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Flurries Part 2


I pulled off the busy downtown Minneapolis street into
the Galtier Plaza parking garage. After finding a spot
on the third floor I parked and got out. The cold biting at
my face and hands. I walked to the sky way entrance, got about
half way before looking out the large glass windows. Every
year on Christmas Eve they have the parade of lights. Floats
and animatronic elves shine brightly waving at people
along the streets. The parade is about a mile long and covered
in white lights. Kids were lined up waving back at ice princesses
and walking nut crackers. Bing Crosby's version of
"White Christmas" emoted from speakers hidden
in lit up trees. I watched for a minute, took a deep breath
then moved on into Marshall Fields department store.

As I dodged shoppers and displays, my ears picked up the
radio system Norah Jones playing "The long day is
over". I froze right in the middle of women's
apparel. In spite of myself I began to smile, this was Jacie's
favorite cd she loved Norah Jones and would play the damn
cd constantly. I looked through aisles of garments and
wondered which of them she would just have to try on............

I finally got back to my apartment after dropping Eric and
Troy of at theirs. I couldn't believe how the previous
night had gone. Meeting Jacie at the baseball game, breaking
my nose and ending up in the ER with her. Her telling the nurse
she was my Fiance just to stay by myside. How she wore my deodorant
and stayed in the same clothes so I wouldn't be the only
one who looked like a hot mess. The way we had sex in the hotel
bathroom with our friends listening outside. It was almost
to good to be true.

I stripped off my clothes and slid into bed with her scent
still on me and drifted off to sleep. I was woken up at about
5 that night by the constant ringing of my cell phone. It
showed a number that I didn't recognize but I answered

"Hello?" I said

"Hi Dave, it's Jacie. Do you remember me?"
said the voice on the other line.

I shot up like I was hit by lightning "of course how
could I forget" I belted out.

"Listen Dave I wanted to tell you that I had a great
time last night, but I don't think it can happen again"
She said sternly. I didn't know what to say she was brushing
me off. She must be so embarrassed about our friends listening
to us or maybe she felt bad for having sex on the first night
she met me. I didn't know what to do I felt a little panicked.
All I could mutter was a weak "why"

"Because I don't want to have you break something
else like a femur just to spend time with you" she laughed.
It took a few seconds for my heart to crawl out of my stomach
and figure out she was giving me hell. She told me again that
she was embarrassed and that she was not a slut and she didn't
know why we hooked up like that. She wanted me to know she
just didn't sleep around. I told her maybe I was special
she told me maybe it was the booze and that she felt sorry
for me. "figures" was all I could say.

She asked me if I wanted to see her again tonight.

"of course I do why would you ask that"? I replied

"because you didn't give me your number before
you left crazy man. I had to get it from Kelly and Troy"

"shit" I thought how in the hell did I forget
that. I must have been drunk or in shock or something for
me to not remember that.

"sorry" I said " I don't know how I
could forget that"

Jacie laughed "because I had swallowed all your brain

I laughed at that so hard I hurt my nose again. She told me
that Troy had called Kelly earlier and that he had picked
her up already and it was just Jessa and her at the hotel.
She asked if I would pick them up and we could meet up with
the other two later. I agreed and told her I would jump in
the shower and be at the hotel in a about an hour. I ran to the
bathroom and started the water when I turned around and
looked in the mirror I didn't recognize myself. My
eyes were black and purple circles and my nose looked like
I went 20 rounds with Evander Holyfield. I don't know
what she saw in me but if I had to break my nose once a week to
keep seeing her I would.

After I got out of the shower and got dressed in my best polo
shirt and Structure jeans I ran out the door. I arrived at
the hotel a little after 6:30 and found Jacie and Jessa waiting
for me in the lobby. Jacie looked amazing she was wearing
a white light blue sun dress cut just about the knees and
clung to her tight body like a glove. She had her hair pulled
up in a half pony tail thing and she wore a hemp necklace with
matching ankle bracelet. She gave me that brilliant white
Colgate smile and proceeded to tell me I looked like hell.
All I could do is say thanks and give her a hug. I said hi to
jessa who was looking pretty hot too. Jessa is a reverse
negative of Jacie, Jessa is about 5'6 with dark short
hair kept in a bob and brown eyes. If Jacie was about 5'8
and 120lbs Jessa was about 110lbs. She was dressed in tight
blue jeans and a white halter top thing showing off her b
cup breasts and flat stomach.

I escorted these two hotties out of the hotel all the while
being hated by the other guys in the lobby. We all piled in
the Jeep and headed out to meet Troy and Kelly at Old Chicago
pizza. We arrived and found their table and slid into the
booth with them. At this point the kink in our plan was figured
out. Jessa looked at Troy and asked where Eric was.

