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Fortieth Birthday Contract


I’d like to tell you about the greatest birthday present
my wife has ever given me and how it changed our lives for
the better. They say life begins at forty and for me that
was certainly true.

First some background, I am married to Carol, we have two
children, Katie and Mark, and for the moment at least, no
pets. Carol and I have been married a little over 10 years
and I love her very much.

I guess like most couples, sex goes out the window when you
have children and that was certainly the case with us. Although
we had what I would call a good marriage, sex and money (or
the lack of it ‒ in both cases) were the most common sources
of tension between us.

Like most mothers Carol had put on a little weight since
having the children and as a result lost some of her self
confidence. The combination of that and looking after
Katie and Mark had both contributed to the situation where
we had sex about once every two or three weeks at most.

Anyway we were sitting having dinner one evening when Carol
started the whole thing:

"Darling, you know it’s your fortieth birthday in
a couple of months”

“Yeah….. thanks for reminding me”

“Well it’s a big milestone and I want to give you something
really special to mark it”

“Like what, we haven’t got the money to start being extravagant”

“Well I was reading this article about ………and I was thinking
of ……..well, um giving you something more personal” Carol
said, blushing.

“What did you have in mind” I asked, getting very curious
about what was on her mind.

“Well the article suggested ………and I was thinking I could


“Well you know how you are always wanting more sex ……….and
well this article was suggesting…………..and I thought………………”
she took a deep breath and looked up from the floor “I will
be your sex slave” Carol smiled, blushing furiously now.

“Wow…………….I mean, where did that come from?……are you serious?”
I asked. She definitely had my attention now.

“I thought it wouldn’t cost us anything, it’s something
special and personal, and I’m know it is something you’d
want” Carol said looking a bit sheepish “Look, I know that
our sex life hasn’t been as good or as frequent as you would
like and this would also be my way of making it up to you” she
added, looking slightly more confident now.

“What exactly did you have in mind”

"I will be your slave for the week of your birthday…..
I’ll do anything you want, except oral ‒ well OK, some oral
but no coming in my mouth because I don’t like it."
She finished.

"Umm……that sounds great………. and it’s a lovely thought………
but ………" I said, thinking.

“What?” she asked, looking a bit surprised “I thought you’d
like that”, she added.

“Of course I would, but…..well ……..I don’t think it would

“Why ever not?” she asked

“Well, we always seem to be arguing about sex……I’d only
get carried away, you’d change your mind and I’m afraid
we‘d end up having another argument.”

“I won’t change my mind”

“I love you and I really appreciate the thought but …………
about something a little less ambitious?”

”You don’t think I’m up to it, do you?”

“I didn’t say that” (it was what I was thinking though!).

“You don’t do you” she was looking very irritated by this
turn of events.

“I’m not saying that, it just well, in the past you haven’t
been very……………….well”

“Right that’s it then” Carol interrupted “I’m going to
prove it to you…………We’ll draw-up a contract” (I didn’t
mention Carol, used to work as a secretary in a legal firm).
She continued “We’ll have to have SOME rules, but otherwise
I’ll do anything you say, OK”

“And what if you don’t ……do I sue you” I said laughing.

Carol paused obviously not having thought about it to that
level of detail “OK if I don’t then I have to pay a forfeit
of some kind OK…………..….which is academic anyway, because
I won’t back out” Carol said looking very determined.

At that moment Carol marched out of the room, and then returned
with a pen and a notepad. “Let’s see, my rules are” Carol
said, making notes

“1 ‒ No pain ‒ I know you wouldn’t but… 2 ‒ nothing that would
get us arrested in public 3 ‒ nothing around the children,
obviously and 4 ‒ No coming in my mouth” Carol finished,
handing me the pad “Now what rules do you want to have”

“OK then ……..” I said thinking, still not really believing
she was serious about this. “Number 1 ‒ You can’t wear any
underwear for the whole week”

“OK, I can do that” Carol nodded with that determined look.

“and Number 2 ‒ …..I can’t think of a number 2 unless we make
it that you can’t hesitate for too long before doing what
I ask” I added

“OK. Now what if I disobey you or hesitate too long, what
punishments will I receive?”

