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Flights of Fancy (The adventure of a lifetime)


You didn't realize it would feel so good, and yet you
still could not help but feel so bad about it. I have only
been gone for three days, yet you needed the love, needed
the affection, needed the feelings that another warm body
could provide.

It is cold outside and you can still hear the roar of the jet
engines as my plane takes off, leaving you standing at the
airport, your sex aching from the fresh lovemaking we made
on the way there. We had been driving along, the sun bright
then (just three days ago), and you didn't want to miss
a single moment we would be together, so you kissed me, then
slowly undid my pants, freeing my engorged member. You
slowly put your soft lips around the stiff top of my sex and
then pushed your silky tongue and lips to the very base of
my stiffness, taking all of me into your mouth, then releasing
up, then going back down, a steady rhythm against my pounding
pulse. I drove as well as I could with your hands and your
mouth making me quiver in orgasmic pleasure, feeling my
juices building up to cascade your throat with my ejaculate,
the spurts being powerful and erratic against your tongue
and the back of your throat. You swallowed every drop you
could in the hopes that we should not make a mess to be very
noticeable on the airplane.
We drove another ten miles when my member became stiff again.
The sight of your fingers buried amid the silky hair and
soft petals of your sweet smelling sex made my blood flow
and my heart pound with near excruciating excitement.
I quickly pulled over on the nearest exit and pulled into
a gas station, hoping amidst all hope that we could make
quick, passionate love before my plane arrived and then
left again.
We burst into the single toilet men's room that smelled
of foul urine and excrement, but paid the stench no mind
as I bolted the door behind us and raised your dress up off
your smoothly tanned and toned body. You had been feeling
sexy and excited so had not worn anything but the dress,
leaving you standing there in a pair of sandals, naked in
a convenience store restroom, still twenty minutes from
the airport. You grabbed the top of my jeans and yanked,
hard, the four buttons coming undone rather quickly as
you reached for my stiff member to fill you up to the brink
of utter orgasm. With my pants around my ankles, you turned
around and put your hands against the sickly orange walls
of the restroom, graffiti spread from one side to the other
about who did what to whom and when. I grabbed your hips with
both hands and aimed my solid member at your soft orifice
of heaven. Your most sacred spot, your most tender place,
the only entrance to your body you allowed me to freely explore
with every possible thing I could imagine.
I slowly slid my sex into yours, your damp lips sliding around
my stiff member easily, like a snake sliding into his home,
swiftly, smoothly, without a sound except the moan of ecstasy
we both breathed as you felt me press to your utmost limits.
I slid my hands up your sides and onto your breasts as you
pressed down on my swollen sex, your pouting petals clinging
to me as if they would be ripped asunder from their ripe flower
of love. We grunted and heaved, our bodies pounding and
slapping together as we worked in frantic rhythm, hoping
we could both achieve orgasm quickly as to not make me late
for my very important appointment.
You could feel the heat rising and sinking, rising and then
sinking again, starting at the pit of your stomach and rising
to the very back of your throat and then sinking straight
into the very nerve endings of your sex as the orgasm hit
you like a speeding train, stealing away your breath. You
felt your hot insides being coated with the even hotter
fluids of my body, splashing your sex coating your sweet
petals with love. I grasped you tightly as we leaned against
the wall, the coolness of the hideously orange wall making
our overheated bodies feel much better. You knew I would
not be composed enough to make a favorable impression on
the airplane, but to you it didn't matter. I am yours
and none other's to have, therefor, my smelling of
sex and love and your sweet fragrance pleased you in more
ways than the gentle rocking of our breathing cooling off,
my no longer stiff sex sliding from your flower in a slow
sensuous glide of pleasure. Knowing very well the power
you had over me, as we finished the drive to the airport,
you kept dipping your fingers into your steaming sex and
then licking them clean. You knew it would make me excited
and need to take you again, although I would have to wait
until I came home to your sweet arms to feel your presence
and taste your charms. You could tell that I had become very
erect again as you licked my juices from your fingers, your
last orgasm leaving you shaking as we entered the airport-parking
The rush to the boarding gate came as a little unprecedented
as the plane had arrived late and we would have an extra ten
minutes alone before I was to climb aboard and seat myself
comfortably in coach for my long flight. As we sat to ourselves,
waiting, you teased me by licking your fingers and every
now and then dipping them into your honey to keep them tasting
of us. I knew that the flight would be a long one and even though
I had already had two orgasms, I wanted another just to make
the ache go away. You coyly smiled at me, knowing the effect
you were having on me and knowing that my sex ached for release
again. We knew we had not the time, nor the place for us to
crawl into secretly and make quick, passionate love once
again, so I contented myself with smelling us on your fingers
as you slowly licked them clean every other stroke. I also
contented myself with the knowledge that you would not
make it home before pulling over to the side of the road and
giving yourself one final orgasm to allow your driving
to become sane once again.
