both of us prefer sexual servitude than being
the Master or Mistress.

In preparation for the our monthly evening of revelry I
had dressed in a T-shirt but was wearing only a red G-string
under my jeans. I didn't find out what Audrey had in store for
me until later but outwardly she was wearing a green sweat
suit. We had just settled down to our game and were half way
through a bottle of white wine when the door bell rang. I
cursed the interruption and as Audrey got up to answer the
door I told her to get rid of whoever it was quickly. I was
already half hard in anticipation of events to come. At
this point I had already lost a sock but Audrey was coasting
along with out a missed critical question and still had
all her clothes.

I could hear Audrey at the door talking to someone and then
the door close and their footsteps coming towards the living
room. Standing at the entrance to the living room was a gorgeous
piece of woman with shoulder length curly dusty blonde
hair. I had seen her before walking by our house and had had
trouble taking my eyes off her on these occasions. She often
figured in my fantasies but I'd never met her. She always
seemed to be dressed to best show off her beautiful ass,
tits and legs. Tonight she was wearing a pair of tight cutoff jeans cut so short you
could see the beginning of her ass. On top she had one of those
muscle shirts which left her stomach bare and in this case barely
covered her boobs. Her tits acted like a tent so the shirt
hung from them and didn't touch her body below them. From
the bounce of her tits she obviously was braless. When she
turned sideways to talk to Audrey a good portion of her breast
could be seen through the oversized armholes. It was a hot
and sticky evening outside but the air conditioning in
our house must have made it seem cool and each of her nipples
was clearly visible through her pale pink top. She must
have left her shoes at the door because she only had socks
on her feet.

As they came into the room, Audrey introduced Sue who lived
down the street and whom she had met recently. She said that
Sue was passing by on her evening walk, saw our lights on
and decided to ring the doorbell. Sue is tall maybe 5 foot
10, and about thirty five.

She immediately noted we were playing Trivial Pursuit
and said she would love to join us. "You don't
mind, do you?" she announced rhetorically. It was obvious from the way she
talked that she "knew where she was going and what
she wanted". Without waiting for a response she immediately pulled the lounge
chair over to the glass topped coffee table where we had
been playing the game and plunked herself down in it. "I love this
game.", she said. I looked at my wife who simply shrugged
in acceptance of the situation. Normally I would have cursed this interruption
of what promised to be an exciting evening but the vision
opposite me was certainly worth it. Audrey suggested I
get another wine glass for Sue, so I padded off to the kitchen.
I decided we would need another bottle of wine as well so
I was gone for a few minutes.

Audrey filled me in later on what had happened while I was
absent from the living room. It seems Sue had noticed that
I only had one sock on and asked my wife why. Audrey just said
that it was part of the game. With an understanding nod,
Sue said she knew all about this kind of Trivial Pursuit
and played it regularly with her friends. Audrey didn't
comment and when I returned to the room said nothing about
what had taken place.

I poured Sue a glass of wine which she promptly downed. I
swear in tipping her head back I could see the lower half
of her breasts beneath her short T-shirt. Sue motioned to refill
her glass and placed the emptied Trivial Pursuit pieces
in the centre of the board. We all rolled the dice to see who would start.
Audrey won and proceeded with a series of correct answers
and roll again to the Science and Nature space, her favourite.
She answered this question correctly and had the first
piece of pie. Her next roll took her to another square which she answered
incorrectly and her turn ended.

Sue's turn was next. She headed off to the Sports and
Leisure space saying it was her "favourite".
She was obviously good at the game and rattled off answers like she was cheating.
When she got there it surprised me when she hummed and hawed
and admitted she didn't know the answer.

The surprise however was on me. Sue slowly reached down
and removed her left sock. I looked from Sue to Audrey and
back to Sue in total surprise. Sue saw my surprised look,
"Well isn't that how you two were playing?"
I stammered, "Well, yes." looking at my sockless foot. "Well I like to put a little
life in the game too and I expect you two to follow suit."
I looked at my wife. Audrey seemed to be flushed and nodded her agreement.
I said, "OK by me, but what exactly do you have in mind?"

"Well we play it like this, " said Sue obviously
in command. "If your answering a question for pie
and get it wrong you have to remove a piece of clothing." What I heard so far sounded
familiar and I liked it. "When you run out of clothes
you have to do whatever your opponent who rolls the highest on the
dice says." My cock was like a rock listening to this
and watching the instructor opposite. "In the end the losers must
fulfil the winner's fantasies for the rest of the night."
My God I thought, this is a dream come true. "Are you
two in or out?" she said, "If so we'll just
make sure things are even before we go any further."
I could scarcely believe my reserved little Audrey who
immediately blurted, "I'm in." I said
that I was game and had 5 pieces of clothing if I could put
my other sock on. Audrey said she also had five pieces on
which was a bit of mystery since she was barefoot. "Good,
because that's what I started with." Sue said
gleefully. "Incidently, I expect to beat the pants
off you literally and I don't want any chickening out,
understood?" I nodded a little apprehensively and
my wife did also.

"While its your turn stud, let's see what you
can do." I rolled and headed off to my favourite area
of the board, History. I did pretty well and soon had that piece of pie and moved on but
got tripped up at an intermediate square on my way to the
next piece of pie. While Audrey did well in the next few minutes
with intermediate squares she wasn't doing too well
when the pressure was on and she had to answer those crucial questions for
pie. She proceeded to lose the top of her sweat suit. It didn't
seem to phase her as she erotically removed it. She now sat
before us in a flimsy white teddy which was cut low in the
front. She was obviously aroused displaying her assets to the two of us,
parading around, bending over so we could glimpse down
the front at her full tits. Slipping her hand down the front
of her sweat pants to stroke her pussy. I thought I was going
to come just from looking. Sue was egging her on. "Turn
us on, babe.", she said. After a few minutes teasing
us Audrey sat down and Sue passed the dice to me.

I hadn't been doing very well under pressure either
and lost my socks and T-shirt in short order. Sue of course
indicated she intended to win and she did, at least for a while. We rotated
turns and were pretty even in terms of pieces of pie, 2 each,
but Sue had lost her socks. Audrey had hung in there until on
an easy pie question she came up blank. It almost seemed
like she wanted to lose. She stood up slowly and with a smile
on her face and looking me right in the eye, turned her back
to us and proceeded to slowly lower her sweat pants. Having
done this she spread her legs wide and bent over at the waist.
She reached between her legs and massaged her full ass then
stroked her pussy through her teddy. I was literally going
crazy and could feel my cock starting to ooze.

