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Flurries Part 4


I passed through automatic doors and looked up to the blackened
sky. Snow fell onto my face leaving droplets of water on
my forehead as my body heat melted the flakes. The sky scrapers
had windows lit with flashing colorful lights and the tops
had white lights framing their exteriors. Cars passed
by sloshing gunk onto the sidewalk, people walked past
me in slow motion. My eyes framed on the blackness, stars
of white falling down around me. A cold wind sent shivers
down my back and broke me from my trance. I walked out the
wrong door apparently and had to walk around the building
to get to the parking garage my SUV was parked in. My black
Florsheim dress shoes that Jacie had bought me were covered
with white and brown slush I made my way down the sidewalk.

I looked up and saw a couple holding hands walking toward
me. The girl was bundled in a long black pea coat. She had
a red scarf wrapped around her neck and a white knit hat covered
her golden hair. Her dark tight fitting blue jeans covered
the tops of her brown and white Steve Maddens. She had her
arm wrapped with her boyfriends and a hand buried into her
coat pocket. She was going on about how it would be ok and
not to worry about meeting her family the next day. She reassured
him they would love him and not to worry.

I passed them and turned the corner onto a busier street.
On the corner sat Nick and Toni's restaurant. It was
at the base of a towering building and I suddenly became
very hungry. I don't know why but I crossed the street
to the huge 50 South 6th street building and it's corner
eatery. It had large glass windows in front and a tiny patio
that was empty in the cold. I reached out and grabbed the
cold brass door handle. Walking in the scene changed to
a warm welcoming atmosphere.

Dark wood paneled walls stretched through out the place.
Finely tooled crown molding sat atop giant dark wood hutches.
Glass paneled doors kept bottle after bottle of fine wine
and fine liquors. The bar was a great round mass of detailed
wood work and a brass kick bar was placed so patrons siting
in black cushioned wooden bar stools would have a place
to rest their feet. A dark haired women in a white shirt and
tie stood behind the bar and smiled at me as I approached
the hostess stand. A girl dressed the same with black pants
asked if I wanted a table.

"how many in your party sir" she asked pleasantly'

"Just one tonight" I replied

She grabbed a menu and led me down steps onto the cherrywood
laid floor. We weaved through tables filled with couples
and family's. The Kitchen sat back against the west
wall and was open for everyone to see. Flames licked the
air as the chef's sauteed steaks and mushrooms in wine
sauce. I followed her to a large half moon booth, the table
looked as though it was solid mahogany, fine plates and
silver utensils covered it's top. Crystal wine glasses
showed it was set for two. The girl removed the unneeded
place setting and gestured me into it. I slid onto the black
leather seat and into the back of it. She told me my waitress
would be here shortly to take my drink order.

A young mexican guy dressed the same stopped and filled
my water glass and moved on without a word.

"Hello I am Sarah and I will be your server today"
Said a tiny voice. A slight woman dressed again in the same
with a black vest added stood in front of me. "Our special
today is a 6 oz filet cooked in a Barolo wine reduction with
Shitake mushrooms and honey glazed Asparagus" she

I looked into her sapphire blue eyes and smiled. I told her
that would be fine and ordered a glass of Mark West Edna Valley
Pinot Noir.

Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" was playing
over head.

After a few moments the wine was delivered and she went off
to put my order in. I looked up into the dark room and fingering
my wine glass top fazed out into my memory.....................

Waking up from a night of drinking and intense sex was like
swimming through a dream. I opened my eyes and stared at
the ceiling. The sounds of heavy breathing where in both
ears. My right arm had Jacie cradled in it she was fast asleep
with her arm around my stomach and drooling on my chest.
She had a slight smile on her face while she slept and her
chest rose into my side. My other arm was wrapped around
Jessa, her mouth was wide open and her face was buried into
my arm pit. Her leg was intertwined with mine. Her hand was
under her chin and she was dead to the world. Kelly was on
her other side curled up in the fetal position facing the

I was trapped in a tangle of naked bodies and I had to pee.
My cock was up well before I was and it hurt with the pressure
of a full bladder. I managed to unwrap myself and sit up.
I slid over the top of Jacie out from under the covers. Jacie
moaned a bit rolled over and slid her butt over into Jessa's
stomach, causing Jessa to put her arm around Jacie and pull
her close. I made my way to the bathroom and stared in the
mirror for a second. My eyes black, my nose swollen and my
face needing a shave I looked a little rough. I used the restroom
and came back into the bedroom. I looked down into my bed
and watched these three friends sleep. They were all cuddled
together and blissfully unaware of my voyeurism.

I didn't think the events of the last night would ever
be repeated but that didn't mean I couldn't stare
and remember. I decided that I had better shower and shave
before they got up and made it impossible to use my bathroom.
I was supposed to be at work in a couple of hours and needed
to get moving.

After getting cleaned up and ready for work I went to the
kitchen and wrote out a note. I told them I had to go to work
and was leaving an extra key so they could lock up if they
left. I grabbed my keys and spent a few last minutes watching
them sleep.

I spent the rest of the day helping customers try on jackets
and telling them that leather pants were making a come back.
The phone rang at about 7pm that night.

"Wilson's Leather home of the half price sales
event this is Dave how may I help you" I said robotically

"Well for starters you could have woken me up and kissed
me before you left" Jacie's voice said on the
other line.

My smile immediately spread across my tired face. "hi
how how are you"

"Hung over and sad" she said

She said that she had gone back to Lincoln because Jessa
had a late class. She told me they wanted to stop and say goodbye
but they woke up too late.

