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For the first time


She was 35 i was 17/18, she had been in a loveless marriage, physically and mentally for almost fifteen years. All started innocent and spending many long nights up chatting and just making sure i was ok (a longer story)

As we got closer, calling everyday and seeing each other as much as possible i began to take more notice of her. She was a beautiful curvy woman. A perfectly delicious size 12 with a gorgeous round peach ass such big beautiful rounded cheeks, with a sexy big birth mark on one of those big juicy cheeks, that i longed to caress and stroke circle each juicy rump with the tips of my fingers.... She also possessed the most succulent juicy juicy big titties, 36DD/ 36F. she was an Indian Goddess with thin shapely slender arms and long sexy fingers and the most seductive sexy toes and feet.
But after over a decade of not being touched or caressed or explored her sexual nature had been well and trruly locked up almost to point where she might be described a frigid.

But then one summer morning she came to my room after the house was empty except for her and me and just lay with me in bed snuggling up to me and wrapping her sexy arms round my chest. we started to chat and the topic came to love and sex and she told me what i have just said about her lack of intimacy....

At that point i am still not sure where i got the courage but i turned around facing her and hugged her and started to just let her feel my body.....I could feel she was completely naked no brta no panties under her long indian night gown those huge breasts just rubbing me into a seductive 18 this kinda temptation was hard to resist and i moved to kiss her on her sexy pouty lips

She let me for a bit and then jerked back catching her breath and i could see her whole body heaving in what i assumed must be her sexual pleasures awakening her deep buried desire finally making its way to her mind.

she asked why i did this and i said that it just felt right and I wanted to make her happy to please her and make her feel how she deserved to feel and awaken and show her the appeal to sexual gratification....
By nowe i was on the edge of the bed almost anticipating and fighting the urge to turn tail and run fearing i had just destroyed everything we had built before

But the she walked to me in that long huggig gown she slowly so so seductively lifted her gowen inch by rtantalising inch first revealing her sexy thin ankles and those beautiful feet and then those juicy juicy strong thighs such an amazing shape so round as she then straddled me those thighs either side of mine which i immeadiately grabbed and gently groped pinched kneaded stroked as she took a hold of my face so lovingly and gently and slipped her wet pink lips into mine kissing me at first tenderly so tenderly barely brushing grazing my lips and then she whimpered and moaned as she felt my desire against her untouched pussy lips, my dick was now so very hard and engorged just rubbing and grinding against her essence between her thighs.....she slipped her tongue inside my mouth deeply yearnign for more she moaned as she wrestled tongues in our mouths and now loosing all abandon we furiously wrestled and let our passion that had obviously built for so long our frenzy i tore offf her gown ripping them apart at her legs splitting it down her thighs and tearing off the top revealing those huge breasts as they slapped arounf free after so long

She was on her back legs and thighs closed being very shy and i started at her feet sucking each toe one by one as my hands massaged and stroked her legs her calves her thighs her inner thighs.....even lifting her legs and caressing teh backs of those sexy strong legs right up the that big round juicy rump of her big round ass........

as i worked my way up those naked legs partign themwider as i closed in to that heavenly scent between her thighs she tried to push me away as she crazily moaned and bit on her pillow as the sensation of a looving sensual touch one she had so long been bereft off finally flooded her brain with all kinds of sensations she was heaving and moaning os much i had not ever touched her juicy juicy wet glistening pussy ............andmy how it was a shapely pink piece of perfection surrounded by a gorgeously hairy mound which was already soaking in her wet juices fuck she was so so wet it was so much that by the end of the day the bed was soaking in one spot!!

i held her down powerfully as she continued to writhe and struggle against me it seemed as if every time i touched her it was an erogenous zone sending her body into a honry turned on frenzy fuck she was so so horny

she was now reaching down between mylegs and whispering in myear to lert her feel me in her hands and how she did.stroking me and pulling down my foreskin quite roughly in her aroused we swithced to A 69 fuck how i can eeven now clsoe my eyes and feel and smell and hear her as those thighs rest either side of my face her big hairy pussy lips lowering to my face as she opens her mouth wide to accomodate my rock rock hard cock oh my how her lips felt around my girth and as she took me in her mouth inch by fukcin inch

At the same time she was making these whimpering loud moaning sounds as she felt my fingers open her lips and coax her hard swollen clitty ravishing it mercilessly as i slipped a finger inside her dripping wet cunt all the way in knuckle deep fuck she almost collapsed on me in her ecstacy fuck she was cumming hard this point we were dead in the middle of two beds and they suddenly parted and we both collapsed after a second we burst into laughter and she fuck in the sexiest fashion crawled to me and so seductively straddled me taking hold of my hard cock and watching me and then my dick as she swallowed my cock inside her aching wet cunt inch by motherfukcing inch until she was sitting on my lap my dick completely inside her i whuispered to her how good it felt to be inside her to be one with her

she let out a moan as she started to grind that big juicy ass i leaned odwn a bit and started to hungrily lick and suck and flick at her big nipples and then opening my mouth wide i took one big breats in my mouth circling round those huge darl areolas my hands snaking down her naked back wrapping round her waist

