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Forced Initation


It was nine o’clock on a Tuesday night, Ken was out of town
on business, the girls were all out of the house sleeping
at friend’s houses and Barbie was looking for something
to do when she decided to sign into their AdultFriendFinder account to see
what sort of adult fun she might be able to find. Not certain
of her own intentions, Barbie decided to enter a W4W chatroom
for a little good old fashion flirting and within a moment
she was chatting with voluptuous married brunette in her
early forties who was in the same exact situation as her,
home alone.

After an hour of flirtatious conversation, the ladies
agree to meet at the Hampton Inn, in Nashua for a rendezvous
and without wasting a moment Barbie grabs two bottles of
champagne, gets in her car and drives to Nashua to meet her
new friend Alicia who is waiting for her in the lobby when
she arrives at the hotel and already paid for their room.
Wrapping their arms around each other in the two then kiss
passionately in the lobby as the gentleman working the
front desks immediately becomes aroused watching the
beautiful women kiss.

Taking Barbie by the hand, Alicia then leads Barbie to the
elevator to go to their room and after they enter the room
the ladies take off their shoes, open the bottle of champagne
and sit on the bed picking up where there conversation left
off on line while drinking their champagne. For the next
hour the two women continue to talk, drink and kiss occasionally
until Barbie finally makes her move by unbuttoning Alicia’s
blouse as they are kissing, before straddling her lap and
removing it while they continue to kiss.   Cupping Alicia’s gorgeous round breast and playing
with her nipples through her sexy black lace bra while the
two continue to kiss, after a minute, Barbie then leans
back for a moment to unhook Alicia’s bra before she begins
taking turns sucking on both or her wanting erect nipples
while Alicia begins caressing and squeezing Barbies beautiful
ass. As Barbie continues to suck on and play with Alicia’s
breasts, Alicia removes Barbies blouse and bra before
the two press their breasts against each other’s as the
kiss passionately while caressing each other.

Climbing off the bed, Barbie then slides her maxi skirt
to the floor, slithers out of her soaking wet black satin
panties and after dropping them to the floor climbs on the
bed pulling Alicia on top of her when the two begin kissing
again before Alicia begins licking her way down Barbie
gorgeous body, making sure to pay proper attention to her
beautiful breast until she is lying between Barbie’s
legs. Darting her tongue over Barbie glistening clit,
Alicia slides her index finger deep inside Barbie’s
pussy while she plays with Barbie’s nipples with her
other hand as Barbie runs her hands through Alicia’s
long brunette hair.

Soon, with Alicia’s finger’s deep inside her, while
she feverishly licks her pussy, Barbie grasps Alicia’s
head burring her face between her legs as she explodes into
orgasmic bliss soaking Alicia’s face until her body
stops quivering when she rolls Alicia onto her back, climbs
on top of her and kisses her passionately on the lips. Kissing
her way down Alicia’s neck, Barbie then begins licking,
sucking and playing with Alicia’s big beautiful mounds
for a few minutes before slithering down to lick Alicia’s
sweet pussy after removing her maxi skirt and panties.

Initially, Barbie begins softly running her tongue up
and down Alicia’s slit, frequently darting her tongue
inside, while using her hands to play with Alicia’s erect
nipples until Alicia starts playing with her own nipples
and Barbie begins fucking Alicia’s soaking pussy with
her fingers as she continues to lick ad suck her clit. Using
her left hand, Barbie continues to finger Alicia’s pussy
while licking it feverishly for a while before she begins
exploring her own pussy with her other hand while Alicia
continues to play with and lick her own nipples until she
finally erupts squirting her sweet nectar into Barbie

Finally when Alicia’s body stops trembling from her
orgasm, she pulls Barbie on top of her and the two kiss for
a moment, before Alicia spins Barbie around, straddling
her face, so she can lick her sweet pussy again while Barbie
sits up and plays with Alicia’s breasts before leaning
back over to lick Alicia’s throbbing clit. For the next 45 minutes the two beautiful women continue
to simultaneously lick and play with each another’s
pussies while taking turns rolling on top and beside one
another through numerous more incredible orgasms until
Barbie finally rolls off of Alicia after the both soak each
other’s face and exclaims “I’m sorry but I can’t
take anymore” collapsing next to her. Climbing under
the covers together, Barbie and Alicia then fall asleep
for a couple of hours with Alicia spooning her until Alicia
wakes up at 5am.

