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For Barbra


This is a true story by a drop dead gorgeous mid-thirties
housewife (so I've been told) who has been proudly
black owned for the past three years. Many of the details
may not be as graphic as you would like, but I am putting this
together from three years of memories.

I stood before my dressing mirror, heart racing, as I inspected
myself. When smoothing my dress over my hips the glint of
my diamond and wedding band caught my attention. I considered
taking them off, but remembering Carla's comments
about the popularity of married women, decided to leave
them on. I was pleased by my sexy, inviting reflection.
Having ample breasts, I seldom wore a bra, and the thin fabric
of my dress seductively outlined my breasts. I had spent
more time than normal getting ready. I was freshly showered
and on an impulse I put on my wedding and engagement rings
resulting from the wanton thoughts and desires that had
taken over my being after another year of my cuckold husband
serving another tour in Iraq. It wasn't that I was cheating
on him, it was what he wanted.

I reflected back on the journey that had brought me to that
moment. I was raised in a conservative suburban town. Growing
up, I accepted without question my parents' belief
that blacks were just as good as we were, but as far as relationships
go, each group was meant to stay with their own kind. I would
actually feel revulsion when I saw a white girl walking
with a black man because I had been taught that what they
were doing was unnatural.

By the time I was in college, I saw some of my white classmates
dating black men, and rationalized that if the races were
truly equal there should be no reason why they shouldn't
be together if they desired, but I definitely felt it was
inappropriate for me. All through college, all my boyfriends
and lovers were white. I was curious; however, as to why
I saw many more white women with black men than the other
way around.

By the time I was twenty-five, I was married to a professional
soldier older than myself. I had been attracted to him because
he seemed so much more mature than the guys I dated in college,
and he was already financially established. For the most
part, I had a good life. We lived in an upscale neighborhood.
I drove a Mustang convertible.

After ten years of marriage, he started saying he wanted
to see me being fucked by other men, and suggested we join
a swingers club, have an open marriage and meet other men
for sex. David used to be extremely jealous and possessive
and now this. He thought he would become a better lover if
he had some competition. He is 6', 180 lbs. with a respectable
7" cock.

I'm of Middle Eastern descent, 5'10", 38-28-38,
with brunette hair, almond shaped eyes and look very much
like the porn star Ona Zee. After several months, we joined
a swingers club. They had weekly parties for couples only,
couples and singles, and bi, gay, and lesbian parties.

After a couple of months, I was enjoying the sex with different
men, David and I were having sex more often than ever, and
he was better in bed, always trying to prove he was better
or just as good as my other lovers. Then David received orders
for Iraq in six months.

He said he wanted me to continue swinging at the monthly
singles parties, as I would have a variety of lovers and
he wouldn't have to worry about me cheating on him.

The singles group had four black members, younger then
myself. At the previous parties, we never had a chance to
meet, because I was always in attendance of someone else.
I use to look at them and wonder if what they said, about black
men being more endowed than other men, and several of the
ladies at the club said they most certainly were. As I was
talking with Barbara our hostess, a 6' well built black
man appeared at her side.

She introduced him as Derek, and said he was an amateur photographer,
who would be available to all members to take pictures of
them for placing pictures of themselves Swinger Magazines
or upload them on the Internet at no cost to themselves.

Derek said he would really like to get me into his camera
lens, as I had a great photogenic body.

David and I talked to Derek some more and agreed on the coming
Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM at our place.

Derek arrived at our house at 7:00 pm Wednesday evening
and David greeted him at the door. He had his Digital and
video camera with him.

I came out of the bedroom wearing a matching black bra, garter
belt and shaved pussy, I knew she I was hot and ready. I told
Derek to take me into the bedroom for some solo poses to warm
her up before David would come in for the action shots.

About fifteen minutes later, I called for David to come
in. Derek was laying, spread eagle, bare-ass naked on the
bed, as I was stroking his hard eight inch cock. I told him
to take the camera and take some pictures of Derek and me.

He picked-up the camera and got familiar with the settings
and said he was ready.

I moved to Derek's cock, looked at David, and with a
smile or a smirk on my face, opened my mouth and took his black
cock into my mouth. I asked Derek how long his cock was, as
it was much bigger and thicker than David's was.

