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Flurries Part 3


walked through the ladies clothing department of Marshall
Fields dragging my hands across the top of the racks. Different
garment fabrics giving my hands multiple sensations.
I wasn't really looking for anything in particular,
I figured I would know it when I saw it.. I was dressed in a
suit and tie with a long Hugo Boss wool dress coat. This made
me a target for any sales associate looking for a last minute
Christmas Eve commission. I politely turned them all down
and continued to wander through the clothes. It was getting
late and people were trying to get home in time to wrap all
their loot. I pretty much had the floor to myself.

Over head the Musak system was playing Jessica Harp's
"Roses are Red" acoustic style. I ended up at
the perfume section. Through all the nose burning scents
I managed to follow one straight to it's place on the
glass counter. I picked up the plain square bottle made
of clear glass. I didn't need to open it to know what
it smelled like. It is called "Be 21" and smelled
of red peach and cinnamon, with a hint of vanilla.. It was
a cheap perfume but Jacie loved it, I tried to get her to switch
to a more fruity girlie perfume but she wouldn't hear
of it. She told me it made her feel grown up and classy. This
thought brought a small smile to my face.

"oh good choice sir she will love it" I looked
up to see a middle aged women in a white lab jacket smiling
at me " would you like me to wrap it for you"? I
thought for a minute and told her just to put in a bag no wrapping
needed. I paid for my purchase and they started to announce
the store would be closing in a half hour. I stepped away
from the counter and walked back the way I came. On my way
back I wandered through the kitchen isle. I stopped at the
pots and pans and picked up a "All Clad" sauce

"I am going to learn to cook if it kills me" she
would always say. In my mind I always thought it was her cooking
that would kill us. She was convinced that we needed a 1000
dollars in pots and pans and that would help her become Betty
Crocker. Who was I to argue I loved to make her happy. I stood
there and thought about buying the set for a few moments.
Amanda Kravat's "Green" added to the noise
of sales associates trying to piece back the store. I started
back toward the door that lead out into the cold snowy Minnesota
December night...................

I was busted out of my amazing dream recreation of the my
threesome with Kelly and Jacie by a "what the hell
happened last night" Troy's voice was like a
cold bucket of water to my face. I sat straight up in horror,
it took me a second to realize that Kelly and Jacie where
not in my arms. "Thank God" I thought I didn't
know how to explain it to Troy. I was shirtless with only
my jeans on, and they had the top button undone.

I looked at Troy and winced. He had a large egg sized bump
on the left side of his forehead. I told him he passed out
in the bed and we all crashed in the living room. I couldn't
look him in the eye just yet. He sat down next to me and began
to rub the knot on his head.

"man did I puke" he asked

"yes" I replied

"shit man I hope Kelly isn't grossed out"
he said still rubbing his head.

"oh man I wouldn't worry everyone was trashed
last night no biggie" I said

" yeah man but I was feeling lucky last night I think
Kelly really digs me" he turned to look at me with a
smile " did she say anything about me last night"?
he looked hopeful. I lied and told him that I didn't
remember. I escaped from the situation by going to the kitchen
to get a glass of water.

"I must have hit my head on the toilet it fucking hurts
man" Troy said rubbing the bump.

"yeah dude you ok" I mustered he just nodded
in response

Somebody had cleaned the kitchen and erased all evidence
of the previous night. A note sat on my counter, when I picked
it up I regretted even getting up. The note said that Jacie
and Kelly had gone out to find a grocery store so they could
make us Sunday breakfast and they had taken the Jeep. I just
hoped Kelly could drive a stick I didn't know how much
of Jacie's driving my poor Jeep could take. I felt sick
all of the sudden and flew to the bathroom to clear my stomach.
As I was praying to the porcelain God I thought about how
I was going to function the rest of the day. I didn't
have to go to work until 1pm the next day so I figured I would
just go back to bed and sleep it off.

I was just coming down the hall when the girls came through
my door. They were a sharp contrast to the night before.
Jacie still had on my baseball jersey and boxers, while
Kelly had one of my Husker shirts and a pair of my boxers.
They were both wearing my beach sandals that were about
3 sizes too big for them. Jacie had her hair tucked up into
my Husker hat and Kelly had borrowed a white Kangol hat.
They where carrying Target bags filled with eggs, bacon,
sausage, and shredded cheese. I think I even saw tortilla
shells, that sadly got me going again and I flew back down
the hallway into the bathroom. I had my head buried into
the toilet when Jacie came in to see if I was alright. She
sat next to me on the tub and rubbed my back.

"aww are you alright baby" she snickered "did
you have too much to drink"?

I barfed again in response, she got up kissed me on the back
of the head and told me breakfast would be ready in 20. Again
I lost my cookies, and worse they tasted like Girl Scout
Thin Mints. "fucking Rumplemintz" I moaned
on the verge of death.

I freshened up and came out into the kitchen to the girls
cooking up a storm. Actually it was more like Kelly cooking
and Jacie helping. Troy was sitting on the couch looking
like somebody stole his lunch money. I took a seat next to
him and stared at the TV. We sat there in silence for a while,
then he looked at me with a serious concern. "dude
I think I fucked up she wouldn't kiss me when I tried"
his breath gave away why in my opinion and I told him so. I
kind of felt bad I mean I know where her mouth had been just
a few hours earlier.

The girls called us into the kitchen and presented us with
a full plate of bacon, egg, sausage, and a bottle of Bud Light.
When our faces must have showed a little worry so Kelly told
us the hair of the dog is what we needed and to eat and drink
up. We sat down and the table and the girls joined us a couple
of seconds later. Kelly with a plate of assorted fruit and
Jacie with a plate that looked like it was more grease then
food. I looked at Jacie's face, it was so beautiful,
I realized that she looked the same. She must not wear make
up I thought, she was a natural beauty and I had just fucked
our possible relationship with our little threesome.
I didn't want her to think I was only interested in sex.

She looked at me and smiled a full of food cheek smile. I didn't
know what to say so I just dug in to my food. Troy was engaging
Kelly in what ever conversation he could think to start.
He seemed a little worried that she didn't like him
anymore. I was worried what was going to happen next. I didn't
even know how to act in front of them. It was my first threesome
after all. I just didn't want them to know that. Jacie
ate in silence and so did I, Troy was talking enough for all
of us. My cell phone started to ring, I started to get up but
Jacie beat me to it. She said it was for her and answered it.
It turned out to be Jessa asking for directions on how to
get to my place. She had stayed at the hotel with Eric last
night and had already packed all their stuff.

