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Flurries The Conclusion


Nick and Tony's restaurant hummed with conversations
of all types. Laughs would occasionally bellow over the
voices carrying happiness with it. Servers dressed in
black pants a white button up shirt and black tie danced
between tables dropping off plates filled with gourmet
dinners. Fire shot through the air about the cook line briefly
adding small amounts of the light to the corner of the eye.

I sat holding my half empty glass of red wine staring off
into the scene.

"here you are sir one Fileto Barolo" said my
server as she placed the plate in front of me. The 6 oz filet
was placed upon a Barolo wine reduction sauce with Shitake
mushrooms laid carefully across it's top. A side plate
of honey glazed asparagus accompanied it. I told her thank
you with a smile and dropped my white linen napkin into my
lap. I grabbed my fork and knife and looked down at my elegant

Maria Mena's "Just Hold Me" began to drift
across the room barely audible above the hum of the crowd.

"Comfortable as I am, I need your reassurance. And
comfortable as you are. You count the days. But if I wanted
silence, I would whisper. And if I wanted lonelyness, I
choose to go. And if I like rejections, i'd audition,
and if I didn't love you.. You would know." ......................................................................................................................

Waking up this morning was different then before. I awoke
to see Jacie sitting up smiling at me. She whispered "Hi"
and motioned me out of my bedroom. I did my best to unwrap
myself from Jessa and Kelly without waking them up. I crawled
over Jessa's thin frame and out to the side of the bed.
I followed Jacie's naked body out into my living room.
She stopped at my golden couch and turned to face me. She
stood there in the nude her 5'8 naked body looking enticing.
Her full C breasts rising and falling with each breath.
Her narrow 23" waist curving gently into her 33"
hips flowing down her slender legs.

She was a vision of sexuality and sensuality. Her light
golden hair was a tangled mess, and she ran her hands through
it trying to tame it. I stood and stared at her waiting for
what she had to say.

She moved to me taking my hands into hers. I could feel the
Marquis cut diamond with it's bagets on her finger.
She brought my hands to her naked chest and looked me deep
into my brown eyes.

"Am I going to be enough for you" she asked

"Why would you ask me that of course you are more than
enough" I replied in shock

She looked down at her feet for a second thinking of something
before speaking again.

"My life since we met has been crazy" she laughed

"I met the man I am going to spend the rest of my life
with"she began, her eyes were starting to water

"I feel alive with you, I feel like I can do anything"
she breathed " You give me strength to try new things
and reach for things that I thought were beyond me"

"I never thought I would ever be this happy and it's
all because of you Dave" she sniffed "I want
you to know that I am so happy we are getting married, I can't
stop dreaming about our life together and how great it's
going to be"

"I think about our babies and our house and stuff like
that" she turned away and stared into the empty kitchen.
"I just hope I can make you as happy as you make me"

"Jacie what are you talking about" I questioned
in disbelief "You had my heart from the moment the
baseball whacked me in the beak" bringing a little
smile to her angelic face.

"I don't know what's going on with you baby
but trust me it's only you I want" I said suddenly
worried that last nights fun may have been the cause of all
this. "Is this about last night?"

She looked at me and smiled a shy smile "No" she
said in a tiny voice "last night was about the 3 people
I love the most having a sexy hot time"

For the life of me I still didn't understand what she
was trying to get at. I just had sex with her friends while
she watched and controlled some of the action. I was getting
married the next Saturday to her and she didn't care
that we had basically done things a married couple shouldn't

If this wasn't about our sexual adventure we had just
went through then what could it be. The only way I could figure
to get to the bottom of it was to just flat out ask and not wait
for her to get it out.

"Ok Jacie I need to know what is this about if not last
night" I said staring deep into the dark blue pools
of her eyes.

She turned slightly dropping my hands and covering her
breasts with her forearms. She took a deep breath

"The bartender" she sniffed as a tear rolled
down her cheeks

I stared dumb founded and not sure I heard her right.

"I don't want some little Playboy bunny bitch
taking you away" she hiccuped more salty water leaked
from her eyes and down her chin.

"WHAT" I let out a laugh in spite of myself. "are
you serious that is what you are worried about"

She turned giving me her back and shook her head. I know laughing
was the wrong thing to do but I just couldn't believe
what she was saying. Just a few hours before I had my cock
buried into her friends ass while she watched. I had slept
with both of her friends and her twice now. Hell they even
told me they loved me. If anything she should be more worried
about that I thought.

I reached out and turned her around to face me. She refused
to look up and tears were falling onto her arms and to the
brown carpeted floor. I lifted her chin with my left hand
waited until she looked into my eyes.

"I would never never ever choose someone over you
Jacie" I said slowly and carefully "I don't
look at Stacy or any other women and wonder anything"

"No woman could take me away from you, I mean how many
guys get a blond a brunette and a what ever color she decided
to go with today experience all wrapped into one"
I said trying to be funny. "what more could I ask for
I get to have you and then you surprise me with them"

"I get to have a woman who is willing to have her friends
sleep with me cause I didn't get a bachelor party"
I continued "she is so comfortable with that but gets
a little worried about some bartender that I haven't
seen in years."

I moved my hands to her face and cradled her cheeks in my hands
droplets of water sliding down her tan face and around my

"I don't need bartenders or even foursomes with
you and your friends to make me happy" I said "what
I need is to wake up with you every morning and try to figure
out how to make this day better for you than the last"

"I don't understand why a simple bartender can
make you feel this way" I went on "I won't
touch or look at another woman, hell I won't even hug
my mom if it would make you feel better Jacie, I love you and
don't want to do anything to make you sad"

She looked at me with tear filled eyes and smiled "don't
be dumb, I don't know why I freaked out I just did"

"And you should hug your mom" she said with a
little laugh "I don't know why you can fuck my
friends and it's ok hell it even turns me on so much"
she said "but for some reason the thought of you with
anyone else but us makes me sad"

"you could fuck all three of us everyday and it wouldn't
bother me" she stated coming out of her tears "but
that little bitch oh no, or anyone else but us"

"oh could you say that first part again it was hot"
I said with a smile

She smiled at that and gave me a little punch in the stomach
"shut up"

"oh no baby cmon just say it again oh man that is hot,
everyday though"? I said laughing "when would
I work or sleep, hell I would go to the hospital from dehydration
you guys take a lot out of me"

She wiped the remainder of tears from her eyes and was beginning
to smile again "you pig"

We laughed together and I gave her a light kiss on her pouting
pink lips and figured I would try something.