"When can I see you again"She asked

"When ever you want" I replied

"now damnit" she pouted

I laughed and we made plans for me to come up to Lincoln with
Troy and Eric that coming weekend. She agreed and that was
settled. We called each other every night and talked about
many different things and nothing at all. When the weekend
came we all partied together at the college town bars. I
met some more of their friends and had some laughs. Jacie
and I's sex life was in full swing. Though it was just
the two of us from then on it never got stale and always led
to gut wrenching orgasms. Troy and Kelly didn't work
so well since Troy always got stinking drunk. Jessa and
Eric slept together once but there wasn't much of a
spark and they fizzled out and just settled to be friends.
None of us brought up that night or even hinted to it. Jessa
and Kelly thought nothing of kissing me on the cheek and
would always touch a little more than friends usually do.
It never bothered Jacie and it just became normal.

Time passed by and my life was filled with laughs and Jacie.
The summer ended into fall and we went to Husker football
games when we could. Jacie was a huge fan and would paint
her face and bought a huge foam number one finger to help
the team along. I swear she yelled the loudest but in 85, 000
people who knows.

As fall turned into winter my mind was beginning to spin.
Jacie had consumed me so much that to think of anything else
was impossible. I decided that the only thing I could do
was ask her to marry me. I stopped at Zales Jewelry one day
after work and bought a single marquis cut diamond about
.78 carrots. It had a gold band and small bagget diamonds
on either side. It was expensive but worth every penny to

One night we were out on a date. It was December 15th and snow
was falling in Lincoln, Nebraska. We walked down Dairy
Rd our feet sloshing wet footprints into the sidewalk.
Christmas lights where wrapped around light posts and
shop windows had dazzling white lights blinking and chasing
each other. Jacie had my arm trapped in hers and her hand
was buried into her white Pea coat pocket. She was laughing
and going on about something that a kid said in her design
class and how sure she was that he was gay.

My heart had been pounding in my chest so loud that I barely
heard a word she said. I made little noncommital statements
and uh hmms. She stopped in mid stride and faced me.

"Dave what is up with you tonight you are being weird"
she said " you are barely paying attention to me and
you have not said one word about meeting my parents at Christmas"

"Do you not want to meet them" she asked "They
will love you, all I do is talk about you and can't hold
off them meeting you any longer"

I looked at her and just shook my head. We had made our way
almost to Memorial Stadium and where standing if front
of Crane River restaurant. I looked through the window
and saw people laughing and drinking. I could see Crane
River's huge brass beer still's in the back. She
grabbed my chin with her hand and turned me face to look at

"Dave tell me" she said concerned

I looked into her sapphire eyes and took her beauty in. She
had cut her hair to just about her shoulders, Her golden
hair fell out from beneath her white Knit hat, she had lip
gloss on making her light pink lips glisten. Her gold hoop
earrings dangled off her petite ear lobes. She had a half
smile and a confused look.

I took her hands in mine "listen Jacie since we met
I have been living in a dream" I said "I have laughed
more and lived more in these last 6 months than I ever thought

"You have consumed me and made me a better person by
just knowing you" I continued "I don't
remember what my life was like with out you and don't
want to know what it would be if you were to leave it"

She looked at me with a blank look as I got down on my knee in
the wet snow. I looked up into the dark night with snowing
falling down around us like little white stars. Her face
lit the night like a beacon and I gave it my best shot "Jacie
Marie Evans you are the most amazing thing about my life
and I want to make this a dream I have been living in a reality"
Her hands trembled in mine "Will you marry me"

She screamed and launched herself down onto me taking us
both down to the snow covered ground. She landed on top of
me and covered my face in kisses. She didn't stop until
I pushed her up into a sitting position in my lap. Her face
was streaming with tears and she was smiling.

"is that a yes" I asked

"of course it's a yes you crazy man" she

People where walking all around us staring at some crazy
guy laying on his back in the snow and a blond girl sitting
on him crying. I sat up and we kissed deeply sitting on the
sidewalk with snow falling down around us nothing else
in the world mattered. After at least 5 minutes of kissing
we stood up. Her dark tight denim jeans wet and covered with
slush and my backside frozen and wet. She told me I had no
choice and we jumped into the Jeep and headed to her parents

We looked like we had lost a giant snowball fight when we
got to her parents house. The meeting went better than I
thought even though I was nervous and wet. Her mom screamed
with her and they jumped around the kitchen. They wanted
to plan a spring wedding which meant within a few short months
she would be Jacie Williams instead of Evans. Her dad handed
me a tumbler of Jameson and pulled me into living room for
"The Talk" and to get to know me with veiled threats.

Everything went fast after that. Our parents met, her friends
squealed and congratulated us, my friends thought I was
nuts for getting married at 23. Spring came and my life blurred
out and then showed back up a week before the April 2nd wedding.

Troy and Eric had planned a bachelor party for me that was
supposed to end all parties. Troy made all the plans and
took money from everyone that was going. It was Friday and
I was waiting for the call that they were coming to kidnap
me. Instead I got a call from the Douglas county jail. Troy
had gotten a DUI the night before and needed a ride home.
I found out he had used the party money to bail himself out
and that the party was canceled. I went home and called Jacie
to tell her I would be available to talk if she wanted to.

We made fun of Troy and she admitted she was not too sad. She
had been concerned I would be bad anyway. She had too much
to do to get ready for graduation and didn't have a bachelorette
party so it was only fair she said. She was coming to town
the next day and we had made plans to go out.

I came home early and got dressed up in a suit that she had
made me buy and waited for my Fiance to arrive. When the knock
at the door came I was on the phone with Eric. We had been talking
about the tuxedo plans and how he was going to get them back
after the wedding. I opened the door and my jaw fell to the

Jacie was standing there in a dress that rivaled Marilyn
Monroe's white one from the blown up dress picture.
Her hair was done up with golden tendrils falling down her
face. She had put make up on and her eyes were framed in dark
blue making her eyes shine brighter. She had a light smattering
of glitter on her cheeks and her lips where covered with
a pale white lips gloss. Around her neck hung a golden neckless
with diamonds that fell down beneath her breasts easily
scene with her deep V'd dress line. She had white high
heels on and she stood easily 5'10 if not a little taller.