I jumped on the phone and gave the best directions I could.
She told me that she they would be over shortly. We ate in
silence after that. I think Troy saw his chances slipping
away, and Jacie, Kelly and I were in a weird place. After
I had eaten I went back to my bedroom and pulled on a shirt
and changed into shorts. My body was running a little hot
from the alcohol poisoning I was sure I had. I heard the door
close and turned to see Jacie standing there in my clothes
blocking the door.

She ran and jumped up on me wrapping her long slender tan
legs around my waist. She held on to my neck looked me in the
eyes and told me "you are either the most amazing man
I have ever met or the worse mistake I am ever going to make"
It took me a second to figure that one out. When I just stared
at her like a fool she continued.

"listen Dave what happened last night was weird for
me too" she said "it was fucking unbelievable
and sexy and fun and I loved everything that I can remember"

" Kelly and I talked about it and well we are ok with
it" said Jacie "we don't do each other and
we have never done anything like this before, well Kelly
has but I haven't" she looked a little shy at this
"I don't regret it and Kelly and I are not weird
so please don't be weird with her."

"we are best friends and it just happened so please
don't be weird with her"

She looked me dead in the eye "I trust her she is my best
friend and I think I can trust you." she said the next
part slowly "I don't know what is going to happen
with us three in the future but for now everything is cool

I just nodded not sure what to make of what she was saying.
But I sure as hell wasn't going to ask.

"good I can't have my boyfriend and my best friend
being weird k" she nodded like the I Dream of Jeanie

" wait what no but what"? was my smooth response

she looked at me confused for a second the shot forward and
licked my cheek "mine" she said "you are
my boyfriend now" she said matter of fact " I
figure we are not going to stop talking and I don't want
to get back to Lincoln and not see you."

" I figure why go through all the wondering"
she said" we just might as well skip it and just go straight
to the point" "I mean hell you already turned
me into a slut with my friend so you might as well be made an
honest man"

"Deal" she just blinked at me

"you are one crazy chick Jacie" I said

"yeah thats how I roll broken nose man" she retorted

"yes" I said either still drunk or in shock I
wasn't sure

"good" she said "and we can always be honest
no matter what ok no matter what" she stressed the
last part.

I just nodded

she released her legs and dropped them to the floor

"brush your teeth" she turned and left the room
laughing to herself. She just left me standing there in
my bedroom wondering what the hell had just happened. She
was right about one thing, my breath was kicking.

I headed back out into the living room after brushing my
teeth and throwing water over my head. The girls were just
finishing breakfast clean up when Eric came through the
door looking like he had just won the lottery. Jessa followed
looking embarrassed and a little worried. She was dressed
in green frog pajama bottoms and a thin white strapped tank
top. Eric simply beamed like that kid off the Christmas
Story when he got his Red Rider bb gun.

He said hi then told Troy they had to go he had to be at work
at noon and couldn't be late. Troy was not happy about
this but he nodded his head, he said good by to Jacie and then
got a hug from Kelly. Eric led the way out of my font door with
Troy in tow.

When they were gone and the door locked they drug Jessa to
my couch and began to grill her on what happened between
them. Jessa looked my way and gave the I don't want to
say in front of him look. "oh don't worry about
him, he knows he better keep his mouth shut" Kelly
said dismissively

"yeah cmon girl what happened" followed Jacie

I sat down at my kitchen table and stay clear. Jessa took
a deep breath and told them that her and Eric got back to the
hotel and didn't make it 5 minutes before they were
naked. "I only remember flashes but I know we didn't
have sex" she said " I remember we played around
a lot"

Jessa was looking down at her crossed legs while she was
telling the details she remembered. I didn't have
to be close to her or a mind reader to know she was leaving
something out.. "Jessa are you ok hun" asked
Jacie "he didn't hurt you did he"

"oh no nothing like that" she said looking up
" it's just that I was so drunk and we passed out"
Oh boy I think I knew what was coming. I know my good buddy
Eric and his I get so hammered that I piss myself in my sleep
thing. I was trying so hard not to make a noise that I had to
hold my breath. There was no way I was going to say a word about
that I didn't need both friends to hate me.

"I think I wet the bed" she almost cried "
we woke up soaked and it smelled like pee"

She looked down again her face turning bright red. "
I have never done that before I must have been so shit faced
that I didn't know what I was doing"

"Oh man" I thought I am not going to make it. My
sides hurt from holding in my laughter, I would be a dead
man if I said a word so I just stayed quiet and hoped for the

"Uh Jessa it's ok things happen" Jacie
said giving her a hug "hell who knows what can happen
when your smashed" she said looking at Kelly with
a blushed face.

"yeah Jess I am sure it's no big deal" Kelly
said giving her a hug too" Jessa went on about being
embarrassed and wanting to die and all that good stuff.
The comforting didn't seem to help her out of her crushed
mood. Kelly looked over at Jacie and Jacie nodded her head.

"J I have done embarrassing stuff too I mean I had sex
with my best friend and her boyfriend" I am shocked
that I did that I wanted to die when I woke up"

Jessa froze looked up and her jaw dropped to her lap "what,
when, what are you talking about"

It was my turn to be horrified, they were going to tell her.
I am a dead man when Troy finds out. I can't believe these
girls were about to have a confessional on my couch. I tried
to sink into the floor at this moment.

"yeah Jessa me too and you know I don't do that
stuff either, sometimes stuff just happens cause your
in a crazy mood and boozed up" Jacie followed with.

"ok guys what are you talking about" Jessa said
completely lost " We are your best friends and you
haven't had sex with me and you hated Jacie's ex
Rob so I know you didn't..." she stopped mid sentence
looked over at me " oh my fucking God no you didn't"
I looked at her with a blank expression and her smile began
to stretch from ear to ear. Jessa sat straight up and looked
from Kelly to Jacie. "what did you two do last night"
she laughed "you two are a lesbian sluts"

Well if they were trying to break her out of her funk they
accomplished it. Jessa was as happy as a clam and pleading
to hear the story. I put my head down on my table and moaned
"shit" Kelly started to tell Jessa the story
every last gory detail. Jacie filled in spots from time
to time. When Kelly started to describe my parts I yelled
"You know I am right here and can hear you"

"well go into the other room then, and you should be
proud anyway now shuush" Kelly said

Jessa was eating up the story laughing, oh my Goding and
gasping. She would look at me from time to time with a huge
smile and a shame on you look in her head. At the end of my torture
Jessa walked up to me and looked right in my eyes.

