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From Phone Call to Room Service



It was ten minutes to eight...I was early as usual. I lit
another cigarette, chain smoking in my nervousness. The
meeting was set for eight o'clock and I had been warned
not to be late. I sat in my car to gather my courage and finally
decided to enter the hotel. I fixed my leather dress, checked
my hair and slowly walked up to the entrance.. God, I was
so nervous. Walking in heels has never been my forte, and
now, I was so nervous, I was sure I was going to break an ankle...That
would be awfully swift of me-but I didn't get the nickname
Inspector Klutzo for nothing..., so I walked very slowly
as I thought about the events leading up to the meeting.

The phone call had come a week ago...I recognised the voice
instantly though it had been six years since we had last
spoken. S. asked me how I was and after some brief catching
up, put a proposal to me.

"E. --I would not ask this of you if it were not important,
however, it is , and you are the only woman for the job..."
svoice told me that this was no ordinary job, I imagined
it as another clandestine fact finding mission...the
thought brought a smile to my long had it been
since this type of excitement was a part of my life.

"There are some people coming to DC..very important
people. and they need to be entertained in a rather unusual
sort of way..I think you can fit this role, and I need some
information. Will you still obey an order directly?"

His last comment conveyed a smirk over the phone lines,
I could still see his expression clearly-arrogant and
ruggedly handsome, his voice still had the power to bring
me to my knees, both figuratively and literally.

"S.--yes, I can still obey an order and you are a bastard,

"I take it to mean you are agreeing to this, shall we
say, assignment?"

"Yes, I am agreeing, I trust you and trust that I will
be safe."

"Good, then here are the details..."

I entered the elevator adjusting the chains on the front
of my dress.

It was a leather mini dress, sleeveless with shoulder pads,
four gold chains connecting the front which was slit to
the navel, and four gold chains resting in a half moon on
my back. It was a one of a kind and I looked hot in it. Around
my neck I wore a thick gold choker, on each wrist a matching
bracelet, and one on my left ankle. I wore black four inch
heelshigh for me and felt as though I were perched precariously
on them. My long dark curly hair hung to my waist now...pity
S. wouldn't see this...I thought, or would he?
I thought again of the descriptions he had given me.

There were to be three men. All in their late thirties, early

He described A. as six foot two inches tall, 210 pounds of
muscle, dark brown wavy hair, olive skinned, clean shaven
and piercing emerald green eyes. A. spoke with an accent
which I should be able to identify. He described J. as about
six foot two inches tall, 190 pounds, all muscle, red hair
and blue eyes, with a full beard, fair but tanned skin. I
should expect J. to be quite gruff. He described R. as six
foot four inches tall , 250 pounds, all muscle, coal black
skin and a close cropped afro, and piercing blue eyes...
The pictures in my mind made my knees weak. I was told that
this would indeed be a business meeting, and that I was to
quickly obey all orders, that they would require me to tend
to all their needs and would probably ask my opinion on various
matters. It was stressed that I behave in a manner that would
make S. proud--a tall order I knew having served
S. over a four year period. I exited the elevator on the twenty-three
floor and walked quickly to room 2355.

It was exactly eight as I knocked on the door. A. opened the
door and I felt shaky as I entered the room. Even with my four
inch heels, I was only five" seven inches tall and
was considerably intimidated by the size of these men.
For just one moment, I began to doubt the wiseness of my decision
to go through with this. "Welcome, E., S. has told
us much about you...and he has not lied, you are exquisite"
said A.

I blushed crimson at the compliment and thanked him. I entered
the room and was led to the centre, facing the three men who
were seated around the table.

"I, as you no doubt already know, am A. and this is J.,
and this is R."

" I said hello to all, almost stammering in my greeting.
By this point, I was genuinely frightened. They all looked
at me with such intensity, as though they had been starved
for female company for a long time.

"Turn for us, E. and let us get a better look at you"
A. commanded.