If I was surprised to see her I was even more surprised to
see Kelly and Jessa behind her. Jessa had added a extension
to her hair and looked like Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday.
She wore a red dress that tied up around her neck, the plunging
neckline stopped below her small breasts and was clasped
with a golden ring. The bottom was sheer on the outside and
solid in the inside stopping just below her knees. She wore
tan open toe high heels that tied around her ankles.

Kelly was dressed in a black skin tight dress It was had broad
material on her shoulders that fell a little over the shoulder.
Her neck line was wide open and cut across the top of her D
cup breasts while the tops billowed out. It was tight around
her tight waist and formed to her sultry hips. It was short
and showed off her muscled legs. She wore black stiletto
heels and probably stood 5'9 or 5'10. Her dark
brown eyes where framed in deep green eye shadow and eyeliner
giving her the look of a dark dangerous beauty. The look
of these three would have made Hugh Hefner throw out his
bowl of Viagra for lack of need.

Eric's voice "hello hello" snapped me
out of my stupor and I told him I would call him back and hung
up. I was blocking the door and they just blinked back at

"Are you going to make us stand out in the hall all night
Davey" cooed Kelly

"Oh shit right sorry come in" Jacie kissed me
on the cheek as she walked by "hi baby"

Jessa kissed me as well "Hi"

"Miss us" Kelly said with a light peck on the
cheek I closed the door and turned around.

"oh you look very handsome" Kelly said and asked
me to turn around. When I did they wolf whistled me and made
me break out into a blush.

"So you like"Jacie said spinning in a fast circle.
Her dress flowed around her and I could see she had white
boy cut cotton panties on. I watched her spin and time froze
her smile was so bright and so big that I think I fell in love
with her all over again. They all struck a Charlie's
Angels pose and made overly sexy faces. I laughed and told
them how hot they all looked. They went into the kitchen
to grab some drinks before dinner.

I joined them and we sat talking about the wedding and our
honey moon plans in Florida. We downed our drinks and headed
down to Jacie's 4 door Honda accord. My Jeep would have
been to hard to get into with 4 of us. I drove us to Kobe Steak
House in the Regency Court. The restaurant was packed but
the girls had made reservations, when we walked in men from
all over the bar area stopped talking and stared.

I ordered a glass of Ferrari-Carano white chardonnay for
Jacie and got myself a Japanese Sapporo beer. Kelly got
a Mai Tai and Jessa an apple martini. Standing at the bar
getting all the attention was making me feel uncomfortable
but the women loved it. They played to their strengths to
be sure. Kelly with her playmate body turning and twisting
showing of her large breasts. Jessa with her model frame
and Helena of Troy face beaming brightly.

The diamond in the middle of precious gems was Jacie though.
She stood tall and proud her perfect body standing straight
up and big laugh emitting through the room. I held on to her
ring hand and looked into her eyes unbelieving of our future

"I love you David Allen Williams" She said

"I love you too Jacie Marie Evans" I responded
" Jacie Marie Williams" she corrected me.

"oh you guys are so cute you are going to put me in sugar
shock" Kelly said downing her Mai Tai.

"I think it's romantic"swooned Jessa
raising her the back of her hand to her forehead "Oh
Dave oh Dave oh Dave" She said breathlessly cause
a few people around us to look and laugh. Jessa noticed and
blushed right away. We all laughed and shortly after had
my name was called to join the other 4 people at the 8 person
table. The tables had a large cooking area and the chef's
would flip, chop, and light on fire about anything they
could get their hands on. They wowed the crowd. When it came
time for them to flip a shrimp into our mouths I was mentally
prepared not to look like a fool. The first one went to Jessa
sitting on the end it landed in her mouth and she laughed
and every applauded, the next to Kelly who did the same.
Jacie's turn and she got it first try. The next one headed
my way, I was tracking it with my eyes and thought no problem.
Jacie had other plans and dove in front of me and stole it
out of the air. The people at the table cheered and she laughed
holding the shrimp in her teeth. She sat back up and turned
her head to look at me. she pulled the seafood from between
her lips and looked at my pouting frown.

"aw baby I am sorry here" she placed it back in
her teeth and come forward to let me take it from her with
my own mouth.

"gross you guys just swapped seafood" Kelly
said with a fake retching. I chewed happily and smiled back.
We finished dinner and headed to this dance club called
Club Patrick's. It was a new club and we decided to check
it out to see if it would be fun.

When we pulled into the strip mall it looked like a Vegas
party. People were walking in and some where stumbling
out. The bouncer at the door was a guy I new from my high school
football team and he waved me over.

I stuck out my hand "Brian Jensen how the hell are you
son" The big 6'5 250 bouncer grabbed my hand and
about broke it.

"Dave man congrats I heard you were getting married
man" he said with a big smile "which one of these
is yours" I stuck my thumb back and said "Marilyn

Jacie gave a little wave and a big smile.

"oh sorry ladies you can go right in" he said
moving a rope so they could walked passed the line filled
with angry looking people. "nice to meet you"
he called after Jacie and the others. "dude how the
hell did you manage that" he said with a little mock

I told him a real quick version of the broken nose baseball
story. After I finished it I gave him my number and went in
to find the girls. "I need a girl" by P Diddy was
blasting over some serious speakers and the club was alive
with dancers and drunks. The giant rectangle bar was packed
with people waiting to get a drink. Flair bartenders with
flipping bottles dazzled the crowd but not serving. I walked
around the 5000sq foot bar and didn't see them. I gave
up and figured I would find them after I got a drink. I found
a place at the bar I thought I could slip into and waited for
a bartender to show up.