“Let’s see” I said thinking, still not really believing
we were having this conversation “I guess each penalty
should get progressively more severe ‒ a kind of three strikes
and your out type of approach”

“Seems fair” Carol said “What about Strike 1, then”

"For Strike 1, you must spend the evening naked …………oh,
and I get an extra day added to the original week" I
said thinking quickly, not wishing to lose my advantage.

"OK, and Strike 2? She replied.

"Strike 2, Umm, " I thought " A bigger
extension, 3 days.... and ... eh.... you shave yourself”
I said, nodding at her pussy. She had always refused to do
this in the past.

"I don’t really fancy that, but OK, ……. and for Strike
3" she continued.

I was getting into this now ”To disobey me that many times
deserves a severe punishment” I said trying not to laugh.
“We said 3 Strikes and your out. So I think that for a 3rd strike
your main rule should also go” I then continued

“Yes for Strike 3 I get an extension of an extra week and you
have to give me a blow job till I come in your mouth ………………and
then swallow it all!” I said, expecting a total refusal.


"I don’t like it but OK, I guess that’s fair for a third
strike” Carol said looking a little more nervous.

“What happens if you break the rules again…… if we are going
to have a contract then we should cover all eventualities”
I said teasingly.

“I don’t think we’ll need it ………..but OK……for any other
offences, you get ………. another week and another blow job…………….
fair enough?”

“Umm ……well…. No……. not really…… the penalties are supposed
to get more severe……so it should be worse than a third strike.
I think any extra offences should be an extra weeks and eh……..blow
jobs whenever I want until we finish” I added pushing my

“What! ………. Oh OK then……but it’s academic because it won’t
happen anyway”

“I can’t believe any of it will happen” I replied, quite

“I’ve said it will so it will. I’ll type-up the contract,
put in what we have just agreed, and we’ll both sign it, so
that there is no doubt about what the rules are” Carol replied
with that determined look again.

"What ever you say, " I said, still not believing
my luck.

It was actually three days later that Carol gave me the agreement
typed up and asked me to check it. She had written a start
time of 7pm on the Friday before my birthday (which fell
on a Tuesday) and that it would end at the same time, the following
Friday. I read through it and signed it before handing it

To my amazement she gave it back to me two days later not only
signed by her but also witnessed, by her best friend, Dawn.


She explained that they had met for lunch and that after
a couple of drinks she had told Dawn all about it and that
I had the cheek to say that I didn’t think she had it in her.
Apparently Dawn read through it all and when she had finished
laughing, said what an excellent birthday present it would

Dawn had also jokingly threatened Carol that she would
be on my side if Carol tried to wriggle out of it, and insisted
on witnessing it there and then (she works at the same legal
firm Carol used to work at…… which is also how they met….

So it was on.


After what seemed like years but was in fact only about 6
or 7 weeks, the Friday finally came. Carol had arranged
that her parents would look after the children (Katie and
Mark) for the weekend.

I made a point of getting home early (about 5:30) to have
a shower while Carol took Katie and Mark to her parents.
They live about half an hour away but of course she got caught-up
in the Friday evening traffic.

When 7pm came I suddenly got an evil thought ‒ she finally
pulled up in the car about 10 minutes later.

I gave Carol a hug and a kiss as soon as she got in and asked
her if she was really sure she was happy about going through
with this. She gave me a mock angry-look and she “Of course
I am ‒ a contract is a contract and it’s gone 7pm so we’ve started
‒ what is my master’s desire” she said with a glint in her

“OK then, as we’ve already started I would like you to prove
to me that you are not breaking the rules right now”

Carol gave me a quizzical look and then the penny dropped
“NO FAIR” she said, “I just got in and I’ve been stuck in traffic”

“A contract is a contract” I added with a smile, "The
contract states that you must not wear underwear…………Is
this Strike 1, already?”

“No Fair ….” Carol replied undoing her blouse.

“And while you at it take the rest off too”

“I didn’t think I’d be dressed for very long anyway this
evening” Carol said stripping off.

This was going to be great and I already had an extra day.
Carol finally took off her last item of clothing, her knickers
and stood waiting.