I attempted to turn slowly and gracefully, but could feel
myself begin to trip. However, I did not fall and completed
the turn, my face burning, my thighs slightly parted and
my pussy beginning to get wet.

"Ah, she is quite a beauty, isn't she men?"
R. asked and all nodded in assent.

"Look how well she blushes in our gaze, and she has
not even been touched yet. I would bet she is already wet
and open. Are you not, E.?" R. said.

I turned a darker shade of crimson and could feel the rush
of wetness between my thighs. My throat was parched, I could
not answer. I could not even raise my head to look at their
faces. I heard someone rise and walk over to me. R. grasped
my chin roughly and raised my face to look at him.

I tried to turn away, I did not want him to see the surrender
in my eyes, not yet. It was still too soon. But my submissive
nature had betrayed me, my body was obviously open, as well
as my soul.

"Look at me" he commanded and I looked into those
ice blue eyes, shuddering as I did.

"You will answer us when we ask you a question. You
will do so quickly and without thought unless told to think.
We want your immediate response, and we will know if you
lie-your body betrays you, illustrates your true desires.
You will call all of us either Master or Sir for your time
here. Do not cause me to become angry, I have not the time
to tame you, to coax you into submission. You will submit
now, because S. assured us of that, because he bade you do
so. Should you become difficult, rest assured, you will
be punished, and severely. Am I understood?"

"Yes, ...Sir" I forced out.

Something in me rebelled at the intensity of his desire
to control. Yet I knew that I would submit, craved submission
to these three gods who were men.

"I am glad I am understood.." R. smiled.

He slid his hand between my thighs and scooped up some of
my juices. He brought his fingers to my lips and commanded
me to taste myself, to realise my excitement, to accept
my submission. I moaned as I sucked his fingers dry, inhaling
deeply the musky scent of my desire.

"She is quite a slut, isn't she?" said J.

The heat of my blush rose to my cheeks.

"E., come here and let me touch you." J. commanded.

I walked shakily over to him and spread my legs a bit (as much
as the dress would allow) to let him slip his large hand between
my thighs.

He stroked my clit slowly, watching my face to see my reaction,
listening to my moans, he slid two fingers inside me, deeply
and I moaned loudly as my knees buckled and I nearly fell
to the floor...were it not that A. reached to steady me,
I would have fallen.

"See how easily she succumbs to her own pleasure...E.
remove your dress." A. said.

I slowly took of my dress and stood before them in thigh high
stockings and heels, collar and bracelets.

My nipples were hard and aching. A. reached up and pinched
a nipple, first gently, then increasing pressure until
the pain registered on my face and I began to moan, continuing
until he saw I could no longer bear it and then stopping abruptly
and letting go. I gasped as he did, not sure whether it was
relief or disappointment that made me gasp.

"S. was right of course, when he told us these nipples
should have been pierced long ago. However, that is not
our prerogative. more's the pity. Kneel, E."
R. commanded.

I kneeled down, my knees spread wide so my pussy was open,
my arms up behind my back, my head lowered, in true slave
girl fashion...

"Look up at us, E. That's good. We want to see your
face...Now, we have business to attend to. We will order
a meal and you will stay on your knees until required to serve
us. Understood?"

"Yes, Sirs." I moaned as I realised that they
would not allow me to dress when the room service waiter
arrived. He too would be witness to my humiliation. As she
kneeled there, in full view of the door, E." smind
wandered to the first time she had kneeled before her Master...S.

She felt the blush rise to her cheeks, her nipples harden,
and her pussy grow more and more moist. The men were at the
table talking business. E. did not pay much attention to
them, but rather, lost herself in revery. She started when
the knock came on the door.

"Room service, sirs" came the voice from the
other side.

"Enter" said R.

The door opened revealing a young man, about nineteen,
dressed in typical hotel fashion. E. could not see his face,
as she did not dare raise her head for fear he would meet her
gaze. Her embarrassment was quite apparent on her face
and body, as was her arousal. The young man wheeled the tray
into the room. He gasped as he noticed E., kneeling naked
but for heels and jewellery on the floor next to the table.
The three men smiled at his reaction.

