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Friend With Benefits - Part Two


The 62 mile journey took just over an hour and TJ pointed
the adult store out to me as we passed it by. There were quite
a few cars parked in the lot and when I asked "Aren't
we stopping?" he looked at me and said "I thought
we'd have some beers and a bite to eat before we went
in, is that okay?"

During all the excitement of the day, I'd actually
forgotten to eat and I had to admit, a meal would be wonderful
right now. TJ drove another couple of miles and it was obvious
he knew the area well, for a couple of left and right turns,
we pulled up to a bar/restaurant next door to the Hilton
Hotel. "Shit" I said as I saw the Hilton "We
should have got a room for the night and then we wouldn't
have needed to bother about the problem of drinking and
driving" I continued as we got out of the car. "That's
a good idea Emma, come on" TJ said taking my hand and
leading me to the Hotel entrance.

The room was very nice, my first time in such a plush hotel
as I looked around and tested the king size bed for comfort
and at the same time, gave TJ an accidental flash of my pussy
as I fell back onto the bed. "Oops" was all I said
as the front of the skirt rode over my hips. TJ just laughed
and said "Nice pussy" and continued with "Time
for a beer and some food".

I got up off of the bed, readjusted the zippers to a more 'decent
and respectable' level and followed TJ to the elevator
and outside to the bar/restaurant where we had a nice steak
dinner with a bottle of red wine. I enjoyed both the meal
and the drinks and even the waiter enjoyed them too, for
upon TJ's instructions, I had lowered the zipper to
the top and allowed the 'decent and respectable'
fall to the wayside to be replaced with a 'naughty but
nice' show for him. "Here he comes again Emma!"
TJ said as the waiter approached for the third time to make
sure that everything was okay, which of course it was but
we knew that wasn't the real reason. "More"
was all that TJ said and not wanting to disobey, I did more
and as I had my back to him as he walked up, he didn't see
my fingers tugging the zipper a little lower, well okay,
a lot lower, low enough for him to see my hard nipples, I hoped.
Judging by his look I was sure that he could and to make his
little walk worthwhile, I asked him for a coffee, which
I did need as the red wine was giving me a buzz and I didn't
want to be as buzzed as I was the last time. “Much more will
be indecent” TJ said to me but with a smile as he looked down
at the expanse of flesh I had on display. I made a move to zip
back up a little until TJ told me not to bother for he was on
the way back with my coffee and that I should drop my napkin
when he arrived. “But he’ll see all my tits then!” I said
feigning shock but I was already picking up the napkin and
ready to let it fall to the floor upon command from TJ which
came in the form of a slight nod. The timing was just about
perfect as I leant down to retrieve the dropped napkin for
as I started to sit back up into my chair, he was right in front
of me.

Before we went to the bar for a couple of beers, I’d zippered
up the top back to the ‘decent’ level of flesh, but left the
skirt zippers as they were, halfway up, or down, whichever
way you call it, either way, my thighs were showing.

The bar was quiet, very quiet in fact and I enjoyed the quietness
surrounding us, for once. Not just that, but it gave the
bartender an enjoyable few moments as TJ and I sat at the
bar with no-one else around. I certainly enjoyed the three
beers we each had and on top of the wine they set me up just
nicely for the adult store visit and it wasn't too much
longer after the fourth beer that we started to make our
way to the 'fun place', but not before upon the
instruction of TJ to lower the zipper a little so the bartender
could have a little excitement during what was looking
to be a quiet and boring night. As he bought the fourth and
final beer (for now anyway) I'd slipped the zipper
down, not just a little as instructed, but halfway down
to let him see the fullness of my breasts and if he couldn't
see my nipples, I am sure that he could when I stood up, especially
as I leaned forward to push myself up off of the bar.