Climbing out of bed, Alicia then proceeds to get dressed
before sitting on the edge of the bed and gently waking Barbie
up by rubbing her back. Slowly opening her eyes, Barbie
then gazes at Alicia sitting beside her when Alicia says
“good morning sexy, I had great time last night, I hope
I will be able to see you again soon”, reaching into her
purse, Alicia then hands Barbie a black satin sleep mask
as she says “several couples get together every Saturday
night at the address inside this sleep mask for some sexy
fun and I really hope you and your husband can join us soon”
Without saying another word, Alicia then kisses Barbie
on the cheek and leaves the room as Barbie dozes back to sleep
until the sun wakes her a couple of hours later.

Turning on the television, Barbie then lies in bed for a
little while, watching Kelly and Michael as she wakes up
from her long night, and reflecting on the evening before
she starts rubbing her clit while she reads the message
inside the sleep mask Alicia had left which read, This mask
entitles the bearer, and a guest, entrance to any Super
Sexy Saturday’s party located at 7 Elmhurst Estates,
Nashua NH. Lying the mask on her eyes, Barbie then continues
playing with her pussy and rubs her nipples until her juices
run down her leg onto the sheets as she has an orgasm and once
she is finished she picks up her phone and sends Ken a text
message letting him know that she has made plans for Saturday

A few days later when Saturday night finally arrives, as
Barbie and Ken are getting ready to go out, Barbie tells
Ken all about her rendezvous with her sexy new friend Alicia
and Ken can hardly control his excitement, anticipating
meeting Alicia and her friends. Arriving at the address
provided on the unique invitation at 9 o’clock, Ken knocks
on the door with his arm around Barbie and a Latino man opens
the door and says “hola, do you have an invitation?”
when Barbie pulls the sleep mask from her purse holding
it up for the gentleman and he says, “Welcome, please
come in and join us” and Ken and Barbie follow him inside
to the kitchen where they are greeted with a warm welcome.
  Dashing across the kitchen, Alicia then embraces Barbie
and kisses her passionately before turning to Ken and saying
“hi my name is Alicia, you must be Ken, it’s nice to meet
you” and gives Ken a long kiss letting out a little sigh
at the end. After introducing Ken and Barbie to her husband
and the three other couples, Alicia shows Ken where the
beverages are before taking Barbie into the other room
for some girl talk.

Opening a bottle of champagne he brought, Ken offers everyone
a glass before pouring a glass for Barbie and giving it to
her then pouring a vodka on the rocks for himself and engaging
in conversation with the couples in the kitchen, while
Alicia explains to Barbie that the fun is going to begin
soon, but because they are new to the group she will need
to wear the mask during her initiation. After 10 minutes,
Alicia then instructs Barbie to stand up and put the mask
on as she calls the other couples in from the kitchen before
pulling down her tank top and sucking on her nipples.

As Ken watches Alicia suck on his wife’s beautiful mounds,
the three other women then lead him to the master bedroom,
push him onto the bed and restrain his hands to the headboard
as Alicia says, “okay boys, she’s all yours” so the
four men begin groping her breasts and pull up her skirt
grabbing her ass when Barbie screams “wait…wait…no,
this was supposed to be swapping, this is not swapping!”
to which one man replies in a stern voice, “yes, it’s
swapping” and Barbie says “it’s not swapping”
and he says “it’s swapping amongst guys” as he covers
her mouth while they tear off her panties. Picking Barbie
up by the arms and legs as she squirms and yells “let me
go!” the four men then carry Barbie to the Den on the other
side of the kitchen and hearing his wife in distress, Ken
says to the woman “what’s going on in the other room,
untie me” as Alicia enters the bedroom and says to Ken,
“Don’t worry, Barbie is fine I promise” closing
the door behind her.