"shit" was all he could say

"Don't tell me your forgot Eric" I said
in shock.

He just looked at me and said "I won't tell you

Kelly punched him in the arm and told him he was a horrible
friend. I pulled out my cell phone and did the only thing
I could think of I lied.

I told Eric that we were on the way to pick him up after we grabbed
some pizza to go. At this Jacie frowned but went along with
it anyway. We ordered the pizza and split a pitcher of Bud
Light. Again off we went to pick up Eric, but this time Jessa
rode with Troy and Kelly she didn't want to mess up her
hair before she got to see him. I got my first real look at
Kelly leaving the restaurant. She was built like a pornstar.
She had multi colored hair with brown, blonde, black, and
red streaked wavy hair that fell to her shoulders. She was
dressed in a black skirt and knee high boots. She had a white
button up shirt knotted just below her breasts, she had
a butterfly navel ring and a tattoo of something peeking
out the top of her skirt. She looked like a naughty school
girl and she walked with a swagger that threw her hips out
with flare. Her 5'8 frame carried it's 130lbs
or so with ease.

On the way back to Troy and Eric's Jacie decided to go
through my cd book. She flipped through pages and just laughed.
"you are such a dork Dave" she laughed "
you have weird taste in music" She pulled out a cd and
put it in the player. A moment later Rockapella's "Zombie
Jamboree" began blasting into the night air. (Rockapella
is a acappella group that was on a kids show where in the world
is Carmen Sandiego. They later sang the foldgers jingles.)
She laughed and started seat dancing to it. I was a little
embarrassed and pulled it out and through it on the back
bench seat. I flipped through it as much as I could while
driving and pulled out something a little less dorky. I
slipped in the seat and my 15's subs started beating
with "Izzo" by Jay Z. We drove through the warm
summer night doing the Chris Tucker head move in unison
from "Rush Hour".

By the time we had gotten to Eric's apartment Troy and
the girls were walking inside with the pizza. We parked
and I ran around the passenger side to help her out. As she
got out I caught a glimpse of her bare pussy under her dress
she had not worn panties again. "oh God I thought this
girl is gonna kill me" Before she could escape me I
pulled her close and brought my lips to hers. I tasted strawberry
lip gloss and felt her tongue slide into my mouth to meet
mine. We held each other in our embrace for several seconds
before she pulled away and with a big breath said "
shit Dave you gave me goose pimples" She grabbed my
hand and pulled me into the apartment complex. When we got
into Eric's place everyone was deciding what to do
that night.

"lets go dancing" said Kelly "it will
be fun and we love to dance" the other two agreed and
who were we to disagree. We finished off the pizza and a couple
of cans of Miller light from the fridge and headed out to
a local club called Eli's. On the way to the club I decided
to have a little fun with Jacie and I reached over and slid
my hand up her sun dress. She asked me what I was doing at the
same time I reached her clit. She was cut off in mid sentence.

"Dave you are going to wreck us" she breathed
she put both hands on either side of the seat and lifted her
ass off the seat. I pulled my hand back and licked my fingers.
I moved them back under her sun dress and began to massage
her clit. She was squirming in her seat as we pulled up to
a stop light. My hand was getting covered with her sweet
juices, I was paying so much attention to what I was doing
that I hadn't notice ma and pa kettle that were next
to us in a Buick LaSabre. Jacie's dress had ridden up
her thighs and was showing off all of her tan legs the them.
I hadn't put the doors or the top back on and they were
seeing right up to the seat. I was caught with the proverbial
hand in the cookie jar or honey pot depending how you want
to look at it. She was holding on to the side of the seat with
her right hand and my arm with her left. Instead of freaking
out she just lifted her left hand and waved "hi"
she said weakly to them. The light turned green and we pulled
away. We were both laughing I had to take my hand away to shift
through the gears so she got a break.

I thought I was pretty clever and had gotten one over on her.
She had other ideas of who was going to win. She unbuckled
her seat belt and leaned over into my lap. She started to
unbuckle my jeans by the time I figured it out.

"whoa lady what do you think your doing" I asked.

"Showing you who is boss" she said " now
pay attention to the road. She reached into my pants and
pulled out my cock. I was shocked here I was driving down
Dodge street the busiest road in Omaha with my dick swinging
in the wind. She took me into her mouth and started to lick
and suck me to an erection. She ran her tongue over the head
and brazed my balls with her long French manicured nails.
I was so hard that it hurt soft sucking noises and wet soft
heaven was all that I knew. I barely made it down the road
straight, my large cock pulsed and jumped with her up and
down movements. She tried to take me all into her mouth and
failed, just then we hit a bump and my cock gagged her for
a second. She held on to it with one hand and sat up "are
you trying to kill me no bumps dude no bumps" I could
only muster a "yes maam".