"She is quite beautiful, is she not?" R. asked.

"Uh, um, yyyes, ssssir" the young waiter stammered.

"Would you like to touch her?" J. asked.

The young man hesitated and then said he would be fired,
and quickly fled the room. All three men erupted into laughter
as the young waiter fled. E. was incredibly embarrassed.
Her shame burned on her face.

"I would have given anything for a camera to record
that boy's expression" A. said.

The other men nodded in agreement and then turned to their

"E. serve us the wine and food." R. commanded.

E. rose slowly and then began to pour the wine. Each glass
she poured was offered from kneeling position, to each
man, after she had embraced the glass, in true slave girl
fashion. She rose slowly and placed each man's plate
before him and when she was finished, she returned to kneel
by the table.

"Nicely done, E. It seems you do remember some of your
training." R. said as he reached over and stroked
her hair.

She shuddered at his touch, a whimper escaping her lips.

She was so hot, so open, wanted so badly to be touched by one
of them.

"Ah, she is a responsive little bitch, isn't
she?" R commented.

When the men had finished their meal, and their business,
they moved to sit in the living area. R and J sat on the couch
and A sat in one of the chairs.

"E., come here and kneel in front of me" R. said.

E. rose and slowly walked to R. and then kneeled in front
of the couch.

"And now for the entertainment" R. said.

E.'s snipples were still hard, her pussy dripping
wet. She was frightened of the intensity of her passion.
R. began to stroke E.'s breasts, lightly at first,
and then increasing the pressure and tension. He gripped
E's left nipple between thumb and forefinger and began
to pull it up and outward while twisting it slightly. E.
gasped, and then as he pulled harder, moaned, and then as
he pulled hard still, the pain became evident on her face.
He stopped and E was shaking.

"Look at me" R. commanded as he moved closer
to her.

He watched her face as he ran his hand between her legs. She
opened her legs wider to accommodate him, moaning steadily
as she did, the desire fully evident on her face as he gazed
deeply into her eyes. The other men gathered around her
to watch.

"She looks tortured, doesn't she?" R.
said and the men agreed.

"E.-What is it that you want?" R asked. E."
sbreath caught in her throat, she gasped and then moaned.

R. grabbed her roughly by the neck and repeated his question.

"I...I want ...I want to suck your cock, Sir."
E. whispered.

"Louder, E. we all couldn't hear you" R

"I want to suck your cock, Sir." E. repeated
louder, her cheeks turning crimson again, the juices rushing
from her pussy, her nipples tightening.

"Unzip my pants" R. commanded. E. carefully
unzipped R." spants and removed them slowly.

Her eyes glazed as they caught sight of his incredible hard
black cock. She unconsciously licked her lips, which caused
the men to laugh.

"You do want it badly, don't you, slave bitch?"
R. asked.

"Yes, Sir" E. replied.

"Then suck it, you've earned that much at least."
R. said.

E. lowered her mouth to his gorgeous cock. She slowly engulfed
the head of his cock with her lips and began to lick it. She
could taste the pre-cum that had collected there, and moaned
as she inhaled his musky scent. She sucked him in deeper
into her throat. She could not swallow all of him, but took
all but about two inches of his cock into her throat. She
began to suck him, long deep strokes, moaning around his
cock as she did. She loved to suck cock more than almost anything.
Loved the taste, the smell of cock. Her pussy was on fire,
so close was she to cumming just from the taste of him, the
feel of him in her throat, her mouth.

"She's quite an accomplished little cock-sucker,
isn't she R.?" A. commented.

R. just moaned as she took him in deeper into her throat,
sucking a bit faster now, full strokes, her tongue running
around the shaft as she sucked. R.'s hands were buried
in her thick, dark hair, guiding her head up and down on his
cock. R.'s hands were buried in her thick, dark hair,
guiding her head up and down on his cock. She could feel his
cock stiffen further and knew he was about to come. Her sucking
became more frenzied, she wanted to swallow his come, to
taste it, so badly. Just as she sensed he was about to come,
he pulled her head from his cock.