Approaching the bed while holding her hand open as she reaches
for a glass of water, Alicia then says to Ken “take these
pills, they are Ecstasy and Viagra, you are going to need
them because you’re ours for the night” and putting
them in his mouth she holds he head up and gives him a sip of
water to swallow the pills as the three other women get undressed
and begin playing with one another before Alicia joins
them. Meanwhile, in the Den, two of the guys hold Barbies
hands in front of her while another guy covers her mouth
as Alicia’s husband puts a slipknot around Barbies wrists
pulling it snug so she cannot get free and says to her “we
can gag you now or you can stop screaming, it’s your choice”.
  Uncovering her mouth as two of the men rip off her skirt and
pull her blouse over her head, Barbie says “no, please,
not this way” to which Alicia’s husband replies, “Barbie,
you can submit and enjoy this, or you can fight it, it’s
your choice, but make no mistake, the four of us and anyone
else who walks through the door tonight are going to fuck
you as many times as we want to, wherever we want to and nothing
is going to stop us” as he takes her blindfold off. Bending
Barbie over, the men then take turns spreading her ass cheeks
and slapping her ass while taking off their clothes and
then slapping their big cocks against her face and ass before
taking turns forcing their cocks into her mouth while one
guy holds her head while another guy buries all 8 inches
of his cock deep inside Barbie’s tight pussy and begins
fucking her with long hard thrusts.

After a few minutes, the man ramming his cock into Barbie’s
pussy then sits down on the couch behind him, takes a tube
of Anal Ease, squirts a generous amount on the head of his
cock and pulling Barbie towards him, guides his throbbing
cock deep inside Barbie’s ass before pulling her on top
of him so he can play with her tits while fucking her ass,
as the other men begin taking turns simultaneously fucking
her pussy. Waiting in line for his turn, one of the guys then
notices another guest walk into the room and says “hey
Mike, how’s it going?” to which he replies “great,
looks like initiation night” as Barbie opens her eyes
watching him get undressed so he can join the party.

Meanwhile, back in bedroom, a voluptuous redhead opens
the door where she finds one woman sitting on Ken’s face,
while another rides his cock as the other two ladies lick
each other’s pussies on the chaise in the corner and without
speaking a word, the redhead then slithers out of her clothes,
approaches the bed and begins sucking on the two ladies
breasts that are riding Ken. After taking off all his clothes
back in the Den, the new guest then grabs the rope tied around
Barbie’s wrists and pulls her up onto her feet before
sitting on the other couch, turning her around so she is
facing him as he pulls her onto the couch straddling his
lap and slides his cock deep inside her pussy as he begins
sucking on her nipples. Immediately, the man on the other
couch then stands up, goes behind Barbie, grabs her by the
waist, rams his cock back inside her and begins fucking
her feverishly until he shoots a massive load deep inside
her gaping ass before pulling it out and collapsing back
onto the other couch.   With cum dripping from her ass, the other three men then
approach Barbie and as two of the men sits up on the back of
the couch, grab Barbie by the hair and take turns fucking
her mouth the other guy rams his cock deep inside Barbie’s
gaping ass causing cum to squirt out as he begins fucking
her while another cock is still deep inside her pussy. After
five minutes or so of having her three fuck holes filled
simultaneously Barbie then begins screaming as she has
and incredible orgasm causing the one man fucking her ass
to cum as her mussels contract around his cock deep inside

Finally when Barbies body stops quivering, pulling his
cock out of Barbies ass the man collapses on the other couch
while one of the other men climbs off of the back of the couch,
pulls Barbie up, removes the rope from her wrists, pushes
her to the floor in front of the guys cock she just had buried
in her pussy and pushing her by the back of the neck forces
the cock in front of her into her mouth as he slides his own
cock deep inside her pussy and begins fucking her while
cum runs down the back of her right leg. Meanwhile, back
in the bedroom, the women take turns riding Ken’s cock,
while another sucks his balls and the others take turns
soaking his face and each other’s though numerous orgasms
until finally as Alicia is sucking his cock before climbing
on for a ride he shoots a massive load deep into the back of
her throat.