She bent down and wrapped her luscious lips back around
the head of my dick and started to suck and jack me off.. Working
her head up and down furiously she wore me down. I had that
familiar sensation flood over me.

"Jacie I am going to come" I said "hmm hmm"
was all that she moaned. I lifted my hips and her paced quickened.
I started to fill her mouth with my cum. She didn't stop
and swallowed every last drop still bobbing her head up
and down until I went limp. She lifted her head back up and
put her finger tips to her lips and licked the escapees off.
She put me back in my pants and zipped and buckled me back
up. She sat back into her seat buckled and looked out the
windshield. She shook her head and said "I don't
know what you have done to me. Your are turning me into a whore"

I laughed and told her she was not. She told me she was never
like this with any other boyfriend. I told her it was ok because
I wasn't her boyfriend. I was her Fiance after all.
We both laughed at this as we pulled into the club parking
lot. We had just climbed out of the Jeep when a familiar voice
yelled out. "We can't take you two anywhere"
Jessa and Kelly were laughing at us and Eric and Troy looked

Jacie turned bright red "oh no you didn't see
us did you" she blushed

"Hell yeah we saw you and nice Dave you should be proud"
Kelly laughed so hard she snorted.

Troy just said "dude" and shook his head Eric
just stood there looking like he wanted to throw up. Again
Jacie buried her head into my chest and pounded it with her
fist "why does this happen to us"

I was speechless and embarrassed so I just grabbed her hand
turned around and pulled her into the club. Kelly yelled
out after us " Wait up Jack me off Jacie and Big Dong

We found a table in the club it was only half full because
everyone was downtown for the College World Series. I bought
the first round for every one and the girls went to the bathroom

Troy looked at me and said "Dude I saw your junk"
Eric Said "I am going to have nightmares for months"
I took a shot and grabbed my beer trying to blend into the
plush burgandy booth. The girls came back and we all began
to talk and laugh like it didn't happen. Thank God right.

Nelly's "Hot in Here" began to play and
the girls squealed and ran out to the dance floor. We all
watched dumbfounded and the girls started to sway and grind
their bodies on the dance floor. They looked like models
from a video. Oh my Gawd could they dance Kelly and Jacie
were dancing belly to belly sliding up and down each others
body. Not to be left out Jess slid in behind Kelly and worked
her hands around Kelly's stomach and hips. To say they
stole the show would be an understatement. The lights on
the dance floor blazed in bright reds, blues, greens, and
orange lights. They moved their hips slid their hands down
their bodies and each others. The song mercifully ended
only to be replaced by Jennifer Lopez and JaRule singing
"I'm Real"

I am not a big dancer but I had to go out to the dance floor and
take part in this dance porno. I was the only one that went
out Troy and Eric stayed behind too afraid or in shock to
follow. I slid in between the girls and grabbed Jacie's
hips. She ground her hips against me and swayed and gyrated
to the music. I was like a piece of meat in the lions den. Kelly
came up behind me and pressed her huge D's into my back
and ground me from behind Jessa slipped in behind Jacie.
We all ground and writhed to the beat of the music. Camron's
"Oh boy" started and we just kept going. Jacie
and Kelly switched places Jessa stayed behind Kelly. I
was caught between these three insane beauties just loving
my life.

We must have looked funny 3 Pornstar hotties and one guy
that looked like he lost a fight to the Chicago Bears football
team dry humping on the dance floor. We stayed on the dance
floor for the rest of the song each girl changing place seach
one grinding into my crotch. If it wasn't for Jacie's
mind blowing orgasm I would have been hard as a rock and embarrassed
on the dance floor. At the end of our song we went back to the
booth and all piled in.

Troy and Eric looked at me "Dude" Troy said "I
hate you" Eric followed. "What why" was
my response but they had already gone back to paying attention
to the their respective dates. The room was dark with only
the dance floor alive with color. The booths where covered
in dark burgundy velvet and the tables with a black long
table cloth. Jacie was seated on the outside and I decided
that is wasn't fair that I got to cum and she didn't.
I reached down and slid my hand between her thighs. I made
sure the table cloth covered what I was doing. She clamped
her legs together tight but being that she has slender legs
I didn't have to much trouble getting where I wanted
to go. Not wanting to get busted for anything else she kept
her mouth shut and looked the other direction. I slid my
fingers to her slit and found her very wet. I don't know
if it was from the dancing or that she was still turned on
from earlier.