E. moaned, then whimpered. He could see the wild expression
in her eyes.

"Beg me, E. beg for my cum" R. said.

All E. could do was moan. R. grabbed her roughly by the hair.

"You want it bitch? You'll have to beg or I'll
shoot it all over your face."

"Please, " E moaned, "please, let me
drink your cum, please , Sir, PLEEEEASE".

R. pushed her head back down onto his cock. E. sucked him
wildly, her head bobbing up and down furiously on his cock,
feeling him swell, until he came the first few
spurts deep in her throat, the rest in her
mouth. She moaned as she came, her body shaking, the waves
of her orgasm rushing through her, as she savoured the taste
of his sweet cum in her mouth, on her lips and tongue. R. moaned
and then lay back on the couch.

"She came without being touched, just from the taste
of your cum." J. noted.

"She will prove to be quite interesting in the next
few hours." A. agreed.

R. leaned down and gathered E. into his arms. He held her
tightly to him and kissed her deeply, tasting himself in
her mouth. He moved her hair aside and whispered in her ear,
"God, woman, you are incredible" and then bit
and sucked the spot behind her ear as she writhed in his arms,
the white hot chills rushing through her body as he marked

"Though E. appears to be a delightful cock-sucker,
I want her luscious pussy" J. commented as he began
to remove his clothing.

His cock was already hard and oozing pre-cum. J. moved to
stand right in front of E.'s face. She could clearly
see the drops of pre-cum glistening on his cock.

She licked her lips as she let out a small whimper. Though
she had just swallowed R's cum, she so badly wanted
to taste J. J. smiled down at her.

"What do you want E.? Tell me." J. said as E. flushed
scarlet, and her breathing quickened.

"I...I ...want to taste your cock, Sir, ...just for
a minute?" E. moaned.

J. laughed and drew her head to his hard cock. She licked
the pre-cum from the head and shaft and then took him deeply
into her throat, moaning as she felt her juices start to
flow again. Her clit was throbbing, so hot did it make her
to taste him. J.'s in her mouth. Abruptly, he pulled
her head from him and ordered her onto her hands and knees.
He slowly put the head of his cock into her dripping pussy
and then pulled it out and began to rub it back and forth over
her slit. E. was whimpering, trying to get J. to put his cock
deep inside her.

"Beg me, E., and do not call me Sir, call me Master."
J. commanded.

E. could only moan. Not since S. had she called a man Master.
Sir she could deal with but Master implied a serious commitment.
She wanted to be fucked so badly, and she knew she should
not disobey but she could not bring herself to call him Master.
His slap on her ass rang out in the room. E. shrieked and tried
to move away as his hand came down again on her ass, hard and
swiftly, he spanked her ten times. She kept still for the
last seven blows, knowing it was of no use to try to get away,
her body on fire, every nerve ending feeling the white heat
of his touch. He pulled her up and half dragged her to the
mirror. The other men followed.

"Look at the marks on your ass, the hand prints I have
left there." J. said.

E. looked at the marks and moaned, her knees buckling, her
head spinning, so intoxicated the sight made her. He ordered
her down to her hands and knees. They were facing the mirror,
she could see herself, and him behind her.

"Now, E. beg your Master to fuck you." J. commanded.
E. hesitated only for a second and then began to plead with

"Please, please, fuck me, please fuck me...MASTER"
she wailed. He plunged his cock deep into her cunt. She moaned
as she rocked back onto his hard staff. He began to fuck her
with deep hard strokes, pulling her back by her long thick
hair, so her back was arched. She bucked against him, moaning
wildly. She could feel her orgasm building, the energy
rising through her body. She begged him to stroke faster,
harder and just as she was about to cum, he bit the back of
her neck, sending her over the edge, screaming, tears streaming
down her face with the intensity of her own orgasm. She came
quickly again as she felt him cum deep inside her, her pussy
pulsating and milking his cock. He moaned, a deep moan starting
from his toes and moving through his body out his mouth,
so he sound like some wild beast in the jungle shouting his
battle cry, proclaiming his ownership over this bitch
in heat.