So I sang to her Ben Harpers "Forever" Badly

" Not talking about a year. no not 3 or 4, I don't want that kind of forever in my life any more.
Forever always seems to be around when things begin but, forever never seems to be around when it ends.

so give me your forever, please your forever not a day less will do from you

People spend so much time ever single day running round all over town giving their forever away but no, not me I won't let my forever roam and now I hope that I can find my forever a home

So give me your forever, please your forever not a day less will do from you

Like a handless clock with numbers on an infinite of time no the not the forever found only in the mind forever always seems to be around when things begin but forever never seems to be around when things end

So give me your forever, please your forever not a day less will do from you"

I had let her face go and stood back crooning my song the best
I could. When I finished I looked at her and waited. Behind
me I heard clapping and and "awww" come from
Jessa and Kelly. They had woken up and had come down the hallway
at some point. Jacie launched herself forward pressing
her naked body up against me into a giant hug. She kissed
me on the neck "you are a horrible singer" she

Jessa and Kelly came up and trapped me in a 3 girl naked hug.

"you guys are so sweet you are gonna make me cry"
Jessa sniffed

We all started to laugh at her and held on. Now being a guy
and all I started to feel warm. The tip of my cock was between
Jacie's legs and brushed against her pussy. Blood
started to flow and I began to get hard. She pulled away and
flicked the tip sending a little shock of pain through my
system. "down boy not until our wedding night."
The girls broke the hug giggling. Kelly headed to the bathroom
and Jessa and Jacie sat down on my gold well abused couch
tucking their legs underneath them and turned on the TV
leaving me standing there with a semi hard on.

The chair they had stuck me in the night before still had
the back half of my slacks and boxers covering it's
wooden seat. I sat down on it and leaned back. I looked over
the scene in front of me. Jessa and Jacie had their legs tucked
under them and had their bodies slightly turned toward
each other.. Jessa's small breasts with their dark
puffy nipples a direct contrast to Jacies round full tits.
Jacie's nipples where pale pink and her nipples were
hard. They sat staring at the TV as Jacie flipped channels
with the remote stopping on VH1. Craig David's video
"7 Days" flowed through the room.

I looked over both women with their flat belly's and
toned bodies. Their hair messy from sex and sleep, the smell
of strawberries and stale champagne filled my nose, Kelly
came out and wedged her way in between them. She leaned against
the back and put her hands on her belly. Her legs were a little
spread and her bald pouty pussy lips where easy to see.

The urge to touch my self was to strong and I grasped my cock
in my left and and started to slowly slide my hand up and down
the length. I looked over Kelly's voluptuous body
and then to Jessa's slight figure. I switched my gaze
to my Fiance's unbelievable statuesque figure and
continued to stroke my hardening cock. Blood rushed in
and grew my dick to it's full length.

Kelly noticed what I was doing and with a coy smile slid her
hands into her inner thigh and began to lightly brush her
labia's. She spread her legs wider pushing against
Jacie and Jessa. They other two noticed what was going on
and Jacie laughed aloud "Jesus you two"

"Hey he started it" Kelly fired back bringing
her fingers to her lips and wetting them with her tongue.
She put her feet up on the corners of my coffee table and began
to work her clit with her wet fingers. She moved her free
hand to her large breasts and began to rub each one tweaking
her nipples as she switched back and forth. Jacie watched
her friend start to moan and move her hips against her hands
and must of decided it was a good idea. She uncurled her long
legs and dropped them to the floor settling on her firm ass.
She watched Kelly watch me and licked her fingers on her
right hand and began to work her own nipples.

Kelly's eyes staring at my hand move up and down the
shaft of my cock. A drop of pre cum escaped from it's
tip. She licked her lips and dug her two middle fingers into
her wet pussy. Jacie put an arm behind her head and used all
her fingers on her right hand to work her swollen clit in
circles. Jessa the last one to decide this looked like fun
moved her legs up onto the edge of the couch and spread them
wide. Her long inner labia's hanging down invitingly
and her little tight asshole peaking out above the couch

She used both hands to spread her inner lips like a butterfly
giving me a view of her pink insides. She held herself open
with one hand and lightly fingered her clit with the other.
I scooted my chair so I was directly in front of the couch
to get a better view of these three goddesses masturbating
together on my couch. I worked my cock up and down staring
into each of their pussies and watching their hands move.

Kelly was driving her fingers deep in her cunt and moaning
softly her feet still perched on the coffee table. Jacie
had removed her arm from behind her head and slid it under
her breast cupping it and kneading it gently. Jessa put
her hand between her calf and thigh and was tapping her pussy
with her fingers and her other hand was over the top of her
stomach working on her large clit.

Shakira's "Underneath your Clothes"
was the next video VH1 played

Jessa rubbed her lips and her asshole with her fingers lightly
and moaned out in a tiny voice. Kelly was raising her hips
and causing the coffee table to move away from her. Jacie's
eyes were closed and her fingers dipped into her sweet pussy
faster and faster.

I watched stroking my cock slower now so I wouldn't
cum too fast. The girls all moaning softly and lifting their
hips. I watched as Jessa moved her fingers harder over her
clit while she sunk her other fingers into her pussy and
asshole at the same time. She licked her lips and closed
her eyes before staring back at my hand working my big hard
cock up and down.

Jessa's eyes locked on to mine and her hips jerked to
signal the start of her orgasm. Her face contorted into
a look of shock, her eyes opened wide and she let out a deep
moan. Her fingers worked faster at her asshole and pussy
while her hand playing with her clit slowed down. Her body
covered itself in goosebumps and her long eraser like nipples
jutted out into the air. She never took her eyes off mine
and worked herself through her orgasm. She relaxed her
body and removed her hands placing them on her stomach.
She turned to watch Kelly and Jacie play with themselves.

Ashanti's "Happy" was the next video to
follow adding it's slow groove to the motion of my hand.

Kelly had pushed too hard on the coffee table and it was out
of her reach. She had to put her feet to the floor, so to get
comfortable she moved back up on the couch. Jacie and Kelly
sat next to one another shoulder to shoulder. Kelly's
right shoulder and Jacie's left shoulder pressed
against one another. Kelly's hair had fell over her
face making it hard to see her eyes only her open deep breathing
mouth was easy to see. Her tongue ran itself over her lips
making them glisten.

Jacie's chest rose and fell in deep breaths making
her breasts look like they were swelling. Kelly was pulling
her nipples hard and her hand furiously pounded her pussy.
She was getting close and her hips bucked slow at first and
then violently. My attention turned back to Jacie when
I heard her say"shit" in a shaky voice. Her fingers
moved in fast circles on her clit and her legs were trembling.
She threw her head back and a stream of cum shot from her pussy
into the air and on to the coffee table.