I found her swollen clit and started to lightly rub circles
over it. She let out a little squeak that only I could hear.
The music bumped to Nas and Maya's "Ghetto Superstar"
so any whimper wouldn't be heard very easily. Her pussy
was dripping down her long inner labia's I spread them
and slid one then two fingers into the depths of her pussy.
She was so hot and wet. With each time I slid in my fingers
she let a little moan out. She had to cover her mouth so Kelly
sitting across from her wouldn't see her mouth moving.
Everyone at the booth was talking with one another and table
dancing so I figured we were safe.

I moved back to her clit and started putting more pressure
onto it. She did her best to sit still but lost. She started
grinding her hips but it kinda look like she was table dancing.
I could feel her contract under my fingers and then in a woosh
she started to come. She couldn't help it she squirted.
A lot it just keep shooting out of her pulsating pussy. Time
after time, it probably didn't help that I didn't
stop I just kept going she was breathing heavily and shaking
she put her head on the sleeve of my polo and bit the fabric.

" what the hell" said Kelly She reached her hand
under the table and brushed a liquid off her left knee. "
what the hell is on my knee" Jacie had such a strong
orgasm that she reached across the table and hit her friend.
My hand immediately shot out from under the table and grabbed
my beer. Jacie still trying to recover still had my polo
between her teeth. She pounded my leg with her left hand
as if to tell me I got us busted again. Kelly wiped her hand
off on her bar napkin and said that was weird. Thankfully
she thought a person that walked by had somehow spilled
a little of their drink on her.

Jacie looked at me with droopy eyes and a far away look on
her face and said "I hate you and plan on killing you
soon... ass" I told her I couldn't die I had shit
to do next week. She put her forehead back on my shoulder
and let out a big sigh. Jessa looked across the table and
told us "you guys are so cute you look like your in love
already or something " I gave out a little laugh "
you don't say" Troy gave me a suspicious look
and Eric was just shaking his head again. The girls asked
Jacie to go out and dance when Pink's "lets get
the party started" came on. She just shook her head
and say "I think I am going to sit this one out"

I looked at her and she mouthed "my dress is soaked"
I started to feel bad for a second but thought better of it.
They instead drug Eric and Troy out with them. When they
had gone from the table she punched me in the arm " you
ass you made me squirt on my friends leg" I smiled back
"if she finds out she will whoop us both" I smiled
again "How was your orgasm Jacie" She replied
"fucking intense I thought for sure I was going to

"Dave I don't know what you are doing to me but
I am not like this at all." she continued with "I
made my last boyfriend wait 3 months for anything more than
a kiss" I then reminded her that I was her Fiance and
was not infact her boyfriend. We both laughed at that and
finished off our drinks. The night went on with Jacie not
wanting to dance and everyone getting hammered except
me of course I had to drive. That didn't stop Troy but
he was used to it. We poured ourselves out of the club that
night and headed to our cars Eric had worked out something
something with Troy and he and Jessa left in Troy's
car. That left the four of us wondering if we should go near
the hotel or Troy's apartment. None of had asked where
they were going so to be safe we all went back to my little
one bedroom apartment.

I drove us all back to my place and I decided to warm up with
the rumplemintz I had in the freezer. The others had a few
more drinks but in my drunk opinion they were trashed and
didn't need any more. I went to the kitchen to get another
shot. I felt hands squeeze my ass and turned to see Jacie
looking sexy cute in my kitchen. She took the shot glass
from my hand and put it to her lips and downed it in one gulp.
I don't think she was prepared for the strong 100 proof
peppermint shot. When she started to cough the would be
sexy moment turned into a cute funny moment. I was laughing
asking her if she was ok when Kelly and Troy came in covering
their eyes " you two aren't fucking again are

"no we don't always fuck" I said "
yeah I suck his cock too" said Jacie shocking us all.
We all started to laugh and then I poured us all a couple more
shots. This was not what Troy needed, he started to turn
green and ran to the bathroom. We all just laughed again
we made some more drinks Bud Light for me and Captain and
Coke for the girls and went to the livingroom/ kitchen and
sat down at the table. The girls wanted to play Pong college
style. I didn't know what this meant but hey I was down.

We waited a while for Troy to come back but he didn't
so I left and went to go check on him. He was passed out on the
floor of the bathroom. He had lost his cookies and apparently
that was his cue to crash. I couldn't let him just lay
there I only had one bathroom after all. So I picked his big
6'2 225lb ass up and drug him to my bedroom. Now like
I said before I was still in pretty good shape and was not
a fat slob by any means but it was not easy lifting that drunk
dead weight up. I banged his head on the bedroom door frame
and he didn't even move a muscle. After depositing
my drunk friend in bed I closed the door and made my way back
to the kitchen table.