"you hurt Jacie and I will cut off your nuts"
she threatened

"wait should I say that about Kelly too I am confused
who's boyfriend are you?" she laughed and I just
put my head back down and moaned. I felt, I don't know
ashamed kinda I don't know. Jacie got up and walked
over to me pulled my head off the table and sat in my lap. "He
is mine"

"Yeah I just get to fuck him on the weekends"
Kelly snorted " gotta get my cock with a side of cooter"

We all laughed at this for a little while and and I started
to loosen up. The jokes turned to Jacie renting me out and
they asked if Jessa would like to pay 29.95 for me to make
her scream. Jessa laughed and said that if I had all 3 I would
die from pussy pleasure and she didn't want to hurt
Jacie by my death. We all laughed again and started to talk
about other things for a short time.

"I don't really want to go back to Lincoln today"
Kelly said

"It's only a 45 minute drive lazy" Jessa

"I agree with Kelly I don't want to go back today"
Jacie agreed. "We can stay at my man's house he
won't have a choice or mind I mean"

I just sat there it was obvious to me that Jacie was going
to win no matter what so I said "you guys are welcome
to crash here no problem"

"what the hell what do you want to do"? Jessa

"lets rent movies and stay in" Jacie said "we
still have plenty of alcohol I think

"Good thing you have a big couch Big Dong Dave"
Kelly said with a smile

"I suppose you want me to call Troy and Eric and let
them know" I asked

"Hell no girls night" Jacie said "it's
how we roll"

Jessa looked at me and just shrugged a yes

"Plus if you fuck me too then we are all just one big
happy family and it won't matter that you are at ladies
night" Jessa said

I looked at the floor and blushed and the three girls laughed
so hard they all started to snort and cry. I had a feeling
they enjoyed making me squirm. I went to the fridge and grabbed
another Bud Light. I don't usually drink at 11am but
this was going to be a long day for me. I downed my beer and
asked if anyone needed to use the bathroom or could I take
a shower. I was still covered in the Kelly and Jacie's
scent and figured I better wash the guilt off of me.

I turned the water on hot and stripped my clothes off. I stepped
into the bathtub shower combo and pulled the curtain closed
I had just put my head under the water when I heard the door
open and close.

"Hello" I said.

A long tan leg slid in between the curtain and the tub wall,
the owner of the leg stuck a hand in and put it on her knee and
straightened her leg out showing it off. Then it disappeared
back out of site. A arm took it's place and motioned
with a finger to follow it as it pulled back through the curtain.

I poked my head around the dark blue curtain and saw Jacie
standing there. "can I join you"? she asked

"of course you can" I replied

I watched her pull my jersey over her head exposing those
perfect firm full 34C breasts. Her pink nipples where erect
and inviting. She shimmied her hips as she pulled my boxers
off of her. She was standing in front of me fully naked. I
drank her in for a moment. She stood all of 5'8 her light
blond hair cascaded past her shoulders. It was a little
wavy and so soft to the touch. She had the face of an angel
her blue eyes sparkled like sapphires. Her brilliant white
smile would make a Colgate commercial jealous. Her slender
neck flowed down into broad athletic shoulders. Her waist
tapered into her flat stomach that showed a hint of a 6 pack.
She wore a red jeweled belly button ring, her hips were narrow
and probably were a 33 or 32. She had told me before that she
weighed about 113 or so pounds. She was perfect.

"can I come in or no" she smiled breaking me out
of my revere.

"uh yeah of course" I held out my hand and helped
her into the shower. It wasn't a very big shower and
and we had to smoosh together so we could turn and put her
under the shower. Water poured over her head and down her
body she closed her eyes and tilted her head back. She ran
her hands over her wet hair and pulled some loose hair out
with her fingers. She leaned forward and opened her eyes,
she smiled and me as she rubbed water out of them.

"what" she smiled

"oh nothing I just can't believe how beautiful
you are" I said. She blushed a little bit and said thank

She grabbed my soap off the tray and sniffed it. Her nose
crinkled for a second and she shrugged. She told me to turn
around and started to run the bar and her hand over my back.
She washed my shoulders and down my back. She ran her hands
all over the back of me. I asked her about what she wanted
to do after she graduated. I was hoping she still hadn't
planned to run away from the Midwest. Now that she considered
herself my girlfriend. I would hate to just have to watch
her leave. She continued to wash my back she squatted down
and washed my ass and backs of my legs.

She told me that she wasn't sure, just that she lived
in Lincoln all her life and most of her friends from Lincoln
East where staying here and not doing anything. She wanted
an adventure, she didn't want to settle for anything.
She stood up and turned me around. She started washing my
neck and my chest, she had me raise one arm are a time so she
could scrub my arm pits. She told me that she hadn't
planned farther than just getting out of Nebraska and doing
something on her own. She moved down and washed my belly
and washed it in circles. I was so intent on what she had to
say I didn't realize I was starting to get hard she washed
my lower stomach and stopped talking when she felt my cock
growing larger. She looked down and grabbed it with both
hands and a bar a soap.

"naughty boy" she cooed she looked into my eyes
and smiled. she began to stroke my cock up and down covering
me in the slippery soap. I let out a little moan which just
made her stroke it faster. She squeezed it with each stroke
and kept staring into my eyes. I reached down with my right
hand and slid it in between her thighs. She lifted her left
leg up and put it tippy toe on the bathtub edge. I moved closer
to her and let the water running off her body wash the soap
off of me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled
me into a kiss.

Hot water rolled down our bodies, steam filled the room
with a haze. I was rock hard and thanks to how tall she was
I didn't have to squat down to far the place the tip of
my cock the her opening. I pushed against her lips and the
head of my cock inched it's way into her tight pussy.
The walls of her pussy gripped me as I slid deeper into her.
Her breasts slipped across my chest with every shift of
her slippery body. Water poured down our bodies and ran
off giving us a new sensation. I buried my cock deep inside
her and she let out a whimper. I slowly moved in and out, her
pussy protesting with each with drawl , her arms held tight
to my neck and she opened her mouth to take my tongue. I reached
around and grabbed her ass with my left had and squeezed
a firm cheek. I pulled her forward with my hand and pushed
into her with my hips. She threw her head back and let out
a low moan that came from her belly.

