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Forbidden daughter-in-law


Carol clutched at the stranger's zipper, working desperately to get what
she wanted and needed. She didn't even know or recall his name, only
that he offered the stiff hard cock she hungered for. "You are a hot
little bitch," he said with a drunken laugh, leaning back on the front
seat of her car to make her efforts easier. Carol pulled his fly down,
unbuckled his pants and reached in to release the cock she'd been
looking forward to. It was worth the effort, thick, long and in need of
her mouth. She licked the underside of the shaft to the tip, enjoying
the taste she craved.

"Oh suck it, baby," he moaned as she filled her mouth with his throbbing
hard cock, "Suck it hard." She hungrily swallowed all that he offered as
deep down her throat as she could. "Why can't it be like this with Tom,"
thinking momentarily about her husband who was out of town on another
one of his fishing trips. "It will never be this way with him," she
decided, as the stranger roughly pulled her head down to his crotch. His
pumping action told her that she was about to receive a mouthful of hot
cum so she worked her tongue expertly around his cock-head. Suddenly the
dome light on her car illuminated her face and she realized that one of
the car doors had opened.

"Get out of the car, you bastard," she heard an angry male voice yell as
her sexual partner was pulled from the car. "Listen man, I didn't know
she was married," he lied, trying to discourage the intruder from any
violence. "Get out of here, right now," the intruder's, now familiar
voice commanded. Carol watched as the man she had picked up in the bar
hurried away from her car and became petrified, realizing the intruder
was her father-in- law, Matt. Matt climbed into the car next to her and
said, "I want you to go home. I'll be there shortly and you have some
explaining to do." Please don't tell Tom," Carol pleaded, wiping the
saliva from her mouth. "We'll discuss that when I get there," Matt
ordered, staring down at her open blouse, and slamming the door behind
him as he got out of her car.

Carol's hands were shaking as she struggled to put the key into the
ignition, wondering how she could possibly explain this to her husband's
father. Five years in a marriage lacking all intimacy was not a good
excuse for what she'd been caught doing on a Friday night, with his son
out of town. "He will never understand," she thought as the tears flowed
down her face. After all, she reasoned, this was only the third time she
had ever done anything like this and she had never really had sex with
any of the men she'd been with. Carol had gotten used to her husband's
lack of sex drive but she could not live without the oral sex she
hungered for. That's why on only those three occasions she had
intentionally found a stranger who could satisfy her dark and obsessive

Her thoughts returned to Matt, an attractive looking man in his
mid-forties, usually very compassionate and understanding but certainly
not under these circumstances. How could she possibly make him
understand the vulnerable position that his son had put her in? What
could she possibly say or do that would convince him not to say anything
to Tom? Carol turned her car onto the road, which led to her house, and
wondered how she should greet him when he arrived. She thought of all
the times she had caught Matt looking at her long legs or large breasts.
Carol decided it would be best if she looked good for him when he
arrived. There definitely was some attraction between the two of them
and maybe she could use it to her advantage. Perhaps a few drinks would
also ease the tension and put him in a more forgiving mood.

Not knowing exactly when Matt would arrive, Carol rushed upstairs to her
bedroom, removing the extremely short skirt she had worn for the evening
she had originally planned. Throwing her blouse and lacey undergarments
into the hamper, she immediately jumped into the shower to remove any
smell of cigarettes or liquor from her body. She soaped her perfect,
round, 36C breasts then slid her hand between her legs to discover the
pussy juices, running down her thighs. The shock of having Matt catch
her had temporarily cooled the heat within her but now, even the
slightest contact against her skin was re-igniting the flame. "Damn,"
she thought, "that guy I picked up had such a tremendous hard-on." She
would probably wind up in an all night session with her vibrator, but
first she had to deal with her father-in-law who could arrive any

She hurriedly toweled herself dry and went to her night gown drawer in
her dresser to select something Matt might enjoy seeing her in. "
Something not to trashy? Perfect," she said, pulling out a never worn,
sheer, pink chemise with white lace trim. The color looked great against
her dark, olive skin and the chemise was short enough to show off her
legs, but not inappropriate under the circumstances. It had a large,
open neckline that exposed her shoulders but not so much cleavage as to
give Matt the wrong impression. She slipped on the matching panties and
ran back into the bathroom to apply some hot pink lipstick. While
brushing out her hair, she recalled her husband's comments about her
recent permanent. "I hate that big hair look," he said, "it makes you
look wild and slutty." "In other words, sexy," she said out loud,
thinking that tonight it might be wise to look attractive for Matt. She
looked in the mirror, seeing that the material was much more sheer and
clingy than she realized and considered changing into something else but
the ringing of the front door bell interrupted her thoughts. "Too late,"
she thought as she ran down the stairs, "it will be fine as long as I
keep the lights down low."