I stood up and grabbed my bags to board the flight. I had not
expected you to place your fingers into my mouth like that,
or to kiss me hard, long, and deep. I could taste our love
on your tongue, on your fingers, on your lips and I could
smell our sex on your breath like an alcoholic reverie of
sin. It made my head swim with pleasure as I swooned and kissed
you once again, knowing that I would have to keep myself
contented for the next four days I would be away. The devil
with a definitive hankering for mischief could not have
put me in a better place on the plane. My seat was in the center
of the plane with two seats on either side of me. Luck had
it that the person sitting next to me was a very beautiful
brunette with medium sized, perky breasts. She had long,
luxurious legs and supple, creamy thighs. I knew that I
smelled of sex but figured that if it bothered the beautiful
lady sitting next to me she would either tell me to do something
about it or she would request a seat in a different area of
the plane. She only looked at me and smiled a knowing smile
and then proceeded to read her magazine.
Nobody else was seated on the aisle we were on so it left the
two of us sitting next to each other, as the plane lights
became dim and the sun set nearly halfway through our flight.
The lovely lady and I had begun to chat lightly about life
and other simple things in general. After the lights had
dimmed and we had been chatting for an hour or two, she mentioned
the aroma I had floating about. I quickly apologized and
told her of our little rush to the airport. I was rather embarrassed
and I blushed in the telling, but she smiled teasingly and
then proceeded to explain how it had made her sex as wet as
it had ever been. She then pulled the blanket up around her
lap and proceeded to slide her long fingers in and out of
her sex, making love to herself right there on the plane,
right in front of me. I was shocked, this beautiful woman
masturbating to the scent of our love making in a public
place. She stopped suddenly, her ecstasy apparent as she
shuddered with delight, then she reached over and placed
her fingers inside of my mouth. I was in absolute heaven,
tasting another woman in such a short span of time, and this
one almost as sweet as you. She then reached over and kissed
me deeply, then released me and walked back to the restroom.
The only thing I could think of was to follow.
The airline restrooms were cramped, but private. She pulled
her skirt up to her waist and had her suit jacket and blouse
undone, her creamy breasts in view as her petals of desire
glistened with their own juices. Unable to hold back any
longer, I kissed and licked and suckled her sweet nipples
and breasts as my member slowly snaked from my jeans. She
pulled back from me and grabbed my sex, putting it into her
mouth, licking our dried sex from my now engorged member.
Hardly believing what was going on at this exact moment,
I exploded, coating her mouth and her breasts with my juices.
She proceeded to rub it into her creamy breasts, hoping
it would not produce too much of a stain on her silk blouse.
She then kissed me deeply and pushed me to my knees.
It was heavenly. I could taste her sweet juices as they flowed
from her inner self. I slowly licked and caressed and sucked
and nibbled her petals of soft flesh, milking her internal
reservoir of love to my tongue. She grasped my head and pulled
it into her sex as I felt her shuddering orgasm thunder against
my rapidly moving tongue and fingers. I slowly climbed
up her body and planted me lips to hers as my member, hard
once again, entered her sex, parting her flower like a knife
to butter. It was warm, tight and utterly divine as we moved
in sync with the rocking turbulence of the airplane. Having
never experienced this before, I was in heaven. I also knew
that if you ever found out, I would become a dead man.
I reached my hotel and peeled my sticky clothes from my body
and collapsed, naked, onto the bed. The lady from the airplane
had come back to the hotel with me and then proceeded to bring
my member to full hilt again, slowly licking and sucking
it. She stroked it until it was shiny with her spittle and
glowering red from the overuse it had sustained in the last
ten hours. She then placed her sex directly above my face
as I stared into her bottom and deep folds of her sex. I licked
her and sucked her till she clasped my head tight between
her thighs, begging for me to stop the incessant torture
my tongue continued to inflict upon every small space it
could reach on her swollen flower.