He said it was 8" long and that some of his friends had
cocks as large as 12."

How do you know that? I kidded him, are you bi-sexual?

He said that some of the wives that he had sex with, wanted
to gang-banged by three or four black guys, and he couldn't
help but notice their size.

I stopped sucking his cock and lovingly rubbed it against
my face and said; "Damn, 12?" That's twice
the size of yours David. I'd love to have a cock that
big, fucking me, but I'll have to work my way up to take
something that big. Derek, do you want to fuck me? I've
never had anything bigger than David's 7" cock
in me. Anything you can give me beyond 7" is virgin
territory, and will always be yours until a bigger one comes
along. Derek looked at David, and I said, "Well we're
swingers now, open marriage, and all that, swinging is
about sharing and experimenting with new lifestyles."

Derek smiled as he said, " Once you try black, you never
go back."

"I love sucking your black cock and I want to be your
naughty wife-slut with you, and be a good swinging wife."
"I've always fantasized about having a black
lover." "Hum, I love your hard black cock"
I said as I went back to sucking his cock.

David and I had discussed our fantasies, and he never knew
she had a thing for black men. David had several black friends,
and I never showed any special interest in them over my other

I was going to have to show him that I didn't have any
previous fantasies. I would always gag when sucking David's
6" cock, and would always act like it was a chore to
do, But, I was sucking more than 6" of Derek's
cock, and I haven't had to gag yet. My saliva was flowing
now, and I was slowly sucking his cock, taking pleasure
in tasting every inch of him.

I looked up at David and said, "Are you taking some
good pictures, keep the camera steady, I don't want
any blurred pictures. I'm going to want to look at these
pictures of me and Derek every day and masturbate."

David was shaking, and he had a hard time keeping the camera
steady, I wish he had a tripod, as I continued enjoying Derek's
cock. Maybe now I would give him more and longer sessions
of oral sex. Maybe.

Derek began moaning, "I'm going to cum, I'm
going to cum now baby, swallow my cum baby."

I stopped sucking his cock, preparing myself for the onslaught
of his cum, but he told me keep sucking. As he came, I tightened
my lips, and swallowed about three times, my eyes showing
shock, and gasping for air as he came two more times, his
cum flowing from my gaping mouth. When I regained my breath,
I exclaimed; "I thought you were pissing in my mouth,
I never knew a man could cum so much. If you fuck me, you are
sure to make me pregnant the first time you cum in my pussy."

"Ok baby, are you ready to lose your virginity again?

"Oh Yes, give it to me, let me feel your big, black cock
where it belongs."

Derek got up, and laid me on my back, spreading my legs, his
still hard cock pointing towards the opening of my pussy.
"Tell me what you want, baby; tell me what to do!"

"Fuck me. Fuck me with my first black cock, show me
why black men are so much better lovers. Make me cum for your
cock, make me cum for you Derek."

Derek lowered himself, letting the head of his cock home
in on my wet pussy. When he felt my open lips touch his cock
head, he impaled me with half of his length, and started
stroking my cunt with ever increasing more cock, until
his pelvis was meeting mine.

I was moaning, gasping, screaming, and yelling, as he filled
my pussy with his cock, for about fifteen minutes, until
he came again, filling me with his seed. "That was
the first, second and third time I've ever cum, from
being fucked.

David's mouth was agape, as he heard this from his wife.
David never made me cum this strongly.

Derek said, he had to leave, that he was wearing out his "Boys
night out" time.

I said, "When can we get together again."

Derek said, his white wife was a non-swinger, but she allowed
him out 2 or 3 times a mouth to pursue his "needs."

"But I want to see you again!" I said.

"If you still want to fuck black guys, contact Barbara,
she's a slut for black dick also, as are some other wives
at the club. Ask her for James's phone number. He's
young, hung and will show you a good time. And after you experience
James and you want more black cock, ask her about Zebra Night

After Derek left, I remembered that he didn't take
any action shots of me, and David, and told him so.

"Oh, don't worry. I've got some money saved,
and we can by our own digital and video camera, and have Derek's
friends take some pictures of us, and you take pictures
of their black cocks pleasuring you, ok? He said.