By this time I was having trouble concentrating and while
I got to the next pie square without having to answer a question,
I blew the crucial one and it was my turn to remove my jeans.
I stood up face the women and slowly unbuckled my pants,
removed the belt and unzipped. I slide my pants to the floor
and stepped out of them, kicking them to the corner. Sue
told me to "turn around slowly so she could see what
she was going to win." I did as she asked. She, "thought
I would do just fine, that my cock looked to be big hard and
ready for action." It certainly was. I was oozing
so much there was a wet spot showing right through my G-string.

I think the action was getting to Sue too although she was
always in command. She managed to pick up a few pieces of
pie in a hurry then bombed out on one. She seemed a little nervous
but stood up and removed her muscle shirt, not that it hid
very much. Her big white tits stood out full and proud. She closed her
eyes and massaged them making the nipples stick up. A murmur
escaped her lips as she continued. I looked over at Audrey.
Her eyes were glued on Sues boobs and she was stroking herself
slowly. Sue opened her eyes sat down and asked if that turned us on.
I told her it sure did and Audrey flushed and shyly said yes.

Audrey's turn was next and she picked up a piece of pie
bringing her to three but stumbled on the next one. It was
her turn to remove a piece of clothing, her teddy. I thought she might
balk but without a word slowly stood up undid the straps
of the teddy and slipped it off her shoulders, down over her waist and
to the floor. Her boobs never looked fuller and stood out.
Under her teddy she had a pair of bikini panties which only half covered
her ass. She held up her tits and licked each nipple. She
bent over and let them swing. Then she set sat down, grabbed her
glass of wine and drained it. "Who's next?"
she said, "I want to see somebody else lose."

While it didn't take long. My turn was next and while
I'm not sure I wanted to lose the overall game, I had
this urge to free my cock from the constraint of the G-string. I blew the next
question on purpose. I eased the ooze soaked G-string over
my rock hard prick and slipped it off my legs flipping it
into the corner with my pants. I stood in front of the ladies
and gave my cock a flick for good measure. It bounced against
my belly. My balls were hanging full and low. I was really
turned on.

Sue's turn came next. She seemed to run a string of quick
answers and two more pieces of pie bringing her total to
four before bombing out on an intermediate square. All
the time her boobs swayed back and forth. My tongue was hanging
out so far I thought it would touch the floor.

Audrey's luck continued, bad. She lost again on what
should have been an easy question. She stood up and turned
her back to us and slowly eased her bikini panties over her
ass. Underneath she had a white G-string which ran up the
crack of her ass. In this position she massaged her ass for
a moment then turned around to face us. Her boobs swung as
she turned and the look on her face said she was totally into
the scene and turned on by what she was doing for us. You could
see the dark patch of pussy hair peeking out past the narrow
front of the G-string. Audrey slide her hand down inside
and began to finger her cunt. She took the finger out and
slowly sucked the juices off her finger.

It was now my turn and since I didn't have anything on
I had better not miss a crucial question. Well I didn't,
although the women didn't make it any easier. I now had four pieces
of pie the same as Sue. Audrey had three. I moved on but couldn't
get to the next pie square.

Sue's turn was next. She was right on and picked up a
piece of pie without any trouble but the crisis came when
she was going for her sixth and last piece. She blew it. She
then announced that the game was over. I was flabbergasted.
I told her that just because she was going to lose her last
piece of clothing she was "chicken". She said
she would continue if no one chickened out. I said "It's
a deal" and Audrey seconded my vote. We both wanted
to see this lovely piece of ass in the buff.

Sue stood up opposite us and turned her back to us slowly
sliding her bikini panties down her slim legs. Her ass was
beautiful and I whistled. Sue asked, "Do you like my ass?"
Of course we said yes. She then reached back with both hands
and spread her ass cheeks so we could see her asshole. Sue
then spread her legs wide and bend over at the waist. I love
the sight of a cunt framed by legs resting just below a nice ass. Again I whistled
and began fondling my balls. Audrey had her hand inside
her G-string. I could her the sloppy noises from her cunt.
Sue then turned around to reveal her full self. Her cunt
was totally shaved. I love the thought of a bald pussy but had never seen
one in the flesh. I had to take my hand off my cock for fear
of blowing my load. Audrey whispered in my direction, "She
looks delicious. Would you like to eat her out?" Of
course I would if that's what she ordered. Sue asked Audrey what she
had said and Audrey blushingly repeated herself. Sue said
that was good because we both might get a chance if we didn't do a better
job at answering the questions.

While true to her predictions Audrey screwed up the next
chance she had for a piece of pie and stood up to remove the
last piece of clothing any of us were wearing, her G-string which was
beginning to look like a wet rag. She slide it down her legs
and off. I grabbed it a licked it all over. She spread her legs
wide and slopped her fingers in her cunt and then offered
them to me. I licked them clean.

It was my turn and again I faced the crucial question. Luck
was not with me or maybe it was. All I wanted to do was preform
whatever sexual service these women wanted. I lost and
was to be the first to provide a service for someone. Audrey
and Sue whispered to each other for a moment and then Audrey suggested
that since Sue was the guest she should have the honour of
directing my services. What would be the request? My cock
must have grown an inch waiting and anticipating my orders.

"You like my bald cunt?" said Sue. I nodded.
"Then get your ass over her and lick me dry."
she commanded. I was over in a flash. Sue moved her ass forward
on the edge of the chair and placed a leg over each arm so she
was wide open. "Get to it big boy and you had better be good." If this was my punishment,
I thought, give me more and I dove in with relish, never having
eaten a bald cunt before. I began by lapping around the edges
of her hairless wonder. I had Sue writhing around in ecstasy
in a minute and I was too. She was telling me lick her clit and fuck her cunt
with my tongue all the time. I was getting commands like,
"lick harder", "get your tongue in deeper",
"lick my clit" and so on. She loved it and so did
I. I could her Audrey playing with herself too. All of a sudden
Sue arched her back and demanded I work faster. She groaned
and I could feel her cunt muscles contracting around my
tongue. I lapped up all Sue's cunt juices and she sent
me back to my seat to lick my lips. This whole scene was developing
into a pleasure overload. I didn't know how long I could
keep from shooting my load.

Sue's threw the dice next and came to the last square
she needed for pie. With no trouble she answered the question
and in two rolls was on the centre square which was all she needed to
win. Audrey and I conferred and decided that Geography
was her worst subject and she should answer in that category. When I turned
over the card I figured it was easy. We were going to lose
and be her sex slaves for the rest of the night. The thought
scared me a little but also excited me. What would we do?
How would she use us?