I told the girls about Troy, Kelly looked a little disappointed
but not too bad. Jacie was smiling at me and the girls giggled
together. I was not exactly sure what was going down but
things could have been worse let me tell you. I sat down at
the table with the other two. They had 4 glasses at the end
of my tiled rectangular table Kelly pulled out a couple
of Ping Pong balls from her purse.. They had gotten them
earlier from Troy and Eric's. They explained the rules.
Get your ball in one of the others cups and they had to remove
an article of clothing and take a shot. I was already feeling
no pain and decided that I was less drunk and a finally tuned
athlete so this would be cake. The thought of me getting
these two naked was too much to pass up.

"so what happens if only one is naked and the other
two are not"? i asked

"well then you can tell the naked person to do a dare"
Kelly replied. OH GOD the things that went through my mind
were penthouse material. (dear penthouse I never thought
it would happen to me) One catch no bouncing the ball only
straight in. " no problem" I thought "cake"
I put in an Outkast cd to get me pumped and got ready to whoop
some college girl ass.

After taking one glass away I was told to go first. No problem
I stood and the other end of the table and tossed it bounced
off the rim of Jacie's cup. It's ok I will sink it
in next time. Kelly's turn and she sunk it straight
away in my cup.

"ok no problem" I removed my kicks Jacie's
turn. Her first ball landed with a tink right into my cup.
"ok ok no problem" I removed my socks. My turn
and bounced it off Kelly's cup.

Kelly's turn and missed Jacie's cup completely.
Jacie's turn and of course sunk it right in my cup. I
was about to talk off my belt. "no no buddy the shirt"
I stripped off my shirt to the whistling and cat calling
of the girls. I was starting to get a little worried I only
had jeans and boxers left if belts didn't count. I went
again and got it in Kelly's cup. With out even giving
it a second thought she took off her skirt. I was shocked
but when her skirt dropped she had on these spandex short
short things. Kinda like cheerleader kick pants. So there
she was in a button up white top knotted under her tits, these
short things and knee high boots. heh things could be worse.
and then it was Kelly's turn again. And no lie she sunk
it my damn cup again. I dropped my jeans off to expose my Superman
boxers. (don't judge me Superman rocks) I was starting
to feel self conscious about now.

Jacie was looking at me with a shit eating grin on her face.
"should I kelly or shouldn't I" I felt a
little fear I am not going to lie. She took her next shot and
missed on my cup. That little punk was going for my throat.
It was my turn at this point I remembered that she didn't
have panties on and if I made it oh man was it going to get interesting.
I made it in Jacie's cup and just looked at her and smiled.
I forgot she still had her damn shoes on. Kelly stepped up
and without saying a word sunk it in Jacie's cup. I was
shocked I mean she had to know her friend didn't wear
panties or at least I assumed she didn't. Jacie just
looked at kelly said "bitch" and pulled her
sun dress over her head.

There was Jacie standing in front of us with just a pink satin
bra on. Her perfect pussy was just right there her little
blond landing strip and inner lips hanging there in my kitchen
with her friend and I staring at her. She looked at us defiantly
and said "my turn" she sunk it in Kelly's
cup. Kelly laughed and pulled off her hooker boots. Her
5'8 turned to 5'6 in a hurry. Jacie looked at me
and told me if I ever wanted to touch her again I would hit
Kelly's cup. I obeyed what can I say I am weak. Kelly
said "bitch" to me this time and took off her
shirt. Exposing D cup breasts threatening to pop out of
her black lace bra.

It was kelly's turn and I knew the next throw would have
either Jacie or myself butt naked. Thankfully she missed
my cup and it was out of the frying pan and into the fire. Jacie
lined up and sunk it in Kelly's cup. Kelly laughed and
with out thinking about it reached back and unclasped her
bra. Her tits were bigger than I thought but amazingly gravity
had no effect on them. She stood there with her breasts thrust
out and her quarter sized dark pink aureolas nipples pointing
at us. We had forgotten all about taking shots after we lost
but no need Jacie reminded us and we took a break for a second
and downed 3 shots a piece. I was dazed from the booze and
if I was they had to be too I thought. They were college girls
though and could probably drink me under the table.

Jacie came up to the table and sunk it again my cup. "noooooo"
I stood there not believing what just happened and decided
I better take my shot first. Now we were shooting 100 proof
so I was probably more brave than normal.