J. slowly withdrew from E.'s pussy and turned her to
kiss him. The kiss was deep, intense, bruising her lips.
She shuddered against him.

"We ought to applaud that performance, J."

"You are quite a beast -but now, its my turn, and I thank
you for leaving me one as yet unopened orifice" E.
kneeled on the floor, still shaking.

A. quickly stripped off his clothing. His hard cock in her

"You will not taste me before I take your ass. Afterwards,
when I have cleaned up, then you will taste me. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir" E. answered quietly.

"You may call me Sir now, but by the time I am finished
with your ass, you will be moaning Master"

R. handed A. the container of lubricant and A. slowly stroked
it onto his now rock hard cock. He gently began to work the
lubricant into E's asshole, first one finger, then
with two. E. moaned as he did this and pushed back onto his
fingers. She could feel the burning heat race through her
body. A. slowly pushed his cock deep into her asshole. He
moaned as he entered her. E. let out a long deep growl and
pushed back farther onto his cock until he was buried completely
inside her. He began to fuck her ass, slowly with long deep
strokes as she moaned beneath him. He moved one hand under
her and began to run his fingers around her clit. She gasped
and pushed harder back onto his cock, feeling the fire,
the intensity that could not be equalled by any other act.
She heard her disembodied voice from somewhere in the distance
"Please, Master, please, fuck my ass harder, faster,
more, please, its so hot, god, its so hot, more...anything,
just give me more...I beg you, Master."

A. began to fuck her ass harder, faster, plunging deep into
her ass as she met every stroke. She no longer moaned but
rather produced one steady deep cry as she began to shudder
as her body began to take control as she began to cum again,
again the tears flowed down her cheeks. A. plunged harder
and faster into her ass, slapping her ass as he fucked her,
his fingers digging into her ass cheeks and the flesh of
her outer thighs. When he came, he screamed as he shot his
cum deep into her ass.

A. collapsed on top of her. Both of them breathing in gasps
for a few minutes and when their breathing returned to normal,
he slowly withdrew from her hot tight ass. R. handed him
a warm damp towel and he cleaned his cock off gently.

"Thank me, and kiss my cock in gratitude." A.

E. used her talented mouth and tongue on his cock, to thank
him properly, with a passion even R. had not seen. He pulled
her head from him and she bent her head to his feet. A. lifted
her up and kissed her deeply, gently, cradling her chin
in his hand.

"Now that she is open, we can all enjoy her. But first,
let us drink to this night and a profitable future."
R. said as he poured champagne for all.

E. did not expect a glass, and it was not her place to ask;
however, R. handed her a glass.

"Thank you, Master." E. whispered as she sipped
from her glass.

"Lie down with your legs spread and your arms above
you, E." R. said.

E. set aside her glass and did as she was told. She gasped
as she felt the ice cold champagne dribble onto her steaming
pussy. J. lowered his head between her thighs and began
to suck and lick the champagne from her pubic hair, her full
lips and then began to run his tongue around her clit.

E. moaned and began to writhe. R. took a mouthful of champagne
and then sucked her left nipple into his mouth. E. gasped
as he swirled his tongue and the champagne around her nipple.
A. bent down and kissed her deeply, passing his champagne
from his mouth to hers. E moaned into A." smouth as
J continued to suck on her clit, R. to suck harder on her nipple.
Her body writhed as she tried to fuck J." sface...her
mind focused only on the feeling of three tongues, mouths
on her body ...

J. sucked harder on her clit, and slowly slipped three fingers
into her champagne soaked pussy. She could feel the orgasm
building, beginning in her toes. As she was about to cum...they
all stopped. E. moaned, her head shaking wildly, tossing
her mane of her over her face.

"Stay there and stay still" R. said, "we
will attend to you in a few minutes, meanwhile, revel in
the knowledge that we are in control of your body, we alone
can provide or withhold release."