My cock pulsing inside her and her pussy clamping down on
me at the same time. She put her head on my shoulder and started
to bite me, she moved to my neck and nibble and sucked. The
bathroom turned into a sauna, our bodies overheating and
sweating even in the water. I buried my cock as deep as her
body would let me and pulled her ass tight against me. She
switched to the other side of my neck and continued to suck
and bite me.

"Dave" escaped her lips

For some reason her moaning my name brought me to the point
of climax.

"I am going to cum" I said through clenched teeth.

"yes Dave cum inside me, cum in my pussy" she

"aahh" I grunted and shot my load of hot cum deep
inside her pussy. With each thrust I shot a into her. The
quickening of my pace and the feeling of my cum that flooded
into her sent her over the edge. She bit down on my right shoulder
and let out a scream that sounded far away. Her legs shook
and her foot slipped off the edge of the tub. Her thighs clamped
down on my still thrusting cock. The pressure behind my
belly button was intense. I wasn't even finished with
my fiirst orgasm when I started to have another.

Jacie was still in the throws of her orgasm when I told her
"I am going to cum again"

She squeaked and bit down harder on my shoulder sending
shocks of pain and pleasure through my body. I shot more
cum into her womb and almost slipped and took us both down.
The water was so hot, it turned our skin an angry red where
ever it hit us. It was adding to the sensation making us dizzy
and trying to overheat us. We stood pressed together my
cock buried in her pussy and her thighs clamped down refusing
to let me move. Our orgasms subsided together and we pulled

"shit Dave" she sat down on the tub floor and
just took deep breaths. I sat down on the tub edge she slid
in between my legs and put her mouth around the head of my
dick and sucked hard for a second, it almost sent me backward
over the edge. She sucked hard one last time then put her
head on my inner thigh and just continued to breath deeply.
After a few minutes we were able to stand.

She asked for a razor so she could shave her parts. I reached
across and pulled it out of the vanity drawer. I watched
as she moved this way and that shaving her legs and arm pits.
She moved on to her legs and finished as quickly as she could.
We stood up and finished washing in silence staring at each
other with a look and a feeling I was scared of. I know she
felt it too, I could see it in her face.

I got out of the shower first into the shockingly cold air.
I pulled a couple of towels out for us and wrapped her up in
one before I put mine around my waist. She stepped out of
the shower and into my arms. She kissed me and held me for
a second. When she pulled away she smiled weekly and walked
out of the bathroom leaving me alone to figure out what was
I was feeling. I dried off and looked around for my fresh
clothes that I had forgotten to bring in with me. I wrapped
the towel back around my waist and stepped out of the bathroom.

"oh sexy man cmere" called Jacie from the living

"I am only in a towel" I called back

"who cares two of us have seen you naked get in here
buddy boy" Kelly shouted

I shyly walked down the short hall to the living room.

Jacie was still wrapped in a towel digging through the suit
case that Jessa had brought up while we where in the shower.

Jessa looked up from a phone book she had in her lap "oh
my you are a hottie" she said not taking her eyes off
of me.

"you should see his cock" kelly said "shit
you should feel it"

"corn feed is he" Jessa laughed

"cmon guys he is just not a piece of meat, he is a piece
of meat with feelings" Jacie laughed out loud

At this I blushed flipped them off and turned to go back down
the hallway.

"wait we need your help don't go we were just kidding"
Said Jessa "how do you get to this Blockbuster"?

I looked at the address and gave her and Kelly directions.
They wrote them down and told Jacie to hurry up so they could
go rent some flicks.

Jacie grabbed some clean clothes and went into the bathroom
to change, I went to the bed room and put on shorts and a t shirt.
A few minutes later Kelly came in with some clothes and kicked
me out to change. Jacie threw on some white shorts, black
halter and some sandals. Kelly came out in a black skirt
and red baby doll T.

At some point Jessa had slipped into denim shorts and a white
tank top. The three of them with no make up and hair a shambles
looked hotter than any three women I had ever seen. Jacie
gave me a kiss and they left in search of the Blockbuster
leaving me alone to wonder what brought me this much luck.
I laid down on my couch and quickly drifted off to sleep.

The Blockbuster I sent them to was only a couple of blocks
away from Westroads Mall and was too tempting for them to
pass up. It's a good thing I fell asleep because they
didn't come back for 2 hours.

Kelly, Jessa, and Jacie blasted through my front door laughing
loudly. I woke with a start and asked them what was wrong.
I don't know why I asked that but I just got woken up I
am lucky I didn't ask them to put the monkey in the garage.
Jacie leaned down and kissed me on the cheek "hi honey
I am home"

Then Kelly kissed me on the cheek "I missed you baby"
I just sat there not really sure what was going on or if I was
still asleep.

Jessa leaned down "I am so happy to be home" and
gave me a kiss on the cheek. I must still be asleep I thought.
What ever was going on was beyond me. I could hear them giggling
and rummaging around.

"Uh glad your all back I missed you to" I said
in more a question then a statement. I looked or the back
at the couch and saw about a half dozen bags from stores in
the mall.

Kelly chose a bag out the the piled and told us she was going
to take a shower. She undressed down the hallway into the
bathroom leaving clothes in a couple of different places.
Jessa walked into the kitchen and was putting something
in the fridge and Jacie my new girlfriend of only a couple
of hours was transferring things into a larger maroon JC
Penny bag. I thought about asking but my headache changed
my mind. I laid back down and fell back asleep.

"should we poke him with something" said a far
away voice

"naw lets just sit on him that's always fun"
joked another

"play with his cock that would wake him up" giggled
another "I am sure he won't mind"

I was waking up slowly and was sure I had only been out for
a few minutes. I opened my eyes to the sight of three sirens
who had taken over my wardrobe. The girls had raided my closet
and where wearing my clothes. Jacie was in my Husker boxers
and another of my baseball jersey's from high school.
Jessa had put on my dark blue button up shirt that looked
more like a short dress on her. I couldn't tell what
she had underneath. Kelly was wearing a pair of my boxers
knee high socks and shirt that said "if you can read
this you are not drunk enough" tied up in a not below
her D cup breasts of course. They looked ridiculous.

"hi sorry I must have dozed off for a minute"
I said wiping sleep from my eyes.