"fuck fuck fuck" she screamed and she shot her
free hand out to her side, her hand grasping at thin air.
Her fingers were spread wide and she slapped her hand down
and pounded the arm rest with her open palm. I was paying
so much attention to her I didn't see Kelly cum I only
saw her body sag into the couch with a satisfied look on her
face. Jacie worked through her orgasm sending stream after
stream of cum onto the couch the floor and the coffee table.
She collapsed exhausted and closed her eyes breathing

"Holy shit Jacie you make a mess" Jessa laughed
bringing a snicker from Kelly. Jacie was in lala land and
didn't respond.

I was still stroking my cock and moved my hand faster squeezing
myself with each up and down motion.

"she is not the only one that can make a mess"
I said

The tightening feeling in my balls signaled that I was going
to cum. I worked my erection faster and faster completely
oblivious to the 6 sets of eyes that were now watching me.
I closed my eyes and stroked my pulsing cock up and down,
up and down and finally felt the release. The scene that
played out just moments ago must have sent my guys over the
edge. When I came a giant load of cum splashed across my neck
and chest; a glob had even managed to make it to my cheek.
The next spurt that released itself from my cock seemed
to cover my belly leaving me drenched in my own cum. I had
never hit myself in the face before and was beginning to
feel self conscious.

"Here is gone" by the Goo Go dolls came on right
when I opened my eyes to look at the three sitting on my couch.
Jessa's jaw had dropped as she stared at me. "I
have never seen a guy jack off before" she exclaimed
"that is a lot of cum"

"how have you not been knocked up Jacie" asked

"Thank God for the pill" Jacie said back The
girls laughed and looked at me covered in my own cum sitting
on the chair. they had held me captive in the night before.
Jacie got up and straddled my legs. She wrapped her arms
around my neck and brought her tongue to my cheek licking
off the cum. She worked down to my neck and chest cleaning
the cum of off me.

"oh my God that is so fucking hot" Kelly gasped
and Jessa giggled

Jacie slurped my belly clean but left my cum covered cock
alone. She touched her pointer finger to my 'curved
to the right' nose and said "not till our wedding

She got off of me and surveyed the damage we had down. The
carpet showed champagne and ready whip stains. Dried out
strawberries sat in their clear container on the coffee
table. Shards of clothing were strewn across the floor.
Empty drink glasses littered the living room making it
look like we had a huge party.

Deciding to press my luck I lifted my cum covered hand and
pointed it to my still covered semi hard cock. "Um
still a little messy" I said hopefully

Jacie laughed and looked at the other two "you guys
want to help the poor baby out"

Jessa laughed and got up first she got on her knees and grabbed
my cock roughly in her little hand. She brought her mouth
to me and licked the cum off my shaft at the base. Kelly had
moved next to me and grabbed my hand and stuck my cum covered
fingers into her mouth. It was electric having my body cleaned
off by Jessa and Kelly. Jessa pumped my cock up and down drawing
out the last bits of cum from my shrinking cock. Kelly bent
down taking me into her mouth and sucked out my cum. I felt
Jessa's tongue still licking the shaft and I let my
head fall back and let out a moan.

Jacie looked down at me and with a stern face said "you
better be good to me Dave I don't know any guy who gets
this" I looked back at my future wife while her two
best friends licked and sucked my cock clean of cum.

"I will give you what ever you want and even shit you
don't want" I proclaimed " And not just
because of this"

She leaned down and kissed my lips lightly and walked away
to go to the bathroom. Kelly and Jessa finished and they
took off in separate directions.

We all spent the morning naked and laughing. We talked about
Troy and the money he owed people now. We talked about the
wedding and the Palm Springs honeymoon. We just sat around
that day listening to music and talking. We ordered a pizza
and almost died laughing when we shocked the pizza guy to
death. Jessa took the pizza from him wrapped in a small fleece
blanket. Kelly came to the door a second later with his money
and tip wrapped in the same blanket giving the poor guy a
shock when it slipped a little exposing the top of her quarter
sized areola.

I think he stood outside the door for a while hoping it would
open up again. At the end of the night they all kissed me good
bye and headed back home to Lincoln. I didn't see Jacie
the whole next week, in fact I barely talked to her. She and
her two brides maids were busy making final preparations
and had very little time for anything else.

I spent as much time as I could at the store to keep busy so
I wouldn't go nuts with nerves. Troy had made a ton of
promises to everyone. The week went by fast and the morning
of the wedding came. I woke up that day and lost my stomach
almost immediately. Eric and Troy picked me up and we all
went to the tux shop to get our clothes.

Because we had planned the wedding with such short notice
we weren't able to get a church. Jacie's father
worked for Con Agra and had some how managed to get us the
use of it's pavilion in downtown Omaha. The Con Agra
building was set on the banks of the Missouri river that
separated Omaha and Council Bluffs, Iowa. Red brick walkways
wound their way through small colorful gardens and along
the shore line. A concrete pillar with a red light house
looking top stood in a half circle on one of it's bank.

In the background giant spurts of water shot through the
air. A underwater fountain pulsed with 100 foot streams
of water. Colored flood lights illuminated the water in
the dying light of the cool April evening. Several folding
chairs had been set in the grass facing the semi circle and
looking out into the water.

Silver stakes in the ground connected broad white ribbons
that out lined the wedding area. White marble flower pots
held bouquets of brightly covered flowers. White roses
peddles where mixed with red and covered the white runner
that made the center isle. There was a light breeze gently
rustling through a lattice work arch covered with even
more flowers of bright spring colors. Under the arch Jacie
and I were to take our vows. A man dressed in the traditional
black suit with a white collar stood waiting patiently.

I stood up on shaky legs fighting the urge to tug on my bow
tied tux collar. I was in a traditional black tux with white
shirt and black cumber bun. I had a white red head in my lapel
and was waiting for it's white counter part that was
on Jacie's wrist. Troy and Eric stood behind me scanning
the crowd for eligible ladies to make on later at the hotel
reception. My family and hers where seated in the 100 plus
crowd chatting in their best clothes. My mom and dad wore
matching red flowers, while Jacie's mom and dad wore
white ones.

The piano player sitting at a black Korg keyboard began
to play Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D. A violinist
dressed in a black dress accompanied him making the crowd
turn toward the small white tent staked to the grass at the
end of the aisle.

A small girl dressed in a white fluffy little dress came
down the aisle dropping more white and red rose petals and
smiling brightly with each step. Behind her appeared Jessa.
She was adorned in a cream colored A frame strapless dress
and white high heels. In her hands she clutched a bouquet
of small white flowers that I don't remember the name
too. She moved down the aisle slowly smiling at the crowd
and then to me.