Like earlier, there were quite a few cars parked in the lot
by the store and as we pulled up, I spotted two couples laughing
as they entered and although it was difficult to see, I was
convinced that both of the ladies were dressed for the occasion,
so to speak. Certainly both were wearing short skirts.
"Wow" was all I could say to TJ as I saw the size
of the store and the very intimate lighting too. "This
is nice" I continued as I looked around noting where
various things were, things like the toys and the clothes
and also noticing that the store was quite busy with a few
couples and, of course, a plethora of single males.

"What do you want to look at first Emma?" TJ asked
me as I looked around. I nodded over in the direction of the
clothes and said "The clothes please" and he
led me to that area. There was a very nice sized collection
and although nothing really caught my eye, something caught
TJ's eyes and it wasn't clothing, well not the
ones for sale. He nudged me and I followed his eyes to see
what he was looking at and enjoying. She had obviously just
stepped out of the changing room and didn't appear
too concerned that her breasts were on show from underneath
the white mesh top for anyone to see and look at. "I
like those nipple rings" I said to TJ. I'd often
thought of having my nipples pierced but I was always conscious
of the pain one of my girlfriends said she went through,
but then another had told me she nearly had an orgasm. Two
conflicting stories really! "Nice tits too"
I said to TJ as he continued to look as she did a twirl for her
partner. TJ replied and confirmed my statement of her having
nice tits and then said "But yours are better and nipple
rings would look nice". I smiled and said "Oh,
you are a sweet talker!" He let out a little laugh and
suggested that I lower the zipper a little now that we were
inside. I agreed and with a smile, I lowered the zipper,
looking at him for confirmation of "Yes, perfect".
It didn't come until the zipper was over halfway undone.

I turned my attention back to the clothes and still really
didn't see anything that I really wanted, I couldn't
really wear some of them out in public and the majority of
them were for 'bed' play as opposed to 'going
out' play. That's what I told TJ when he asked me
if there was something I liked and he laughed and said "Okay,
find something for tonight's bed play then".
I dug him in the ribs, playfully of course and did look at
one little outfit that would suffice for the bed play later
but would also be nice for home wear. I picked up the short
kimono and held it up against me. "This is quite nice"
I said to TJ noticing that when I put my hand on the inside,
it was quite sheer. TJ didn't say anything, just took
it from me and when I tried to protest, he put his finger to
his lips and made a "ssshhh" sound to me. I smiled
as we made our way to the toys. "I knew I should have
bought mine with me" I said to him and heard his reply
of "Well, you can have one more from here. After all,
a lady can't have too many toys can she?” I laughed and
looked at him, secretly hoping that he didn't see us
as an item. He was nice, but all I really wanted was a fuck
buddy for now. I didn't mind him buying me things, but
as long as it was just for fun times together.

As we got to the toy section, I saw the two women from outside
and had to take a double take on one of them for she was really
beautiful. She caught me looking at her and she smiled.
I returned the smile and began to look at the various toys
and picked one up to look at it. "I have that one"
the beautiful woman's friend said to me. I looked at
her and wanted to make conversation but I was tongue tied.
I'd never really discussed toys with another woman
and I think she could see my hesitancy in talking to her so
she tried to break the ice for me and said "But then,
I have about 15 of the damn things!" I was shocked "15?"
I asked. She and her friend both smiled and said "I
like different toys as much as I like different cocks!"
I did laugh at that comment and then saw their male partners
arrive with a couple of DVD's in their hands. I felt
both of their eyes on my semi exposed tits. I smiled at them
as I turned my attention back to the toys and before deciding
that I would get the one she recommended, I bent down to look
at one or two others and again, I felt eyes burning into my
tits as they became totally exposed and then I turned and
smiled at TJ who seemed more interested in their conversation
of the cock sucking and pussy licking contents on the DVD's.
It interested me too, I enjoyed my first porn movie with
TJ and wanted to see another with him and of course, I was
up for some cock sucking too.