"uh no it's 5pm ok you passed out for another couple
of hours" Kelly said

"Yeah they went through your bedroom" Jacie
said pointing at the other two "I would have stopped
them but I was curious too so I helped"

"oh yeah did you guys find my blow up doll" I asked

"no you have a blow up doll"? Said Jessa brightly

"no it's a joke" I said "find anything

"nope you don't even have porn how lame"
said Kelly with a little disappointment in her voice

Jacie reached for my hand and tried to pull me off the couch
"cmon dinner is ready"

I sniffed the air and could smell pasta and garlic bread.
I got up off my lazy ass and went to the table to find a seat.
The food was on the table already and we all dug in and chatted
nonsense over shells in red sauce and Rotella's twist
bread they had smeared garlic butter on. It was actually
pretty good. I looked at Jacie and she pointed at the other

"I can't cook for shit" she said "I
am no Betty Crocker"

We laughed and finished our meal, we all cleaned up and moved
into the living room for movie night. "ladies night" I mean.

They rented Joy Ride, Donnie Darko, and Training day. Well
at least they got something with shooting in it. We all sat
on the couch. I sat in between Kelly and Jacie. Jessa plopped
down on the other side of Kelly. I put my feet up and the coffee
table and leaned back. Jacie snuggled under my left arm
and leaned against my chest with her legs curled underneath
her. Kelly sat on my right she put her feet up and the coffee
table and leaned up against me like Jacie was. Jessa laid
on her back with her head laid in Kelly's lap and hung
her bare legs over the edge of the couch.

I couldn't believe I had only met these women a couple
days before. My nose apparently had been forgotten because
no one seemed to notice my two black eyes and swollen beak,
or maybe they didn't care who knows. We made it through
Donnie Darko before someone suggested we start drinking.
We all untangled and went to the kitchen. I opened the fridge
and found I was the proud owner of two bottles of Pucker one
cherry the other apple. I grabbed a bottle of beer and the
girls went strait for the Captain Morgan and Pucker. They
each had a couple shots of the Puckers and brought the Morgan
and Cokes into the living room. I sat down again in the same
spot and everyone else did too.

"we didn't put the movie in" Jacie said
"baby will you go do it" she was using me already
this couldn't be a good sign. I got up and put the movie
in on my way the changed positions and I ended up between
Kelly and Jessa. Jacie was leaning against the end of the
couch. (the end table was there and she was a quick drinker
so she wanted tobe able to reach her cup) Kelly nuzzled back
into my side and Jessa actually laid in my lap. I looked over
and Jacie but she didn't seem to think anything of it.
I just figured when in Rome. I kicked my feet up and just started
to watch Joy Ride with them. It turned out to be kind of a scary
movie. The girls jumped and yelped, Jessa would turn her
head to look away and bury her face in my stomach. Her head
moving back and forth in my lap was not a good idea. I am only
human after all. Blood started to flow into my groin and
well it started to become noticeable. After all she was
wearing my shirt and it rode up her thighs showing off her
skinny olive colored legs. Jessa moved her head around
trying to get comfortable again and finally figured out
what the problem was.

"is that your wiener" she said looking up into
my eyes

I just stared back she sat up and looked down at my crotch.

"uh sorry about that it's uh" I stammered
I didn't know what to say. Jacie rolled her eyes and
smiled at me.

Kelly looked down and me and grabbed it. "oh it gets
bigger" Jacie didn't even flinch. I didn't
know what to do. I was supposed to stay cool so I just laughed
and ignored it. Jessa laid her head back into my lap and found
a comfortable spot. After more jumping and blood rushing
the movie ended. we all got up again and fixed new drinks.
This time I hit the Rumplemintz. after a couple of bathroom
breaks and a few more shots we sat back down in the living

"Dave do you have any cards"? Jacie asked "I
think we should play a drinking game. I got back up and grabbed
a deck of cards from the kitchen we put on some music Dave
Mathews band's "where are you going" was
playing on the local radio station Sweet 98.5. The girls
wanted to play "GO Fish" , the rules where simple
every time you made a match you got to pick someone who had
to drink. If you lost you had to take as many drinks as you
had cards left. Simple I thought I can win this I am good at

We played a few hands and my luck kicked in. I was getting
several matches and spreading out the drinks evenly. After
an hour we where all pretty tipsy. Jessa started to ask questions
about the previous night's fun. She wanted to know
how Kelly and Jacie decided to play with each other.

"I didn't even know you liked girls Jacie"
Jessa said "I know Kelly does but you never said anything"

"I didn't say I like girls, I just had a one time
lesbian thing last summer with Samantha that was it"
Kelly shot back

"we had sex a couple of times then stopped" Kelly

Jacie shrugged and said "I was in the moment it just

"I don't regret any of it" Jacie said. "It
was fun and sexy"

"would you do it again"? Jessa slurred

The room felt a little heavier after she asked this. We where
all sitting on my living room floor in a circle shifting
nervously. Jessa looking back and forth from friend to
friend clearly wanting an answer. It was Jacie that spoke

"in the right situation, yes" she said shyly

My jaw dropped I couldn't believe she would do it again.
I felt warm and could feel lust rise up within me. Kelly had
a blank expression on her face and didn't move. Jessa
however smiled and said "wow Jacie who are you"

Jacie smiled back and said "I don't know but I
think it's his fault" she said pointing at me.
I looked back and just said "my fault, no way you and
Kelly started it with that game I was just following your

"bullshit Dave" Kelly said coming out of her
revere " You had just as much fun as we did and you didn't
seem to mind watching us lick each other's pussy"

Jessa was looking back and forth between us and smiling
listening to our little verbal jousting.

The girls starting to giggle and Kelly blurted out "
fuck it was just sex and it was fun, call me a ho cause I loved

Jessa looked into her Captain and Coke and quietly said
"I am sorry I missed it I haven't done anything
like that before"

I froze. "no fucking way I thought" There is
no way this is going to happen. (Dear Penthouse I never thought
it would happen to me) I was just trying to wrap my mind around
being in a relationship with Jacie let alone the sexual
experiments I had been involved with. I was 22 and didn't
have Pornstar life by any stretch of the imagination.

All of us where just sitting there Jessa looking down and
Jacie and Kelly staring at her with blank faces. I broke
the silence by announcing that I needed another drink.
I got up off the floor and headed to the kitchen.

"me too" Jacie said and followed me into the
kitchen. I pulled the bottle of Rumplemintz out of the freezer
and Jacie snuck under my arm and pulled out the Pucker bottles.
I looked at her and using my free arm pulled her close and
started to kiss her on the neck. She let out a soft whimper
and put all of her weight into my chest. I moved up her neck
and laid some wet slow kissses along her jaw line. I moved
to her chin then up to her lips. She kissed me back with a fervor.