Carol's legs trembled as she opened the door, not knowing what to expect
from her father-in-law. Her worst fears were realized when she saw the
angry look on his face and in his eyes. He entered the foyer and they
stood awkwardly for a moment, looking at each other as his fury and her
fear rose. "I'm sorry Matt," Carole almost whispered, "please let me
explain. Come in and let me get you a drink." He followed her silently
into the living room, sitting in a chair opposite the sofa, while she
went into the kitchen to prepare his usual, vodka and tonic. Only a
small corner lamp was lit in the living room but the large, kitchen
light was on, enabling Matt to virtually see through her nightgown as
she prepared his drink. " What a body," he thought, seeing the complete
outline of her young, curvaceous body. "Why in the world would any man
prefer to go fishing rather than sliding into bed next to that?" The
scowl returned to Matt's face as he thought of his son and his
unfaithful wife, he was staring at. Carol nervously walked in; handing
Matt the drink she had prepared and sat on the sofa across from where he
was sitting.

Not able to contain his anger any longer, Matt simply blurted out, "How
long have you been fucking around on my son?" Carol was thrown off
balance by his direct question and by his use of the word she had never
heard him say before tonight. "I haven't. I mean, not really," she
searched for an appropriate response. "I've never had sex with anyone
other than Tom," she said, "and it was only the third time that I did
what you saw me doing." The fire in Matt's eyes told her; her response
was not a good one, having revealed that this had not been a first or
only occurrence. She continued in an effort to explain, "You have no
idea what it's like being married to your son." He quickly replied, "
Then you'd better tell me. But first you'd better get me another drink."
Carol noticed he had gulped down his drink, probably out of sheer rage,
so she went to the kitchen to get him a re-fill. At the same time she
decided to pour herself one too, perhaps to sooth her nerves which were
on the brink of snapping.

Once again Matt stared at the silhouette of her body, clearly visible
through the sheer nightgown and could not help but notice how her firm
breasts stood without a bra on. He looked at her long, shapely legs,
exposed to mid-thigh and saw the outline of her small, sheer panties
hugging her sexy round ass. The time in the kitchen helped Carol to
gather her thoughts and as she handed Matt his drink, she said, "Your
son hasn't touched me in almost six months. I begged him not to go on
this trip, but he wouldn't listen. All he cares about is his damn, bass
fishing, leaving me alone for days at a time." Matt leaped out of the
chair, shouting, "So that gives you an excuse for sucking off guys in
parking lots?" "Please, let me finish," she pleaded, tears rolling down
her face, "I've gotten used to not having sex, I've found other ways to
satisfy that need, but I've discovered I truly enjoy oral sex and
unfortunately, that is something I can't do alone." Her crying touched
Matt so he returned to his chair as she sat back on the sofa. He asked
in a gentler voice, "What do you mean, other ways?" Carol blushed with
embarrassment but knew she had to reply, "I have a vibrator I use almost
nightly. Tom usually falls asleep in the family room watching television
so I have the privacy I need." Carol's nightgown had risen higher on her
thighs as she nervously twisted and turned on the sofa. Matt looked at
her long legs, imagining the scene she had described and became aroused
despite his anger.

