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Fresh Bread with Sooooo Sweeeeeet Honey


Miko was a cute little pixyish Chinese woman/girl next
door neighbor. Like an adorable little Tinker Bell of delicate
cuteness. She probably didn’t weigh much more than 95 pounds
and was around 5’2". And she was over forty! But there
is something in Asian genes that makes females get more
beautiful and more sexy as they get older with perfect skin
and figures. They don’t gain weight and their faces look
knowing as well as sexy. Their looks penetrate more and
signal subtle messages.
She had a pretty little short hairdo which framed her face
adorably and made you want to grab her and kiss and smell
her everywhere. The color was jet black and contrasted
all of her tiny features. All of her features were the quintessence
of minimalism with eyes like two brushstrokes from Matisse.
Her nose was pretty pert tiny but her mouth was soft coral
pink with perfectly white teeth to set off the wet shining
pinkness and you could taste it just looking at it. Her lips
surrounding this grotto of lusciousness were narrow and
traced an elegant limnial region around the pink soft core
of her mouth.
During the summer she wore baggy short shorts wide around
her legs and sexy because you knew you might get a glimpse
of her panties if she held herself just right. Just seeing
her face and body covered with clothes was maddening but
to think or even dare to think of seeing her panties was beyond
dreams. You ached to see her panties and dreamed of tight
soft cotton lovingly covering a poutingly pretty pubic
mound. She also had a little T-shirt on and her little apple
tiny breasts stood up too high for someone that age and I
was dying to see if she wore a bra to create that standing
at such firm attention but I didn’t even need to feel for
the backstrap from the look of her breasts close up. The
T-shirt was loose and draped over the end of her upthrusting
cuties hanging slightly over the edge of each tiny tot nipple.
Sometimes her nipples were soft and other times rigid little
sharp points that only tiny breasts can form.
I would have tea with her in the morning on the pretense of
giving her English lessons. I usually brought some little
treat to have with tea like fresh made bread from my bread
machine. I loved being with her and just soaking up her female
aura. I stepped high over the fence between the houses and
saw her in the kitchen making boiling water for tea.
I tapped on the door and she opened it. Hi! I said trying not
to show too much enthusiasm. Come in, she returned. Sit
down. She had two teacups on the table waiting for me and
two even more delicate teacups on her chest. OK, but I’ll
watch you make the tea first, I said as I wanted to sidle as
near to her as I could. She was wearing an old faded and thin
T-shirt with some baggy cute short shorts. Both made her
so vulnerable and female. Her little breasts were perky
cute and really too obvious in that thin T as if she wanted
to tease me with their delicate tininess and somehow knew
I loved and adored tiny breasts. She probably knew from
my staring at them before. I didn’t need to wonder if she
had a bra on. I could see her nipples exquisitely outlined
so I felt like I was seeing her breasts without her Tshirt.
They were defined so well through the thin material I could
see where her aureoles ended and the skin began. Are you
making Chinese tea? I cautiously asked trying not to act
as if I was thinking of her breasts, Sometimes Chinese tea
is very bitter, I added. No! Chinese tea is the best tea!
she said toughly. She was a tough business woman and used
to being rough and tough which was cute when coming from
such tiny cuteness. OK, I’ll try it, I quickly agreed. As
she reached up into a cupboard for something her Tshirt
stretched tight over her baby doll breasts even tighter
threatening to crush them into nothingness but their firmness
held out and I could see the soft dainty curves of their sweet
twin undersides as they swept in perfect synchrony up towards
the pointy parts. The dramatic difference between what
we say and do on the outside as compared to what is going on
What do you have to read today? she asked about the English
lesson we pretended to do this for. Nothing too hard. Just
some little thing that won’t give you such a major pain to
read. Reach up in that cupboard and get that tea can down,
will you? she asked. This gave me a chance to be male and big
to contrast her delicate tiny femininity. She was standing
near it so I had to reach up behind her and I could feel her
body against me as I grabbed the tea container. I pretended
to tussle with it but I was subtly rubbing against her the
softness of her feminine parts. I could feel the hollow
of her waist and the soft swell of her hip jutting out. I handed
it to her and she gave me a kind of coy smile as if to say she
knew I loved being near her and rubbing against her and maybe
she didn’t mind it either.