I handed TJ the chosen toy and smiled at the two couples as
we made our way to the porn movie section. "You choose"
TJ said to me as we reached the vast array of movies on display.
It took me quite a while to find one that I thought I'd
like to watch and when I did I asked TJ "Are we watching
it here?" He smiled and looked over to the right. I
followed his look and sure enough, there was the door for
the viewing booths. "Well, okay then, I choose this

The cover depicted various scenes of 3 men and 2 women in
various sexual acts, three large, very large, cocks being
sucked and fucked. TJ smiled as he took the toy and the outfit
to the counter for safe keeping and I followed him into the
booth area, smiling as I passed the two couples from earlier
and then returning a smile to a sweet looking gentleman
whose eyes first looked at my tits and then at my face. What
came over me I don't know, but I winked at him and nodded
in the direction of the booths, leaving him under no doubt
that he was to come in and I am sure I left him with the impression
of his cock would be sucked.

We passed occupied booths and like the other one we visited,
these also had a half curtain covering the entrances, but
again, they didn't appear to be wanted or used. Naturally,
I didn't or couldn't walk by without looking into
the booths and saw the occupants busily holding or stroking
cock and one in particular caught my attention for his hand
was working faster than the others and I guessed that he
was about to cum. "Hold on TJ" I said as I stopped
and stood in the doorway to watch this impending explosion.
He turned to look at me and I smiled as his eyes stared at my
tits. I smiled again as I lowered the zipper all the way down,
parting the top to show all to him. Cupping them, I bent at
the waist and watched as his hand became a blur until I heard
the low moan escaping his lips. I watched with glee as the
fountain of cum spurted out all over his hand and then I turned
away and smiled at TJ saying "Okay, let's go!"
He laughed and we found an unoccupied booth. TJ pressed
the green button and the small screen flickered once or
twice and then came to life and very soon I was watching one
of the large cocks being sucked. "Oh, I love that"
I said to no-one even though only TJ was with me as I began
to run my fingers over my already hard nipples. I watched
the way she took the whole length deep into her throat, marveled
at the way she swallowed him with ease. The camera switched
to the other woman who was also sucking a large cock and busily
stroking another.

"The word soon gets around that there is a woman in
the booths" TJ said to me, more as a warning I suppose.
I looked at him and smiled and asked "Do all women accommodate
the men though? Is it common or am I just a cock slut?"
He laughed as he watched my tweaking my nipples. "Not
all of them, I guess if they don't want visitors, they
close the curtains; do you want ours closed?" He replied
with a smile and he already knew the answer, but I told him
anyway. "Hell no, I want to see some cocks and want
them to see my tits!" I gave TJ a friendly slap on his
thigh. He just laughed and turned back to the screen, as
I did and we both watched the going on with the three large
cocks being taken care of in various ways and I was beginning
to feel wet and knew that TJ was either hard or getting hard.
I placed my hand on his thigh and ran it upwards until I came
to his bulge. Squeezing it slightly, I looked at him and
smiled as unzipped his pants. "Can I suck it?"
I asked as I took his cock out and without waiting for his
answer, I got to my knees, moved inside his legs and took
him into my mouth. I loved the feeling of the powerful throbbing
in my mouth, I loved the way he thrust his hips upwards driving
his cock into my mouth; loving the way he made me slightly
gag too.