Kelly came next dressed as Jessa was. She made her way down
the aisle and both of them took their place across from us.
The flap of the tent was pulled back by two ushers from my
side of the family and there stood Jacie.

Her blond hair well swept up into a white flowered hair clip.
It had waves in it giving her the look of the 20's. Diamond
stud earings glinted in the sun. Her light pink lips parted
to show her brilliant white teeth. Her broad thin shoulders
were bare and a necklace of diamonds held tight around her
neck. A strand fixed to the middle dangled down and the fire
of the sun shown off of them. Across her shoulders hung a
long sheer white shoal that wrapped around her biceps and
fell behind her. The top of the dress clung tightly to her
breasts and was tooled in elegant patterns running down
to her narrow waist. The floor length dress flared out and
had beautiful patterns dotted with pearls and what looked
like more diamonds. The dress flowed behind her into a long
train and gave her the look of a royal princess. She held
a large bouquet of red roses bringing a sharp contrast to
her brilliant white dress. She glided forward and was met
at the base of the aisle by her tuxedo clad father.

She took his arm and they made their way down the aisle. Gasps
and kind words were uttered by the people in attendance.
I stood holding my breath as the lovely vision in white approached
me. She looked into my eyes and held my gaze. She smiled her
most dazzling smile and mouthed "I love you"

In spite of myself a tear released itself from my eye and
rolled down the side of my crooked nose.

We faced the reverend and began the ceremony. I don't
remember much of what he said or how long the whole thing
took. The breeze blew over her and the smell of red peach
and cinnamon drifted into my nose.

When it came time for us to exchange vows we held each others
hand and stared into each others eyes.

"I promise with all my heart to love you Jacie. The
love that only comes in fairy tales and love stories. At
the end of every great love story people are left wanting
to know what happens after the credits roll. I plan to show
them everyday with my loving you. Our movie will never end
only just begin with every kiss and laugh we share. I will
always remember that I hold your precious heart within
my hands and treat it with the passion and carefulness it
deserves. As we agree this day to become bound together
I find myself knowing that my life has purpose and meaning
beyond my own wants and wishes. Jacie I promise I will always
be by your side and be your partner in whatever adventure
life gives us.."

Jacies eyes began to flow with tears and she beamed at me.

"David you always tell me how much you love my smile
and my laugh. I want you to know that those things you love
you created in me. I smile because I love you and I laugh because
you fill my heart with a joy like no one has ever felt. I go
to sleep at night with the excitement of knowing I will wake
up next to an amazing man that fills me so full of happiness.
I look forward to living each new day with you and growing
old with my soul mate. I will spend the rest of my life being
glad we met and thanking God every day for you and your love.
I know whatever life throws at us we will be able to make it
through as long as we are together"

We looked at each others watery eyes and turned back toward
the alter.

"These two souls have pledged themselves to one another
in a bound of everlasting love." said the reverend

He asked for the rings and continued on with the ceremony;
behind Jacie, Jessa and Kelly were smiling at us with wet
eyes. Our parents were holding hands and crying too. The
ring part came and we repeated pledges to one another. That
cool night in April we were married. After we said I do Jacie
and I kissed the longest most passionate kiss of our life.
People clapped and a few whistled as I held her tightly in
my arms. When we finally broke Jacie turned toward the crowd
threw her arms up in the air and let out a joyous yell "wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

Jacie Marie Evans became Jacie Marie Williams and I became
a husband. My parents had booked a conference room in the
same Marriot Hotel that Jacie and the girls stayed in when
we met. It was a short walk from the Con Agra grounds to the
hotel that sat right next to it in Omaha's Old Market.

The streets were covered with old cobble stones giving
it an old time feel. Horse drawn carriages with great white
horses clipped and clopped through the streets carrying
lovers in a slow romantic ride. As we walked arm in arm down
the sidewalk passerby's cheered and cars honked.
We laughed our way into the lobby and snuck into a quiet corner.

"I can't believe we are married" she smiled,
holding on to my neck and smiling brightly.

I held onto her waist with my heart beating faster than before.
"I know right I can't believe you agreed"
I laughed then with a quick word "sucker" I leaned
in and gave her another kiss.

We finally made our way into the reception and people clapped
and cheered. Speeches were given and words of advice spoken.
We danced our way through the chicken and dollar dances.
Champagne flowed and the usual chicken or fished polished

The cake was a towering white mass of frosting and white
cake. Little figures of a bride and groom were stuck to the
top. We cut the cake to applause and when it came time to feed
each other the cake we both were a little leery. Jacie went
first and managed to smash it in my eye. I was worse and hit
her neck. She cleaned off my eye with her finger laughing.

I moved in and began to suck the cake off her neck. She threw
her head back and laughed a giant laugh while I attacked
the cake. She held my head in her hands and pulled at my hair.
People jeered and told us to wait until later. I lifted my
head up with cake smeared on my face and a happy smile that
brought even more laughs.

We danced our final dances saying goodbye before we had
to make the short trip the the airport. Jessa came up and
cut in on a cousin of Jacie's and we twirled around the
dance floor. She looked at me through tear filled eyes and
told me how happy she was for us.

"I love you two Dave" she sniffed "I know
you guys will be happy"

As a new song began Kelly took her place and said basically
the same.

One last dance between the bride and groom called out the
DJ and everyone cleared off the dance floor to watch Jacie
and I.

Jacie and I met in the middle of the dance floor and I grabbed
her hand in mine and placed my other hand on her hip. She put
her hand on my arm and we danced.

Norah Jones "Come away with me" moved us in slow

"you know it only gets better" she smiled

"oh yeah you think"I smiled back

"Oh I know so" she said slyly

She looked over at Jessa and Kelly and winked. I followed
her gaze and saw the two girls disappear into the crowd.
We twirled and smiled and laughed in the dark candle lit
reception hall. Colors blurred around us and everyone
seemed to vanish. The song ended and hand in hand we walked
outside to the waiting limo that, previously had been packed
with our bags.

When we got to the airport the driver helped us to bring our
bags inside. Omaha has a small airport and the lines are
pretty short at 9pm. The desk attendant checked us in with
a congratulations and we made our way upstairs to the gates.
People were staring and smiling at us. A few offered well
wishes and we walked through the half empty airport. Jacie's
train sweeping the floor behind us.

