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Forbidden Lovers
By Mr. McNasty



It’s early evening, and she was alone as usual, she is waiting
for a phone call from and old friend who had asked her if she
could be there so he could call and talk to her about something
very personal. She was intrigued to say the least, and a
bit apprehensive about it because he was once her daughters
lover. She fond herself sitting there thinking of a time
when she would have welcomed his sexual advances, not that
she is totally closed minded to them now, but she is closer
to her daughter now and would not risk damaging that.
Suddenly there is a knock at her door, and she is snapped
back from the strangely erotic mixture of emotions and
desires. She was not expecting anyone and was not dressed
for company. She wore nothing but a short summer dress she
had put on after stripping off her clothes, and taking a
quick shower, when she got home from work (no bra, no panties,
just a short, light, summer dress to cover herself). She
had hoped to have some privacy for his phone call; she did
not want anyone to know that they had been talking if at all

“Who is it?” she asks.

“Delivery for a Mrs. Jones?” comes the answer through her
She opens the door to find a delivery boy standing there
with a package she signs for it and closes the door as the
phone begins to ring. She picks up and says “Hello, ” while
still trying to figure out who sent the package. On the other
end of the line comes his deep resonating voice,

“Did you get the package, my lady?” he asks.

“Yes I did, it just arrived, did you send it?” she replies.

“Yes I did my lady, will you please open it.” He says.

“Right now?” she asks.

“Yes my lady, now.” He says.

“Okay hold on.” She says.

She opens it and finds a beautiful outfit inside, a dress,
bra & panties, shoes, bag, and a wrap with everything
matching beautifully.

“It’s beautiful, but who’s it for?” she asks him.

“It’s for you.” is his reply.

“Why?” she asks him.

“Because we didn’t want you to be able to say you have nothing
to wear.” He says to her, throwing her a curve.

“What do you mean nothing to wear, and just when would I be
wearing this?” She asks of him.

“Right now, you have 30 minutes to put it on and be ready for
a night out, my lady.” He tells her with a surety in his voice
that she is finding hard to resist.

Who is we, and what kind of surprise do they have in store
she wonders? She is not yet sure if she will do as she has been
told to do, although, she is filled with a willful desire
to do so, she still has some resolve not to betray her relationship
with her daughter, but than again he did say we, assuming
that we is her daughter and him.

“Okay, what’s going on, and who is this we?” she questions

“Your chariot will arrive in 30 minutes my lady to whisk
you off on a night of fun and adventure.” is all he says to
her before the phone goes dead.

She stands there wondering what is up, and who is this we?
She stands there and tries to resist his beguiling charms.
She feels all reason slipping away as she admires the taste
in clothing that sits before her. His timing and actions
are just so perfectly surprising and secretive that she
really feels no reason not to let herself enjoy whatever
it is that is going on and do as she has been told to do. Besides
she is a grown woman and it has been like forever since she
has had a night out and besides her daughter is obviously
in on it-how else would he have known her sizes so perfectly?
In 30 minutes she is ready, and waiting, and admiring the
way she looks and feels in her new clothes when she hears
the knock on her door. The swarm of butterflies in her stomach
takes flight as she heads for the door. She opens it to find
him standing there with flowers and a beguiling smile.
He is handsomely dressed and looks very appealing to her.
Surprise and shock flood over her body from her head to her
toes seeing him standing there. She was not expecting him
to be there, or at least she was trying to deny that she was
hoping he would be there.

“Hello there my lady, you look beautiful, these are for
you, and your chariot awaits.” Handing her the flowers
he leans in and gives her an innocent little kiss on her cheek
and then steps back and gives a little bow.

“Oh my, thank you, but what are you doing here, and what is
going on?” she questions him as he takes her by the hand and
closes her door, then leads her to her chariot.