Much to my dismay, TJ's hands moved my head away from
his hardness and said to me "Not just yet Emma honey,
I don't want to cum just yet and you have an audience
and I am sure that he would enjoy watching you finger fucking
yourself, so do it". I looked to my left and sure enough,
there he stood. I smiled at him, sat back on the bench and
turned my attention to the screen to see that the darker
skinned of the two women sliding up and down on a cock as she
reached out to take another into her mouth. "Now that
is what I want to do one day TJ, be fucked and suck on a cock
at the same time" I said in a quiet voice as I lifted
up the short skirt over my hips and began to run a finger over
my aching and hard clitoris as I continued to watch the dark
skinned woman ride up and down on the extra large cock as
she swallowed just an equally large cock. Either TJ didn't
hear me or just didn't want to reply because he said
nothing; he just watched my finger slipping into my tight
pussy; as did the man at the door. The thought of two pairs
of eyes watching me was hot and it didn't take me too
long to have my first orgasm as I watched the dark skinned
woman ride hard up and down on the large cock penetrating
her pussy. "Ohhh fuck" I murmured as the orgasm
came to me. I took out my finger, looked at the man standing
there and bought the finger to my lips. He looked back at
me and his hand moved to the bulge in his pants. I smiled as
I saw him unzip and I gasped as I saw the hardness come into
my view. "Bring that to me" I said to him as I sat
up straight. He bought it, I took hold of it, I stroked it
and then I swallowed it. His fingers took hold of my nipples,
TJ's hands opened my legs apart and then his fingers
slipped into my pussy. Fingers twisted each nipple; fingers
plunged in an out of my wetness, the cock slid so easily back
and forth in my mouth. I became conscious of another visitor
and glanced to my right and saw another guy standing there,
his cock already in his hand, his hand already moving up
and down, his eyes fixed on mine as I sucked and swallowed
the hardness throbbing in my mouth. I squirmed on the bench
as TJ's fingers punished my pussy, slamming them deep
and hard. I reached out with my hand, beckoned the guy to
come closer, he did and placed my hand on his cock. I switch
hit on both cocks, sucking them both in turn, feeling the
difference in sizes and girth, enjoying both and TJ's
fingers inside me.

My second orgasm soon followed and I had to release both
cocks to sink deep onto TJ's fingers, holding them
inside me as the orgasm rippled through my body. "Oh
my fucking god" I screamed as I felt the second wave
of that orgasm hit me. My legs trembled, my body shook, my
nipples ached, my juices seeped out. I was gone, very gone,
taken up with the moment and without an apparent care in
the world, I took big cock in my hand and told him to sit on
the bench and then transferred my hand to cock number 2 as
I lowered myself onto cock number one, moaning as I lowered
down. Leaning forward, I took the smaller cock into my mouth,
put my hands on his hips and pulled him to me. He took up the
lead and drove his cock into my mouth as the cock in my pussy
thrust upwards, sinking to the hilt. I was in heaven, two
cocks servicing my needs, two hard cocks slamming into
my pussy and mouth, feeling them both throbbing, pulsating
as I slid up and down on the larger of the two as I sucked hard
and deep on the cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

"Cum over my tits" I said to the two men as I felt
the cock in my pussy throb to the point of eruption. I knelt
on the floor and watched as both of them pumped their cocks
hard and fast. Guttural moans escaped their throats as
they aimed the tips of their cocks at my tits and I almost
came again as both spewed cum over my tits. "Fuck"
I uttered as I watched them both continued pumping, draining
every drop. They never said a word as they zipped back up
and left the booth. "Fuck" was all I could say
as I gave my clitoris a light spanking, moaning at the delight
I was giving myself. I felt the tingling of my clit as I slid
three fingers into myself, feeling the absolute wetness
that was caused by the large cock recently entertained
in there. "Ohhhhh TJ, I'm cumming again"
I muttered as my legs shook.