She didn't know the answer though. It was now Audrey's
and my turn to demand a favour, not something I had expected
or thought about. Audrey whispered in my ear that it was a chance to
have one of my fantasies come true. I was a little puzzled
but Audrey quickly announced that Sue was going eat her out. I don't
know how Audrey knew it but indeed I had many a wet dream of
her being licked to ecstasy by a beautiful woman. Never-the-less
I had never expected Audrey to ask for it. Sue seemed a little
taken aback by having lost and didn't move. I said "What's
matter are you chicken? Haven't you ever tasted a cunt
before?" She mumbled something about never but we insisted and she reluctantly
got on her knees in front of Audrey. Audrey told her, "Lick
my clit. Gently." I had never heard Audrey use that
word before although she obviously knew it. Immediately
Sue set to work. Audrey began to moan and in less than a minute
she had come all over Sue's face. Sue moved back to her
chair. She told us, "You guys have had it now. I won't
miss next time and I have some pretty good things in mind
for you two."

Audrey threw the dice. She had been doing pretty poorly
but now the pressure of Sue's threat seemed to encourage
her to think harder. She got on a streak and answered every question
to the point she picked up the remaining three pieces of
pie she needed and was headed for the centre. Each crucial question had
not been without its tension as we waited to see whether
Audrey would be serving our needs. At the same time it began to look as
if Audrey could win it all. As I noted earlier, Audrey prefers
to submit rather than order when it comes to sex although she
can play the Mistress role too if necessary. How would she
deal with a new situation if she won? She had certainly relished having
Sue lap her cunt. Before she got to the centre however she
lost her turn when she missed an intermediate square question.

It was now my turn. The pressure was on me. Being nervous
about what Sue had in mind didn't help me much and I didn't
even answer the question necessary to get me to a pie square.

It was now Sue's turn and the chance again, if she could
get to the button, to win it all. She settled in with determination,
her big tits swinging as she leaned over the table. Her legs
were spread and her cunt seemed to hang open as she leaned
forward. Two correct questions later the moment of truth
arrived. "What is wrong with a man who has `Diphallic
tertia'?" I asked her. This seemed tough enough
for us to be safe. I certainly didn't have a clue. She
paused for a minute and I looked at Audrey who seemed to be
relieved that Sue didn't seem to know the answer. A smile began to form on Sue's face.
"He has two penises." The game was over Sue had
won. We had lost. After all the promises we couldn't chicken out now.
The thought positively sent tingles of excitement through
my whole body. We couldn't back out now. Audrey was
flushed and quiet but her erect nipples told me she was really
turned on.

Winners and Losers

Sue looked at us both and asked if we were ready for an evening
of sexual servitude. I swallowed hard and nodded meekly.
Audrey with her head hung in submission said quietly "If
I have too." Sue looked at her sharply and said, "Of
course you do. You lost. You two will do my bidding exactly
as I want it for the rest of the evening." She pushed
her chair away from the table. "Come over here and stand in front of me both of you." We got
up and moved over to her as she had directed. She looked at
me and told Audrey to take her hand and wrap it around my balls. Audrey
did as directed. Sue looked me in the eye and began to squeeze
my nuts. At first it didn't bother me but then I started
to really feel it. Finally I winced and cried out. "That's
what will happen to you if you disobey me slave." She then looked
at Audrey. I was told to take each of Sue's hands and
place them on Audrey's boobs. Sue massaged her tits for a moment
and placed each nipple between her thumb and index finger.
Sue looked Audrey in the eye and twisted her fingers around
each nipple until Audrey cried out. "The same goes
for you. Do I make myself clear as to who is the Master and
who are the slaves." We both meekly nodded.

Through all this my prick remained rock hard and I had slipped
my hand down over my cock and was casually stroking myself.
Sue looked at me harshly and told me to, "Stop that.
We don't want any premature explosions." Sue
then asked Audrey if I liked being sucked off. Audrey smiled
and odded. "Well get on your knees and suck him off.
He looks like he needs relief." I sure did.

Audrey's full tits swayed as she dropped to her knees
in front of me and began to lick the head of my cock head. It
felt wonderful. "Not like that. Take him in your mouth
and SUCK it." Audrey obeyed, although she had never
done this for me before. She began to suck in earnest and
I could feel my cum begin to boil in me begging for release.
Sue must have realized that I was on the verge because she
directed Audrey to take my cum in her mouth but not to swallow it. I went off like a rocket
with gob after gob hitting the back of my wife's throat.
I felt sure Audrey would gag on the foreign substance in her mouth
but she took almost all of it. Some of my white jism trickled
down her chin as she continued to suck the last spasms from
me. Sue ordered her stand up and kiss me. Sue then commanded
me to clean Audrey's mouth with my tongue. I could scarcely
comply. My knees were still weak, but I slipped my tongue
between Audrey's cum covered lips and began lap up my own cum. The salty taste
was pleasant and Sue told me to "swallow it. You'll
need the practice."

This whole episode rather than revolt Audrey seemed to
turn her on as she squirmed about under my tongue and almost
fought me for a taste of cum. Sue had seen enough now and wanted relief
of her own. She lay on her back on the floor, her feet flat
and knees bend up. She spread her legs wide, her hairless cunt hanging
open. Her inner lips were swollen and distended. Sue told
me to sit down and watch the action. It might stiffen up my now
limp but still swollen cock. Sue looked at Audrey and asked
if she had ever eaten cunt before. Audrey shook her head slowly
anticipating what she was about to be told to do.

I had often asked to my wife if she ever thought about bringing
a women off with her tongue and she had said that the thought
was disgusting although it was her who had enjoyed a tonguing
from Sue half an hour ago. I really expected this would be the
end but hoped it wouldn't be.

Sue ordered her to get down between her knees. "Take
a good look because you won't be able to see much where
your going." Audrey gazed at Sue's hairless
love nest. Her cunt lips were swollen and her inner cunt
was very red. I am sure Audrey could pretty well see right
up her love canal. Her clit stood out. Sue ordered Audrey
to get down to business starting by working up each of legs with her tongue. Audrey was on her knees and
elbows. Her own love nest was plainly visible between her
legs from my vantage point behind her as her ass was pointed
high in the air. She slowly worked her way up one leg to the
very edge of Sue's cunt then started from the bottom
of the other and worked up it. As she came up Sue's leg
for the second time Sue told her to lick all around her cunt.
Audrey obeyed and Sue began to squirm.