"Daaaaaaave" Said a voice from the past. A blond
wearing a tiny white halter top with Clup Patrick's
stretched across her D cup chest and self cut dangerously
low jeans stepped in front of me. I looked up to see Stacy
Reynolds and old girlfriend from high school. She looked
insanely hot. Her hair was flared out above her shoulders,
she had her eye liner stretched on past her eyes that gave
her an Egyptian look. She had bright red lipstick on and
long dangling silver earrings. Her belly we tanned and
she had a diamond stones glued around her belly button with
a diamond in it.

She had a bright smile and leaned forward over the bar for
a hug. I reached up and gave her the best hug I could over the
aluminum bar. She stood up and brushed an errant piece of
hair behind her right ear. "how have you been I haven't
seen you forever" she said with a giant smile.

"great" I said how have you been

"Good" she said putting her hands on the bottles
in front of her. " I haven't seen you for so long
you look great"

"I know right whats it been 2 years"I followed

"yeah I went to college and Dana and just got back"
she said still smiling

We chatted for a few minutes the best we could over Busta
Rhymes and Sean Paul singing "Make it Clap".
We talked about how she dropped out of college and that she
left over her asshole ex boyfriend. She was working their
part time to pay some bills. The people around her getting
pissy that she wasn't making a drink and talking to
me instead. I figured I had better order and asked for a Captain
and Coke. Her smile faded as a pair of hands wrapped around
my waist. She stood there for a second and Kelly moved up
next to me. She ordered 3 lemon drop shots, a Morgan and Coke
and a Liquid Cocaine. Stacy walked away slowly to get what
she needed to make the drinks. I turned around in the arms
and came face to face with a not smiling Jacie.

"Hi honey" I said

"Don't hi honey me who was that" she said
with a unhappy face

"Oh that was Stacy from high school" I said

"really and an ex I assume"she said

"yeah how did you know" I questioned

"because she was giving you the fuck my eyes and flirting
with you bad" she said almost angrily

"what no she wasn't" I said

"yes she was Dave we could Bartender Barbie flirt
from across the room" Kelly added and Jessa nodded
a yes.

I kissed Jacie and told her it didn't matter I was all
hers and not to worry. She gave me a crooked half smile and
a half shut disbelieving eyes. I smiled and turned around
as Stacy came back with our order. The 3 girls with me looked
her up and down and I heard Kelly huff. I smiled weakly at
Stacy and handed her cash for the drinks. I told her goodbye
and we headed in the the crush of the dancing crowd. Jacie
stole my drink from me telling me I didn't deserve it.
We found a place to stand and sipped our drinks and watch
the crowd.

Jacie was standing next to me giving me a sideways glances.
I could feel her stare at me but I was afraid of her asking
questions. Stacy and I had a lot of fun together, we broke
up when she went to college after senior year. Jacie hadn't
stopped staring at me until Kelly pulled Jacie out on the
dance floor and they started to dance to "Rock Star"
by N.E.R.D.

Jessa tapped me on the shoulder and I turned in her direction.
"you know she loves you more than she can tell you"
she said "I don't think you know how much she loves

I asked her what she meant and Jessa said I would find out
and joined Kelly and Jacie on the dance floor. The crowd
pulsed with the lights and the music. The girls were doing
it again, running their hand up each others bodies and through
their hair. They swung their hips and ground into each other.
The scene didn't go unnoticed by several guys who tried
to join the trio. They were all pushed away or ignored. As
they danced Jacie stared at me with a lustful look in her
eyes. Her dress flowed around her newly tanned long legs
and a hint of panty would peek out at times. I watched this
most of the night in between runs to the bar for more drinks.
Stacy never seemed to be around though.

At about midnight we decided to get going to beat the cops
and traffic out of the club parking lot. We got back into
the car the girls were giggly and drunk. Jacie would lean
over and put her hand on my cock and smile. I laughed and told
her she better be careful I might wreck. I switched the radio
on and blared Simple Plan's "I'd do anything."
The the girls sang along at the top of their lungs while I
drove back to my apartment.

We stumbled up to my door and into my apartment. They took
turns going to the bathroom and I went into the kitchen to
make us some more drinks. I put Moby in the cd player and turned
it too "we are all made of stars" My neighbors
must hate me when they are over. Jacie came into the kitchen
and pulled me out to the living room and sat me down on the

"Sit, Stay, good fiance" she laughed I had a
shot of Rumple in one hand and a Morgan in the other so I did
what I was told. She went over to the cd player and pulled
out Moby. "Not a fan" I said She gave me a shut
up look and put a cd in. Then went back to my bedroom and left
me alone. Jessa came out and grabbed a chair from my kitchen
and put it in the living room. She left and went to my bedroom.
I was completely bewildered. Kelly came in next and lit
some candles Jacie had bought me months before. She moved
around the room and strategically placed them in the right
spots then turned off the lights. She grabbed the cd remote
control and left the room.

I was sitting there in my living room in the semi dark on my
wooden armless kitchen chair. I was finished of my shot
and Morgan and Coke in a couple of drinks and put my glasses
beneath the chair. I sat there for a few moments and wondering
if I should get up and find out what was going on. Godsmacks
"Awake" came over my speakers and made me jump.
Jessa came out dressed in her high heels wearing only a white
Strapless bra and lacy black thong.

She told me to put my hands behind my back. I obeyed thinking
I was probably in deep shit. She moved behind me and pulled
a pair of fuzzy handcuffs from her panty line. She hand cuffed
my hands behind me and told me to sit there and shut up. I watched
as she stood in front of me and started to dance seductively.
she threw her head back and ran her hands through her short
brown hair and down her small 100lb frame. She turned and
spread her legs and bent over showing me her ass and barely
fabric clad shaved pussy.