The orgasm subsided and I looked over at TJ who had a smile
a yard wide and then he said to me "I think you enjoyed
that!" I smiled as my fingers strayed back to my wetness
and my attention turned back to the screen just in time to
see two cocks exploding over the dark skinned tits. "See,
she likes it too" I said pointing to the screen and
TJ just laughed as he passed me a tissue to wipe myself down.
Once completed, I turned to him and asked "Are you
ready to cum yet?" as I ran my fingers over the bulge.
He shook his head and said "I like to savor it; I just
want to watch you for a while". I just smiled as looked
back at the screen in time to see the other woman taking a
cock deep into her ass and I winced but she let out a deep low
moan as if she enjoyed it. I'm sure that she did, but
not so sure that I would enjoy it. "Maybe one day"
I said to myself as my fingers ran over my wet lips and didn't
stop when I saw another visitor at the entrance to the booth.
I smiled at him, turned in his direction, opened my legs
wide and let him watch as my fingers delved in deep. I followed
his fingers down to his zipper, watch him unzip his pants,
watched as he unbuckled his belt and reach inside. I watched
him extracting his cock as he watched my fingers remain
buried deep inside me. I looked back up at him and smiled
as I saw his hand moving up and down "Stroke it good
honey" I said to him as my fingers played with my hard
nipples before going back into my pussy. "Fuck yes,
stroke that big fat cock for me" I murmured as my fingers
gave me yet another orgasm. "Yes baby, stroke it faster,
give me that fat cock all over my tits." I almost screamed
as he took a step forward, his face contorted in the throes
of his own orgasm. "Yes, give me that cum baby"
I said as I took hold of his cock and aimed it at my tits, stroking
him to fulfillment as he splattered my breasts. The film finished and we agreed it was time to leave and go
and grab a few beers before going up to the room. "I
am going to suck your balls so fucking dry!" I said
to him as I placed my hand on his bulge and he laughed. We collected the toy and the kimono and made our way to the
car. My legs were still shaking from the intensity of my
orgasms, but I wanted more, plenty more and I made sure I
had another as we drove back to the hotel with the use of a

We got to the hotel and I told TJ that I'd like to freshen
up in the room before any more beers and told him to go ahead
and I'll meet him in the bar when I was showered. I really
needed to wash the mess off of my tits before getting them
out in public again! I put the bag containing the toy and the kimono on the bed
and then showered. The hot water felt good on my body and
I was soon dry and dressed and ready to go and meet TJ in the
bar, checking my reflection as I made my way out, I lowered
the top zipper a little more and smiled to myself as I made
my way to the hotel elevator that would take me to the bar.
I smiled again at the gentleman that was already occupying
the elevator as I entered the open door. The 5 floors left
to travel took mere seconds but it gave him time to check
my cleavage and that got me hornier, if that was possible.

The bar wasn’t too busy, just 5 other people occupying the
bar and I smiled at TJ as I approached and as I did, the barman
placed my drink on the bar and I returned his smile and I smiled
even more when his eyes lingered upon my breasts as I sat
on the bar stool next to TJ and as I did, placed my hand on his
upper thigh, resting it very close to the bulge that I now
knew quite well and one that I enjoyed playing with. “Hello
honey” I said to him as I took a drink, a much needed drink.
He returned the greeting and looked down at my cleavage
with a devilish glint in his blue eyes and uttered “Very
nice” I gave his bulge a nice squeeze in appreciation and took
another drink and noted that the time was fast approaching
midnight and although we were in a hotel, I am sure that they
wouldn’t stay open too late and I asked the barman what time
he did close and smiled as he “spoke to my tits” when he answered
“Normally around 2 in the morning unless the bar is empty
before that of course” and that meant we still had at least
a good hour if not longer; an hour for me to find someone to
join and play with and if there wasn’t anyone, then the barman
would have one hell of a finish to his shift! I looked around
the bar and sadly, no-one appeared to be interested, just
nursing their drinks or more interested in their laptops.
Maybe I needed to get them interested and to do that I unzipped
the skirt a little more to reveal virtually my entire left
thigh. TJ smiled as he saw what I had done and I returned that
smile as I took my beer off of the bar top.

I smiled at one of the customers that came to the bar for a
fresh beer and I saw his glance down at my thigh. He smiled
but the smile disappeared when he saw TJ next to me. I gave
him some reassurance as I placed my hand onto TJ’s upper
thigh very close to his bulge and then I looked back at the
guy to my left and smiled and his smile returned as he saw
where my hand was and where two of my fingers were now resting.
The glance at my thigh came again as did my smile and I think
he knew then that I was interested in some ‘fun’. He took his beer and instead of going back to his table, he
remained at the bar asking the barman when he closed and
received the answer that we did a few minutes ago. I’m not
so sure if he saw my fingers pressing down on TJ’s erection,
it wasn’t really done for his benefit but for TJ’s to let
him know that I wanted ‘fun’ with this guy. TJ smiled at the
unspoken signal and began to engage the guy in a conversation,
which turned out to be a very easy task.