I walked into the dining room, dropped my bathrobe and sat
on one of the chairs.

“Now I’d like my slave to ride me”

"Yes...sir" she replied, sauntering over
and then straddling me. Carol lowered herself slowly and
then with one hand guided me into her. After a few tentative
dips she finally made the descent and took all of me, while
looking straight into my eyes.

Carol smiled at me “I can’t believe you’re claiming an extra
day already”

“And your clothes for the rest of the night” I replied. “Now
ride me, slave”

“YES SIR” she said, saluting.

Carol started slowly and then briefly stopped, opened
her eyes and whispered “I love you”. Then she just attacked
me. I couldn’t remember the last time we had sex like it.
Needless to say it didn’t last very long. Carol came first
with more abandon than I could ever remember and that triggered
me off, shooting up inside her.

When she had got her breath back, Carol gave me a coy smile
“Is my master pleased”. I can honestly say that I don’t think
I have ever seen Carol look more attractive than she did
at that moment; naked, sweaty, out of breath and happy.
She was positively glowing.

“Your master is very satisfied” I said smiling.

We spent the rest of the evening in cuddled-up on the sofa
watching TV and then made love once more before going to

The next morning (Saturday) we had to go shopping for a birthday
present for one of our son’s friends who was having a party
the next week, and we also thought it would be nice to spend
the day out on our own.

We both got up and got dressed. I noticed that Carol had remembered
to leave the bra off but then obviously forgot about her
knickers. I decided to not say anything until later.

We went out and had a lovely time out just peacefully shopping
and holding hands. About 11:00 we decided to stop at a café
for coffee.

When we were sat down I leaned across “I love you but you are
naughty” I said

“I love you too, what do you mean, I’m…………Oh shit” she replied
looking bright red. “You knew”.

“Strike 2”

“No….. Oh shit…….no I just forgot………. I’ll take them off”

“Rules are rules” I replied smiling.

“But you can’t”

“You signed the contract” I said in the best, evil way I could

“Shit, Shit, Shit” Carol cursed “I can’t believe I forgot”

“You’d better go and take them off……we’ll get some razors

Carol gave me a look that could have killed a lesser mortal
“Oh……….. OK, I’ll be back in a minute” and off she went to
the ladies toilet, still cursing under her breath.

I ordered some more coffee and waited.

“Let’s have them, then” I said when she returned, holding
out my hand. Carol rummaged in her handbag and closing them
into a ball put them in my hand “Swine” she said.

“That’s another three days, I believe……. Which means we
keep this going until Tuesday week, unless you want these
back in exchange for another week” I teased.

“No way ……. that’s quite long enough thanks……….. There’s
no way I am going to make THAT mistake again”.

Later that evening Carol had a shower and came down to reveal
her handy-work.

”Ta dah!!” she said dropping her bath robe.

Carol looked fabulous, all her pubic hair was gone “Good
enough to eat” I said “In fact that sounds like a very good
idea………. Come sit here slave” I continued.

Carol joined me on the sofa for a passionate kiss. Licking
my lips with her tongue, she looked square into my eyes and
whispered, "Your slave is really horny. Is her master
going to eat her?"

All I did was smile and gently push her back on the sofa. I
kissed her lips gently, then licked inside her right ear.
Rubbing my chest against her breasts and my super hard dick
against her tummy and inner thigh, I brought my lips down
to her left nipple and licked it as softly as I could for a
few seconds. Then, gently biting it, I sucked her hardening
nipple into my mouth. "Ahhhh..." Carol exhaled,
and I knew she was ready to go. I sat up off her and lifted her
legs up from behind her knees. Taking her left foot in my
hand, I ran my tongue down the outside length, over her big
toe and sucked her smaller toes into my mouth before licking
my tongue straight up the sole. "Waah!" Carol
giggled and twitched her pretty foot out of my hand. That
diverted my concentration enough to see that her pussy
lips were now in full bloom, and it was time to give them my
complete attention.