Jessa slid her hands up her legs and stood straight up she
walked over to my coffee table and pushed off my Sports Illustrateds
and sat down. She leaned back and spread her legs, then she
ran her hands down her inner thighs and ran them back up to
her lace covered pussy. She smiled, blew me a kiss and told
me to close my eyes. I couldn't help but think how much
she looked like Selma Blair.

Linkin Park's "One Step Closer" was the
next song to play I was told to open my eyes and Kelly was standing
in front of me wearing a black satin bra and matching thong
panties. Her and Jessa made a very sexy contrast. Kelly
had large breast and curvy hips as opposed to Jessa with
her small b cups and almost no hips. They stood in front of
me and started to dance together. They moved up and down
each others body with hands rubbing across each others
tits and stomach. Jessa turned and Kelly being the taller
put her arms over her shoulders down the front of her bra.
She squeezed Jessa's small tits and Jessa leaned her
head back into Kelly and let out a moan. Jessa rolled her
head back and forth then turned to face Kelly.

Jessa placed her hands on Kelly's D cups and pulled
down on side of her bra to reach her nipple. She took the nipple
in her mouth and opened her lips so I could see she had it between
her teeth. She pulled back stretching out Kelly's
nipple cause a gasp to come from her. Jessa released her
nipple and knelt down and began to kiss her stomach and down
the front of her satin panties. Kelly looked down and grabbed
Jessa's shoulders. Kelly threw her head back sending
her newly dyed black hair flying through the air. She arched
her back and Jessa kept her face in her crotch and ran her
hands up to Kelly's tits sliding them under her bra.

Kelly grabbed Jessa by the arms and pulled her to a standing
position. They stuck out their tongues and licked each
others lips. The song ended way to soon and they looked at
me and told me to close my eyes again. I was getting frustrated
and already had a throbbing hard on trying to get out of my
pants. I was beginning to understand they had this planned
out before the night started.

Puddle of Mudd's "Control" Came on and
I was getting excited to see what was coming next. Jacie's
voice told me to open my eyes. I gasped when I saw her. She
was wearing black 4" high heels Her legs wear covered
in sheer white thigh high stockings. They were connected
to a white lace garter with straps. She had a white see through
thong on under that. She was wearing a white lacy bra. Around
her neck she had a black lace choker with a red heart dangling
from it. She had left her hair up and wore a huge Colgate smile
on her face.

She stood there with her legs spread and her hands on her
hips. With her 4 inch heels she stood 6'0 and every inch
as sexy. She stood there as Jessa and Kelly worked their
hands up and down her body. Jacie began to writhe to the music
and soon her and the other two where tangled together. Kelly
left Jacie and Jessa rubbing their bodies together and
went into the kitchen. Jacie pulled Jessa close and began
to run her tongue across her lips. She moved down to her neck
and bit her playfully. Jessa moaned and reached into Jacie's
hair she pulled out two chop stick looking things releasing
Jacie's hair. She stood up and shook her head to let
her hair untangle. She looked at me with a look on her face
that would make a gay man hard. She walked over to me and grabbed
my face with her left hand. Jessa walked up to my side and
put her face close to mine. Jacie directed my face to Jessa's
lips and told me to kiss her. I opened my mouth and Jessa slipped
her tongue in between my lips. Her thin lips pressing against
mine. Jacie moved behind me and grabbed the back of my head
and pulled it away from my embrace and faced me forward.

Kelly came at me swinging her luscious hips with a rocks
glass full of Rumplemintz and a pair of scissors. Kelly
put the glass to my mouth and Jessa told me to drink. I tipped
my head back and drank as much as I could with out gagging.
My body was flooded with warmth and the 100 proof peppermint
schnapps hit my stomach. My body heated up rapidly and beads
of sweat dotted my forehead. Filter"s "Welcome
to the fold" blasted through the room.

"oh he is burning up" Jacie said.

"Well maybe we should get rid of some of these clothes"
Kelly said seductively clicking the scissors together
Jessa grabbed the scissors from Kelly and squatted down
by my left leg. She pulled my shoes off and then put the scissors
to my pant leg "don't move" she smiled up
at me. Snip Snip she was cutting up my pants leg. I didn't
know what to do I just sat there. Jacie was running her hands
through my hair and Kelly was rubbing my chest. Jessa cut
it all the way up to my belt line she had cut through my boxers
too. She then moved over to my right side and cut up my pant
leg stopping again at my belt line.

Kelly reached down and undid my belt and pulled it off with
a snap. Jessa finished what she started and tore my pants
away. My button up shirt covered me but only for a second.
Jessa grabbed one side under my buttons and Kelly the other
side and they pulled together. The buttons exploded off
my shirt and flew around the room. they pulled it over my
shoulders and let it hang on my cuffed hands.

My erect throbbing cock stood out and pressed against my
white undershirt. Jessa made short work of my shirt with
her scissors and they left me sitting on my chair butt naked.
They all laughed evilly and moved in front of me. Three lingerie
clad women in heels smiled down at me. God they were hot and
I was terrified, my mind was racing with possibilities.
I was wrong about all of them.

Jacie turned and went in the to kitchen the other two turned
and followed her. I heard some rustling and then the fridge
open and closed. They came back carrying supplys. Jacie
had a two bottles of Chandon Champagne that we had left over
from Christmas, Jessa had a container of strawberries
and Kelly a can of ready whip.

They set their loot down on my coffee table and Jessa and
Kelly framed Jacie and began to undress her. Jessa unsnapped
Jacie's bra and pulled it off. Kelly knelt down and
peeled Jacie's panties off. They left on her garter,
stalkings and high heels. I let out a gasp and my cock got
even harder. Jacie had a coy smile on her face winked at me
then laid down on the floor in front of me.

"You get me Closer to God" by Nine Inch Nails
blared and that was their cue to begin.