We found out that he was on a travelling vacation across
the country having just retired from his job and with nothing
else to do with his new found spare time. He told of his plans
and where he had already been and the adventures on the road
over the last 3 weeks. “What time do you leave tomorrow?”
I asked him and he told me/us that he was taking a day off driving
and was here for 2 nights. He said he liked to have a night
out at least every three nights to unwind, relax and get
a day’s rest from driving and we all agreed that was a sensible
thing to do. The bartender served us another round of beers and our new
found friend accepted the offer of the beer and a chair next
to me and the general conversation continued with his occasional
glances down at my left thigh and to the exposure of my breasts.

We had soon consumed the beers and both TJ and I accepted
the offer of another and I noticed that it wouldn’t be much
longer when the bar would be closing. I gave TJ another gentle
squeeze and I was sure that the ‘guest’ saw it but his attention
was taken away from my fingers to my legs as I crossed them
over with the skirt falling completely away from my left
thigh. I wanted him to see more and that opportunity arose
when TJ announced he needed the bathroom and on the way past
the ‘guest’ he turned and winked, making a ‘pull the zipper
down’ motion to me. I just smiled and continued chatting
with Conrad (the guest) about his travels and some of the
sights he had seen along the way. The bartender approached and asked if we needed more beers
and announced that he would be closing in around 10 to 15
minutes. Conrad had turned and that was the opportunity
I needed and deftly pulled the zipper to the top a little
lower. Although it was out of sight of Conrad, the bartender
saw the movement and smiled. I accepted another beer from
Conrad and the barman placed three more beers in front of
us. He smiled at me again; I returned that smile and added
a wink. TJ returned and smiled as he sat down and took a deep swig
from his beer. “The bar is closing soon honey” I said turning
to TJ and at the same time exaggerating the movement in the
hope that my top would open sufficiently to reveal a breast
to Conrad. I am sure that he saw something for when I turned
back, his eyes were still glued to my top and even when I looked
down, I could see an exposed nipple. “Oops” I said and covered
the exposure, but not by pulling the zipper up, just pulled
the top over, smiling to him as I did. He looked up and smiled
before taking a swig of his beer.

TJ spoke and said that he wasn’t really tired and asked me
if I wanted to get some beers for the room and that is when
Conrad mentioned that he already had at least half a pack
in his room. “Party time in Conrad’s room then!” I said with
a little jump that was both designed and intended for either
one or both of my breasts to slip out or their meager confines.
Another “Ooops” and another quick adjustment made but
not before both Conrad and the barman saw what they saw or
what I really wanted them to see. The beers were drained and although it was time to go, I really
had one thing left to do and that was the bar tender. TJ stood
up and I told him that I needed the bathroom and that I would
meet them in Conrad’s room which I was told was room 136,
on the next floor down from ours. I gave TJ a knowing smile
and told him I’d be there soon and made my way to the ladies
room as they made their way to room 136.

The bar was empty with the exception of the bartender wiping
down the tables as I made my exit from the ladies room. I smiled
at him as I unzipped the top all the way. He stopped wiping
the tables and followed me back into the ladies room. I turned
and pushed him back against the wall, took his hands and
placed them on my breasts. I smiled as my own hands went to
his belt and then to his zipper, I sighed as his fingers tugged
on my nipples as my fingers pulled his pants down to his knees
and then reached inside his boxer shorts to grasp an already
hard and throbbing cock. His boxers joined his pants around his ankles as my hand
moved up and down on his cock, I smiled at him again and dropped
to my knees to take him into my mouth, fingers cupping and
playing with his balls as my head moved back and forth on
his cock. It didn’t take him long to flood my mouth with his
cum which I swallowed greedily and once his balls were empty,
I stood up, zipped my top back up, gave him a kiss on the lips
and left him standing there. Not one word had been said,
words weren’t really needed, and I just wanted to suck his