"Tell me about this oral sex thing of yours," he ordered, noticing her
nipples were now hard and pressing against her clingy top. She began
pouring her story out to him, having no other choice than to tell him
all the lurid details. "The first time it happened, Tom was out of town
again on one of his bass fishing tournaments and I was extremely angry
at him. I'm not sure if it was out of revenge or just plain boredom, but
I decided to go out for a few drinks. I went to this bar on the other
side of town, where I was certain not to run into one of his friends. I
was sitting alone at a table, when a well dressed, nice looking, older
man started up a conversation. He seemed harmless enough and I guess I
was lonely, but only looking for some conversation. He was very friendly
and pleasant and we talked for quite a while, when he offered to buy me
a drink. I saw no harm in it since the conversation revolved primarily
around his family and his new conversion van. A few drinks later I
realized that I was getting tipsy, so I told him I was leaving, and he
suggested walking me to my car. I thought he was just being a gentleman,
so I let him. In the parking lot he asked if I wanted to see his new van
and I agreed, not intending to actually go in to a stranger's vehicle
regardless of how nice he seemed to be. He opened the rear doors on the
van so I could see the inside, and that is when he his whole personality
seemed to change, suddenly becoming very aggressive."

Matt listened carefully; getting more aroused by what was certain to
follow in her story. "Don't leave out any details," he ordered sternly.
Carol continued, " He pushed me into the van, closing the doors behind
me and was trying to take my clothes off. I was petrified and very
afraid of what he might do so I told him that I couldn't do anything
because I had an infection. He got very angry, suggesting that I owed
him for the drinks he'd bought me and demanded at least a blowjob before
I left. I have to admit that oral sex has always intrigued me,
especially since Tom is so dead set against it. Regardless, I knew that
if I wanted to get out of that van, I would have to make an effort."
Matt leaned forward in his chair, to get a better view between her legs,
which she nervously kept crossing and uncrossing. He also wanted to make
sure he didn't miss a word.

"He pulled out his cock," Carol said, "and ordered me to put it in my
mouth. At first it felt strange but then with each stroke of my tongue,
I realized that I had gained a position of total control. Somehow I knew
instinctively just what to do and within minutes he was moaning and
begging for more. I was truly beginning to enjoy it when unfortunately
he came in my mouth. I discovered that I loved the taste and continued
sucking him off long after his orgasm. I left the van, got back in my
car and headed home, knowing that sooner or later I would have to do it
again." Matt's cock grew stiffer in his pants with each word she spoke
and he suspected that her recollection was turning her on as well. His
suspicions were confirmed when he caught a glimpse of a dark wet spot on
her sheer pink panties, which grew more transparent from the moisture.
Her dark black bush was clearly visible and Matt struggled to hang on to
his anger and composure. In a deep, aroused voice he asked, "So you said
there was another time before tonight?" "Yes," she said softly knowing
there was no turning back, "there was only one other time before

"Well," Carol started slowly, "the first time was about three months ago
and after that night I could think of nothing else. I couldn't stop
reliving that night and imagining what I could have done differently
when I had that man's cock in my mouth. Then about a month ago Tom went
away for the weekend again. I promised myself that I would stay home to
avoid another situation like that. I felt like I was going crazy,
knowing that I had the perfect opportunity to do it again. Finally
around nine o'clock that night I put on the shortest, sexiest dress I
own. I found a new bar that offered live entertainment, which I figured,
would work well into my plan. I didn't sit too long before a variety of
men began asking me to dance. After several different dance partners,
during a slow song, I found the perfect man for what I had in mind. I
think his name was Bill but all I knew for sure was that he had a
tremendous lump in his pants which he pressed against me during our
dance." Matt turned slightly in his chair to hide his own growing hard
on, never taking his eyes off of her voluptuous and obviously aroused
body. Carol's nipples were now fully erect and the wet spot on her
panties continued spreading. "What happened next," Matt asked; almost
panting out the words.

"After a couple more dances and drinks I told him I had to leave and
asked him to walk me to my car. I'm not sure what he expected but I knew
that one way or another I was going to stuff his cock down my throat."
Carol continued, "he leaned over to kiss me goodnight and I returned his
kiss with an invitation to sit in my car. After what happened the first
time, I thought being in my car would help me to maintain control of the
situation. As soon as he got in we started making out and I told him
that I had my period but that I was more than willing to satisfy his
needs. Of course he didn't argue, promptly pulling out his stiff cock. I
spent the next half-hour doing everything to him I had been imagining. I
had controlled the rhythm, slowing down when I knew he was close to
cumming so that the opportunity and our pleasure would not end too
quickly. Finally after getting him close several times he filled my
throat with a huge load of his delicious cum. I gave him a fake phone
number, got rid of him, and a few minutes later was safely on my way
home. I'm ashamed to say that tonight was a repeat of that night. A
different man, a different bar but I went there with only one purpose in