Situated with Carol's bare feet perched on my shoulders
and her legs spread far apart, my face was just inches from
her glorious shaved mound. I paused for a few seconds to
take in the beauty of her bare pussy. I ran a finger gently
down her lips, and I thought I saw her muscles tighten.

Inching my lips closer to hers, I breathed warm and gently
on her clit. Next, I barely stroked my bottom lip across
her button. Hearing her whispered exhales of "hhhhooooohhhhh, "
and not being able to stand it much longer, I cupped both
my hands under her ass cheeks, and squeezed firm.

I flattened my tongue and starting right above her butt
hole and licked firm and steady up her pussy lips to her clit.
"Awww! Yes!!" Carol cried out. "Don't
stop!" I flicked the tip of my tongue across her clit
three or four times before swirling it around the edges
of her hard button. "Ohhhh, god... ahhhh!"


I slobbered all over her clit, licking and sucking it - firmly
then softly, over and over. Then, I would pause just a second
or two to give her a break before sucking and licking her
clit again. I pushed a finger into her wet pussy, curling
it once inside so it pressed against the backside of her
clit. Putting pressure on her g-spot, I firmly licked and
sucked her clit some more, adding another finger after
a while. "Uhhhh, yeah! Ahh!" I kept licking
and realized there was just enough room to put my pinkie
at Sara's back door. I pushed my finger against her
anal opening and stopped tongue bathing her clit for just
a second. “What the ………” Carol started to say but then stopped
and relaxed.

When she did, all of her pussy muscles relaxed and her butt
hole opened just enough to let me slide the tip of my finger
in her ass. "Oh..." Carol said in a deep, slutty
voice, "Oh yeaaahhh!" I pressed my whole tongue
on her clit again, swirling, sucking and licking it for
all it was worth. This was bliss! My pinkie in her butt, two
fingers in her pussy and my tongue worshipping her swollen
clit - and she was totally shaved too! I was in heaven!

As Carol's breath shortened, her exclamations got
higher and faster. "Oh! Aw! Uh! Uh! Ah!!" I kept
this going for about 10 minutes or so and eventually I could
tell she was close to cumming, so I let up just a half second,
then flicked her button with my tongue six or eight times
before firmly pressing my whole tongue down again on her
clit. Carol held her breath and her whole body clenched.
"AHHHHHHH!" I felt her pussy squeeze my fingers
in multiple spasms. "Ohhhh!" I held her clit
in my mouth, kissing it occasionally then slowly licking
her until she came down off her high. "Wow..."
Carol said after a couple minutes. "That was devine,
we HAVE to do that more often!"

"I almost came on the floor, " I said, giving
her beautifully shaved pussy one more kiss before getting
up on my knees. "We wouldn't want that, would
we?" Carol said as I slid my hardness into her wet and
waiting pussy. "Ohhh... no way!" I said as I
started rhythmically pumping her. After the incredible
turn-on I had just witnessed, it took no time for me to finish
off inside her with an incredible orgasm. We kissed, petted
each other for a while, and started thinking about round
two later!


The next three days all went pretty much the same but Carol
was certainly being a lot more receptive (I know the rules
meant she was supposed to be but this was different).

On Tuesday it dawned on me that I ought to try to get another
week of this and that maybe I should start being a little
more demanding and see if I could get Carol to back-out of

That night after Katie and Mark went to bed I had Carol strip
and lie on the lounge floor so I could eat her pussy again.
After about 20 minutes Carol orgasmed and I told her to have
a shower while I got dinner.

“But you haven’t come yet”

“Don’t worry, I plan to later. By the way you are banned from
wearing anything until you do make me come later” I said

I greatly enjoyed watching my wife eat naked. Her tits wobbled
as she cut her steak and her nipples hardened.

"What’s for desert, " she asked.

"Fruit from the fridge and ice cream, " I replied,
"you can sort it as I did the main course."

"But the freezer is in the garage! You can't possibly
expect me to go out there like this!" she stammered.