With cum dripping down his cock the other 4 women then begin
licking and sucking on Ken’s shaft which is still hard,
as Alicia removes the restraints from Ken’s wrists,
gets on her hand and knees next to him and says “Ken, fuck
my ass”. Kneeling behind Alicia, Ken then begins fingering
her ass trying to loosen it up when one of the ladies squirts
some Anal Ease inside Alicia’s ass while another woman
lies down in front of Alicia, spreading her legs so Alicia
can lick her pussy and as Ken begins slowly fucking Alicia’s
tight ass Alicia devours the soaking wet pussy in front
of her. Meanwhile, back in the Den, one of the men continues
to punish Barbie’s pussy with his thick cock, while Barbie
takes turns sucking on the two cocks on the couch in front
of her until the one guys shoots his massive load deep inside
Barbies pussy before grabbing her by the hair and forcing
his cock inside her mouth so she can suck out the last drop
of cum before collapsing on the couch.

Not wasting a moment, one of the men sitting on the couch
then spins Barbie around, grabs her by the waist and pulling
her on top of him enters Barbie pussy from behind as he begins
playing with her breasts when the other man gets up off of
the couch, kneels in front of the other two and forces his
cock into Barbies already occupied cream filled pussy,
stretching it wide open as he tries to simultaneously fuck
her causing her to scream in pain and ecstasy. After a few minutes of having her pussy stretched by two
big cocks inside her, Barbie finally pushes the man on top
of her back so he then proceeds to stand on the couch in front
of Barbie and begins fucking her throat furiously causing
her to gag occasionally. Pulling Barbies head back by her
hair, the man fucking her mouth then kisses her for a moment
before climbing off of the couch to fuck her pussy again
and as he tries to stuff his cock back inside her, Barbie
slides the other cock already inside her pussy into her
ass so she can have both of her holes fucked and she rides
up and down on the cock in her ass while the other pounds her

Meanwhile, back in the bedroom, Ken takes turns fucking
all five ladies in their tight assholes as they are lined
up, side by side, on their hands and knees at the edge while
he stands behind them slamming his cock deep inside them
one by one as he plays with the other pussies on either side
of him and the ladies kiss and play with each other’s pendulous
breasts. After a while of taking turns fucking each woman,
the ladies begin breaking off in groups to play with one
another as Ken continues fucking Alicia’s tight ass
with varying intensity while back in the Den, feeling his
approaching orgasm, the man on top of Barbie pulls his cock
out of her pussy and covers her beautiful breasts with his
hot load before pulling her towards him so she can suck the
last drop of cum out as she rubs the cum between her tits.

Watching Barbie from the other side of the room continue
to ride the cock in her ass, one of the guys that had already
planted his seed inside her, stands up, approaches Barbie,
grabs her by the hair, pulling her off the couch and back
over to where he was sitting when he forces her to her knees
as he sits down and put his cock in her mouth as the guy that
was just fucking her follows the two, kneels behind Barbie
and grabbing her by the waist starts ramming his throbbing
cock deep her ass again. With one cock in her mouth as another
one reams her gaping ass Barbie then begins rubbing her
clit until after a few minutes she erupts squirting cum
from her pussy as the guy fucking her ass deposits his load
deep inside her before pulling it out and spreading her
ass apart so his cum can flow down to her soaking pussy.