I suddenly thought we might be in for an uncomfortable ride.
Jacie still had her wedding dress on and I was still in my
tux. When I brought this to her attention she told me not
to worry. We found some seats just outside the security
check point and she told me to wait here. She drug her carryon
behind her and into the airport bathroom. I sat there wondering
what was going on.

About 10 minutes later she came out carrying a clear plastic
bag filled with wedding dress. She had changed clothes
and was now wearing tiny tight white shorts showing off
her perfect long legs and a light blue halter top. Her high
heels where replaced by flowered thick heeled shoes. Her
hair was still up and she had on her neckless and earrings.
She told me to go and change into what was in my carry on and
hurry back. I went to the bathroom still wondering what
the plan was and changed into my khaki cargos a white polo
and K Swiss shoes.

I came back out into the airport to find Jessa and Kelly talking
with Jacie. When I approached they said hi and Kelly stuck
her hand out to grab my tux.. I gave it to her and was wondering
what Jessa had in a decent sized light blue box tied with
white sheer ribbon. Jessa and Kelly collected the wedding
dress and tux and then said quick goodbyes leaving the box
with Jacie.

She looked at me " See don't worry I got it all under

I asked what was in the box and she told me to mind my own business.
I shrugged and we headed to the security check point. She
went to a line behind me so I couldn't see in the monitor
what was in the box. We sat and waited for them to call us for
boarding and found seats by the window. She curled up next
to me for the short wait to board.

We found our seats and settled in for the 4 hour ride. Jacie
dozed off on my shoulder and I followed. We arrived in Miami
late that evening. We changed our plans last minute and
decided to go to Key Largo thanks in part to her parents paying
for it. We collected our luggage and rented our Grand Am
or something similar from Enterprise and made the hour
journey to the Key Largo Grande Resort and Beach Club.

It was dark and it was hard to see to much other than water
and the grand with resort lit with bright white light. We
parked and stepped out into the warm 85 degree night air.
We grabbed our bags and checked in to our Grande Suite as
they called it and went searching for it. We found our room
and unlocked the door to our darkened suite.

I swooped my new wife into my arms and carried her into the
room. She held on to my neck and laughed as the door closed
behind us. "uh oh" I said as we stood there in
the pitch black.

She was giggling and holding on. "didn't think
that one through husband"

"uh you know what" I joked back carefully setting
her down to the carpet. I searched for the light switch flipping
it up when my fingers found it.

We both stood in the doorway surveying the room. The walls
where painted stark white, ocean colored accents where
everywhere. The carpet was a medium brown with cream lines
going intwined together giving it the appearance of waves.
A marble toped bar with 3 tear dropped lights was sunk into
the wall to our left a sofa against the other wall was a coral
white with sea-foam colored pillows a matching chair and
ottoman next to it. I opened the door and brought our luggage
in. Arm in arm we wandered deeper into the large suite. We
found a door that led into the bedroom. The king sized bed
was covered in white sheets with a blanket woven with blues
and browns. Behind white shuttered doors a large square
two person hot tub stood. Beyond that was a bathroom with
large opened coral tiled shower. Across from the bed was
a hutch sunk into the wall with a 27"TV in it's

We moved back out into the living area and saw a bottle of
Champagne chilling on a table by the door. We read the note

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Williams. Key Largo Grande Resorts and Beach Club

Jacie grabbed the note with both hands and stared down at
it smiling. She looked up at me and started to cry again.

"My God Dave we are married" She said through
a tearful smile. I moved in behind her and took her in my arms.
She melted her back against my chest and sighed. I held her
and kissed the nape of her neck. She sighed and kissed my
forearm. We broke and we both used the bathroom and then
moved our luggage into the bedroom.

She told me to go into the other room get naked and wait. She
told me she brought something special to wear for our wedding
night and I was to wait until she was ready. I did as told and
shut the bedroom door behind me. I undressed and waited
for her to call me back in.

A few minutes later her voice called for me to join her.

I walked through the door and saw my wife laying on the bed.
Covered in white cake.. The light blue box was open on the
night stand next to her. Her body was stretched out and her
arms about her head together at the wrists. She was smiling.
white frosting covered her C cup breasts and had been smeared
down her stomach. She had a full piece sitting in between
her closed legs covering her pussy. Pieces of white cake
were stuck to her neck just above her collar bones.

"OH wow" I exclaimed. taking in the sight

"cmere and eat me" she snorted

I crawled onto the bed and moved over top of her causing the
tip of my cock to dip itself into the cake between her legs.
We laughed and I leaned down to kiss her trying no to smash
the sticky desert between us. She moaned into my mouth as
I slid my tongue down to her neck.. I licked the sweet cake
off of her neck going as slow as I could. I couldn't help
getting it all over my face. I looked up at her and said "yum"
She pushed her head against the pillow looking up and laughing
brightly. She reached up and nibbled it off my chin.

I moved back down to her collar bone and began to happily
eat the cake off. I moved slowly to her left breast and worked
my tongue around the firm flesh. I made slow swirls inching
toward her cake covered nipples. She was moaning and letting
out deep breaths . My chest and stomach were getting covered
by cake no matter what I did and I was smearing it around both
of us adding a sticky sensation. I took her hard nipple into
my mouth and sucked in deeply causing an "ohh"
to escape Jacie's lips.

I worked her nipples clean with my mouth and moved to her
tight stomach. I licked and ate wedding cake off of her with
lustful abandon. I got between her legs and the full piece
of cake she had placed there. I was so turned on that I didn't
want to wait. I picked up the piece and set it back in it's
box, I moved back down to her look at her newly shaved pussy.
Her interior lips just barely poking out from her swollen
outer lips made an inviting sight. I leaned close and lightly
kissed her.

She gasped and swayed her body. I brought the tip of my tongue
to the top of her wet sticky slit and licked. My wet tongue
parted her lips and sunk into her. She tasted sweet, I could
feel her clit swelling under the tip of my tongue. My cock
joining in and swelling to it's full size. I parted
her outer lips with my fingers and dove in deeper. Her hips
raised to meet my licks. She muttered soft words that I couldn't
make out. Her hands pressed against the beach wood head
board. I slid my cake covered arms under her legs and spread
them. I dug my tongue deeper into her pussy, her muscles
trying in vain to trap it.

Her moans became louder and louder. I moved two fingers
past her lips and felt her tight wet insides. In rotating
my hand I reached up looking for her G Spot. Her hips bucked
once and she grunted. I pushed down on her lower stomach
lightly to make sure my fingers had the right amount of pressure
on her spot. I took her swollen clit into my mouth and sucked
with light pressure. I rolled my teeth over it careful not
to hurt her. Jacie's moans became louder and hurried.
I knew my wife was on the verge of cumming. I kept up my attention
on her G spot with my fingers and started to gently bite her
inner thighs. Her legs tried to squeeze me but my shoulders
were in the way.