"come on Big Dong Dave take it off. I took them off and
stood there with my cock hanging out. Jacie's pussy
was out and Kelly's tits so things could be worse. Kelly
looked down with out an ounce of shame and asked "can
you suck your own cock it looks like it have you tried"
to try to act cool I told her I tried once but fell off the couch.
They laughed and I blushed. Kelly came up to the table again
and missed Jacies cup again. Jacie came up and didn't
miss Kelly had no choice she stripped of her pantie short
things and stood there completely naked. Her pussy was
completely shaved and her lips where pouty and darker than
Jacie's. Her bubble butt ass looked firm and inviting.
I thought Troy would be pissed that he was missing this.
I had to remember to remind him about the dangers of drinking
too much. It was my turn and I was determined to end the game
to stop my embarrassing situation. I missed I missed so
bad I was sure I was drunk. Jacie come up to the table and sunk
it in Kelly's cup. "oh shit" was all that
she said. Jacie had the look in her eyes of a woman on a mission.

"Kiss Dave"she said "what!!!"
Kelly and I said in unison. "cmon you two" Kelly
and I looked at each other and came close to one another my
cock touched her stomach as she came close and we both jumped.
"oh come on you two" we moved back together her
tits pressed against my chest my cock against her lower
stomach and we kissed. Her full lips mashing against mine
her tongue shoving it's way into my mouth I put my hands
on her face and she put hers in my hair and held on. We stayed
in our embrace for a few more moments and I felt my cock starting
to fill with blood. I pulled away before I got a chub and blushed
in Jacie's direction. " that was hot guys"
she said. Kelly's naked ass actually curtsied I however
felt warmth in my face and I knew I was blushing.

I wasn't sure but I thought Jacie was squeezing her
thighs together. It was my turn this time and I shot for Jacie's
cup it bounced off the rim and landed into Kelly's.
I had no idea how it happened but now I had a plan. I looked
into Jacie's eyes and told Kelly to kiss Jacie. I don't
know why I thought this would be shocking because Kelly
just said ok walked over to Jacie and her and Jacie put their
arms around each other tit's mashed together and just
started to make out. I couldn't help it this time my
cock started to fill with blood as I watch these two hotter
than hell women run there tongues together and bodies pressed
up against each other.

When they finally broke their embrace they looked at me
and then down at me and noticed I was getting bigger. Kelly
giggled out "looks like we woke him up" they
looked at each other and shared a look then Kelly took a shot
grabbed a Ping Pong ball and sunk it in my glass. I was worried
as hell now. Kelly told me to "make it hard" and
stared straight down and my growing cock. I asked how in
the hell I was supposed to do that and she told me to jerk it
off. I looked at Jacie for help but she just looked at it too.

"Fuck" I said and started to slide my hand up
and down my shaft. I couldn't believe I was actually
jacking myself off in front of these two girls. I got hard
in a hurry and stood there with it pointing up at my chin like
a loaded gun.

"Jesus Jacie how the hell can you still walk"
Kelly said as she stared at me. I don't think I am that
big but it boosted my drunken ego a ton.

Jacie stepped up and grabbed my cock in her hand and told
me not to let it go away just yet. She sunk it in Kelly's
cup. "suck it bitch" Kelly and I were shocked
but she knelt down in front of me grabbed my cock in her hand
and started sucking my cock. She held onto the base of my
shaft with her left hand and slid her lips up and down. Her
tongue caressed the bottom and her sucking sounds filled
the room. The cd had long since stopped playing and sucking
was the only sound in the room. After a few more licks of my
rock hard cock she released it and stood up. I was so hard
you could have hung a wet towel off me and it wouldn't
have moved an inch.

I was flustered and hot so I told them I was going to put in
a new cd and walked to the cd player I didn't even dare
to look back at them. I could hear them whisper but I just
couldn't look back. I put in Rage Against the Machine
and played "renegades of funk. I turned around and
immediately went back to the table and took my Pong shot
I made Kelly's cup and told her to lick Jacie's
pussy. With out a blink of the eye Jacie put her leg up on a
chair and Kelly sat down and slid her tongue against Jacie's
clit. Jacie grabbed the back of Kelly's head to steady
herself and pushed her pelvis into Kelly's face. I
moved over to the side to get a better view.

"Fuck the game" I said and moved in to kiss Jacie.
She moaned into my mouth as we kissed. In moving in I had put
my cock in front of Kelly and she grabbed my shaft with one
hand and started to stroke me while still licking Jacie's
sweet pussy. I reached back and released the clasp on Jacie's
bra. It fell to the floor and my hand started to play with
her firm C cup tits. Kelly switched to me and started to run
her tongue over the head of my cock. She sucked me and fingered
Jacie's pussy at the same time.

Jacie was moaning loudly into my mouth and Kelly was moaning
on my cock. I couldn't help myself I started to moan
too. We stayed this way with Kelly switching back and forth
between my cock and Jacie's pussy.