Matt asked, "You never fucked any of them?" "No," Carol answered, "that
was never the intent. I guess somehow, I figured if they didn't fuck me,
it was okay. Carol noticed that both of their glasses were empty again
so she silently walked to him, taking his glass from his hand. As she
bent forward leaning toward him, the top of her nightgown opened
exposing her round, sweet-smelling breasts. She walked to the kitchen to
refill their drinks, Matt's eyes glued to her beautiful ass. Trying to
sound fatherly and concerned he said, "Do you have any idea what sort of
danger you put yourself in by picking up strangers in bars?" Sensing his
mood change from anger to concern, Carol quickly returned to the living
room setting their drinks on the coffee table. She knelt before him
replying, "I know and I promise I'll never do it again. Please don't
tell Tom, he would never understand. My marriage to your son isn't
perfect but I am not ready to give up on it yet. Please Matt," she
pleaded, "what can I do to convince you to forget all about what you saw
tonight?" Matt looked down at her lipstick-covered mouth, only inches
away from his pulsating cock. He tried to fight the temptation but was
completely overwhelmed by the lust her story had fueled. His conscience
lost the struggle, the proposition developed in his mind, as he heard
himself say, "Maybe there is something you can to do for me. If you're
willing?" Carol immediately responded, "Anything Matt. Whatever you
want, if you promise not to say anything to Tom." "Okay, Matt responded,
"let's go upstairs."

Matt stood up, reaching down to grip Carol's nervous hand, helping her
up to her feet. She wondered what Matt had in mind, thought of asking
the question but decided not to take a chance on appearing unwilling or
ungrateful for his understanding. He led her to the staircase leading to
the bedrooms, stepping aside to allow her to lead. Carol walked slowly
up the stairs, with him close behind, close enough to smell her perfume
mixed with the sweet scent of her aroused pussy. "No. He couldn't have
anything like that in mind," she thought, as she first realized her own
heightened state of arousal and extreme vulnerability. Recounting the
stories of her indiscretions had undoubtedly made her even hornier than
she already was. "I wish someone would take advantage of me," Carol told
herself, "but that someone can not and will not be my husband's father.
Nearly crazy with lust, Matt considered fucking her right on the stairs,
driving his painfully, stiff cock deep into her. He controlled himself
however, certain the plan he had formulated would be even more exciting
for him and for his hot little slut, daughter-in-law.

Carol entered her bedroom, walking away from the doorway where he stood,
and unintentionally towards the bed she occasionally shared with his
son. She turned around slowly, facing him, asking, "What do you want me
to do?" A chill ran up her spine as she saw the fire in his eyes and the
huge lump bulging under the front of his slacks. Part of her was afraid
of his response, while the other side of her was keenly aware and
enjoying the fire raging within both of them. "Take off your nightgown,"
Matt ordered. She froze momentarily, uncertain whether she had heard him
correctly. He noticed her hesitation and quickly reinforced his demand
before she had time to think. "You said you'd do anything," he reminded
her, "so take the nightgown off. Now!" Carol was startled by his raised
voice, not wanting to arouse his anger again. She lowered her hands to
the hem of her chemise asking; "You're not going to touch me or anything
are you?" "Of course not," he responded, "I promise I wont do anything
you don't want me to do." With an almost evil grin, he added, "Besides
that, what sort of father-in law do you think I am?" He raised his voice
again, sounding angry, with a tone of finality, "Are you going to do as
I asked, or not?" Accepting his promise as well as the situation she was
in, Carol began lifting her chemise over her hips, sliding it across her
bare breasts, and finally over her head. Her already erect nipples grew
even harder from the cool air in the room and the thought of standing
almost completely naked in front of her father-in-law.