Sue told me to get down and suck and fondle her tits. I did
as ordered although I was reluctant to leave my vantage
point of the hottest show in town. I began to lap away at Sue's big
breasts. My hands worked her big tits. I don't know
if it was my efforts or Audrey's but Sue was beginning to lose control.
She still managed to direct the scene and told Audrey to
tongue her clit, asking her "How do you like sucking cunt?" Audrey
did not reply but kept up working on Sue's clit furiously.
Sue had placed one hand behind Audrey's head and pulling her into her
cunt. I could see Audrey's head bobbing up and down.
In a moment Sue began to arch her back and telling us both "Harder. Harder."
She groaned once and I felt her body began to twitch as she
went into the throes of her orgasm. Sweat was dripping from all of us.
My cock was also becoming stiff. Sue's body gradually
relaxed and she told me to switch places with my wife. I was happy too.

I had my face buried in Sue's cunt and couldn't
see much that was going on at the other end of her body I could
here her telling Audrey that she wanted to taste her own
"juices" and to kiss her. I felt what must of
been Sue's hand behind my head as I slurped away at her
clit and love hole. There was lots of juices to feast on.
Within minutes Sue's body began to stiffen again and
with her thrashing around I was having trouble keeping
my tongue in her cunt. Her groans were becoming louder and
all of a sudden her body relaxed and I could feel her orgasm.
Her cunt twitched around my tongue for what seemed like
forever as I continued my tongue lashing. Sue raised herself
on her elbows and said that we were pretty good but she needed
a rest.

A nice massage would do well she decided and asked if we had
any massage oil. Audrey got up and went to get our supply.
While she was gone Sue asked if I was enjoying being in sexual
service. I nodded obediently and she reached over took
my balls and gave them a good firm squeeze. She seemed to delight in seeing
me subservient to her wishes. "I could really get
off on having the two of you on a regular basis." she
announced. "If you know what I mean." I thought
I did and the idea appealed to me. Audrey returned a moment
later with the her favourite massage oil, green apple,
and a beach towel to spread out on the floor.

Sue rolled onto the beach towel which Audrey spread on the
floor beside her. Audrey unasked then poured some oil on
her hands and kneeling beside Sue began to massage her back and shoulders.
Audrey had had a lot of experience with massage and was kneading
her muscles expertly. She slipped one leg over Sue's
ass so she was on her knees facing Sue's head and continued
without missing a stroke. I was again seated in the chair
but this time I was more to the side but still behind Audrey.
Her ass was almost resting on Sue's and I could see wisps hair around her
dark pussy. Her ass cheeks were spread wide and her brown
little asshole plainly visible. Sue's legs were spread
slightly and her bald cunt was just peeking out from under
her ass. Sue's breasts were pressed into the floor
but the subtle curve was still evident.

Sue perhaps aware of how much I was enjoying the show told
me to get busy and massage her legs. "This isn't
for your benefit." I got some oil and proceeded to
stroke of her right leg, slowly but firmly. I worked all
the way up the leg and when I reached the top paid special attention to her ass. Her legs spread inviting
me to massage deeper into the crack of her ass. I took some
oil and slid a well oiled finger the length of her crack passing
firmly over her asshole. I repeated the operation only
this time paused to tease her asshole and finally slip my finger in
deep. I worked it in and out several times. Sue moaned and
said that it felt good but that it was enough for now.

It must be remembered that it had been a long time since Audrey
had had any sexual relief and she was obviously at a high
level of sexual excitement. While continuing to stroke Sue's
ass, I used one hand to massage Audrey's ass. The reaction
from Audrey was instantaneous. She groaned and began to
rotate her ass against my hand. In a moment her entire ass
was covered in oil. Using one finger I started to slip down
the crack of her ass and gently massaged her asshole. I than
slipped the finger up her rectum. Audrey began to pump on
my finger and Sue looked around to find out what was going
on. "What's going on back there?" Audrey
continued to move but neither of us responded for a moment.
"Well!" said sue. "I have a finger up her
ass and she is getting off on it too.", I finally responded.
"Well I didn't instruct you to do that. You will
be punished for that. In the mean time stop it and don't
touch each other again unless I tell you to." My finger
popped out of her asshole and I gather up some oil and went
back to Sue's left leg and began massaging in earnest from her toes up. I trembled with excitement at
what might now be in store for me as a result of my pleasurable
indiscretion in Audrey's asshole.

Once I reached the top of Sue's leg I reached under and
began to stroke around her hairless cunt. The feeling was
beyond description and Sue was becoming increasingly aroused.
Sue told us she was going to roll over and we could work on
her front. Audrey stood up and was standing above Sue with
a leg on either side of her body as Sue rolled over onto her
back. As Sue looked up from the floor Audrey's cunt
was directly above her and, with her legs spread, was wide
open. "Quite a sight" Sue said looking straight
up at Audrey's cunt, not three feet away. "When
was the last time you fingered yourself off for an audience,
other than him? I'm sure he enjoys a show from time to
time." After a long pause Audrey choked out with emotion
"I've often thought about it, but I'd never
be able to do it in front of anyone except my husband."
I could vouch for that because it had taken me a long time
for me to convince her to masturbate for my viewing pleasure
alone. "Well this is your big chance. Go to it.",
Sue said and told me to move around the front where I could
see. Audrey didn't move though and looked at Sue and asked excitedly
if she really wanted her "to diddle herself in front
of us." Audrey seemed to really excited about the prospect but wanted
the responsibility for having to do something "dirty"
on someone else. "Of course I do." Sue told her.
My cock was a positive indication of the excitement I felt.
It was harder than I have ever known it.

Sue told her start fondling her nipples. Audrey gazed down
at her right breast and began to caress then moving to the
nipple. She used her fingers to gently stroke it and raised it to
her mouth. She tongued the very tip and the nipple responded
by growing until it must have stood half an inch from the
rest of her big breast. I had never seen her do this before.
She now moved to her left breast and repeated the process
with the same result. Sue now told Audrey to stroke her torso
and then to massage her ass. Audrey was really getting into
this. Her eyes were closed and her face was a picture of concentration.
Sue now told Audrey to slip her hand lower down her ass and
diddle her cunt from behind. From Sue's view point
the sight of Audrey's finger reaching into what must
have been her wide open love nest must have been something.
I could only see that Audrey had her finger in up to her second
knuckle. Sue told her to put a finger in from the front and
stir her juices around. Audrey's eyes never opened
as she and her hands worked away at their assigned task.
Sue in total control told her to remove her fingers and suck
them off. I had asked Audrey to do this before but she had
said it was dirty but she didn't hesitate here. In fact
it seemed that Audrey was into subservience as was being
practised now beyond my wildest expectations.