The door to Conrad’s room was left open for me and just before
I made my way in I lowered the zip to my top that now barely
covered my nipples. I smiled at TJ who passed me an open bottle
of beer and then I smiled at Conrad as his eyes locked onto
the cleavage. “Hello guys” I said as I took the beer from TJ and sat on the
side of the bed making sure that my left thigh was facing
Conrad, who was also sat on the bed, so he was able to see,
not just the thigh, but also my right nipple. TJ smiled from
the chair and said to Conrad “So, no real plans for tomorrow
then?” I think it was just said to get the conversation going
again, which it did and Conrad reconfirmed that tomorrow,
well today really, was a free day for him. “So, we have no
real rush to end the party then!” I said as I downed the rest
of my beer and stood up to get a fresh one from the table. I
felt 2 pairs of eyes on me as I passed TJ a beer and then one
to Conrad, leaning slightly forward as I did so.

I sat back down on the bed a little closer to Conrad than before
and the general chit chat continued as did the drinking
and the atmosphere was beginning to warm up as the subject
got around to some of the sights he had seen on his travels,
sights in the meaning of ladies flashing tits on the Freeways,
mainly at truckers. He mentioned that he’d even seen a couple
having sex over one of the tables at a rest stop. “They didn’t
seem to be bothered at me watching them!” Conrad said laughing.
“If he only knew about what I was up to earlier!” I thought
to myself as my mind flashed back to a couple of hours ago!
TJ looked at me with Conrad’s comment and smiled. I winked
and crossed my legs exposing my pussy to him, for him before
sliding up on the bed, resting my head on the headboard.

“Bring me a beer honey” I said to TJ showing him my empty bottle.
TJ reached over picked a bottle out of the case and moved
to the bed as he passed me a fresh beer. Conrad looked around
and had to look twice to make sure he saw that the first time
was correct. With my leaning back and resting my head on
the headboard, what it caused to happen was for the top to
open fully and therefore exposed every inch of my breasts.
Naturally, I acted as if I was totally unaware of it and asked
Conrad to put the television on for some music or something,
which he did and soon found a music channel but clicked through
and found the movie channel which, sadly, wasn’t porn!

Conrad excused himself and went to the bathroom and TJ took
the opportunity to tell me to move to the center of the bed
as he dimmed the room a little by turning off the light nearest
to him. “Hey, this is a good movie, I’ve seen it before” TJ said to
Conrad upon his return and Conrad looked at the space to
my left and I just smiled as I patted that space and said “Come
on Conrad, get comfortable”. He did and very soon I was kind
of the piggy in the middle as we watched the movie. I felt TJ’s hand on my right thigh and I smiled as he moved
the flap of the skirt which exposed both of my thighs and
then rested his hand on my right thigh, his fingers gently
stroking my flesh. I took a quick glance down and smiled
as my pussy was still, if barely, covered and the anticipation
was quickly making me wet and getting wetter with TJ’s fingers
sliding higher upon my thigh. I really didn’t want to, but
I was unable to control my fingers from moving to TJ’s thigh
and come to rest on his bulge. I stifled the moan trying to
escape from my mouth as I felt the wonderful bulge, felt
it twitch as my fingers rested there. Neither did I stop
TJ from moving the rest of my skirt even though I knew that
my pussy would be showing, I didn’t want to stop him, I was
too wet to even consider that thought, too wet and too horny.
TJ didn’t stop me from tugging his zipper down either;
neither did he stop my fingers from reaching inside.