Matt surveyed her near perfect body from the long, curly, black hair to
the shapely set of legs, perched atop a pair of white, high-heeled
slippers. Her breasts were round, firm and jutted almost straight out as
if extending an invitation, soon to be accepted. At one time she might
have been his daughter-in-law, but tonight she was just an extremely
hot, young slut, looking like a model from a lingerie catalog. The
sheer, almost transparent panties clearly made visible her puffy pussy
lips with the clitoris standing between them, completely surrounded by
the darkest, fullest pubic hair Matt had ever seen. Carol stood
nervously, wanting to cover her naked breasts with her hands but
absolutely sure he would not like any attempt she might make to cover
herself. "You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen," he said. " I
can't understand how Tom can leave you alone so often." Carol blushed
from his compliment and wondered how long he would make her stand there
while he stared lustfully at her. Despite her discomfort, there was
something incredibly sexy about posing like this for him and the visible
stirring in his pants seemed to communicate his appreciation.

After a few more moments of uncomfortable silence, Matt asked, "Where do
you keep that vibrator you mentioned?" Carol knew she had no choice but
to answer his embarrassing question. "In the middle drawer on the
right," she replied, looking at her dresser. He went to the dresser
drawer she indicated and rifled through the lingerie in it, until he
found what he searched for. Carole blushed as he held her toy in his
hand, closely examining the six-inch long unit that had become her only
other source of pleasure. "I want to see you using it," he ordered
sternly, while holding it towards her. "I can't do that in front of
you," Carol protested. "Do it for me and I'll leave here and never
mention what I saw or what you told me, ever again." he lied. Carol
reluctantly took the vibrator from his hand and sat on the edge of the
bed, uncertain of how far she would have to go to satisfy his request.
She began running it along her thighs, careful not to get too close to
her pussy which was screaming for attention. "Not like that," he said,
"lay down on the bed for me and I want you to turn it on." Carol lay
back across the bed, turning the end of her pleasure tool until the
light humming of its motor could be heard. She continued working on her
legs and thighs as she had before, finding the sensations getting her
hotter than ever. "That's it Carol," Matt said in a soft, lusty voice,
"show me how hot you are. Spread your legs, and show me where the fire
is. Show me where Tom is neglecting you"

Carol grew excited by his words, so she spread her legs further,
bringing the vibrator dangerously close to the spot she'd been avoiding.
Almost involuntarily, her thighs opened, drawing the toy closer and
closer as he requested, finally pressing it against her panties directly
over her inflamed pussy. Matt stood at the end of the bed, but came
around to the side for a better view of her lewd display and to
encourage her with words dripping of lust, " Oh yes, that's it baby. Run
it up and down that wet, hungry hole of yours." Carol closed her eyes
tightly to avoid getting excited to the point of climax but knowing he
was there and seeing how excited he was, simply served to heighten her
own arousal. The vibrator as if knowing where it belonged, drifted over
her clitoris with nothing more than the thin material of her panties
separating the two. The self- stimulation drove her near the point of
orgasm and if it were it not for the fact that Matt was in the room with
her, she would be filling her starving pussy with her pleasure tool.
Somehow, knowing this, he instructed her, "Move your panties to the
side. I want to see you put it in." Carol's body would not allow her to
even consider resisting his request since she wanted to do it as much as
he wanted to watch. With her left hand she pulled her panties aside and
pointed the tip of the vibrator directly at her gaping and dripping
hole. "Oh no," she heard herself moan as the initial penetration set off
a tremendous orgasm rocking her to her soul. Her back arched raising her
hips to meet each self-driven thrust, rotating them to Matt's mesmerized
stare. A less experienced man would have cum when she did but he was
determined to take full advantage of her and the situation.

He saw her slow down and begin to remove the vibrator from her pussy so
he said in a stern voice, "Don't pull it out. Keep doing it until I tell
you to stop." Carol opened her eyes with a surprised look, almost as if
remembering that he was still there. She continued slowly driving the
vibrator in and out of her pussy while looking deep into Matt's lust
filled eyes. Rather than satisfying her needs, the orgasm she had just
enjoyed served only to make her hotter, like fuel poured on a fire. She
turned her head slightly, realizing her face was almost level with
Matt's crotch and could not help but notice his cock looking like it was
about to burst through his pants. She was unable to take her eyes off
it, wondering what it looked like and imagining what it would feel like
in her mouth. Matt enjoyed her hungry stare stepping closer to the bed
and in an arrogant tone he said, "I know what you want." Unzipping his
pants he reached in and drew out his massive, rock-hard cock asking, "Is
this what you want Carol?" She fought in vain to resist the
gratification just inches away from her mouth but the culmination of all
of the evening's events had brought her to this irresistible and
undeniable conclusion. She stared in disbelief at Matt's cock, of
average length but extremely wide, with a huge mushroom shaped head,
dripping of pre-cum. She knew what she was about to do was wrong but her
mouth opened and she moved her head closer to it. Matt knew he had
broken her resistance so he reached down taking the vibrator from her
with one hand while cradling her head with the other. He slid the
vibrator in and out of her, her hands now free to grip his throbbing
cock. Carol responded promptly, hungrily lifting his cock with her hand
so she could lick the sensitive underside. She gave it a slow, teasing
lick from the base where it met his balls to the engorged head,
swallowing every drop of fluid that oozed from it.