She had her arms out still holding on the the liquor bottles
so I set my bottle down and pick her up. She wrapped her legs
back around me and held on tight. Our tongues twisted and
flicked each others lips and our bodies pressed together.
She crossed her arms around my neck and clinked the bottles
together. We where moaning and panting through our passionate

"whewwwwwww whoooooooo you guys are insane"
shouted the girls together.

Jacie and I broke our kiss and turned our heads toward the
noise. Our cheeks still pressed together and her wrapped
around my waist. Jessa and Kelly where standing at the end
of the counter holding empty glasses smiling back at us.

"I want to be kissed like that" Jessa said

Jacie laughed and blushed a little.

"You guys just can't stop can you" Kelly
said with her hands on her boxered hips.

Then they began to make fun of us. Jessa laid her head on Kelly's
chest "Oh Dave I would just die with out you holding
me" she swooned

Kelly picked it up and said "no no baby don't worry
we will never stop touching and making out in front of our
friends" grabbing Jessa's face in her hands
" and if old people want to watch me suck your cock then
baby we will just have to do it"

Jacie giggled and held on not letting go of me.

"how ever did I manage to live without you for so long"
Jessa said her face in Kelly's hands still.

"Dildo's and cucumbers Jacie" Replied
Kelly "and now that you have me and my porno style cock
you will never be sad again"

"oh my God Dave you are so sweet I love you" swooned
Jessa "Kiss me Dave Kiss me like you just kissed my
best friend Kelly" and she puckered her lips into
a smoochy face.

"yes my love yes" Kelly said and we watched her
lean in and kiss her friend. It started off a small couple
of pecks at first then Jessa slid her arms around Kelly's
neck and planted a big opened mouth kiss right on Kelly's
mouth. Kelly released Jessa face and put her hands around
Jessa's waist. They began to kiss passionately and
hold each other tight.

Jacie and I stared in shock at the scene. Jessa was running
her hands through Kelly's multicolored shoulder
length hair pulling and releasing with each turn of her
head. Kelly's fingers where digging into Jessa's
tiny waist and tugging at my dark blue button up shirt she
was wearing.

Jacie's breathing started to get heavier as we watched
she let out a little gasp when Jessa pulled hard on Kelly's
hair causing her to let out a moan. I couldn't believe
what was happening I had Jacie suspended in mid air still
clutching her Pucker bottles and watching her two best
friends make out in front of us in my kitchen.

"shit you guys" Jacie finally said causing
the girls to break apart immediately. They looked at us
and then down to the floor, Jessa's face was flushed
and she darted her eyes from floor to Kelly. Kelly stood
there with a shell shocked look and held her mouth open a
surprised look. Jacie dropped down set her bottles down
and started clapping. I set my own bottle down and joined

Jessa laughed and Kelly did the curtsey thing again.

"sorry I guess it can just happen" Jessa said

We all laughed and they came forward to get to refill drinks,
we made our way back into the living room and flopped down
on the floor. I leaned back against my couch and Jacie nestled
in between my legs and lay back against me. I stayed quiet
and listened to the girls talking about class work they
had to do and about people in their classes. I took sips of
my beer and Jacie gulped down her Captain. We stayed in that
position until the drinks were gone. She asked me if I wanted
another I told her yes and a shot of rumple too please.

She got up and barefooted it to the kitchen I moved up onto
the couch. Jessa and Kelly were obviously getting drunk
because they laughed at everything they were saying. Jacie
came back carrying 4 bottles of booze. She handed the Puckers
to Jessa and Kelly and the Rumplemintz to me, keeping the
Captain bottle for herself. She sat down next to me on the
couch and made her self a drink on my end table. I took a giant
pull from the Rumplemintz almost causing me to choke. Jessa
and Kelly took huge swigs of Pucker and continued with their

Kelly went to the cd player and put in Creed "Are you
ready" began to play filling the room with guitar
riffs and raspy singing. Jacie looked over at me gave me
a giant smile and straddled me. I looked up at her face her
blond hair falling down her face her eyes sparkling and
a smile that told me I was in trouble. She grabbed my face
in her hands and started to kiss me deeply. I wrapped her
in my arms and squeezed her body tight. Her lips parted and
she sucked my peppermint breath into her mouth. She let
out a moan and continued to kiss me passionately. I ran my
hands up and down her back feeling the number 18 on the jersey.
My mouth accepting her tongue only to have taken away in
flicks. Her breathing quickened and she sat up staring
down at me. She reached down grabbed the bottom of my shirt
and pulled it over my head exposing my bare chest.

She ran her hands over my my chest and shoulders down to my
arms. She ran her hands down my arms to my hands and directed
them to her breasts. I massaged her firm C cups and felt her
nipples beneath the black cotton jersey fabric. She lifted
her body up and down on her knees and rolled her head back.
she put her hands over mine and followed the motion of them.
She let out a moan and bent down to kiss me again.

The music pulsed through me, feeling warm and dizzy from
her body I forgot where I was. I reached down and pulled the
shirt over her head exposing her naked torso. Her light
blond hair was hanging down around my face closing out the
rest of the room. The scent of her skin was inciting me to
taste it. I ran my tongue my tongue along her neck to her collar
bone. She lifted up and presented me with her right nipple.
I took it into my mouth nibbling and licking it to it's
straining point. I bit down on it and she jumped and let out
a whimper. Her body gyrating circles in my lap trapping
my erection below her.

Her hands where holding on to the back of the couch for support
so I had free reign of her body. I moved to her other breast
and held on to her waist with a firm grip. I moved my hand down
to her lower back and grabbed her little ass with both hands.
I pulled her into me and moved her body in faster harder circles.
She kissed my forehead and top of my head. She made soft noises
that turned to loud noises when I playfully bit down on her
tit. I reached down and unbuttoned my Khaki cargo shorts
and wiggled them down exposing my hard pulsing cock. She
took one hand off the couch and ran her fingers over the tip.
She tried to trace the veins with her fingertips, but our
movements caused her to grasp the couch again for support.