She brought both pairs of tea cups to the table and sat down.
I pushed my chair as close next to her as I could under the
pretext of seeing what she was reading but really to get
close to her. My leg hit hers and she didn’t pull away. I leaned
in after sipping some tea and looked at the reading which
was about some business subject from Business Week. She
started to read it aloud and as I corrected her had to lean
closer of course to see the words. I was right next to her
hair and could put my nose right into it and smelled it. It
wasn’t recently shampooed so it smelled like her natural
body smell. Mmmm..... I exhaled closing my eyes and then
dove in for more. She had to feel me brushing my face against
her hair but she coyly pretended not to notice. She knew
I was sexually excited by it and she must have known that
I was thinking about her hips and breasts and tummy but gave
no indication in an overt manner.
But I had to put on the show of teaching her English so I had
her write down some gramatical things. I looked down into
her lap and saw the delicate tummy swell her shorts and then
her legs and in between her legs where the material of her
shorts stretched tightly outlining the bulging fullness
of her heavenly sweet pubic mound. It was right there only
inches away from my eyes and mouth and nose. She separated
her legs a little like she wanted me to look at it and I could
see the even sweeter regions deep between her legs. When
a female senses you are excited she gets excited herself
and likes to savor the tension and nuance of fear. Then she
subtly presents things to you but of course pretending
not to know anything although in the back of each mind there
is an awareness. She knew her pubic mound was outlined erotically
by the thin material of her tiny shorts but the pretense
of everything being totally OK allowed her to be brazen
without actually being brazen and to feel the sexual heat
of presenting the swollen fullness of her mound to me.
As she leaned back a little to let me see the paper better
she pressed her precious little crotch against her shorts
harder and a heavenly sweet little cleft formed right in
the middle. Then she put one of her legs up on the chair half
crossed until it was widely spayed which opened her crotch
all the way like she was presenting it to me. Although we
were pretending to read the article she knew my eyes were
overdosing on the brazen display of her sweet little mons
veneris all swollen with her sexual excitement and she
could prob ably even feel her lubrication juices starting
to flow. She didn’t even care if a little wet spot formed
although I couldn’t see anything. I could imagine stroking
the stretched material and fitting three fingers across
the fullness of her mound with the middle one playing in
and luxuriating in the delicious warm feel of her crack.
The material just sunk and hugged the borders inside of
her separation and I could see it close and real right in
front of my eyes not to mention my mouth and nose. The upper
part of it would show her clitoris if I separated it slightly
with my fingers and the deep lower part would be her vagina.
I wanted to rub my lips against the sweet delicate plumpness
of it and feel the firm spongy softness of her hair and the
delicate cleft causing the groove down the front of her
What is this word? she asked as if nothing out of the ordinary
was happening....although inside she knew every thought
I was having and everything I was leering at. When she turned
and looked up to ask me her mouth was close and I could smell
the warm sweetness of her breath. The word was "euphemism".
I said that it meant using a neutral word to replace another
word that possessed embarrassing connotations. Then
she asked me what "connotation meant and we were off
on a jag of wordplay. Use Uuufffffimisum in a sentence so
I can hear it, she requested cutely. I thought, Hmmmm, Let’s
see, We are meeting here to learn English, I said as a euphemism
for why I at least was meeting here. Is that a uufimisssm?
she killed the pronunciation? Of course, I retorted. Because
we are pretending to be learning Enlish but really we are
doing something else, I smiled at her. Something else?
What is that? she quickly came back. Well, a euphemism is
tricky and sometimes the double meaning is difficult to
interpret, I coyly said looking at her for a sign of any positive
reinforcement of my meaning. You are bad!! she said. I know
but don’t forget that sometimes bad is good.
Every move she made and every word she said was erotic to
me and I basked in the bouquet of her female aura. Like tasting
a wine and closing your eyes and exhaling and letting the
aftertaste permeate deep within your sensient being and
feeling the deep wellsprings of pleasure bubble up and
gently massage your erogenous zones. She leaned back into
the chair even more and the splayed leg went out even further
and now the deepest part of her crotch was fully exposed
to my eyes. I pretended to look closer at the piece we were
reading but I really tried to get closer to see if I could
get a subtle hint of her musky damp smell between her legs.