E. moaned, whimpered but lay still as the men sipped another
glass of champagne and talked more business.

E. lay there for a long while, fighting the desire to make
herself cum by clenching and unclenching her thighs...
She knew she could not do so silently and that the men would
be very upset were she to disobey orders.

Her body was at a fever pitch, every nerve ending alive and
craving release.

Every so often, one of the men would stroke her or pinch her,
just to keep her aroused and on the edge of orgasm. After
a while, R. ran his hands between her thighs, barely rubbing
her clit. E. moaned a long tortured cry. "Don't
move, E." R. said and continued to stroke her from
clit to asshole, long but very light strokes, his fingers
barely touching her.

E. struggled inside, trying to obey R.'s order not
to move, but she couldn't help herself, her body rose
to meet the strokes of his hand to try to make more contact
with his fingers, just a little more, so she could cum. R.
stopped stroking her, raising her face so her eyes would
meet his.

"You disobeyed me, E. Now I will punish you. Get on
your knees and bend over this ottoman." R. commanded.

E. whimpered as she moved herself to the ottoman. A. moved
in front of E. so he could watch her face. J. stood next to
her. She could feel R. behind her. E. began to shake, frightened
of what was to come, she feared the pain as well as the humiliation
of this public punishment.

"Hand me the paddle, J."

J. handed R. a black leather paddle. "How many strokes
do you think she deserves?" R asked.

"Why not stroke her until her ass is scarlet?"

A asked.

"Good idea. Now E., you will first kiss the paddle
and then you will lie still as I paddle your delectable ass.
You will not try to avoid the strokes. If you do, I assure
you, the punishment will be far more severe. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Master." E. whimpered. R. presented
the paddle to E."

slips. E kissed the paddle fully, sucking the handle into
her mouth. A. smiled as she did this.

"A slut even when about to be punished, a true slave,
isn't that right E?" A. asked.

"Yes, Master." E. whispered. E." sbody
tightened as she anticipated the first stroke of the paddle.

She knew that if she were relaxed the stroke would hurt less,
but she could not control the tightening of her body, the
fear of the pain. R. gently rubbed the paddle on her ass cheeks.
E. shivered. R. brought the paddle back. E. could hear the
rush of the air as he brought it down towards her ass and then
stopped it right above her ass. E. did not move, merely whimpered.
Then R. began to paddle her ass in ernest. E. jumped as she
felt the pain of the first stroke. The paddle made a loud
crack when it hit her ass. R. continued to paddle her ass
as she moaned, cried.

The stinging pain turned into a burning pain as her ass began
to redden. After about fifteen strokes, R. stopped and
slid his fingers in between E.'s legs. Her cunt was
dripping wet. "So, you like the paddle do you? Your
body betrays you. J., A., feel how wet she is." R. mocked

J and A slid a finger each into her wet pussy. A. slid his finger
out of her , covered in her juices and brought it to her lips.
"Taste yourself, E. taste the evidence of your submission."

E. greedily sucked all of her juices from A.'s finger.
R. began to paddle her again. E. moaned loud, began to scream
from the pain of the paddle on her tender ass cheeks.

"Gag her, will you A.?"

"Certainly" A replied and then pushed his hard
cock into E.'s mouth.

E. sucked A deeply, furiously as R. paddled her ass. R. continued
to paddle her until the stitching from the leather paddle
left a distinct imprint on her scarlet ass. Abruptly, R.
stopped and spread E.'s thighs wide. He ran his hand
over her burning ass cheeks as he pushed his hard thick cock
deep into her sopping pussy. E. moaned loudly around A.'s

Her ass hurt and burned with each stroke of R." scock
but that only made the pleasure heighten. J. stood next
to E. and stroked his cock as he watched her being fucked
in mouth and pussy. "Why not move her on top of you R.
so I can get into her ass?" J suggested after a few minutes
of watching.