"You know, honey, I feel turned on to sex again. I don't
mean that sex with you isn't good, it just that were
so predictable with each other. Now, with swinging, having
an open marriage, and having sex with other men, I feel like
a little girl in a candy store. I want to sample everything,
boys, men, and women.

We had sex the next night, and I gave him the best blowjob
ever. When we fucked, I responded with new vigor, moaning
and squealing more than I ever did. I wondered if it was because
I was less inhibited, or because I was fantasying about
fucking more black cocks.

During the next couple of months, I had sex with other men
that David and I met at the parties, but didn't pursue
any black men, thinking I could do that after David left
for Iraq. After David left, I missed him most, when I went
to bed at night, woke in the morning. I was to busy the first
ten days, taking care of all the things that David used to
do, but as thing slowed down, my craving for sex began to
intensify. It was another two weeks until the next party,
so I called Carla the hostess of the club, who was also now
a very close friend. I had phone numbers of the various men
we had met over the previous months, and I called two of them,
but they had dates that weekend. I told Carla about them,
and asked her if she could suggest someone that I haven't
met yet?

Carla said she knew what I liked and was open to, and for me
to dress-up sexy, wear my black garter belt, short skirt,
3" heels and a blouse that would show-off my big tits
and shave my pussy and she would call me back.

My pussy was neatly trimmed, but she said to shave it. I had
shaved my pussy once before, and it felt so smooth and sexy
but it itched like hell when it began to grow again. I had
time so I shaved it baby smooth again.

Carla returned my call forty-five minutes later saying
that my date, "James" would meet me in the parking
lot of a singles bar at 7:00 PM.

I asked her if he was the same James that Derek had told me

She said possibly. She had given him my name and what kind
of car I would be driving. She said he was prime meat, a "A+"
lover and not to worry about anything, that he was a perfect
date and was certified safe and clean of any diseases. She
also invited me for coffee Tuesday afternoon after work
to discuss my date with James and also meeting other men
while David was away.

I said thanks, hung-up, and continued dressing. When I
was ready, I reviewed my efforts in the mirror. I wore bright
red lip-gloss that accented my full lips and David had said
invited my lips to be kissed. I also wore one of David's
white shirts, tucked into the waist of a short black skirt
that had slits on both sides and under that my black garter
belt, beige stockings and 3" heels that made me 6'1"

I arrived at the parking lot 10 minutes early, and prepared
to wait, thinking more about what disasters that may wait,
than anything positive. A shadow fell over the hood of the
car, then a gentle tapping on glass and a deep baritone voice
calling my name through the partially open passenger window.
"James?" I questioned.

He said "yes."

I unlocked the door and he slid into the passenger seat.
He was a large man, broad shouldered, over six feet tall,
short military cut hair and very, very handsome. I tried
to speak, tried to say something, but I just said, "Handsome!"

He said, "I'm very glad to hear you say that, you're
a very, very beautiful woman." He said he was in the
military, never married, but came very close a couple of
times, lived in the barracks, and that he had promise his
friend that he could use his car, as he had planned on going
out with the guys tonight.

I said, "I don't believe you don't have a
different woman every day of the week?"

He said, "I enjoy being with the ladies, but like to
balance it by going out with the guys every once in a while."
"Where would you like to go?" I said.

"Let's just stay here awhile and talk, I want
us get to know one another, I want to learn all about you."
He said.

He then said, "I understand that you have been with
a black man before."

I said, "Yes."

He said, "Was it a enjoyable experience?"

I said, "Yes it was."

He said, "What made you decide to have extra-martial

I said, "It was my husband's idea. He wanted to
see me have sex with other men. He thought it would liven
up our sex life, and make him a better lover."

He said, "Do you enjoy having sex with the other men?
Having the variety, different techniques, the different
cock lengths, the various thickness and shapes."

I said, "Yes, the variety is good; some are better
than others of course, and I like the naughtiness of it."

He said, "What does your husband do, when your having
sex with the other men?"

I said, "He watches, jerks off and joins in when the
other guy is taking a breather."

He said, "Then he prefers to be more of a voyeur than
a participant?"