Kelly stood up and grabbed Jacie's face and they started
to kiss deeply Kelly still had a hand on my cock and her fingers
in Jacie's pussy I moved my hand down to Kelly's
sopping pussy and began to play with her clit and dipping
my fingers into her. Jacie's hand grabbed my cock with
Kelly's and joined my hand in Kelly's pussy. It
was by far the hottest moment of my life up to this point our
hands were everywhere two hands were playing with each
of us. I had pussy juice running down both hands while being
jerked off but two hands. I could have cum this way for sure.
Jacie dropped to her knees and put me in her mouth so Kelly
and I started to kiss. Jacie worked my cock with Kelly's
hand still on it she sucked me off for a little bit then moved
over to suck on Kelly's pussy. Kelly broke our kiss
and threw her head back and moaned a "fuck yes"

I pulled Jacie up and told the two of them to get on the couch.
They went into the living room with me staring at the two
sexiest asses I have ever seen. They went and sat down on
my couch next to each other. I sat down in front of them and
told them to lay back. they obeyed and I crossed Jacie's
left leg over Kelly's right I moved in and started to
suck on Kelly's clit. She moaned and reached out and
started to play with Jacie's at the same time. Jacie
leaned over and took Kelly's dark rose colored nipple
into her mouth she nibbled and bit it making Kelly even wetter.
I darted my tongue in and out of Kelly making her squirm I
slid two fingers inside her and put pressure on her G spot
making her hips push down hard into the sofa cushion. Jacie
was still working on Kelly's huge tits when Kelly started
to shake. I pulled my fingers out of Kelly and told her "not

"aahh why" she said frustrated and ready to
cum. I moved over to Jacie and shoved my tongue into her sweet
pussy. now it was Jacie's turn to get all the attention.
She grabbed my hair with her right hand and forced my head
in between her thighs. Kelly began to suck on Jacie's
long hard pink nipples. I slid my fingers into Jacie and
played with her g spot. I knew this wouldn't take long
by the way she was moving and clamping down on me. I reached
over and slid my fingers back into Kelly's dripping
wet hole. I played with their g spots and switched back and
forth between their pussies. They had stopped sucking
each others tits and were holding each others hand and kissing
deep wet kisses.

Jacie's head shot back and she started to hyperventilate
she was starting to cum Kelly followed right after that
I leaned back to watch them both cum they both threw there
heads back into the couch. Kelly holding Jacie's hand
both of them with their other hands squeezing their own
nipples and then Jacie started squirting all over my couch
and arm some hit my shoulder. Kelly's was more like
a huge flood of fluid.

"oh oh fuck umm yes" they said almost in unison.
Both screaming and shaking like leaves. Pressing down
into the cushions trying to make it through their orgasms.
They stopped me because they couldn't take it any more
and sat panting holding each others hand. Their heads were
facing each other pressed against the back of the couch
and looked into each others eyes and began to laugh. They
hugged each other for some reason and gave each other another
passionate kiss.

"Shit Dave that was crazy" said Kelly

"I know right I told you he was great" Jacie followed

"Thanks" It was the only thing I could think
to say. They stood up on trembling legs and told me to sit
down and lay back.

I got onto the couch and laid back they both left me and went
into the kitchen. They got shots for us we downed them and
the girls knelt down in front of me. My cock was still stiff
as a board and they both reached out for me at the same time.
They got on either side of my cock and began to French kiss
it with big wet sloppy kisses. They ran their tongues up
and down my shaft and to my balls Jacie was sucking on my nuts
while Kelly took the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked.
It felt so fucking good I got shivers and goose bumps. I almost
couldn't take it I reached down and took a breast into
each hand and squeezed and pinched their hard nipples.

It felt so fucking amazing my body temp had risen to over
a hundred and I started to see flashes of light. If felt amazing
but thanks to the effects of alcohol I was Superman. They
worked my cock together switching back and forth from my
balls to sucking my cock. They met at the top and kissed the
head together and kissed each other with my cock between

"Do you want to go first Kelly" Jacie said.

"Fuck yeah I do" Kelly straddled me and Jacie
helped to guide my cock into Kelly's dripping pussy.
Kelly wasn't as tight as Jacie was but she felt amazing
her pussy enveloped my cock like a warm wet blanket. She
slowly lowered her self onto me she took it slow at first
breathing deeply " fuck your big Dave" she moaned.
Jacie laughed and reached behind Kelly and played with
my balls and Kelly's asshole at the same time. Kelly's
body shuddered and her pussy gripping my cock with all it's
might. Jacie moved her hand forward and played with her
clit as the came up to kiss me. We kissed big wet sloppy kisses
her tongue licking my lips and cheeks. Kelly was slamming
herself down on my cock harder and she was screaming now
" fuck me fuck me" she started to pull my hair
then exploded. "aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" she screamed
and stopped moving I broke my kiss with Jacie and reached
down grabbed her hips and slammed her up and down on my cock.
she had a hold on my wrist and just held on. Jacie was watching
and started to play with her pussy.