TJ leant over and gently whispered “Open your legs a little
Emma”. I did as I was requested and I moaned as I felt TJ’s
fingers move even higher and onto my now totally exposed
pussy. I glanced at Conrad at he was looking down and then
at me as he heard the moan. He took my hand and placed it onto
his bulge and I gasped as my fingers felt that bulge. Another
gasp escaped my lips as I felt TJ’s fingers touched my wetness.

Sitting up, I unzipped my top and took it off, throwing it
onto the floor; lay back against the pillows and then rested
my hands back onto the two nice bulges. I didn’t resist
the pressure of TJ’s hands parting my thighs; neither did
I resist Conrad’s fingers running over my hard nipple.
Far from it in fact, I relished those fingers, those touches
just as much as Conrad would relish mine as I unzipped him,
reaching inside to grasp the very thick cock. I looked at
the thickness, barely was I able to close my fingers around
it and I just had to have that in my mouth so I maneuvered myself
around, pushing my ass back into TJ and lowered my mouth
to the thickness in my hand.

As I closed my mouth around the head, I felt my skirt being
removed and raised my hips to aid TJ with that task then I
felt his hands on my hips and then his hard cock sliding in
to my wetness as my mouth opened as wide as possible to take
Conrad down to his balls. I was in heaven with a cock in my
mouth and one in my pussy, sucking and fucking two cocks.
TJ began to slam his hard cock deep and harder as I continued
to swallow Conrad’s cock down to his heavy and clean shaven
balls and it didn’t take me long to reach my first orgasm
with these two cocks.

TJ maneuvered me around and bought me up to sit on his cock
as he lay upon his back. Conrad moved too, now standing on
the bed and slid his hard cock back into my mouth. I moaned
as I felt TJ’s finger rubbing the entrance to my ass, it felt
good, it felt very good and I moaned again as I felt him probing
my tight hole, probing and pushing his finger into me. It
felt good, it felt nice and I couldn’t resist by slamming
my body down onto his cock and onto his finger. Three holes
filled and now I wanted three cocks and the thought of three
cocks fucking my each and every hole bought me quickly to
my second orgasm, coating TJ’s cock with my juices. I know
wanted Conrad’s thickness in my pussy and told TJ to stay
on his back as I moved off of him and turning my back to Conrad
I cleaned TJ’s cock of my juices before taking him deep into
my throat, letting out a growl as I felt Conrad’s thickness
literally filling me. I let out another growl on TJ’s cock
as I felt Conrad’s finger slipping into my tight ass.

I needed and wanted a cock in my ass and in my pussy; I wanted
to be filled with Conrad’s cock in my pussy and TJ in my ass.
I wanted TJ to take my virginity. I wanted both cocks to fill
me, to fuck me and make me cum. I broke away and looked down at TJ and told him I wanted his
cock in my ass, I wanted him to fuck my ass as Conrad fucked
my pussy. TJ smiled and turned me around and I guided his
cock into my ass. I moaned as I felt my hole being stretched,
I let out a squeal as I felt his head slip into me, gingerly
slipping in deeper, inch by inch until he was fully inside
me. Conrad moved to my front, pushing me back, exposing
my pussy and I let out another moan as I felt his thick cock
slipping inside. I moaned again as I felt both cocks sliding
in and out and yet another deep moan as yet another orgasm
raked through my body. “Oh yes, oh fucking yes, fuck my cunt,
fuck my ass” I moaned as I the third orgasm subsided.

They were close, very close to cumming as I gently moved
off of their cocks and lay on the bed, cupping my tits, inviting
them to splatter my tits, to empty their balls all over my
tits. I woke early the next morning; TJ was still fast asleep next
to me as I reached down to stroke his flaccid cock. He stirred
and half opened his eyes, smiling at me as I lowered my mouth
onto his growing cock as my fingers played and stroked his
balls, sucking on his cock until I felt his body go tense
and felt the eruption hit the back of my throat. “Good morning TJ” was all I said as I licked his cock clean.

The End.

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Great story. Thanks and keep your stories coming.


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Oh yes a great story and a very hot sexy lady.