I imagined I smelled something but couldn’t be sure. I breathed
in aching to get her stinkiness in my being and feel it permeating
deep inside but I couldn’t .
She was so adorable sitting there pretending as if I wasn’t
so hot for her I was on the verge of pulling her panties down
and licking her muff like a madman. Then she got a phone call
and had to go somewhere and I saw her leg come down and get
off of the chair. I have to go now, she said with a cute little
look. Can we go to Sears tomorrow to get a few things? she
asked. What kind of things, I said trying not to tremble
with the heat she had put in me. Some lawn stuff and I need
help picking them out, OK? she looked demurely up at me towering
above her tiny pixie body. She knew I would do anything for
her at this point. Of course! I responded. What time? She
thought I second and came up with ten AM. OK, I’ll be over.
See you later alligator. I stood up to go out with a huge prong
sticking straight up into the air tenting my pants out obscenely.
I was so hot I didn’t care and just let it prong out like some
horrible monster that had walked into the room. I became
the star attraction but each of us pretended not to notice
it standing there in the center of things and I turned to
put my shoes on and leave. See you tomorrow, turning to let
her see what she had done to me with her sweet little quat
sticking out at me for so long. Bye, she said.
The next morning before I went over I thought of what I could
wear to show her what she was doing to me a little more vulgar.
I had been fantasizing all night over her and now couldn’t
think of anything but her soft round bulge between her legs.
I decided to wear a thin exercise pants and no underwear
underneath so as to emphasize any activity beneath without
any disguise whatsoever. Just before I went over I took
the pants down and jacked my cock off to an outrageous size
while thinking of her sweet little crotch all full and warm
and stinky and then pulled my pants up and quickly went over
to knock on her door. I saw her inside when I arrived and I
looked down and realized my cock was so immense looking
tenting out the thin nylon of the pants so ridiculously
far out I couldn’t possibly go in like that! God! It was huge!!!!
She was coming toward the door. Could she see it already?
She opened the door and I engaged her eyes so they wouldn’t
look down. It was so audaciously obscene! If only it wasn’t
so ghastly unholy looking like a sign that said, I want to
rip your delicate soft panties off and fuck you with this
horrible fucking machine. I didn’t dare look down and check
things myself for fear her eyes would follow mine in reflex
but I could feel it reaching out for new distance after seeing
her in her teasingly sexy shirt with her little tiny tits
sticking out like they were trying to reach out and touch
me and just as obscene as my horse cock. "Come in and
sit down while I make the tea", she welcomed me in.
"No, I’ll stand up for a while so I can watch you make
the tea." "OK, whatever you want." she
answered as she padded with stockinged feet towards the
stove. Her tiny tots jiggled very tightly as she went. She
loved the feeling of letting them stick the front of her
T-Shirt out and still maintain decorum because after all
breasts had to stick out. Oh well, if she could tease with
her tiny things so could I let my monster cock stick out towards
her. I loved the feeling of not trying to hide it anymore
and even trying to concentrate on her tiny tits which made
it swell out even more horrible. I stood in back of her and
just let it swell into an outrageous size feeling throbbing
and pulsing helplessly to her sweet little tiny tots.
Her back was turned towards me at the stove and I pretended
to look down in front of her necessitating putting my front
against her back. I bent over and little so my cock would
gently brush against her tush but not too obviously. As
I leaned forward to look over her shoulder I could feel the
contact and I let it stay in contact and she didn’t seem to
care as long as there would be a pretense of normal activity.
The end of my cock could actually feel the crack her tush
cheeks made and I just let it bull out huge and fierce as it
rubbed against one cheek and sink slightly in the crack
between the softnesses. I could see the delicacy of her
tiny hands and couldn’t imagine them trying to get around
that hideously vulgar thing sticking out from me. She was
tiny enough to actually sit on it. I began to want her to see
how horrible and vulgar it was and didn’t try to hide it as
Then her phone rang and she bolted out of the room. I casually
followed her pretending to look around the room. She jumped
and curled up in a big chair and I stood in back of her while
she was talking. I could see her but she couldn’t see me because
of the chair. My cock was still horrendously erect tenting
out my thin exercise pants without underwear to outrageous
proportions. I could see her tiny nipples tenting out her
Tshirt and this made my cock surge and lurch to even more
horrible size. I grabbed it and jacked it off within inches
of where she was while I was leering at her nipples and her
crotch exposed because of her position with her legs tucked
up under her. As I jacked off I could feel an intense pump
from deep down in my balls and a glob of lubrication fluid
flooded the front of my pants and produced a spot around
three inches across.