I moved back to her clit with my mouth just in time for her
first stream of cum to shoot into my chin. I worked her pussy
with my hands and opened my mouth to take in her second stream.
Her cum filled my mouth and I swallowed it down. She was writhing
and calling out my name. Her stomach flexed and showed off
the six pack under the skin. Her hips pressed hard into the
mattress and lifted filling my mouth with one last burst
of her squirt. I pulled my fingers out and got up on me hands
and knees holding her juices in my mouth. She looked at me
and waited for her cum filled kiss. Our lips met and I let
her cum dribble from my mouth into hers. She drank herself
from my lips licking away any that had escaped on my chin
she put her arms around me and held me tightly, never breaking
our kiss.

She slid her hand in between us searching for my cock. In
finding it she pulled me hard to her dripping pussy. She
guided me into her still not breaking our kiss. Her lips
parted as my hard cock slid into her opening. Her muscles
flexed trying to help my entry. Her pussy was tight and hot,
I dug into her depths as far as our bodies would let me go.
My cock was being gripped and released with such pressure
I doubt if I needed to move to cum. She held me tight as I begun
to thrust into her. Soft wet sounds came from our pelvises
with every thrust. My cock throbbed with the pleasure of
her. Her slender legs wrapped around my back and intertwined
her ankles making it impossible for me to escape. Her French
manicured fingernails scraped across my back and tore
at my skin.

Our lips so tightly sealed together it was as if one was breathing
for the other. Her deep moans reverberated through my core
sending shivers down my spine. I thrusted harder and deeper
into her quivering pussy, she gripped my back in response.
She released her legs and I rolled us over. She lay on top
of me refusing to break our deep kiss. Her hips ground into
mine. She lifted her stomach off mine bringing her up my
shaft and then slamming it back down to bury my cock again.
I reached down and took her ass in both hands. Squeezing
hard I helped her motions.

Her body stiffened and she sat up and put her hands on my chest.
Her hips moved up and down violently, her eyes closed and
her mouth hung open. Her head titled to the side and she began
to say my name over and over

"Dave Dave Dave Dave" she gasped

Her hands clutched at my chest muscles, I held on to her ass
firmly and urged her on. Her body took on goose bumps and
began to radiate red. Her pussy clamped onto my hard cock
one last time then finally gave way to her second orgasm.
Cum flooded my cock and dripped down my balls and in between
my legs. Her arms gave way and she fell, our chests colliding,
yet she didn't stop. Her hips ground down as hard as
she could make them.

"again" she gasped and began to cum again. Her
body was shaking out of control when her wetness flooded
over me again. "Oh I love you " she moaned "
I love you I love you" she repeated

Her teeth bit into my shoulder and her hands drew back and
grasped mine. She intertwined her fingers into mine and
pushed them above my head. She pushed tighter against me
and kept moving.

My orgasm came strong and quick out of nowhere. My balls
tightened and my stomach contracted into making me call

I lifted my hips as she ground into me, my cock jerked inside
her sweet tight pussy and sent load after load of cum deep
into her wetness. It felt like I came for a full 5 minutes
straight. Exhausted she lay on top of me. She was perspiring
and breathing deeply. My shoulder hurt where she had bit
it and my cock was jumping with intense tingling, giving
me an odd pleasure/pain sensation.

She lay on top of me catching her breath for a few minutes
then sat up with me still inside her. She sat on her knees,
and my cock, and looked down at me.

"holy shit Dave that was incredible" she gasped

She told me again that she loved me and how happy she was.
She pulled her right knee out from underneath her and put
her foot on the bed. She looked down and put her hand and her
lower stomach giving it a little push. She lifted her self
off of me and my flaccid cock fell to my stomach with a soft
wet plop. Jacie watched as a a glob of cum slid from her insides
and landed on my shaft. She slid her fingers into her cum
filled pussy and pulled out some more of our cum. She brought
it to her lips and slid her tongue over it. She licked and
sucked off our juices and then went back for more.

I watched her do this for a few seconds and let out a small

"good is it" I asked

She brought her fingers to my lips and cleaned them off

Without a word she bent down and kissed me forcing the cum
into my mouth with her tongue. I resisted at first but gave
in and kissed her in a salty sweet embrace. This could have
been worse.

We fell into a blissful sleep only to find out in the morning
that we were stuck to the sheets thanks to cake and cum. We
laughed and peeled ourselves off.

"the maid is going to hate us" she said surveying
the carnage of the night before.

We decided to venture out and see what the area looked like.
We showered and got dressed.

I threw on a green polo and khaki cargo shorts finished off
with brown sandals. Jacie put on her new pale blue bikini
and pulled on a short thin strapped white cotton dress.
Her hair was in a pony tail and she had a hemp anklet and necklace
on to complete the look of a comfortable beauty.

The window shades had been drawn and we had yet looked out
the windows. Jacie crossed to the window and pulled back
the curtains. White and brilliant blue blazed into the
room, Key Largo had beautiful clear blue green water as
far as the eye can see. The white beach was covered in deck
chairs and sunbathing people. The resort sat on a narrow
island and the crystal blue water appeared to be never ending.
Palm trees curved into the sky with their giant palms shading
only small sections in the brilliant sun.

We stood at the window and just gazed out into it's beauty.
Jacie reached for my hand and we stayed there for a while
just taking it all in. We spent our week long honeymoon exploring
all that the resort had to offer. We laid on the beach, Jacie's
amazing body always attracting lustful sideways glances
from both men and women. We swam in the warm ocean together
embracing each other whenever we could. We took a canoe
tour and rented a jet ski to zip along the coast. We managed
to stole away into a little empty beach and made love on the

We made love every night to exhaustion and fell into a blissful
sleep afterwards. The week ended quickly and we had to head
back to Nebraska.

When we got back home we had come to the conclusion that we
had thought of everything but one of the most important
things. Where we were going to live. With Jacie's graduation
and such short planning time with the wedding we had never
thought to look for a place. So we crammed ourselves into
my one bedroom apartment.

We had to leave most of her stuff at her parents house including
the huge amounts of blenders and food processors we got
from friends and relatives. Jessa and Kelly helped sort
through the mess and write thank you notes to everyone.
Jacie began to look for a job and us a new place to live around
Omaha and things went ok for a about a month.