Her desire grew impatient as she reached behind him pulling his ass and
hips toward her so she could take his entire length. She expertly opened
her throat to accommodate his oversized cock head, her tongue licking
furiously all the while. Between Matt's use of the vibrator on her pussy
and the thrill of his cock in her mouth, she wrapped her legs around his
hand, her thigh muscles' spasms signaling her climax. "That's it Carol
suck my hard cock," he moaned pumping her head back and forth so he
could fuck her throat. She wanted desperately to lick and suck his balls
but his pants were in the way. "Please take off your pants," she begged
as she fumbled with his belt buckle. Matt helped her with his free hand
while he continued teasing her clit with the vibrator. He stepped out of
his pants and spread his legs enabling Carol to roll over on to her back
with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. Standing over her and
straddling her face, she was able to pump his cock rapidly while licking
and kissing his sperm laden balls. He was surprised and pleased by her
aggressiveness as she alternated from his balls to his cock like the
starving slut she was. "This is a lot better than sucking off some
stranger in a parking lot," he taunted her, knowing they had all the
time either of them could want. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and
smirked at the disappointed look on her face and said, "Slide over, I
want to lay next to you." She quickly did as he asked, not sure what he
had in mind but certain she would enjoy it.

Matt stretched out across the bed with his head toward her feet, turned
off the vibrator and tossed it aside. "I've got something you'll enjoy
even more than this," he said as he gripped her hips pulling her on top
of him. She straddled his face and immediately stuffed her mouth full of
his hot meat. Matt began teasing her overheated pussy with long, slow,
deliberate strokes of his tongue against her drenched panties. His
tongue drew circles around her stiff clit, knowing it was having the
intended effect by the pumping and rotating of her hips. Driving himself
crazy as much as her, he pulled her panties to one side, slowly sliding
his tongue deep within her. Carol's gasp and sweet juices flowing down
his face made him aware she was having yet another orgasm. She ground
her hips against his face wanting to enjoy every bit of her climax.
Feeling completely drained she attempted to pull away but he grabbed her
ass cheeks preventing her, so he could suck on her sensitive clit,
sending her into another painfully pleasurable orgasm. "Please, stop,"
she screamed, as she pulled herself off of his face, fearing a complete
loss of sanity. He allowed her to pull away, knowing what he had in mind
next for his eager and horney daughter-in-law.

Matt turned to face her, as he climbed over her, kneeling between her
legs. Realizing what he intended to do, Carol attempted to squirm away
from the cock which was just inches from her eager hole. "No," Carol
pleaded, trying to escape his hold on her hips, "Please don't. I've
never made love to anyone other than Tom," she cried. Matt looked down
at her luscious mouth, "That's good," he said, "I have no intention of
making love to you but I am definitely going to fuck that hot little
pussy of yours." He reached down and with one swift tug of his strong
hand he ripped the flimsy, sheer panties completely off her body.
"Please don't do it Matt," she cried as he roughly grabbed her breasts
and began sucking and biting her nipples. She felt his cock-head slide
against her pussy opening sending chills through her body as it made
contact with her clit. Her pleas to discourage him quickly turned into
moans of pleasure, when she felt the tip of his cock pressing against
her wet, tight hole. "You're ready now aren't you Carol," he asked her
teasingly, "Tell me what you want me to do." Her last thread of
willpower snapped, completely betrayed by her own body. She wrapped and
locked her legs around his waist, lifting her ass to him. "Fuck me
Matt," she cried, "I want you to fuck me!" Matt slowly slid his cock
into her, amazed and pleased by her almost virginal tightness. "This
pussy feels brand new," he said, squeezing his large cock-head into her,
"but it's going to get used tonight." "Yes Matt," she responded, "give
me all of your cock. Fuck me till my pussy hurts," she begged. He teased
her with long slow strokes, enjoying the way her pussy gripped his cock
like a tight fist. Finally he could hold back no longer as he lifted her
legs over his shoulders, pounding his cock savagely into her. He kissed
her open mouth, filling it with his hot tongue as her pussy convulsed
from the most intense orgasm of her life. "You are one hot little fuck,"
he moaned, "it's no wonder Tom can't satisfy you." "Tom never has and
never will fuck me the way you do," she responded, "Please lay on your
back and let me ride you now."