"Beautiful" was the next song that filled the
room. The lead singer of Creed's voice putting us deeper
into a lustful trance. I reached down to the waist band of
the boxers she had borrowed and ripped them off her hips.
She let out a big gasp as the cloth tore away from her body.
I pulled them out from underneath her and threw them to the
floor. Her breath became raspy and rapid, her body was tense
and her muscles were contracting. I moved both hands under
her ass and lifter her on to my cock.

Her pussy was waiting for me to enter her. Her wetness surrounded
me, the pressure of her enveloping me. She I slowly lowered
her down on me, so as not to hurt her. "haaaa"
she breathed with ever inch down. She put her forehead on
mine and looked down to watch me enter her. "yesssss"
she hissed as she went lower. When my cock was finally buried
deep inside her she began to relax her muscles. I let it stay
buried with in her womb for a moment savoring her tight hot
insides. I flexed my cock and felt her pussy grasp me in response.

With my hands still under her legs and ass I began to lift
her up and let her slide back down on my cock. She had to brace
herself still so her body was under my control. Up and down
I lifted her over and over again. My cock relishing the warmth
and wetness her pussy had to offer. She couldn't hold
on anymore and collapsed onto my chest. She held on to my
head that was buried into the top of her chest. She kissed
me on the head when she could. Her moans and gasps getting
louder. Her body sliding up and down mine her breasts smashed
against my chest.

Creed's "What if" Pulsed it beat through
our bodies. I lifted her up enough for her to get off her knees
and on to her feet in a seductive squat. She was in control

I held on to the bottom of her stomach where her hips met her
legs, her knees on either side of my head. "fuck yes
Dave you're so deep inside me." she gasped. In
this position I could not go all the way into her without
hurting her.. She spread her knees apart and looked in between
us and my cock slid in and out of her sopping wet pussy. I looked
down and watched her wetness glisten off my shaft. Her inner
labia's sliding up and down causing more sensation.
She lifted her self up and down faster and faster. Her forehead
against mine turning back and forth and she shook her head
from side to side. I could here her long French manicured
nails rip into the gold fabric of my my couch.

"hhuh huh oh yes huh huh" in a breathless voice

Her legs started to shake and her body was covered with goosebumps.
She began to loose her pace and became unsteady. I put my
hands under her ass and lifted her up and down. I was moving
her up and down so fast that I lost control of her. I lifted
her up too high and right off my hard dick. I don't know
if it was the change or if it was just time but she came. Streams
of liquid shot from her pussy in a flash covering my lower
stomach, cock and balls. A new stream of liquid covered
me with each convulsion of her pussy muscles. Her body shook
as if in a seizure and she was throwing her head back and forth
causing her golden hair to fly through the air. She could
stay in her squatting position any longer and sat down.
My cock flattened against my body and in between her soaking
wet pussy lips. She lay forward, her head against my shoulder
looking away from me. I put my hands around her into a tight
hug and kiss what I could reach of her neck.

We stayed in that position for only a minute before she sat
up and took my face into her hands. She smiled down at me.
Her hips moved and her pussy slid down my cock a little causing
me to flinch.

"that was amazing" she smiled "I am sorry
you didn't get to cum"

"I will make it up to you" and with that she leaned
down and kissed me passionately. In the middle of our kiss
I remembered a horrible truth. Jessa and Kelly had been
in the room. I broke the kiss and looked down past Jacies
back and ass to see Jessa and Kelly staring back at me with
blank faces. They had watched the whole thing. I looked
back at Jacie "oh my God your friends"

"I know by the time I could even think you were inside
me and it was too late" she replied

"I told you, you make me lose control" She said
" I lose myself and don't care about anything
else when I am with you"

As if on cue "Higher" began playing causing
us both to laugh. She squeaked and turned her head to look
back at her friends. "hi guys sorry" she got
off my lap and sat back on the couch legs crossed but still
completely naked. Which left me shirtless, shorts around
my ankles and my swollen cock stuck to my stomach. Jessa
and Kelly were looking directly at me too so there was no
hiding anything.

"That was insane you guys" Kelly said with a
smile "you two should make fucking movies"

Jessa just stared a blank stare at us.

"I almost joined you" Kelly said " I am
so fucking horny now"

Jessa stared

If I had any hope of having my services offered to Kelly,
the disappeared when Jacie spoke "not this time kel"

"I want him to myself" she reached out and rubbed
her open hand across my chest down my stomach to my fading
cock. She grabbed it and said "I owe him and OG"
This turned out to be her word for an orgasm. Kelly whined
in fake disappointment and then looked at Jessa.

"Earth to Jessa, hello" and waved her hand in
front of Jessa's face. Jessa looked at Kelly and said
"I have never seen any one fuck in front of me before"

The Rumplemintz had apparently made me brave or maybe the
fact that I was naked on the couch with Jacie holding onto
the shaft of my semi hard cock and that they had just watched
us fuck so what is there left to be shy of thing.

"Well you had never made out with a girl either until
tonight so it looks like your in for a lot of firsts"
I bravely said.

Jacie finally spoke up "Jessa take another shot"
Jessa obeyed gladly and took a hug pull off of the apple Pucker.

Jacie had not made a move to get dressed or even to cover up.
She had a look in her eye of complete sexuality that I decided
to stay the way I was and see what happened. The cd ended and
Jessa went over to change it. I guess she just needed to stay
busy for a second to get over some nerves.

Kelly who apparently was the most brave in the group stared
at us with her sultry brown and and gave us a smile. You guys
made me cream my panties, that was so fucking hot.

"Yeah to bad Troy passed out or you guys could have
had some fun" I said "Yeah Troy is cool and all
just not my type" she replied.

"Fuck" I thought if this comes out he is going
to think it's my fault. Oh well nothing I can do about
it now. Jessa had put in Jennifer Lopez and "Jenny
from the block" started to play. This was not my cd

Kelly squealed and got up and started dance in my living
room. Jessa joined in and the two started shaking their
hot little asses the rhythm and sang along.

This is crazy I though I am sitting on the couch naked with
a naked girl starting to stroke my cock while her friends
dance in front of us. I must have died and gone to Heaven.
I thanked God and promised to walk every old lady I could
find safely across the street.

I was watching Jessa and Kelly dance and grind into each
other. Jacie was stroking me back to life and J-LO on my speakers.

"Loving you" was the next song that came on and
Kelly and Jessa started to dance seductively together.
They grasped each others hands and moved them back and forth.
Kelly the better dancer pulled in Jessa in close and began
to bring her lips close to Jessa's neck. Jessa laid
her head back and Kelly started to kiss her neck. Jessa ran
her hand to the back of Kelly's head and into hair. Kelly
pulled back and began to unbutton my dress shirt Jessa was
wearing. Jessa didn't stop her and was still swaying
to the music.