With her gaping holes dripping with cum, Barbie then continues
kneeling in front of three guys sitting on the couch while
the other two men lie lifeless on the other couch as they
watch Barbie simultaneously stroke, suck and lick three
cocks. After ten minutes of servicing the three big cocks,
Barbie then tries to stand up to take a break for a moment
when one of the men grabs her by the throat and begins violently
fucking her mouth until he shoots his load down her throat
before releasing her when she begins to cry for a moment
and choke on his cum. Still shaken up a bit, Barbie then proceeds to stand up,
coughing a little still, when Alicia’s husband stands
up and hugs Barbie for a minute before whispering “I’m
sorry about that…don’t be scared, we won’t hurt
you I promise” then taking her by the hand walks her back
to the couch to sit on his lap while he continues to embrace
her as he slides his big cock deep inside her pussy. With
a cock buried inside her pussy, the other three men then
line up behind Barbie and begin taking turns fucking her
ass while she tries to simultaneously ride the cock she
is sitting on while back in the bedroom, feeling his approaching
orgasm, Ken announces that he is about to cum when Alicia
pushes him back and kneels in front of him so he can shower
her with his hot load and the other 4 ladies join her kneeling
down next to her. With five beautiful women kneeling before
him caressing their breasts, Ken then feverishly strokes
his cock until he shoots his load onto three of ladies chests
and they all then lick his cum off of each other as Ken sits
on the edge of the bed and watches the ladies play with each

Meanwhile, back in the Den, as Barbie continues to ride
one cock deep inside her pussy, the three other men continue
to take turns fucking her gaping ass until she begs them
to stop fucking her ass so they agree by placing her on her
hands and knees on the floor and taking turns fucking her
pussy while she sucks on Alicia’s husbands cock. For
the next ten minutes, the three men then take turns punishing
Barbies aching pussy until one of the men pulls Barbie to
her knees by the arms and holding her by the hair starts fucking
her mouth with the other three men stand next to him stroking
their cocks and playing Barbie’s tits.

With four men standing in front of her, Barbie then takes
turns sucking each cock for a minute before moving on to
the next cock until one by one the four men take turns cuming
in her mouth and showering her chest with their load. Covered
in cum, Alicia’s husband then brings Barbie to the bedroom
to show the ladies their work of art and Ken watches as the
5 women kiss Barbie and lick her clean before Barbie collapses
on the bed next to Ken while the other 4 couples put on robes
and go to the kitchen for a drink.

Lying on the bed together, Ken kisses Barbie and asks her
if she had fun to which she replies “it wasn’t what I
expected tonight and I will never forget it. I have never
been screwed so many times, by so many men, in so many places,
did you have fun?” to which Ken replies, “they kept
my busy but I was hoping to fuck you tonight, what do you say?”
and Barbie just laughs rolling over to rest. As Ken begins
rubbing Barbie’s back she then says “at first I was
scared and struggled, then…when I submitted it felt
good but eventually it started to hurt, but…it was pretty
exciting and I won’t ever forget tonight.” Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, as the five couples enjoy
some drinks and small talk they are surprised by two late
arrivals, Will and Robin who have been a part of the group
since the beginning. After the greetings are done, Will
apologizes for their tardiness and says “I’m surprised
you are all done playing, we thought someone might be still
hooking up” and to Alicia replies “it was an initiation
night so we got started early” when Will then excitedly
asks “where is she?” and Alicia says “they are both
in the master bedroom”.

Without saying a word, Will then takes his wife Robin by
the hand to the master bedroom and as he opens the door he
says “Hi! My name is Will and this is my wife Robin, sorry
were late.” Admiring the tall, handsome, well-built
black man approaching her, Barbie replies, “hi, my name
is Barbie and this is my husband Ken” as Will then proceeds
to pull his pants down at the side of the bed, pull Barbie
to towards him on her back and with her head dangling off
the edge of the bed he begins slapping her face with his enormous
cock while Robin, goes to the other side of the bed where
Ken is lying and begins getting undressed.

As Barbie begins stroking Will’s cock while sucking
his balls dangling over her, Will plays with Barbie’s
big beautiful mounds as Ken admires Robin’s big brown
double D’s as she gets undressed before kissing him for
a moment and sitting on his face so he can lick her sweet pink
pussy. Grabbing Robin’s round ass, Ken then begins to
devour her pussy, fucking her with his tongue and licking
her clit while she plays with her own nipples as Will starts
to fuck Barbie’s mouth, miraculously sliding all 10
inches down her throat while playing with her nipples and
slapping her pussy occasionally.