I said, "Yes, he has a 7" cock, gives me my orgasms
and we have great sex together afterwards." All this
talk about sex was making me horny as hell, my thong was soaking
wet. I wish he would take me in his strong arms and kiss me
passionately, while using his hands and fingers to ravish
my body. I moved in my seat, while at the same time edging
closer to him. If he wouldn't make the first move, then
I would.

He said, "Was sex better with Derek than with the others."

"You know Derek." I said.

"Barbara told me. She said you were disappointed
that his wife only lets him seek out his swinger friends
a couple times a month, and that you wanted to see him again."

"Well then, Barbara must have told you, what I told
her about Derek?"

He said, "I want to hear it from you."

I said, "The sex I enjoyed with him, was different
than with other men. The naughtiness of having sex with
a black man, was so taboo. The color contrast of our bodies,
watching his black cock disappears within my white pussy.
Of course his length and thickness was a plus also."
My eyes must have been glazed over and my body numb as I was
reliving the experience, because James had moved over
towards me and placed his lips on mine, pushing his long
snake-like tongue between my lips, searching out my tongue.
My body was tingling right down to my toes. My arms were pinned
by his, and I struggled to wrap my arms around him also, showing
him that I wanted him too. Our tongues danced with each other,
exploring each others-mouth, moaning, sometimes groaning,
and letting each other know our desires for the other.

After about five minutes, our mouths still firmly glued
to each-others, I felt his fingers unbuttoning my husband's
shirt, to bare my heaving breasts. I relaxed my hold on him,
and helped him with my buttons from the other end and lowered
the zipper on the side of my skirt. Once he had my shirt open,
bra snaps loose, his mouth left mine, and he lowered his
mouth to suck my breasts. He sucked, nibbled, bit, and squeezed
my nipples so much, that I couldn't tell if it was pain
or extreme pleasure. After several minutes, his hand drifted
south and pulled up my skirt, his fingers pulling my wet
thong aside and inserting two of his fingers, stroking
and exploring my pussy. After about ten more minutes of
kissing, sucking my tits, and probing my cunt, he paused,
took a couple deep breaths, and said,

"Do you like what I'm doing, do you like kissing
a black man, having me touch your body so intimately?"

"Yes, yes." I said.

"Do you want to see what I'm carrying for you?
Do you want to see my black cock, and have it fuck you better
than you've ever be fucked before?" He said.

"Yes!" I said.

I changed my position in my seat, beneath the fabric of his
pants, was a tubular bulge. I unbuckled his belt, released
the clasp, and began to slowly lower his zipper, being careful
not to get it caught in the mechanism. Having it completely
down, I slowly reached into the opening and my hand froze
in place. My hand expecting to find a cock, like the other
men I had sex with, maybe a bit bigger; I found something
three times thicker than the average cock.

James raised up a bit, and lowered his pants to his knees,
and said "Take it, hold it your hand, stroke it, feel
a real man's cock, it is not a dick or a penis, like some
of the other men you have had."

I wrapped my fingers around his cock, and they barely encompassed
half of his thickness. He was fully hard and his cock had
weight to it, maybe 2-3 pounds, and as he felt my hand on his
cock, his cock jerked, and my hand along with it. I stroke
the length of his cock from tip to base two or three times
and then rubbed the palm of my hand over the head several
times. It was smooth, yet hard as a marble, and his pee hole
looked big enough for a soda straw to be inserted in it. Then
reality set in. I couldn't take that big cock into my
pussy without something tearing. I stopped stroking his
cock, closed my eyes and took several deep breaths. Damn,
his cock beautiful, I would love to have him make love to
me, but the size of it was awesome. I opened my eyes again,
and continued stroking his cock again; this time it did
not seem as threatening.

James said, "Do you think your husband could compete
with a black man with equipment like this?"

I said, "No way."