She had a delicious hour glass figure and was now rocking and jerking back and forth on my dick her mouth was caressing my shoulders but suddenly she bit down and then starting sucking on me hard giving me hickies on my chest and shouilders

her cunt was soaking i could feel my thighs gettign s wet with her good as it felt i took over and layed her down on her back opening her legs wide in a V holding themapart with each hand as i watched mycock disappear inside her she wtahced too lettign out a OOOHHHHHHhh baby mmmmmm please mmmmm yarrrrrr

there were tears streaming down her cheek thinking i had upset her or gone too hard i staretd to stop but she lifter herself off her back and bit on my ear begging me not to stop stay inside me i want u insdide me always

we started to fuck harder she was even lifting tht big ass of the floor to meet my thrusts i reached under cupping her cheeks and slowly moving my fingers to her asshole at point of contact she suddenly jerked and pushed me off her asking what i was doing.....She did not enjoy that obviously and i think slightly upset she walked away but almost as quickle she cameback lifted me up and took me by hand to the bathroom and was making a bath with ehr eyes sparkling she wanted to have a good hard wet fuck

she wanted to fuck in every room every position her sexual beast had been awakened and although this party of the story is not finished it was the first of years of exciting and intimate passionate desire

After that mornings activity ending up in the bathroom, we lay together in the warmth of the water facing each other those gorgeous big round tits just cupping the surface of the water those big dark areolas sexily shimmering in the reflection of the water as i moved further into the bath lowering till i was almost flat onthe bottom of the tub she gliding over me lowering her those curves onto pressing er choot against my raging hard on she starting to grind her ass my hands all over them kneading them groping them slapping them which made the water cometo life and made her squeal in delight and drove her juicy hairy cunt hard up against me. What a sensation naked and in water her body on top of me her nipples hard and llong dark and horny brushing repeatedly against my chest and rubbing over my nipples........i told her our nipples were kissing.........she drove her tongue into my mouth and simoultaneously taking her hand under water searching for that hard lund her rock hard lund and easing me inside her. As she did she released her mouth from mine and leaned back sharply arching that sexy back as i leaned forward my mouth buried deep in her heaving bosom

By now the water was thrashing around as she lost her senses and started to really fuck me hard and deep driving my dick as she rocked her ass and hips deeper inside her cunt i could feel those walls wrapping tighter around my dick ......the shape of which when fully erect is much like a banana the curve of which i believe kept brushing and teasing her g spot as she lay starddled thighs apart on top of me........
She leans to the side of my head and bites and nibble on my ear as she mumbles and whimpers 'oh baby im cumming baby im cummminnnnggg ugghhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm baby'

And with that her thighs tighten round me and those fucking wet tight cunt walls grip my cock and her juices ooze out of her wet wet hairy pussy.

She is now breathing heavily her massive mountainous tits moving hard up and down as she tries to catch her breath,,,, locking her lips with mine holding my chin up with one hand as the other hands brushes through my hair wrapping her elbow round teh back of my head moaning through my mouth as she feels my dick still hard and huungry inside her.....

She staring eye to eye stands up those milky juicy legs parting as she stands water cascading down her naked glistening body holding out her hand beckoning me to follow her

She turned around showing me that amply round ass my hands eyes are drawn to those juicy cheeks and cupping each one in my hands i squeeze as she yelps and as i am now standing she leans back ever so seductively rubbing and brushing her ass cheeks against me all the way from my inner upper thighs to my dick and up to my naval and down again and again she goes stopping occasionally as my cock probes between her ass cheeks

she then gets on her hands and knees on all fours her head right down and she asks me to fuck her from behind doggy style 'i have never tried it before' she yearns

I too only happy to oblige get on my knees leaning right down and licking the soles of her feet following an imaginary trail up the backs of her claves and those sexy knees up to those milky creamy thighs making her reach round with her hands and grab my hair and gently or quite roughly suggest i make haste

I take hold of her hips /waist quite hard making her moan in slight pain as i part her cheeks revealing that glistening curly wet hairy mound and those big juicy phat pussy lips almost sparkling at me like her eyes did when i first entered her so tight and wet over a decade untouched pussy.........then all things went crazy as i slipped my very very hard cock inch by inch inside her till all she could feel was the tickling from my hairy balls on her naked wet cunt lips.........i stayed like that for a minute griding my waist around and around so my dick would do the same as it stayed plunged deep inside her

I lean right over so my chest is on her back my hands reaching under to those gargantuan breasts pinching hard those nipples between my forefinger and thumb making her fuck and grind her ass right back against me fuck it felt so heavenly the sensation of her heavily cummed pussy just getting its breath back and taking me inside her all 9 inches......she whimpered 'please leave it like this I love feeling you inside me'