She had been bobbing upon my member between screams of ecstasy
and passion, my sex touching the back of her throat and then
coming out and hitting her in her chin, cheeks and breasts
as she heaved amidst the multiple orgasms I inflicted upon
her lovely body. Feeling week and overused, she decided
to finish repaying the pleasure and proceeded to impale
herself upon my sex and bounce upon my body. I could feel
my member hitting her way up inside as she slid down slowly,
rested a moment to seat our sex together, then pull up till
I was nearly leaving her soft entrance, then sliding all
the way back down till all I could see was her slight tuft
of pubic hair and the slight cleft of her budding sex. Feeling
very exuberant and about ready to explode, I proceeded
to kiss her breasts, sucking and biting her nipples as she
rode upon my sex with wild abandon. We rocked back and forth
together; creating a rhythm that prompted my juices from
within and spilled them to her for a third time that day.
We both moaned and screamed with passion and pleasure as
our bodies mixed sweat and fluids, kisses and sex.
The phone rang at that point.

The drive back was not as pleasant as you had expected, your
sweet lips covered with our juices as they congealed about
your bottom, forming a pool of sex on your dress about the
opening of your sweet darkness. Feeling as if you could
stand the agony no longer, you pulled over to the same convenience
store and rushed into the men's restroom where you
pulled your dress off and slowly sucked the fluids from
it, savoring the taste, the smell, the aroma of our passionate
love. Feeling as if there were nothing more to do, you thrust
your fingers inside of your delicate opening, plunging
madly towards the unexpected, yet long awaited and desperately
needed rush of orgasmic bliss that threatened to throw
you to the sticky floor. You moaned as the pure agony of bliss
overtook your body, your hard nipples sweating lightly
in the cool restroom. The door suddenly burst open as a young
man rushed in. Realizing you had not bolted the door, you
shrank back into the corner, clutching your dress to your
naked breasts, knowing that this strange young man could
see the juices of your solo love making splattered across
your thighs and around your lips, your fingers slick with
your own sex. He turned his back on you as he released his
member and proceeded to urinate into the toilet, not caring
that you could see the purple tip of his sex, the fluids gushing
from it like a monstrous waterfall. You gasped at the size,
it being greater than mine own, as he finished up, grabbed
a small swath of toilet paper and wiped it clean. He turned
toward you without putting his swelling sex away.
You could not take your eyes from his member as it grew, swelling
to a size you had never imagined before. Could it really
be possible or was this just a silly dream you were having?
He turned slightly and bolted the door. He then turned back
to you and pulled your dress away, setting it on the dirty
sink. He kissed your soft lips with his, then roughly put
his tongue into your mouth, his kisses becoming more demanding.
You could feel his hands as they grabbed your tender breasts,
smashing them in violent fervor, then grasping at your
sex, forcing his rough fingers into your sweetness, your
gushing entrance of love. Feeling powerless, you didn't
resist as he turned you around and forced his stiff member
into your sex, pushing past your sex wet petals and into
your sweet, dark, inner self. You had never felt so filled
in all your life, or so controlled. He pushed against you,
your soft breasts smashed painfully into the graffiti
covered, orange walls of the smelly roadside bathroom.
Tears fell from your sweet eyes, running down your cheeks
to land on your creamy breasts before they were forced into
the wall again. It was painful, his large member tearing
into your insides like that, full of force, no grace or rhythm,
just pure, adulterated, animalistic sex. You could not
deny what you could feel inside though as the orgasm continued
to build again, his sex stretching you wide and filling
you with pleasure. You cried in pain, yet the tears were
for pleasure, a pleasure I had never provided your sweet,
delicate body with. Getting lost within the swelling emotion
of lust, you hardly noticed the pain as his huge, swollen
member pierced your bottom, sinking into the unknown pits
of your body with all his length. You gasped as he ground
against your bottom, forcing himself inside of your delicate,
untouched, forbidden place, violating you in a way you
could never imagine. He grunted and heaved as your body
reacted against his straining sex inside of you, his hands
crushing your breasts and violating your sweet petals.