Jessa picked up a champagne bottle and popped the cork.
Champagne flowed out of the end and landed on Jacies firm
C Cup breasts cause her to inhale deeply and arch her back.
Kelly grabbed the ready whip and stood over Jacie. She reached
down and covered Jacie's nipples with the white cream.
Then drew a line form the center of her chest to her clit with
whip cream. Jacie brought her knees up to make an upside
down V and laid her arms above her head. Jessa stripped off
her bra and panties exposing her perky B cup breasts and
puffy nipples, her inner labia's hung down and glistened
with her wetness. She chose a large strawberry from it's
container and moved her naked body between Jacie's
bent legs. She crawled over Jacie's whip cream covered
torso on all fours. Kelly was still standing over her so
Jessa had to go between her legs.

Jessa took the strawberry in her right hand and swirled
it around Jacie's left nipple. Kelly lifted her leg
over the two of them and moved behind me. Jacie had her eyes
closed and her lips parted allowing Jessa to have her way.
Jessa lifted the whip cream smeared strawberry off Jacie's
nipple and brought it to Jacie's parted pink lips.
Jacie opened her mouth and bit down with her teeth letting
her lips drag over the sweet fruit. Jessa brought the half
eaten strawberry back and swirled it around her right nipple.
She again brought it to Jacie's lips to finish. Jessa
threw the stem onto the coffee table and put her mouth to
Jacie's nipple causing her to gasp and shift her body.
Jessa moved to her other nipple nibbling and sucking off
the whip cream.

The music they had picked changed pace and Staind's
"So Far Away" began to play. Kelly moved around
me and I saw her naked breasts and pussy. She had removed
her clothes while standing behind me. She looked down at

"is that hot seeing your future wife being touched
by another woman" she said with a purr I nodded in response.
She reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock. "Is
this from you watching us" She gave it a squeeze."
My cock hurt so much from all the blood being forced in it.
It throbbed in tune with my heart in Kelly's hand. She
released her grip and turned around giving me a view of her
voluptuous ass. She stuck it out a little and looked over
her shoulder her black hair covering most of her face. She
ran her hands down her sides and followed the curve of her
hips. Beyond her I could see Jessa working her tongue down
Jacie's whip cream line. Kelly spread her legs and
sat her naked wet pussy on my bare right knee. She rolled
her hips and ground it into me. She reached behind her with
her left hand and started to massage my balls. She didn't
turn around she just massaged me and watched her two friends
on the floor.

Jessa had cleaned Jacie's chest and torso of whip cream
and had just started to work on Jacie's clit. Jacie
took in a big gasp of air and arched her back. Her hands came
together above her head and she stretched out to full 5'8
length. Jessa moaned into Jacie's pussy and she licked
and nibble her clit. Jacie moved her hands to her tits and
began to pinch and twist her nipples. Her lips parted and
her eyes closed she moaned Jessa's name.

My cock jumped at that and Kelly turned around to look at
me. "you like that don't you little boy"
she said in a sultry voice. She moved her hand up and grabbed
my stiff erection. She slowly moved her hand up and down
the shaft barely touch me. It was a huge tease her soft hands
lightly grazing my shaft and mushroom head. She began to
roll her hips even more making my leg wet with pussy juice.
Kelly stood up and moved between my legs. She put her knees
together and put both of her hands on my thighs to help support
her. She moved her ass back into my chest and slid her ass
and wet pussy down my chest. She stayed a little to the right
side so as not to block my view of Jessa licking my future
wife's pussy.

Kelly's soaking wet lips found my cock and she slid
down it. I looked down and saw it part her ass cheeks as she
slid up and down. the feel of my cock being enveloped by her
lips like a hot dog in a bun was mind blowing. She continued
to slide up and down being careful to not let me enter her.
I wanted so bad to reach around her and play with her pussy
but my hands were still cuffed together.

Jacie started to arch more her back more and more and her
whimpers turned into deep moans. Her face showed signs
of intoxicating passions. Jessa brought her hand to Jacie's
pussy and slipped her fingers into her. I could only guess
she had found her G spot by the way Jacie was bucking her hips.
Jacie's squirt rewarded Jessa by splashing across
her face. Jessa let out a surprised laugh and worked her
pussy faster. Stream after stream soaked Jessa's
face and hair. Jacie was pulling her nipples so hard it was
leaving them an angry red. Jacie finally opened her eyes
and propped her self up on her elbows. She watch and Kelly
slid up and down with my cock between her pussy lips. Jessa
crawled over to Jacie's face and kissed her. Jacie
licked some of her cum off of Jessa's mouth and cheeks.

They broke and grabbed for the champagne. Jacie took swig
then feed some to Jessa. She poured some down Jessa's
neck and began to lick it off her. She moved to her small breasts
with their long eraser like nipples and took one between
her lips. Cause Jessa to close her eyes and moan "yes"

Fuels "Falls on Me" sounded through the room.
Jessa got up grabbed the unopened bottle of Chandon and
came over to me. Kelly stood up leaving me wet from her pussy
and more hard than before. "He's all yours Jessa"
said Kelly My mind was racing I was sure Jacie was going to
come over to me. She just sat there holding the champagne
bottle and watching us. Kelly moved to Jacie and sat down.
Jacie handed her the bottle and began to kiss her neck.

Jessa repeated her performance with the new bottle and
cold liquid splashed across my stomach and cock making
me jump in my seat. She took a big pull off of it and then brought
the bottle to my lips. She tilted up and I gulped as fast as
I could so as not to drown. She got on her knees in front of
me and set the bottle down to my side. She placed both hands
on my thighs and smiled up at me. "my my Dave all to myself."
with that she licked the shaft just above my balls. She ran
her tongue in circles down to my sack. She gently took it
into her mouth and sucked, I looked up to see Jacie sucking
on Kelly's nipple and playing with the other one with
her fingers.