"Can't I" I stated "If you will not
then I will I guess its Strike 3"

"Oh no you don’t……. I protest!" she said

“Then its Strike 3” I said

“No, I’ll go…….Bastard” Carol then peaked out the window
then rapidly dashed out to the garage to get the ice cream,
desperately hoping not to be seen. It was no use, as she dashed
back she was seen by our neighbour coming out of his house
with a watering can. I noticed him do a double take and his
eyes light up at the sight of my naked wife and her tits as
they bounced about as she ran. Carol froze horrified that
she had been seen. This gave him ample time to view all her
charms. She then came to her senses and dashed inside.

I expected her to be furious with me and abandon the whole
slave week. But I was mistaken. She took one look at the front
of my trousers, which were struggling to contain my rampant
hard-on and said "Fuck me now you bastard".
I almost ripped of my clothes in my hurry to get undressed.
She then pushed me to the floor and impaled herself on my
tool. This was far from the occasional quick, if you must,
in the missionary position that I was used to. I had never
seen her as aroused as this, her pussy was dripping and her
nipples looked like they were about to burst. She was riding
me like a woman possessed and she was screaming out "
yes yess yyyes" I was desperately trying not to come
but my balls ached and my cock felt ready to explode. Then
Carol climaxed and not quietly or gently. My balls were
soaked in her gushing juices, she screamed the house down
and shook violently. I couldn't hold back and shot
what seemed like pints into her. We collapsed into each
other arms neither of us believing what had just happened.


"I never knew sex could be like that, I can’t believe
I got so turned on by him seeing me like that" Carol

"Go back out there, if you like”

“No thanks, that’s quite enough exhibitionism for one
day” she replied.


Thursday night I had decided on something more testing
so after dinner I told Carol to strip in the lounge while
I went upstairs.

Earlier that day in my lunch break, I went to a sex shop not
far from where I worked and bought a few toys.

I came back into the lounge with two vibrators, one was about
7 inches long but otherwise kind of normal. The other was
huge at least 13 or 14 inches and as big as her wrist around.

“You’ve got to be joking” Carol said wide eyed.

“No joke, I’d like my slave to entertain me. You are to take
these use them at my direction and pleasure yourself while
I watch” I said handing them to her.

“No way”

“Strike 3?”

“You’re an absolute bastard” she said glaring at me “You
really want me to do this?”

“Yes and now, or its Strike 3”

“Pervert” she snapped as she lay down in front of me.

“Start slowly with the smaller one” I instructed.

After about 15 minutes Carol was starting to get into it,
in between giving me evil looks “Now put it in and make yourself

Carol slowly fed it into herself and started a slow fucking
motion. About 5 minutes later Carol turned up the dial and
started some much deeper and deliberate strokes.

“Oh god …………….” Was all she said before slamming her thighs
shut and trembling in orgasm.

“Was that good enough for you” she asked

“Very good, but you’re not done yet. Now the other one” I
said smiling

“I’ll get you for this” Carol said picking-up the bigger

Carol again started slowly but I was aching to see her take
this monster. It was obvious that despite her protests
Carol was getting highly turned on and was soon pushing
the head of the monster against her lips. After a little
wiggling and stroking the head popped in.

After just a couple of minutes Carol was feeding most of
its length inside her and breathing raggedly and in a couple
more she was coming loudly. Carol lay there panting.

“Is my master happy NOW” Carol said in a sarcastic tone.

“I would be happier if my slave would address her master
in a more respectful tone” I said with mock sincerity. “I
think you need to learn a little more respect for your master”

“Oh sorry SIR” Carol replied with even more sarcasm.

“Well I think I need to teach my little slave a lesson………Do
it again please.”

“Bastard” Carol said reaching for the monster again.

“No my little slave, for your disrespectful tone I mean
start at the beginning again, the small one first and then
that one”

“You can’t be serious” Carol said pleadingly.

“Oh I can” I said with an evil grin.

It took Carol about 10 minutes to orgasm again and she looked
spent. I took pity and offered her a drink and a short break
(Yeah I’m all heart!).

“Now I want a good performance and a respectful attitude
this time or you will have to repeat it until you do” I said
trying to sound authoritative.

“Yes sir” Carol said in a resigned tone.

When Carol got into it, I wasn’t sure if it was just an act
or whether she seemed to be genuinely a lot more turned on
this time. After several minutes Carol was obviously surprised
by the intensity of her orgasm and lay there in a foetal position
trembling. “No more, no more” she pleaded.