She is too stunned and intrigued to put up any resistance
at this point. She feels all her reluctance floating away
like a cool summer breeze and lets it go with a beautiful
smile and a breath of fresh air. Besides it felt good to be
having a man treat her like a Princess. As he opens her door
and helps her into her chariot she wonders who all is involved
in this little charade, no matter she was beginning to enjoy
it immensely and let herself go with it. It had been far too
long since she had felt this special. For the moment she
has even forgotten about her daughter that is, on the assumption
that she is some how involved in this little charade.
She is surprised, and overwhelmed with wonder as to what
is going on and why? She wonders if he has moved here, wonders
where her daughter is? He turns on the car and drives away
without a word, only that beguiling smile. The stereo is
playing Marvin Gay at a soft seductive level, and she begins
to think of how nice this would be if her daughter weren’t
involved in it. And yet part of her is still aroused with
the thought of his masculinity, for she has not been with
a man for far too long, and she has seen pictures of what is
hidden beneath his clothing. Secretly she would love to
see it, touch it, feel it, have it inside her even if it where
just for one night.

“So what’s going on?” she asks.

“No questions my lady, just relax and enjoy yourself.”
He tells her with that deep resonating voice.

She feels all her resistance and apprehensions fly away
like the scenery outside the windows of the car. The further
they travel away from her reality the more she enjoys being
alone with him, especially being shrouded in such mystery.
She resolves to sit back and enjoy and see where this devilishly
handsome young man and the evening will take her. For if
he were trying to seduce her it was working quite well, she
could feel the fire between her thighs beginning to burn
with an untamed fury. Each beat of her heart carrying the
feverish heat through out her entire body. Shooting electrical
sparks from her swelling clit to her hardening nipples,
and to every extremity of her feverish flesh, that she was
almost sure were visible to the naked eye.
The voice of Marvin Gay begins singing the words of his ever
so sexy rendition of “Sexual Feeling” and she knows. Knows
just exactly what he is up to, and she must admit it has worked
and worked quite well. For she no longer cares about anything
other than how good it feels to have someone so handsome
go to so much trouble to seduce her. She really feels like
a fairy Princess ridding off into the sunset with her Prince
She has no thoughts of resistance any more, in fact she thinks
she will toy with him a little and then turn up the heat just
to please herself all the more. Besides she is sure he won’t
mind, in fact she is sure he will enjoy it very much when she
turns loose all of her womanly charms on him. Let the toying

“So tell me young man, do you really think I am so easily seduced?”
she says with a voice that is sure to make him think he has

“Why whatever do you mean my lady?” he replies coolly.

“Oh you know what I mean, the new outfit, the night out, the
songs on the stereo, and all this shrouded in mysterious
secrecy.” She tells him.

“Why my lady the night has only just begun, ” comes his cool
and confident reply.

His confidence raises her desires all the more for this
night to jump forward to when their lips will meet and their
bodies will come together to feel the fiery passion that
now burns in the air between them. For she knows they will
if he can only keep up his confidence and beguiling charms
through out her little session of playful torture. For
she is thoroughly enjoying her power over him now that she
knows what is going on. He does play a fabulous game she must
admit to herself for no one has ever done so much just to have
her submit to her own sexual needs and desires.

“So you think I will be swayed by your charms and trickery?”
she toys with him in a softer tone.

“My lady, I would never presume to think a woman of your sophistication
would be so easily swayed by the trickery and charms of a
man such as myself, ” he counters.

After all she is a very refined and knowledgeable woman
with years of practiced proficiency in the art of seduction
herself. Yet he is not so easily put off by her reluctance
to be seduced by his trickery and charms, no not just yet.
Besides the evening has just begun and the best has yet to
be experienced. For the sheer pleasure of her company and
seeing her in that dress, and knowing exactly what she has
on beneath it has made it all worth while for him.

“Yes you will do well to remember that, ” she says and falls

Letting the music touch her soul she listens to the words
and lets their passion drive her imagination wild with
fantasies of their naked bodies tangled together in the
heat of passion. She feels the hot silky wetness between
her thighs, the pounding of her heart in her ears, the heightened
sensitivity of her feverish flesh as she watches him transport
her to another world. Another world filled with strangers
who know nothing of who they are, where she will be free of
all her inhibitions. Free to fulfill her wildest fantasies
with this charming young man.
There is something about him, about the evening that has
striped her of all her defenses. Most surprising though
is that she couldn’t care less. She wants him. Wants him
to have her. Wants to feel his hands on her naked flesh. To
feel him inside her. To taste him. To have him taste her.
Her passion is raging deep inside now. The silence between
them is driving her desires wild with anticipation. She
knows she has lost herself to his charms and trickery and
wants to have him right here and now.
Just than they pull into the entrance of the Stockyards
Hotel and park the car. Before she can ask what they are doing
here he exits the car and opens her door. He takes her hand
to help her from the car like a true gentleman.