Sue all of a sudden realized that I was simply observing
and decided that I could make myself useful by teasing her
cunt with my tongue. I obeyed the command although for me it was a pleasure
rather than an order. I could taste the massage oil and smell
it's poignant green apple odour around her hairless
cunt where a few minutes before only my hands had been there
to tease her. I was missing the show up above though but not for long
because Sue told Audrey to use one hand to hold her cunt lips
open wide while she massaged her clit. A moment later I could
hear Audrey groaning and from past experience I knew she
was having a powerful orgasm. I continued to lap at Sue's
open twat. A moment later it was all over for Audrey. She
went quiet. I heard Sue ask her how it was. I was astounded
when I heard Audrey reply that it was "fucking wonderful and knowing
you were watching me finger my cunt drove me over the top."
I love the sound of women talking "dirty" but I had never
been able to persuade her to do so for me. Audrey was really
coming out of the sexual closet. I could scarcely believe what I was hearing.

Sue told me I could stop and continue my massage with her
breasts while Audrey took over my job on her cunt. That was
O.K. by me. I poured some of the oil on Sue's big breasts
and began in earnest while Audrey, as was becoming her habit,
knelt between Sue's outspread legs and placed her tongue where mine
had just been. Sue immediately began to squirm about and
I had trouble keeping her full tits within my grasp especially as they
were now covered in oil. Obviously Audrey's tongue
was a much better stimulant than mine. In a matter of minutes Sue body began
to stiffen as she arched her ass higher and higher off the
floor. Under my efforts her nipples grew and stiffened. She stopped
breathing and her face become contorted. Finally with
a loud groan she collapsed on the floor and she went into a seemingly
endless orgasm. I am sure Audrey could feel the effect she
had had with her tongue which was no doubt being squeezed hard
with ever contraction of Sue's cunt. Audrey and I continued
our efforts and finally as Sue's breathing returned
to normal she said she had enough for the moment and directed
us to stop.

Sue looked at me. "What are we going to do with you?"
she said obviously referring to how I had got carried away
playing with Audrey's ass. She looked over to Audrey and asked her
what she thought would be a suitable punishment. Audrey
didn't have any suggestions. Sue decided that she would think about it
and I could just wait. I was both apprehensive and excited
about what Sue might come up with. I could certainly offer her some
suggestions of things I wouldn't want to do but she
might find sexually exciting. The fact that they might be sexually
exciting to her on the other hand made them exciting to me.

After a moment Sue looked appreciatively at Audrey and
said, "You were incredible Audrey. Where did you
learn to use your tongue like that? You must have done this
before." Audrey didn't reply to the obvious
question. Sue asked again, "Have you eaten cunt before?"
Audrey without making eye contact with Sue said no, but
it wasn't very convincing. Sue turned her head and
looked at my cock which was only inches from her face. I was
still on my knees by her side. My cock was hard as a rock. Sue
decided that she would like to taste my cum but announced
that she wasn't about to take my cock in her mouth or
even work me off with her hands. She told me to "Whack off." for her and make sure
I spilled all of my load in her open mouth. "No doubt
you know how to do it." she said. I took some oil from her belly and wrapped my left
fist around my hardened prick. I settled into a leisurely
stroke, bringing my hand over the top of my cock with each
stroke. The feeling was incredible and I wasn't going
to last very long even though I had come in Audrey's
mouth just over an hour earlier. Sue's eyes were fixed
on the end of my prick but she reached down and massaged her
tits. She reached over and began to fondle my balls. A moment later I could feel her
slide a long oil covered finger higher up my backside and
begin to tickle my asshole. I moaned and she slide the finger right
up my ass. The finger began to tease my prostrate and I started
come. The bursts of white jism were strong and shot through the
few inches separating us into Sue's open mouth. As
my spasms died away Sue licked her lips and slid her finger from my asshole.
I was totally wasted and sat back on the floor.

Sue remarked that I tasted pretty good. She looked at me
for a minute and then Audrey who had been watching the whole
episode with keen interest. She seemed to be deep in thought as if
she wasn't sure how we should proceed from here. It
was nearly midnight now and Sue announced that we all needed
to clean up and get some more wine and food before continuing.
She decided that I should take a shower, get cleaned up,
make us some snacks and replenish the wine supply. Audrey
would give Sue a bath and clean herself up and we would resume
our servile activities in an hour. She told me that I should
put something sexy on but not cover myself up too much. She
cautioned me that I wasn't to get myself turned on without
her permission. That wasn't going to be easy. The two
women got up and left the room and headed for our oversize bathtub off the master bathroom. Audrey lead
the way and I could see Sue eyeing her ass as it bounced up
the stairs. I picked up the oil, assorted clothes and towel from the
floor and headed off to have a shower in the guest room. I
could hear the water running in the master bathroom and wondered what
was happening there. My imagination was running rampant.
It wasn't till later the next week that Audrey told me what had happened.
The following is really based on Audrey's story told
to me. Incidently the telling alone really got Audrey and I turned

As they headed up to the bathroom Audrey was keenly aware
that Sue was eyeing her ass. She poured a warm bath and added
some bath oils at Sue's suggestion and helped Sue into
the bath. Sue lay there leisurely for a few minutes and then
told Audrey to get in at the other end. Well our bath is one
of those that which is tapered at both ends, and a foot wider
than normal. The taps are located on the side in the center so it comfortable to lie
at either end. Audrey then was told to soap her hands and
wash Sue. She did this and Sue made sure she paid special
attention to the area of her cunt, breasts and ass. She told
Sue to soap up her hands again and clean her asshole especially well and even
to stick a soapy finger inside and clean there too. Audrey
then was told to do the same for her body. Sue emphasized
the need to pay special attention to her asshole as well.
Audrey confessed later that this was really turning her
on and she was almost to the point of asking permission to
bring herself off to get relief. The two of them then got
out of the tub and Audrey got some big towels and dried Sue
and herself off.

Sue then told Audrey to sit on the edge of the bathroom counter.
Sue apparently sat on the toilet next to the counter and
told Audrey to spread her legs as wide as she could and use one
hand to hold herself wide open. Audrey said Sue gazed at
her cunt for a few minutes and told her that she was beautiful. She then
suggested that she would look even better if her cunt was
shaved. "I am sure your husband would really love that. What
do you think?" Audrey told me she was unsure but in
the spirit of the evening and for my benefit she said O.K..