I was getting too irrationally hot seeing those adorable
pointy nipples and her so warmly luscious full mound aching
to be licked and smelled. It was daring but easy to take the
front of my pants and just let pull them down and let my cock
prick high up and out finally stretching out free from constriction.
I pushed my hips forward just feeling the freeness of letting
it bull out huge and hard and dripping with juices all over
her rug. The purple head of it was smooth as glass and huge.
As big as her entire mound. I don’t know how it could ever
fit ito the tiny whole at the bottom of that sweet little
cloven mound of erotic goodness. God did it feel good to
just feel it throb deep down and grow and stick out almost
a foot in front of me. I looked at her soft little pink mouth
with her narrow lips and her tiny hands and fingers and especially
those tiny nipples and deep between her legs at her warm
crotch mound stretching her shorts smooth. I grabbed it
and started to jack it off and even leaned over very near
her hair so I could smell it. I had to stop jacking off or I
would put a ton of cream all over the back of her chair.
All the while she was talking about some business deal slightly
turned away from the right side of the chair about 45 degrees.
I wondered if I dared to let my cock get closer to her and was
totally aching and screaming to try it. She was looking
to the left and I could just move slightly to the right beyond
the chair back and let it stick out without anything between
her and the torrid rage of that purple headed quivering
vulgar monster sticking about a mile out from a thicket
of hair from my gut with its obscene balls hanging down and
her tiny teasing girlness. Just thinking about the fear
of the risk was making me even hotter and my cock strained
even harder and throbbed more agonizingly against the
skin making the head even more glacine shiny looking with
drools of thick pre-sperm dripping off of the hole at the
end. I moved carefully and then shuffled totally to the
side of the chair as she faced the other direction away from
me nestled prettily in her little nest with her legs tucked
beneath her soft little tush. She was concentrating to
intently, I thought, on the phone call that I was pretending
to casually listen to.
Then just one quick move around and the huge drooling cock
was pronging out and quivering like a huge horse cock above
her delicate sweet parts and totally exposed and only a
foot or so from actually touching her right shoulder. I
opened my legs and jutted my hips forward towards her and
just luxuriated in the sensation of seeing it right next
to her swollen until the skin was almost bursting and purple
with the strain of aching to fuck her hard and deep. The elation
and thrill from just feeling deep powerful throbbings
and shooting sensations from deep in my balls. I just felt
my cock get a monster hard-on just for her gave me horrid
fuck fever for her tiny parts! I could feel my balls convulse
and then a hot stream of pre-cum would ooze out the end and
drool over the shiny skin of the over hard head and then fall
on her shoulder and run all hot and sticky down her Tshirt.
I imagined pushing her a little more and then pulling her
shorts and panties down in one shot and putting my thumbs
on each cheek and separating them until her orifices were
all exposed and pink so I could try to fit the head into one
of them. It would be hard to decide which one though.
Asian females have pubic hair that is so cute it can drive
you to madness when you see it. At first they seem so tiny
and innocent you think they won’t even have any pubic hair
but then as you skinny their pants down out pops the most
delectable little black tuft just over their crack and
it sticks up along the line of the crack following it down
between their legs. It sticks out even more prominently
because the fat pad of their mons veneris elevates it above
the plane of their lower tummies so that it is a little crown
of hair on the hillock of their adorable little quats. If
you can get your nose in it especially after not showering
for 24 hours you can smell their musk clinging to their hair
and then its all over. It’s as if they are trying to tantilize
you into tantric fits so you are screaming to fuck them silly.
You can just imagine fisting your huge American cock into
the the middle of that tiny little miniature Mohawk and
the fat pad sticking up around it trying to find the opening
and her hips grinding forward trying to get it in after her
eyes fill with the size of it against her smaller parts.
Huge cocks stretch out their tiny vaginas and cause sex
receptors to fire off wild sensations of fuck fever and
their hips move up and down spasmotically trying to resolve
the wild fuck fever heat racing through their tiny cunts.