“And what do you think we are going to do here?” she asks him
with her toying attitude.

“They have a very fine restaurant here and a very lovely
lounge, ” he replies.

“Oh do they now?” she teases him knowing all to well that
he has won her for the night.

“Yes my lady they do, ” he says with a smile.

She knows that if he were to suggest they get a room and go
straight up she would, but letting him play out his hand
she figures will be more interesting, even romantic. Besides
if he thinks that she is worth all this effort than who is
she to deny him his pleasure?
They are seated in a nice, quite, secluded part of the restaurant,
in a cozy little booth dimly lit by candlelight. He slides
in close to her and orders some champagne while they decide
on what they will have for dinner. The champagne arrives
and the waiter pours their drinks and they place their orders.
After the waiter disappears he raises his glass to her and
proposes a toast.

“To a night of pleasurable fantasy in the company of one
so beautiful and sophisticated, a true lady.” His voice
a deep, resonating melody.

The deep, resonating, melody of his voice chills her to
the bone. The look in his eyes leaves her breathless as he
leans into kiss her sweetly on her wanton lips. Her heart
stops as his lips touch hers, but their lips touch only for
a brief, but wonderful moment. Leaning back he says.

“To you my lady, may all your dreams come true?”

She tries to tell him he has won, won her for the night, but
he puts a finger gently to her lips to stop her from speaking.
Then he leans in and gives her a more passionate kiss slipping
her just a touch of his tongue while letting his fingers
softly touch her cheek and neck. She feels her body quiver
ever so slightly as his fingers touch her feverish flesh.
Oh the longing she feels deep inside her is almost too much
to bear. She wants him as badly as he wants her.
The champagne and dinner leave her feeling wonderful.
They had a nice polite conversation as they ate. He told
her he was only here for the weekend and that he came only
to see her and enjoy her for the weekend. He also told her
he was staying here at the hotel that he has a suite up stairs
and was hoping she would join him there after dinner for
a nightcap. By now she was most agreeable to his every whim.

On the way up to his room he whispers in her ear,

“So when did you decide to let yourself be mine?”

Softly she replies, “And what makes you think I have decided?”


Teasing him with a lascivious smile on her lips for they
were alone in the elevator and he held her close looking
deep in her eyes. He kisses her softly, but with an underlying
heat for more of her. She can feel his stiffening penis pressing
against her and wants to take it in her mouth, but modesty
prevails and she will wait for the privacy of his room.
Stepping into the room she is taken aback for it is the most
beautiful room she has ever seen. Taking her wrap from her
he sits it on the table while she excuses herself to freshen

“What would you like to drink my lady?” he asks her as she
is leaving the room.

“Brandy would be nice, ” she calls back as she leaves the

He smiles knowing what she will find in the bathroom. As
she leaves the room he starts lighting the candles he has
placed all over the suite and turns out the lights letting
the flame of the candles illuminate the night. He pours
the drinks and places them on the table in front of the couch.
Turning on some music he makes himself comfortable on the
couch to wait for her. On the ride from her place to the hotel
they listened to the very suggestive lyrics of Marvin Gays
sexually explicit songs. Now it is the easy listening sound
of instrumental jazz.
As she closes the bathroom door she sees a beautiful robe
with a matching pair of slippers hang on the back of the door.
There is a note telling her to remove only her dress and her
shoes and put the robe and slippers on, and that she will
find a lighter on the sink, and to light the candles and turn
out the lights before returning to the living room. She
is totally moved by the style and manner in which he has seduced
her into submission. She does as he has instructed her to
do in the note and freshen up a bit before she turns out the
lights and returns to the living room.
As she passes back through the bedroom she notices that
he has lighted this room with candles as well. In fact she
notices that the only light through out the entire suite
is candlelight. She also sees a robe and slippers for a man
lying on the bed that wasn’t there when she was heading into
freshen up. She smiles and moves on to the living room where
he is waiting on the couch with their drinks. He gives her
a little whistle as she approaches and hands her a brandy.