Audrey was told that a pair of good scissors, some shaving
cream and a good sharp razor would be needed. She retrieved
the articles from the drawer in the bathroom vanity and
resumed her position her ass perched on the edge of the counter.
She said that her legs were spread leaving her totally exposed.
Sue took the scissors and snipped away most of the dark curly
hair around Audrey's pussy. Sue then took a face cloth
and ran it under the hot water until it was very hot and draped
it over Audrey's genitals for a few minutes to warm everything up. Audrey
said it was really hot at first but after a few minutes felt
really nice. Sue then took the can of shaving cream and sprayed
a generous amount into her hand and spread it on Audrey's
exposed pussy. Sue rubbed it in well to the remaining hair and Audrey told
me she started to get hot and bothered again. Sue took the
razor and told Audrey not to worry. She worked quickly and
smoothly starting on the easy areas furthest from her cunt
lips. The delicate task of removing the last remanents
of hair came next. Sue assured Audrey not to worry that she
knew what she was doing and had done it many times before.
She slowly worked her way down one lip than the other holding
the skin taught and firmly with her fingers. She even made
sure there were no traces in the crack of her ass. She then
handed Audrey the face cloth and told her to clean up the
rest of the shaving cream and take a look.

Audrey said the first sight was quite something. It made
her look like a little girl but her cunt lips were swollen
and her inner lips protruded slightly out even with her legs closed.
This was because she was so sexually excited, I expect.
Sue gave her some cream to rub on the shaved area but this
gentle massage only excited Audrey more. Finally Sue said
"You look good enough to eat." and told Audrey to stay where she was. Sue
bent over placed her lips of the newly shaven area and licked
all around it. She then pushed her tongue deep into Audrey's now
bald cunt and began to lap her juices. In a moment she began
to flick her tongue over her distended clit and Audrey tensed and went
into orgasm.

The two returned to our bedroom and after some thought decided
that they would tease me by each wearing only a men's
short sleeve dress shirt. They were a vision when they reappeared
in the living room. The shirts were really too large and
they had left the top four buttons undone so the swell of their breasts
were clearly visible through the gap in the material. The
shirts extended just far enough down their legs so that from behind
you could just see the start of their asses. From the front
they started half way from their knees to their crotches. Of
course each side of the shirts were split to the ladies waists.
As they moved I could catch glimpses of flesh which were not revealed
when they stood still.

Prior to their arrival I had decided that I would put on my
red G-string again and that seemed to please Sue who again
took command of the situation as was her right by victory
to do. I had pushed the arm chair that Sue had sat in back across
the room and cleaned up the Trivial Pursuit game. I had opened
another bottle of wine and put some cheese and crackers
on a tray along with a few bowls of peanuts and cashews. The
trays were on the coffee table when the ladies arrived.
I poured each of the ladies and myself a fresh glass of wine.
Sue had resumed her seat in the big arm chair and Audrey sat on one end of the couch.
As I carried the wine over to Sue I could plainly see her boobs
as her shirt hung open. Because the lower buttons of her
shirt were also unbuttoned it hung open and I could again
see the beginning of her hairless cunt.

Sue told Audrey to pass the food around and Audrey started
with me. She had to bend quite low to get the food where I could
see it and I could look right down her open shirt. I noted that
her nipples were protruding. Audrey smiled at me and then
moved over to Sue. This time I was looking at her backside
as she bend over her shirt rose up and her cunt was clearly
visible below her only half covered ass. It was then I realized
Audrey too had been shaved clean. My chin nearly hit the
floor. Sue noticed my reaction at once and asked if I liked what I saw. I nodded
and asked her if I could cop a feel. Sue said O.K. but only
a short feel and no funny stuff. She took the tray from Audrey
and told her stay bent over but spread her feet further apart.
I came up behind Audrey on my knees and reached between her legs.
Her skin felt so soft and smooth. I could feel the lips of
her pussy. I wanted to slip a finger into her but dared not.
Sue saw that I was getting too involved and told me that was
enough. I was told to return to my seat. Sue told Audrey to
stand up and Sue slowly opened the remainder of the buttons
on Audrey's shirt. She then had her return to her seat
on the couch next to me.

"You really like looking at sex in action, don't
you?" Sue said. I admitted that I really got turned
on watching others getting turned on. "I suppose you masturbate frequently."
I nodded somewhat embarrassed by the personal direction
the conversation was taking but Sue was in charge and I was bound to obey her.
"When was the last time before tonight." I thought
and responded that Audrey had been off at some meeting last Wednesday
and I had pulled out some old issues of Penthouse Letters
and when I got hard stroked off. "Do you ever do it for her?"
"Not often.", I said. "I've offered
to but she rarely takes me up." "I see.",
Sue said. "Then you like performing for an audience?"
I had to admit that I was shy about it but got a real charge
out of gambling with my body for visual favours from others. "To-night
must be a real charge for you then?" I nodded emphatically.
"Have you ever done this with other's than Audrey?"
I had never told Audrey this story but it seemed I was bound
to admit it now. "Tell us about it." Sue ordered when she discovered
I had a story to tell.

I began by explaining that before we were married I use to
play cards with Bob and Ralph. One night we were really into
the beer and during the game the conversation was all sex.
Bob suggested that we play strip poker. Ralph said sure
and not wanting to be a party pooper I said "O.K.".
In a few short hands we were all sitting in our underwear.
In the next few hands we all lost and believe it or not we all
had pretty good hard ons. Ralph said that the next loser
would have to give the winner a blow job. I was pretty nervous about this but gulped down my beer and
we played the next hand. Ralph lost and Bob won. Bob pushed
his chair back and waited for Ralph to go down on him. I couldn't
believe this was happening. My cock grew just anticipating
and watching them. Ralph showed no reservations and went straight
to work on Bob's long thin prick. In moments he was groaning
and had shot his load into Ralph's mouth. Ralph swallowed
it all and sat back down, took a swig of beer and said it was
delicious. We played another round and this time Ralph won and Bob lost
so they reversed their previous positions. I just sat there
stroking my meat. When Ralph came off in Bob's mouth he too swallowed
it. We played another round and this time I lost to Bob. He
said as much as he would like a blow job he wasn't up to
a second one in such a short period, instead he suggested
that I jerk off for them. There was some KY jelly on the counter
nearby and I took a little and settled down with my ass on
the edge on the chair and began to thrust my cock between my fingers. Bob and Ralph
watched with interest making comments about how good I
was and Ralph even suggested that they ought to fuck my ass
but neither moved. I had never engaged in sex with a man before
and the thought of taking a cock in my ass interested me mildly.
I told Sue that I had certainly wondered what sucking cock and
fucking ass would be like. Bob told me to lie on my back on the floor
and tuck me knees up to my chest. I did as ordered and resumed
my firm stroke of my prick.