"Let me tell you something." he said. "I
once met a little Filipino woman; she could not have weighed
over a hundred pounds. I took my time with her. I took her
an inch at a time, for over a half hour. By the time the head
of my prick was at her womb, she was begging me for more and
to fuck her harder. All women can accommodate a man's
cock, even this size. Taste it, suck the head, and concentrate
on just the head, then after awhile you will be able to take
more, as easily as just the head. Someday you will be able
to take more than four. As your mouth adjusts, so will your

I lowered my head, and touched my tongue to his cock head.
His cock head was smooth, almost velvety and was very warm.
I licked and lapped at the pre-cum coming from the pee hole.
It had no taste, and was less in consistency than semen,
but I enjoyed lapping it and covering the big head of his
cock with it. The more my tongue delved into his pee hole,
the more pre-cum it would produce.

James said, "Come up here, let me kiss the mouth and
lips that gave my cock so much pleasure."

After several minutes, we broke the kiss, and I snuggled
up against him. The car dashboard clock said it was 10:15;
it seemed like less than an hour that he entered the car.

"Wow. I need a drink, not because I'm thirsty,
your cum cured that, but because I need to calm down and relax."

He said, "Let's go to the liquor store down the
street. Then to your place so you can drink and relax, and
we can get better acquainted."

I said, "Aren't we are acquainted yet?"

He said, "Well, develop a closer friendship, so that
if you have a special need or problem, you won't hesitate
to call me first."

We arrived at the liquor store, and I got a Bottle of Jim Beam,
a 12pack of beer, and various nuts and chips.

James said. "Damn girl, didn't you eat tonight?"

I responded, "My eyes get bigger than my stomach at
times, and in the present case, maybe your cock is bigger
that my pussy." I whispered.

"Pussy woo, pussy duo, " he chided.

When we arrived at my house, I opened the garage door with
automatic door opener, drove in, and closed the door behind
us, so that anyone seeing me come home, couldn't see
if I was alone or not, and entered the house through the adjoining

I told James to fix me a double, as I needed to freshen-up.

He said to discard the clothes that I was wearing, because
I didn't know how to dress anyway.

I looked in the dining room mirror, and was shocked to see
what he meant. My shirt buttons were buttoned askew, the
zipper of my skirt was open, and my hair was mussed-up.

I told James to make himself at home, and told him where the
kitchen and bathroom was. I removed the shirt, skirt, and
thongs, and wiped myself dry again, and put on a fresh thong
over my garter belt and put on some fresh perfume. I figured
that was enough, as James would probably remove any excess
clothing anyway. I was nervous and horny. I would call 911
if I had to. I placed my cell phone by the patio door, had house
phones in the kitchen, bedroom and living room if I needed

I entered the living room to join James. He was standing
up looking at some of our family pictures on display and
he was completely naked. He saw me standing there, with
my mouth agape.

He said, "With a minor adjustment to your clothing,
you'll be the most exquisite creature that I've
ever seen. Get rid of the bra please, or come here and let
me. I love women in garter belts, it makes them look so sexually

I walked towards him and stopped a foot away. He took a step
towards me, and with gentle fingers undid the clasp and
let my bra fall to the floor. He kissed my shoulder, neck,
ears and lips as his hands caressed my back, arms, and ass.

His cock was now semi-hard touching my inner thigh, and
not as threatening as the hard monster that I held in my hand
an hour earlier. He was a marvelous specimen of a man. I couldn't
deny him that.

James said, "Would your husband approve of you taking
a black lover, while he is overseas."

I said, "He didn't specify I couldn't."

"And after he returns, if you told him you preferred
black men for sex, would he accept that?" He said.

I said, "I don't know, he would want me to prefer
him primarily and other men second."

He said, "Kneel down."

I knelt down, his cock inches from my face, and looked up
at him.

"Look at my cock, study it, remember what it looks
like." He said.

After about a minute he said, "Now lick it, slowly,
all of it, let your tongue and lips taste every inch."

I did as he said, and each time my lips or tongue would move
over the head of his cock, I would taste the saltiness of
his dried pre-cum from earlier. Several minutes later,
he said, "Now suck it."

I did as he commanded, sucking just the head of his cock,
and as I got comfortable with its size, I took a little bit

"Suck it like you did before, concentrate on giving
me pleasure, think of the pleasure you feel from sucking
a black cock, think of how you'll look to someone else,
a loving white wife sucking her lover's big black cock.
Think of how much sexual pleasure you will receive, when
you finally see it, and feel it entering your body filling
you better than any cock you have had before. Think of how
deeply and long it will be fucking your white cunt and the
many multiple orgasms you will experience before I shoot
my black baby making sperm into your womb. You may pass out
from the multiple orgasms I'll give you."