Suddenly, it hit you with a force you had never expected.
You felt the orgasm hit as his fingers speared your sex,
his hand squeezed your soft breast and his fluids spilled
inside of your aching bottom. You gasped in agony, pleasure,
relief, and lust as he pushed himself into you further,
his rough hand yanking on your silky pubic hair, his other
hand crushing your tender nipple to a point of pain you found
terribly excruciating. He pulled free of you, letting
you go as he pulled his pants up and did up the buttons. He
kissed you hard on the lips, then unbolted the door and left,
leaving you leaning against the ugly orange walls in the
stinky men's restroom. You sobbed into your dress
as you locked the door, his fluids oozing from your behind
onto the sticky floor at your feet.
The beer was starting to feel pretty good after the long
shower. The rest of the ride home had been quick and unremembered,
your mind racing at the entire experience. You had enjoyed
everything that had happened and you only cried because
you knew I would leave you for a disgrace as great as this.
You let all of the guilt and agony escape into the hot, steaming,
liquid refreshment of the shower. The cold beer was slowly
washing away the ebb of swollen, sexual agony of your abused
sex. You were totally unknowing of how you were going to
explain this to me, the euphoric frustration that threatened
to rip your mind into a million small pieces and dash them
to the throes of the ocean. You were, needless to say, confused.
Your head was pounding, the beer having taken its toll and
given you a hangover you would not soon forget. You knew
you had to talk to me, yet you were totally unsure of what
you wanted to say, or even if you were to tell me of anything
at all. You picked up the phone and dialed the number to my
hotel, half a country away.

I pick up the phone, nervousness coursing through me as
I look at the lady lying next to me on my hotel bed. I can see
our lovemaking seeping from her sex, staining the sheets
with wetness. She notices me looking at her and starts to
touch herself, her fingers playing over her petals, her
swollen button, her bottom. Her fingers explore, knead
and caress her body and wet sex as I answer.
You are unsure of what you want to say to me, yet you introduce
yourself as if nothing had happened. You can hear nothing
in my voice that will betray me. You apologize for the lateness
of the call, but I brush it off as uncanny timeliness on your
part, explaining that I had dinner as I got into town. We
don't speak of our encounters, but we tell each other
of our love and how much we miss each other before we hang
up and head to bed. You slowly drag yourself to our bed and
pass out into the numb slumber of hangover as I fall to my
bed, exhausted from the day of intense sexual pleasure.

The only thing you can think of is how the stranger's
bulging sex felt, intruding your body, stretching you
with his swollen member. You are upset at the violation,
yet you continue to dwell on the ecstasy you felt, the orgasm
that hammered your body with his rough, obscene treatment.
You feel ashamed, yet pleasantly aroused as you touch your
soft breasts, then slowly start to knead them together,
crushing your flesh in your hands, the pressure increasing
and finally becoming powerful, violent and painful. You
jam your fingers into your sex as you feel the rush of orgasm
hit you like a train, pummeling its pleasure into your head.
Your body shudders and shivers under the pleasure, gripping
you with ecstasy. You feel your fluids gush across your
hands and down the slight crack of your bottom, then collecting
on the bedspread. The excitement within you builds as you
feel the warmth. The feelings of lust grip you as you slide
your other hand onto your bottom and slowly insert one finger,
pushing slightly against the muscles. You relax and the
sexual lubrication from your sex enables your finger to
slide in smoothly, filling your body with a new, pleasant
feeling akin to the pleasure of having your petals spread
by my member. You gasp in amazement at the tingling sensations
that build as your fingers move and explore, one in your
bottom and two inside your sex. The intensity of the orgasm
makes you pass out.