Kelly's orgasm was long and I wouldn't let her
stop moving she collapsed forward on my chest and just started
kissing my neck whimpering. Jacie got down behind her and
licked my balls and her asshole and that was too much for
Kelly she squealed and jumped off to my side. My rock hard
cock dripping with Kelly's cum Jacie licked it from
base to tip getting all of Kelly's juices of off me before
straddling me herself. "Thank God for booze"
I said causing them both to laugh. Jacie tight pussy took
my cock with a single slide down. She was so tight sex almost
hurt. I was buried deep in her belly and she was grinding
me instead of up and down. I reached over and started to play
with Kelly's tired little shaved pussy. She pulled
my hand away and told me she couldn't take it right now.
She watched Jacie grind on me and played with her tits. She
told Jacie to turn around, so she stood up and backed down
onto my cock. Kelly got between our legs and licked my cock
as it was going in and out of Jacie's pussy. Now this
was fucking great I could feel her tongue slide up from my
balls to the shaft and to Jacies clit. Jacie put her long
legs up and her feet on my thighs so Kelly could reach better.
This put my cock in the right position and I hit her G Spot
just right she started to convulse and her pussy tried to
flatten my dick. She screamed she was cumming and squirted
all over my cock and Kelly's face. Kelly squealed but
kept going. Up and down she went shooting stream after stream
of liquid over us.

She stopped moving and pushed Kelly away she lay there painting
with me still inside her. " don't you ever fucking
cum" asked kelly

"I know how to make him cum Kel" she said "
bend over the couch. Kelly did and I got up an moved in behind
her. I looked at Kelly's ass her her cheeks spread apart
just enough for me to see her asshole and still dripping
pussy. I slid the tip of my cock up and down her slit and then
dug it deep inside her. She let out a small scream and clutched
at the couch. I was squatting down so I was still on my feet
and holding her hips. Jacie moved below us and licked my
balls and Kelly's pussy again. She did this for a minute
then bent over the couch. I pulled it out of Kelly and slid
it into Jacie. Jacie had such a hot ass that I wanted to say
here for ever. I thought about trying to fuck Jacie in the
ass but my cock and Kelly had other idea's. She gripped
the base of my cock and held it as I pumped into her friend.

I felt the pressure and told them I was about to cum. "yeah"
moaned Jacie

"yeah I am gonna cum" I said through clenched
teeth. She pulled forward and I fell out. She got down in
front of me pulling Kelly with her and they both attacked
my cock with there mouth and hands. I had 4 hands and two mouths
all over my cock and I lost it I shot a load onto Kelly's
cheek Jacie grabbed it and shoved it in her mouth I shot another
load into her mouth. She pulled it out and offered it too
Kelly who took into her mouth. I shot another load into Kelly's
mouth choking her. She pulled me out and they both kept licking
and jacking me off I came so much I covered their lips and
hands. Kelly had swallowed the load I had given her but Kelly
was dumping it back on my cock for both of them to lick back
off. I was shaking and moaning loudly the girls were laughing
and began to kiss the come off of each others faces and lips
while still holding my fading cock. They kissed for a while
then licked what was left on me. They stood up and we shared
a 3 way kiss giving me some of my cum back. Things could have
been worse.

"fuck that was intense" said kelly She walked
over grabbed her short things and her white top and padded
off to the bathroom. Jacie stood there with her chest heaving
and her perfect tanned body covered in glistening sweat
and cum. "you have turned me into a whore Dave"
She said with a smile.

"I know I know you have never done anything like this
before" I said

"fuck no she hasn't I can't even get her to
watch porn with me" Kelly said coming back into the
room clothed in her white shirt and black panty things.
She came up and kissed me and said I approve you guys can date.
Jacie laughed a huge laugh and went off to the bathroom butt
naked. I put my jeans back on and sat on the couch with Kelly.
We turned on the TV and watch music video's. It was retro
night and Prince's "Diamonds and Pearls"
came on. Jacie came back wearing my number 18 jersey and
a pair of my boxers she had found in the clean clothes laundry
basket by my bathroom door.

She sat on the couch and leaned against my left arm. Kelly
decided it looked comfortable and nestled into the crook
of my right arm. We were asleep in minutes.................

To be Continued...............

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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This story got really long on me. I have another part coming
soon. I hope you enjoy. As always comments are welcome.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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you are awesome....i wanna hear it all!!


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This was good writing and hot. Very hot! Thank you. Hope
this really happened, if not it was really good fantasy.


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It was Long, Butt a Great story. I LMAO when she squirted
under/across the table.