“You look fabulous my lady, ” he remarks.

“Thank you, you’re to kind, ” she answers.

“Will you excuse me my lady?” he asks her.

“Of course I will, ” she tells him.

He sets his drink down and leaves the room. Sitting there
in wonder she can feel the heat of her excitement burning
out of control. The silky hot wetness in her crotch is dripping
with a longing to have him inside her. She opens the sash
on her robe while she is waiting for him to return and touches
herself. Letting her fingers playfully rub her swollen
clit through the wet material of her panties, she realizes
she hasn’t been this wet for a very long time. Then she hears
him coming and raises her fingers to her glass allowing
her robe to remain open.
She is toying with her drink and watching as he enters the
room. His robe is open showing he is wearing a pair of silk
boxers that match. In his hand he has a small towel and she
wonders why? As he draws nearer she can see his body is fit
and trim and well-defined making her temperature rise
even more. He is far better looking in person than in the
pictures she has seen of him, and far better looking than
the last time she had seen him, oh so long ago. She has never
had anyone do so much to make her feel so desirable in all
her life, and she loves it. He was right this is a night of
fantasy and pleasure and she felt the pleasure was all hers.

Although, she tried to see his erection as he came toward
her she could not and began to wonder why. After what she
had felt in the elevator on the way up to the room she thought
for sure you would be able to see it from across the room,
even in this light. What she felt was too big to be hidden
by his boxers. She reaches out as he passes in front of her
to feel it, oh yes there it was, and it was as she remembered
it was on the ride up. It is long, and hard, and thick, but
what was he wearing beneath his boxers holding its mass
from protruding from his shorts she wondered? He was full
of surprises and mystery and she loved every moment of it.

“Ummm there it is, ” she teases while devilishly licking
her sweet luscious lips.

“Were you worried it had disappeared my lady?” he says with
a boyish charm and a smile.

“Ummm yes I had thought it run away when I couldn’t see it
bulging through your shorts, ” she says with a wickedly
sensual laughter in her throat.

“Now, now my lady, relax he is not going to run away from a
beautiful woman like yourself. Now give me your feet for
this is your night of pleasurable fantasy, and I am here
to please you with all my manly charms and talents, ” comes
the whisper from his lips.

“By all means then, young man pleasure me, I’m yours to do
as you will, ” is her submission.

He seats himself on the table before her as she settles into
the corner of the couch letting her robe lay open and breathing
in the aromas of the candles as she sips her brandy. Giving
him her feet as he requested of her placing them in his lap
and playfully rubbing his cock with them. He lifts them
up and places the towel beneath them and pulls a bottle of
massage oil from the pocket of his robe. He squirts a generous
amount of oil in his hands and takes up the first one of her
feet in his hands. Teasingly she rubs his throbbing cock
with her foot while he is rubbing her other one. Knowing
how she is on her feet for ten hours a day five days a week,
he decided that this would be the best place to start touching

“Ummm that feels wonderful, do you do backs too?” she quires

“Yes my lady, I specialize in the all over hot oil body treatment
if you like, ” he softly tells her while working his magical

“Ummm…that sounds like what I need, would you be so kind
as to demonstrate your technique on me kind sir?” comes
her sensual whisper.

“What ever my lady wants she shall have. Just relax and let
my fingers work their magic up and down your sweet sensual
body.” He suggest to her while his hands begin to roam higher
up her leg.

He is purposefully eyeing her. She can feel him drinking
in her nakedness and welcomes it for he has a way of looking
at her that makes her feel more than desirable. She feels
beautiful. The feeling of his strong masculine hands on
her bare skin gives her such a thrill she feels the intense
rising sensation of orgasm and he has only just reached
her knees.
Gently wiping the oil from her feet with his little towel
he sets them on the floor. Taking her hands he brings her
to her feet and leads her to the bed where he moves in behind
her and removes her robe letting it fall to the floor. Standing
behind her he kisses her neck, her head falls back and to
the side, exposing the soft vulnerable flesh to his burning
lips. His fingers gently sliding her bra straps from her
shoulders as his kisses trail further down her naked flesh.
His arms wrap around her as her bra falls loose from her body.
She lets it fall to the floor with her robe as his hands cup
her breasts gently squeezing them with his fingers and
kissing her neck. Her arms come up around his neck enjoying
everything she is feeling, just letting him have his way
with her, the sensation of orgasm rising again…it felt
so good.