I count the days, only one more before I am nestled in your
arms. The guilt of having slept with another woman gnaws
at my gut, but my member grows large at the memory of her supple
thighs, her soft breasts, and the way her sex gripped mine
with vice-like intensity. I can see her straddling my body
once more, her firm breasts jutting proudly from her chest,
my member encased in her flesh, her fingers caressing her
spot of intensity. I can still see her rubbing it furiously
as I crush her breasts with my hands, my sex becoming visible
then disappearing inside of her again. I slowly stroke
my member, feeling the way the skin moves under my touch,
drawing up around the tip, then back down, the friction
bringing smooth tingles of pleasurable sensations to
my nerves. I stroke a little bit faster, moving my hand in
unison with the rhythm in my mind of the beautiful enchantress
who has led me astray from you. In my mind I see her pull me
to her as I crush her breasts with my lips, my teeth grasping
her nipples in little nibbles of lust. I can once again feel
my member rooted securely inside of her, one of my hands
caressing her bottom, rubbing her buttocks and back. I
kiss her deeply as we rock in motion, my mind playing it out
in perfect recollection as I feel my juices build up and
spew forth, splattering against my stomach as it spasms
in sweet pleasure.

You didn't realize that you would end up in this bar,
drinking a beer with a complete group of strangers. Although
none of them piques your interest, you still find them to
be rather comfortable company. They are very sociable
and are readily eager to accept you as an equal, even though
you have just barely met them. You find that the bartender
is very compassionate and a very good listener. You spill
your guts to her, realizing that a woman would understand
the entire situation much better than any man could, not
to mention the fact that the excitement and guilt are lying
heavily upon your chest. As you continue to drink and explain
to your new friend the situation, you realize that you have
not paid for a drink in hours and that your drinks are continually
full. You are unsure of who has been paying for them, but
you don't object as the bartender puts another one
before you.
As closing time comes, you know that you have had far too
much to drink and that if you do not find a way home, that you
may have some problems. The bartender, being a kind woman,
offers to take you home with her, knowing that now would
be a very bad time for you to be alone. She finishes up her
closing shift and then hustles you out to her car, leaving
yours in the parking lot. The rain fills you with a strange
maddening guilt of what has happened, of what has gone on
between the two of us, not knowing how to tell me that you
had sex with some stranger in the very restroom we had made
sweet, excited love. You feel withdrawn as the bartender
takes you up the stairs into her spare bedroom and helps
you out of your clothes, allowing them to fall to the floor,
leaving you naked and shivering in the night. She draws
a bath for you, and then climbs into the tub behind you, helping
you clean yourself. The sobbing and pain washes through
you as you feel the hot water pooling around you. The bartenders
arms hold you tight, clutching you to her ample chest as
you sob into her shoulder, your tears running across her
breast, her soft whispers bringing you joy and happiness
as she comforts you. The sobbing stops and you stand before
this beautiful lady, her soft hands dabbing at the bath
water dripping from your body. She is gentle and kind and
her touch soothes as well as excites you. You feel gratified
by her presence, her soft touch, her gentle voice that calms
you and makes you feel warm and loved. She slowly leads you
into her guest room where she pulls the blankets back for
you and guides you to the sheets, your head still swimming
from the alcohol, yet your body beginning to burn with desire
you had not even thought about before. You turn and face
her, the damp hair standing in contrast to her pale skin
and the softness of her supple breasts and tender nakedness.
You reach out slowly and caress her breast, feeling odd
as you touch her soft flesh; so unlike a man's. You feel
her softness gliding under your touch as you start to caress
her nipple, your other hand reaching out to her other breast
to cup it lightly. You feel awed at the sight of your hands
caressing her, touching her, feeling her body as she stands
before you, smiling in knowing abeyance.
She raises her arm and strokes your side, softly moving
her hand up across your shoulder to your cheek. Her soft
touch prompts you to look at her face, her soft, knowing
gaze pulling you into the depths as she leans into you. Your
lips meet hers as you close your eyes. You slowly reach out
and pull her to you, her arms surrounding your body as the
two of you kiss softly, your tongues slowly touching each
other, guiding each other, knowing each other. You feel
her breasts pressing against yours as your naked bodies
come closer, moving into each other, brushing against
one another. The two of you knowingly move to the bed and
lie down; your hands caressing her body as hers glide across
your skin, filling you with warmth and pleasure. You never
realized that lying next to a woman in this kind of situation
could feel so fulfilling.
She kisses your mouth, her soft lips caressing yours, her
soft hands caressing your shoulders, sides, and breasts.
Her sweet kisses slowly move down your body, across the
soft slope of your jaw to your neck, across the gentle curve
of your breasts, her lips and teeth teasing your pert nipples.