I pulled her up on the sofa and we cuddled for an hour or so.
“That was intense and I hate to admit it but I kind of enjoyed
that” She said slowly rubbing my cock, which certainly
needed relief.

A little while later we went to bed and I had Carol ride me
until I came inside her. Carol hadn’t come again so I decided
that it was my turn to use the monster on her.

I had Carol get on her knees and elbows, and lubed it up.

"Umm that feels good!" Carol said. I pushed
and it began to slip in. "Oh my god! It’s so much bigger...
oh god... d...d...don't stop."

I looked on in amazement as her pussy lips expanded and gripped
it. I was sliding about 9 or 10 inches into her.

"Oh yesssss... Oh my GOD... I AAMMM GOIIING... TO

By now I was thrusting it in and out of her pussy as fast and
as hard as I possibly could and Carol was thrashing around
in orgasm. I stopped to allow her to recover leaving it embedded
in her.

After about a minute I started slowly sliding it in and out
again. Carol gripped the sheet “Oh god not again…….yes
……..oh fuck”.

I kept a steady rhythm with one hand and with the other lubed-up
my cock which was hard again and ready for action.

I turned-up the vibrator onto high, Carol gripped the sheets
harder, and I positioned my cock against Carol’s up-turned
ass. Carol’s head snapped around “NO……..Uh, OK…..yes
do it”

I held Carol’s hips with both hands and pushed into her.
“ugh ……yes……..fuck me hard” Carol pleaded. I started pumping
being careful to nudge the vibrator with my leg on each stroke
so that Carol got the full benefit of being double fucked.

Carol screamed out in orgasm after about 20 strokes. With
all the excitement of seeing Carol in such a wild state,
I soon followed and pumped my load into her ass.

We both over-slept a little the following morning and Carol
seemed to sit a little more gingerly than usual over breakfast.

“Don’t forget that I’m out at Dawn’s tonight” Carol said.

“Oh yeah, what time is it”

“I’m being picked-up at 7:30 and Dawn will bring me home
in the morning”.

(Carol had been invited by Dawn to an Ann Summers evening
at her house. There was going to be a gang of them and they
seemed to be planning a wild night).


At 7:30 that evening Dave (Dawn’s husband) arrived and
off she went.

I had a quiet night in and had a much needed rest.

As usual I got woken up early by Mark and Katie the next morning,
and after breakfast they went to play in the garden.

Carol and Dawn arrived about 9:00, had coffee and told me
what a great time they had had.

A few minutes later Dawn turned to me “Mike, Carol tells
me that you’ve already got her on two strikes”

“Yeah” I said with a smile.

“Remember about 6 months ago, Dave was away and my car broke
down, and you came out and towed me home”

“Yeah” I replied.

“That really helped me out ……….and do you remember I said
that I owe you one and that I’d make it up to you”

“Forget about it”

“Well I think I can now return the favour”

Both I and Carol looked a little puzzled

“Here” Dawn added, handing me a Polaroid picture of Carol
wearing a skimpy black teddy.

Carol went wide eyed and gave a gasp before Dawn continued
“Last night I managed to get Carol to try on some underwear.
And since she’s not allowed to wear any ‒ I guess you just
got Strike 3”

Carol immediately shot daggers at Dawn “What! You mean
you deliberately tricked me into that”

“Yeap” replied Dawn “I figured I owed Mike and well ….I just
couldn’t resist it…….besides this was all your idea if
I remember rightly…….and it’s not as if you didn’t warn
you that I’d be on Mike’s side if you broke the rules ……..Gotcha!”

“Bitch! …………….You’re supposed to be MY friend”

“I am ………what are friends for” Dawn said laughing.

“I WILL get you for this”

“Yeah, yeah …… In the meantime I believe you have something
you must do” Dawn teased, giving a very deliberate and exaggerated
swallow ‒ plus an extra week if I remember it correctly”.

“I mean it, I will get you for this”

“Yeah, yeah …..See you next week”

“Thanks Dawn” I said as she made her way to her car.