Then in the middle of a heavenly sensation where I could
feel something almost like a seizure of precum gushing
up my cock from deep in my balls, she suddenly turned and
I quickly moved back to the back of the chair drooling all
over her floor and feigning casual interest in her calling
technique. "What are you doing back there? she asked.
"Nothing! I’m just listening to your business technique
so I can get as rich as you." I exclaimed. "You
will never be richer than me! You are too lazy! she smiled
cutely. I knew she was right. I would rather fantasize about
smelling the inside of the crotch of her dirty panties than
get rich. I loved the feeling of aching for her hard!
I quickly brought my pants up and nobody knew the worst behind
the chair albeit a huge fuck tool projecting like a heat
seeking missile towards the tender female. "Let’s
have some tea and toast?" I suggested to get into something
a little more normal and get my mind back into some kind of
normality. She got up and I followed her back into the kitchen
ogling her petite little buns twitching teasingly. The
tinyness of her buns made my cock surge to bursting. It felt
like it was going to explode but it felt soooooo dang good.
I couldn’t help taking it out and just letting it lunge up
toward her.
I followed her into the kitchen with my prong wobbling ahead
of me following those delicious luscious sweet little
tiny buns. She started working on making tea facing the
cupboards and meanwhile I was pretending to watch her when
in reality I was holding my huge dick up about one inch from
her pouting little bun cheeks. I had to hold it to keep it
from touching it. Then I thought why am I doing that? So I
let it just gently touch them soft so she couldn’t feel anything.
I was so close to cumming on her it was pitiful!! The width
of it against her little butt was comical. No way could it
ever get inside of her but Oh what fun it would be trying!!!
Arggghhh!!!!!!! My cock was convulsing up and down. I could
feel huge powerfully deep spasms deep inside of my balls.
A huge glob of pre-cum drooled out of the hole on the end of
the huge head and sluiced over her and dripped down towards
her legs.
She started to turn and I quickly whipped my exercise pants
up fast albeit the huge tentpole sticking out of the front.
"What do you want to eat with the tea? she asked. I couldn’t
say what I really wanted to eat which was her so I told her
I would get some fresh bread from my house to have with it.
"OK", she responded. "I’ll go and get
it OK?" I asked. "Sure, Hurry up!" she
quickly retorted. I went out the door. I glanced at her eyes
which were looking at my mega dick streching the front of
my pants into gross distortions.
I leaped over the fence and then opened the door and cut a
thick slice of bread which I buttered and put some honey
on. Then I had a brilliant inspiration. I put the plate with
the bread on it on the cupboard and took my cock out and let
it bulge full out again holding it over the bread soaked
with honey. I jacked it gently since it was so swollen with
sex heat and on a hair trigger cum-wise. A huge sluicy juicy
slime goo slid out of the big hole in the end of my cock and
just when I thought it would end I felt a powerful spasm convulse
another huge thick white rope of cum which I milked. It all
fell onto the bread running into the honey making it look
marbly with yellow honey and a ridiculous lake of vulgar
thick white sperm all over the entire thing. I felt an involuntary
powerful spasm from deep in my balls and another totally
involuntary river of cum drooled onto the surface of the
honey!! Now it was way too much. It was mostly sperm with
a little honey. She would taste it or see it, I was sure! Would
I dare to give it to her? No I couldn’t....or could I? I was
so hot for her I would do anything.
I cut it into two and I used a knife to mix the little bit of
honey into the humongous pool of sperm to get rid of the obvious
white pearly spermy stuff. There was really more sperm
on it than honey!!! Jeez!!!! I couldn’t possibly give it
to her.....but I put some Saran wrap over it and quickly
went back to her house while it was still hot and warm.
She had the door open so I put the bread on her side of the table
with the half that was the most spermy facing nearest to
her. She brought the tea to the table and I took the Saran
Wrap off. "I put tons of honey on for you!" I said
to prime the situation so that she wouldn’t suspect anything
when she saw it floating in goo. "I like lots of honey.
Most Chinese don’t like sweet but I do." she said almost
as if she knew. She sat down next to me and sipped the tea.