At this point Sue asked if I was enjoying myself and I admitted
that not only did I enjoy debasing myself for Bob and Ralph's
pleasure but being ordered to tell my story to the ladies
was turning me on too. Sue told me to continue. Ralph then
took some KY jelly, greased up two fingers and shoved them
up my ass. He worked his fingers in and out of my ass. I could
feel each knuckle pass in and out of my asshole. A moment
later I came in gobs all over my chest. Bob told me I put on
a pretty good show. All went quiet then and we all got dressed
and went home. While we played cards after that, the evening
was never mentioned again.

Sue said, "Let me get this straight. You really get
off on watching people flaunt their bodies and enjoying
sex while you watch. You also get immense pleasure from being ordered
to do sexual things for the pleasure of others. Is that right?"
She had me analyzed right to a Tee. I nodded. "Good we will
keep that in mind."

Sue now turned to Audrey who had been sitting quietly listening
to me spill out my most personal sexual feelings. As I was
to hear, it was now Audrey's turn to relate some of her
most intimate sexual experiences. Sue looking Audrey
straight in the eye asked her where she had learned to suck
cunt so well. Audrey lowered her head and looking at the
floor said "Nowhere." Sue told her to look her straight in the eye. Audrey looked up
with embarrassment in her eyes said, "Well its a long
story." " We've got all night and you'd better tell us.", Sue
responded paternalistically. "If you insist."
replied Audrey and she began to tell us things she had never
admitted to me before and which were to really turn me on.

Back when she was in her first year at college Audrey had
lived across the hall from these two dolls, Cathy and Debbie.
I had met them a couple of times and I can assure you they looked
great enough to be in any men's magazine. Audrey said
that one Friday evening when for some reason none of them
had a date, they were all sitting around in Cathy and Debbie's
room shooting the breeze and drinking wine with the lights
down low.

As the evening wore on the subject turned to men. Audrey
had lead a protected existence until she went away from
home to school and was still a virgin at this point. Cathy
and Debbie began comparing boy friends and their sexual
apparatus. Audrey told us she was curious but embarrassed
by her lack of experience and sat quietly and listened.
The discussion of the latest blow job Cathy had given a boy
friend and the amount of cum he had forced down her throat
led Debbie to talk about how the previous week she and her
boyfriend had got into a great sixty nine session which lasted for an hour.

After nearly an hour of sexual talk Audrey told us that despite
the subdued lighting she was aware that Cathy had her hand
inside her sweat pants and was playing with herself. Audrey also
told us that she had masturbated regularly since she discovered
the pleasure it could bring when she was fifteen but until
then didn't believe that other girls did it too.

Audrey went on to explain that Debbie noticed what Cathy
was up to as well and suggested that Audrey and herself strip
down too. Audrey admitted she was embarrassed but when
Cathy and Debbie disrobed she felt she had to. Cathy and
Debbie sat on one bed naked and cross legged facing each other with several pillows
propped up behind them. They fingered themselves and massaged
their own breasts. All the while they watched each other
intently. Audrey said you could hear their fingers slopping
about in their vaginas. In a matter of minutes Cathy began
to moan about how good it felt and than came. Of course she
had had a head start. Debbie was not far behind though. Cathy
announced proudly that she was faster than Debbie again.
Audrey noted that this was obviously an ongoing game with

In the mean time Audrey told us she had sat on the other bed
and while naked as the others but had only watched. "What's
the matter? Don't you ever masturbate?", Debbie
asked Audrey. Audrey mumbled something and in the end Cathy
and Debbie discovered she was a virgin. Audrey told us how
they decided they had to update her sexual education and proceeded to
show her all the secrets of the female body. Debbie showed
her how the breasts should be teased by tongue and finger by demonstrating
on Cathy. Debbie showed her how a sensitive massage could
bring a women to sexual arousal on Cathy. Cathy had Debbie
spread herself out and showed Audrey all the sensitive
parts of a women's cunt and how to finger them. She then demonstrated
how to use your tongue on Debbie's cunt. Audrey tried
each of these techniques on the willing model and in a short time she told
us they were all very sexually aroused. In the end they brought
out a vibrator and dildo with big balls as well as a double headed
cock and showed her how to use each by working on each other.
Audrey went into great detail and it was apparent that she
had benefitted from the training.

At the end of the evening Audrey had been asked to demonstrate
her new skills for Cathy and Debbie. This she said she did
with relish. She began by putting on her clothes and standing
in front of a mirror. While watching only herself she did
a strip tease. She watched herself caress ever inch of her body
as erotically as possible. Her fingers dallied over every
sensitive part of her body. While she was making love to
herself in the mirror she was keenly aware of her friends
and delighting in putting on a show for them. After becoming
suitably aroused Audrey proceeded to turn her back to them
and with her legs spread wide bent at the waist so they could
see all of her cunt. Her breasts hung down and could be seen by the two others
through her legs. Audrey said she then began to finger her
pussy, slowly moving closer to her sexual centre, her clit. She told us
that knowing her audience was enjoying the show turned
her on and she wanted to please them. She stuck several fingers in her
love canal and stirred her juices than sucked them off her

At this point she lay down on her back and continued the attention
she was paying her cunt with her feet flat on the floor, knees
bent and spread wide. She picked up the vibrator and used
it on her breasts and finally near her pussy even going so
far as to slip it home. She switched to the dildo and mockingly
sucked on it trying to slip it as far as possible into her
mouth as Cathy had said she did for her boyfriend. After
running it slowly down her body she used it to tease her clit
and gently began to slip it into her cunt. She told us she
expected it to hurt because it seemed so big but with little effort
each thrust took it deeper until she had taken her own "cherry"
with it. The feeling she told us was incredible, enhanced all
the more by the two girls who urged her on with comments like
"Take it deeper." and "We'll never get it away
from her. She's in love with it." Finally Audrey
told us she began to arch her back and groan as she thrust it deeper and harder into herself. She
said that once she began to come she seemed to go on forever
and couldn't get enough. Cathy and Debbie applauded and
smothered her with kisses. The two of them were turned on
and in turn put on a show for Audrey with the two headed cock.
Audrey said she was interested but had had enough for one
night. Audrey told us they never discussed the evening's events again.
She could never forget them and spent a lot of restless nights
thinking about the show she had put on and how she could improve her performance.
This thought had become her favourite masturbation fantasy
and she used it a lot.