She kisses her was across your tummy, leaving a trail of
kisses over every inch as her soft touch invades your sex,
electricity jumping from your bud of pleasure, your petals
soaked with your own sexual juices. You feel the spark of
absolute pleasure as her tongue caresses the soft cleft
of your sex, parting your lips, her tongue invading your
insides. You moan as she lifts your bottom, raising your
sex to her mouth where she begins to feast on your sexual
flavors. She kisses, licks, caresses, probes, and feels
your body, making your orgasms blossom. The tension of
sexual explosion starts at your sex and races down your
legs to your toes then crawls back to your sex, creating
a circular tingle of sweet sensation that crawls up your
spine and races through your breasts, making your nipples
hard. She caresses your body, pinching your nipples and
squeezing your breasts, milking them for pleasure. You
feel the orgasm build to a peak, then crash down upon you,
sending you into spasms of sexual fury that douses all your
pain and guilt.
Shocked at what you are feeling, the sweet sensations of
pleasure this other woman has provided to you, you place
your lips upon her nipples and breasts, licking, sucking,
biting, and kissing. You slowly move down her body, your
tongue coming into contact with her sex, your first taste
of another woman's pleasure. You are surprised at
how different she tastes, sweet, like honey. The taste
makes your tongue squirm for more as you slowly caress her
inner folds with your tongue and fingers. You put your fingers
inside of her, feeling the sweet, slick walls of her sex,
tasting her sexual juices as they flow from her and drip
down your chin onto the bed. You move your fingers inside
of her as if you are pleasuring yourself, imagining how
it feels as you do it to her. She starts to squirm and spasm
with pleasure, her hands grasping the back of your head
as her legs clamp around your head, pulling you into her
sex as she explodes in powerful orgasm. You slowly crawl
up her body and the two of you kiss softly as you fall asleep
in one another's arms.

The drive home is silent as we contemplate what has happened.
Neither of us is jumping for joy, nor are we jumping at the
opportunity to spill our guts of what has happened over
the past few days. I start it off by admitting my guilt, having
slept with another woman just after I parted from your own
loving embrace, the tears falling from my eyes. You hold
me softly, whispering forgiveness as you begin to tell
the unbelievable tale of sexual adventure you have experienced
over the last few days.
As we lie in each other's arms, whispering our fears,
our desires, our regrets and our passions, our lips meet.
My tongue slowly embraces yours, our lips together in sweetest,
softest union. I hold you tight as I begin to caress your
delicate body, your hands going to my member, stroking
it to full length, my sex rigid beneath your soft touch.
I kiss my way across your breasts, kneading them softly
with my hands and my mouth, your nipples like candy between
my teeth. You push me over onto my back and straddle my throbbing
member, your sex encasing me with sweet, divine sensuality.
You slide up and down on my stiff sex for a few moments before
you lift up; leaving me covered in your sweet sexual juices.
You then turn around, placing your sex above my mouth as
you center my member between your lips and suck it into your
mouth, tasting our pleasure as I taste us on your dripping
petals. I lick your soft bud, putting my fingers into your
sweet sex, your juices dripping into my mouth. I can feel
your hands stroking my member, your soft lips gripping
it like a lollipop, your delicate tongue dancing across
it like it was melting and you had to catch every drop. I squirm
under your artful ministrations, trying to keep my composure
long enough to make you explode into my waiting mouth. We
race to our climaxes, trying to best each other in the goal
to orgasmic achievement. I feel my orgasm, as well as my
sexual juices, building into a volcanic explosion as I
feel your hands and lips becoming more fervent in the motions.
I can feel your body trembling as I skillfully apply pressure
in all the right places, making you squirm and wiggle in
pleasurable excitement. I feel your juices cascade across
my tongue and chin, as you swallow the juices erupting from
my stiff member, our climaxes occurring simultaneously.
We both gasp in pleasure and excitement as our bodies shiver
in bliss.
You lie down next to me and we hold each other into the night,
waking up occasionally to pleasure each other into sexual
oblivion and blissful submission. We realize that in a
moment of weakness, we have both made one another stronger
and have discovered new ground upon which to sexually tread.
I kiss you softly as we fall asleep, wondering if there will
ever be a time when we will join another couple together
in the blissful pleasure of one another's company.

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it was very long, but i enjoyed it whilst playing with myself!!!!