We were lying in bed holding each other one night after making
love and talking about nothing. Norah Jones cd was playing
in the background. Ever since the wedding Jacie had played
it non stop. I would ask her about it and she would just tell
me that her voice reminded her of the happiest day of her
life. I completely understood, but wasn't sure how
much more I could take.

I could tell something was wrong, so I asked her to please
tell me. She told me that she couldn't find a job she
wanted here and that she was sad. I asked her if it was the
fact that she didn't move away like she had planned.
She looked up at me from her position on my chest and shrugged.

"Do you want to move honey" I asked

"I don't know I am so very happy with you so don't
think it's that" she said

I knew what she meant we had a few little fights here and there
in our relationship, but they never lasted long and we always
worked thing out easily. I thought about her plans before
we met and how they sounded kind of exciting. I thought about
my family and friends and how really as long as I had Jacie
and a TV that showed Husker football games it didn't
matter where I lived. I decided then and there what I would

"Does it matter where we are Jacie" I asked

"I don't know just ignore me" she sighed

She reached her naked body across me and shut off the light.
I went to sleep that night making a plan to hopefully make
her happy.

The timing was perfect. My lease ended at the end of May,
giving me the entire month to find a job and a place to live
in another state. I searched the internet for jobs outside
of Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. It didn't take me to long
to find a posting for positions that I could be qualified
for. I sent in applications and went through a few phone
interviews. I didn't tell Jacie so as not to get her
hopes up if they fell through. I got a second interview with
Cost Plus World Market for an assistant beverage buyer
in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The regional manager was in
town and wanted to see me.

I went to the interview and said all the right things. After
the interview he told me that if my background checks came
through then everything would be good and we would move
in the beginning of June. I went to Borders and bought about
10 books on wine, going home to study just in case. When I
got home Jacie was cussing in the kitchen and the house smelled
like burnt dog. I dropped my bag of books and went to investigate.

"fuck shit this is stupid" she said in frustration
She was wearing a Tabasco sauce apron I had and was covered
in something red. I asked her what was wrong and what she
was trying to make. She told me it was her mothers spaghetti
and was supposed to be easy. I laughed and helped her clean
up the explosion of red sauce in the kitchen. We ordered
chinese and went to bed with full stomachs. She was reading
a JCPenny's catalog in bed and pointed out the All Clad
cookware set for the low low price of $999.

"you know I bet if we had these I could cook better"
she said matter of fact

"look it says non stick" she said pointing to
the page "and everything I make seems to stick to everything"

I snorted a laugh and told her "thats because you burn
everything to the pan" she looked up at me hurt and
punched me in the stomach. We went to bed without making

I studied my wine books for a couple of weeks. I was at Wilson's
Leather when I got the call offering me that job. I was shocked
to find out I would be making 10k dollars more a year. I accepted
and took the rest of the day off.

I had been using Jacie's Accord because my Jeep was
having Jacie created transmission problems. It was in
the shop and the mechanic was looking it over. I hurried
home and broke through our front door like the S.W.A.T team
making an arrest. Jacie yelped from the couch.

"you almost killed me crazy man" she said calming

"We need to talk" I said sitting down next to

She looked down into her lap with a guilty expression.

"Dave I didn't mean to do it I promise" she
said quietly

I was confused but I figured I better shut my mouth and let
her talk.

"I thought I could learn to drive a stick I really did"
she continued. "I know you are mad but I will take the
first job offered to pay for it."

I figured the mechanic must have called with bad news. I
went along with it not caring about that old Jeep

"And what did he say" I said " It needs a
new transmission and it's going to be $1400 dollars"

She started to tear up and wring her hands together. I pulled
her chin up and asked

"So it was a bad idea to quit my job today" I said
with a smile

Her jaw dropped and she freaked out. She got up and paced
the living room talking with her hands.

"Are you nuts how are we going to make it" she
said " We only have one car oh my God Dave what are you
going to do"

I let her go on for a few more moments before I corralled her
and sat her down.

I told her all about my job offer and how we could move in a
couple of weeks to Minnesota. Worried quickly changed
to excited. She kissed me and jumped around the living room.
She called her friends and our parents telling them all
about it. People were sad but excited for us too. We traded
in the Jeep and Honda Accord and got a new Ford Expedition.
We found these nice town homes on the internet and after
reading reviews sent Bass Lake Town Homes a deposit.

Our friends and family helped us pack the stuff we were taking
in our rented U Haul trailer. The girls had tearful goodbyes
and promised to make the 7 hour trip as often as they could.
In the beginning of June we headed out on an adventure. We
drove through most of Iowa and were headed north on I-35
when Jacie got an idea.

She switched the cd changer to Dave Matthews "Crash
into me" began to play

It was 5am and the road was pretty desolate. Jacie stripped
out of her shorts and shirt and sat in the passenger seat
naked. I asked her what in the heck she was doing. She spread
her legs "playing with my pussy" she said simply

She began to rub her fingers into her pussy and squeeze her
breasts with her other hand. She over exaggerated her moaning
to make sure I knew she enjoyed herself she opened her mouth
and made herself moan a playful moan.

She worked her fingers in her pussy and pulled them back
out, bringing them to her lips. She sucked her fingers clean
and shoved them back into her shaved pussy. She brought
her heels up to the seat and spread her bent legs as wide as
they would go. Car lights occasionally illuminating her
naked tight body. Her C cup breast stuck out proudly as she
arched back into her seat. I paid as much attention to the
road as I needed to and gave the rest to her. She continued
playing with her tits and pussy as playful moans and gasps
escaped her lips.

She gave a laugh and leaned her naked body over the large
padded center console. She worked the button and zipper
of my shorts with both hands until they released. She reached
in and pulled out my hardening cock.

"Mr. Williams what do we have here" she cooed.
"It looks like someone wants to come out and play."

She gave me a surprised smile and went down on me. She made
slippery circle around the head of my quickly growing cock.
She slurped it into her mouth and sucked hard on the head.
She released her lips and a loud popping noise filled my
ears. I was doing my best to drive in a straight line but she
wasn't making it very easy. She lifted her ass up in
the doggy style position allowing me to see her in the reflection
of the passenger side window. Her left arm held onto the
console and her right hand worked my cock with her mouth.

Jacie let spit drool out of her mouth onto my cock making
it slippery and sensitive. She looked up at me

"I love sucking your cock Dave" she said

"So much to say" started to play as she put her
head back into my lap. Her warm mouth worked it's way
up and down my straining cock. She moaned into it when I grabbed
the back of her head and twisted her blond hair into my hands.
She sucked faster coating me in spit, she ripped her head
out of my grasp and removed her hand to search for the seat
controls. She told me to put the SUV on cruise control. She
found the controls and my seat sunk to it's lowest level.
Then back as far as it would allow me still hold onto the wheel.