He whispers in her ear, “Lay down on the bed my lady and I’ll
give you my specialty.”

Without a word she does as he has said for her to do. By now
she feels like she will have an orgasm without him ever touching
her pussy. It is purely magical the way he has brought her
to a point of orgasm more than once now, and not once has he
touched her wanton pussy. Her head is spinning with delight.
Her body is aching for him. Her pussy is dripping wet for
his throbbing long hard cock to penetrate it.
Lying on the bed still wearing her panties she watches as
he disrobes. He lets his robe fall to the floor and teasingly
lowers his shorts slowly revealing what holds his cock
captive. He’s wearing a thong, she likes it, and she has
never seen a man wearing such a thing. With his oil in hand
he climbs on the bed right between her legs. She kind of likes
having him between her thighs looking her in the eyes. The
extreme intensity of the sensation makes her want him to
take her right than and there, just rip the panties from
her body and slide that massive cock deep inside her wet
wanton hole.
He takes her right leg and sets her ankle on his shoulder
then squirts the oil on the knee and lets it run down her thigh.
The sensation makes her quiver and he sees her.

“Ahh yes my lady your body and mind are beginning to come
together in their desires, both wanting the same thing, ”
he says to her as his hands begin to slide up and down the soft
supple skin of her thigh.

She tries to bring the other foot up to play with his cock,
but he tells her, “You may only touch yourself while I perform
my specialty on you my lady.”

She tries to argue, but he tells her, “It’s all part of my
agenda for you my lady, you must feel the most intense feeling
of desire that you have ever felt in all your life for this
night to be magical.”

“The time will come soon enough for me to give you what you
think you want at this time, but you must be patient and give
me time to bring your mind body and soul together in their
desires to have me, ” he instructs her.

His hands coming so close to her pussy she is dying for him
to touch it. His fingers slide down her thigh to the elastic
of her panties and then touching only the elastic one hand
travels down the inner thigh right against the elastic
and then up the back of the thigh. Teasingly like this it
goes on for what seems like an eternity. He starts on the
left thigh, lifting it up and placing the ankle on his shoulder
and squirting oil on at the knee, letting it run down her
thigh. The intensity of her desire is driving her wild she
can feel her orgasm building to the point of eruption.

She starts to play with her titties, pinching the nipples
and squeezing her breasts. Then she lets her hand fall to
her pussy and starts to rub her wet swollen clit through
the material of her panties. When she tries to put her hand
down her panties he stops her, she’s ready to explode and
he stops her, what madness is he thinking? He won’t let her
touch him and he won’t touch her were she wants him to. He’s
driving her insane.

“No my lady I will take care of that for you when the time is
right, ” he tells her.

“But the time is right, ” she pleads with him.

“Trust me my lady the time is not right, not just yet, ” he

Putting her legs on either side of him he slides in close
to her crotch. His massive throbbing cock just inches from
her wet wanton pussy. He squirts oil up and down her naked
body, from her panties to her neck. His hands touch her on
her belly just above her panties moving up toward her naked
breasts. He playfully pinches her swollen nipples letting
them slip from his oily fingers. His travel down her sides
to her the edge of her panties and slides them down over her
hips not quite revealing her pubic hairs. Then his hands
come across her lower belly just above her pubic area and
starts back up her naked body. He continues this for what
to her seems like forever.
Scooting down the bed from her he leans forward putting
his face right above her crotch and grabs the waistline
of her panties and pulls them off. Tossing them to the floor
with the rest of her clothing. He gently kisses her hard
swollen clit and then licks it just to drive her over the
edge. He licks her aching clit then slides his bare chest
all the way up her naked body to her luscious burning lips
and kisses them with a savage lust.
Grinding his hard throbbing cock firmly against her wet
pulsating pussy bring her orgasm over the top with very
little effort. The sensation of his hard throbbing cock
grinding her swollen achy clit was more than she needed
to release the volcanic eruption that had been building
inside her womb since he had picked her up. Her body shakes
and shudders with convulsive ferocity as she explodes
with the intensity of Mt. St. Helens.
Knowing he has brought her over the edge for the first time
tonight he rolls off her and stands telling her,

“Roll over my lady and lay on your stomach so I can finish
my specialty.” As his thong drops to the floor with the rest
of their clothes.