Jacie moved down and began to kiss my still some what flat
stomach. I took in a deep breath and watched and felt. Kelly
had completely unbuttoned the shirt and exposed Jessa
tiny green boy short panties. Kelly started to kiss Jessa
down her neck. They were both 5'6 and had opposite bodies.
Jessa was a small breasted very thin waisted girl. Her hips
where very narrow and her skinny legs led to delicate ankles
and tiny feet. Kelly was more bombshell.. Her large breasts
and flat stomach led to flared out hips and muscular legs.
Jessa's shirt was pulled off her shoulders exposing
her b cup breasts and puffy long nipples. Kelly licked and
kissed her olive skin causing Jessa to close her eyes and
gasp. Kelly squeezed Jessa's tiny tits and sucked
on her nipples then knelt down and kissed her stomach making
Jessa jump a little.

Jacie had moved her lips down to the head of my swollen cock
and took it into her wet mouth. She swirled her tongue around
it and playfully teased me.

Jessa put both of her hands on the top of Kelly's head
and pushed her down wanting more. Kelly worked to the waist
of Jessa's panties dug her fingers into the cotton
and pulled them down over her hips. Jessa stepped out of
them and turned enough for me to see her exposed shaven pussy.
Her inner labia's hung down past her outer lips. They
were a dark color and were very inviting for Kelly's
mouth. Kelly pulled them into her mouth with soft sucking
sounds. Jessa let out a loud moan and moved her hands around
in Kelly's hair.

Kelly liked and sucked on Jessa's pussy lips for a few
more moments and then stood up to kiss Jessa. Jessa looked
like a woman who was in utter lose of control in the depths
of passion. Another Jennifer Lopez track "still"
Added to the scene in front of us.

Jessa worked furiously at the knot in Kelly's Husker
shirt. Getting it undone she pulled it off and attacked
her D cup breasts. She sucked on Kelly's quarter sized
aureolas and reached to her boxers to push them off. Kelly
help and slid them down. Kelly was not wearing underwear
and her pouty pussy was open to Jessa. Jessa slid her hand
down and dug it into Kelly's crotch. Kelly jumped as
Jessa's fingers pressed against her clit.

Jacie's mouth moved up and down on my cock leaving a
trail of saliva on my shaft. She got on all fours on the couch
bracing her self against my leg and worked my cock with her
mouth and other hand in up and down strokes.

Kelly and Jessa fell to the floor and kissed and squeezed
each others breasts. Kelly moved down Jessa's thin
body and to her inner thighs. Jessa was moaning and writhing
like a snake with kelly licking her long labia's and
swollen clit. Kelly sucked her with such passion that Jessa
was being slid back across the carpet. Jessa had a handful
of multicolored hair and refused to let go " Yes yes
lick my pussy" Jessa brought her fist to her mouth
and bit down on her hand. "ahhhhh" Jessa moaned

Kelly's ass was humping the floor and swinging back
and forth. She got up, turned around and moved her pussy
over Jessa's mouth. She dug her head back in between
Jessa's thighs and attacked her poor little quivering
pussy. Jessa wrapped her hands around Kelly's thighs
and began to lick Kelly's pussy as well.

I watched these to beauty's locked in a 69 embrace moaning
and into each other, while Jacie sucked my cock with abandon.
I reached under Jacies body and slid my fingers inside her
still dripping pussy. Jacie moaned into my cock but did
not stop moving her lips up and down.

Jessa came first pulling her head away from Kelly's
pussy "ah fuuuuuuuuuck" her body stiffened
and her hips bucked into Kelly's face. Her hips shot
up and down in a ear splitting orgasm. Her screams reverberated
through the apartment and drowned out the song "You
belong to me" Their movements had brought them close
to the wall and Jessa had braced her hands against it. Kelly
stood up and turned to squat over Jessa's face. Jessa
still trying to recover worked Kelly's pussy with
her tongue.

Watching Kelly's full sexy ass in that position and
being squeezed by Jessa's small hands was erotic enough.
The fact that Jacie had my stiff throbbing cock in her sweet
mouth was to much to bare. The pressure built up behind my
belly button and I felt my balls tighten. Jacie must have
felt it too, she began to suck me harder. Her mouth making
wet sucking noises as her mouth and hand slid up and down.
I came in an explosion I grunted out her name and shot a load
of cum deep into her throat. She stopped for a second to swallow
it and continued on. Shot after shot of my hot cum filled
her mouth. It was too much for her to swallow and leaked out
over her hand. She continued to suck me until my orgasm faded.
She licked the cum off of my shaft and her fingers. I worked
her clit and brought her to her second orgasm of the night.
Her slender hips pressed down onto my hand and she spasmed.
Her pussy let out a great burst of spurt and she collapsed
onto my hand panting. Her inner thighs where soaked and
I worked her clit until she was done with her orgasm.

Jacie laid her head down on my shrinking cock and closed
her eyes breathing heavy. Kelly's moans where getting
louder and she was sliding her hips back and forth over Jessa's
face. Kelly's orgasm was explosive. She threw her
head back and screamed out. She bucked her hips a few more
times and fell off of Jessa and onto the floor. The sounds
of deep raged breathing filled the now silent room. The
cd had ended and so had the moaning and screaming.

Jessa staring blankly at the ceiling was the first one to

"it just happens doesn't it" she said

"it's Dave's fault" Kelly said in
a exhausted voice

We all laughed and I thought I would gladly take the blame
for this. Jessa and Kelly stood up in their full nakedness
and came over to the couch. Jacie sat up and smiled at her
two friends. "just between us right"

"Hell yes I don't want anyone to know I am a dyke"
Jessa said with a smile.

This brought another laugh from us. We were all drunk and
tired and decided we where going to go to bed. We all went
to my bedroom and slid into into my queen sized bed. Jacie
was on my right side and laid her head on my shoulder and wrapped
her right arm around my stomach. Jessa's was on my left
and at 100lbs made little impression when she leaned her
weight against me. Kelly was behind Jessa and draped her
arm over the both of us while her face was buried into Jessa's
short dark hair. I felt a hand close around my cock as I drifted
off to sleep..

I fell asleep and didn't dream. I didn't have to
this night.

To Be Continued..................

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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