I if only to tease her pull up and ease my cock out of her till only my fat pink naked helmet is hovering at the entrance to her pink heaven and as she moans in complaint i ram my truncheon back inside her making her catch her breath and instinctively pull her hands back and grab hold of the back of my thighs just below the rump of my ass pushing me deeper against her

as i continue to mercilessly fuck her from behind she cant take anymore and collapses on the ground her huge tits squashed up against the floor her legs straight and erect as my cock is still insnde her but her change in position making her cunt feel much tighter to us both; i let out a grunt and moan as she whimpers and holds her hands together. I look around at her feet and they are pointed and erect too as she deeply moans and starts to shake her entire body almost convulsing uncontrollably in between those grunts and moans she tells me to please stop she cant take anymore.....

thinkign i might have hurt her i pull out and she just lays there in tears and still shaking........i ask if she is ok and she says 'yes i have never felt anything like that before it drained all my energy' but she turns over and starts to kiss me all over frantically caressing em then holding me tight and close so close i can feel her heartbeat through those huge breasts

we lay back down her head on my chest hers hands stroking my side and waist as her just goddamn shapely thigh rests on my legs her feet toying with mine.......we lay for a half hour just chatting and playing with each other.

gradually we get up and planning to get dressed we go to the bedroom and sit across each other still naked....she becoming very shy and conscious of her body which i tell her is divinely contoured and i want to explore every naughty naked inch of her as i do our feet meet and start to kinda play wrestle i grab hold of her thighs andpull her closer to me until i feel her feet on my dick.

I ease my legs firther open and she does so as well as my feet are now trying to tease her inner thihgs which are her most sensitive part although at the moment every inch of her body seems to be on fire she just falls back laying on her back her head moving side to side as i use my left foot to rub against her pussy lips even managing to slip my big toe into that tight wetpink cunt hole; brushing her hands through her hair as she writhes on the bed bucking and trying to use her hands to push my feet away from her

her feet all the while though have sandwiched my cock between them and she is gently rubbing up and down and occasionally stopping giving mea foot wank to gently move her feet up my stomach to my chest and then my face my lips only happy to accommodate and suck on her just beautifully shaped long slender toes. holding her at her thighs and sucking on her feet just changes teh angle so slightly of just how deep my toe canslip inside her cunt..... this makes her crazy and she cant take it anymore pulling away from me and resting against teh headboard breathing so heavily.........

she says with heavy breath 'we have to stop i cannot take anymore you have made me so so wet and have me explode multiple times, my legs are starting to cramp....we have to finish this later...or maybe i can.......I am in a state right now my cock is still waiting for its first explosion......

and i dont know if she senses i havent completed yet but she crawls to me on her hands and knees smiling so fucking sexily she takes my cock in hers hands and lowers her lips watching me all the time as she opens her mouth wide and start to suck on my fat dick i fall back and let her have her way with me.she sucks me off cautiously at first, its her first time giving a bj......but she finds a rhythm soon enough and starts to make these sloppy wet sounds as she sucks me off so good and in a few frantic minutes of sucking me off i start to thrash andmoan telling her im about to cummmm

she lays back and jerks my cock off on her chest, not saying anythign but i know she wants my milk on her face and chest, she wants to taste me! and almost as i think of it i start to feelthe eruption build, she sense it too and goes even crazier rapidly wanking my cock off with ehr hands and then lowering her head so that when she stretched out that long pink tongue it lathered all up on my glistening wet cock helmet and suddenly i jerk and shudder and this creamy milk ejects but she has alread moved further forward and wrapped those fucking pouty lips round my dick sucking hard and as i explode in her mouth she finds it too much and streams of milky white cum slip down the sides of her mouth and her neck and down her naked chest over those huge swinging big titties, all over her chin chest and starts to ooze down the middle between that sexy gap between here titties.....and off all things she finishes off by rubbing it into her body like it was a tinglingly sexy moistureiser
by this time it was late in the afternoon and best part of the day had gone by.........then we decided to shower...........thats a story for another time

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Your like to long on what happen


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hot and sexy story tell us more with all the details


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Keep the details cuming!


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Wow that's a hot story.


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great job of describing everything from the action to the body and the intensity


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Extremely hot story got me so hard and throbbing had to take it out and relieve the pressure..


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q rica es ella q suerte tuviste amigo


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god debbie i ove you


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Great sex story which arouses the reader too.


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superb love you yar amazing one


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Thats a great story, thanks!


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Great story, I was getting hard reading it and remembering similar times......looked like you had trouble typing with one hand.


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Damn she has an amazing body! Having a foot fetish myself that was a hot story


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This turned me on something fierce


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im pretty impressed with this one


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Wow So nice Sex act. Woman should be pleased always.


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what a perfect figure


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Wow what a tease story


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damn share some more pics please