I looked back down as I felt Jessa's tongue start to
slid up the shaft of my cock. She grabbed it with her small
hand and forced it away from my stomach. She ran circles
around the purple head and kissed it with moistened lips.
She turned her head sideways and placed it between her lips
and moved up and down. She wrapped both of her hands one on
top of the other on me and put the rest in her mouth. She slowly
moved up and down letting it go into her wet mouth. Her tongue
swirled the around it. My cock throbbed in her hands and
I couldn't help myself I moaned allowed. Jacie heard
me and it must of turned her on more because she moaned as
well. Kelly was staring as us and playing with her pussy
while Jacie worked her hard nipples.

Jessa was quickening her pace, she lifted her mouth off
me and watched her self stroke me. She stood up but held onto
me with her left hand she stepped over my left leg, then my
right she placed her pelvis to my stomach then guided my
cock into her. Her pussy was so tight I though I was going
to split her in two. She ever so slowly pressed her weight
down on me. My cock forcing it's way into her tender
center. She got me half way in then started to move up and
down, she was taking deep breaths and blowing out with every
down motion. Her pussy flooded with her lust and it started
to slid in easier. She let go of my shaft and put her hands
on my shoulder. She sat all the way down taking me all in her.

"aaaaaahh" she let out "fuck"

She froze for a second giving her insides a chance to expand
around me. Godsmacks "serenity" drowned out
her light whimpering. With her hands on my shoulders and
her high heels on the floor she started to move up and down
on my throbbing cock. Her pussy gripped me so tight it was
beginning to get red from pressure. She leaned forward
and layed her head on my shoulder. Her ass was in the air so
Kelly got a perfect view of my cock sliding in and out of Jessa's
tight little pussy. Her face looked gripped with intense
lust she grabbed the back of Jacie's hair and pushed
her down into her pussy. Jacie attacked her with wet sloppy
kisses and long tongued licks.

Kelly laid and her side and lifted her leg up. She bent it
and reached back and grabbed her own ankle for support.
Jacie was working it with a furious passion. Kelly started
to play with her own nipples and stared into my eyes. I stared
back and we where pleasured together. Jessa was whimpering
and panting into my shoulder she was getting louder and
louder. "Yes yes yes" she started to scream.
I thought she was going to cum. She didn't stop though
and kept slamming up and down impaling her self. "yes
yes yes yes" she screamed again.

Kelly's face gave it away that her orgasm was close.
Her eyes kept closing and she was licking her lips. Jacie
brought Kelly to a nail digging orgasm she laid flat on her
back and Jacie stayed with her licking her pussy until Kelly
begged her to stop. Kelly lay there panting and Jacie turned
around to watch my cock bury it self into her screaming friend.
Jacie got up and came over to us. I thought she was going to
kiss me, but instead she lifted Jessa's face off my
shoulder and the two of them began to kiss. Sitting up must
have put Jessa into the right spot. Her pussy clamped down
hard on me and she started to shake.

She moaned into Jacie's mouth and stopped moving up
and down. she started to grind her hips in a circle to finish
herself off. Her body shook with one last spasm, she was
still kissing Jacie but refused to move anything else.
My cock was throbbing and begging for release. It was surrounded
by the tightest pussy I have ever been inside and I wanted
to cum so bad. I wanted to fill her with my cum, but the girls
had other plans. Jessa slowly got off of me and gingerly
got to the floor in front of me. Kelly walked back in from
the hallway. I hadn't even seen her leave the room.

Jacie moved from my side and sat on the floor next to Jessa,
they handed off the bottle of Chandon between them. Kelly
had a bottle of strawberry sex lube in her hand, I don't
know where she got it. She stood in front of me opened the
flat clear tube and squirted it all over my sore friction
burned erection. She stroke the lube onto me and added more
for good measure.

I had no idea what was going on, I only knew I wanted my future
wife badly and didn't seem to be able to have her. When
Kelly was satisfied that it was lubed up enough she straddled
me. Coldplay's "God put a smile upon your face"
began to play and I was about to find out Kelly could too.

"Jessa I need your help" she said Jessa crawled
over behind Kelly to where I couldn't see her. Kelly's
large firms D's were in my face. I felt Jessa's
small hand grab my cock and point it straight up in the air.
Kelly lifted up and slowly oh so slowly sat down. Her arms
where wrapped around my neck and was depending on Jessa
to get it where it need to go. I felt intense pressure and
the head of my cock found her asshole. I couldn't believe
it, Kelly was going to put me in her ass. Jacie and I had tried
before but we always had to stop because it hurt her too bad
She was determined that we do it one day and even bought a
how too book. Kelly gasped and squeezed me tight as I penetrated
deep into her ass. It was so tight a different kind of tight
then Jessa's pussy.

Jessa's hand held me tight as inch by inch I dove into
the depths of Kelly's voluptuous ass. I looked over
at Jacie who had started to play with her pussy as she watched
us. Kelly started to move up and down my cock with Jessa still
holding on. She moved really slow at first and then after
her muscles relaxed she was able to slid up and down my length
as she wanted to. She leaned forward and pressed her lips
to mine. She darted her tongue across my lips leaving them
dripping with saliva. I kissed her back the best I could
with her moving up and down. Jessa let go of the base of my
cock allowing Kelly to bury it to the hilt in her asshole.

"Bring me back to lfe" sounded in the room with
it's haunting message

Jessa stood in front of Kelly and they began to kiss. Jessa
was rubbing her hands over my chest and around Kelly's
breasts. Jessa turned her head and brought her lips to mine.
"I love you Dave" she said to my surprise. She
kissed me with pure emotion to prove it. I kissed her back
trying to equal her passion. She pulled away and got down
on her knees. Kelly put her hands on the back of my head and
pulled me forward. She stopped moving up and down and ground
my cock as deep as she could into her ass. She looked me in
the eye and told me "I love you Dave" She kissed
me with the same passion that Jessa just had.