“So my little slave you thought you could cheat and get away
with it…..I shall have to teach you differently. Now that’s
one extra week and one very special blow job you owe me”

"I can't" she said.

”It’s in the contract”

Later that night after the children were in bed we were sat
in the lounge. I stood up and walked toward Carol “It’s punishment

“But I was tricked into this”

“Rules are Rules”

“Do I have to” Carol said pleadingly.

“I won’t force you to do anything……but this was all your
idea and you did sign the contract”.

“You and Dawn would never let me forget it, would you”

“If you mean would I remind you that you wimped out……………………..”


That did it.

Muttering under her breath, Carol knelt in front of me and
removed my trousers and took hold of my, already stiffening
cock. “I’m NOT wimping out” she said defiantly.

She immediately began to lick the under side of my cock.
The sensation was amazing. She ran her tongue over the end
of my knob and even probed the opening with her tongue. She
massaged my balls with one hand and began to pump her mouth
up and down with loud slurping noises. It was not long till
my cock felt ready to explode. I could hold back no longer
and began to pump my seed into her mouth. Carol was true to
her promise and despite screwing up her mouth at the taste,
she let me finish pumping into her mouth, and milked out
the last drops with her hand.

She looked me straight in the eye as she swallowed the last
of it and then without prompting took me back in her mouth
and licked me clean.

”There I’ve DONE IT” she said.


We had a lot more sex over the next week but without any great

The strange thing was how it seemed to be really changing
our relationship for the better. We somehow seemed a lot
closer at that point than we had done for the past few years,
and the sex which had been a point of frequent conflict had
now become a fun (and very frequent) element.

On the second-last evening of slave week we were sat cuddled-up
on the sofa when Carol asked “Can we have another baby”.

“Sorry” I said in shock

“Can we have another baby” Carol repeated “I’ve been thinking
that we have been getting on so well lately, and I would really
like to have another”

“Umm ………………I hadn’t really thought about it”

“Please” Carol said and then started kissing me”

The discussion went on for a few minutes before I relented
and said “OK then”, thinking about what I had let myself
in for.

“I love you so much” Carol replied kissing me again and then
running out of the room.

She reappeared about 10 minutes later in stockings and
suspenders with matching black bra and knickers.

I gave her a questioning look.

“Uh Huh” she said kneeling in front of me and pulling off
my trousers and pants.

“Looks like you just got Strikes 4 and 5 - since I’ve got both
bra AND knickers on” she added stroking my already stiffening
cock with one hand and cupping my balls with the other.

“But why” I stammered

“For saying yes………and because I love you…………..and well,
we need to start trying sometime” Carol said with a smile.

“Are you sure” I asked, hoping with all my heart that she

Carol said no more but leaned forward and took me in her mouth.


This blow job was a much longer more sensual one than the
first one just over a week earlier. I sat there in absolute
ecstasy for about 10 minutes before unloading an absolute
torrent into her mouth. Carol gagged a little but never
stopped. She swallowed most of it with just a little seeping
out of the corners of her mouth and down my shaft, and then
surprised me further by licking me clean and then wiping
the corners of her mouth with her finger, and then made a
real show of sucking her finger.

“I guess you’ll want a few more of these over the next four
weeks” she added smiling “but if I’m gonna get pregnant
I do need some of it elsewhere”


True to her word, Carol kept it up for a further 4 weeks. In
fact I got 5 weeks because she gave me a three or four blow
jobs during her “off” week.

About eight weeks after the slave period finally ended,
we found out that Carol was pregnant. We went out for a celebration
meal that evening and Carol gave me a blow job in the car on
the way home.

I am pleased to say that our relationship has continued
to improve along with our sex life, and that we both value
our time together much more.

We have promised each other to not let our relationship
to get into the same rut ever again. Carol often initiates
sex now, which she never used to, and also seems to be very
happy to give oral and receive oral sex as part of our repertoire.

I know things will probably get a little difficult to maintain
when the baby comes along but I think we are both a little
wiser this time, and neither of us want to lose the closeness
we have re-established.

They say life begins at forty, and thanks to Carol’s gift,
mine certainly has.

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