She put her leg up on the chair making her her leg spread out
exposing perfectly her sweet little split muffin pressing
tightly against the thin fabric of her pants. Then the sides
split a little and I could see a strip of her pink cotton panties!!!!
Oh, god! When I saw them I wanted to lick ‘em so bad I had to
forcibly keep my head up. I couldn’t help staring and aching
for it. I could even see a subtle but distinct line of her
slit slightly causing the material to sink a little in a
long line towards her anus. Her mound was so full and soft
and tender sweet like it was teasing me. I knew that part
of the softness was the mattress like effect of her hair
beneath her panties. Orientals have the cutest little
puffs of pubic hair!
I looked at the bread and wondered if she could tell. I saw
one thick pool that I knew was pure sperm slightly colored
with honey to disguise it but not much. Then she reached
for it and put it towards her mouth. Oh, no! I thought. She
had to taste it! Maybe she could taste the salty taste and
she would start shrieking and flying through the streets.
There wasn’t enough honey! She opened her precious sweet
little pink mouth and then her teeth suddenly were gum deep
in my hot thick sperm. Some started to drip off the bread
but her little tongue snaked out and caught it so that not
a drop of it was wasted. It was all over her lips, clots of
it still hot from my balls and she was luxuriating in it.
Her tongue went sexily over her lips and licked the sperm
off of them although she didn’t know. "This is so good!!
I love honey! she said. Open up, I thought, and I’ll pump
another ton of it in if you love it so much.
"Oh, it’s sooooo good, really! she gushed. I saw her
mouth open a little and it was full of wicked goo and she was
tasting and savoring every drop. If only she knew!!! I couldn’t
stand it. This conservative little person was sucking
thick goo from my huge cock and loving it without knowing
it. The phone rang and she left to go to the living room. I
heard her talking in Chinese so I didn’t know if it would
be short or not. But I saw the rest of the toast with "honey"
on and thought....Hmmm, it needs a refresher. I took the
plate to the counter and whipped my exercise pants partly
down. My cock was so hard and hot from watching her that it
was ready to go. I put it right over the bread and jacked it
just a hair and felt a power spasm come up from my balls and
could feel a deeply satisfying slurb of hot sperm swelling
the tube on the way up and then dumping way too much on the
bread. It wouldn’t stop coming out and then two more spasms
brought even more up. I could see it pooling all over the
bread like a white spermy horribly vulgar mess. She couldn’t
possibly not notice now!! Then I heard her come in.
"Sorry, it was a business call." she apologized.
"That’s OK." I quickly came back. "I’m
going to have the rest of the honey toast before it gets cold!"
she said. Don’t worry, I thought, it’s plenty hot. She bit
right into the center of the fresh pool floating on top where
it was almost complete sperm and no honey. "MMmmmmmmmmmm!!
she cooed sweetly. You make the best honey bread! Really!"
she murmured between bites. I could see sperm all over her
lips and tongue which snaked out to suck up all that had drooled
out of her angelic mouth. I could imagine doing a power jackoff
straight into her mouth wide open while sitting there in
only her pink panties getting panic hot seeing her sweet
full mound pouting her panties out and then feeling a gigantic
cum exploding out of my balls and then just inundating her
mouth and tongue and face with horrible huge hot flying
clots of flying sperm and then seeing her fasten her mouth
and hooking her lips around the flanges of the huge head
and just sucking it out of me as I continued frantically
jacking off into her mouth sealed tight around the huge
I continued to vary my gaze of her from watching her lap up
the sticky "honey" and her sweet little cotton
panties pouting out from the edges of her shorts. "I
have to go out on a business trip now. See you later",
she suddenly retorted. "OK, I answered quickly as
if I didn’t want to stay there and leer at her tantalizing
sweet parts. I put my shoes on and took one last look at her
and left with my plate that the "honey" toast
had been on. When I got back home I took my poor aching cock
out and jacked it off until I finally sated the poor frenzied
thing but it wasn’t good enough. It really needed to take
those cute little panties down and get its big huge head
and shaft deep inside of her tight warm squishy sweet little
quat surrounded by a cute thick patch of dark black fur which
would make her wild hot to cum and make her little quat buck
up relentlessly until it had satisified itself by fucking
me like a frenzied little animal.
To be continued

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