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For the Love of my Slave


For the love of my Slave
Lacie Paige

That morning as I watched him moving and cleaning the yard thru my office window it came to me. I had not rewarded him for a very long time. He had told me that in his past he had been involved with another male in a sexual relationship. I was wanting to do something to treat my Slave for his honorable service. Not being to selfish I would include something special for his pleasure in the same scene for the evening.

We decided to have a nice long conversation. We talked about our lives and how things were going and how we could enrich it much more. We spoke of our BDSM lifestyle with all the likes and dislikes. As we were all new to our lifestyle in the BDSM rhelm and running short of things to talk about, I reached for his collar, there was excitement in his eyes and curiosity in his voice.

As i put the collar on his neck, I asked him as I always do. "You know what this means?" He replied "Yess Miss." I told him in a firm voice, with this lock I own you and don't forget it. I gave him his regular contract and he signed it joyfully. We discussed the safe words as we do every time a contract is signed. Green is a go, Yellow is caution pain or discomfort is getting to much, Red is Stop everything stops right away, and Blue your having a Medical problem and again everything stops and all gear is taken away. It felt like He knew he was going to get somethingspecial tonight. We then proceeded to the bathroom,where every scene starts as a clean body.

First he got the shower ready where he would wash me first. When I was clean, I stepped out to dry. I opened the curtain and told him to make sure that he did an exceptional job at cleaning his ass inside and out in case I wanted it later.

I returned to the bedroom where I dressed in a lovely black and pink outfit, just enough to make him hard and get rewarded with a paddling of his tight ass. Getting hard is a violation and punishment is two spankings. Never mind the punishment for cuming without permission that is five spankings, but we will get to that later maybe. When he returned to the bedroom all sparkling clean, I did a short inspection. After which I noticed he was starting to get hard without permission. "Assume the position" I said. "Yes Miss" he voiced. "Do you know why you are receiving punishment?" I asked. "Yes Miss, I have a hard cock from seeing your beautiful body" He replied. "two spankings" and "really as many as you need to correct your actions" was my statements. As my Slave positioned himselfand leaned over the end of the bed, I couldn't help notice just how hard he really was. I told him to count them off. "Yes Miss" He replied. I took the punishment paddle in my hand and landed it firmly across his left cheek. "One, Thank you Miss, May I have another" He said. Then I took the same paddle to the right cheek. "Two, Thank yiu Miss, May I have another" He said. Next I took the larger paddle that didn't leave such a small place to sting, I then struck three more times for good measure. Each time he thanked me and asked me for another. When I was satisified I returned the paddle to the shelf.

I told him to lets prepare for the dungeon. We are in the process of building our own Dungeon. In which we are building 90% of the furniture. I really can't wait for the spanking bench so punishment can be moved to where it belongs. I love to keep my Slave in line and sometimes punishment needs to be administered to show him where his place is.

After preparing for our trip down into our Dungeon, I attached a lead to my Slaves collar and walked him down stairs. Upon arrival I ordered him to sit on the bench and we again we go over the safe words. I have him put in his earplugs. (We are practicing extreme trust thru sensory deprovation so we can seek total satisfaction and zero resistance. This kin of makes a person get inside the mind and allows one to have heightened arousals and orgasms. But enough of that, we need to get back to the scene at hand.) When he can't heaqr I need to show him what he is to do next. I showed him his ball gag, so he opened his mouth for me to buckle it on to him. Then I gestured for him to lie down on the bench face up. I removed the lead from the collar. Now comes his darkness the blindfold. I make sure to put the blindfold on securly and his deprevation moves further. Now in his darkness he needs to trust that I will protect him and keep him from any outside harms.

Now is my time to satisfy myself with practicing my rope skills as I bind him with ropes and perfect knots. As I practice this art I start with a couple of shorter ropes to bind his hands, making sure that the ropes are flat and the knots are in a place that will not harm him. After binding his hands to the bench giving an additional feeling of helplessness. Now I get to the part of the evening for my special reward to my Slave. I carefully take and bind off each ankle and bring them to a ceiling anchor point above his head giving me full access to his lovely round ass. After a few short spanks to that beautiful ass, I spray this tasty anal easeso I can work it in and make his experience less painful. The spray smelled so good that I had to smell it up close allowing the heat from my breathe to blow under the scrotum. I went in for a taste and couple times, he moaned so I went for the long slow lick from his puckered little asshole to the head of his now rock hard cock. I didn't give him permission to have that hard on but being gracious this time I won't give punishment. My next move was to shock him with cold play, Ice around and around his hole. It puckered even tighter. And that is when I lubed up and strucked that little hole with a butt plug. I don't think he had a clue what was coming an I only used smaller devices there before. I gave him about five minutes to get used to it's size as I kept pushing back against it every few seconds. Out it came, I pulled it out pretty fast and replaced it with the dildo from a strap-on we ordered years ago. He let out a pretty loud moan and then went into a really nice rythm as I fucked his puckered little asshole. His cock was even harder so I pumped him alittle harder till I knew he couldn't stand it and was about to release his load of cum. All of a sudden I pulled it out with no relief in sight his cock softened a little.

I decided he needed a little flogging as he really was never given permission to have a hard on. The first thing I struck with my flogger was his half hard cock. To let him know that I was not pleased with his hard cock. I then gve him a great flogging which he will thank me for later. After his flogging I grew board with the Dungeon and wanted to be serviced, so I lowered his legs and removed his bindings from his hands. One at a time I gave him back his senses the ability to move, see, speak, and hear. He promptly thanked me for doing this to him, he hoped that he was an obedient Slave and brough Miss great pleasure. I informed him that he did not but he would.

We returned to the bedroom where he was told to lick my pussy and fondle my breasts. He was told to make me cum so I forced his face into my pussy, grabbing his hair and I held him there as his tongue went to work. "I know that my Slave can do a better job, do it." Soon when I was ready to cum I told him I changed my mind that he was to fuck me. I told him that if he didn't cum at the same time as me there would be a large punishment. He obliged and came really hard which caused me to get off extremely hard.

When we were finished we retired to the bathroom to clean. I removed his lock from the collar and took it off of him. He washed and caressed me and we discussed what happened and why. He thanked me for being so thoughtful and reminding him of his past.

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Nice wish I was him. I would done u long


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Thank you for the comment 56farmer


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great story keep them coming