"Good idea" R. withdrew quickly from E.'s

She gasped at the empty feeling. He lay down on the floor
and lifted E. on top of him, impaling her on his stiff cock.
E. continued to suck A.'s cock, long deep strokes,
feeling him so deep in her throat that it was hard for her
to breath. J. lubricated his cock and then gently pushed
it into E.'s life. It felt incredible, so intense,
so alive. E. could feel herself ready to cum as all three
men pumped into her in rhythm. Her body began to convulse
as she came, moaning around A's cock,
R.'s cock deep in her cunt, J's cock deep in her
ass. They continued to fuck her, slapping her ass, grabbing
her hair, squeezing her nipples. E. just kept cumming,
one long orgasm, her body out of control. A. began to cum,
deep in her throat and she eagerly swallowed his cum. He
withdrew slowly from her mouth knowing that the others
wanted to have E. swallow their cum as well. J. withdrew
from her ass and then moved to her mouth, the first [color
blue] spurt of cum landing on her face, the
rest in her mouth and throat as she greedily sucked every
drop from him.

He collapsed next to her. R. lifted her off of him and pulled
her by the hair to his cock. She swallowed him whole, sucking
the cum from him as she came again. The taste of the three
men in her mouth intoxicated her. They all tasted so good,
and so different. She was high on the taste of them. Her body
still convulsing even after R. had withdrawn from her mouth.
She used her fingers to scoop the last of J.'s cum from
her face and eagerly sucked them clean. Each of the men kissed
her deeply, tenderly. E. was still on her knees, breathing
returning to normal.

"Look at her, " R. said, "she is glowing.
God, she is gorgeous."

The other two men agreed. J. offered E. a glass of champagne.
E. took it gratefully and drank it down quickly.

"In a moment, you may shower and then dress. We will
report to S. how well you served us and you will be generously
rewarded. But first we wish to know how you feel now."

"I feel ...I feel completely amazed, wonderful,
fully owned and open, Masters." E replied.

"E. you are quite remarkable, a true slave and an incredibly
open woman. You should be proud of yourself. You have pleased
us greatly." A. said.

E. blushed a deep red.

"I am glad I have pleased you." E. said.

"Go shower now" J. said.

And as E. rose he slapped her ass so that she gasped. "Lest
you forget" J. said and he smiled, his eyes dancing
as watched E. walk away.

E. entered the bathroom and turned the shower on hot. She
waited a moment for the water to heat up and then got under
the steaming spray. The water was luxurious on her sore
body, loosening the muscles, caressing her bruised flesh.
E. smiled as she lathered herself with the sweet smelling
soap. S. would be quite pleased with her. She was quite pleased
with herself. She wondered if she would ever see any of these
men again. She hoped that she would, however, she thought
she might prefer to see them one at a time. She felt she had
done well, but also that she could serve one man better when
all her energy could be concentrated on him. She began to
hum softly to herself as she rinsed the soap from her body.

Fresh and clean, E. stepped from the steaming shower and
slowly towelled herself dry. She moaned as the towel scraped
over the bruises a rush of pleasure pain coursed through
her. She could hear the men talking in the other room, but
didn't pay much attention to them. Her clothes were
hanging on a hook in the bathroom. She dressed slowly, taking
her time to make sure she looked just right. After a few minutes,
she emerged from the bathroom, smelling of "Obsession"
and honey dust.

E. walked to the table where the men were talking and kneeled
on the floor, head down, eyes lowered, arms up high behind
her back, thighs spread wide as the dress would allow, to
await their bidding.

"My, my ...Lord have mercy, don't you look a sight!"
Robert exclaimed and the others laughed heartily.

"Really, E. you do look gorgeous, decked out like
that and on your knees."

R. leaned down and pulled her head back by her thick curls,
and kissed her deeply, his tongue on hers making her sigh
in pleasure.

A. walked a slow circle around her where she kneeled. He
reached into her dress and pinched her right nipple until
it became taught between his fingers. J. sat back and watched
as the flush spread over E.'s face. "Well, we
must get going, but E. you can re

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