Matt eagerly pulled out of her, rolling over onto his back as she sat on
his cock swallowing it completely with her pussy. She slid back and
forth on it loving the way it filled her and the places it touched
inside with each move she made. Matt massaged her breasts pinching both
nipples which made her ride harder and faster on him. He taunted, asking
her, "you like fucking your father-in-law don't you, you little slut?
You like that cock, don't you?" "Yes Matt, let me fuck you," she moaned,
"Let me fuck that beautiful cock of yours!" Carol felt his cock enlarge
and throb knowing he was about to fill her full of his hot cum, so she
pumped even faster driving them both into climax. He grabbed her ass
cheeks, squeezing them hard, as he emptied his load into her. "Yes, fill
me," she begged, "give it all to me." She quickly jumped off of him,
grabbing his cock, licking the cum off of him, while it still tingled
and pulsated from his orgasm. He gently pushed her away after a few
moments, letting her know that at least for now, there was no more to be

They lay next to each other, Matt thinking that he'd better be leaving.
"We can't have your neighbors see me leaving at dawn," he explained as
he started getting up. "Not yet," she said, pulling him back into bed,
"there's something I still want to do." Carol began stroking his cock
and when she felt it stiffen, she began sucking him off again. Matt
offered little resistance; stretching out and watching her enjoy what
she was doing, as much as he was. "She truly is beautiful," he thought,
looking at her full lips wrapped around his cock, and her thick, black
hair being tossed back and forth with each bob of her head. He knew what
she was determined to get so he let himself go and enjoy it, knowing
that he had stayed later than he should have. It was not too long before
her talented, hungry mouth had his cock throbbing again. Sensing the
extent of his arousal, Carol sucked and licked with all the passion
within her, until she felt his cum shooting down her throat and felt his
body relax. She proceeded to clean off his cock with her tongue until
every last drop was gone.

After a while, Matt rose to get dressed as he gazed at his voluptuous,
young daughter-in- law, laying naked on the bed, looking completely
satisfied and exhausted. He regretted not having more time, since there
were so many other ways he would enjoy fucking her. "I know Tom is going
to be away all week-end but you'd better not let me catch me you out
again," he warned." "Or next time, I'm not going to be as understanding
or as gentle." His threat sent tingles through her body as she recalled
her behavior and imagined Matt's possible reaction. "I promise to be
very good," she responded coyly. He gave her a passionate kiss good
night and left, considering a return visit the next time his son made
the mistake of leaving her alone. Feeling guilty for the thought, but
looking forward to it at the same time.

The next day, Saturday, seemed to be the longest day of Carol's life.
All day long she could think of nothing else but her encounter with Matt
the night before. She grew hotter as the day wore on, contemplated going
out again, but promised herself she would not. She began thinking and
wondering how Matt could have possibly run into her at the out of the
way bar she had gone to. The answer suddenly became apparent and she
began getting dressed in the sexiest outfit she owned. An hour later she
was in her car, searching for another bar and parking lot that could
serve her purpose. Carol slowed down as she approached the busy
intersection, while checking her rear view mirror. "There he is," she
said, seeing Matt's car following her, as expected.

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keep it up my man


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Absolutely Awesome!


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an old boss of mine said his second wife suck dick at the precinct headquarters but said she never cheated on him because sucking dick was not cheating...anyway, I read this story some time ago but repeats are allowed on great material...



Cassanova had the right idea......


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wow amazing just great


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there is a next time ,isn't there