I didn't understand what was going on. Why Jacie hadn't
touched me or talked to me really, why Jessa and Kelly had
just told me they loved me then kissed me to seal it into my
soul. Kelly sat up straight with her hands on my shoulders
and continued to grind. My cock ached in her tight asshole,
I was getting close. Jessa reached down and slipped her
fingers into Kelly's open pussy causing Kelly to let
out a scream. Jessa started panting next to me and I could
see that Jacie had moved behind her and was playing with
her her pussy from behind and herself at the same time.

We were all moaning and moving to one another.

"I am going to cum"Jessa said breathlessly

"Me too" I said feeling that deep down pressure

"oh God" Kelly started to grunt and her movements
became erratic

I looked at Jacie and she looked at me with her sparkling
sapphire eyes her lips where parted and her face was flushed.
"I love you Dave with all of my heart" The words
I wanted to hear all night and the last thing I could think
of. I had a gut busting orgasm right then while staring into
the eyes of my future wife. Her eyes opened wide her lips
parted wide and she moaned into her orgasm. Kelly's
ass grabbed my cock and she started to shake on me as her orgasm
took over her body. Jessa put her head on my chest and was
screaming as Jacie's fingers brought her through
her climax.

We all where coming together. I shot my load of cum deep inside
Kelly's bowels emptying my balls of any sperm I had.
Jacie fell back into a heap and stared at the ceiling Kelly
fell across my body and was taking deep breaths in an effort
to calm down. Jessa just sat on her feet with her hands on
her thighs and caught her breath the best she could. I was
sweating and panting, my head fell back and I felt the room
spin around me.

Kelly lifted her self off my protesting body my cock fell
out of her ass with a pop. She took my still hard cock in her
hand and inspected it. I was covered with strawberry lube
and cum. She grabbed a piece of my shirt and wiped me off,
she took it in her hand and asked if I could come again. I thought
I could and she told Jessa to sit on me facing her. Jessa obeyed
and slowly slid herself onto my cock. Kelly spread her legs
draping them over mine and brought her lips to Jessa's
pussy she licked her clit while Jessa ground her tight wet
pussy on me. This time didn't last long, between Jessa'
pussy and Kelly's tongue I was ready in a minute.

"I am going to cum " I called out

"yes give it to me Dave" she moaned " give
me your cum, fill me with it"

My cum shot deep in her pussy with Kelly massaging my balls
Jessa came again and almost hyperventilated on my lap.
She slid her legs off mine and moved forward causing me to
fall out. Cum fell out of her pussy and onto the floor. On
shaky legs she moved to the floor and onto her back. Kelly
leaned forward and took me into her mouth and cleaned Jessa's
and my cum off my painfully satisfied dick.

Kelly sat next to Jessa and Jacie came over and plopped down
too. They all embraced in a naked hug and Jacie told them
she both loved them. Jessa grabbed the cd remote and shut
off the music. They looked at me for a second and then Jessa

"Dave we all love you" Jessa said and Kelly nodded

" we want Jacie to be happy and we know you will always
do that" Jessa continued "Don't ever go
to bed angry always talk out your problems and never let
them linger" with that she looked at Kelly

"we love you like a brother Dave" she said then
quickly changed her mind when Jacie said "eewww"
"shit ok not brother that would be creepy"

"and illegal" Jessa chimed in

"right anyway we love you like family and my advice
is don't lie to each other be honest even when your afraid
to" she said "and most importantly don't be take
each other for granted you never know what can happen and
it could be too late." she said seriously

I nodded my head and waited for Jacie to speak

"So I suppose you are wondering why I didn't touch
you Dave" She said looking into my eyes

I nodded again

"well I don't want to have sex again until after
we are married. I know it seems silly but it's just want"
She kept her intense gaze into my eyes "I hope you can

I nodded again still handcuffed and in a chair naked.

"I have one question though" I said "how
long have you guys been planning this"?

Jacie laughed "oh on the way from Lincoln we figured
we would give you a little bachelor party ourselves since
you didn't get one"

"what about you and your bachelorette party"
I asked in response.

Jacie laughed " you were our party of course"

We all laughed and smiled at one another. "so um can
somebody let me out now"

Jessa got up and went to her purse and dug around for the key
"shit I know I had it, but I can't find it"
she dumped her purse out on the table in a panic. "shit
shit shit"

"you can't find the key huh" I said

The other too looked worried and got up to help her look.
When it was evident that they weren't going to find
it I called out to them "who ever these are I will buy
you knew ones" I flexed my muscles and snapped the
flimsy aluminum cuffs. I stood up and walked over to them
staring at me in disbelief.

"you mean you could have gotten out of them at anytime"?
Jacie asked

"yup" I said

"you ass" Jacie said moving in for a hug and pounding
my chest.

We were all tired and hammered and decided we needed sleep
we all headed to my bed for the second time and crawled under
the covers. Jacie slept on the outside this time so she wouldn't
be tempted to break her wish.

This time Jessa was on my right and Kelly and Jacie on the
outside to my left. Jessa snuggled in close as I wrapped
my arm underneath her neck and she kissed me on my chest goodnight.
Kelly looked at me for a second and gave me a soft lingering
kiss then let me put my other arm under her head and pull her
close. Both Jessa and Kelly draped a leg over mine and pushed
their worn out pelvises to my hips and fell fast asleep.
I looked over at Jacie who smiled and mouthed "I love
you" and rolled over to sleep.

I lay their for a few moments wondering to myself. If this
is how we started out before we got married, after is going
to be enough to kill me. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.........

To be continued one last time.....................

Part 5 will be the conclusion..

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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