“You’re driving me wild, making me crazy with all this teasing, ”
she tells him.

“Yes my lady that is why we are here, ” he says with a little
laughter in his voice.

“We are here to drive you wilder than you have ever been in
all your years my lady.”

She sees his massive cock for the first time bare naked and
standing erect in front of her and she wants it with no more

“I have got to have it young man, and I want it now, ” she demands
gently of him.

“Roll over and you shall have it my lady.”

Doing as he has told her to do she rolls over. He climbs on
straddling her thighs. She can feel his balls resting gently
in the cradle of her ass cheeks and the tops of her thighs.
Mean while he is squirting oil all over her ass and up and
down her back. He begins rubbing the oil on her butt. All
over her cheeks and down between them, then she feels his
hard throbbing cock as he lays it between her cheeks and
rubs it with oil.
It is huge and she wonders if he is going to try and put it in
her ass. It’s too big she is think as he slides it between
her thighs and slips it in her hot silky hole. It fills her
pussy with such a sensation of massiveness she could not

“Ummm…yes that’s what I want, give it to me!” she mumbles
into the pillow as she feels him deep inside her.

“You like that do you?” he asks her as he buries all of his
long hard cock deep inside her silky hot pussy.

“Ummm…yes very much so.”

He now begins to give her more of his seductive massage.
His hands roaming up and down her body from her hips to her
shoulders as his massive cock sits deep inside her pussy.
Every little movement drives her desires wild with the
anticipation of him driving his cock in and out of her pulsating
hole. She wants to feel him pounding her pussy with his massive
cock and tells him so.

“Young man I need you to pound my hot silky hole with your
long hard cock!” she almost screams it at him.

“I’m sure you do my lady, but first things first.” He says.

Now pulling out of her he rolls her over and kisses her deep
and hard on her burning lips while crushing his cock between
their bodies. She wraps her arms and legs around him wantonly
pulling him closer. She wants to feel him pounding her hard
and deep, to feel his thrusting body pounding on her aching
clit as he drives his cock deep inside her. His hand slips
between her thighs and starts playing with her pussy, the
sensation is glorious to her.
His fingers probing the depths of her hole while his thumb
is stimulating her clit. He moves down her body and spreads
her legs as he plants his face in her pussy. Lavishly licking
and sucking her silky hot hole while she squirms beneath
his ravishing mouth. His fingers working in sync with his
tongue bringing her to yet the brink of another orgasm.

It has been far to long since a man has made her cum, she is
thinking as he makes her explode once again with more intensity
than before. Never did she think that this night would be
so explosive. She was loving every moment of it.
Now he looks her in the eyes and draws himself up her quivering
naked body forcing her legs apart with his body. Hooking
her knees with his arms he draws them up and pins them to her
chest as he rubs his cock up and down and between her pussy
lips. Once his cock is well lubricated by her flow of juices
he slowly slides it in. Teasingly just the head at first
sliding it in and out with tiny little strokes. Then further
in he goes, in and out, deeper and deeper, till he buries
the whole thing inside her.
Now leaning forward and letting her legs go he grinds on
her clit with his pubic bone. She wantonly wraps her legs
around him with a savage death grip and has no intention
of letting go until she is done now that she has him where
she wants him. Pinning her arms above her head he begins
to sweetly and savagely ravish her with kisses as his hips
thrust and grind on her clit. The motion grows more intense
with every passing moment. She is totally engulfed by his
ravishing power and stamina. Relentlessly he continues
to ravish her for what must have been an eternity because
she is ready to erupt once again as he pounds her pussy.
She explodes her body quivering spastically as he stiffens
with the release of his seed deep inside her womb. Feeling
his hot juices shoot off inside her makes her orgasm even
more intense if that is even possible she thinks. She feels
her own juices gushing from her body socking them both as
if someone had thrown a bucket of water on them.
Spent and winded from his efforts he lays beside her holding
her in his arms and gently caressing her…

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