Relishing the feeling of Will’s giant cock sliding up
and down her throat, with tears in her eyes, Barbie then
begins feverishly rubbing her clit while Will continues
to tug at her aching nipples until she tries to scream as
her pussy squirts Robin’s leg and Ken’s face on the
other side of the bed and Robin then bends over so Ken can
fuck her mouth with his cock as he continues to feverishly
lick her sweet pussy. Within a couple of minutes, grinding
her pussy on Ken’s faces, Robin then proceeds to soak
it with her sweet juices until she is finished, when she
swings her left leg over Ken’s head and kneeling over
him says “suck my tits” as she buries her face in Barbie’s
soaking pussy while Ken sucks and licks her breasts dangling
in his face as he begins stroking his own cock.   With his wife licking Barbie’s sweet pussy, Will then
grabs Barbie’s ankles, pulling her legs back so he can
watch his wife devour her pussy, so Barbie has to take over
tugging at her own nipples when from the other room Alicia
stares at Ken stroking his cock for a moment before she goes
in the bed, lies down between Ken’s legs and engulfs his
cock in her mouth so Ken begins fucking Robin’s soaking
pussy with his fingers. Gathering on one side of the kitchen,
the other couples then watch the five-some on the bed for
a few minutes until Barbie’s hips begin to buck up and
down as she begins squirting her love juice again, this
time on Robin’s face when the couples go into the bedroom
to enjoy the show, with two couples sitting on the chaise
while the other couples shares a chair and Alicia’s husband
sits on the other chair to watch his wife suck Ken’s cock
for a moment.

Finally when Robin comes up for air, pulling his cock out
of Barbie’s throat and bending over the bed, Will kisses
his wife for a moment, before spinning Barbie around by
legs, so her ankles are touching his ears and driving his
rock hard cock all the way into Barbie’s pussy when he
begins feverishly fucking her causing their bodies to
slap together with each thrust and Will says “fuck….you
boys tore this girl up” before burring his cock inside
Barbie’s ass. As Will begins alternating between fucking
Barbie’s ass and pussy, Robin climbs off the bed, pulling
Ken off with her and bending over the bed looks back at Ken
as she spreads her ass as she says “time to fuck me” so
doing as instructed, Ken slides his cock inside Robin’s
wet pussy and begins fucking her, while Alicia starts sucking
on Barbie’s nipples and fucking her pussy with her entire
fist as Will simultaneously fucks her in the ass.

After a minute, grabbing Alicia by the hair, Barbie kisses
her and says to her softly “it’s really starting to
hurt” so Alicia gets off the bed, kneels down in front
of her husband, pulls his robe open and starts sucking his
cock when the other three women begin doing the same to their
husbands. Crawling over Barbie, Robin this begins licking
Barbie’s clit while her husband alternates between
fucking her two holes so Ken kneels on the bed behind Robin
and stuffs his cock in Barbie’s mouth for a moment before
he resumes fucking Robins pussy while Barbie starts licking
her clit simultaneously causing her to have an orgasm in
less than a minute soaking Barbie’s face.   While the four women kneel on the floor sucking their husbands
cocks, Will continues alternating between fucking Barbie’s
ass and pussy, occasionally sticking his cock in his wife’s
mouth while she licks Barbie’s clit as Ken continues
to alternate between fucking Robin’s pussy and Barbie’s
mouth while she simultaneously licks Robin’s clit until
after 10 minutes Robin turns to Ken and says “fuck my ass
now!” Pulling his cock out of her soaking pussy for a moment
Barbie engulfs Ken’s cock as Will reaches over to the
night stand and tosses Ken the Anal Ease and Ken begins rubbing
it in Robin’s tight little rosebud before sliding his
cock deep inside her tight ass.

With Ken fucking her ass, Robin then presses her soaking
pussy on Barbie’s face so she can devour it while Will pounds Barbie’s ass, as Robin buries her face in
Barbie’s soaking pussy while the other women start taking
turns sucking each other’s husbands cock, kneeling
in front of them and occasionally playing with one another
pussies. After ten minutes of pounding Robin’s tight
ass, Ken finally explodes shooting a surprisingly generous
amount of cum deep inside her before stumbling back onto
a chair when Robin has another intense orgasm soaking Barbie’s
face, causing the cum to drip out of her ass and into Barbie’s
hair when Will finally starts showering Barbie’s pussy
and torso with his hot load.