"Stop"! He said, "How many inches of my
cock are in your mouth? Almost eight inches and you haven't
even gagged. Now look at my cock again, study it, and remember

I pulled my head back, as his cock dropped from my mouth,
and examined his cock again.

James said, "Describe to me what you see."

I said, "your cock is very hard, it's stretched
to its full length, I can see your veins, your cock is very
black and shiny from my saliva. Your cock is oozing pre-cum
and some of my saliva is dripping off the head."

"Now lick, kiss and suck my balls", He said.

I moved my head closer again, and licked and kissed his ball
sac, then moved to his right and then his left balls, and
pulled them into my mouth. His balls were almost as big as
his cock head.

"Ok, relax." He said. "The average size
of a white man's dick is about 6", with the above
average length of 7 to 9." The average cock size of
a black man's is eight, with the above average being
9 to 12. You can tell me later, whose cock you prefer. Do you
swallow cum?" He asked.

"Yes." I said. "I think that the longer
I can taste a man's cum linger in my mouth and throat,
the better it tastes."

"Now suck my cock until I come in your mouth. Take your
time, and don't tire yourself out because I'm
not a quick shooter, but be prepared when I do cum, it will
be a very copious amount."

Not needing to be told twice, I lovingly wrapped my hand
around his fat black snake and began to caress it. Marveling
silently for a few moments at just how big, it was, and the
way it was growing in front of her eyes, I then stuck my tongue
out and worked it delicately underneath his foreskin.

Tasting the musky scent of James's cock head caused
my nipples to harden until they felt like they would burst,
and her cunt to feel like it was on fire. Rolling his foreskin
back and licking his swollen purple knob until it was covered
with her saliva, I then opened my mouth as wide as I could
and took him in.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." I moaned.

I sucked gently on his knob while stroking his shaft. Happy
to let him show me what he wanted, I offered him no resistance
when he took hold of my head started to fuck my mouth with
short hard strokes.

"Do you like that you like having your mouth

Overwhelmed by her newfound state of passion and lust,
I gurgled, "Mmmmmmmm.Aaagggghhhhh...yyyeeeessssss."

"Tell me ...tell me how you like it"!

Letting his cock slide from her mouth, I took a deep breath
and then looking up at him and I revealed my true desires
I purred.

"Please...use me...make me be your slut... your

"What kind of whore?"

"A dirty whore...a dirty...white...cock sucking...whore"!
Before I hungrily took James's cock back into my mouth.

"Good suck it hard...that's it...yeah...and
my balls too...lick my balls"!

For the next five minutes, I stroked and sucked James's
cock as best and hard as I could. Having managed to work only
half of it into my mouth, my lips were stretched to their
limits and I choked every time it hit the back of my mouth.
Feeling his hands on my head again, this time, I gagged violently
when James entwined his fingers in my hair and pulled my
head hard down on his cock choking me, and then forced it
down my throat. As James then rocked my head back and forth,
in a state of frenzy I responded to his rhythm and stuck out
my tongue to lick his balls as he slowly fucked my mouth.

"Get ready baby...I'm going to cum"! I
heard him grunt at the same time as I felt his body stiffen.

A moment later, a stream of hot cum shot down my open throat,
gagging me. Somehow, I managed to swallow it before another
wad filled my throat, and expecting to get another one,
I continued to suck his huge cock greedily. Stopping suddenly,
James pulled his cock out of my mouth and I instantly wrapped
my hands around his big black tool and began to work it. Pumping
his shaft urgently until a moment later, another thick
stream of semen erupted from the engorged head hitting
me in the face. Still stroking his cock, the next stream
of cum landed in my hair, the next on my nose and the last two
on my neck and tits. It was the first time in my life that I
had experienced taking a huge load in the face, and down
my throat, and I loved it.

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Decent story but very poorly written. Worthy of a 4 out of
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If you are going to write a story, at LEAST write it from one
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Like the guy about....3 out of 10.


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Great story... Wish my GF was similar!!