As she had done with me Sue summed up her analysis of Audrey's
sexual experience and observations in the past few hours.
"It seems to me that you really get off being persuaded to do
something kinky which you know is considered dirty. In
this case playing with yourself. Your pleasure is enhanced greatly
by doing it for an audience. Am I right?" "Pretty
close." replied Audrey who seemed relieved that
she had been able to share her innermost needs with someone
who seemed prepared to satisfy them. "I'll keep
them in mind." Sue said thoughtfully. Sue decided it was time for some more physical action. Having
noted the affect Audrey's newly shaved cunt had on
me asked Audrey if she would like me, "to examine her cunt more
closely?" since I had only had a quick feel before.
Audrey indicated that that would be nice. I dropped to my knees between Audrey's
outspread legs. My face was now only a foot from my wife's
hairless sexual centre. I looked and waited for further
orders. Sue told Audrey to take over my direction. She said
I would do Audrey's bidding for the next ten minutes
or pay in ways I could not imagine. These were my orders and
I was happy to obey without the threat of punishment.

Audrey looked down at me and told me to stroke the outside
of her cunt. I reached up and gently slide my hand over the
soft smooth flesh which surrounded her pussy. She then told me to slip
a finger into her vagina. I did so with glee and found her
to be very wet. As I worked two fingers in, I began to strum
her elongated clit with my thumb and brought my tongue down
on the exterior edges of her pussy. She was beginning to
tense. I took my thumb off her clit and replaced it with my
tongue. I still had two fingers in her cunt and was churning
up her juices. Audrey began to arch her back and I knew she was close to coming
so I eased off, slipping my tongue away from her clit. Audrey
cried out for me to continue. "Put your tongue back.
Fuck my clit with your tongue you bastard." I complied
and she began to moan and thrash about anew. It was all I could
do to keep my tongue where it would do the most good. All of
a sudden she relaxed and I could feel her orgasm spasm through
her body. No where was it stronger than in her vagina where
it rhythmically squeezed my fingers which were still in
her. "Not a bad performance." Sue said. I had almost forgotten she
was there.

"Now I heard you talk about using some sex toys."
said Sue. She was referring to Audrey's initiation
at college. I'll bet a kinky couple like you must have some around. Of course we
did and Audrey went to retrieve our collection. In the mean
time Sue told me to remove my G-string and come over in front
of her. I did as instructed. My cock was hard. Sue took it
in her fingers and stroked it for a few minutes then massaged my balls,
never for a moment taking her eyes off them. She then told
me to get down on my knees and licked her cunt from top to bottom. I
started by lathering around the soft bare skin surrounding
her sex then dug in between it's lips. Sue had slipped
her ass forward to the edge of the chair and stretched her
legs up over each arm of the chair. She then told me to work
the crack below her cunt and a did as told. She next told me
to lick her ass hole and this I did too. No request from my
Master was out of the question. When she told me to probe her asshole with
her tongue that too I did with the pleasure I get from giving
her what she wanted. After a few minutes she told me I could stop
for the moment. I realized that Audrey had been watching
my work and had slipped a hand between her legs and slowly
moving it up and down.

Audrey had returned with the bag with our favourite sex
toys. She passed it to Sue. As we both knelt at Sue's
feet she began to pull the objects from the bag one by one. First came a vibrator.
Audrey said that it was especially useful in foreplay to
stimulate the breasts, area of the pussy and under my balls.
It had two speeds and Sue flicked it on low and told Audrey
to demonstrate on it for her. Audrey took the vibrating phallic
symbol and began to tease one of Sue's nipples. She
circled it several times until it began to stick out then moved to the
other. In a few minutes it too was erect and she slid it slowly
across Sue's belly. She moved it gently around Sue's
bare groin area nestling it from time to time against the
crack of her pussy. Sue's eyes were closed and a smile of contentment
covered her face. In a moment though she opened her eyes
wide and told Audrey that that was enough.

She reached into the bag again and retrieved Audrey's
fake cock. It is flesh coloured about eight inches long
and seemed to be two inches thick. At it's base it has two big realistic
balls. Sue ohed and felt its veined length. She even slipped
it between her lips and mimicked sucking it. She turned
to Audrey and asked her how we used it. Audrey went on to explain
that it came into play in several ways. When I was away on
trips she often used it along with the vibrator as a replacement
for my machine. Sometimes she said when I had dropped a few loads and couldn't
get my machine stiff again she said I would fuck her with
it while she fingered her clit until she got her rocks off.
On occasion, like when she had lost at Trivial Pursuit,
she would get herself off with it at my request while I watched.
Sue asked her to show her and Audrey took the big artificial
cock and firstly licked its length lay back on the floor and slid
it's full length effortlessly into her open cunt.
She began to slowly thrust it in and out with one hand while the fingers of her
other strummed her clit. It wasn't long before she
showed the first signs of heightened arousal and her eyes still looking
at us watching her closed to little slits. Sue then told
her to stop. Audrey was not happy with this but, as we had discovered
many times, heightened arousal and denial make the final
climax more intense. Sue took the dildo and began to lick it then handed
it to me. "Let's see how good you are at sucking
cock that's just been in your wife's snatch." I began by licking
all the cunt juices from the plastic cock then nibbled at
the head. All the time I held the balls and pretended to fondle them. I stuck
the entire head in my mouth and began to deep throat it as
far as I could which wasn't very far. Sue said I looked like
I had technique but needed practice. Maybe the real thing
would be more stimulating. She wouldn't dare make me I thought
but from what I knew, she probably would. "It's
too bad we don't have a real cock for him to suckoff."
she said to Audrey. "I'd like to see that and he
could swallow all of his cum as punishment for teasing your ass without his Mistress' permission."
Audrey agreed that might be a suitable punishment. I didn't
tell them but I was not keen on it but also excited about being forced
to do it for their pleasure.

Sue took the plastic cock from my hands and placed it on the
floor and reached into the bag again. This time she pulled
out a jar of KY jelly. Audrey with a smile on her face explained
that sometimes the toys needed a little lubrication to
do their job properly. Sue reached into the bag again. This time she
pulled out an anal stimulator. It was about six inches long
and an inch in diameter with a big ring at one end to hold onto
it with. It's length was made up of a serious of rounded

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WOW, what a grat stroy, too bad that it got cut off, please
post the rest. It is a long story but well worth it. Wonderfully
written and put together. Please keep the stories coming.



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MMMMMMMMMM, can I join your next game?\8...\8


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This was a great story had me begging for more!