Once Will squeezes the last drop of cum out, onto Barbie’s
pussy gaping pussy, he stumbles backwards onto the chaise
between two couples so the men both stand up, go to the other
side of the bed near Barbie’s face and begin stroking
their cocks when Robin climbs off the bed to lie on the chaise
with her husband as the men pull Barbie’s face closer
to them. As Barbie lies lifeless on the bed she watches two
men stroke their big cocks near her sticky face when the
two women behind the men kneeling down with cocks in their
mouth crawl over and start sucking on their balls as the
continue to stroke their own cocks ready to shower Barbie’s
pretty face.

Wanting to join the bukkake party, the other two men sitting
in the chairs, that were recently abandoned, stand up,
go the other side of the bed and start stroking their cocks
while rubbing Barbie’s inner thighs as the other two
women kneel down next to them fondling and sucking their
balls. After a couple of minutes, Barbie then watches as
the two men now standing over her face simultaneously shower
her beautiful breasts with their hot loads before putting
their two cocks into her mouth at the same time so she can
suck the last drop of cum.   Climbing onto the bed, the other two men then kneel on either
side of Barbie as they continue stoking their cocks while
admiring her cum covered body when the fifth man who had
been napping with his wife in the Den walks into the room
as says “you are still going at it?” looking between
the two men kneeling on either side of Barbie and the four
women now kneeling in front of Will sitting on the chaise
worshiping his big black cock with their mouths. Without
saying another word, the dude who just entered the room
pulls Barbie to the edge of the bed and begins stroking his
cock while rubbing it on Barbie’s pussy before sticking
it in her ass and fucking her while the other two men continue
stroking their cocks occasionally putting them in Barbie’s

After several minutes the man kneeling to the left of Barbie
then shoots a big load covering Barbie’s stomach when
Ken stands up and leans over Barbie kissing her passionately
for a moment before a cock is stuffed in her mouth so she can
suck out the last drop, as another man continues stroking
his cock next to her while another slides his cock in and
out of her ass. Meanwhile, over on the chaise, feeling another
orgasm approaching, Will then goes to the bed, kneels down
next to Barbie where a guy had just finished covering her
with his hot load and taking Barbie’s hand, wraps it around
his cock so she can stroke it for him while Ken begins kissing
her again.

Within minutes, pushing Ken away from his wife, Will then
starts to cover Barbie’s face with his hot load as she
continues to stroke his throbbing cock open her mouth to
catch some on her tongue when the other man kneeling next
to her covers her tit’s with his hot load and the guy fucking
her ass pulls his cock out simultaneously shooting his
hot load onto her stomach and gaping pussy. When Will is
finished covering Barbie’s face, he then puts his cock
in her mouth for a moment so she can suck him dry as guy on the
other side waits his turn to do the same when Ken begins feverishly
stroking his cock turned on by the sight of Barbie bathing
in cum.

Pulling Barbie to the edge of the bed and standing over her,
Ken then begins feverishly fucking her throat while the
other couples watch when in less than a minute he pulls his
cock out shooting a thin stream of cum all the way down to
navel as she sucks on his balls vigorously. Lying lifeless,
covered with the semen from seven men, Alicia then takes
a picture of Barbie with her phone before handing her a couple
of towels to wipe herself off as Ken takes one of the towels
to help her.

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hot hard sex was had by the new comers and enjoyed by all will they be back for next week?


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Wow that was a lot of action


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GOD - I love reading story's about two women playing with each other pussy's or even two men sucking each other's hard cock-

I am a bi-sexual male looking for a few men for some MAN-2-MAN FUN


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wow thats lots of erotic hot fun... nice


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Gang story. And to long. Yes, erotic - but a little disgusting.


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Score cards got to get your score cards.