I don't know how she managed to get her 5'8 frame
to straddle me inside our Ford but I welcomed it. She sank
her pussy down onto my cock. She had to lean toward the center
so I could see out the windshield. She pushed down hard forcing
my cock into her tight cunt. She squatted up and down on my
cock burying it into her guts.

"Fuck yes fuck me" she grunted "you like
being fucked"

"yes" was all I could muster

Her pussy protested each slam of her hips. She gave me no
mercy slamming down on to me. She held on to the back of the
driver seat to balance herself as I drove down I-35 at 75mph.
My cock was pulsing after only a minute and my balls began
to tighten.

"Jacie I am going to cum" I said through clenched
teeth "oh fuck"

She drove her ass down harder and harder on to me.

"fucking cum in my pussy Dave" she yelled "fill
me with cum"

As if on cue "Drive in Drive out" started to play.

My balls tightened and I released my cum into her pussy.
She drove down harder when she felt me cum. Our bodies making
loud slapping noises with each meeting. She wouldn't
stop, her legs pumping her up and down beating my cock in

I yelled out from my pleasure. She slammed down into me a
few more times emptying my balls of everything they had.
She stopped and moved back over the console to her seat.
A passing car illuminating us as it passed. She got back
onto her knees and leaned over the console. She put her lips
around my cock and took it into her mouth sending shivers
up my body. She sucked me clean of cum and stuck her head up
to look at me.

She smiled and smacked her lips. "MMMm yummy"
she said happily.

"what about you" I asked still trying to catch
my breath and adjusting my seat back.

"oh don't worry I will get mine" she laid
her seat back and propped her feet up against the dashboard.
I couldn't see between her legs because of the way she
was sitting and I told her so.

"oh no you pay attention to the road" she laughed

She fingered herself to an orgasm within a minute sending
stream after stream of cum off the dash board and splashing
across the windshield. She lay panting and happy for the
next ten miles before finally putting her clothes back
on and helping me with mine.

When we got to Plymouth, Minnesota and found our town home
she was just a ball of excitement. We moved our stuff in all
day and passed out exhausted on the floor. The next day we
turned in our trailer and went exploring. Instead of going
to the Mall of America we went downtown to see what a big city
looked like. We were shocked driving through downtown
Minneapolis. The buildings where huge, stores like Target
were set in the bases of the sky scrapers along with Borders
book store and the like. Glass covered walkways connected
the buildings and people were everywhere.

We decided to get out and walk around I pulled into the Galtier
Plaza parking garage and we set off on an adventure. We wandered
the streets arm in arm taking in everything we could. We
explored for a while and decided to feed our hunger. We came
across a restaurant at the base of a building and stumbled
into Nick and Tony's. It was a fancy restaurant in my
eyes with wood and brass everywhere. Bottles of wine filled
glass cabinets and the place just let off an air of sophisticated

"Maybe we should go some where less expensive"
I said thinking that we were under dressed in our jeans and
t shirts.

"Nonsense this is us" she said pulling me in.

We were seated and together tried to navigate the fancy
menu of food neither one of us had heard of. We had an amazing
dinner and a glass of wine each. We talked about everything
we were excited about and how great things were going to
be. Once a month we went to that restaurant and ate making
it our first family ritual.

The months passed by and we made our home and our lives together.
All my reading must have paid off because within 4 months
I got promoted to wine buyer for the region and dined at all
the best places on the vendors tab. I would always take Jacie
the following weekend to the ones I thought she would enjoy.
She got a job with Macy's in their interior design department.
She loved the job and the city. We bought her a little red
Mazda Miata convertible that didn't have the top up
until she almost gave herself pneumonia from the on-coming
Minnesota winter.

The beginning of November came so fast we hardly had time
to make plans for Christmas. Jacie's parents had wanted
to come see us but hadn't been able to make time. She
wanted to go for a weekend and surprise them, I tried to get
off but I had too many things to do to get ready for the holidays.
We decided she might as well go since she had gotten the time

Thursday evening November 5th, 2002 we made love for hours.
We held each other not moving knowing that for the first
time since we got married we would not sleep together the
next night. We told each other how much we loved the other
and made fun of how we met. I woke up the next morning to a note
telling me she loved me and would call me when she made it
to Lincoln.

I would never get that call.

On the interstate between Des Moines, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska,
a truck driver had been up for over 28 hours and drifted into
her lane asleep crushing her little red convertible. I
got the call sometime around 1 in the afternoon from the
Iowa State Patrol asking if I owned a red Mazda. I held the
phone to my ear not able to speak or breathe.

Jacie Marie Williams was laid to rest on a bright cold crisp
November day in Lincoln, Nebraska amidst people who loved
her. Our wedding photo stood next to her closed casket and
causing me to be blinded by my tears. Ben Harper's "Forever"
Played at the funeral.

People that loved her would always remember her amazing
smile and lust for life. Her parents told me that Jacie would
always say the best part about her life was that she got to
live it with me. They told me Jacie would want me to live my
life for the both of us and to never be afraid to go on an adventure.

I left Nebraska the following day and heading for an empty
town home in Plymouth, Minnesota...................

Sitting there staring at my meal just didn't seem like
something that I wanted to do. I flagged down my server paid,
grabbed my purchased perfume and left out into the cold
Christmas Eve night. I trudged across the street and up
to the 3rd level of the parking garage. I found my blue Ford
Expedition and climbed in. I opened the center console
and reached in to grab a Norah Jones cd. My hand brushed a
baseball to the side so I could add the cd to the changer magizine.
I pulled out into the snowy cold black night with only the
windshield wipers making noise. I turned on the radio and
Norah Jones began to sing "The long day is over"
and headed back to my lonely town home.

The End............................

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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about all of this and if you guys think I should keep writing
please let me know. I appreciate the Emails and comments
people have left me. Thank you all so much for reading my
long stories and I will do my best to make things shorter
in the future.

Thanks Dave aka FlyingSolo

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Very well written--please keep writing.


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Dave, what a story! While it is terrific reading, for your
sake, I hope it is only a story!!

Keep writing, you have great ability!


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I enjoyed your story very much. I had planned on having my
wife read it but after reading the last part i'm not
sure i should. She cries easily at love stories with tragic
endings. I did think it was well done though. Hope to find
more of your stories in the future. take care. J


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Wow what a story. Loved how it started in the present and
"faded" to a memory. This is the best series
I have read here. Like everyone else so far I pray to the gods
this is just a story. If not Sorry man.